The following story is intended for adults over age 18 interested in male-male sexual fantasy. If that's not you, please read no further.

This is a continuation of the story, "The Rescue," "The Rescue II" and "The Rescue III." It is in the story arc that has "Bill's Education," "Bill's Continuing Education," "Bill's Summer Vacation," and "The Surfer."

Practice safer sex.

All characters in this story are fictional with no resemblance to any real persons implied.

The Rescue IV (M/M, College, Interracial, Muscle) by lenzelig 'at'

I was planning on getting a place in town for my senior year at Berkeley with my friend. But the prices were really outrageous and, when we had the chance to get a place in a brand new senior dormitory, we decided to stay on campus.

My name is Jerry Sanders and my buddy from high school is Mitch Carter. When we checked in for our new year, we had half of a four-person suite. Each person had their own bedroom and there was a large common area with desks for each and a small kitchenette. The suite had an attached bathroom with double vanities and a large shower.

Our roommates hadn't arrived so we picked out a couple bedrooms and started moving in our stuff. About an hour later we met our suitemates, Jack Gordon and Ricardo Chavez. We introduced ourselves and helped them bring up their gear. They'd been roomates last year like Mitch and I. It turned out Mitch and Jack had a class together last year.

After we got things arranged we settled down in the common area to get better acquainted. Over some cold sodas we told Jack and Ricardo about ourselves. We're both from the Sacramento area and ran track in high school, sprints for me and mid-distance for Mitch. But we're not on the team at university as Mitch is in a pre-Med program and I'm looking for law. Then Jack and Ricardo gave us their backgrounds. No real surprises until they told us they were gay. They asked if that were a problem with us but we were cool. Mitch joked that, at least, we wouldn't have to worry about them stealing our girlfriends. Anyway, with individual bedrooms the suite offered good privacy and Mitch and I weren't worried about being checked out in the shower.

I noticed that Jack and Ricardo had matching ear studs and asked them about them. They said they'd won a contest at a frat party last year and were awarded the studs with a "Yin-Yang" symbol. It gets them some special consideration with the fraternity but they're not actually members. I wasn't real clear about it even after they discussed it.

Just then Ricardo got a call on his cell and said he needed to go meet someone. A few minutes later Jack got a call too and quickly split, leaving Mitch and I alone.

It was morning and I was eating cereal in our kitchen when Jack opens his door. He was just in his boxers, bare-chested; a pretty decent build. He looked to have had a long night.

"Morning. Had a tough night?" I asked.

"Good morning," he greeted me. "Not really - had tougher. I'm just not into the routine yet after a summer off."

Then Ricardo wandered out, looking a bit haggard too. "Did you guys party together? It must have been some party."

"I don't think we saw each other once we left here," Ricardo offered. "Just seeing some friends we missed over the summer. Mine were glad to see me and it looks like Jack had a good time too."

"Well I won't be jealous of anyone who gets action. Mitch and I will just have to wait for our dates on Saturday."

"If you want to switch teams just let us know. We can hook you up," offered Jack.

"Don't count on it. Got to go, guys. I have an early class." I hurried out, sooner than I really needed as the conversation was taking a bad turn.

It was shortly after noon when I got back to the room. No one was in the common area but there was noise coming from Jack's bedroom. The bed was creaking and the moans were clearly from Jack. He was being fucked good and hard in there. The sounds filled the space as I made myself some lunch, wondering about what type of guy could so forcefully handle a guy as fit as Jack.

About 10 minutes later things quieted down. Several minutes later the door opened and an Asian guy came out. He was huge. Actually he was pretty short, maybe five and a half at most, but his muscles were tremendous. He was fully clothed with a polo shirt and slacks. Yet, under the covering, massive muscles were unmistakable. His chest was broad and the plates of his pecs bulged. His belt cinched his pants about a tiny waist. Tiny compared to the chest and thick thighs that stretched the cloth above and below. A thick tube of flesh was outlined along the inside of his left thigh, reaching halfway to his knee.

"Hi. I'm Tony Thieu. You must be Jack's roommate."

His voice broke me out of my daze. I looked at his smiling face, realizing my stare had drifted well below his waist. I'm sure he noticed. I stood up. "I'm Jerry Sanders. Nice to meet you." I offered my hand.

His grip was firm and he held the contact, looking into my eyes. "I guess you heard me fucking Jack. You've got a nice body," he added, rubbing his other hand across my back until it rested on my butt. "I'd love to stay a bit, but I've got to get to class. Jack has my number."

I was looking down at him. He was a head shorter than my 6'2". I was so startled that I didn't say anything. He released my hand, gave me a quick tap on the butt and was out the door. I sat back in my chair, stunned by his easy assumption that I'd want sex with him.

About 10 minutes later Jack emerged with a towel about his waist. He looked like he'd had quite a workout. His hair was messed and his body had a sheen from his sweat. Streaks of cum were drying on his chest and stomach.

"Hi Jerry. I didn't hear you come in."

"I guess you were busy. I met your friend on his way out."

"That was Tony. He's a junior this year and pledge-master at his fraternity. We're good friends."

"I got that impression. I think he would have tried to seduce me if he'd had more time."

"Yeah. Tony's got quite a sex drive. I guess he fucks five or six times a day, so he's always looking for new buddies. Did you notice how big he is? From your blushing, I guess you did. He knows how to use it too. If you're interested I can set you up."

God. Damn. "No, no," I stammered. "He just startled me by being so direct."

"Well, you needn't worry. He'll not fuck you without your consent. He knows his strength can be a bit intimidating, so he always is careful not to do anything his partner doesn't want. Actually, all the guys are like that."

"What do you mean by all the guys?"

"The guys in Tony's fraternity. They're all really big and strong. Remember I said that Ricardo and I get special considerations from a fraternity? Well its Tony's fraternity and the consideration is getting fucked regularly by a house full of hot studs. I suppose it's a bit like being the boy-toy for a couple dozen supermodels if you're straight."

"You're joking. Are we going to have to listen to your fuck sessions every night?"

"No joke, just the truth. But, don't worry, it will only be a few times a week during the day. Usually we get together elsewhere around campus. On weekends Ricardo and I mostly go over to the frat house. Of course, to be fair, we'd have no problem about you entertaining your girlfriends in the room at any time. You don't have to worry about us hitting on them and only a few of the fraternity brothers are bi."

The door opened and Ricardo came in. He had a big smile as he greeted us. "Hi guys."

"Hi," Jack responded. "Jerry met Tony this morning as he was leaving from fucking me. It looks like you had some fun this morning too."

"Yeah. Eric and I got together between classes this morning and Zai Zai texted me to meet him at library after my two o'clock. What did you think of Tony, Jerry?"

"He's big," I answered. "And seems very confident in himself."

"Oh, he's a bit below average size for his fraternity, but he really knows how to use it. Or were you talking about his muscles? They are big...and strong. But I guess if you have assets like Tony, why wouldn't you be confident?"

"Hey guys, I've got to go to my afternoon classes," I cut in and got out of there. I was uncomfortable with the discussion. I saw I had a small wet spot on my pants from being partly hard. I hoped they didn't notice.

The rest of the week passed easily as classes started and I got used to my schedule. I heard Ricardo in his room in action with somebody but had to leave before they finished so didn't see his partner. Mitch told me about meeting a deeply tanned, muscular, Asian guy exiting our room as he was returning. I filled him in on what I'd seen.

Walking around campus, I'd seen a few Asian guys as muscular as Tony and spotted a black kid in one of my lecture classes with an ear stud like Jack's.

I've got to admit that Mitch and I were a bit jealous of the action our gay roommates were getting. I'd had a mid week lunch with my friend, Sarah, and Mitch and I were both looking forward to Saturday night. It was clear that Jack and Ricardo would be out with their fraternity friends and we'd have the room to entertain our dates.

As they expected, Jack and Ricardo got calls Saturday morning and left for the weekend. However, the plans for Mitch and I didn't work out like we expected. Instead of renewing our relationship from last year, it was breakup time. By midnight we were alone in our rooms. I slept late Sunday morning then hit the gym. Our gay roommates got back just after six in high spirits. That made me even more depressed.

I felt even lower when I returned to my room Monday just before noon and heard the noises from Jack's room. He was getting action again and clearly enjoying it. I just slumped down in a soft chair and imagined what was going on behind the wall.

In about a quarter hour, things quieted down. A few minutes later a huge Chinese guy emerged wearing only a white towel wrapped about his slim, muscular waist. With a frame a couple inches taller than my six-foot-two and over 300 pounds of muscle the towel didn't cover much. Certainly not his cock, which hung down a few inches below the towel, at mid thigh. The visible portion of that cock still had a coating of cum.

"Hello," he said. "I didn't know anyone else was here. I guess I missed you coming in while busy with Jack. Jack mentioned he and Ricardo have a couple of straight roommates. I'm Alan, Alan Wong. Nice to meet you. I'm going to grab a shower."

I looked up as he spoke. I was blushing, as I'm sure he saw where I was looking just before. "Jerry Sanders," I got out eventually.

"Don't worry about it. I'm used to guys checking me out. With a body like this, who can resist?" He held his arm up and made his biceps bulge. It was bigger than a softball. He lowered the arm and held his hand out to me. "Shake? Friends?"

"Sure." I got up and took his hand. He held me longer than I expected in his grip as we locked eyes. Involuntarily, my cock started to stiffen in my pants.

"You want to feel my muscles? Try to squeeze my arm," he suggested while flexing his left arm and shifting his grip to my wrist to move my right hand to the muscle.

It was warm to my touch and felt like steel under his thin skin. My strength could barely make an impression on it. He shifted my hand to his abdominal muscles. They looked like carved stone and felt like it. By now my cock had tented my pants. He surely noticed the damp spot by the tip. His own cock was getting bigger and starting to lift the front of the towel. I felt dizzy.

"That's OK. I'm used to the effect I have on people. You're sweating. Let me help you." He put a strong arm about my back and held me to his torso. My mind registered that his cock was now standing straight up. The towel bunched about the bottom few inches as it stood well over a foot tall. The head had pushed well clear of the skin surrounding it and precum bubbled from the tip. The wet spot on my pants had grown dramatically. My heartbeat pounded in my ears. I couldn't think.

"You know, I find many guys aren't as straight as they think. You'll feel more comfortable with fewer clothes."

I let him tug off my shirt. He put me down in the chair. A minute later my shoes, socks and pants were tossed on the floor. My seven-inch cock was sticking straight out the opening of my blue boxer shorts; the head damp with precum. With his hands under my pits he lifted me to my feet. He pulled off his towel.

"I think there's another muscle of mine you might want to feel. Go ahead," he urged.

It's like it were a magnet. My hand was attracted to the tall shaft sticking up in front of his body. My fingers wrapped the thick cylinder at about the mid point. I couldn't completely encompass it. It was so thick...and hot. The surface was slick with his juices. A bit soon pooled in the groove between my fist and his firm flesh as a steady flow creep down its length from the fresh stuff bubbling at the slit on its tip. I slid my hand along the impressive member.

His hand on my back pressed me against his rock-hard body. His lips touched mine. We kissed. I felt him push his tongue into my mouth. He kissed me like I'd kiss my girlfriend, only, in this case, I was the girl. He was in control. I didn't mind. It felt right, natural, normal. Next to him I was weak, helpless, feminine. His hands roamed my body. Somewhere in there my boxers joined the rest of my clothes on the floor.

I was back in the soft chair, my legs in the air resting on his strong shoulders. His finger had entered my ass, doing things that made my cock bounce and leak. The massive pole that was his cock bisected the angle formed by our bodies, arching over my trunk with just the smallest upward bend. A steady dribble of his juice rained onto my body. He was at least twice as long as my seven inches and three times thicker. I knew he was getting ready to put that monster member into me and I wasn't scared. It seemed right. He'd gotten a condom from somewhere and was rolling it on. He must think I'm ready. So did I.

I looked up into his eyes. He smiled down at me. His cock pulled out of my sight as he put it into position. I bit my lower lip and concentrated on his calming visage. I felt the blunt tip press my bottom where his fingers penetrated my interior. He pressed himself against me as he pulled out and pushed in with a fluid motion. It felt as big as it looked. My bottom stretched around his invading shaft. It went deeper. I could feel the bulge from the flaring cock-head and the veins and bumps of the pole they squeezed by the taut ring of my ass.

He plunged inward, opening me up. He touched a spot inside that caused my cock to bounce. He shifted to short strokes, massaging the sensitive spot. I gasped at the sudden stimulation. My cock spurted as my gut clamped down on his pole. As my orgasm eased I flopped limply back on the chair. Dazed and drained, I drifted in the afterglow.

It must have been several minutes before my mind refocused. I saw Alan still hovering above me, smiling. I realized he was much deeper inside me. "Having fun?" He asked. I nodded. He pushed a bit more into me. As it moved within me I tingled all over.

He started smooth strokes, sliding his thick flesh through my gut. Gradually I felt him move deeper until he seemed right in the middle of my belly.. Yet a minute later he seemed even further. I looked down my body to check his progress. There were still several inches of his thick hose extending between our bodies. I could see his big balls drawn tight against the root. They were huge too, a perfect match to his mighty member. He must shoot buckets when he cums.

I lay back as he continued to claim more and more of my ass. He seemed to be everywhere. I felt him in places I didn't know existed. Heat seemed to pour from the stake he'd shoved into my belly. It flowed straight to my cock that was again hard and leaking. I'd had fantasies about gay sex before but they were nothing like the reality. Pleasure poured through my body in ways I could never have imagined. My fevered mind recognized that his big balls were pressing my flesh. He was in me to the hilt. All of that hard, hot flesh, that reached to my pecs as he'd stood before me, was now inside me. I rubbed my hand on my stomach, slick with my cum. I could feel the shifting bulge as it moved within me.

He resumed a steady fuck motion with short strokes. At least, short for his cock, maybe five or six inches. He stoked my pleasure and my cock erupted again. That was his cue to speed up. As he did he lengthened his thrusts until just the bulbous head was inside before he plunged the steely shaft into me. My cock hardened once again as he stimulated all my pleasure centers. The internal sensations dominated my senses. The room appeared to darken.

Then there was something new. A strong tremor shook me, then another, and another. My body shook. He exploded inside me. A searing jet spewed in my gut...another...another...another. I convulsed in the ultimate peak of sexual pleasure and release, then, the world went dark.

I saw Alan above me when my senses cleared. My face was wet with my own spewed cum. Alan was still deep inside me and still cumming, but just small spurts instead of the powerful jets he initially released. A minute later quiet returned. My world was still again inside and out.

I spotted Jack standing beside Alan. He was dressed for class. "I see you met my friend Alan."

"It's not what you think," I sputtered.

"You still have a foot of Alan's cock up your hole and you're coated in your own spewed cum. What is it?"

"Well...I guess it is what you think. But I wasn't trying to steal your boyfriend."

Alan laughed. "It's not like that. Jack, how many guys have fucked you in the last week?"

"I didn't count, certainly more than a dozen guys, many, more than once. Alan fucks more than five times a day. He just added you to his network."

"What does that mean? I liked what we did, but I guess I don't know the rules."

"It means I plan on using your ass on a regular basis. I assume that's OK with you," Alan stated while giving a full stroke with his still embedded cock for emphasis. "By the way, I almost forgot. We have something new. Here's a new ear stud for you, Jack. It has an RFID chip. And I've got a ring for you, Jerry."

He handed me an item from a tiny bag on the floor. It was the promised ring. The face had a golden circle filled with a red inlay.

"The gold is for a senior as I am this year. Silver would be for juniors, bronze for sophomores and white for freshman. The red is my personal color, so wearing it marks you as in my network of fuck buddies. If you see another like it around campus you'll know you have something in common. It has RFID too. Let me initialize it." Alan picked up a smart-phone and entered something.

He showed me the screen. It had a campus map. I spotted our dorm. There were a couple symbols like the ring and one like Jack's stud. One ring symbol was larger than the other. I guessed that was Alan. The other was blinking. Me? "Why is the one symbol blinking?"

"When I'm within two feet of your ring for more than a few seconds it blinks to show you're busy. The symbol is linked to your class schedule and will dim 10 minutes before any of your scheduled classes to show you're not available. For a normal symbol I can select it, enter a time and a meeting location and send you a text message setting everything up. When you text back a 'Y' it highlights your symbol, the location and time remaining. It should be real efficient and save a lot of time. One of guys adapted it from an airport baggage tracking system. But don't worry we won't accidentally send you to St. Louis."

"Mostly the symbols are like your ring or the yin-yang symbol," asked Jack.

"Yes. It's set to track my network and boyfriends; the guys that I'd call on most often. I can display the other brothers and their networks, but I'd need the brother's permission to access their network."

"Say, how come you happened to have my phone number and schedule ready? Did you plan this?"

"Actually we got your data from university records when I initialized your ring, but you're right, this was planned. Eddie Lee, our president this year, decided to bring roommates of our existing fuck buddies into our group. It makes up for the losses due to graduations and gives us more freedom to plan encounters. I chose to initiate you after hearing about you from Jack and Ricardo last weekend. I think we made a real connection."

When he said that I couldn't help but look at the few inches of thick flesh joining my ass to his groin and extending over ten more inches inside me. "Does that mean you'll be seducing Mitch when he returns?"

"No, we thought someone else was a better match for Mitch. Big Bill Reyes met him after his morning class. Bill doesn't take no for an answer, but when he's done, Mitch will never dream of saying no to him. Let's see if I can get a track on the system." He pressed a few buttons. "There he is in the varsity baseball equipment room. The three bronze and green symbols." I noticed the two smaller ones were blinking. "I've got a bit more time and it seems you do too; no need to let Mitch have all the fun."

Jack left for class as Alan resumed fucking me. He started by reinserting the inches he'd eased out while we were talking. I noticed that he didn't actual ask if I wanted to be fucked some more. I did, of course, but his casual assumption of that, told me a lot about our relationship.

As Alan moved his thick pole inside me the pleasure flowed through me. He had opened me up to accept his dimensions and, big as he was, there was no pain. I could feel each vein as they pressed through my over-stretched ring. The flange of his mushroom-shaped head thrilled me each time it pressed past my prostate. My cock was bobbing over my abdominals, dripping pre-cum. A new spurt emerged as each stroke bottomed out. As he sped up his motions my excitement mounted to a new peak.. He added something new, flexing his cock muscles as he ended his inward plunge. My whole body shook as he rearranged my internal anatomy.

He made three final thrusts, each one faster and harder than the last and held still, pressed in to the max. There were a few seconds of quiet. Then I felt him explode. I could feel his cum race down his long shaft and shoot from his gun. The hot load bounced off the walls of my gut in places even his long pole hadn't reached. He shot again and again as my cock joined in the party. It was my biggest cum ever, but just a dribble compared to the flood of seed he was infusing me with.

Eventually his pulses weakened and stopped. I reopened my eyes that I'd shut in my ecstasy. Alan's smiling face was just above mine. He leaned in for a deep kiss. His tongue plunged into me and I caressed it with licks from my own. When we broke apart I knew that whenever he texted me, whatever I was doing, my reply would always be 'Y'.

"You know, now would be a good time for that shower," Alan suggested while standing up, a movement that snapped all fourteen inches of cock from my intestines in one stunning second. I felt empty. "Damn, I shredded the condom again. Ever since I tried Eddie's new formula, I cum ten times as much, and so forcefully that it shears the rubber. He says we'll be getting a stronger batch by next weekend, but that's 30 to 40 fucks from now."

"I don't mind. It's kind of nice knowing your sperm is churning inside me. But, if it's a concern, why not limit your contacts for the next few days?"

"To you perhaps," he chuckled, while helping me to my feet and steering us toward the shower.

"I'm just offering."

Alan turned on a cool spray and we entered the shower together. I started by washing his muscular body. I loved feeling up all his muscles but I paid special attention to his ass. He spread his legs to give me access. I soaped his butt and rubbed fingers around his hole.

"Go ahead," he offered. "Get it clean inside too." I soaped up my hand and pushed my middle finger inside.

"Have you been fucked?" I inquired.

"Yes. But don't get any ideas. If you don't have a cock like mine and real muscle behind it you'd be an instant eunuch when I cum." He emphasized his point by contracting his sphincter muscle painfully about my invading digit. "That's only a fraction of what happens during my orgasm."

I was convinced. Anyway it was his cock I wanted in me. To that end I soaped my hands and used one to slip his foreskin back and forth over the head of his shaft while my other ran up and down the length of the long pole. It was only a few seconds before he was hard as steel and covered in slippery suds.

"I think it's my turn to clean you." Alan leaned me up against the wall, spreading my legs wide with a casual, but irresistible, push from his knee. I felt the soapy member poke my entrance. He pushed up into me with no trouble from gut that he'd already molded to his dimensions.

While he cleaned my insides with foot-long strokes, he soaped my body and washed my hair. His strong hands covered every inch of my torso while he never missed a beat in his fuck. I was in heaven. After several minutes he placed both hands on my hips and hoisted me off the tiled floor. Holding me aloft he thrust my body along the steel pole that speared me. He was moving faster and pulling harder as he built to a peak. I was his to use and glad of it. A minute of furious action and he pushed into the maximum and held me there as he unloaded within me as I sprayed the walls of the shower with my juices.

Still cumming he bent my legs to my chest and lifted me halfway off his gushing fire-hose, turning me around to face him. My back rested on the wall as he let me drift down the length of his pulsing member. Bottoming out he shifted his grip to my waist as I wrapped my legs about his trunk. I looked down to where our bodies joined. Only half an inch of that pole was visible where it sprouted from his straight black pubic bush. Every few second I'd see a tremor shake its surface, followed shortly by a jet of cum from the deeply buried tip that shook my interior with its force. By the time his ejaculations eased, cum was seeping from around the tight seal where he plugged my opening.

We rested, still coupled, as the spray from the shower cooled us down and rinsed the residue of our sex from our bodies. I had a class in half an hour. Strangely, I felt energized, not exhausted. I had many thoughts running through my mind. I knew I wasn't straight anymore. Was I bi? I didn't think so. Why bother with trying to get Sarah to put out, when, even if she did, I wouldn't be near as satisfied as I am now. I knew I belonged to Alan. I was wearing his ring. What did that mean? I guess Mitch belongs with the guy, Bill, but what did that mean? What is the new relationship between Jack, Ricardo, Mitch and I and the others in the fraternity? I knew so little about my new life other than I was excited to learn.

When Alan pulled his cock from my ass a quart of his cum flowed out before my hole adjusted to his absence. He turned me bottom side up to let the spray wash my butt. He set me on my feet and shut off the water. We dried each other and reentered the common area where my clothes had been discarded in the run up to my initiation.

We found Ricardo in the soft chair that had held me, being fucked by an unfamiliar Asian stud almost a big as Alan. On the out stroke I saw he was almost as big in the most important feature with maybe just under fourteen inches of cock that he smoothly stuffed back into my very happy roommate. His cock was stiff and already had shot a couple loads.

"Hi Alan. Jerry this is Charlie Kim, another fraternity brother. We got the e-mail about you and Mitch, so we figured there's no need for privacy. We've got class in twenty minutes."

"Hi Jerry," greeted Charlie while picking up the pace in fucking Ricardo. "He looks like a hot fuck. Can you let me try him sometime?"

"Sure, if I can try that cute wrestler I've seen you with."

"Alan, he's a nice guy and needs his confidence if he's going to win his meets. We all know how rough you are with jocks. I always let him pretend to pin me. Then he jumps onto my cock and acts like he's raping me with his ass until the pleasure he's giving me forces me to cum. If you can play along and not break his spirit we've got a deal."

"OK, deal."

"Do I wait until after Ricardo?" I asked. Charlie had returned his full attention to his fuck and I guess they would climax soon.

"No. You've got a class and so do they. Get dressed. I'll set it up so he can call or text your cell with the arrangements. Have fun."

As Alan and I left we heard Ricardo and Charlie cumming.

When I returned after my afternoon classes, my other roommates were already there doing homework at their individual desks in the common area. So much had happened but the scene was totally normal.

"Hi guys." I greeted everyone and got back. "Mitch, how was your day?"

"About like yours I heard," he said turning to face me with a big smile. I saw he had a leather band about his neck from which hung a small bronze and green disk.

"No ring like mine?"

"Bill prefers the leather collar."

"I see." Mitch had changed more than his sexual orientation. They said Bill doesn't take no for an answer and I guess Mitch knows it. I wondered if I'd be the same way. That's certainly not how Alan and I are. I'm a person to him not just a sex object. But he didn't ask if I wanted sex with Charlie. But that's just because it was obvious, wasn't it? I guess I'm just new at this.

"Hey guys, you've had more experience. How about filling us in on what's expected. What are our duties?"

"It's pretty simple," Jack explained. "The fraternity brother have a sex drive that's off the scale, maybe five, six or seven encounters on school days and two or three times that on weekends and parties. So they all have a network of contacts they can call on to meet their needs. You're in Alan's and Mitch is in Bill's. The other brothers have their own networks and won't poach from their brothers without permission, like Charlie got for you. When they need you they'll contact you and you'll have fun, probably several times a week."

"What if we're busy?"

"That's your loss, but it's OK. Just say you can't and someone else gets lucky."

"I don't think Bill would like that," suggested Mitch in a soft voice.

"Probably not," Ricardo laughed. "But Alan and most of the guys are more reasonable. But I doubt you'd want to pass up a chance to get fucked by Alan."

"I've seen you with many different guys. I guess all in the fraternity. Why are you different?"

"We're considered boyfriends to everyone in the fraternity. So we're not limited to one guy, but the price is that we can't ever say no; not that we'd want to."

"So why are the four of us now completely unoccupied with all those sexy boys out there?"

"That's the rule. Five to ten PM Sunday to Thursday are study hours, no sex. Then for some pre-bedtime relief one of the freshman, pledges now, takes on all comers. Another is assigned wake-up duties."

"It's amazing. I'm a senior and in all my time here I've never known about this."

"Yeah. My introduction was a rescue by Eddie Lee in San Francisco. He invited me to a fraternity party last year and I brought Ricardo. He'd heard rumors from one of his friends. I guess they keep a low profile. They don't enter the greek sporting competitions. They do have the best greek GPA, but they're mostly Asian, so that's not considered unusual. I guess keeping things within their networks makes for a low profile. How many are really involved in a big campus?"

"Maybe, with the new tracking system, we can find out?" Ricardo suggested. "I'll just call up the tracking software on the fraternity's server. Tony gave me the password."

He went to his computer and punched it up. The screen displayed a campus map with the symbols.

"Let's zoom out for the entire campus. The four symbols here are us. This cluster is the fraternity. Most of the brothers are there, but I see a couple in the library and that's Eddie's symbol in a lab. I even see a few clusters in off campus apartments. I didn't know they'd had any sensors in town."

"It looks like there's another group in our dorm," I observed. "There are only a few with symbols like yours. Can you tell who that is in the next dorm? The one next to the solid white symbol."

Ricardo placed the cursor over the symbol and a data block appeared. "That's Joseph Running Bear. We met him last year. The white symbol is his brother Samuel. He completed high school a year early and is pledging this year."

"You know anyone can fuck a pledge," added Jack, "even guys in the brothers' networks. They're not permitted to refuse. So if you see a guy with a solid white ring you can try him out."

"Are the pledges like the brothers?"

"No, they're normal, even small. Though I've met Samuel. He's hot. But I'm told that after their initiation they'll be as big and strong as the others. I don't know their secret. Remember if you decide to try a pledge out that they'll be calling the shots when they become brothers and being in Alan or Bill's network won't protect you from reciprocation from anyone you've tried as a pledge."

"I'll remember that, but I don't think that being on the receiving end of an encounter with guys like that is exactly a negative. It's only a few hours and my ass really misses the feeling of a big cock."

"I know what you mean," said Ricardo. "Jack's pretty big, though not in the brothers' league. He does me several evenings and I'm sure he'd fuck you too if you want."

"Yeah, I used to be a top but that's not my role with the fraternity. But I still like the chance to try and I've learned quite a bit from the guys."

"Thanks. Is tonight OK?" It was.

I was finishing my morning classes when I got the text from Alan. I confirmed a meeting back in my room for 11:15. Heading back we spotted each other about a block from our mutual destination. Alan was wearing a skin-tight polo and slacks whose legs were stressed by the thickness of his massive thighs. The thick tube of his long, but still soft, cock was quite noticeable on the inside of his left leg. I greeted him and we walked toward our goal, his hand about my waist.

We were at the dorm entrance when I heard my name called. It was my ex-girl, Sarah.

"Hi Sarah, what do you need?" I inquired.

"Nothing. We've moved on, but can still say hello. Who's your friend?"

"This is Alan Wong. Alan this is Sarah, as of Saturday, my ex-girlfriend."

"Hi Alan. How come Jerry never mentioned you?"

"We only met yesterday. We're fuck-buddies. In fact we're headed to his room now for some sex. You've a really sexy, fit body. I bet you're an athlete. Perhaps you'd like to join us? I'm sure I can show both of you a good time."

I didn't understand what was happening. I expected Sarah to freak-out, hearing that I'm gay, but I could see her checking out Alan. She wet her lips as she noticed the outline of Alan's cock against the taut fabric of his slacks down his thigh.

"I'm on the women's soccer squad and I'm certainly interested. I'll go with you and we'll see what comes up."

A couple minutes later we were in my bedroom. Alan hugged Sarah against his muscular frame and gave her a deep kiss. They held it for a good minute. When he released her, she stumbled back and sat on the edge of the bed, looking up at Alan. Her face was flushed.

I knew Alan was in control, so there was nothing for me to do but strip and await whatever he had in mind. Alan shucked his top accompanied by a gasp from Sarah as she had an unobstructed view of his massive upper body development. She was fingering her pussy through panties already soaked with her juices. When I was naked I sat down on the bed next to her. She didn't notice me.

Alan stepped close in to Sarah, unbuckling his belt. Then he slowly lowered his pants. He had no underwear on. It would be too confining with his big equipment. Sarah was treated to the sight of his fine black pubic hair and the thick base of the flesh that snaked down the left leg of his trousers.

As he eased his pants lower, more of the thick, golden shaft was exposed. Now Sarah had her mouth agape as eight inches were visible with no sign of an end and the bunched fabric obscured the over half-foot I knew remained.

"Oh my God," Sarah gasped as the base of the bulging mushroom head came into view, his foreskin tightly wrapping the flange.

As the last bit of cloth restraining it was pushed clear, it snapped out, spraying Sarah's face with a few drops of his dripping precum. Sarah reached out to it tentatively, touching the shaft with one finger as Alan stepped clear of his pants. She tried to grip it in her hand, but it was far too thick. Soon both hands were traveling the hard surface, spreading Alan's copious precum until it glistened in the light from the windows.

Alan put his hands under her arms, lifting Sarah toward the center of the bed, pushing her onto her back. He climbed aboard the bed, bridging her body with his powerful frame. Sarah still had his cock. Alan gave Sarah another deep kiss, pressing his hard torso onto her softer flesh with only a fraction of his weight in full body contact. Sarah wrapped her legs about his waist as her dress pushed up past her hips.

When Alan broke the kiss, pushing back I could see the wet impression from his pole on her top reaching between her firm breasts. Sarah's hard nipple points were clearly poking the thin material. Alan just pulled backwards, the slick flesh slipping from her grasp. He didn't bother undressing Sarah. He just pulled the panties to the side and shoved the blunt head of his cock at her very wet opening. When Sarah felt him against her she started writhing on the bed but her body was securely confined by the mass of immoveable muscle above her.

Alan again deeply kissed her as he eased his hips forward and down. I had a clear view as the tip of his long shaft spread her nether lips and disappeared inside. I knew Sarah was no stranger to sex, but she'd clearly never had anything like this; certainly not from me. I'm not half Alan's length or thickness. Alan only had about six inches in when she had her first orgasm. Even with Alan's mouth over hers, it was loud.

Alan broke their kiss to let her recover. Sarah gasped for breath, still moaning as she squirted the thick spike of flesh protruding from her cunt with her juices. Slowly she calmed and stared up at the Asian stud that filled her vision.

"I've never done anything like that. I've had orgasms before, but they were nothing in comparison. Sorry Jerry, no offense, but that was real sex."

"None taken," I said. I knew what she was feeling. In truth, I didn't compare.

"That was only your introduction. We have plenty of time and I've lots more cock." Alan shoved in another inch as Sarah's legs reflexively tightened about his waist.

Alan pushed her top over her breasts until it bunched under her arms and began to slowly pump his steely member through her clutching vaginal lips.

"Oh, it's so big," mumbled Sarah. "So thick...I feel it in so deep...What? Oh." And then there were just grunts and moans.

Alan had about ten inches in when Sarah had her second orgasm. It was marked by a moan that quickly rose in pitch before cutting off suddenly as her body spasmed on the bed. Alan just kept up a steady fuck motion throughout. A few minutes and another orgasm later he had all fourteen-plus inches in my ex-girlfriend. Sarah was sweating, her skin flushed red from her sexual stimulation. Her eyes were wide, staring at Alan, but clearly, she was beyond conscious thought as she was stimulated sexually to pleasure undreamt.

After conquering Sarah with the full dimensions of his cock, Alan upped his tempo, powering full-length strokes through a quivering Sarah. After several minutes, he plugged Sarah to the hilt and released his seed. It must have shocked Sarah to a new level of ecstasy as her body went into a wild bucking as Alan held her tightly to prevent her from injuring herself.

After a couple minutes Alan started to ease out of her. He was still cumming, but not strongly. When the head finally pulled clear there was quite a bit overflowing from her over-expanded cunt. The fabric of her panties wedged into the gap as Alan left. Cum was added to the female lube coating it, but plenty flowed to soak her dress and my sheets.

Alan was still spurting about as much as a normal guy cums; just a dribble for him. He moved the tip up to Sarah's mouth, laying a couple streaks along her torso and breasts on the way. Sarah instinctively nursed the offered tip, swallowing his seed as he finished cumming over the next minute.

Alan pushed off of Sarah and looked my way. It was my turn.

When he raised my legs to his shoulders I flopped back on the mattress next to the dazed body of Sarah. Seconds later Alan's still hard shaft was piercing my hole, eased on its way by the coating of Sarah's pussy juice and the residue from Alan's last load.

In one smooth motion I was plugged to the hilt by the more than fourteen inches of his male member. He started his fuck stroke and I was instantly in heaven. I reached for my cock, but Alan intercepted my hands and pinned both my arms above my head as his hips powered his pole through my gut. My own cock was bouncing stiffly each time he bottomed out. He pushed me over the edge and I spewed my first load like an out-of-control fire hose.

Alan then started to build to his own release, pounding me faster and harder. His big balls were punching my ass as he finished each inward motion. My senses where overwhelmed. My cock was hard again and I was sweating. I was looking at Alan's face as he hovered above my body, filling my view. He eased his muscular body onto mine, bending me double. He lowered his head beside my own and whispered something in my ear. I heard the sound but couldn't comprehend the words.

For a period it seemed his muscles enveloped me, feeling them tense and relax as he power-fucked my ass. Suddenly, there was a moment of quiet as he holds me. A tremor shakes my frame from his presence dominating my interior. The first jet of fire blasts my gut, then the second and third. He begins to move within me again, in and out, in time with his ejaculations. I join the party, spewing sperm from my own cock in time with each burst.

It seems forever, but quiet returns. I bask in the afterglow, barely noticing as Alan extracts himself from my depths. I'm sprawled on the bed next to Sarah, who is sleeping or passed out.

Time passes. I hear Alan talking. It brings me out of my haze. I see he's had a shower and is holding his pants, preparing to dress.

"I've got my afternoon class. I've added Sarah to my network. Explain it to her when she recovers," Alan said while dressing. He left me alone in the bed with my ex.

I checked the time. I had a bit over an hour to my next class. I left Sarah for my own shower. On the way the sounds from Jack's room told me he had a visitor.

When I returned Sarah was still out of it, sprawled on the bed still, more or less, clothed. Alan's cum still oozed from her slit. I noticed that Alan had put a ring with his symbol on the fourth finger of her left hand. I just sat next to her with my towel over my shoulder, waiting for her to recover.

I figured that while I'm waiting there's no reason to waste all of Alan's cum, so I rubbed a couple fingers over Sarah's bottom and tasted the juices. I've tasted Sarah before and, of course, Alan's cum. The combination was pretty nice. I went back for more. After a few minutes my fingers were dipping into her cunt to get at the tasty treasure. That finally roused Sarah.

The first indication was that I felt her pussy squeeze my invading fingers. Then her body stirred and she looked around wildly, finally focusing on me.

"Where's Alan?" She asked. "What happened? Where am I? What are you doing?" She blurted out rapidly and then noting my hand between her legs.

"Alan had to get to class," I started, pulling my fingers, dripping wet from her snatch. "He fucked you in my room. You've been out of it for about 40 minutes. I was just getting some of Alan's cum that he shot into you. It's pretty nice. Try some."

I put one of my wet fingers near her mouth. She needed no further urging to lick it clean. I made a show of savoring my other finger.

"Did you fuck me too?" From her tone I guessed that wasn't a pleasant thought for her. However, it was a reasonable question since I was sitting next to her nude and she was confused once Alan had her.

"No, I'm over you. Once Alan fucked you senseless, he fucked me. Frankly, if I can have sex like that, I don't need you."

"I understand. I'd do anything to experience that again."

"You're in luck then, Sarah. Alan has added you to his network. You're wearing his ring. I've got one too," I said, putting my ring next to hers.

"What does that mean? Will he be dating me? Why do you have one too?"

"As I said, you're in his network, as am I. The ring has a chip in it that lets him track you. When he wants you he'll call or text you. Just don't expect dinner and a movie. If you're busy, you can decline, then someone else gets lucky, maybe me."

"I don't think I'd ever say no to Alan."

She finally noticed the condition of her outfit. She pulled her top down, recovering her big breasts. It was still damp and stained from her encounter with Alan. She stood up and straightened her dress. The entire back half was soaked where cum leaked from her slit. She was still dripping part of Alan's huge sperm deposit onto the floor between her legs.

"I can't go like this. Jerry, can I borrow a tee shirt and gym shorts, just until I can get back to my room and change? Please, I'll do anything."


"Sure, you can fuck me."

"I don't want to fuck you, but I'd love to eat more of Alan's cum from where you've been keeping it warm."

"I'll give you five minutes," she offered while stripping off her clothes.

I pushed Sarah back onto the bed and dove between her spread thighs. As I enjoyed my feast, she would slip her fingers into herself to grab some too. There was plenty. A hundred normal men couldn't have shot so much. She pushed my head away when my time was up.

I gave her the tee and shorts. They were big on her but worked for the emergency once she cinched up the string tied waist. She got a tampon from her bag to absorb the fluid and stuffed it into the shorts. As she brushed her hair, I dressed for class.

When we left my bedroom we ran into Jack and another huge Asian stud returning from the shower. Sarah was openly checking him out, but he was only interested in me. He noticed I was in Alan's network. He went into Jack's room without introducing himself. As we left, I heard action from Mike's room.

I got no action on Tuesday. Wednesday, Charlie Kim gave me a call for a meeting over lunch. He had access to a physical therapy room in the athletic complex and I got a deep tissue massage from his impressive cock. Thursday I got another encounter with Alan in my room. He invited me to a party at their fraternity on Friday evening.

I mentioned the invitation to Jack that evening. He and Ricardo were going too, but apparently, not Mitch. I wondered if Sarah might have been invited. That just got a laugh from Jack. Alan might have a bi side, but it wouldn't be evident at the party. I was told that even though I'm in Alan's network, at the party, I'd be expected to take on any brother that wanted me. From what I'd seen of the guys dropping by to visit Jack and Ricardo, that would be a pleasure.

As Jack, Ricardo and I were getting ready for the party Friday, I heard Mitch entertaining Bill Reyes in his bedroom. From his moans, whimpers and the muffled screams, he was really getting drilled.

I showered, shaved and had Jack loosen and lube me with a twelve-inch dildo. There was no need to dress for the party as we wouldn't need clothes once we arrived. I decided to use the tee shirt and gym shorts I'd lent Sarah. She'd returned them yesterday. I hadn't washed them and they still smelled of Alan's cum.

While finishing up, I saw Bill Reyes leaving Mitch's room. He was wearing a tee shirt and running shorts, though his bulging thigh muscles caused the light material to gather at the top of his legs. The thick shaft of his long cock and big balls were clearly outlined. He left with a promise to see me at the party.

I looked in on Mitch. He was sleeping or passed out, naked on the bed, except for straps on his wrists and ankles that were now untied. Cum was leaking from his ass and mouth and he was liberally covered in streaks from stray shots from his own gun. I doubted he'd be doing anything before morning.

Jack knocked on the door when we arrived at the fraternity shortly before eight. A few seconds later the door was opened by a muscular Asian stud, naturally. He recognized Jack and Ricardo and they introduced me. He was a Singaporean Chinese, called Zai Zai. He was wearing tee shirt and shorts like we were, but a few inches of cock stuck clear of the leg opening between his thick thighs. He sported a bronze ring with a blue center, a sophomore.

Zai Zai closed the door and stepped out of his few clothes, leaving them by the door.

"I see you're one of Alan's guys. This must be your first party. Let me get you started and warmed up."

With a hand about my waist he herded me down a flight of stairs to their party room as Jack and Ricardo preceded us, shedding their tops en route.

The party had started. The lower level had mats covering much of the floor. There was a well-equipped exercise area with weight stacks, heavily laden bars and dumbbells, benches and several machines. Another area had seating and couches. Everywhere massively muscular Asian guys were in heavy action with the guests. I saw some had ear studs like my roommates, including the black guy with the gymnast build I'd spotted earlier around campus. Others had rings like mine in various designs, though there were a few without.

I saw Alan, Charlie Kim and Tony Thieu already pumping the asses of their guests. Bill Reyes I didn't spot.

Zai Zai escorted me to an empty basket that quickly accepted my few clothes. I was placed on my back on a mat. My legs were lifted to his shoulders, resting in the valley between his bulging deltoid and thick neck. Zai Zai rolled on a condom from one of the bowls spaced about the room. Did they get the stronger ones in? He wasn't quite as big as Alan in height, muscle or cock, but he had at least thirteen inches that were twice as thick as mine.

He was strong too. They all were. Of course, you'd expect that given their massive muscles. Zai Zai was only about five-foot-six, a head shorter than I, but must top 250 pounds with 24-inch guns. He was one of the smaller brothers from my experience and the quick survey of the room. But, even with that, he was two or three times stronger than he looked.

He shoved that big cock all the way into me in one thrust. Though not Alan's size it was plenty to stretch my hole. He pulled out, leaving just the head inside. Then in again, beginning a steady, powerful fuck. He was hitting all my sensitive spots. He knew it too.

"You like this? Am I better than Alan?"

I might have been dazed by the intense pleasure from our sex, but I retained enough of my wits not to answer that. A minute more of Zai Zai's fuck and I didn't remember the question. My cock spewed its first load shortly after. Then things really got hazy. My partner came, triggering me again. He didn't stop. We came again, at least once maybe more. Then he was gone, leaving me limp on the mat.

Another Asian stud, bigger than Zai Zai, had me next. If he mentioned his name, I didn't catch it. There was another when he finished. This one pulled out when he came and soaked me in his cum. I had a few minutes to recover when he left me.

Bill Reyes spotted me crumpled on the mat. He helped me to my feet, saying he had something special for me. I was pretty exhausted by then so he was half supporting me as he steered me through the action in the party room. I spotted Jack being stuffed from both ends by two of the brothers.

Bill had moved to the exercise area. We'd stopped near an extra-sturdy square frame with cables and pulleys leading to four massive weight stacks. Bill adjusted the weights, so each was about 600 pounds. Next he put leather straps tightly about my wrists and ankles. Each strap had a thick steel ring attached. He donned a set of straps himself.

I had an idea where he was going and didn't like it, but didn't know what to do. He clipped my wrists to cables from the upper corners of the frame and I was suspended a couple feet in the air. My ankles were clipped to cables from the lower corners and he adjusted their length so I had tension on each limb, holding me like a big X in the frame. At least the weight stacks were at their bottom stops, so I only had a bit more than my own weight pulling me apart.

However, Bill stepped behind me and clipped his ankle straps to the lower cables. Now I had 220 pounds of Filipino-American muscle to support as well as my weight. He stood up behind me, his thick 11.5-inch cock sliding into my hole. With his left hand he grabbed my right wrist, pulling it down, raising the weights, until he could clip his right wrist to the cable. Then he used his right hand to secure his left as the weights danced on their stacks. Since he was over eight inches shorter than I, his frame resisted the weights and I was attached to him by my wrists, ankles and the hard cock up my ass.

He reached his right hand to my cock. The weight stack on that side moved up as his arm came down, but the other weights shifted too as we moved up and right in the frame. He stroked my cock while flexing his hips to stroke himself in my ass. I was instantly hard. He wrapped my chest in his left arm with my arm slaved to his. His biceps muscle was four times my size. We shifted up and to the center. He squatted against the more than a ton of weight on the stacks, moving us down and extracting about half his cock from my hole.

So we fucked in mid air suspended from the frame. The hundreds of pounds of cable tension seemed not to bother him. All the time he'd be fucking me while my arms and legs were forced to follow his movements. He curled up into a fetal position with my body on the inside, squeezed and enveloped by his muscles. That's when he shot his first load as I sprayed my face with my own seed.

When he stopped cumming he just relaxed, allowing the weights to open us up into our original spread eagle. Then he put his hands to my waist and started to push and pull me along his still hard pole. He started slowly then increased his pace. In a few minutes he was pounding me with full-length pile driver strokes, flexing his powerful shaft in my gut as each bottomed out. When he came again, so did I. Each of his powerful jets was matched with a spurt from my own cock as if he were shooting right through my dick.

When his cock stopped blasting he unclipped us both from the cables, wrists first, then ankles, while still plugging my hole with his steely pole. He moved me face down onto a padded weight bench, my arms and legs draped over the sides. He pressed his wide chest to my back. I could feel the hard points of his nipples dig into my traps. He brought his legs up beside the bench, forcing mine to split widely to the side. Then he pumped me again. When he came, it was too much for the condom, even this stronger variety. My gut was flooded as he spurted a new load. Even so he kept going while his past loads soaked the bench and dripped onto the mat. He came inside me again and, with me totally spent, he left me there.

I just couldn't move. I was exhausted. I don't know how many times I came or how many loads I took. The party went on around me for a while. Then strong hands were helping me up.

It was Tony Thieu. He helped me to a big leather couch and sat me down on it. He was talking to me, but I had trouble following it. I just nodded agreement whenever he seemed to be expecting me to do something.

I guess his latest question was whether I wanted to be fucked, because he pulled my ass to the edge of the cushion and raised my legs to his shoulders. He had twelve stiff inches of cock that he inserted easily into my well-used hole. Instead of just pounding me for his pleasure, he spent a few minutes exploring while watching my reactions, finding my sensitive spots. When he really got going he hit them all the time. I'd had some really good fucks but Tony's was incredible.

I came and came and came. He shot and I came even harder. He didn't stop. He upped the pace. It was too much for me. I begged him to stop, but only random moans escaped my mouth. I came again. Then he unleashed another load and all my muscles convulsed as my mind darkened.

Cool water was spraying my face. I was in a shower, like the one in my room. I was being supported in the arms of an athletic male. He wasn't nearly as built as the fraternity brothers, but certainly handsome. He was an Indian, well, Native-American, about five-eleven and well-muscled.

"What happened? Where am I?" I asked.

"Hi, I'm glad to see you're awake. You passed out at the party and I was tasked to take you home. We're in your dorm. I'm Joseph Running Bear, one of the pledges."

"Thanks. I'm Jerry Sanders. I guess I'm not ready for so much sex in one evening."

"You did better than most. You lasted to almost midnight. If you can stand on your own now I'll wash the cum off you."

I could and let Samuel wash me. I saw he wore the solid white ring of a pledge. He had a nice nine-inch cock that was semi-hard.

After a few minutes he turned off the water and we stepped out and dried off. In the common area were our few pieces of discarded clothes. I led him to my bedroom.

"Are you OK now? I'll head back to the fraternity."

I guess I was OK, at least physically, but I didn't want to be alone. "Can you stay?"

"If you want, I'll stay. I'm a pledge and you're in Alan's network. You can fuck me if you want."

"No, not like that. I just need someone with me. Just sleep with me and hold me."

"I can do that. You're lucky. Normally I have to be available from six to eight for any brother needing a morning fuck, but I'm free when there's a party."

I got into bed and Samuel climbed in behind me, wrapping an arm about my chest. I felt his cock harden against my butt. I pushed down on it and it eased inside. It wasn't big compared to what I'd taken, but I needed it. Samuel just left it in, not moving, a firm hot presence in my gut. My internal muscles massaged it gently. A few minutes later Samuel, without any motion, added his seed to my gut and we drifted off to blissful sleep.

The End