Title:               THE RUNAWAY  [Part 1 of a Search for the Runaway]

Author:          Avaritico [a.k.a Vain Phrell]

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Chapter Two



Voujhan went to the bar where the Auction would be held. The bar is huge and noisy also. He could hear from the outside the people and the music. The named “Aqua Bar” is written in the entrance of the bar.      

Voujhan didn’t enter yet. He hesitated for a while. He observed the people going in and outside the abr.  He then noticed two big black guys inspecting people who are entering the bar. He saw two guys whom the two didn’t let pass through.    

He felt backing out when he saw them. For a while he thought of going back to the dorm and maybe he could rest. He is about to go when a guy behind him spoke. “They only allowed 18 years of age and above inside, and to me it seems that those two guys are minors.”          

He turned to look at the person who spoke. It’s a 6’3 tall guy with black air that is clean cut. The guy is in pink tee shirt and black jeans. And something tells him that this guy is straight gay. Voujhan thought of the guy as hot but not hotter than his roommate or the guy he met in the piano room.           

“Matthew.” The tall guy handed his hand to him.    

He didn’t hesitate taking his hand for a handshake and told him his name, “Voujhan.”     

Matthew moved ahead of him towards the entrance then he looked back. “Are you going or not. Those pretty boys are waiting.” When Matthew felt Voujhan didn’t stir after what he said he came back and hold his hand and pulled him slightly. “This only happens every first semester, and if you don’t go, you’ll miss a lot of fun.”

Voujhan smiled at him. “Wait, how do you I’m gay. Am I that obvious?”  

Matthew smiled back at him as they entered the bar. “It takes one to know one,” Matthew answered. “You’re really that obvious.” Matthew added. “Some girls may actually fall in love with you cause you look just like a straight hot guy.”   

“Then how do you know?” Voujhan wondered.       

“I’m gay, I should know my specie.” They both burst into laughter with what Matthew had said.         

They have already entered the bar yet Matthew didn’t let his hand go. It’s like a common disco bar after all. People are dancing and the lights are changing colours with the disco ball. There are people drinking and talking also. There are also some that are kissing in public.            

“Where are we going?” he asked Matthew as he guided him through another door.           

“Relax,” Matthew whispered. Then they entered the door. When he entered, he was amazed. There’s a pool and also a party. Some people are just bikini, grilling, swimming and kissing.


“That’s why they call this Aqua bar.” Matthew explained. Then he took Voujhan near the bar tender’s counter.  

“Care for a drink handsome.” The hot bar tender offered Voujhan a drink. The guy is topless showing his six packed abs. He has great muscles result of his work out.    

“I just turned 18, so I haven’t drink yet. Maybe next time.” Voujhan answered with a smile.  “Thank anyway.”        

“How about you beautiful?” The bar tender flirty asked Matthew. The he leaned on the counter and looked at Matthew.        

“I drink that but I prefer drinking something else.” Matthew answered then his eyes went to the bulge in the Bar tenders shorts.           

“Naughty, naughty eh!” the bartender and Matthew smiled. Then Matthew also leaned on the counter and they both kissed.      

Voujhan turned back instantly when he saw the two joined their lips.         

“I’m so sorry you have to see that.” The bar tender told him. “My babe is just so horny that I have to give him something to stop for a while.”        

Voujhan smiled. “You two are boyfriends?”

“Yap!” Matthew answered. “This is my hot boyfriend Luke, whom I bought at the auction last year.” They both smile and kissed again.           

“Something tells me I’m not needed here anymore.” Voujhan smiled and then slowly walked away from the two.   

“Enjoy the night. And don’t forget to fuck a hot guy.” Matthew shouted at him as he went far.         

Angelica and Troy had entered the bar already and there they saw Voujhan. They have been following him since then. Voujhan had seated on the bench near the pool looking at people swimming as the two observed him.  

“Do you think his gay?” Angelica asked troy as they looked at him from a distance.         

“I hope so, so we could make out.” Troy answered smiling.

“Want to find out?” Angelica added.           


“Go ask him,” she answered him. “You’re roommates right?”         

Troy nodded as he answered yes.      

“Then introduce yourself as his roommate. That way you could talk to each other and know yourself better. And if he’s really gay, then tonight, you could really know each others...” she paused for a while. Then continued saying, “BODY.”           

“Bitch.” Troy told her as they both giggled. 

“Go!” Angelica pushed him to go to Voujhan.         

“Wait!” Troy combed his hair with his hand and the put everything in its place. “Do I look fine?”     

“NO!” Angelica answered loudly. “You look fucking hot and arousing.” She answered then opened one more button on his polo in a way that his chest is more exposed. “Wait a minute,” she asked. Then she left. Troy waited for her as he followed her with his eyes.    

Angelica went to get some punch and gave it to him. She gave him two glasses, one for Voujhan. “Break a leg.” She wished him with a flying kiss. 

It seemed a very long travel for Troy to reach where Voujhan is. His feet seem too heavy and his hearts seems to beat rapidly. He’s really nervous. He had not felt this way before. Sure he had a lot of boyfriends but not one of them had this effect on him. Just thinking of talking to Voujhan makes him so weak yet so excited.    

Voujhan seated himself on a bench near the pool. He looked at his watch. It’s only 7:30 and 30 minutes more for the auction to take place. He looked at the pool water and there he remembered what happened earlier in the dining hall.     

It was 6 pm when he entered the dining hall to eat dinner. The time he entered the hall, he’s heart broke when he saw Troy (the guy in the music room) kissed some girl on the check. He didn’t know how to react to that. And the one that hurt most to him is that, he didn’t have the right to react. What is he to him anyway, NOTHING.        

His appetite for food was lost and all he ordered was vanilla ice cream. He then sat on the corner, glancing at the two lovebirds, eating ice cream, hoping that the cold could numb his heart.

“His not the only hot guy in here.” Voujhan uttered to himself. “Flirt,” he added. “I’ll show you.” He talked to himself. “I’m going to grab a very hot guy tonight in the auction.”         

“You’re drifting too far.” Voujhan heard as he went back to the present. He saw a refection of a man in the water. It was that man that broke his heart earlier.           

He didn’t know what to say. He didn’t know how to react and what to do. His heart bumps so fast that he thought he’s dying. He really doesn’t expect this man to approach him, not now, now in that place.       

When Troy didn’t received a reaction he felt dumb. It’s his first time being ignored like that.  He though of going back to Angelica, but then didn’t.           

I’m already here. I’ve got to do this. He thought.      

“Care for a drink?” he offered a drink to Voujhan.  

Voujahn took the drink Troy offered him. He doesn’t drink alright, but something in this guy seems so irresistible that he couldn’t resist everything he will offer. If only he would offer his body to him.  

“Thanks!” he answered. Voujhan didn’t dare take a look at him. He would have collapse if he did. Troy really emits an aura that made him weak. All he wanted now was to hold him with his arms and stay protected by him.           

“I’m Troy by the way.” Troy told him as he took a sip at the punch he was offered.          

He name is so hot! Voujahn thought but failed to reply back.          

Troy felt really hurt. Doesn’t he look good? These guys just keep ignoring him and didn’t even look at him while he was so eager to look at his face. But still he is persistent. If this guy is straight the he just have to make him gay. Whatever happened?       

“I’m your roommate by the way.” Troy added. That’s the information that gave Voujahn much a shock. He remembered that guy whose body is so beautiful that gave him an erection. And the guy who played the piano so skilfully. Now the two is only one person. And he’s is now behind him standing.          

“You’re name is?” Troy asked him.   

“Vo - Voujhan,” he felt dumb again. “I’m sorry I’m really not myself today.” He made an excuse then instantly he left. H couldn’t take it much longer. He couldn’t take the presence of Troy beside him that’s why he left before he could do more things stupid and put him away.            

Troy went back to Angelica when Voujhan left him. He felt he had been dumped. It hurts his ego and most off all his heart. Its’ the first time he felt that way and he’s been dumped. He took all the punch he has in his glass in just one sip and then hand the empty glass to Angelica then went to a seat near the bartender and ordered more.            

Angelica followed him and curiously asked what happened. Though she have been watching, she really didn’t understand what happened.       

“He dumped me!” Troy answered her while drinking more punch.  

“What did he say exactly?” Angelica asked him.      

“It must have been better if he had said something. But the truth is, he barely say anything. He didn’t even look at me and just left.” Troy was very disappointed and heart broken.           

“Maybe he’s really straight!” Angelica answered.     

Troy didn’t listen to her instead he continued drinking. “Don’t you have a stronger drink than this?” He asked the bartender. Then the bartender gave him Vodka and that brought hit him really bad ‘til the last of the Auction.

 Voujhan went back to Matthew when he left Troy. He talked to him about what happened. He felt comfortable talking to Matthew and said almost everything that happened without erasing a simple detail.     

He told him how hot Troy was but also he is worried that the guy is straight,. He also told him of them being roommate and the time when he say the guy naked and all.       

“Then you already found your guy!” Matthew told him. Then they both look at Troy who is drinking Vodka from afar.

“But I really think he’s straight.” Voujhan insisted. Then pointed Angelica with his lips, “see that girl, I think they’re lovers.”

“Did you ask him about it?” Matthew interrogated him.      

“I told you. I didn’t have the courage to say anything.” Voujhan repeated. “I just left him there.”            

“Here take this, maybe this will give you the confidence that you need.” He offered him some punch. Same as what Troy had offered him earlier. He didn’t hesitate to drink it. After taking some glasses of punch he found himself and decided to talk to Troy but he was nowhere to be found.     

Voujhan felt a little head ache when he got to the door step of his room. He took a deep breath before he opened the door. He though of explaining everything to Troy, that he is just so tired earlier. When he opened the door, he thanked God that his roommate wasn’t there. Then he could still have time to bath and sleep before it arrived and he could avoid the conversation.

It was when he is about to go to be with only his boxers on that someone knocked at the door.   

He could have opened the door! He thought then he opened the door. There he saw Angelica helping Troy who is drunk already.

“My best friend here got really drank.” Angelica greeted her with a smile. “Mind helping me.”

“Sure!” he helped her bring him to his bed.   

“That guy sure drinks a lot more than he could take.” Angelica told him. “By the way I’m Angelica.”      

“I’m Voujhan.”          

“Nice meeting you Voujhan.” Angelica went to the door. “I’ll leave him to you.” She bid good bye and closed the door.          

Voujhan didn’t know what to do with Troy. He looked at the guy and observed him for a while. Troy still looks handsome even if he’s so drunk. He smells like Vodka though. Its first time that he had encountered a drunken hot guy in his room and he didn’t know what to do. He then just followed his instincts. He unbutton Troy’s shirt and removed it from him. He had a hard time doing this since the man is so heavy. He took off the man’s shoes and socks and finally his pants leaving only his boxers. Then he observed him for a while before he covered him with the comforter.

Voujhan looked at Troy sleeping. He still is so handsome. Then he felt bad leaving the guy behind earlier. He went to sit on Troy’s bed for a while looking at his face.     

“You really are handsome, Troy,” he said. “And I maybe fallen’ in love with you.”           

Then he got nervous when Troy moved. But the guy is so drunk that he didn’t care. Then he stood to go to his own bed when troy held one of his hands.      

“Uh! I f- -feel so b-ad,” the guy couldn’t even say a word straight. “I nee-d a cuddle.”     

Does this guy know who he’s talking to. Maybe he thinks I’m Angelica or some other girls            .

“Please!” Troy managed to be sweet even if he’s drunk already.     

He wanted to take the opportunity yet a part of him doesn’t. What if the guy wakes up tomorrow and remembers everything. What would he say? But something tells him that Troy wouldn’t let go of his hand so he did gave him what he requested, a cuddle.

Voujhan went up his bed and when Troy felt him, Troy embraced him with both his hand. The said, “hmmmn.... comfy comfy.”

Voujhan found it cute yet he got a little nervous. What if he fell asleep with him there? What would happen in the morning? The slowly he felt Troy sty still which means to him that Troy is already sleeping. There he started talking to him.          

“Know what?” Voujhan talked to the sleeping Troy. “I feel in love with you when I first saw you in the music room. I couldn’t erase your eyes in my mind. I couldn’t erase the way you looked at me when we first met. And I couldn’t erase you.” He continued. “Too bad you wouldn’t remember this in the morning but I guess it’s good for me that you don’t.” Voujhan combed Troy’s hair a little. “I know you’re in love with Angelica. I saw you kissing her. It hurts for me but know you’ll never be mine since you’re straight and I’m gay.”  Troy moved and tightens the hold he had on Voujhan and Voujhan didn’t complain.        

“I just want to say that I fell in love with you. I feel bad leaving you behind earlier, but I’m just too confused to talk to you.” Voujhan talked continuously. “I couldn’t find the strength to talk to you. Don’t worry; I’ll change room so that I can move on with my life. Don’t want to get in the way of you and Angelica.” He continued until he didn’t realized he was falling asleep as well.

Troy woke up early that morning finding Voujhan with him in his bed. He is still hugging the guy. He found a little happiness inside him when he remembered what happened last night. He requested Voujhan for a cuddle which he also gave.        

The cuddle is one of the things which made him happy but another thing is that he knew that this guy is madly in love with him. He’s so happy to find out that the feeling between them is mutual.

Sure he’s drunk last night, he couldn’t talk straight or walk straight yet his memory is clear. This man just confessed to him last night. And this makes him really happy. He comb Voujhan’s hair repeatedly and the looked at him. They were both wearing boxers only. This made him horny feeling Voujhan’s hot skin against his.  

 He really wanted to stay like that for a while, holding Voujhan with his arms, feeling him. It makes him really so happy, but it’s time to wake up and classes are about to begin.

He put a slight kissed on Voujhan’s lips to wake him up. “Wake up sleeping beauty.”       

Voujhan’s eye widened as he blushed like a tomato when he woke up with his lips joining with Troy’s. “Good Morning!” Tory greeted him.    

Voujahn was confused why Troy is acting this way towards him. Voujhan seemed to be lost in space when Troy joined their lips again. “Am I not a good kisser?” He asked him sweetly. This made his face totally red.         

“You weren’t that shy last night when you confess that you love me.” Troy started with a smile while getting up.           

“What!” Voujhan got shocked about what he said. Troy did remember he though blaming himself and now his teasing.  

“Yap!” I remember alright. Troy gave him a naughty smile. 

Voujhan is so embarrassed that all he could do is cover himself with his comforter and hide from the world forever. 

“Troy saw him and went back to bed.” He went to him and told him the time. “We slept together last night in one bed, so I guess it would be okay if we bath together as well.”    

That made Voujhan’s situation worse. He though he could just hide there forever until he heard his alarm.          

“Let’s talk about it later.” Troy told him. He striped off his boxers and went to the shower.           

Voujhan got embarrassed thinking of what he had said last night and that Troy have remembered every bit of it. Then he heard Troy shout something from the shower room. He went near and asked what.          

“I forgot my shampoo.” Troy told him. “It’s on my closet.” 

He went to his closet and found a bottle of shampoo. Then went back to the shower and knocked. “Here” he said as he hand it to Troy.         

“Troy on the other hand grabbed his hand instead of the shampoo pulling him inside the shower room and locking the door. ‘He didn’t have much time to think of what to do. He just looked at the naked guy standing nest to him. Troy’s body is perfect. He can see him smile as he watched Voujhan look at him. Troy felt proud when Voujhan’s eyes landed on his 8 inches dick.

Then Troy started to hold him. “Let bath together.” He whispered to his ear which made Voujhan red again. He’s really a shy guy if involves in this kind of activity. The shower is still on. Voujhan really admires the way Tory looks as the water flow from his hair down his body to his protruding cock.        

They Troy washed Voujhan body while caressing him slightly. “I don’t need the shampoo,” Troy whispered again. He can see that since he saw a bottle of shampoo on the shower rack. It’s different from the one he brought. “I just need you.”       

The Troy started kissing his neck. He felt hot and horny. The Troy moved his lips to his chest searching for his nipple. He licked his right nipple with his tongue while caressing the left with his hand. Voujhan just uttered a little moan as he does this. The Troy slight bit his nipple making him moan as he felt so good.   

Troy moved his mouth downward to his abs, licking every part of it, and then moved again until his mouth met his boxers. Troy moved upward again returning to his nipple and to his neck and then gave hi a kiss on the lips.   

“Feeling good?” Troy asked him whispering.”          

He just nodded, drunk by the alien sensation. He wanted more and Troy knows that. Troy joined their lips again and now with more passion, he entered his mouth with his tongue. His is exploring Voujhan’s mouth with his tongue making him moan again and again.       

The Voujhan put his hand around Troy’s neck as troy held his ass to get him near to him. They were kissing passionately, tasting every part of each others mouth. Troy bit Voujhan’s lips slight making him moan and moan.   

Then Troy broke their kiss and whispered “let remove this.” He touched the boxers of Voujhan. Voujhan just nodded while Troy is making the move. Troy kneeled as he wet Voujhan boxers with his mouth. He is slightly kissing the fabric and whatever inside of it seems awake already. 

Voujhan moaned as Troy’s lips touched the fabric of his boxers. Even with the fabric, he can still feel the hot sensation that Troy’s mouth brought to his 7 inches uncut dick. Troy slowly lick his abs again lowers to his boxers while slowly removing it. His lip is kissing every part of Voujhan that gets exposed as he uncovers him, until he got to that elongated dick which points upward.

He looked at Voujhan for confirmation, who nodded at him. Troy first kissed the tip of his dick which makes him shiver. It’s Voujhan first time to get sucked. Troy made it slowly yet intense.     

He first put only the head of his dick on his mouth and played it with his tongue. This made Voujhan hot and hold to Troy’s hair. Voujahn moan loudly begging Troy for more. Troy seemed to enjoy teasing him. He continued plying with his penis’ head and sucked it.        

Voujhan couldn’t take it much longer. He begged Troy to take him in which Troy did. He took as much as he can of Voujhan’s dick and gave him the best blow job of his life.        

He moved the dick in and out of his mouth while Voujhan is moving his Troy’s head. Voujhan felt so good. He felt heaven. Then he felt himself nearer to his orgasm.    

Troy knew this since he felt Voujhan feet stiffen. He wanted him to cum inside his mouth. He wanted to taste a bucket of his load. He wanted more of him.   

“I’m cumming,” Voujhan told him as his grip on his hair tightened.            

“Cum!” Troy told him continuing what he is doing.

Voujhan couldn’t stop it anymore. He unloaded a bucket of his man juice on Troy’s mouth and Troy licked his dick so that none get thrown away. He consumed every last drop of his cum. Voujhan weakened as Troy held him with his hand.         

“It’s your first, isn’t it,” Troy whispered on his ears. He blushed as he nodded. The Troy kissed him on the lips passionately. “Thanks for letting me do your first time.” Again they both shared a passionate kiss.

Voujhan found the strength to say something after what they just shared. “Can I do that to you too,” he then blushed as Troy’s face lightened up.    

“I would love to, if you would do that.” Troy smiled at him. “But we don’t have much time done we.” It’s only minutes before their classes start. “Unless you don’t mind going to class late.” Troy gave him a naughty smile and a kiss on the lips while they both bath each other.


 [Chapter Ends]


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