Title:               THE RUNAWAY  [Part 1 of a Search for the Runaway]

Author:          Avaritico [a.k.a Vain Phrell]

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Chapter Three



 It’s has been months since Voujhan and Troy met. Today is February and Voujhan is so excited to go back to the dorm. He still has two classes to attend before he can go to the dorm but he cannot wait any longer. He still remembered the last night he had with Troy.


Voujhan became horny as he remembered that night. He went outside to masturbate and then decided not to go back to his class. He decided to go back to the fountain where he first heard Troy played the piano. It was a memorable place for him.


He was so excited that he texted his sister about it.


Voujhan: Hey sis. I’m so excited to go to the dorm. He’s so sweet and he promised me something tonight.


He sat at the fountain remembering again what had happened last night.



Voujhan went to sleep on Troy’s bed while waiting for him. He had been busy for the day about his academics and the scent of Troy on his bed brought comfort to him. He felt secure as he inhaled Troy’s presence on his pillow, hugging it.


Troy entered their room, searching for his love. He saw him sleeping topless on his bed hugging his pillow. The sight of the Voujhan hugging his pillow as if it was him made him smile and felt happy inside. Troy really loves this guy.


As he looked at Voujhan, he felt guilty of not telling him all about himself. He told Voujhan almost everything about himself, except the fact that he was engaged. He didn’t know where to start in telling him. He didn’t want things to change between the both of them because of it. And most of all he doesn’t want to lose Voujhan. He loved him so much.


Troy went to the bed where Voujhan lays sleeping. He sits on the bedside and looked at Voujhan’s face then combed his hair. After a while of looking at the beautiful face of his lover, he decided to let him sleep for a while. He kissed his lips before he stand.


Troy left the bed where Voujhan sleeps and decided to go for a shower. He went to the bathroom and strip off all his clothing. First he removed his shirt which revealed his muscular chest. He touched his body while remembering Voujhan’s touched. He touched himself as if Voujhan is doing it to him. He imagined feeling Voujhan’s fingers caress his nipples.


As Troy was imagining things, he felt his 8 inches dick stiffened. He was so horny that he wanted to go out and take Voujhan to climax. He continued imaging Voujhan’s hands on him, caressing him. He moved his hand on his abs, feeling his every muscle. He moved downwards until he reached his dick. He took hold of it and played with his dick’s head for a while. He imagined Voujhan licking it. He moved his hand in slower pace at first, but as he reached his climax he couldn’t control his hand. He was jerking rapidly scattering cum to the bathroom floor, door and almost everywhere. After jerking himself he finished his shower, cleaning himself so that Voujhan would crave to kiss him tonight.


The time when Troy went out of the bathroom he heard someone whistle. There’s no one else in the room except him and Voujhan so he turned to Voujhan with a smile. 


Voujhan was now sitting on the bed. He is fully awake. He did feel asleep but when Troy entered the room he woke up and pretended to be asleep.


Troy is wearing only towel around his waist which gave Voujhan the opportunity to see his bulging front. Voujhan felt his heart beat faster as he gazed at the beautiful creature in front of him. He can smell the sweetness of Troy’s skin and the smell of his soap. He’s heart beats even faster as he look at Troy’s face who is a little wet with some water droplets falling from his hair.


Troy smiled at him which made him blushed. “Horny aren’t we?” Troy joked at him smiling and standing still. Then Troy removed the towel around his waist which revealed his dangling manhood which is now partly awake. Voujhan’s gaze made his horny.


Voujhan’s eyes went to the dangling thing in front of Troy. It was huge though it wasn’t fully awake. He imagined this thing inside of him. He smiled and his manhood started to wake up too.


Voujhan and troy hadn’t fucked yet. They had a lot of sucking together since they first make out but Voujhan still remains a virgin and Troy don’t want to rush him ‘til his ready. This few months together, all they do is just kissing each others body and dick, but no anal penetration yet.


Troy walked toward the bed where Voujhan is sitting and when he reached the bed their lips both met in a passionate kiss. They were still kissing while Troy was moving to be on top of Voujhan. And Voujhan lay down from being seated. Now they were still kissing while Troy was on top of Voujhan. Troy moved his mouth from Voujhan’s lips to his cheeks. Then he kissed him passionately on his neck giving Voujhan a burning sensation on his skin.


Voujhan can feel Troy’s lips on his skin. He feels so warn as his gentle lips landed on his lips, cheeks and neck. He felt like burning.


Troy went to Voujhan’s chest searching for his nipple. He then found Voujhan’s nipple with his lips and licked it so hard that made Voujhan moan.  He remained licking Voujhan nipple with his lips and slightly biting it while his right hand was freely moving on Voujhan’s body.


Troy moved his lips from Voujhan nipple to his abs. He licked every muscle on it. Then he found Voujhan’s boxers. Troy slowly removed Voujhan’s boxers kissing every part of his skin being exposed. And he finally got to the part he was most interested to see and suck.


Now standing in front of Troy is the full awake dick of Voujhan. It proudly stands 7 inches. Troy lowered his mouth to Voujhan’s dick and put the head inside his mouth. It was his favourite thing to do, teasing Voujhan. He twirled his tongue on Voujhan’s dick making him moan so loud. Troy didn’t stop teasing him; and remained twirling his tongue on his dick’s head.


Voujhan felt an intense pleasure which made him grip the pillow his laying on. He felt so good. “Oh. Uh!” Voujhan moaned repeatedly. “You’re so good.”


Troy felt Voujhan couldn’t take it anymore and anytime he may cum so he licked Voujhan’s dick one more time and free it from his mouth moving his lips to meet Voujhan’s and they shared another passionate kiss.


“Why’d you stopped?” Voujhan asked confused after they kissed. Troy is still above him and their faces are only centimetres apart from each other. “I’m almost there.”


Troy smiled and kissed him. “I want you to do that to me.” Then they change position. Voujhan came on top of Troy. He kissed him on the lips. Troy also kissed him back.


Voujhan learned how play in bed because of Troy. Troy taught him how to kiss and suck.


Voujhan went to Troy’s nipple licking one after the other. He bit them slightly giving an intense sensation to his partner. He lick Troy’s nipple over and over again.


Then he moved downwards and found Troy’s protruding 8 inches. He kissed the tip first. Then lick the tip with the tip of his tongue. Voujhan looked at Troy for signal to start; when Troy nodded he immediately put the entire dick inside his mouth. He blew and blew while twirling his tongue on it.  Troy moaned hardly as Voujhan continued what he was doing.


Troy felt the warmness of Voujhan’s mouth. He can feel his tongue as it touches his. He was in heaven, in bliss. He put his hands on Voujhan’s hair grasping it a little. Voujhan continued sucking until Troy’s feet stiffened. He was about to cum.


“Wait, stopped.” Troy told him preventing himself from ejaculating. 


Voujhan stooped and looked at him confused. Voujhan is a little disappointed. He wanted Troy to cum inside his mouth. He always loved the taste of cum on his lips. “Now what?” Voujhan asked.


Troy just kissed him and then moved to turn them both in a 69 position, wherein they could such each other’s dick. “Let’s try this position.” Troy said as his lips moved to Voujhan’s erect dick. Voujhan also moved his lips to Troy’s dick and they both suck each other.


Troy felt Voujhan’s leg stiffened. Only a few more strokes then his love will be cumming and so is he. He can fell their cum ready to squirt. A few more strokes and they both cum filling each others mouth with their sticky man juice. They both took all the cum of their partners in without missing a single drop. After the last squirt, Troy licked Voujhan’s dick making sure nothing is wasted, Voujhan did the same thing.


They went back to the position where they can kiss lips to lips and kissed. Then cuddle each other.


“What’s our plan for valentines?” Voujhan asked Troy. Valentines is already tomorrow and they haven’t planned anything yet.


“It’s a surprise.” Troy whispered at him which made him smile. Then they both slept in each others arm.


(Present day)

Alicia visited Diana about Voujhan’s location but she couldn’t get something from her. She kept telling alicia that she will surely tell them if Voujhan called.


“You’re brother is really stubborn.” Alicia said. “Why can’t he just do as your father tells him?” Alicia and Diana were both sitting on the sofa of their hotel lobby.


“Mom,” Alicia answered. “Voujhan is already 18 he can already think of what is best for him. Why can’t you just let him be what he wants to be?”


“Your father’s company is in great danger, and only a merger could save it.” Alicia had a lonely face. “I wouldn’t agree with your father about the merger if it wasn’t the last resort.” Alicia continued. “Your father worked hard for this company. And it’s the one giving Voujhan the luxury that he has. Your father and I will sooner die; you have your husband and children. Voujhan will have nothing except for the company that your father will leave to him soon. That’s why we don’t want to loose the company.”


 “It’s a long way to death mom. You’re still strong and dad is too. Both of you won’t die that easily.” Alicia joked and they both laughed.


Diana saw Jane going to their direction. She went to her grandmother and sat on her lap. “Mommy, Sammy is crying, I’m sorry I couldn’t stop him.” She was talking to Diana about his baby brother.


Diana and Brielle had two children. The older is Jane who is already four years old and the younger is Sammy who is one year old.


“Excuse me mom, I’ll attend to my baby for a while.” Diana went to get her child. It was the day off of their nanny that is why she’s watching them.


“Granny why hadn’t uncle Voujhan visited me?” Jane asked Alicia. Jane was very close to Voujhan since she was born. Voujhan would always bring her gifts and toys whenever he pays a visit to his sister. “I missed my uncle.”


“He’ll visit soon.” Alicia told her to make her happy.


“He told me that too.” Jane excitedly told her. “Last time he called he told me he’ll visit on Sunday.”


“He called you?” Alicia was shocked of what the child had said. “When?”


“It was like Tuesday.” Jane answered. It was just three days ago. Alicia didn’t have a clue that Diana is keeping a secret from her. All the time she knew where Voujhan is yet she didn’t told them.


Jane told every single detail about Voujhan’s being there months before. She also told her that sometimes he would come and pay a visit. But she didn’t know where he is. Jane was talking about Voujhan when Diana’s phone rang. It was a text message from someone named Vjhan.


This is Voujhan. Alicia thought then opened the message.


Voujhan: Hey sis. I’m so excited to go to the dorm. He’s so sweet and he promised me something tonight.


Alicia pretended to be Diana and texted back so that she may have an idea where Voujhan is.


Alicia: Who’s he?


Voujhan: hahaha, funny sis!.. Of course I’m talking ‘bout Troy, the hot one.


Alicia: Ah where are you now? When are you going to visit here?


Voujhan: “I’m at YoVille’s campus. I never leave because I don’t want to be seen by mom and dad.  Didn’t I told you that I’ll visit next Sunday?”


Alicia heard Diana approaching so her just texted Voujhan good luck and then returned the phone to where it was. She then hurried home after bidding goodbye to Diana.


Voujhan felt weird about how his sister acted when he texted her but he didn’t bother thinking too much about it since he had troy to deal with tonight. He is so excited.


Voujhan went back to the dorm without finishing his class since he didn’t feel he could concentrate. When he entered the door he was amazed. There were roses everywhere; on the bed on the shower and every where. Then he saw a card on his bed. It was filled with sweet scent of rose.


The card says: “Happy valentines day to my beloved Voujhan. Thank you loving me. I love you more than ever,” signed Troy.


He giggled. He felt happy. Troy was so romantic, he thought. This was the surprise he was talking about.


Voujhan prepared himself. He took a bath and made himself good-looking. He is already good-looking and putting on a white polo and a pair of black pant makes him dazzled even more.


Voujhan just finished preparing when someone knocked at his door. He opened it and there he was mesmerized by what he saw. The ever gorgeous Troy was standing in front of him. Troy leaned on the side of the door as he waited for Voujhan to react.  He was wearing a black polo with the first two upper buttons opened, a black pants and his silver necklace. He looks very hot. “Are you ready?” Troy asked.


Voujhan held Troy’s and pulled him closer so that they share a passionate kiss. “I’ll take that as a yes.” Troy added then they both went out.


Troy brought him to a fancy Italian restaurant. While waiting for their orders, they hold each others hand while listening to the singer singing an Italian love song.


“Thanks for this.” Voujhan told him.


“Don’t thank me yet.” Troy showed a sexy smile. “The night’s just starting,” he added while squeezing Voujhan’s hands a little.


“What else do you got?” Voujhan asked him.


“Just some tricks to make you smile.” Troy answered. “Will you close your eyes for me?” He requested.


“Why?” Voujhan smile to the idea. “You must be up to something.”


“Yes, I sure am.” Troy answered smiling sexily again.


“Here goes!” Voujhan closed his eyes and he felt Troy move. Troy stand at his back then made him wear something. He could feel a necklace being put into his neck.


“You open it now.” Troy told him as he goes back to sit. “happy valentines.”


He looked at the necklace. It was made of silver and had a pendant in a shape of a key.


“That way, only you can open my heart!” Troy blushed.


Voujhan smiled at him and squeezed his hand a little. “You’re so sweet.” Voujhan then turned sad.


“What happened?”Troy asked. “Did I say something?”


“No.” Voujhan answered.


“Then why are you lonely.” Troy added. “Didn’t you like the necklace.”


“I love it but...” Voujhan didn’t finished what he was saying.


“But what?” Troy asked.


“I didn’t get you something.” Voujhan answered.


Troy smiled. He moved to kiss him then whispered. “It’s okay. You can pay me later on bed.” Troy then smiled while Voujhan blush a little.


They have enjoyed their food and danced a little before they went back to the dorm.


“Now you can pay me your debt.” Troy whispered at Voujhan while they both fell to bed.


Voujhan went on top Troy. “My pleasure.” Voujhan answered him as he unbuttoned Troy’s polo. Voujhan was kissing every part Troy’s chest that was being exposed as he is undressing him.


Finally when he finished unbuttoning it Troy helped him remove it completely. Voujhan can feel the Troy’s erection as his thigh rubbed against his hardness. Troy felt the same thing.


After Troy have his polo off they change position, Troy came atop of Voujhan. He kissed him on the lips. Troy made his tongue explore Voujhan’s lips as Voujhan submits to him wholly. They where both catching their breaths after they kissed.


Troy then started to do his thing. He kissed Voujhan’s neck and then slowly unbuttoned Voujhan’s polo. He was kissing every part being exposed. After he opened the polo completely his lips searched for Voujhan’s nipple. He then licked and sucked it. Voujhan gave a moan.


Troy felt so good hearing Voujhan’s moan so he repeated licking and sucking Voujhan’s nipple. He then bit them slightly making Voujhan moan even louder.


They both undressed each other and they were now cuddling on the bed naked. Troy was on top while Voujhan was at the bottom. Then they both shared a kiss.


“Who’s gonna do the kissing (sucking) first?” Troy asked Voujhan.


“No sucking this time.” Voujhan answered him. Troy looked confused. Then Voujhan searched something from his pillow and showed it to Troy. Troy smiled while a little amazed.


“Are you sure about that?” Troy asked.


“I’m not sure!” Voujhan answered. “But I trust you.”


“Voujhan Gilberth,” Troy started. “You made me the happiest man alive.” Again they shared a kiss.


Voujhan sat on the bed while holding the condom he got under his pillow with him. Troy was lying back on the bed. Voujhan first licked Troy’s dick before he rolled the condom on.


“There’s a lube on my locker.” Troy told him which made him jump and get the bottle of lube instantly. He gave the lube to troy since he does not know what to do with it. Sure he saw a lot of gay porno but none demonstrates how to lube someone.


Troy put some lube on his dick then pushed Voujhan gently to the bed so that he lay down while Troy was on top of him. He was then licking Voujhan’s dick while putting his middle finger inside of Voujhan. Voujhan felt weird. Voujhan moved a little when he felt Troy’s finger moved inside him. He felt uneasy at first but then he started moaning sweetly while Troy was exploring his inside with his middle finger. Troy pulled his middle finger out gently, and then entered his middle finger and fore finger in. Voujhan twitched and moaned again as he felt the fingers inside him.


After lubricating Voujhan Troy and Troy felt his readiness he lay down. Voujhan on the other hand straddled on Troy. Troy guided his dick with his hand on Voujhan’s ass, while Voujhan moved down until Troy’s entire dick was inside him.


“Babe you’re so tight.” Troy told him.


They didn’t move for a little while. Troy gave Voujhan time to adjust to the alien thing inside his body. Troy held Voujhan’s hand as his lover grasp for air. Troy’s dick is thick and it’s far thinker than the fingers he first put inside him.


“You’re huge.” Voujhan told him while still catching his breath.


“Its okay babe, take your time.” Troy told him squeezing his hands.


Voujhan got used to the dick inside him and tried moving a little forward and downward. Voujhan was moaning and so was Troy. They were both breathing rapidly as their body dance into each others rhythm.


Voujhan leaned to kiss Troy and then they changed their position. Now Voujhan was at the bottom while troy was still inside of him. Troy kissed him and started moving inside and outside of him. Voujhan took grip of the pillow under his head as Troy pushed inside and outside of his ass.


Troy’s sweat was dropping from his forehead to Voujhan’s body. They troy aimed for the spot where he was sure that would make Voujhan feel good. Troy aimed for Voujhan’s prostate which made Voujhan moan harder.


Voujhan felt really good when Troy aims for his prostate. He keeps moaning louder and louder.


Troy kissed him on the lips while continuing his fucking him. “You’re so tight babe.”


“Not if will keep repeating this.” Voujhan smiled. “I think I’m cumming.” He added ad troy kept hitting his prostate.


“I’ll cum with you!” Troy told him then made his pace a little faster. The sensation that Voujhan felt intensified. Voujhan’s grip on the pillow tightened as Troy brought him to the horizon.


Voujhan squirted his man juice which hit Troy’s face and also his. Troy stopped for awhile since the grip of Voujhan’s ass to his penis became very tight. After Voujhan had ejaculated, Troy again beats his ass faster and cum inside him.


Voujhan felt the hot liquid being unloaded inside him which made him moan one last time as troy withdraw his worn out dick and removed the condom throwing it to a waste basket.


Troy dropped on the bed cuddling Voujhan. “This is the best gift anyone had given me for valentine. Troy smiled, “thanks babe. I love you”


Voujhan smiled. “I love you too.”


They both felt asleep on each others arm.


It was 1 am when Voujhan received a call from Diana. She was in a rush and her tone was a bit worried.


“This better be good sis because you have just woken me up from a very good sleep.” Voujhan told his sister as he looked at Troy’s peaceful face.


“This is not good my brother.” She started.


“What happened?” Voujhan got a little worried. “Did something happen to Dad or Mom?”


“No!” Diana answered.


“Thank God.” Voujhan felt relieved. “What is it then?”


“Mom knew you’re location and they are going to get you from there tomorrow.” Diana answered without pausing.


“H-how did she know?” Voujhan got a little nervous.


“She read the text that you sent me. And my daughter told her about you.” Diana told him. ‘You must leave now.”


“I can’t sis!” Voujhan answered. “I can’t leave Troy behind.”


“It’s for the best.” Diana insisted. “Have you told him about your engagement?”


“No!” Voujhan answered.


“Then you have to tell him.” Diana told him. Tell him everything and maybe you cold transfer schools.


“That’s impossible.” Voujhan answered with a lonely tone. He don’t know how troy would react if he knew Voujhan was engaged. And he is afraid to know.


“Brother you should decide fast and the morning is fast approaching.” Diana told him.


“I’ll be alright sis.” Voujhan answered. “I love you.”


“I love you too.” Diana then dropped the call.


Voujhan looked at Troy while combing his hair.  “I love you.” Voujhan told him, he realized that Troy was partly awake. 

“I love you too.” Troy answered.


“Can we talk?” Voujhan asked him and kissed him on the lips.


“Can we make it tomorrow?” Troy smiled at him. “I’m too drunk with your love and caress to be talking right now.” Troy added. They Troy pulled Voujhan near and they cuddled until they fell asleep.


 [Chapter Ends]


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