Title:               THE RUNAWAY  [Part 1 of a Search for the Runaway]

Author:          Avaritico [a.k.a Vain Phrell]

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Chapter Six


“Where are we going sir?” The taxi driver asked. Then he took Ryll’s business card then gave it to the driver. The driver looked at the card which is owned by Rhennielle Maxwell. Voujhan was crying his heart out while the taxi is heading to Ryll’s mansion. He was ready to talk to Troy but he wasn’t expecting what he had seen. A view of Troy with another man lips to lip. The seen totally crushed his heart. All this night that he had been crying, Troy had been going out kissing guys. He was hurt by that idea. He took held the necklace that Troy gave him; he was still wearing it until now. He was still holding on the idea that they could have a happy ending. He was still sobbing when he went down on the taxi.

“Maybe this is it.” Voujhan told himself. “Maybe my faith is not with Troy.” At the front of the gate of Ryll’s mansion he dropped the necklace. Then knocked and the maid let him in.

“Is Ryll here?” he asked the same maid who guided him to the dinning table last time he had been there.

“I’m sorry sir, but master Ryll had attended to his cousin’s need.” The maid answered. “But he told us to let you in and use the same room you have used last time, if ever you come back.”

“Then I’ll be staying for a while.” Voujhan tried to smile at the maid.

“I see sir.” The maid answered. “Would you like to eat dinner sir?”

Then Voujhan looked at his watch, it was already nine and he hadn’t eaten yet. But he wasn’t hungry, and he doesn’t have the appetite to eat.

“If you would like to have dinner sir, then I will prepare something for you.” The maid added as he has not responded to her. “What would you like sir?”

“Anything will do.” He answered.

“You can wait in your room sir. I’ll just call you if dinner is served.” The maid told him, and then she went to the kitchen to tell the chef to cook for their guest. Voujhan didn’t go straight to his room since he doesn’t want to cry. He knew that the instance he went inside the room, he would be thinking of Troy and be crying again.

He wandered around the house. It was sure big. There are different paintings of individuals whom he thought was Ryll’s ancestors and he also seen a portrait of Ryll there. He sure was very handsome in that painting. His jet-black hair and black eyes looks so alive and lovely. Ryll came from a very rich family, he was sure of that because of what he saw. But he wondered where Ryll’s relatives are. He was alone in his house, with his 3 maid and a chef.

Then he went into a room which he though is the music room. It was open so he entered. There he saw one grand piano and a huge mirror. He looked at his reflection in the life sized oblique mirror which is located on a corner. There he saw himself standing handsome but then lonely. He imagines Troy beside him, but the image quickly vanished as he remembered the scene in the Bar. He was looking at himself in the mirror, seeing how broken he was. He sure loves Troy so much that he cannot forget him. But he has to.

He will forget Troy. Tomorrow he will visit his sister for the last time then go out of the country. He will work outside the country; how he will do it he wasn’t sure, as long as he got really far away.

He’s mind was far away when the maid came and told him that dinner was served. He went directly to the dinning table and sat there for a while and then played with the food.

“What is the matter sire?” the maid asked politely. “Don’t you like the food?” She added. “We can change it if you like.”

“It’s okay…” he answered. “I am just too depressed to eat right now.” He forced himself to smile. “Will it be okay if I will eat this in the morning or maybe when Ryll returns?”

“If that is what you like sir.” The maid answered. “I will inform you if young master Rhennielle has returned.”

“Thank you miss.” He answered and then he returned to the room where he slept before. The maid arranged thing and brought them back to the kitchen.

Rhennielle was combing Voujhan’s hair when Voujhan woke up. He was sure that this poor guy had cried himself to sleep again. He can feel the pillow wet of Voujhan’s tears. He felt sorry for Voujhan; he really loved the person who hurt him so much.

Now Voujhan wasn’t ready to fake a smile for him, instead the blonde cried. Tears flow from his eye to his comforter.

“I see you’re not over him yet.” Ryll told him while continuing combing his hair.

“I was supposed to talk to him last night.” He said just like a child telling his mom that someone hit him.


“But I saw him kissing someone.” Voujhan burst to tears again, by now he was sobbing on Ryll’s shoulders. “I don’t know what to do now. I loved him so much.”

“Now… now…” Ryll massage his shoulders while trying to comfort him. “Things would be okay. You’ll get over it.”

“I’m trying to, yet it hurt so much.” Voujhan complained. “Why does it hurt so much? It feels like my heart is being chopped.” His tears still are flowing like before.

“If it hurts that bad, it just mean that you loved him so much.” Ryll answered. “It wasn’t your loss but his, for after you cried, you will meet someone who would love you the way you deserved to be loved, but he cannot find someone who will love him the way you did.”

Voujhan wiped his tears away from his eyes and then faced Ryll. “Why do you always know how to make me feel better?” he smiled a little.

“I don’t know, I think it was innate in me.” Ryll answered. “Does it still hurt?”

“Yes.” Voujhan was being honest. “But I have to bear it.”

“That’s my boy.” Ryll told him and he stood.

“Thanks to you.” Voujhan answered.

Ryll went to the door and was about to go out when Voujhan started speaking. “Ryll…”

“Yes.” Ryll looked back at him smiling when he heard him call.

“Can you sleep with me for a while?” Voujhan was so innocent when he said this.

Ryll smiled.”I would love to, but you have to rest and I doubt it that you can rest If I’ll be there with you, since the bed is made for only one person.”

Then Voujhan looked at the bed. Truly Ryll was right, the bed was big for a single person, but it cannot accommodate them both. “Can you kiss me instead?” he asked. Then he closed his eyes ready for Rhennielle’s kiss to meet his lips. But instead Ryll kissed him on the forehead. He was shocked when he opened his eyes.

He was about to say something when Ryll covered his lips with his fore finger. “I don’t want to kiss you because you want me to.” He said. “And I don’t have the right to do that.” Ryll smiled at him while removing his finger. He was also talking to him in a manner like a father talking to a child. “You just feel like kissing me since you are depressed, do not mistook it as love. Somewhere out there…” he looked at the window. “…is the person who will truly love you.” Voujhan sigh as Ryll continued talking. “Reserved those lips to the person who will truly love you, and if time comes that you really feel that I am the one, then I will gladly accept it.” Ryll smiled. “But for now, it would be best if you go to sleep and forget about everything I’ve said.” Then he went to the door.

“Ryll, thanks.” Voujhan told him as he went back to bed.

“You are very much welcome.” Ryll answered as he turn off the light and close the door.

Voujhan woke up early and tried to feel happy and energetic though a little part of him still do not want to get up ‘coz he still felt lonely. He tried to erase Troy in his mind though his face still flash time to time. He planned to go to Diana today to bid farewell since he knew that he would be gone for too long. He would be going to Australia, to his cousins there.

But before that he got to talk to Ryll first. He is a psychologist so Voujhan thought of getting a counselling before he goes. 

Voujhan prepared everything that he needs. Then he went out of his room and searched for Ryll’s room. When he saw Ryll’s room he entered. The room was big and well lighted. He saw used clothes on the bed, and also neat clothes which are still folded. The room smells like alcohol, maybe Ryll have went to the bar that evening.

He sat down the bed to wait for Ryll. Then he heard the shower turn on. He went near and thought of talking to Ryll about his plan.

So he started talking. “Ryll, can I talk to you…” The guy didn’t reply but he knew he can hear him since he turned off the shower. Voujhan continued speaking to the guy. “I know you’re listening. I thought of going to Australia.” He received no reaction but still he continued. “I don’t know why I decided to do this, but I think I need to go far away from here for a while. I’ll be running away again, but now there is no more turning back. This is the point of no return for me.” He was about to cry when he finished what his message. “I’ll be in my room if you want to talk to me.”

Then he went to his room. He burst to tears again. He doesn’t know why. The idea that he is going far far away from Troy is hurting him so bad. He went directly to bed and looked at the ceiling. Then he remembered Troy’s face. He remembered the way he smile and the brown eyes. He smiled as he remembered the way Troy kissed him and the way he would respond to his kisses. He touched his lips as he remembered how soft Troy’s lips are. Then his eyes started to free a new batch of tears. This would be the last time he would think about Troy. Then after this day, Troy would be totally out of his mind. He doesn’t want to get hurt again.

He was looking at the ceiling when he heard a knock on his door. That is the time when he wiped his tears so that Ryll won’t know that he cried again.

“It’s open.” He answered. Then Ryll entered.

“You are leaving?” Ryll asked directly. “Are you sure about this?”

“I am never sure, but I’m still doing this.” Voujhan answered. “I have to do this for myself.”

“Voujhan, running away is never better, and it won’t do you good.” Ryll sat down and talked to him. “What if next time you won’t be able to run anymore, what if you got cornered by your fears, what would you do?”

“I shall cross the bridge when I get there, Ryll.” He answered. “I just need this for a while.”

“Okay then.” Ryll answered. “I won’t stop you because it is your decision and I respect it, but know that if you ever need someone, I am always here.”

“Than you!” Then they shared a friendly hug.

“By the way, before you leave at least eat breakfast.” Ryll asked.

“I am glad you said that, I’m starving since I haven’t eaten last night.” Voujhan answered then both of them went down stairs. They sat down on the same place where they first ate their breakfast in the garden. The garden looks more beautiful today. More blue butterflies were flying.

“They seemed to be more radiant.” Voujhan told him. “The flowers I mean.” Pointing at them…

“Yeah!” Ryll nodded agreeing.

They were eating when Voujhan noticed an extra plate on the table.

“Are you expecting a visitor.” Voujhan asked.

“Ah! You noticed.” Ryll smiled. “My cousin is eating breakfast with us. Though I do not know if he is awake by now… That guy drinks too much.”

“Ah! Where is he?” Voujhan asked.

That is when he heard a familiar tone. The tone reminded him of the first time he and Troy met. ‘My immortal’ of Evanescence.

“He does that every time he is depressed.” Ryll informed him. “But as Ryll looked at him, he could sea the tears flow from his eyes.

“Be strong.” Ryll encouraged him. “You cannot cry like that if you’re in a far away land so you should be strong.”

“I am trying my best!” Voujhan answered.

Then Ryll called the attention of the maid standing near them. “Tell Troy to stop playing and eat breakfast first with us.”

“His name is Troy?” Voujhan asked recalling the very face of the Troy he loved and still loves.

“Yeah, Troy is his name.” Ryll answered. “I went out to get him last night at Aqua Bar since he got so drunk, heart problems just like you. He’s the one who told me that you are leaving since you went to his room. You must have mistaken him for me.”

Hearing those words made his heart beats rapidly. Is this Troy the same as his Troy? If this is his Troy then he just told him about his plans of running away.

Voujhan stood up in rush. “What are you doing?” Ryll asked him. He hasn’t finished his breakfast. “Is something wrong?”

“I’m leaving.” He answered Ryll. They weren’t aware that the sound of the piano already stopped.

“’And do you think I’ll allow you to do that MR. Voujhan Gilberth Dwain?” His question needs not to be answered. The voice came from Voujhan’s back but even without seeing the guy he totally recognized him. “If you think you can runaway from me again, you better think twice.” Troy was confident. “I’m arresting you for breaking my heart.”


 [Chapter Ends]


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