Title:               THE RUNAWAY  [Part 1 of a Search for the Runaway]

Author:          Avaritico [a.k.a Vain Phrell]

Webiste:         http://avaritico.weebly.com


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Chapter One



After 2 hours of driving, Voujhan arrived in the dormitory where he is going to stay for his entire four years in college. He is taking up Architectural Designing. 

When he came to his dormitory, he noticed that his roommate had already been there. The bed near the window is already occupied so he put his things to the other bed. There are also two closets that are located near the beds. He put his things on the one which is still unoccupied.       

He lay down for a while in his bed and then decided to wander around the campus and explore it. He has been wandering around when he heard his stomach grouch. All the driving made him really hungry. He went to the dining hall to eat. He got a vegetarian burger and iced tea. Then he let his eyes wander around the dining hall. He can see fliers sticking on the walls.  ‘Freshmen Orientation on Monday, 7 am’. 

It’s already Sunday and tomorrow is the starting of classes. He let his eyes travelled more and saw some more flyers. The one that attracted his eyes more is the one with silhouette of a man posing. The flyers go with the words ‘Opening Auction, Grab a hot guy TONIGHT’.

“Well that’s interesting.” He looked at the details and saw that it started 8pm tonight. It’s only 3:30 pm and he still got a lot of time to wander around the campus before the auction starts. He thought of going since a lot of hot guys would be there hot guys to be exact.

He finished his sandwich and drank the last drop of his iced tea. Voujhan left the dinning hall. He walked pass the library and some other laboratories. He sat in the bench near the fountain in front of the administration building. There he dialled her Sister’s number and press the call button       .

“Hey Sis,” he greeted.

“Voujhan honeys are you there yet.”

“Yap! I just came and finished my snack.”

“So how’s the dorm, are you comfortable having a roommate.” His sister inquired. “Is he hot?” She added jokingly.                        

“I wish so.” He joked back. The joke was more of a wish, since he really wanted a hot guy in his room, and if possible in his bed. “The dorm is fine.” Their room is fine for him. It’s big and spacey.        

“So I tell you haven’t met him yet. I wish you all the best honey baby bro.”           

“Me too big sis,” he answered. He and her sister are very close to each other since they are the only siblings.  

“Baby bro?” His sister asked if he’s still on the line.

“Yes, sis.” He confirmed.      

“Mom called earlier checking if you have contacted me already.” She reported.     

Voujhan frowned as his memory brought him back to the past. Voujhan stowaway after his parent’s attempt of engaging him to people he does not know or have not met yet. First his parents let him date Shaira, daughter of their municipal mayor. She’s really a spoiled bitch. Wanting almost everything she sees. He dated her for three days and then avoided her for all his life. Next is Johanna. She’s beautiful and decent. She’s a daughter of a business partner of his father. This time he couldn’t just avoid her for she’s far too fragile for that. He thought it’s the time to tell his parents that he is gay, to stop everything, and stop dating Johanna without breaking her into pieces.            

Voujhan became confident that he had stopped his parents from letting him make out with business partners daughters. But he was a bit disappointed when three days after he admitted he’s gay, his parents have already arranged his engagement with a son of their business partner.

This time he couldn’t just say yes to his parents. He disagreed but his father’s decision is final. His father explained that their business is slowly dying and the only way to save it is to merge it with his business partners company.     

“So then go. Merge the company. What does my engagement to do with it?” Voujhan complained to his father.       

“Benedict will only have a merger if a merge with blood will also take place. To make sure that no betrayal will be made.” Richard (Voujhan’s father) explained talking about his business partner. True, he’s business partner will only let him have a merger if a seal which is from their bloodline be made.            

“I’m sorry father but I won’t do it.” Voujhan insisted.         

“Then choose!” Richard gave him a warning look.  “You will get engaged or you won’t be able to have the benefit of your credit card, your bank and everything, even your car. “ Richard warned him.        

“I’m out of here.”He walked out.      

He couldn’t find anyone to support him except for his sister Diana. Alicia, his mother was supporting his father and pushing him to think that his father is right. Three days before the engagement, he was nowhere to be found. He went to his sister’s mansion and told her to not tell their parents which she agreed.

Diana understands her brother completely. She was also forced to marry her husband, which she later fall in love with. But the difference is that she got to met Brielle first before they got engaged which is contrary in Voujhan’s part.          

Their parent got furious and closed every credit card and bank account Voujhan had. Little did they know that Diana is giving money to his brother for him to still live the life he used too? Brielle also understands why his wife was so eager to help Voujhan and his willing to support them for all he can. Brielle owns one of the most prestige hotels and restaurants in the city so money is never a problem for them.     

First they have had a hard time keeping Voujhan in the hotel since their parents are constantly visiting. Then they decided to let him go to college at YoVille and stay at the dorm. That way he is far from his parents.          

“What did you tell her?” Voujhan answered his sister as his memory brought him to his present state.         

“As usual, I told her that I’ll call if you tried to contact me and give them immediately your address.” She answered.

“Thanks sis, you’re the best.”

 “I’ll do everything for my baby brother.” She added.         

“You mean that? EVERYTHING?” he teased her.  
“Hey wait a minute. I don’t like the sound of that.” She teased him back.  

“Well I just want a very simple favour to ask of you.” Voujhan said making his voice a little sweeter. “Please...”        

“It depends.” His sister answered teasing him again. “What’s it?    

“All this while I was wondering how that guy looked like. Will you check it out for me? Please sis!”          

“Damn you my bitch brother.” She joked. “Why don’t you go check it yourself?” 

“Nah!” he answered. “I’d rather stay here and kiss some hot guys.

“Be careful not to go kissing all the hot guys in YoVille bro.”         

“Now you’re giving me an idea.” Voujhan smiled naughtily.           

“Bitch!” her sister yelled on the other side of the phone.      

“Just taking your advice.” He reasoned out.   

“Just be careful okay! Remember I’m always here for you.” Her sister got a little serious. “I love you.” 

“Love you too.”         

He ended the call and he put his phone inside his pocket. He wandered his eyes around the place. It’s peaceful there. All he can here is the sound of the water from the fountain. Just the place for him to get away from the problems that haunted him...

He erased the thought of his parents in his mind and think about tonight’s event. Voujhan was thinking about tonight’s auction when he heard a beautiful sound. He turned his head but no one is around.  He listened to the sound. It’s a piano version of the song ‘My Immortal’ by Evanescence.     

He looked around to find where the music is coming from and found himself walking to the music department building. He walked inside the building following his ear. He could feel the sound getting near. Then he stumbled upon the room where he was sure the music is coming from. The music feels so warm. Not wanting to disturb the one playing he peeped through the door.

As he looked at the person in front of him he was amazed by the way the man looked. Brown eyes, black hair.  He is wearing a black polo which looks sexy on him. His polo is open two buttons at the top partly showing his nicely sculpted chest. In his neck hanging is a silver necklace with a locked pendant which added to his sexiness.    

The man doesn’t seem to notice him. This gave Voujhan chance to examine him carefully. He’s really gorgeously hot. He said to himself as he can feel his manhood waking. “Shit.” He said to himself unable to control his erection looking at the man.            

The music stopped. Instinctively Voujhan hid. “He saw me.” He said to himself. He rushed back to the fountain. He didn’t even know why he acted that way. The man seemed so hot that all his self confidence instantly left him. Walking to his room, he still remembered those deep brown eyes staring at him. He fell in love.       

It was already 5 pm when he returned to his room. His roommate wasn’t there again though he could tell that he’s been in the room since his things were moved a little bit. Voujhan could tell. And he could see some used clothes on the bed too.    

He didn’t bother checking though. He’s so tired but he wanted to take a bath first before resting so that he don’t need to bath anymore before he go to the Auction place. He removed all his clothes leaving only his boxers around his waist. He decided to lie down for a minute to remember the man he saw earlier. The deep brown eyes and the nicely sculpted chest that made his manhood stand. These made his minutes of rest brought him to dream land where he dreamed of that boy he saw earlier.         

Troy just entered the shower when he heard the door of his room opened. Could be his roommate he thought. He hadn’t met the guy yet ‘coz he doesn’t stay in the room often. He always goes to places where not much people would disturb his peace and quiet.  

Today is his first day at YoVille and he found the music building quiet interesting. He found a piano in Room 14 and in there played his favourite song ‘My Immortal’ by Evanescence. He smiled as he remembered the moment when he is playing the second stanza of the piece and he noticed someone listening. He had clearly seen the guy’s face though the guy left after Troy saw him. He still remembered those blue-green eyes and the nice blonde hair.            

He then thought about his roommate and so many naughty things got into his mind. Then he wished silently. He wished for a hot and gorgeous gay roommate. The best feature that he pictured out would be the guy he saw, though he isn’t sure if the guy is straight or what.  Then the idea of the guy he saw earlier came into his imagination making him hot and erect.     

He got hold of his 8 inches, now fully erect, with his right hand while his left hand is exploring his own body and played with his nipple for a little while. His playful hand teased his own dick by rubbing the tip of it. He can now feel himself getting nearer to his climax as his hand get a hold of his precum. As he got nearer and nearer his breathing also got faster. He rapidly stroked himself as he brought himself to heaven unloading a bucket of his man juice on the toilet floor. After a good jerking, he finished his shower.   

After a good masturbation, Troy finished cleaning himself and tied a towel on his waist to cover his manhood. He also made sure that no mark of his sticky man juice is left on the floor. He observed the sound outside first before making a move. He didn’t hear anymore sound outside the bathroom so he guessed that his roommate went outside.          

Troy dried himself well before going out of the room to avoid making the floor wet. When he already got out of the room, his worn-out penis automatically stiffened as his eyes landed on the guy he sees on the bed. It’s his roommate. His roommate and the guy he had fantasized earlier in the shower is the one and only.      

“Talk about my lucky day.” Troy whispered with a boyish smile on his face, the kind of smile that only one side of the lips moved.           

He’s erection got a little intense when his eye got to the bulge that is on the front of the sleeping guy.        

“Now would you look at that bulge right there,” he told himself silently not to wake guy. “Dreaming nicely eh.” He got a dirty thought of what the guy is dreaming.    

Troy continued to study the sleeping beauty in front of him. The guy has developed muscles and nice built. He had an idea that this guy is sporty, though he wasn’t sure. For a while he focused on the face of the sleeping guy. He’s face is peaceful and so beautiful. He’s blond hair suited his fair skin perfectly. Then he returned his eyes to where it first landed, the bulging manhood of his roommate. He imagined himself exploring, touching and caressing that part of this guy. He imagined putting his hand inside those fabrics and touching the tip of that bulge. He is imagining things when he saw the guy stirred a little.     

“Shit,” is the only thing he can say. Then he turned backwards and started putting on clothes.             

Voujhan woke up because of the little sound his roommate made. Though a little pissed off because his rest was interrupted, he didn’t complain for it was awarded by a beautiful view that made his manhood stand perpendicular to the ceiling.  

The view he was seeing was the view of his roommate with only towel around his waist, with his back at him while getting dressed. He didn’t feel his roommate’s presence in the room ‘till now. But he didn’t think of it a lot since he’s busy studying the fine specimen in front of him.      

Voujhan pretended to be asleep still to be able to have a clear view of the subject of his eye. He moved a little carefully so that he appeared still sleeping while his hard on doesn’t show. Now he’s facing the bed and his rigid penis is facing downward, hidden. He closed his eyes for a little while and waited for the cue to see the BIG picture. Then he heard the towel dropping to the floor; it’s the cue he was waiting for. He opened his eyes slowly, seeing the totally naked man.      

His dick stiffened further as he gazed at the perfectly sculpted body he’s staring at. This man looks like a Greek god. Though he cannot see his front, he was totally convinced that the guy has six packs. He gazed once more from shoulders to thigh and focus on the guy’s ass. There he saw a bit of the elongated front of the guy. He got a large uncut dick and it’s a long one. Voujhan imagine kissing that part of him. Though his imagining things slowly faded when the guy has fully dressed up and he had to close his eyes once more. The guy then left the room without Voujhan seeing his face, and leaving him aching because of his own erection.            

“Shit that man.” He said after his roommate closed the door.          

Troy went into the dinning hall to eat. It also would be best if he don’t stay inside their room for now, for he can’t stand to watch an almost naked hot guy in front of him. If he had stayed much longer, he could have masturbated in front of his sleeping roommate.      

He ordered vegetable salad and ice cream and pineapple juice. He sat on a far end of the dinning hall where there’s not much people staying. He finished his salad already when he noticed a blond girl looking at him. She looks like a freshman also. He never minded her and continued eating. After he took his first scoop of ice cream, he noticed that the girls are arguing with each other silently. He thought that they might be pushing her to meet him.   

He looked at the girl which in turn looked back at him and smiled. He combed his slightly long black hair and showed the girl a boyish smile which made the girl stood and walk towards his direction.         

I’ll play with you bitch for a while since there aren’t any hot guys around. He thought.           

He stood and gave the girl a seat, being a gentle man that he was. The girl on the other hand handed her hand to him saying, “Angelica.”    

“Troy,” he answered with his English accent. Then he held Angelica’s hand and instead of giving her a handshake brought her hands to his lips giving a simple kiss. Angelica blushed; it’s almost as if she’s in heaven. He can also see Angelica’s girlfriends giggle.       

Voujhan then help her took a seat since he thought that the girl might collapse because of what he did earlier.            

“Would you care for an ice cream?” He asked willing to get one for her.    

“No thanks, I really just want to meet you.” She answered honestly.          

He smiled again, the same smile as he had seen her earlier, boyish, which made him sexier together with his white polo with the first two buttons open. “I like your honesty.”        

“I say you’re not from her.” Angelica started.          

“I’m from here alright.” Troy started. Angelica gave him a face which says “Oh!” all over it. “I was five when I moved to England with my grand mother. I studied music there. And just this few months my parents forced me to go back here.” Troy’s face frowned a little.   

“Don’t you like it in here?” Angelica asked him.      

“It’s not like that.” He defended. “I pretty much like it in here, it’s just that I’ve grown there and it’s too much adjustment for me to go back in here.”        

“Maybe you left your heart there?” Angelica added. Troy then guessed what the girl wants to know and where the conversation will be going. He just thought of having fun with Angelica and tell her later that he is gay.          

“Yap. I guess! I’m pretty in love with music, specially the music of England. But I think everywhere I could go there will be music around.” Disappointment was written all over Angelica’s face.         

She wasn’t expecting that kind of answer. She was expecting more of a personal answer. Is this guy dumb or what. She thought to herself.       

“Okay,” She said. “I guess you would not say it if I wouldn’t ask so I’ll go straight forward.” She paused to take a deep breath for a while. “Do you have a girlfriend?”         

Troy gave her a sexy smile. “I’ll go straight forward too if you want.” He paused and then looked at her straight in the eye and said, “Yes! And actually it’s supposed to be ‘boyfriend’.”  

Troy looked at Angelica which now has an ‘Oh my God’ expression. It took her about five second before she burst into laughter’s. Instead of getting disappointed, she burst into laughter because of the thought that she flirted with a gay.      

“Why did you laugh?” Troy asked.   

“I flirted with a gay.” She continued laughing. It took a little while before she got a hold of herself. “Why does all good looking guy turns to be gay always.” She said while still smiling.           

“I dunno!” Troy answered.    

“I know you’re too good to be true.” Angelica complained smiling still. “You’re romantic, handsome, sexy, gentle... those are the characteristics I want for a man. You’re almost perfect.”         

“Sorry sister,” Troy teased her. “It just happened that I want a dick and not a pussy.” They both burst into laughter again with what troy had just said.    

“So is he hot!” Angelica wanted to know about his boyfriend. “Is he huge or what?” she doesn’t stop talking. “Is he good in bed?”    

“I don’t know.” He answered and all the light in Angelica’s face worn out.           

“What kind of answer is that?” She asked.   

“Truth is that I never got to meet him yet.” Troy answered. “I don’t even know his name.” He added. “Our parents just matched us up and then all I know is that my father called me to go back here because I’m getting engaged in a week.” He played with the last scoop of ice cream he had on his glass. “Later they discovered that he just runaway.” 

“What!” Angelica almost shouted. He ran away from a beauty like you.” Angelica said with comforting voice. “He doesn’t know what he is missing.”       

“I can’t blame him though.” Troy said. “I could have done the same thing if not for my love for my parents.”

“Your folks sure are lucky they got you.”     

The two of them continued chatting for a while then Angelica remembered the party tonight together with the Auction. The she brought out the topic about going there.          

“So you’ll go tonight then?” Angelica asked him about the Auction which he knows nothing about.

“Tonight?” “Where?” Troy is clueless.          

“You mean you don’t know?” Angelica replied. “There would be an Auction of totally hot guys tonight with the starting bid of only $20, then if you got to buy one, you can do WHATEVER you want for tonight.” Angelica explained. “Every gay-guy knows about this though. And I say a lot of hot guys would be there too.”          

“I’m totally going.” Troy answered excitedly. “Can I go with you guys?” He asked looking at Angelica’s three girlfriends.          

“We can both go.” Angelica answered. “Those girls have other plans with their boyfriends. And since I’m single I can go with you. I’ll also try to get a guy.” Angelica giggled.          

“But then again, I’m quite contented with the guy inside my room half naked.” He bragged referring to his roommate who he doesn’t know. Troy smiled naughtily as he remembered the bulge in the boxers of his roommate.          

“I smell something.” Angelica teased him.    

“Oh! You don’t know half of it.” Troy exaggerated. He told her about what happened in the music room and in the room. He somewhat felt comfortable with Angelica. “I almost jerked when I saw him half naked like that with only his boxers. And the bulge. Shit! Makes me salivate like a dog.”          

“Is he gay or straight?” Angelica asked once more when he saw Troy looked at the man far from them. “If he’s gay he’s totally yours but if he’s straight could I have him?” she joked.             

Troy moved near hear and whispered “That’s him there, the one in black shirt.”     

“Oh my God!” Angelica uttered as she looked at Troy’s roommate. “His totally hot.” The guy they were looking is blond, with blue-green eyes. She estimated that the guy is almost 5’8 which is 2 inches lower than Troy. He is eating same ice cream as Troy earlier, vanilla.

“He’s gonna be mine.” Tory said.      

“I wouldn’t argue with that.” Angelica said. She wants not to be a competitor instead a friend for Troy. She enjoyed being with him. ‘I’ll support you with that.” Then they both giggled as they talked more about the guy.   

Voujhan was eating vanilla ice cream when his heart got totally broken. He saw his first love kissing someone. He fell in love with Troy when he saw him in the Music Room playing that morning. He believed in love at first sight and he felt it. He can almost fell the world fall into him when he saw Troy kissed Angelica in the cheeks.    

He’s angry with himself. And now he’s hurting. He really hoped that Troy is a gay but he was wrong, he kissed a girl and that means he’s straight. He secretly took a glance of the two and they seem to be talking sweetly and happily, and he’s hurting. 


 [Chapter Ends]


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