The Runaway

by: Vain Phrell


Fan Service 01

The Hot-spring Experience

Hey there guys... I bring you back some special Chapters of the Runaway. This I call the FS chapters (fan service chapters derived from anime terminology). This parts do not necessarily contribute to the story but are made for the entertainment of the fans of this story thus the name. For my FS chapters it promises to have either emotional or very steamy scenes. You know what I mean. Hope you enjoy this and if you do tell me, so I could give you some more.




Disclaimer! This story contains description of sexual activity between both male. If you are offended or think that you shouldn't be reading this kind of text then feel free to click the back button. The characters in this story are purely fictional, any resemblance to real life is purely coincidental.






It was already a year since Voujhan and Troy engagement party. For the summer they went abroad to have a vacation. A different environment for their mind to relax and get away from the stressful life of college.


"Uhhh... Troy and am I doing it right?" Voujhan ask while looking at his Kimono on the mirror. Troy have already worn his and was looking really elegant in the foreign clothing. "I think I'm doing it all wrong."


Voujhan was still in the mirror when Troy came by his side. "Hmmm... why are we wearing this again?"


Voujhan looked at him. "I told you..." The guy didn't finish speaking when Troy finished it for him.


"Yeah yeah... This is the traditional clothing here and because we're going to a cultural festival we should be wearing what the native would be wearing." Voujhan looked at him again with questioning eyes.


"Okay, peace," Troy came near him and embrace him from the back. "You're doing it right, however you should not do it like this." Then he slowly removed the top part of Voujhan clothing and it slid down his body.


"I like it better when you look like this." He was still behind Voujhan and they were both looking at their reflection in the life sixe mirror. Voujhan felt Troy's stare at his naked body and it made his face turned red. It had been a very long time but knowing that Troy is watching him still makes him feel nervous and somehow embarrassed.


"You really looked so adorable when you blushed," Troy held his chin and turned his head slightly so their lips could meet. They both explored each other's lips until they were out of breath. Troy started nibbling on Voujhan's neck and the guy moaned feeling the hotness of his lovers lips on his bare skin. It was like his skin was burning as the velvety lips of his lover touch, lick and nibble on them.


"Maybe we should just stay here for tonight..." Troy said while kissing his lovers shoulder. Troy's lips was licking Voujhan's neck and shoulder while his hands slowly stared touching Voujhan's body. He pulled his lover closer and touched his thing with his right hand and his nipples with his left hand. His right hand then started moving upward until it found what it was looking for.


Voujhan moaned as his lovers hand touched the sensitive part of his manhood. Troy the fast growing part of Voujahn's body and started massaging it until it stood hard and full. "Well, we should really just stay here for now..."


"Hey guys, are you done changing coz the Rhyll's really complaining about how the two of you are taking so long." It was Angelica's voice that brought the two back from where they were to Earth. "Hey anybody there?" Angelica was about to open the sliding door when Troy got to the door and opened it slightly not revealing his lover's naked body.


"Voujhan is really really embarrassed about the way he looked so please give us a little more time." He said then closed the door.


"I thought I heard someone moaning earlier." Angelica stated while walking away. "You too better not be fucking in their while making us wait. That would really piss Rhyll you know."


"Troy was about to go back to Voujhan and finish what he started when he saw the guy was already dressed at was at the door.


"Going somewhere?" He held Voujhan again from the back, hugging him so tightly. "Running away again are we my love. I told you, you can never run away from me."


"Troy, let just do it later..." Voujhan said in a hesitating voice.


"I want to do it now..." He was about to kiss Voujhan again when the door opened. It showed Rhyll's stern face looking at both of them.


"So the two of you lovey dovey have been doing what in here while making us wait down there?"


"Now now, cousin come down... we were just..." Troy didn't finish explaining when Rhyll held his left ear and dragged him outside. Voujhan just laughed from what he saw.


"You could have been a little less harsher to me in front of my fiancée..." Troy stated when the four of them have finall got out of the hotel they were staying. Now they are to go to town to where the Festival was.


It was a beautiful place. They were lanterns everywhere. There were also different delicious food and candy. Troy even won a bear stuffed animal and gave it to Voujhan who blushed when Troy kissed him after.


Everyone went their own way so the two lovers remained together. They were having fun eating when a girl gave them a flyer to a certain place. It has Japanese print on it so they couldn't really understand it. The only thing in the picture was a japans house and some bath.


"Hot spring, hot spring..." lady told them. They try talking to her about the hotspring but they later assumed that the girl was only capable of the English word hotspring. After some difficulty of communication, the girl have finally rbought them to the place.


"Good evening sir," this is our famous hotspring. It would really help relaxing you body and mind." Another girl greeted them and this time she's really very fluent in English. They were brought to a room where they have to changed into towel.


"I feel really uncomfortable with this," Voujahn complained when they were already going out to the spring.


Troy held him on the shoulder and closer to him. "Don't worry, all those people will just salivate looking at your sexy body but I'll be the one touching and kissing them later." Voujhan felt something move inside his towel when he heard those words. he's starting to swell again and this time it might be in public.


When they came to the spring, there was no one there. "Lucky for us, we alone." Troy said and then grabbed Voujhan towel before holding him and into the warm water.


"Troy..." but it was too late. "There was nothing left to cover their body. Troy threw away the towel and held his lover close.


"Now I think there would be no one to interrupt us here. Everyone is busy in the festival."


Troy held his lover close, now there were facing each other and they were kissing. Voujahn wrapped his arms aroung his lovers neck while Troy hands were exploring his lovers body. Voujhan moaned when Troy finally reach the small opening behind his back. Voujhan felt the warm water together with his lovers finger enter him. He blushed as he felt the foreign material inside him moving. His face reddened and his mouth opened and he started to moan. They kissed again and then Troy turned his lover around so he was at the back. He then held his lovers swollen cock and starter massaging it. It was slow at first and then he made it tighter and a little bit faster.


"Stop... I'll cum... no ... not yet..." Voujhan said in between moans when Troy stopped. Voujahn was still grasping his breath when the two heard voices approaching. In panic, they both run behind a bush and hid their naked asses.


"Uhmmm... there seemed to be no one here." A familiar voice said. The tow peeked and they saw Rhyll in similar towel they had earlier. He was with a guy who they have never seen before. The guy was beautiful, he must have been a mixed Japanese.


"Lucky for us then," they heard the Japanese guy says and then he wrapped his arms around Rhyll's neck when then they both kissed. It was Rhyll's hands that removed the towels so that their body collides.


"This ought to be fun," Troy said while feeling his erection returning. He later realized that Voujhan's lips were actually enveloping his manhood. Troy suppressed his moans while hearing the moan from behind the bush. His manhood was already so thick when Voujhan stopped. Tory felt confused, he needed more. He was aching for Voujhan's lips when he saw his lover lay down on the grass. And he automatically knew what the guy wanted.


Troy came in top of Voujhan positioning his manhood on the opening of his crack. He slowly entered and they both bit their lips to not release the moan that have been struggling to escape their lips.


It was ecstasy and a struggle. Troy pushed back and fort and again, it was slow and fast and slow... Voujhan begged in whispers until the two of them lost all the control.


"Fast... uh faster..." Voujhan begged gripping the grass. "And then it was like fountain, his cock spurted white liquid. Troy felt the hold his entering tighten and he stroked one more time before his cock finally gave up. He unloaded his entire collection of fluid inside Voujhan.


They were dripping sweat and gasping breath after that experience.


"That was really great." They heard someone behind them at that was when they realized they were being watched.


"I do agree, that was a very great and beautiful performance cousin."





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