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This is a continuation of the story, "The Rescue," "The Rescue II," "The Rescue III," "The Rescue IV" and "The Rescue V." It is in the story arc that has "Bill's Education," "Bill's Continuing Education," "Bill's Summer Vacation," and "The Surfer."


Practice safer sex.


All characters in this story are fictional with no resemblance to any real persons implied.




The Rescue VI (Bisexual, College, Interracial, Muscle) by lenzelig 'at'


I'm Jerry Sanders, a Berkeley senior. I've already recounted how I was recruited to be the fuck-toy of Alan Wong, a member of a unique fraternity of, mostly Asian, muscle studs. All the fraternity members were monster muscle studs, but at their pledge initiation they moved into unreal territory. The brothers now ranged from six foot eight to almost eight feet in height and almost 400 to almost 600 pounds of solid muscle, not an ounce of fat on any of it. While 800 pound plus bench presses were common before, no gym could try their strength now. I saw a couple of the guys test their strength late night at a deserted construction site. They started by each grabbing the side of a bulldozer and pressing it overhead. It was easy so they each held their side by one hand and did ten easy reps with each arm. A fully loaded dump truck that must have been more than twenty tons proved to be just as easy.


They didn't work up a sweat but they did get worked up in the way I liked best. I got to take several loads from a pair of 26-inch cocks. That's about average now with the range from 23 to just over 30. Since I achieved boyfriend status I get to be fucked regularly by all the brothers. You'd think getting fucked by a more than two-foot cock thicker than a normal wrist would be impossible or, at least, extremely painful. It's not, at least if your partner knows how to use his equipment, and what's the point of having a huge pleasure pole if you can't get the most out of it? Needless to say all the brothers know how to use their cocks and some are real virtuosos. I was told there is a training program. The pledges bottom for the rest of the fraternity and learn how to please a top, orally and anally. But they get to understand how much pleasure a bottom can get from a good fuck. I understand there are even performance requirements, grades and even extra tutoring for slow learners. After initiation they get to try topping and the grading is two-thirds on pleasuring their partner. Completion requires fucking a boyfriend senseless so he passes out from pleasure and exhaustion for an hour or more. Since becoming a boyfriend requires surviving a full night sex party with every brother that wants to fuck you, it's not an easy test. Samuel Running Bear chose me for his final exam and put me out of commission for over three hours. I'm told I lasted 194 minutes, which was second longest in that year's testing though I, of course, have no specific recollections beyond the first few minutes. My blackout period was the longest by over forty minutes. Samuel and I seem to click sexually especially well which is why he chose me.


While the pledge initiation changed everyone in the fraternity, as a guest I got some of what they used infused into me via all the cum shot into me at the post-initiation party. I had been six foot two and 190 pounds with a 7.5-inch cock. Now it's six foot four and 210 with 10.5 inches. My bench press went from 340 to 710, so, like the brothers, my muscles are much stronger for their size, though they must be a hundred times stronger, maybe more. My suite mates, Jack Gordon and Ricardo Chavez were also at the party and enjoyed the benefits. Jack is now six three, 185, with 13 inches, but Ricardo couldn't do the full night and is only five eight, 148, now with seven inches. He isn't complaining since he is well defined and can now bench 400 and for the first time in his life has a piece he loves to display in the showers at the gym.


My friend and fourth roommate, Mitch Carter, missed the party and didn't get the benefits. He was surprised by the changes in us when we returned. He's taller than Ricardo still, but Ricardo is now stronger and bigger where it counts. He's now the runt of our suite and we treat him as such. He's been trained by Bill Reyes as a submissive bottom so he likes it that way.


Of course, Bill's new size was his biggest surprise. We'd told him naturally, but it was Tuesday, after his morning class, that he had a personal introduction to it. I was returning from my classes to meet Tony Tran at my room. Tony was a freshman from Anaheim and I hadn't met him since just before the initiation. He texted that Samuel had recommended me though he didn't need to provide any explanation as boyfriends are always available to meet any brother's needs. I could hear Mitch well down the hall from our room. He was pretty vocal urging Bill to fuck him harder, faster and deeper with shouts and exclamations when Bill hit his buttons just right. A small group had gathered by the door. Most of the dorm knew we were gay and the frequent visits by Asian studs were no secret. Since the initiation even loose clothing couldn't conceal the massive size and musculature of the brothers who were stared at wherever they went.


The crowd parted when they saw me arriving. I knew one of the group was gay; I'd fucked him yesterday evening. Most were just curious, male or female, wondering what it would be liked to be fucked by a huge muscle stud. I was trying to get them to move on when Tony Tran strode down the hall. Tony was seven four. Nobody came up to his shoulders. His shoulders must have been three feet wide. Every muscle bulged under his clothes. His arm was thicker than my leg and each of his legs thicker than both of mine though his waist was no thicker than mine except for the bulging abdominal eight-pack that added a few extra inches. Anticipating our encounter his cock was partly hard and stretching the fabric of his pant leg away from his bulging thighs. If I didn't get him undressed soon it would rip right through the material.


"Hi Jerry, what's going on?"


"I guess Bill's inside fucking Mitch and the sounds drew a crowd. I thought they were ready to leave before you arrived, but now you're the attraction."


"Are you going to fuck Jerry?" asked Mary, a cute, petite, blond who lived a couple rooms down.


"Yes, I am," admitted Tony.


"You're so big. Can I feel your arm?"


"I don't think it's my arm you want to feel. That's not where you're looking. Just go ahead and feel what you really want."


Mary blushed instantly, but reached out to the cloth-covered member that bulged along Tony's thigh. It bucked a bit against the taut material in reaction to her touch.


"It's so big and hard. I can't imagine what it would be like to be fucked by that. You're way, way bigger than my boyfriend."


"Hey, Mary, I'm standing right here," complained a male voice from the crowd.


"Who knows? You may get to find out. Anyone interested in some action just e-mail Jerry a nude photo and he'll forward those I might be interested in. I'll e-mail or text you to set up a meeting. Explain the rules to them, Jerry."


"You know university policy is 'no' means no. That doesn't apply here. If you agree to meet Tony, he's going to fuck you. It's not dinner and a movie, just sex. Once you agree to meet you're his until he's done or you're too exhausted to continue. If you're good enough he'll want to fuck you regularly."


"So get to work on you're e-mails, I've got 27 inches to slip into Jerry." He removed Mary's hand from his shaft and gave her a pat on her ass to urge her to move. As I opened my door the group started dispersing.


Inside Mitch's moans and exclamations were much louder. Bill's calmer voice was soft and encouraging.


"Only six more inches, you're doing great."


We heard Mitch cum as Tony and I entered my bedroom. I wasted no time getting naked. I plopped onto my bed and had a chance to admire Tony as he disrobed.


Tony was a freshman, three years younger than me. You could see his youth on his face. I bet he shaves once a week, if at all. When the clothes came off, revealing all his massive muscles I saw his skin was a flawless golden brown with no real body hair except a small triangular patch of straight, black pubic hair above the thick root of his pole. His shaft was a bit darker tone than his normal skin. I could see a couple blood vessels throbbing along its surface, pumping it up to full size as it rose toward vertical in front of his torso. It reached up to his thick pectoral plates as the bulging mushroom-shaped head pushed clear of the enfolding skin. No sooner than it reached full-size it started bubbling pre-cum. Occasionally a tremor would shake its length, resulting in a foot-long jet of juice from the end that I realized must just be more of his natural lube, not actual cum.


Tony reached down and gripped me by my lats, lifting me off the bed until we were face to face. He pulled me to him for a kiss. He plunged his long tongue into my mouth as I lapped its rough surface with my own. My feet were about a foot off the ground as Tony held me securely against his body as he explored my mouth. The long, thick tube of his cock was pressed between our bodies, my own 10.5 inches squeezed against a small portion of its length. I could feel it pulsing with power, spitting its juice that quickly soaked our flesh until the excess dripped on the floor as Tony continued to dominate me orally.


Tony snapped his tongue back into his mouth and broke our kiss.


"I love kissing guys," he admitted, "I could cum just kissing and rubbing your body along my cock. But it makes a really big mess if I don't shoot inside you."


"Kiss me as much as you like. Well I guess you'd do whatever you like anyway. It's not like you need or I'm giving permission, but it's great for me too. I feel so safe and secure in your embrace. And don't worry about the mess. I've cleaned up after Alan plenty."


"Probably not after our initiation. Do you remember what the party room looked like? And that was mostly just the overflow. Anyway I like fucking too."


Tony casually flipped me onto my back in the center of my bed. I felt the bed sag as he knelt behind me and hoisted my legs into the air. I felt him push against my hole and looked down my body at Tony. He was over two feet behind me to allow his thick pole room enough to access my entrance. He pressed the flaring cap at my sphincter and it yielded to the irresistible force of his steel-hard member. My ring stretched as he punched the blunt head through the gate. Then my band snapped past the flange and snuggly held the sides of the pole. For me, I think the tough part is over once I get the cock-head in.


Tony eased in a few inches of shaft until he bumped my prostate, sending a shiver down my spine.


"I had just five inches a couple weeks ago," observed Tony. "If I stuck it in you you'd hardly feel it. Not that I'd have had a chance to fuck you then. I wouldn't rate a second glance. Now even my first five inches gets your attention and I've twenty-two more to play with. And you saw the reaction from the crowd by the door. I could have fucked any one or all of them and I probably will."


"You're a stud, but, for now you're my stud. Why don't you show me how much fun a twenty-seven inch cock can give?"


He did. He pushed the whole shaft into my gut in one smooth, long stroke until his big balls dented my glutes. My prostate was massaged by every bump and vein the entire way. My body convulsed from the intense pleasure signals but the sex spike driven up my ass held me immobile. I could feel it as a living presence within me, beating with his steady pulse, throbbing as the muscle contracts, writhing and moving inside me, rearranging my internal anatomy, squirting out shots of lube.


Tony started long-dicking me using two-foot strokes that left just the tip inside before plunging back. I came by his second thrust, then again and again. He bent me double to reach my face for a kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck as I sucked on his tongue. It felt like an earthquake when he came. Eventually peace returned as just a gentle ripple from a now sated beast coursed through my belly and my cock dribbled a few finals blobs of cum.


He broke our kiss and reared back, resting on his knees. He lowered and released my legs that I wrapped about his slim waist. My butt was still tight to his groin. I smiled up at my young fucker, happy in the afterglow of my long orgasm. Many streaks of my cum coated his massive muscles. A couple drops fell from the points of his tits back onto my body that had its own liberal coating of juice shot from my gun.


"Ummm," I moaned. "I love being fucked. There's nothing like a good drilling by a big cock if your fucker knows how to use it. I was straight until a few weeks ago. Now I love being fucked and dominated by big muscle studs and you're only eighteen and so assured and skilled."

I know. I hardly believe it myself. I was a virgin when I arrived at Berkeley. Tony Thieu contacted me about pledging with the fraternity. I wasn't a virgin after he explained the benefits of membership. But I'm only sixteen. I graduated high school two years early. I wasn't confident before but when I see how everyone reacts to me, physically and sexually, it's easy. I love it."


"You're still a kid, but a hundred percent stud."


"Yeah, a stud. You're not likely to forget that when I've got over two feet of cock squirming in the midst of your body." He flicked the tip around deep inside me as a reminder. "I think we need a shower and that's a good place for round two."


Tony raised his cock to vertical and I was powered upright and pressed into his bulging pectoral plates. He stood up from the bed and I went along riding his cock with no other support.


When he carried me into the common area we met Bill and Mitch who'd just finished there own post-sex shower. I didn't know if they'd done round two or whatever in the shower, but Mitch had a steady leak from his hole that was red from friction with Bill's thick piece. I introduced Mitch to Tony. They shook hands while Bill slipped a couple fingers in me alongside Tony's pole. Then Jack came in with Tony Thieu's arm about his waist, obviously for their own fun over lunchtime. Tony Thieu asked my Tony what he thought of me as a sex partner. I got a good grade and Bill agreed, his fingers still playing at my hole. Tony Thieu concurred and suggested he try Jack too. Bill mentioned a couple of his favorites and that generated some discussion. Meanwhile Jack had stripped, getting ready for his fucking. His thirteen inches were hard and pointing up his defined abdominals. My Tony complimented Jack on his cock as being pretty nice for a non-brother while giving it a couple strokes. That generated some more discussion. Since the sexual discussion was clearly for the men only I busied myself by undressing Tony Thieu who cooperated by staying within easy reach of my perch on Tran's cock. I guess this must sound like a weird scene, but not in my life.


The only thing really unusual was we had six naked guys but we weren't actually having sex if you don't count the cock and fingers up my hole. That couldn't last. Tony Thieu broke off the discussion and led Jack away to Jack's bedroom. Then Tran asserted that it was time to shower. As he turned Bill extracted his fingers from my ass and made a show of sucking one and letting Mitch taste the other.


Tony Tran carried me to the shower. Bill and Mitch had been there. The spray must have been off when Bill pulled out of Mitch because the shower deck had a big puddle of cum spilled from his ass. He stepped right in it so it was probably a normal thing at his frat house. He turned on the spray and adjusted it to a nice warm setting. As the spray rinsed our bodies of the cum from our first round he held me by my waist and started lifting me to ride his sex pole. My own cock was riding between our bodies rubbing along the ridges of Tony's abs and up the groove between his thick pecs as I traveled the top several inches.


The friction inside and out soon had me on the verge. On the next trip down Tony's pole he flexed it toward himself, pressing my body against his stone-like muscles. I shot. Seeing me cum, Tony sped up his strokes. The rapid beating of his cock on my abs from the inside announced his release as I came again. As soon as his deeply buried cock stopped spewing he started me riding even faster. After a wild minute he plugged me to the hilt again and spewed another load. It was too much cum for any gut to handle. I felt the excess spurt from my plugged ring as new seed jetted from the tip far up my gut.


When I recovered I was resting with my back on the tile wall, still panting a bit from orgasms that came too many and too fast. Tony had turned the shower to a cooling rain that felt good against my overheated body.


"You look a bit dazed," Tony observed. "I enjoy fucking but I really love the effect I have on my partners. I guess you had fun too."


"Oh, god, yes. I can't believe you've only been doing this a few weeks."


"Me too. Well I think it's time to get ready for our afternoon classes." He reached to shut off the water.


"Wait a moment. I just noticed I shot some cum onto your hair. You're so tall the shower spray didn't get it. Let me wash your hair."


"Good idea. Let me loosen it up." Tony kept his hair pulled back into a ponytail that he freed. With his hair untied it draped down to his shoulders.


"Wow. You've got great hair. It frames your face like that. Why do you keep it tied back?"


"My elder brother told me long hair made me look too feminine."


Now feminine was not a word I'd associate with the mountain of muscle that was Tony and certainly not when I had twenty-seven inches of his cock up me. "I'm betting your brother hasn't seen you since the initiation."


"No. I'm concerned how this is going to change our relationship. He was always the star athlete and I the star student. In school I was always the youngest and smallest in the class. I would have been a big target except everyone knew that they'd have to deal with my brother if they bothered me. He was my protector."


"And now you're the big guy. Could you kneel on the floor, Tony? That will get you low enough to be under the spray while I shampoo your hair." He did with me still riding. "Now lift me up about a foot so I have better access. That's perfect." I started working on his straight black hair.


Another thought came to me. "Do you want to have sex with your brother?"


"I've fantasized about it. They usually involved him doing me. How will he react when he sees me now?"


"I gather your brother is straight, but so were Mitch and I. It was pretty easy to seduce us. If you want your brother I don't think he'll put up much resistance, mentally that is. But you don't want to do that, do you?"


"No. Actually I'd still like him to be my big brother, but how can he feel like it when I'm like this?"


Since I'd had Tony lift me I'd been bouncing a couple inches up and down along his sex pole while I did his hair. The internal massage was starting to have an effect. My cock was hard and leaking and the pleasure signals were making it hard to concentrate on the serious conversation we were having.


"Is your brother in college now?"


"No. He joined the Marines. He's with his unit in Iraq until spring."


"So, he's still protecting you, us."


"I suppose."


"I've an idea. He must have learned lots of hand-to-hand combat skills. Ask him to show you them. Then he can be the teacher. That's a big brother role. Let him take the first step sexually, but I'm pretty sure he will."


"That sounds really good."


"Thanks, I try, though I don't do my best thinking when I've a thick cock up my ass."


"Must be all the practice you've been getting helps your concentration. Anyway that cock can help express my appreciation."


Tony started bouncing me on longer strokes. I tried to finish rinsing his hair but after a few seconds all I could manage was holding onto his traps while another orgasm overtook me. He took me on a last slow trip from base to tip and back down, rubbing my most sensitive spots the whole way. Then he came, triggering me again. I shot some more cum in his hair but the shower washed it off by the time my last spurts dribbled out. Tony kept shooting for a couple minutes more but I leaked most of it.


After a couple minutes resting under the spray Tony stood up carrying me too. I unwrapped my legs from his waist but they dangled a foot from the floor.


"Can you stand?"


"I think so, but I haven't tried my legs in an hour. Set me down and we'll see."


Tony bent his knees while splitting them to let me dangle between his thighs. I felt my toes touch then settled firmly. He squatted lower pulling the thick cum hose from my bottom. The friction force from twenty-seven inches of thick cock shoved up my gut surprised me, pulling me off balance. Tony grabbed my hips to steady me as he continued to extract his pole. His butt was touching the floor when the head popped out, followed by a flood of cum before my hole adjusted to his absence.


When he stood back up his cock was just partly hard, starting out horizontal with a downward arc. It must have still been twenty inches covered in cum and residue from my gut, though I keep myself pretty clean and cum flushing a few times a day certainly helps. I started washing it while admiring it too. The foreskin was long enough to cover the head and I was able to slip a finger in between to clean underneath, but I had to be quick before Tony got too hard. He grew a couple inches and was noticeable straighter but calmed down once I pulled my finger out. Meanwhile Tony did my ass crack.


When he turned off the water we dried each other. I loved feeling his body and all his bulging muscles, not to mention the impressive shaft that had given me such pleasure. I noticed he didn't pull his hair back.


When we got back to the common area Jack and Tony Thieu were there, nude, waiting for their turn in the shower. Tony had pulled out of Jack but both were still hard and I thought they'd do a bit more in the shower like we'd done. Tran got some good comments on his hair and he generously said it was my suggestion. We split, us to get dressed.


Back in my bedroom I wiped up the leakage and decided a butt plug was best for the afternoon. I checked my phone and saw Pong had scheduled me for a session between my afternoon classes in a professor's office. He didn't mention whether the professor would be there, but that's not my concern. I texted an acknowledgement as my agreement is assumed by my boyfriend status. Charlie Kim wanted six to eight for tomorrow morning in my bedroom. He'd let himself in. I wondered if there'd be time for breakfast but, again, that's strictly his call. There were also e-mails from candidates for Tony to fuck but I didn't have time now to review them.


As Tony and I were getting ready to head to our afternoon classes he asked if I were free at four. My last class today is out just before and nobody had booked the time, so I was. He invited me to the fraternity house. Study hours begin at five so most of the brothers like to have a chance to empty their balls. I'd be passed around a bit until five, have some time to clean up and was invited for dinner with the brothers at five-fifteen. Since it's during the study hours that would be my first time with them in a non-sexual situation.


My afternoon encounter was a bit awkward. I got to the office Pong indicated and the door was locked. I knocked and this handsome, late-20s professor type opens it. Charles Reese, Associate Professor, Asian Literature, it said on the door, so I assumed this was he. I obviously wasn't whom he expected so I explained, Pong sent me, and he let me in, relocking the door. He wore Pong's ring but didn't show any recognition of my ear stud. We were both waiting for Pong to arrive and fuck us, so we had something in common, but neither of us said a word. I figured I might as well get ready and started to disrobe. That got Professor Reese agitated and he tried to tell me to stop, but I suggested he'd better get busy himself or Pong might rip his off. He saw the merit of my idea and was half done when Pong unlocked the door with his own key. Being ready got me the first fuck and a chance to watch Pong earn his `A' in Asian lit as I got dressed for my second afternoon class.


My room was on the way to the fraternity so, with a few minutes to spare, I stopped in to dump my books and change into something more convenient. Ricardo was in action with someone in his bedroom but I didn't see who and my other suite mates were out. I changed into some running shorts and a tight tee with sandals for my feet.


I made it to their door by a couple minutes before four and knocked. The door was opened by Koji Isikawa, a fourth-generation Japanese-American from Southern California. He was wearing shorts and a tee too but it did little to hide his physique. He'd reacted extra-well to the last growth spurt and was now seven foot eight with twenty-nine inches. His huge thighs caused the legs of his shorts to bunch in his crotch and it looked like he had two tennis balls and a pressurized fire hose stuffed under the thin fabric. When the door shut he quickly shed the little he wore, dumping them into a basket by the door for use of the next brother answering a knock. I dropped mine into one of the guest bins and noticed a couple already in use.


"I'll start you off, Jerry."


He put a huge arm on my shoulder and herded me to the lower level where the party was. The exercise equipment was mostly gone. There were a few hundred pound barbell plates that were bent in half or stretched in various ways. They'd brought in some twenty foot steel I-beams from some construction site. They were bent to form chairs and benches for guys the brothers' size and way too big for us normal-sized guys. On most of these the steel was oddly deformed in several places as if they'd been battered by a wrecking ball.


Koji sat on one of the beam chairs and helped me stand on the beam straddling his thighs. I needed to rise onto my toes to get enough height to put the tip of his long pole at my opening. I popped my plug out and dropped down to a flat-footed stance before I lost much of the cum I'd been carrying.


"Pong and Tony Tran are providing the lube for your fuck. I hope you don't mind."


"I doubt there's a boyfriend anywhere by this hour that isn't carrying seed from several brothers. Were big on sharing at our fraternity. You'll soon have mine in the mix."


I didn't doubt that standing on the giant chair with just his cock-head up my ass. Koji startled me by pushing my feet off the seat so my only support was his fuck-pole. My weight forced the shaft up my gut. The first foot took only seconds, but friction from forcing my intestines wide enough to accept his thick tool slowed my descent to maybe an inch per minute by the halfway point.


Once I'd recovered from the surprise the pressure on my prostate made me hard. Koji reached around and stroked my cock with a thumb and two fingers. I rested my back on his chest. His other hand turned my head toward his as we kissed. My cock sprayed its seed onto my chest.


I stopped moving with about five inches to go. I guess my 210 pounds wasn't enough force to plug Koji's thick piece fully.


"I'm stuck."


"I know. It takes a real man to use a weapon this big."


He bucked his hips shoving the remaining inches up me. I settled on his lap. He used his hip thrusts to bounce me up and down, riding the bottom foot or so of the steel pipe that was his cock. It was a wild ride, but Koji knew his stuff. Ten minutes later I'd cum twice and had Koji's fresh spunk warming my belly.


"Can I borrow him?"


I was fucked four more times that hour, twice with a second cock down my throat. The last was a five minute rush to beat the 5 PM deadline.


"I'm sorry I didn't have more time," said Mike Fong, my last fucker. "I'll set up a meet during the day and make it up to you."


"You made me cum and you added plenty of your own to the stuff leaking down my thighs. So we both had fun. But I'd love a longer ride on your twenty-eight inch ass-pleaser. I've no classes Monday afternoon."


"It's a date then. I'll enter it in the system. We have time for a shower before dinner. Follow me."


The bathroom on the second floor had a large walk-in shower that could easily fit a dozen guys, even as big as these guys were. Joseph Running Bear was there, but I didn't see his biological brother, Samuel, who was in the last pledge class. I'd seen Joseph in the party room getting fucked like me. He was with Eddie Yi, a Korean-American, his last fucker. There were plenty of brothers of course. I saw Tony Tran speaking with Alan Wong.


Joseph and I gravitated to each other since we're both boyfriends and by far the smallest guys. Joseph grew to six foot from five eight on party night and had 260 muscular pounds on that frame and a fourteen-inch cock. That would have been brother-size before they all became true giants. I'm six four but everyone else in the shower was seven foot or over and double even Joseph's weight. It was study hours so there was no sex play, but Joseph had been fucked by all of them and I by most.


Alan Wong, who introduced me to gay sex, came by to introduce me to a couple brothers who promised to see me soon. The two Tony's, Thieu and Tran, set up meetings too and Tran said he had something for me Saturday night too.


With so many gay or bi studs in proximity there were plenty of hard cocks even with no sex in prospect. Mine was hard even with the workout I'd gotten. Mike Fong came over to take us to dinner. He stood in front of me and handed me a big towel, taking one himself. At seven foot eleven, Mike was almost the tallest, so tall the last half foot of his upward pointing twenty-eight inch pole rested on my shoulder while we dried off. We split the drying duties. He took everything above his cock for both of us and I got his cock and everything below.


Mike escorted me to the dining area. I'd thought about getting my clothes but most of the guys were nude and the rest just had athletic shorts on with their cocks usually sticking out the top or bottom. There were four circular tables each seating about ten. They were about half occupied. Some brothers had taken food to their rooms to eat while working and a few were in university labs or the library. There were a variety of dishes, mostly Asian and chopsticks plus the standard Western utensils.


"Mike, do you have any brothers?" I asked remembering my talk with Tony Tran.


"Yes, two older brothers and one younger, plus an older sister."


"What do they think of the changes in you?"


"They haven't seen me since the pledge party so they don't know the latest. It was hard enough to explain the initial change. I said it was a late growth spurt plus working out in the university gym."


"How did that change things?"


"Oh, you dirty minded boy. You mean do I have sex with them. Yes, with one of my older brothers. My other big brother and sister are married and I don't want to interfere in their relationships. My younger brother has been trying to seduce me for a year, but I told him not until he's accepted by Berkeley. With luck he'll be in next year's pledge class.


"I, well all the brothers, need sex several times a day, but it's not like we have any trouble finding partners, even without you boyfriends and our personal networks."


"How do you mean that?"


"Well, you've seen the looks we get walking around campus. The vast majority, men and women, gay or straight, are attracted. But almost all are afraid to approach, we're just too big and powerful. All I really need to do when I see someone I like is to give him a warm smile, a bit of eye contact and maybe a gesture urging him to come over. They always comment on my build and then I just invite them to feel a muscle, making sure they get a good look at the bulge running down my leg. For those a bit slow, a casual rub of the cloth covered shaft against their leg seals the deal and then I just suggest we go somewhere. You've seen it. How long did it take Alan to get his cock up your hole?"


"Yeah. I thought I was straight as they come, but he had me in less than ten minutes."


"You've been in Alan's network, to a couple parties and a boyfriend for a week," interjected Charlie Pham.

"What's it been like for you?"


"After getting fucked by Alan I knew I was gay one hundred percent. I never had near the fun fucking a girl as I got from him fucking me. Plus there were no games. It was just sex. He had fun and I had fun. He let me enjoy some of the other brothers and I loved every fuck. You're all a bit different and I never quite know what to expect. Then there's the fact that you're all so big and strong. I know that when I'm having sex with you you're in total control. I don't need to think about what I should be doing, but just enjoy the sensations you're creating for me. Since I became a boyfriend I've had more sex and fun than ever before. You can chain me downstairs and fuck me twenty-four hours a day and I'd love it."


"I'll bring that up at the next meeting," offered Mike. "But, for now, we've got to study and you probably do too."


So I walked back to my dorm with Joseph, carrying a good meal and lots of cum in my belly. I did my course work and had some time before bed to review Tony Tran's fuck buddy candidates. I forwarded him the e-mails from three guys with good athletic builds. I saw Mary had submitted a photo too. I channeled my former straight self and rated her worthy but didn't know if Tony was bi, so I sent an e-mail asking if he was interested in female submissions. I got a reply about twenty minutes later saying yes, so I forwarded Mary's e-mail. There was one from her boyfriend so I sent that too. Once Tony fucks him he won't mind losing Mary.


I went to sleep dreaming of the huge, muscled guys that fucked me today. I could imagine my body enveloped in bulging arms, a biceps as big as my head was my pillow. A thigh like a tree trunk spread my legs and I imagined the touch from the tip of a hard cock. My dream lover shoved himself into me. I felt his power inside me and surround me. He pumped his essence into me and it filled me so full it shot out my cock. Then he did it again and again. The room glowed in light.


"Good morning, sleepy."


"Who? What?"




"Charlie Kim? You're here for our fuck session already. Just give me a minute to get oriented. I was just dreaming about getting fucked and now its real."


"You bet it's real I've been fucking you for an hour. I thought you might want a shower and some breakfast before class."


"Mmm. Good idea. So that was real? When did I wake up?"


"I thought you were. You shot five times. I'll pull out."


Charlie lifted me off and set me upright bedside and climbed out beside me. I had shot an impressive amount. I'll need to change the sheets.


We walked out to the common area where Jack and Ricardo were lubing each other's ass after their shower. Jack had put a coat of lube on his thirteen inches and was getting ready to stick it up Ricardo while Ricardo was holding our twelve-inch dildo.


"Morning guys," greeted Jack. "It sounded like you had fun." He looked at Charlie's cum slicked cock. "Say, Charlie. We can't really get the lube in very far. Would you mind giving us a stroke with your piece, more than one if you want. Zai Zai is coming in a few minutes to meet me and Ricardo has something after his morning class."


"Sure. But I've only time for one stroke this morning. I've got to shower and get to class too."


Charlie gave each a nice slow full thrust. It cleaned cum off his cock. Then we showered and he gave me a fully awake fuck under the spray. Back in the common area we could hear Zai Zai and Jack were in action in his bedroom. Ricardo and Mitch were out.


I got out some cereal and asked Charlie if he wanted anything. He said no and started to put on the clothes he'd left in the common area. I swore when I opened the fridge and saw we only had a bit of milk.


"What's the problem?" Charlie asked while buttoning his shirt.


"Nothing much. Just we're about out of milk for my cereal."


"I can help with that. I've got something better -- higher in protein."


He put the tip of his long cock above the bowl holding my flakes and an inch of our last milk and started pumping with both hands. He quickly started spurting his pre-cum that was almost a normal guy's cum and stroked even faster. A minute later he sighed and jetted the main load, a couple dozen solid streams that nearly filled the bowl despite a lot that splashed onto the table from the force of each shot.


"Wow. I haven't seen anyone shoot since the initiation. It has always gone up my butt or down my throat. It was a lot before but this is wild."


"Yes. I can cum again, just as much, again and again. We'd shoot off involuntarily if we went without sexual release for much beyond twelve hours."


"It tastes great, the breakfast of champions."


I licked off the residue from his cock-head as he let himself go mostly soft. Then he finished dressing. We shared a kiss before he headed out. I still had some of my cum-coated cereal in my mouth that he swiped with his tongue and swallowed when we broke apart.


I finished my breakfast, drinking the excess from the bowl. Then it was time for me to dress and head for class.


When I stepped out the door I was stopped by two guys. One looked familiar.


"Jerry, I'm Richard," said the taller one. "I wanted to thank you for sending my e-mail to your friend. My roommate will suck you off or you can fuck him."


He pushed his slightly built friend to his knees in front of me. He reached for my zipper but I held his hand away.


"What's going on?"


"Don't worry. He's good and does what I want."


"It's not what I want. So Tony contacted you."


"Yes, he set me up for this afternoon and I just wanted you to know I'm grateful."


"I got your message but I've got class."


I got out quickly.


Waiting for class to start I texted Tony Tran. 'Recommend you cancel with Richard this afternoon. Met him this morning. He's a jerk. Couldn't tell that from photo, sorry.'


Fifteen minutes later my phone vibrated. Tony texted, 'Why do you think he's a jerk?'


'His roommate is only five four, barely over a hundred pounds. He dominates sexually and treats like dirt. Call me after class at 9:15 if OK.'


I got his call.


"Hi Tony"


"I cancelled for today with Richard. How is he different than Bill Reyes and your roommate, Mitch?"


"Well...Bill does like to dominate his partners, but he cares about them. He'd never hurt or humiliate them. My quick read is that Richard gets off on hurt and humiliation."


"Sounds like it. What about his roommate?"


"He didn't seem happy but isn't physically or mentally strong enough to break it off."


"I'll talk to Tony Thieu about it. During pledge training he mentioned that we sometimes do humanitarian work. Maybe this will qualify. I'll see you at the house Friday evening."


As I was leaving the next morning an agitated Richard stormed up to me.


"It's all your fault. Tony cancelled and now my roommate told me to move out. I'll get you," he shouted, raising a fist.


He was about my size and I'd chosen his photo because of his nice build but I'd gotten a bit of what the fraternity used. I grabbed his neck with one hand and slammed him into the wall. He tried breaking my grip with both his arms but to no avail. I squeezed his neck a bit and he sputtered as his breathing was restricted.


"I could snap your neck easily. When I come back at lunch I want you gone."


I released my grip and he ran down the hall. That felt good. I'm with giant muscle studs so much I tend to forget that in the real world I'm not a guy you'd want to cross.


I saw the roommate approaching. He was about two inches taller and thirty pounds of muscle heavier, still not a big guy, but very fit and quite handsome.


"Hi. I'm Diego. I wanted to thank you. Yesterday I met an Indian, well, Native-American, Samuel. He said you were why he was seeing me. He gave me something to drink and you can see the effect."


"Hi Diego. I'm Jerry. I'm glad you got rid of that jerk roommate."


"Samuel is coming back this afternoon to see how I'm doing."


"It looks like you're doing pretty good. I know Samuel. He can be a lot of fun. Good luck."


"I feel lucky. Thanks again."


As I walked away I noticed he had a decent bulge in his pants. I guessed he'd have Samuel's ring next time we met.


That evening while I was sitting in the chair where I'd gotten my first fuck, finishing my reading. My suite mates were also in the common area preparing their own work. There was a knock on our door. Ricardo answered it. He let Diego in. He was dressed in athletic shorts and a tight tee like we all were and he sported Samuel's white and turquoise ring.


I greeted him and introduced him to the guys. He came over to my chair and sat, straddling the padded arm, facing me.


"I see you had a chance to get to know Samuel a bit more intimately. He's fucked me too."


"It was the best sex I ever had. He's almost thirty inches. Standing in front of me the tip was sticking up over my head. I don't know how he got it all in me but he did."


"And now you feel empty and your ring itches because there's nothing stretching it. I know the feeling."


"I told you thanks for what you did but I was thinking of thanking you a bit more personally. Would you like to fuck me?"


"I can see that's a sincere offer. Your cock is tenting your shorts. It looks like you have about seven inches now. Since you're staring at my shorts you know my answer. Just drop your shorts, pull off mine and hop aboard, straddling the chair."


"You want to do it here, in front of your roommates?"


"We see each other have sex every day and we've had plenty with each other. And I bet Jack and Ricardo would take a turn with you if you're interested."


"Ummm. Yes, I'm definitely interested," Diego admitted while pulling off my shorts and his. "Sex between friends is much better than just sex."


He proved to be a talented bottom, made even better by his added size and muscle. Jack and I each added two loads to the deposit Samuel had given and Diego broke in his newly enlarged cock in Ricardo's ass accompanied by a lot of pornographic Spanish lingo.


The rest of the week included plenty of sex, but I was looking forward to the weekend. This wasn't a party weekend so individual brothers requested boyfriends. Jack and Ricardo were going to San Francisco with Eddie Lee and Bill Foster to visit Eddie's Kung Fu club. I was going to the fraternity house as guest of Tony Tran. As the brother inviting me he has first call on my time but any brother could borrow me. I knew he had something planned for Saturday night, but didn't know the details.


When I arrived, just after five, Joey Foster answered my knock on the door. He was wearing football training shorts and a mesh football jersey. You could see his thick cock behind the mesh, sticking up between his pecs.


"Hi Jerry. I've got door duty until six, but if you toss your clothes in a bin and head downstairs, you'll be taken care of. I'll see you a bit later."


I thanked him and stripped off what little I was wearing and headed off. I met Tony Thieu coming down from upstairs.


"Jerry, Tran said he invited you. He'll be down in a bit after he wraps up some course-work. I'll get you warmed up."


"That's a great start to the weekend. Tran said he had something special for tomorrow night. Do you know anything about it? "


"I do. Alan Wong and a couple of our bisexual brothers are doing an unofficial training session for interested pledges. I think he's using a flat off-campus."


I wondered if that was the flat that Sarah, Kelly and Briona had. However, Tony flipped me to my back on a padded bench and began entering me, so there'd be no thinking, only feeling, for a while.


There are a few different styles the guys used for entry. A few brothers had cocks that tapered from tip to base with the head no wider than the shaft. Those generally went in smoothly and easily, gradually forcing the entry ring wider as the shaft widened near the base. Most had cock-heads that flared to a crown significantly wider than their shaft. That's the style Tony had. These men had two choices, punch the head through the entrance with a quick hip thrust or apply steady pressure and force the gate open slowly. Today Tony Thieu took the slow and steady route.


As my ass ring spasmed against the end of his pole a little more of him slipped into me each time. A normal cock would have been squeezed by the pressure of forcing the gate but here we're talking about flesh as firm as steel. I could sense every tiny fraction of an inch and with a two-foot piece, the head was almost four inches. As more and more entered me I tried to push down to get him inside, but Tony had complete control.


The head is as wide as a fist. When my ring cleared the flare of the crown and snapped tight to the shaft there was a moment of relief. My colon was stuffed now and he tip already in deep enough to press my prostate. With a steady thrust he shoved the shaft into me and I felt my guts expand as the wide cap traveled deep inside me. The whole time the friction on my pleasure centers sent incredible sensations straight to my brain.


Looking down my torso I watched the thick pole disappear as Tony's hips moved inexorably closer too my butt. My own cock was stiff and bouncing in excitement, drooling a stream of pre-cum when without warning I spasm and shoot in my first orgasm and Tony hadn't completed his first inward stroke. I looked up at him in the after-glow of sexual release. He was smiling, satisfied in his mastery of my body. There was a second orgasm and another and another and then they sort of merged.


"Jerry. Jerry. You ready for some more sex?"


"Sure, Tony." I answered automatically, a bit dazed from our previous sex. Then I realized that the voice was not Tony Thieu's.


"No Jerry, it's Joey. I told you I'd see you later. Remember?"


"Sure, Joey." I finally got my eyes in focus and recognized Joey Foster leaning over me, my ankles on his shoulders. I could feel that he'd taken Tony's place in my gut and had all his inches in me as his groin pressed to my glutes. "I guess I was a bit out of it when you took over from Tony."


"You think? Charlie Kim had you before me. It's been almost four hours since I greeted you at the door."


I realized he was right. I could feel cum coating my torso. My own plus the much larger deposit from one or more of the brothers. I'd could taste the residue of a load taken orally, though I couldn't match the flavor with anyone as it wasn't fresh. I'd had hours of sex and had no clear memories beyond the first minutes. All I knew was that I had fun.


"Well, more than a bit out of it, I suppose. Good sex does that to me. So, why'd you give me a pause?"


"I like to connect with my partners. If you're too far gone, the sex isn't much more than masturbation."


"I think I understand. I'm glad you want me as a partner, not just a sex object. Though, once I chose to be a boyfriend, I sort of volunteered to be a sex toy. It's been a great choice for me. And, in case you haven't noticed you have made a connection with me."


"Oh. This connection?" He gave a short laugh as he flexed his cock, lifting my back off the bench and shaking me for a few seconds before letting me down. "I noticed. And when I use that connection to pleasure you and me you'll know who's responsible."


I was about to respond when I felt him start his fuck motion. By the time he'd dragged the shaft halfway from my tightly clutching gut I wasn't thinking about what to say. After a couple slow piston strokes I was mumbling Joey's name as my moan of pleasure. My orgasm followed shortly. There was another and a bigger explosion when Joey came. After that I was back in that place where time didn't matter.


When I recovered there was sunlight in my eyes. It must be morning. I was on a bed, held tightly amid a tangle of hugely muscled arms and legs. The skin was the golden tone of an Asian, so I knew it wasn't Joey anymore. Whomever it was, they were still asleep. I could feel the cock shaft beat in time with the slow beat of his heart. It wasn't in me as far as some of the longer brothers could reach, but it might not be fully embedded. I managed to shift a bit inside the muscle embrace and slipped a couple more inches into my hole. That must have aroused my partner because I felt his body tense as he regained his senses, followed by him inserting the last few inches of his hard pole.


"Good morning, Jerry."


The voice told me that it was Tony Tran. "Good morning, Tony."


"Are you ready for a wake-up fuck?" The question was purely rhetorical as he started fucking me as he talked.


After a couple preliminary strokes Tony rolled my front onto the mattress, finishing on top of me. He supported most of his weight on his knees and elbows, a good thing for me since he was over 400 pounds of muscle. I was still wrapped in his arms. One hand cradled my face while the other wrapped my cock. With Tony's seven four height and muscular width my head and torso were completely covered by his powerful frame. My legs were splayed wide to make room for a pair of thighs each as thick as my chest. He let enough weight on me to let me feel the play of his hard muscles as he powered his steely cock through my gut.


In the midst of the fuck I felt the the bed sag again followed by the blunt tip of a massive cock pressing my lips. I reopened my eyes but couldn't see much, the shaft extending away, part of a hand positioning it and a bit of muscled legs. But I knew what was expected and opened wide to take at least the end, six to eight inches, of the long member inside me.


In a half hour I'd shot six times, taken a couple loads up my ass and swallowed a torrent from the cock in my mouth. Tony and the new guy were resting after getting off. I was recovering with their cocks in my mouth and ass, still swallowing the spurts of pre-cum I got fed several times a minute. They were talking but I'd missed the beginning.


"...a full day at least. We'll start after breakfast." I recognized Alan Wong's voice.


"That sounds good," Tony replied. "Who else will be there?"


"Donny Yi will be co-hosting. He'll be bringing a couple of his girlfriends for you to try out. I've got the three girls that share the apartment we'll be using plus a guy from my network if you want a change of pace. Ming Li is the other freshman. Like you he's a virgin in heterosexuality. And you're bringing Jerry Sanders."


"Yes. Jerry's right here. He's been our fuck this morning."


Tony rolled us to our sides exposing me to view. I saw Alan who's cock head still filled my mouth.


"Morning, Jerry. I hope you'll like our plans. If you want to fuck any of the girls just push into any unused opening. They've been well trained."


Alan didn't expect a response from me as he kept the end of his cock stuffed in my mouth while he and Tony discussed a few more details.


After a shower where, for me, washing was incidental to being passed around for the morning cum loads of several brothers, I had breakfast with the fraternity brothers. I met Joseph and Samuel Running Bear. Joseph, as a boyfriend, had been passed around but Samuel claimed him for his bedmate. The discussion centered on the Rose Bowl coming in a few weeks. The consensus was that it would be an easy victory as no team could stop Joey Foster from scoring. That led to more discussion of the football team's prospects, not in the game but as fucks. Several were already in the brothers' networks and got good reviews. Team members were mostly big guys and the hard training and rough and tumble of the game was considered as good preparation for some uninhibited sex. That precipitated some argument because no normal guy, no matter how well developed, could withstand a fraction of a brother's strength. That got me wondering about what they do when they fuck each other and I remembered the unusual deformation of their steel benches and chairs.


The discussion was still going hot when Tony announced it was time to leave. He was going to his room to don some clothes and would meet me at the door in five minutes.


I was at the door digging out my discarded clothes from the guest bin when Ming Li came by. Ming was Chinese-American from somewhere in Orange County. I'd seen him a couple times but we hadn't fucked, at least as I remembered. He was about seven six with a sixty five inch chest, twenty six inch arms, huge thighs and a slim waist. He had on nylon running shorts that were pushed toward his crotch by the flare of his quads. The bulge of his big orbs at the base of his thick cock were clearly outlined. The shaft continued up under a tight fitting muscle tee, curving right until the head pressed under the bulge of his pectoral plate. You could see every bump and vein against the tight fabric of the tee. I'd guess he was about eighteen inches soft.


"Hi, Jerry. Tony told me he invited you along in case anyone wanted a change of pace. He said you had a nice ass. I have to agree," he added, feeling my butt.


He had a couple fingers in me when Tony came down, interrupting us. Another minute and I would have had his cock up me. Ming quickly popped his fingers out and I donned my clothes as he licked off the cum he'd collected from my hole.


We walked to the apartment just off Telegraph Avenue. It wasn't far. I must have looked like a child between the two giant Asian studs. They were used to the stares from normal men and women.


As I expected, our destination was the place Sarah, Briona and Kelly shared. Donny Yi opened the door when we knocked. He was already nude and from the juices on his cock he hadn't waited on us to get started. I saw Briona in the living room with two other shapely girls. They were nude too. Donny made introductions. The new women were his friends, fraternal twins, Hope and Chastity. They were sophomores, 19 years old. Hope was a natural blond and the clearly misnamed, Chastity, was a dyed blond as proven by her trimmed brown pubes.


The girls helped us out of our clothes. Donny assigned Briona to Tony and Hope to Ming while keeping Chastity for his demonstrations. By that time Sarah and Kelly had appeared from one of the bedrooms. Both had obviously been well fucked by Donny.


At that point Alan opened the door using his own key. He was accompanied by a well-developed, for a non-brother, black stud that I recognized as Leon, Briona's boyfriend when I was dating Sarah. I saw he wore Alan's ring so he obviously was not missing Briona.


Since the ladies were the reason for this party I got to help Leon out of his clothes while Alan and Donny demonstrated some things for Tony and Ming. They started with safety, but not in the way you might expect. Unlike an ass there is a definite limit to how deep you can go in a vagina. With over two feet of rigid flesh they'd easily exceed the length of vagina and uterus. While the uterus is very flexible if they pushed too hard and too deep their cocks would tear through and could easily be fatal.That got the boys' attention.


Donny demonstrated with Chastity. I'd seen Alan when he had first fucked Sarah. That was her first experience with a big cock and Alan was only half his current size. The girls for today's party had plenty of experience. Donny lay on the floor, his cock standing vertical, bubbling and pulsing his precum. Chastity stood astride his hips, the cock column reached to just below her crotch. The stronger spurts of juice splashed against the red lips of her cunt. With a slow bend in her knees she lowered herself to contact. I, everyone, was entranced watching as the thick head of Donny's penis penetrated the tiny opening. It was forced to stretch wide and that caused friction with her most sensitive spots. After five inches her body trembled as she had her first orgasm. We watched as Chastity dipped lower, swallowing more inches. She had another orgasm before her knees touched the floor. She sat back, taking a couple more inches before reaching the limit, about a foot and a half.


Donny held her by her hips and started slowly stroking her along the shaft of his sex pole. Chastity was quickly in a continuous orgasm as Donny built up speed. You could see the bottom inches of his cock pulse as he pumped cum into his dazed partner. When he finished he stood up, holding a delirious Chastity against his torso, his cock still deep inside her, the exposed portion dripping with her juices and cum leaking from her.


"OK guys. It's your turn." Alan directed.


Sarah had been holding Tony's thick piece through the demo and used it to lead him into her room. Hope, Kelly and Alan followed while Briona led Ming to her room, followed by Donny still carrying Chastity. That left Leon and I in the main room waiting for the guys to exhaust the girls or tire of them.


"I guess you don't miss Briona." I said to Leon, figuring a bit of conversation would pass the time until we'd get fucked.


"No more than you miss Sarah. Why bother with games when I get all I want from Alan."


"Does being gay on the football team cause a problem?"


"Not now. I remember last year one of the linemen took up with an Asian guy. Three of his unit decided to give his boyfriend a beating to rescue him from his choice. The next day they were bruised but as gay as their buddy. That was Bill Reyes. Then, this year Joey Foster joined the team. We see him every day and he's fucked a lot of the guys and most of the rest want to. Joey introduced several to other guys in his fraternity. I guess Alan knew I was free once Briona became one of his girls."


"Alan converted me, but Sarah and I had broken up just before that. I didn't mind at all when he fucked Sarah. She knows her place with Alan is to be his sex toy. There's no games and no attitude anymore."


"I know. It's kind of nice to be free to express yourself sexually. I get lots of sex from Alan but if I want to fuck or get fucked I have plenty of friends or teammates to call on. We're so open about stuff that would have freaked us out a year ago.


"You've a pretty nice piece yourself," he added, starting to stroke my ten-plus inches.


"We might as well have some fun while we're waiting."


I pushed him to his back and raised his legs to my shoulders. I could tell he was surprised by my strength but that only seemed to excite him. I put my piece at his entrance. I could see he'd been recently fucked from the cum still seeping from his puckered neither lips. I wouldn't need lube and he'd have no trouble handling me in a cavity that Alan had possessed. I shoved my whole length into him in a single stroke and started to piston as his gut clamped tight on a pole much thinner than he was used to.


I don't have the equipment or talent of some of the brothers. I've only been gay for a few months and that, mostly, as a bottom. But Jack and Ricardo have been giving me some pointers and I know what I like when receiving, so I think I'm pretty good. I paid attention to Leon's reactions and found techniques that hit his hot spots, at least the ones my short ten inches could reach. He started enjoying my fuck and was verbally urging me on while stroking his hard cock. I bent over him to suck his nipples while pistoning faster in his tight hole. After about ten minutes Leon sprayed his seed onto both our bodies. As his orgasm clamped down on my pole I shot several volleys up his gut. As our excitement eased I rested on top of his muscular torso, my softening cock still in his hole. I licked up some of his cum splattered across his pec and shared it with him in a deep post sex kiss.


"I see you're enjoying your new sex life too, Leon," I heard Briona observe from a bit to our side.


I guess I was too busy to notice her before. She was naked naturally and had been well used while Leon and I were having fun. She was leaking cum from ass and vagina and sprayed down liberally as well, the white steaks contrasting with her chocolate skin. She showed no concern with her condition or ours. Sex was as normal to her life now as breathing.


"You're looking good, Jerry," she added.


"Thanks, Briona. I see you're having fun too," I observed while Leon just stared at his ex.


"Yes, Ming has lots of energy and enthusiasm. Donny asked me to bring one of you to add variety to the mix. I think I'll take Leon if that's OK."


"No problem, Briona, you have experience with Leon so I'm not slighted by your choice," I stated while extracting my cock from Leon and disentangling our bodies.


"Oh, I remember jumping your bone right after my first encounter with Alan, but I need more, these days, than you or Leon can offer. Anyway, I'd better hurry back before Chastity gets too blissed out by the guys double teaming."


She hustled back to her room, tugging Leon and carrying an extra bottle of lube.


I was left alone in the living room for almost an hour listening to the sounds of sex from the bedrooms. Finally Tony Tran came out and motioned for me. His cock was still hard but I noticed that it had been freshly licked clean though there were plenty of splotches of dried cum and female juices scattered about on his torso and thighs.


"How were the girls?" I asked.


"It's fun, but I think I prefer guys. Maybe it's not a good test since they'd already had sex with Alan or Donny, so I wonder if they're comparing me to them. Guys are more straightforward with sex and I can be less inhibited without damaging them.


"I think I'll try that girl, Mary, whose e-mail you forwarded. I'll give her a good introduction to sex."


"I'm pretty certain she has a boyfriend and isn't a virgin."


"I don't really count what normal men and women do as real sex, just a pale imitation of what we do. I was a virgin before Tony Thieu contacted me but you had sex before Alan. Did it compare?"


"Yes, Sarah was my girlfriend last semester. I thought we had great sex but Alan showed me something I never imagined. I wasn't interested in Sarah after that. I've had sex with my roommates and some normal friends. It's better than masturbation. Your study hour policy can be rough on boyfriends."


"On the brothers too, but we take care of each other before bedtime.


"Anyway I came to get you involved in our sex."


Tony herded me into the bedroom. It looked like Sarah and Kelly had had most of the boys' attentions. They were sixty-nined on one big bed, lapping up the cum from each other's snatch. The other bed, a queen, had Alan and Hope. Alan had about two-thirds of his long pole up Hope's rear as they both lay on their sides. Hope had been well-fucked and was still leaking cum from her, now empty, cunt, but had had some time to recover and was wiggling her ass on the thick flesh that penetrated her interior depths. I observed that Hope's hip was suspended a few inches off the mattress as the powerful sex muscle supported her weight.


I didn't have much more than a few seconds to take in the scene before my own ass was entered by Tony's thick flesh. He pushed in to the hilt and I was raised off my feet as he was much taller. One of his muscular arms about my chest stabilized me, but my 210 lbs. was supported easily by his powerful cock.


"Hope, this is Jerry," Alan said making introductions that we skipped on arrival.


"Nice to meet you, Jerry," Hope added in a sweet voice while running a hand over her slit to soak it in the oozing juices. "You better get this in me," she added, smearing the juice over its surface. "Alan's got me on the brink already."


"You look like a nice girl, but I guess my fucking you is Tony's call." I looked back over my shoulder at Tony who started maneuvering us onto the bed.


"Nice," giggled Hope. "Chastity and I haven't been nice girls since we met Donny. If our parents knew they'd have fits. I know you're not a nice boy. Nice boys don't ride cocks while fucking sluts like me."


By then I was face-to-face with Hope. She gasped as Tony eased my stiff cock into her wet snatch. I felt Alan's massive member against mine separated by a couple layers of Hope's internal tissues. It was sliding deeper inside her gut. Alan raised her upper lag until it was pointed to the ceiling to get himself better access as he slipped a huge thigh between my legs and Tony's too. Tony began stroking deep in my gut, resulting in a steady fuck stroke of my tool in Hope and against Alan's thrusting member.


"Oh, God," screamed Hope as she came.


She'd had much thicker cocks in her than mine, so, even in orgasm, I wasn't triggered myself. My stimulation was from the rubbing of Alan against me and the thrusting of Tony through my gut. I was pressed firmly against Hope's body as we both were enveloped in the muscles of the huge Asian studs. While the guys were inside Hope and I, they were stroking against each other as our abdominal muscles bulged from the thick flesh that was rearranging our internal anatomy. I could feel the last half-dozen or so inches of the two, steel-like shafts, dueling each other.


Basically, Alan and Tony were making love to each other and Hope and I were along for the ride. They began a long kiss above our heads. Hope orgasmed again, biting my shoulder muscle to muffle her moans. This time I shot my seed into her already sopping cunt. The boys sped their thrusting. Hope's body started a continual shaking as sexual frenzy took her. I came again. I felt the throbbing from the base of Alan's long pole that pressed mine in Hope's vaginal canal. Seconds later the explosion reached the tip, punching my gut and the end of Tony's long member that soon shot in sympathy. I knew I was cumming but only the beat, thrusts and explosions from the boys' buried members dominated my mind.


The screech of a woman's climax woke me from a sex dream to real sex. Yesterday had been a long day of sex. That's pretty normal for my weekends except that there were almost as many girls as guys. Of course, the key number was four brothers to seven normals and I was the only boyfriend.


I started to get oriented. There was light streaming into the room. I was entangled amid a jumble of huge arms and legs. I could feel a woman's breasts pressed to my chest. Long blond tresses draped my face, filtering the light. Was it still Hope or perhaps Chastity? My cock was up her cunt but I was sharing it with the guy behind me. I could feel the thick tube of flesh between my legs and squeezing my cock along its full length in the vaginal canal. It went much deeper than my ten plus inches could reach despite starting well behind me. There was another big shaft sharing our female companion. It was up her gut and sliding against mine and my partners. That must have triggered the orgasm that awakened me.


A golden tanned hand brushed back the hair covering my face. I recognized Ming gazing down on the face of Chastity who was still panting from her orgasm.


"Good morning Chastity. Did you sleep well?" Ming asked. "I see you're up too Jerry."


"Ming?" Chastity was still confused from the constant sex of yesterday and waking in ecstasy. "Everything is still spinning. How many cocks are in me?"


"Yes. I'm Ming. I'm in your ass. Tony and Jerry are sharing your cunt. Tony is still sleeping."


"I don't remember sleeping at all. I started to cum and it was dark and when I finished it was light. This was our first sex with multiple partners. We were virgins before meeting Donny. Donny is great but this was wild. He said we'd be your first women. I hope you'll continue to make other women as happy as you made me."


"I'm sure of that. Hold on a bit. I'll wake Tony."


Ming's wake up consisted of flexing the cock he had embedded deep in Chastity's abdomen and against Tony's and my cocks. That must have pushed the still sleeping Tony over the edge as his cock started spurting. The sensations against my cock pushed me off too and Ming joined the fun.


The guys must have cum for a couple minutes. They'd built up quite a load over the night. The stimulation from two shooting cocks and Chastity's spasms got me to a second cum before the boys finished. Finally calm returned. Somewhere in there Tony had indeed awakened.


"That's a nice way to wake up guys. Good morning Chastity."


She didn't answer. Her eyes were open but unfocused. Tony called her again. She blinked.


"Umm...ah," she mumbled. "Oh! Sorry. It takes me a couple minutes to recover after a good orgasm and that was one of the best."


"Careful sister. You'll make Donny regret taking us to the party," came a voice from the bedside. It was Hope. She and Donny were standing there. Donny with an arm about her waist and she holding his hard pole about halfway to the tip. They'd obviously just finished a few morning rounds themselves.


"It looks like you like my girls and visa versa," observed Donny. "Kelly and Briona are setting up for breakfast. My girls will get you showered and ready while I fuck Jerry. Then we'll shower and meet for the meal."


We disentangled. Ming stayed plugged in Chastity's ass while Tony got Hope. I was soon on my back in the sheets soaked with the copious leakage from last night's activities with Donny's long pole up my gut. By the time Donny had shot a couple loads in me the shower was free. I was still riding Donny's stiff pole with my legs wrapping his waist while we washed off the residue of yesterday's sex.


"I understand Sarah was your girl before you met Alan," said Donny. "Are you totally gay now or do you still look at girls?"


"That's a strange question to ask when I've over two feet of your cock up my gut. Besides as a boyfriend I get as much great sex as I can handle and there are no games, just fun. For a normal guy women are high maintenance, but you and Alan have them well trained. Still Hope and Chastity are beautiful and real sexy."


"That they are and, pretty much, insatiable. Their younger sister, Faith, is coming to visit next weekend. They already told her all about me. She's seventeen and in high school. I'll be her first. The girls are still trying to set up a meeting with their older brothers that are in their junior and senior years down at UCLA. They're not gay yet but that shouldn't be a problem. It should be fun to see their reaction when they discover their new boyfriend has been fucking their sisters."


When we finished and returned to the main area, the table was set. Leon was sprawled on a big chair in the living area, out cold. He must have been fucked to hard and often last night by brothers looking for a change of pace. That left the four Asian studs and me with the five women for breakfast. Everyone was still nude. There was certainly no need for modesty since every cock had been in every opening in the last day. We sat boy, girl, boy, girl. I was between Hope and Kelly.


Kelly devoted most of her attention to Ming, seated to her right, and who could fault her for that. While my attention was on Kelly and Ming, I felt a hand grip my cock. It was Hope. I turned toward her and she gave me a really warm smile. She left my shaft and picked up a large strawberry. With a couple fingers she pushed the fruit into her cunt. When she removed it, it and her fingers were coated in cum. She raised this treat to my lips. I bit a piece off just short of her fingertips. Once I swallowed, I opened my lips and she pressed the remaining section into my mouth. I took it on my tongue and licked off the remaining cum from her fingers.


My next morsel was a toasted English muffin. Hope placed the disk below here opening and with the other hand on my wrist moved my fingers between her legs. I gathered I was to release the flow this time and pushed a couple fingers into her while rubbing her clit with my thumb. It didn't take long to fill all the nooks and crannies with warm spunk. When I pulled out she guided my fingers to her mouth to clean them. Then she held the piece to my mouth while I ate it bit by bit.


While Hope fed me my cum flavored breakfast the other girls did the same with the boy on their right, Kelly with Ming, Briona with Alan, Sarah and Tony and Chastity for Donny. Everyone enjoyed the cum-flavored bits. Suddenly, Tony gave a muffled groan. He was being fed a cum flavored orange slice by Sarah whose other hand was wrapped about the midpoint of his stiff pole. A massive white jet erupted from its end and splattered off the ceiling. The next half dozen or so arced high in the air and sprayed everyone around the table. Sarah tried to block the next jets with her hand but the force was such that it just splattered everywhere and everyone. Sarah finally got her mouth over the head but not before getting a burst full on her face. You could see her swallowing quickly as each new spurt flooded her mouth. It was another minute before the flow eased enough for her to back off.


Everything was well soaked by bits of Tony's massive discharge. It was still dripping from the ceiling. Tony was blushing and trying to smile, still with half the orange segment between his lips. Sarah leaned over to kiss him, pushing the orange into his mouth with her tongue before allowing Tony to taste his seed from her mouth.


As they were kissing Hope straddled my chair, sitting down on my now hard cock. She had a large splatter of Tony's cum on her left breast that had started to drip from the stiff tip. I took the firm flesh of her breast into my lips and licked it clean as she writhed along my pole. I moved to a streak dripping in the deep valley between her two mounds then off to the peak of the right breast. It was not cum-coated but I was enjoying the texture and taste of her shapely chest. Hope must have liked it too as she was squeezing and thrusting along my cock with urgency as we both came in a shuddering climax.


"There's hope for you yet," observed Donny in a slight pun when Hope dismounted from my softening piece. "You may not be quite as gay as you think. You just need the right partner."


"Well Hope and Chastity are pretty special," I admitted.


"Unfortunately they only party on special occasions. But, I think I can get you what you need."


I didn't have time to get more details as we started the day's sex play. I was back in my room just before five. Jack and Ricardo had gotten in only a few minutes earlier from their adventures. Mitch was sleeping. It looked like Bill Reyes had stopped by and fucked him a few hours earlier. Jack, Ricardo and I spent a couple hours on homework before heading out for a pizza. We were back about eight.


I was doing some reading for class when there was a knock on our door. Ricardo went to answer it. It was an Asian lady pushing a loaded baggage cart.


"Hi. I'm Meilin Chu, Jerry's new roommate. Which of you is Jerry?"


She was tall, several inches above Ricardo, maybe six foot or even a bit over. It wasn't platform shoes either, she wore sandals. She was clearly Chinese with golden skin, tanned a bit deeper than her natural shade, and straight black hair that draped to mid back. She wore black denim jeans that hugged her shapely legs and hips like a second skin. They were very, very low rise. Her top was a black denim jacket, completely unbuttoned down the front and nothing underneath, not even a bra. She certainly had no need for a bra. Her breasts were large, probably a D cup, and firm. They pushed her jacket open and out showing her full cleavage and barely masking her tits. Her body language screamed confidence and sexuality.


"I'm Jerry," I answered, raising my hand and standing up.


"You can call me, May," she said while appraising me for a few seconds then giving a nice smile. "Can you help with my stuff?"


We all pitched in, moving the bags into my bedroom.


"I only have the one bed."


"I don't think that will be a problem. Do you?"


She smiled again and put one hand on her hip, an action that spread her top further open, exposing the right breast fully. Even Jack and Ricardo, confirmed 100% gay, were staring and getting hard. My cock was almost painful. The look on May's face told me she knew exactly the effect she was having and was enjoying it.


"Boys, can you give Jerry and I a few minutes to get acquainted. We'll get a chance to talk in a bit."


They left us alone, shutting the door.


"Donny sent me, but I'm sure you figured that out." She pushed her long hair back, showing an ear stud like mine but in Donny's colors. "Let us put my stuff away first."


I showed her the closet and cleaned out a couple drawers. She started putting her stuff away. Some of it made her current outfit appear modest. While we were doing that I asked her to tell me a bit about herself. She was twenty-one and a senior like me but in pre-med. She was from the Bay Area, Walnut Creek. She met Donny during her junior year. She knew about my status as a boyfriend and I added my personal details.


The last bag was a gym duffle. I picked it up and it made a metallic clank.


"What's in here?" I asked.


"Sit down and I'll show you," she said pressing me back until I sat on the bed.


She unzipped the bag and removed a few unusually shaped implements. There were a pair of daggers or short swords over a foot long. Then she removed a long object. Holding it in one hand she withdrew a sword from its scabbard. It had a red tassel dangling from the handle. She waved it around in wide strokes, some came close enough for me to feel the breeze.


"How sharp is that thing?"


In response she tossed a sheet of paper into the air. As it fluttered down she took a swipe, reversed her direction, then moved the sword aside. Four, almost even, pieces of paper dropped to the floor. She then took a swipe at me, just missing I thought, until I heard all the buttons on my shirt clatter on the floor. Before I could react she thrust at the side of my neck. The blade pierced the back of the shirt below the collar. With a flick of her wrist it was pulled over my head and tossed to the wall. I grabbed the waist of my jeans.


"I'll get out of these myself while you shed yours, if that's OK with you."


"You'd have nothing to worry about, but since you asked nicely, that is fine."


She sheathed the sword and tossed it aside. The jacket followed and she stepped out of her sandals. My pants were gone when May popped the button on her jeans, so, it was obvious I liked what I was seeing. She wore no panties and had no tan line. From what I'd seen so far neither was a surprise. The pants went quickly once they were pushed past her thighs. She slowly walked to me, confident and sexy. My cock was pointing straight up from my groin.


When she stopped just beside me her hands shot out, one to my chest and the other to the small of my back. Before I knew what was happening I was flipped high into the air, doing a full somersault and a quarter before landing on my back in the middle of the bed. May jumped right on top and we lay chest to chest, my head held immobile in both her hands. She smiled down just above me, amused, no doubt, by my stunned expression. I was so confused by her actions that I hadn't realized my cock head was inside her pussy, that is, until her internal muscles gave it a squeeze.


"We need to come to an understanding," she explained. "Donny said you were unsure whether you were gay or bi. Don't worry, you're bi. I'm never wrong about these things. I'm your girlfriend, lover and bedmate. This is not just because Donny asked, though he did. You're a great guy and I like you. As I said, I'm never wrong about these things.


"I know you'll be fucked by all the big fraternity cocks, but I'll be here each night to make love to you. I'm still in Donny's network and you know what that means. I have no problems with you fucking other women. You'll never find anyone better than me, not bragging, just fact.


"You're on top," I observed by way of a response.


"That's right," she acknowledged. "You'll discover that even when I'm on the bottom, I'm on top," she said, tightening her internal pressure on my cock head for emphasis.


"I don't doubt it. Can I ask, did you take something to change your body, increase your strength and become so good in martial arts? I've seen the fraternity brothers make dramatic changes and a bit rubbed off on me."


"Yes, I was a test subject for something Eddie Lee was working on. I agreed because I saw the changes in Donny. But it only made me about twenty times stronger, my body was otherwise unaffected. This is just how I look and I've been studying wushu from childhood. My other skills are natural too, with lots of practice, but my new strength does make a difference."


With that she practically pulled my cock into her vaginal canal and I felt the stony nub of her clit brushing it the whole way. She wriggled her body over mine in a dance to the increasingly rapid beats of our hearts. My pole was as hard as it could be as the motions thrust it through the hot, slick, tunnel of muscle massaging it. Her breasts, soft on the outside but firm beneath, slid across my chest lubricated by the sweat brought forth by rising passion. A few minutes of this and she came, the powerful internal spasms milking my cock. She came and came and came. It didn't stop and neither did I. All I could see was her beautiful face. The orgasm went on, over a half hour from the sounds and cries of pleasure according to my roommates. I didn't remember any sounds. It seemed like May and I were in our own world. Then May's muscles relaxed, inside and out and she rested limply atop my torso, our heads side by side, her long black hair like a veil over my face.


When we recovered our breath, she lifted her head, flicked her hair to her back and gave me a deep kiss, probing my lips and dueling with my tongue. Then we had sex again, just as wild and as long.


When the second round eased, she rolled off me to her back on the bed beside me. I rolled to my side and looked at her. She had a post sex glow, skin still flushed and a sheen of moisture from the sweat of exertion. Her big breasts were rising rhythmically with her breathing. She had a small, neatly trimmed, triangle of black hair above her snatch. The lips of her opening were red and a bit puffy from the friction from my cock. She turned her head toward me.


"You passed my test drive. I knew you would but for something this important it pays to make sure. I'm going to marry you. You noticed I didn't ask if you want to marry me. You will soon understand that when I decide something it is as good as done. Now, let's meet my roommates."


She sat up and stepped out of our bed. May walked to the door, not giving a thought about clothes. At the door she looked back at me and I scrambled to follow her.


Jack and Ricardo had been joined by Mitch. All were doing course work but had looked to our door when it opened. The nude May got stares from everyone and a reaction. They might be gay but they're not dead. May walked over to Mitch who stood as she approached. She reached for the leather collar he wore.


"Mitch Carter, Meilin Chu," I introduced.


"You can call me May. I see you know Bill Reyes," May added, tugging at the collar and lifting Mitch to his toes. "He's very strict with his boys. Have you been a good boy?"


"Ye...Yes," stammered Mitch.


"That is yes, May or yes, mistress."


"Yes, mistress," he corrected promptly.


"Better. Don't forget again or I will need to discipline you. You would not want that."


"Yes, mistress. No, mistress."


She released his collar and turned back to Jack and Ricardo.


"You'll find I'm very easy to get along with," she explained, "as long as it is clear who's in charge. Do you have any white wine?"


"No. Is beer OK?" Ricardo answered.


"Boys," she blurted with a tinge of disgust. "Beer will do for now. You definitely need a bit of the feminine touch about here. I thought you two were gay."


She sprawled on our big stuffed chair with one leg dangling over the arm, completely unconcerned about the guys staring between her spread legs. A stern glance at Ricardo reminded him to get the beer.


We spent the next couple hours finding out a bit about her and telling our stories. May started by announcing our engagement and the guys congratulated me. I found out the wedding would be this summer after we both graduated. May talked about her first sexual experience at fifteen with a college jock she seduced. Her second was a four-way with the jock and his two roommates and she went on from there.


May said she'd been accepted into the Berkeley - UCSF joint medical program on full scholarship plus a stipend. She stated that I'd get a similar offer to Boalt Hall this week. She knew my LSAT score and I wasn't expecting the results for a couple weeks. It seemed unbelievable but I knew it was true if she said it.


Jack told the story of his rescue and how he got involved with the fraternity up to the growth spurt after the pledge initiation. That prompted May to ask Jack and Ricardo to show her the results. We'd be living together for several months and having sex frequently, so there was certainly no reason for modesty among ourselves she explained. They did as May asked and she complimented them on their bodies, particularly Jack's thirteen-inch cock. She invited them to ask her if they wanted to try heterosexuality, but I'm not sure sex with May qualifies except at the mechanical level.


With that May announced that it was time for us to get some sleep. Holding my hand she led me back to our room. I suspected that tonight I might not get much sleep. I was right.


The End