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This is a continuation of the story, "The Rescue," "The Rescue II," "The Rescue III" and "The Rescue IV." It is in the story arc that has "Bill's Education," "Bill's Continuing Education," "Bill's Summer Vacation," and "The Surfer."

Practice safer sex.

All characters in this story are fictional with no resemblance to any real persons implied.

The Rescue V (M/M, College, Interracial, Muscle) by lenzelig 'at'

It was a pretty normal November Tuesday for me. I was up early to do a three-mile run and some weights at the student gym. With my life I need every bit of endurance and strength I can muster. I've been doing my exercise routine with Jacob Greene, a fellow senior I met in the gym a few weeks ago. He wears the bronze and blue ring that identifies him as in Harry Nuygen's network. He, naturally, also recognized the meaning of my gold and red ring.

We started spotting each other on the weight bench. We soon compared experiences. He had the advantage, having been fucked by Alan Wong at a party late last year, while I'd only seen Harry at one. Actually, Alan was his inspiration for his workout since his party fuck put Jacob out of action for the night. Harry is about an inch shorter and not as thick as Alan. Since Jacob is only five-foot-two and, with a gymnast build of 125 pounds, he gives away over a hundred pounds to Harry and almost two hundred to Alan. I guess everything inside is much smaller than with my six-foot-two, so it seems amazing he could take Harry's thirteen inches or Alan's fourteen plus at all. The only thing not small about him was his eight-inch cock that was thicker than my seven-point-five piece, but, of course, nowhere near our fuck-buddies' equipment.

I'm Jerry Sanders, a Berkeley senior. I've already recounted how I was recruited to be the fuck-toy of Alan Wong, a member of a unique fraternity of, mostly Asian, muscle studs. Harry Nuygen, at five-foot-eight and 230 with thirteen thick inches, is about average for them. Alan is bigger, but not nearly the biggest. I think their smallest Asian cock is eleven inches, if you can call an eleven-inch cock that's almost wrist thick, small. They're unbelievably strong too; way beyond what you'd expect even with their huge muscles.

I'd already upped my bench press fifty pounds to 340, adding half an inch to my biceps and an inch to my chest. I've added one-twenty to my squats. That really muscled my glutes and thighs. Alan, who didn't notice my increased strength, he could overpower my whole body with one arm without seeming effort, really liked how my firm ass felt on his cock. My suitemate, Jack Gordon, was tutoring me on how to be a better bottom, using my ass to actively make love to a cock. My aerobic work has helped me too. I don't pass out from a fuck anymore, though the sensations when Alan turns up the pace tends to cause me to lose track of time and place.

That's where I was headed rapidly as Alan was steadily pounding my ass. He'd arranged our meeting after our ten o'clock classes back in my dorm room. It's been a pretty regular event for Tuesday as our schedules coincide. I usually get a few other meetings with Alan at other times in the week but the times vary.

I'd already cum three times and Alan once. I was on my back with my legs wrapped about his thin waist. I could use my leverage on his body to pull my ass into his body as he thrust his steel pole into me. When he presses me into the bed I relax my legs and squeeze my ass against his withdrawal. I feel every inch as he pulls it from my body and the big bulge of the flaring cap to his member can be felt as it moves from the center of my gut to the stretched ring that it forced open to enter me. The flange pressing my back door is my cue to relax my muscles as he reverses direction to plunge inward again.

He presses my pleasure buttons on every stroke. I cum and he speeds his assault. I'm running on pure instinct by now as my pleasure increases. I drift, my mind awash with sensations. I've been told my cock bubbles cum almost continuously during this period, one long, long orgasm from balls that have been mostly emptied from earlier eruptions. Then Alan's cock shocks me back to reality as it bucks wildly in the depths of my abdomen, spewing powerful jets of sperm.

Alan can cum like that for minutes. Since it's his second of this encounter my gut is full. I can feel his juices spurting from around the tight seal where our flesh merges. Alan pulls the spewing member from my gut and shifts it toward my face. I reach for it to guide it to my mouth, but it's still bouncing all over from the muscle contractions powering a six-foot ejaculation every second. It shoots again and again soaking my bed and body with a couple bouncing off the wall and ceiling. A last spurt before my lips surround the head creams my face, leaving me snorting and blinking to clear my nose and eyes while trying to swallow the cum flooding my mouth.

Eventually, the flow eases and stops. I run my tongue around the head to clean off the last residue. Alan pops his cock from my mouth. It's still mostly hard. He leans over me, bridging my torso on his knees and elbows. He wipes the pooled cum from my eyes with a finger. I open my eyes and see his face smiling down at me. I thought he was going to kiss me, but he stopped a couple inches from my face and licked up the cum soaking me and pushed his tongue into my mouth as a bit of dessert for me.

That completed, I did get my after sex kiss, gently stroking his tongue with mine as he explored my mouth. We pressed together in full body contact, our cocks resting beside each other between our cum-coated bodies. He rolled onto his back, pulling me on top.

"That was fun," he remarked. It was a real complement from him.

"Yeah," I agreed, still glowing from the experience. A gob of Alan's cum dripped from the ceiling and splashed on my back. "It looks like I'll have to do some cleanup this evening."

"By the way, do you have an extra key for the room? I'd like to use the bed occasionally while you're in class."

"Sure. What's up?"

"I'm meeting Sarah at two and this is closer than her place off campus."

Sarah and two friends had rented a townhouse just a block off Telegraph Avenue, but they never brought their dates in. When we were dating I always brought her to my room.

"Sarah and her friends are pretty uptight about their privacy. I understand. I hope they won't mind the mess."

"It's not a problem," he stated as his cock started strain upward against my torso. He lifted me by my hips until the tip found the mark and he pushed me down on it to start our next round.

I got back from my afternoon classes at about three-thirty. Only Ricardo was in and, from the sounds, having a good time with someone in his room.

I found Sarah and her two housemates, fully naked, sprawled across my bed. Alan was gone but he'd been there. All three were dripping his seed from their cunts and Sarah had taken a load up her ass as well. My bed was a lot damper too as Alan apparently hosed them down after filling them up inside.

I shook Sarah to bring her around.

"Alan," she moaned. "Jerry," she remarked, recognizing me. "Where's Alan?"

"I guess he left. I found you here when I got back from class."

"Kelly, Briona," she called to her friends, who started to stir. I noticed they also wore Alan's ring.

"Girl, what happened here?" Asked Briona, rubbing her long fingers across her pussy lips. The white cum was a stark contrast to her chocolate skin.

"We had sex with my, our, friend, Alan. Don't you remember?"

"I remember every second, but I've had sex a lot and it was nothing like that. It's like I still feel him in me. Everything's so sensitive. I'll explode with the slightest touch."

"Who are you?" She asked noticing my presence finally. But she wasn't interested in the answer. She grabbed my crotch and pulled out my cock. She had me by the balls, literally. She pulled me down to the bed and rolled on top, straddling my hips.

Briona had her needs and was stroking my cock. In spite of myself I got hard. The fact that Alan's cum dripping from her cunt was lubing her hand strokes didn't hurt. She just sat on me and my whole cock was engulfed in her sopping vaginal canal. Alan had expanded her so much I barely felt any friction, but the walls started to spasm and she began to squeeze down on my smaller shaft.

"Ah. Yes, I needed that. I was so empty. Oh!" She clamped my cock in an internal vise as she came.

"Mind if I get some of that?" A new voice asked. A few seconds later Kelly's red-bushed slit was against my lips. I knew what she wanted and started to lick Alan's cum from her dripping snatch.

"Sarah, you set us up," complained Kelly. "Needed to pick up an assignment from a classmate, just a quick stop."

"Well it was an assignment, sort of. Alan asked me to bring you. Why use that tone? I know you liked it. Would you have come if I told you what was going to happen?"

"Girl, that's crazy. Like we're going to come with you to meet a guy who wants to fuck all three of us."

"So, Briona, you wouldn't have come. You wouldn't have met Alan and you wouldn't have had the best sex of your life. Could you even have counted how many times you climaxed?"

"But we have boyfriends. There's no way I can enjoy a date with Leon after this. When will we see Alan again?"

I missed the next bit as I shot a load that mixed with Alan's inside Briona. I don't think she noticed. A few minutes later we disentangled and the girls left to grab a shower, not caring if anyone saw them naked. I got up and zipped up my pants. Then I stripped off the cum-soaked sheets and used the dryer parts of them to clean off the splatters on the walls, ceiling and floor.

When they returned they completely ignored me while completing drying themselves.

"Who was that guy out there? Asked Kelly. He was almost as big as Alan."

"He must be gay if he wasn't interested in these," said Briona, cupping her D-cup breasts. I wondered if this were Ricardo's guest or someone else.

"I brought us a change of clothes," stated Sarah. "Something sexy. I always feel like I want everyone to see my fresh-fucked look; at least I have once Alan's been fucking me. Try these on."

"Wow. Low cut and short. When we sit down everyone will see our panties."

"No they won't if we don't wear them. No bras either. Let the guys see what they can't get."

Briona already had my cum in her cunt, but it didn't seem the time to mention it. I just wanted my room back. They dressed quickly, looking both sexy and slutty in their skimpy dresses. All were still leaking cum from their slits that wetted their inner thighs though they continually wiped them with their towels.

At last they left, but Sarah finally acknowledged me on the way out. She turned and lifted the dress a bit to flash her pussy. "Miss this, Jerry," she taunted and shut the door.

Well that was over. I hoped Alan didn't need my room too often, at least without me being part of the fun. I knew there was no way I'd refuse him though.

I left to do the laundry of cummy sheets and towels and saw Tony Thieu in the common area drinking a glass of water. He must have been the guy the girls met returning from their showers. He was nude and his twelve-incher was hard and pointing up near vertical. It had obviously been in action with a slick coating of cum and juices. The door to Ricardo's room was open and I could see Ricardo sprawled on his bed from a vigorous fucking.

"Hi Jerry. You interested in a little fun?" I didn't say anything. I guess I was just staring at his huge muscles and cock. He might not be as big as Alan, but he was certainly as sexy. "Take care of your laundry and hurry back. I'll call Alan."

I was back in three minutes. Tony was sitting on the big stuffed chair where I had my first fuck. I quickly stripped and went over to him. He grasped my waist and lifted into the air

"Just straddle the arms of the chair and I'll lower you into position."

I did as he suggested. Looking down I saw the thick pole disappear beneath my bottom. He slowly lowered me and I felt the tip press into my crack right to my quivering rosebud. He flexed his hips spearing a good portion of his long member right into my gut. When he sat down he left my thighs sitting on the heavily padded arms with about half of him still inside me.

"You should have taken my offer the first week. Alan is good and has a big cock, but you can't be your best when you waste part of your skill on women. Try this."

He pressed up until his groin hit my butt. Then slowly he pulled almost out. Then he went on the attack, hitting me with rapid strokes of different depths and angles. Every one found a sensitive spot. I gasped and moaned as he showed me a new level in male sexuality. When, seemingly forever later, he reverted to a slow measured pace, I looked down at him. He had a big grin. I must have spewed numerous streaks of cum over his body, a couple in his short black hair and one smacked his mouth which he seemed to have mostly licked up. He was still adding a bit of his own seed to my gut on each stroke, just as my cock still dribbled a bit its last eruption.

"I think you liked that," he observed. "Ready for round two?"

I hadn't had a time to wrap my dazed mind around his words when it was round two.

I was on my back in the chair when Tony eased us down from our latest peak. I didn't remember how we shifted positions.

"God, that was great. Since Alan popped my cherry I have great sex almost every day, but that was special."

"Yes, I am a sex god. Here, worship the cock of your god." He pulled his thick, still firm, pole from my gut and pressed the tip to my lips. I opened wide to let him enter and massaged the tip and first few inches with my tongue. "I have sex six or more times a day. My balls start to ache if I don't get off for more than 12 hours. I've got the fraternity and network here and, with my body, can usually find plenty of willing partners when traveling. But, if you want me regularly, you'll have to earn your ear-stud like your suitemates."

"How do I do that?" I asked, easing his spit-shined shaft from my mouth.

"Ask Alan if he'll invite you to the pledge initiation party Saturday."

"Will that be like the party I attended earlier this semester?"

"No, this will be much wilder. The pledges get initiated in every way. It's a lot of sex for the brothers and you'll probably not make it through the night, but, if you can you'll really have earned your new status."

My next encounter with Alan was Thursday afternoon. He had access to a private hydrotherapy room in the athletic complex where he fucked me for almost an hour in the hot, swirling water. The water was cloudy with the cum that overflowed my gut by the time he relaxed with me sitting on his lap, laying back against his broad chest. I was basking in the post-orgasmic glow, my gut walls reflexively squeezing his deeply embedded member.

I wanted to ask him about the party, but he spoke first. "Thanks for the use of the room. With Sarah's friends in the network their townhouse will make a great location for weekend parties. If you want I'll tell Sarah to get back together with you. This time she'll show you respect and do whatever you want, whenever you want."

I saw my opening. "Thanks. I appreciate the offer, but Sarah and I have too much history for me to enjoy her company again. Besides, I'd much rather be fucked by you than fuck a girl. One of the guys mentioned a fraternity party for Saturday. They said you'd need to invite me."

"Yes, it's pledge initiation. That's going to be pretty intense, non-stop sex. It will make your last party seem pretty tame. Are you sure you're ready for it?"

"OK. Guests should arrive between six and six-fifteen. Don't be late. The initiation is at seven and is private. The party starts at eight. Breakfast is at eight in the morning, if you make it that far."

I arrived just after six with Jack and Ricardo who had standing invitations to all the parties. They couldn't tell me much about the initiation since they hooked up with the frat after that point last year. The door was opened by Samuel Running Bear, one of the pledges from a California tribe. An athlete in high school he had a well-muscled body and a nine-inch cock that I became intimately familiar with when he helped me home after my first party. He was wearing a white athletic shirt and running shorts.

Inside were some other guests being helped by other pledges who were dressed like Joseph. I saw most of the pledges were Asian and they were mostly short and thin, though a couple were clearly athletes though nowhere even half what the smallest brother was. The only other non-Asian was Joey Foster, a freshman star of Cal football. His brother is in the fraternity and he looked to already have their massive size, including an unmistakable bulge in his shorts.

I saw several of the brothers dressed in black shorts that really were completely inadequate to fully contain their massive equipment. They were bringing stuff to the lower level, setting up for the initiation.

There were baskets for our clothes. As a guest we were supposed to strip and wait on the main level for the private part of the ceremony to conclude. I did and then busied myself meeting some of the other guests. About a third wore ear studs like Jack and Ricardo and the others had rings. Generally our first questions were who's your brother and then move on to favorite techniques and positions.

Samuel's brother, Joseph Running Bear, arrived just before six-fifteen. He was a senior and had an ear stud. Joseph greeted him, but he looked uncomfortable. He was shorter and more muscular than his younger brother and, when undressed, I saw he had a longer, thicker cock, about ten inches. That was the biggest of any of the guests.

So we had about twenty guests standing around naked, nine pledges in their white outfits as hosts, the brothers busy setting up so not fucking anyone and another forty-five minutes before anything happens. I was bored.

I figured I'd check out Joey Foster who had the best body of the pledge class. I started by asking him about Cal football and our chances for a bowl game. He thought we were a lock if we beat Stanford. Then I got a bit more personal.

"You have a really nice body -- as big as some of the brothers. Do you mind if I feel your muscles?"

"Yes my brother joined the fraternity last year and you could say I got a head start. You're welcome to check me out. For the next few minutes I'm still a pledge and you're wearing Alan's ring, so I'm yours to command."

I'd forgotten about that. I didn't waste any more time in feeling his thick muscles.

"How much can you bench?" I was feeling the bulging mounds of his pectorals and then let my hands drift down his washboard abs.

"Five-hundred-fifty for a dozen reps. No need to stop there if you want more." My hands were at the waistband of his shorts.

I slid under the elastic, running my fingers through his pubic hair until I felt the root of his member. I wrapped it in my hand and started to stroke it while feeling his muscular butt with my other. He pushed his shorts down to mid thigh to improve my access.

"Can I fuck you?"

"Of course. But expect me to return the favor later this evening."

"I'm counting on it," I said, moving in position. I saw I'd broken the ice as other guests were starting to use the pledges' services.

I ran my fingers through the crack between the globes of his glutes. I felt the puckered hole with the tip of my middle finger. He pushed back on me taking it inside as his ring clamped down around it and his internal muscles sucked more of my finger into the opening. He was well lubricated from what must have been several earlier fuckings today, but was so tight that he didn't leak any out as I would in similar circumstances.

"Are you sure you want your cock in there?" He was taunting me, contracting his muscles around my finger. I couldn't pull out until he relaxed a bit and let me.

I wasn't going to let him intimidate me. I shoved my cock against his entrance. I couldn't force the door. He held me out until it was clear that even though I was the fucker and he the fuckee, he was in control. I felt the ring open and he actually pulled me into him until my groin was tight to his butt. He relaxed just enough for me to pull out against tight friction from his gut walls, then he clamped back down and pulled me inside again.

He must have been satisfied he made his point because he eased up to a firm pressure surrounding my cock and let me set the pace. I gripped the sides of his slim hips and started a steady stroke as we fucked standing. He was much tighter than any woman I'd tried. I liked being fucked, but fucking a fit guy was great too. I stated to speed my pace as I built to my climax.

Plunging in to the root, I spurted my seed. It triggered Joey. His ass clamped down on my cock as he shot. He milked my cock as he finished unloading.

I held him to my torso as I recovered. "You're a great bottom, but I guess this will be my last chance to sample that pleasure."

"You've no idea. I'm versatile. Who knows? You might get another shot."

He let me stay inserted and the muscular contractions of his colon kept me mostly hard. We noticed a crowd around Samuel and his brother, Joseph. They were arguing.

"The initiation starts in a few minutes. I want to carry your seed in me during the ceremony."

"I don't think I should, little brother."

"I want your strength with me for the ceremony. You've always been my inspiration, but I could never get you to share your essence with me. You were the star athlete in high school and everyone wanted to share your strength. I broke many of your records and deposited my seed with many men that told me they had received yours. Why not grant me my wish on this special day? Without you I wouldn't be here."

With that everyone added their bit of encouragement. He gave in.

Samuel shucked his white shorts and lay on his back, pulling his knees to his chest to offer his ass to his brother. Joseph was already hard, so I guess he'd had thoughts about his brother that he'd never acted on before now. It took just a few seconds before he was driving his substantial tool through his brother's gut at a furious pace. As they locked eyes you could see their love. Joseph lowered himself for a deep kiss without missing a beat with his hips.

They held the kiss for a minute before Joseph broke off and buried his cock with a final grunt. Samuel reacted with joy as he felt the seed he long desired spear his gut. He arched his back as his own gun sprayed jet after jet onto their writhing bodies.

Samuel relaxed, finally spent, and his brother rested on top of him, still coupled, but not cumming. They kissed again.

"I'm sorry to break up this touching family moment, but we need the pledges downstairs." It was Tony Thieu, still in his black outfit, but his twelve-inch cock was fully hard under the thin material, poking a tent of material about six inches above the waistband of his shorts. He put his phone on a table. "When this rings, the guests will come downstairs. That should be half an hour or so."

It was a long wait. Jack produced a bottle of lube and I did him and Ricardo and then he got me. It was just a touch-up since we'd all used the dildo to get deeply lubed before we left. He passed the bottle around.

It was near forty minutes until the phone rang. There was a bit of a rush to the steps.

They'd turned out the lights with only a couple glow-sticks to light the treads. So, despite our eagerness, everyone was slow going down. There were five ahead of me. When the first reached the bottom he was yanked off into the darkened room, then the next and the next. I could hear guys fucking in the dark. There was a short screech as someone got penetrated unexpectedly. One of the guys in front of me, I wondered?

As I reached the last step I was lifted into the air. I found myself tucked between a huge arm and an equally muscled torso as I was carried into the darkness.

"I'm glad I got you. This should be fun." I recognized the voice of Charlie Kim, the first brother who borrowed me from Alan. But the arm holding me felt much bigger than Charlie's, or even Alan's.

"Charlie Kim?"

"Yes Jerry, just relax and let me get you started. We have a big surprise for our guests tonight."

I was put on my back on a gym mat and my legs raised to Charlie's shoulders. They felt massive too. I mean even more than they I knew them to be. When I felt the tip of his cock against my butt I knew it was bigger, much bigger. Charlie was not quite as thick or long as Alan, but what he was trying to insert in my ass tonight was easily thicker than any cock I'd yet taken.

As soon as it touched my skin it started pulsing gobs of stuff into my crack. In seconds the skin around my hole was soaked with his lube. He found my entrance and the tip nestled at the center of the ring of muscle that was the door. My anal virginity was discarded weeks ago. I opened easily to the dimension of the huge cocks I'd become accustomed to, but his cock-head wasn't all in yet. A quick stab with his hips forced me wider and it was in. He pushed it deeper.

"That's really something, isn't it? It feels really great in you. Tonight you're a virgin all over again."

My eyes were starting to get used to the dark. It wasn't total as they had glow sticks as on the stairs spaced about. I began to make out Charlie Kim's new body. He used to be a it shorter than me, but now he was clearly way taller. All his muscles were bigger too. I'd guess he'd doubled his muscle mass. Of course, the outside was only relevant as a clue to what was going on inside. I figured he had a foot of his cock in me by now. It was pressing all my sensitive spots.

The dark shadows between Charlie and I prevented me from seeing his cock, but the dark gap between him and I must be bridged by almost another foot of steely flesh. A couple inches further and he was in me as deeply as I'd experienced. He must have sensed that too as he started a smooth piston action to open up the area where no man has gone before,

I loved it. I stopped trying to think about things and just enjoyed experiencing it. Charlie's cock wasn't just a pole of hot flesh. It was like a wild beast living inside me, dominating me. Every twitch along its length shook my entire body. My insides rearranged with its every movement along my gut. I gasped air as I reached my first orgasm of the evening. The sound was lost in amongst the moans and screams of a room in which male-to-male sex was being taken to extremes.

A few minutes later I exploded again. My gut squeezed down on the thing that had crawled still deeper inside me. It wouldn't, couldn't, be contained. This time it reacted by going crazy, shaking my whole body while spewing jets of fire. It plunged inward, completing its conquest of me. I gave myself to my master as my internal muscles relaxed to a soothing wave of pressure along its length. For minutes it infused me with its seed.

It moved inside me, exploring the deepest depths to the opening it forced so wide. Every inch reminded me of its power and sent waves of pleasure crashing against the last walls of rational thought. I came again and again and again before it released another flood within me and I explored me peaks of sensation.

Someone was speaking. "was fun."

"What?" I mumbled.

"I said, I thought that was fun." It was Charlie Kim. He was kneeling with my butt resting on the matt between his massive thighs, each bigger than my chest. Someone had turned the lights back on. I saw his cock. It was thicker than my wrist. I could see about a foot of it before it entered my ass. The vein along its top expanded a bit in time with his heartbeat and there were periodic contractions that raced down its length and continued to the part still within me.

"Fun? Fun doesn't begin to describe it. I love you."

"Thanks for the complement, but it's time to let someone else enjoy you while I look to make some new friends." He pulled the remaining inches from me and helped me to my feet. I saw he was a head and a half taller than me now and at least 500 pounds of muscle with nearly two feet of thick cock. And he wasn't the biggest by far.

I saw Samuel Running Bear in a standing fuck with his brother. Samuel was now two feet taller than me, nearly eight feet tall. His brother was dwarfed by the muscle stud he'd become. Samuel was holding his hips and running him along his cock. He raised Joseph's ass up to shoulder height and pivoted him on his cock so they faced each other. From there he could suck Joseph's ten-inch piece while still fucking him with the end of a cock that must have been nearly thirty inches.

I went over to him. "Wow, you're huge."

Samuel pulled his lips from his brother's cock and swallowed the cum it had spurted into his mouth. Joseph was still oozing a bit while taking a massive load in his gut. I could see the contractions race over the surface of the long hose powering each jet.

"I think my brother has come to like sibling sex. But he needs a break, so I'm glad you're here."

Yes, Joseph Running Bear was definitely in a happy place as Samuel pulled the last of his cock out of his ass and set him on a mat. He stood before me. I only came to his mid chest. His tall fuck pole reached above my head. I tried to angle it down to get at the tip, but I couldn't budge it more than a few degrees. He grabbed the sides of my chest and raised me a foot so I could access the head. I opened as wide as possible to get the thick cap into my mouth. It was coated with his last cum and still bubbling precum.

It was all I could manage to lick the bottom of the flared cap of his shaft that filled my whole mouth. I had both hands on the slick shaft that was too thick for one to encircle. A couple times a minute I'd swallow, drinking down a gulp of his pre-sex juice that flowed freely from the tip.

After letting me service his monster orally for a couple minutes, Samuel lifted me off, his cock slipping from my lips with an audible pop. He turned me facing away and reached between my legs to grip my waist, lifting me high while spreading my legs wide with his elbows. I was going to get fucked by a cock that was longer than my torso and felt as hard and unyielding as steel. It should be impossible, but I'd taken two-feet from Charlie and Sam was only about 25% bigger. I realized I didn't have to understand it, just experience it. The brothers are going to do whatever they want, I just need to submit and enjoy.

Then I felt him at the gate. I could feel my flesh yield and he was inside and moving deeper. I could feel heat and power radiating from the powerful presence within me. My abdomen bulged along the path of my expanded large intestine. I could see as well as feel as it moved deeper. It curved under my ribs then halfway down the other side before I felt his big balls press my glutes. I was amazed I'd taken it all without dying in the process.

He started to fuck me with long, slow strokes. I could feel his heart beating as it forced blood through his cock and I sensed it when my heart started to beat in synch as if we were one. Also his flesh would pulse periodically, powering a spurt of precum in my gut. My own cock, untouched, but hard as a rock, would pulse in sympathy, giving a small gob of juice for each of his jets. Every twitch from his embedded flesh caused a spasm of ecstasy throughout my body. I shut my eyes and the outside universe vanished. The only thing that remained was his living presence inside me and the waves of pleasure radiating from it to every part of my being.

I can't really describe it for you. I just felt, unthinking. The pleasure would build, then ease, then, build again. Changes would be slow then rapid, but steadily, gradually, more intense. Then I, we, exploded, beyond what I'd felt before. It lasted, but time had fled with the rest of the universe. Eventually, it was a memory and the normal waves of pleasurable sensation washed over my world. It built again and there was another explosion and another and maybe more.

When the world returned I lay on Samuel's torso, sucking on the downturned nipple on his bulging right pectoral muscle. A huge arm was on my back, its hand caressing my head. He was still in me. The presence and power was unmistakable, but it was like a sleeping dragon, a mystical force, now quiet.

"Did you like that?"

How could I tell him what it was like. I didn't have words. "Yes," was all I could mumble.

"I had fun too." I saw he was on a weight bench. One specially built for the brother's size and strength. Samuel's right hand was gripping the steel box beam bar support. He'd crushed the beam to a third its normal size as the steel took deep impressions from his fingers and thumb. I guess he did enjoy it too.

"Can I borrow him now?"

I recognized Joey's voice. No answer must have been needed as I was lifted away from Samuel, his long cock sliding from my gut. I hated losing it.

Joey held me by my hips in the air. With a quick flip and spin he turned me toward him at face height. He was now well over seven feet, maybe seven and a half, and had easily doubled his body mass. His cock wasn't as long as Sam's, but still clearly topped two feet. His cock was coated in a mix of juices from its earlier adventures, but was spurting precum and ready for more.

"I promised you I'd return the favor. My balls are already churning so let's not waste any time."

He raised me up another foot and probed my butt until he found the spot. He pulled me down on it, forcing the entire thing into me in one powerful thrust. With my feet planted on the bulge of his massive chest, it was like I'd squatted on his cock, except he was standing and my body stuck out on the horizontal. Then he lifted me off until just the fist-sized head remained. Again, he plunged in. He erupted and I came too. Then he really started to fuck, deeper, harder, faster.

It was fun, but, for some reason, not world-shaking like my time with Sam. We were two guys having fun. He came again as did I.

I was fucked a few more times by brothers I'd not met before. The last was a double with a huge cock up my gut and one in my mouth. I could only get the flaring head in. It was way to thick to get down my throat. I almost drowned when he came. I swallowed several mouthfuls but I had to pull off and the rest of the load spurted around the room. It wasn't the first. I'd been sprayed several times earlier and, by now, the floor mats, walls, furniture and everybody were liberally coated in slippery spunk.

When they left I had a couple minutes to rest on the mat, my head on my arms, my hole still leaking some of the last load that I could feel as it dribbled over my ball-sack. The taste of cum was still in my mouth.

But, it wasn't long before my legs were spread and a pair of thick, muscled thighs positioned between them. My next fucker bridged my body with his. A long tongue licked my ear. I turned my head to see Tony Thieu. He was now taller than me, seven feet even I later learned, still one of the shorter brothers. He'd doubled his body mass and doubled another important muscle, though at two feet exactly it was almost the shortest. It felt plenty big when he put it in me.

He entwined me in his arms and legs, his muscled torso against my back. His long, thick sex embedded to the hilt as his firm balls nestled behind mine. His head was beside mine and he was talking to me as he began to fuck me, but I couldn't understand the words. It was English. I knew each word, but I couldn't process them. It was that it was happening again. His cock had found the spot. He'd always been talented, but his new size allowed him to overwhelm his partner. I surrendered to the feeling as his body and cock became my universe.

I awoke. There was morning light seeping into the room from curtained windows set high in the wall. I was resting on the broad chest of a guy, Tony. His arms hugged my body to his, surrounding me in a strong embrace. I could feel his cock in me, but he wasn't fully hard. My legs brushed the mat at the sides, still widely split to allow room for his thick thighs.

Tony was sleeping, eyes daring under his closed lids. I wondered what he was dreaming. Then I knew as his cock started to grow inside me, throbbing and starting to pulse squirts of precum. The feelings of bottomless pleasure started flowing from it. His wet dream became my reality as I lost myself in the sensations.

A spray of cool water brought me back to the world. I was in a large walk-in shower sitting on Tony's thighs. He was on a bench, holding me as the refreshing cascade revived me. I looked at him and he smiled.

"You made it. It's morning. It was a wild night. We knew we'd all grow bigger, but never expected the results to be spectacular. You're the only non-boyfriend to make it, and, even some of them couldn't make the night."

I looked up at Tony. That took a bit of getting used to since he was a head shorter than me and now I'm that much shorter than he. His body was a wall of huge muscle. I looked down to his crotch. The root of his cock was thicker than my wrist. I could see nine or ten inches before it entered my ass. I could feel the rest up inside me, but resting, quiet now, but I remembered its power. My own cock was hard, the tip buried in his fine pubic hairs. It shouldn't be long enough to bridge the gap separating us.

I grabbed my shaft. "Am I bigger too?"

"Yes. It seems our cum had a bit of what we used. You absorbed some through your gut. All the guests got a bit bigger and, if you made the night you gained the most. With the size difference between the brothers and our guests, nobody noticed until the morning. I'd guess you added a couple inches in height and thirty pounds of muscle and about three inches to your cock. That's about normal for a guy who did the whole night."

As Tony soaped my body I looked around. The brothers were taller and bigger by far. A few were fucking each other. I spotted Charlie Kim fucking Bill Reyes. Bill seemed to still be the shortest of the brothers though he was now easily six feet eight or so and his cock might be a bit less than two feet. He was really being pounded by a much bigger Charlie. I suspect his partners are in for a rough session when he gets going and I'll be one of them now.

I didn't see Ricardo, but Jack was with Alan Wong. Jack looked to have almost thirteen inches though Alan easily doubled that. Joseph Running Bear was with his brother. He'd started the night as a very muscular 225 and ten inches. He was pro-bodybuilder sized now with at least fourteen. Next to his younger brother he looked small. He still had a dazed look about him. He had one hand holding the middle of his brother's vertically pointed cock, letting it lead him about. I guess he's OK with having sex with his brother now. If I'm the only non-boyfriend to make it, Jacob Greene must have had to quit early. I guess I'll see how much he gained when we workout next.

So I earned my ear stud and Have a whole fraternity of huge, handsome guys to play with. Sarah, Kelly and Briona now walk bow-legged from getting stuffed with Alan's now twenty-seven inch cock. Briona didn't need to worry about breaking up with Leon as he's now in Alan's network too and no longer interested in the ladies. Unfortunately the growth effects from the brother's cum didn't last beyond that first night, however, Jack, Ricardo and I still enjoy the results with each other when our boyfriends are in their study hours.

The End