Title:               THE RUNAWAY  [Part 1 of a Search for the Runaway]

Author:          Avaritico [a.k.a Vain Phrell]

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Chapter Four


“Hello, mom.” Troy answered his phone when it rang… He went to the cafeteria after his morning jogging. He went jogging while Voujhan was asleep and planned to bring him breakfast in bed. “Mom, are you there..

“Yes honey,” his mom answered on the other line.

“It’s so early. Why did you call?” he asked directly. He thought that maybe his fiancée already went home and is ready for the engagement. Well, he wasn’t. He planned to go home this weekend and tell his parents about Voujhan and how he loves him.

“Why?” the voice on the other line suddenly sounds lonely. “Don’t you want to talk to your mother?” Her mom added. “Is it bad for me to miss my one and only son?”

He knew that tone. When it comes to his mother, he knows how she would talk to him when she needed a favour. And this is it. He just knew it.

“Okay. Okay… I missed you too.” Troy answered obliged.

“I’m so happy to hear that, my baby.” His mom answered with bliss.

There again… His mom just won’t stop sweet talking to him unless she doesn’t have a favour to ask. And for her, she doesn’t want to be the one to discuss it, so Troy should be the one to ask her first.

“Yeah!” Troy loves his mother very much even if he hadn’t grown up with her. He grew up in England with his grandfather but his mother always calls him in phone. “What can I do for you mom?”

“It’s just a very simple favour.” Kathleen answered. (Troy’s mom)

“Uhmmm…” Troy replied. “Are you sure it that simple.” He added. “You know I don’t want to go out of campus today.”

“No need for that honey.” Kathleen added.

“So what is it then?” Troy asked her.

“Okay so let me explain first.” Kathleen told him and started talking. “Alicia just found out where her son went and it just happen that he went to the same college where you are now honey. So my best friend Alicia and Richard went there. Alicia just texted me that they already arrived there and currently having breakfast inside the canteen.”

Troy’s heart beats faster. His fiancée was in the same school as he was all along. He wonder if they have already met. Then the problem is that his fiancée’s parents is also there. God what is he going to do. 

“Well, I want you to help them search for you fiancée if that is okay with you.” His mom talked. “And by the way meet them in the cafeteria.”

“I’m already here.” Troy answered.

“So, I’ll just tell them to search for you.” What are you wearing?” Kathleen asked. She asked so that she could tell Alicia how to meet him.

“I’m in my jogging pants and blue shirt.” Troy answered.

“Okay, I’ll tell them that. Good Luck honey. I love you.”

“Love you too mom.” Troy answered.

 Troy played with his phone for a while. Then he thought of the thing to do. He cannot just tell them that he already saw someone he loves. He can’t break his parent’s heart. After all, his fiancée is not just son of his father’s business partner but also the son of his mom’s best friend.

“Come what may.” Voujhan told himself as he put his attention back to the hot chocolate he was drinking before his mother called

Voujhan woke up with Troy nowhere to be found. He felt a little disappointed, though he knew that his beloved goes jogging every morning. It makes him more delicious and more handsome so he doesn’t mind waking up alone. He sometime goes jogging with Troy if he gets to wake up early. Once, he told Troy to wake him up so he could also jog, but Troy sometime do not want to wake him out (like today) since he said Voujhan was ‘tired because of last night’s work’.

While he was still on bed stretching, his phone rang. ‘Diana’ was the caller ID, it was his sister. He then remembered the conversation with her sister last night after he and Troy made loved.

He picked up his phone and the voice on the other line rapidly answered. “Voujhan, I’ve been calling you for hours.” Diana’s voice sounds so concerned and so worried. ‘Where are you now? Have you got out of the campus yet?”

“Hey sis come down.” He told her. “I’m still in the dorm.”

“WHAT?” she seems like shouting on the other end of the phone. “Didn’t you got alarmed of what I told last night?”

“I told you calm down. It would take time for mom and dad to come here.” Voujhan reasoned out. He thought about it. He thought of telling Troy all about himself, about his engagement and everything. And then he plan to tell his parents that he and Troy loves each other. And he’s is going to do what his heart desires.

“Sorry to tell you bro but they are already there by now.” His sister told him. “I called at home and Joanne (one of their maids) told me that they left as soon as they confirmed that you are there.”

“Oh God!” he just said. His mind got shocked. But he thought that his plan can still go on as long as he can talk to Troy before troy meets his parents. He will need to explain everything to troy first.

“I got to go Sis,” he rushed saying good bye to his sister on the phone.

“Wait…” the last words he heard from his sister when he hung the phone.

“He took a bath rapidly and went to search for Troy. He got to meet Troy before his parents find him so that things will go according to his plan. And the plan should go smoothly so he could be happy with Troy in his life.

Alicia just received a message from her best friend Kathleen that her son is meeting them at the cafeteria of the University so they went there to meet him. The two decided to go look for Voujhan themselves since the private investigator that they hire to find him didn’t found him at all. They wanted to be sure to get a hold of Voujhan now. And with the help of their future son in law, they are positive that Voujhan wouldn’t ‘escape’.

Kathleen also sent them a picture of Troy via mobile so they will get to recognize him.

Alicia never met Troy since he came from England. Same with Troy, he didn’t have a chance to meet his Alicia and Richards. He doesn’t even know the name of his fiancée since they haven’t meet in the day that they are supposed to.

As they entered the cafeteria, Alicia’s eyes wandered looking for a guy in jogging pants and blue shirt. Then her eyes came upon a beautiful young man sitting in a corner at  the far end of the cafeteria drinking some chocolate drink. The boy is not older than 20. He has b lack hair. A very fine young man she though.

They went to Troy who automatically stood up to greet them as they come near.

“Troy Maxwell,” Alicia handed her hand to him as they greeted each other.

“Yes ma’am. I am Troy Maxwell.” Troy confirmed.

“I’m Alicia.” Alicia said.

“And I’m Richard.” Richard handed his hand to Troy which he received for a shake hands.

“Glad to meet you sir, ma’am.” Troy answered formally. “Please excuse me for my attire, I was jogging when my mom called and I didn’t have time to change.”

 “It’s okay Troy.” Alicia smiled. “It is us who needs to apologize since our son have brought you trouble.”

Troy smiled in response.

“Will it be okay if I go back to my dorm first and change so that we could then go search for your son?” Troy answered. He just wants to go talk first to Voujhan about this. He has to ex[plain to him and he hopes that his beloved could understand. He had never violated his parents before, but now for Voujhan, he was ready to do anything. He was ready to leave everything for him. But still, he felt afraid since he does not know how Voujhan would react about it.

“We shall accompany you then.” Alicia answered.

“It’s okay ma’am.” Troy answered. He don’t want this people near his dorm. Specially near Voujhan. He needs to talk to him first before he should know who Troy really was. “It would be a burden for your part to walk to and fro. I’m only changing clothes and I’ll be returning here immediately.”

“It okay Troy.” Richard answered him. “We also want to see your dormitory room. That is if it is okay with you.”

Troy felt the need to refuse but it would be rude. So he agreed wishing that Voujhan would not be there. But it seems his wish wouldn’t come true since when he left Voujhan was still sleeping. He just walked slow while thinking of what to say to Voujhan about this. He didn’t think of what he would say to the parents of the fiancée he didn’t knew. The hell with their reaction, he doesn’t care. He just cares about what will happen to Voujhan and him after this.

“Is your dorm still far from here?” Alicia asked. She was fascinated by everything they passed by but it seems that they have been walking for almost hours. She was irritated by it. She does not want to walk.

“We are near.” Troy answered as they approach a huge white building.

Alicia can see some teens studying under the trees near that building. Other are playing tennis in a nearby court. The dorm is a huge building, with five floors excluding the basement. Troy’s room is in the third floor.

When they entered, Alicia and Richard sat on the lobby. While Troy used the elevator to go to his floor and change clothes as well as talk to Voujhan. He needs the comfort and understanding of his lover for now. He was so stress of what is going on with his life.

Alicia and Richard sat on the lobby sofa while Troy went upstairs. The Alicia though of checking the lists of people inside this dorm, maybe they would be lucky and her Voujhan is also there.

“Excuse me miss.” Alicia went to the Dormitory staff assigned in the front desk of the Dorm and talked.

“Yes ma’am, may I help you?” the staff answered formally. It was Angelica. She applied as staff since she has a lot of free time to use.

“May I see the list of residence here in the dormitory please?” Alicia answered.

“May I know you’re name ma’am?” Angelica replied to her.

“Alicia, Alicia Dwain.” Alicia answered.

Angelica typed something on the computer she has and then went back to Alicia. “I’m sorry ma’am but you’re name weren’t listed as any of the guardians of the residence here so I can’t tell you the information you need. The information you need is confidential and only relatives of residence are allowed to see it.”

Alicia though of that but she insisted. “Then may I at least know if someone named Voujhan Dwain lives in here.”

Alicia totally knew who this lady was. “Are you Voujhan’s mother?” Angelica answered. She can see the resemblance. Voujhan had his hair from his mother.

“I am.” Alicia answered.

Angelica smiled. “Nice to meet you ma’am. I am Angelica.” Angelica introduced herself and told her where she could find Voujhan.

“Thank you Angelica.” Alicia answered.

“Would you want me to accompany you ma’am?” Angelica asked them. She was more than willing to accompany Voujhan’s parents and knew more about her friend.

“Ah! It’s okay may angelica, we will just wait for troy to come down and he will accompany us.”

“So do you think Voujhan and Troy looks good together?” Angelica smiled. “I mean they had been dating for months already.”

“What did you say?” Alicia couldn’t believe what she heard.

“Didn’t you know that Troy and Voujhan are lovers?” Angelica asked then covered her mouth instantly. “Oh my god, me and my big mouth.”

“It’s okay!” Alicia answered. “We already knew about the gender of our son, what’s shocking is that we never thought that the two have meet already.” Then Alicia explained everything to Angelica. She explained about the engagement and the arranged marriage. 

Troy’s heart was beating so fast that that he though he would collapse as he hold the knob of the door of his room. He don not know how he would tell this thing to Voujhan such that Voujhan would really understand him. He does not know how to explain it to Voujhan that their relationship would still be the same, passionate and romantic.

“Come what may.” Troy told himself as he opened the door of their room.

He was expecting Voujhan on the bed but when he opened the door there is no one inside. He felt a little relieved as well as worried. He wants to explain things to Voujhan immediately before things get more complicated, but his lover wasn’t there. Troy checked every part the room first but saw no Voujhan at all. He went to his bed, where Voujhan and he slept that night and hugged his pillow. He though of Voujhan and their future for a little while. Then he inhaled the scent of the pillow where Voujhan had slept. He can smell him and fell deeper in love with him. He will do everything to remain beside this guy. Troy thought of where Voujhan had gone to. Where will he go first; will he find his fiancée first or find Voujhan first. What will he do first, he needs to prioritize. He went to look at the photo of Voujhan and him at his table. They were so sweet. Like no one could separate them. He smiled and thought of his beloved for a little while again.

He was daydreaming again when a knocked came from the door. He was sure it was Voujhan so he fixed himself. Then opened the door…  He was shocked when he say Alicia came inside his room.

“You got a really nice room.” She told him.

Troy was shocked of how, and why Alicia was there. “H-how did you know my room number.” Troy asked while Alicia was wandering around their room.

Then she saw a picture of two people, specifically troy and Voujhan holding hands together. “Who is this?”

“Ms. Alicia I’m sorry.” Troy told her as she looked at the photo. “I cannot marry you’re son.” Troy couldn’t even face her, he was waiting for a slap or something like that but none came.

“Why can’t you?” Alicia answered.

“The photo speaks for itself.” Troy answered. “I’m in love with that person on the photo.”

“It’s okay,” Alicia answered. Voujhan was shocked with what she said. He looked at her for confirmation.

“Is it really okay.”

“I guess,” Alicia answered. “But if you’re not going to marry my son then you are not going to marry this guy either.”

That changed everything. Troy can’t understand what this lady is saying, but he can’t accept the thing she said about him not able to marry Voujhan.

“I’m sorry ma’am but whatever you do, I will be with him, even if my parents disagree.” Alicia can sense the firmness in his decision.

“You know the reason why, if you don’t marry my son, you can’t marry that guy either?” Alicia played a little with a smile.

Troy wasn’t eve interested but he asked why anyway.

“Tell me his name first.” Alicia asked. “I mean his complete name.”

“Voujhan.”  Troy answered proud. “He is my Voujhan Dwain. And don’t even think of doing anything against us.” Troy said with a little warning voice.

“Don’t worry I won’t.” Alicia answered with a smile.  “I see his quite handsome.”

“He is everything I wanted.” Troy answered.

“Then marry my son, if you still wanted to be with him.” Alicia told him.

“You’re confusing me.” Troy told her.

“My answer is simple, I am Alicia Dwain.” She answered and that clarified everything. 

Where is he?” Alicia asked. They are now in the cafeteria having a snack. It had been an hour since they waited for Voujhan to come aback to the dorm he didn’t.  Then they decided to leave for a snack in the cafeteria. Troy left a note on Voujhan’s desk telling him that he has a surprise for him in the café. Then the four of them, Alicia, Richard, Angelica and Troy went and ate their snack. “Don’t you have any idea where he went?”

“He was still sleeping when I went out for jogging.” Troy answered.

“He was looking for you when he went down this morning. Haven’t you met?” Angelica told Troy.

“He did?” He was amazed by what he heard. “But I haven’t seen him since I left.”

“That boy sure is troublesome.” Richard added.

“But also hot.” Angelica joked making all four of them laughed.

“I’ll go check again if he went back.” Troy told them as he went back to the dorm.
Troy was so excited to tell Voujhan for he was sure that the two of them didn’t knew that they were the fiancé of each other. How foolish of them to have to runaway from each other, yet met and fell in love.

Troy was smiling while walking. He cannot describe the feeling he was feeling. He is very happy. Happy because now, he will be able to hold Voujhan is his arms forever. They would be with each other for the rest of eternity sharing their happiness and seeds. He got horny with the thought of that.

But he was disappointed when he entered the room and his beloved wasn’t there yet. The things there were as is when they left. And no sign of Voujhan being there. He was disappointed but he decided to wait for Voujhan there. At least they could cuddle and kiss each other before going back to Voujhan’s parents.

He lay down on the bed where they shared their happiness last night smelling every trace of their union. He felt horny again but didn’t dare touch himself, reserving it for Voujhan. He would fill him with love today because of the happiness that he is feeling. He will make Voujhan fell heaven.

“Troy!” he heard and he opened his eyes. Voujhan’s lips met his. They shared a very passionate kiss.  He broke the kiss and look in his eyes. He missed him so much. They have just parted for hours but he really missed this guy so much. It was like he was to free a tear from his eyes when Voujhan kissed him again. “What happened?” Voujhan asked him. “Why are you crying.”

Troy smiled. “I’m not crying silly. I’m just so happy we’ve met. You know I love you so much.”

Voujhan smiled. “I love you too.” Then they again share a deep kiss sharing both their happiness and their soul.

Then Voujhan broke the kiss. “I have to go.”

Troy smiled. “Yeah!” We still have to meet your parents in the cafeteria.

Voujhan kissed him one more time. “I really have to go.” Then Voujhan stood up.

“Let us both go.” Troy held Voujhan’s hands.

“I have to go alone.” Voujhan answered.

Troy holds on Voujhan’s hand so that he can go with him. And they will both go together but as he was holding Voujhan’s hand… Voujhan faded away. Then Troy woke up. It was just a dream. He thank God it was just a dream. He couldn’t imagine Voujhan leaving him behind. He would die if that would happen. But he is confident that it wouldn’t since they are both madly in love with each other.

He was hugging the pillow that has been a witness of their passion, the pillow that caught the scent of their love. He was playing with the pillow when he recalled last night. Last night was the best night of all. Voujhan and he had totally become one. Last Night was the best Valentines night of his life. It was the night where he had been with the person he loves the most. It was the first valentines night he had with Voujhan. And most of all it was the night when Voujhan both of them had completely trusted each other. It was their first night, and it would be very unforgettable for him. It was like their honeymoon, it that would be a right term to call it.

He got horny again.  Remembering how Voujhan moaned as he made way inside of him. He can still remember how Voujhan grabbed the mattress as he slowly entered and exit his body. He smiled while remembering the tight, no, not tight but very tight Voujhan. Those things made him smile. He though of making Voujhan feels it again. It made him happy remebring the sweet words Voujhan uttered as they were reaching the climax of their union. And it felt warm; he can still feel how comfortable he was to when he dropped to Voujhan’s chest and felt asleep there. He is excited to repeat all those things. 

 He was recalling things when he turned sideward and a note. He didn’t saw this earlier. Maybe because he wasn’t really looking for something. Then he opened the note. Thinking that maybe Voujhan went somewhere and just left a note since he wasn’t there… He opened the note and then his facial expression changed as he read it.

The note read:



I know that you already knew who I really was. I runaway because of the arrange engagement my parents set for me with some guy I do not know. I don’t even know his name. I know you are angry at me for not telling you that. I’m really really sorry. I don’t have the courage to face you right now; I don’t know how you’d feel, so I decided to write you.

I love you so much. And I will always do. But I am not worthy of you’re love since I never told you who I really was. I am so sorry Troy.

By now, I now that I would be far away from you. I don’t know where to go. I know it is wrong to runaway, but I’m doing it anyway. I guess I am good in running away. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.
Please don’t get angry at me for not telling the whole story of my life.

Troy even if you move on, I will always love you, and you will always remain in me.

Please send my regards to my parents, and my sister.

I’m really sorry for lying.




 [Chapter Ends]


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