Title:               THE RUNAWAY  [Part 1 of a Search for the Runaway]

Author:          Avaritico [a.k.a Vain Phrell]

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Chapter Seven [Final Chapter for Part 1]



“I’m arresting you for breaking my heart.” Troy confidently said to Voujhan as the handsome blonde turned to him avoiding his eyes.  “You didn’t even try to hear me…” Troy added. “But I forgive you for that.” Troy walked near him. “Just try not to runaway so often.”


“I shall leave you two alone so you could talk.” Ryll stood up and went to tap Troy’s back wishing him luck. “You two talk so that you’ll understand each other and please no crying. It frustrates me seeing two people cry inside my house.”


“Thanks cousin.” Troy glance at Ryll for a while then back at Voujhan who is crying now. As soon as he saw him sobbing, he wanted to rush to him and embrace him with his hands, but he forced himself not to. “Hey, Ryll said no crying.” He said in a soft voice.


“It’s your fault.” Voujhan answered still sobbing. “You’re hurting me too much.” Then he covered his face with his hands. It was when he felt Troy’s hand embraced him.


“I didn’t mean to hurt you like that babe.” Troy whispered as Voujhan leaned on his chest. “I just don’t know how to feel when you left.” He then kissed Voujhan’s forehead. “And then everything happened in a flash. I didn’t like what happened either, but I was too drunk to resist. Please don’t do that again, huh, babe. Don’t go away like that, because you’ll be hurting me too much.” Troy added


“I was just afraid of what you will feel if you learned about me and my life.” Voujhan is still sobbing while in Troy’s arm.  “I don’t want you to be angry with me.”


Troy smiled like he had never smiled before. Now he knew why his Voujhan runaway. He was afraid how Troy would react knowing he was engaged. And Troy understood him well. He would also feel afraid if he is in Voujhan’s position. “It is okay babe, I’m not angry.” Troy told him while rubbing his back. “What’s important now is that you are here with me.”


“But I am engaged Troy. I know that you knew about it, my parents probably have told you.” Voujhan broke their hug and turned around making his back face Troy. “And the only solution I have to these things is running away.”


Troy hugged him again. Now Troy put his head on Voujhan’s shoulder slightly kissing him on the checks. “I’m here with you, so you need not to runaway.”




“Ah ah… Just promise me that you wouldn’t runaway anymore.” Troy asked him.


“Promise.” Voujhan answered. And then they both sealed that promise with a passionate kiss.


“Do you have a plan?” Voujhan asked him. Both of them were standing, looking at the roses. Troy’s hand is wrapped around Voujhan’s hips. “I mean about stopping my engagement.”


“Nope, I don’t have a plan yet.” Troy answered. “But you can just meet the guy first and try going out with him to buy me some time to think.”


Voujhan pushed Troy back after he told that. “And I thought you loved me. Now you are giving me away.”


“Come on babe.” Troy tried to hug him again but Voujhan refused and continued backing out. “I was just joking.”


“I wasn’t.” Voujhan answered. “Forget it!” Voujhan was again bursting in anger. After everything that just happened, Troy is now suggesting that he meet his ‘so called fiancée’. He kinda felt rejected.


“Where are you going?” Troy tried to move and catch him.


“To my FIANCEE.” Voujhan answered then they parted. “And don’t you dare stop me.” Voujhan was furious and reckless as well.


“Okay then.”


Three days have passed after he had conversation with Troy and he hadn’t heard anything from him since. It was when he insisted to make his engagement to be setup sooner.  And it was set tomorrow. He expects Troy to be there and grab him away from there and they will live happily ever after. Troy can’t just leave him like that. He knew how much Troy loved him.


“Excited for your day tomorrow, little brother?” Diana asked him as they went shopping.


“Yeah sure.” He answered.


“He’s totally handsome.” Diana told him.


“Who?” Voujhan asked looking around for some handsome guy.


“Your fiancée of course.” Diana answered. “His name is Ivan Loui, cool huh.”


“I don’t care about him.” Voujhan answered.


“What?” Diana asked shocked. “Don’t tell me you’re doing this just for mom and dad?”


“Not really.”


“Then tell me, what is going on?” Diana insisted for an answer and he just couldn’t say no to his sister.


“Troy is going to be there tomorrow and grabbed me and we’ll live happily ever after, in a far away land.” He smiled. “I know mom and dad would understand.”


“Fairy tale ending huh… You’re so evil little brother, you’re not even thinking how Loui would feel about it.” Diana asked again.


“I never thought about that.” He answered. “But I know he’ll get over it, it’s not like his in love with me.”


The day came and he had not heard anything from Troy yet. Maybe he was just dreaming that Troy would rescue him. He felt a little ache while thinking about it. What if Troy would not be there? He would get stuck with Loui whom he doesn’t even know.


“Don’t you dare not show up Troy?”


The party would be held on the front of their mansion. It was six in the evening and the party is ready. Most of their friends and visitors are already there. All he is waiting for is his fiancee and his beloved Troy. He just wished Troy was there with him. He also secretly wished that he’s fiancee wouldn’t be there but what happened was the other way. Troy hadn’t showed up and his fiancee was already waiting for him.


“Honey, he’s at the pool.” Alicia told him. “He asked for some quiet place so I told him to go there. Why don’t you go talk to him, so that you’ll get to know each other?”


“Yeah sure.” Voujhan answered. He doesn’t what to go yet a part of him wants to see the guy. He was afraid but he’s feet continued walking until he arrived at the pool. He saw someone sitting on a chair near the pool, drinking. The guy is was in black and he looks sexy even if Voujhan can’t see his face. Voujhan advance an little then all his courage left him, that he turned around and started going back.


“Don’t you get tired of running away?” a voice told him. Even if he doesn’t see the source, he perfectly knew who owns it. Only one person owns that voice which made him tremble and fall.


“Troy?” He turned and face the guy.


Troy smiled at him the way he always does, boyish and sexy.


“You came to save me.” Voujhan hugged him like he would never want to be separated anymore.


“Save you?” Troy asked.


“Aren’t you here to save me from the hands of my fiancée?” Voujhan asked like a baby. “Speaking of, mom told me he’s here.”


Troy smiled then hold Voujhan chin while they both look at each others eyes.  Troy said then kissed Voujhan on the lips. “I’m your fiancée, silly.”

“WHAT? But…” Voujhan was speechless


“Voujhan Gilberth Dwain I am your fiancee Ivan Troy Loui, and I promise to love you forever.” Troy  told him.


“Forget it, I’m cancelling the engagement.” Voujhan joke, walking away from him. “I’m running away.”


“You can’t runaway from love; all you can do is embrace it.” Troy told him then grabbed him into his arms. The guy put something on his neck. When he turned to look at it, he saw the same necklace that he discarded last time.


Voujhan hold the pendant then a drop of tear escaped from his eyes. “You found it.” He said.


“Of course, because it was meant to be yours, I was meant to be your.” Troy wiped the tears and hugged him tightly. “This is the key to my heart, so don’t you lose it again or I’ll punish you.”


“What kind of punishment will that be?” Voujhan teased him.


“I haven’t figured it out.” Troy answered teasing back. “Maybe hundreds of sleepless night in my arms, or maybe a thousand kisses on you body.”


“I’d like that.” Voujhan answered.


“Well, I can give you that punishment for running away from me.” Troy answered.


“NOW?” Voujhan asked.


“Patience love, we still have guests to entertain.” Troy told him with a naughty smile. “Let’s talk about your punishment after the event shall we.”


“Tease…” Voujhan told him.


Troy smiled. Let’s go. They hold hands as they go out ton their engagement.


The party started and the two were presented. In their place, gender is never a problem. Whatever gender you selected or to whatever gender you belong, people don’t mind. Everyone is accepted.


Troy and Voujhan were holding each others hand while entertaining their visitors.


“Hey cousin and to the sexy man with you.” Ryll greeted them both with a kiss on their checks. “Enjoying your special day.”


“Yes of course.” Troy answered.


“How about you there.” He looked at Voujhan.


“Kinda, but I already want this party over though.” Voujhan answered.


“But it just started.” Ryll added confused.


Voujhan played with the upper button of Troy’s shirt. “You see, I’ll get punished tonight, and I’m so excited about it.”


“Yeah!” Ryll looked at Troy.


“Can’t blame him, he knows how hot I am…” Troy told him. “By the way, how did you know that Voujhan is the guy…”


“Even if he is not your guy, I would still help him…” Ryll answered without letting Troy finish speaking.


“Your cousin is such a good man.” Voujhan complimented.


“But…” Troy is about to say a word when…


“Fine, I planned for you two to meet in my house.” Ryll admitted. “I like playing cupid though.”


Both of them were shocked but happy as well.


“But how did you know me…” Voujhan asked. “Troy did brag about me, right?”


“Actually I did not.” Troy answered. “I did tell him about you, but he doesn’t know your name or how you looked. My cousin is very competitive and I don’t want him around you.”


“How sweet.” Voujhan planted a kiss on troy’s cheek.


“God, you’re so lucky cousin.” Ryll told Troy.


“I know.” Troy answered. “You should find yourself someone to love also.”


“I’m done with it for a while.” Ryll answered . “Back to the topic.” He added. “At first I meet this sweet young man crying somewhere near the school you were in. Remember the day you told me to come and meet him.”


“Yeah!” Troy answered. “That was the saddest day of my life.” Then he looked at Voujhan. “It was when you left.”


“Voujhan and I actually met and then I was attracted to him. You can’t blame me, he’s hot. Then, the second time I met him is in a bar, and I kind of recognise the necklace you gave him.”


“This,” Voujhan held the necklace’s pendant.


“That is a family heirloom.” Ryll looked at Voujhan. “So I researched about you and I planned the whole idea of the two lovers meeting in my house. Kinda cool right?”


“Thanks cousin.” Troy hugged his cousin.


“Anyway, if the two of you have any conflicts just call me and I’ll go flying here from England to reconcile you.”


“You’re going back to England?” Troy asked.


“Yes… And I’m selling the mansion, so I’ll get going since my buyer is in this party.” Ryll said. “I invited him, since his kinda hot.” Ryll turned around and saw the person he was looking. “Good luck to the both of you.”


“You’re very welcome. And wish me luck.” Ryll went to the hot buyer he was talking about.


“Good luck!” The two of them told him as he goes.


“Everybody is asleep already, except for the two of us.” Voujhan teased Troy. They are sitting near the swimming pool. The same spot where they both meet before the party. Both of them are holding a glass of punch. It was already three hours after the party ended, and it was near 2 am.


“What are you suggesting babe?” Troy acted as if he didn’t know what Voujhan was saying.


Voujhan stood up and pulling Troy’s polo so that he stood up. “I’ suggest that…” Voujhan then kissed Troy’s lips.


“I see what you mean.” Troy answered. “You want us to do it right here.”


“I want us to go swimming, silly.” Voujhan answered.


“Swimming.” Voujhan giggled as Troy caught him in his embrace. “We shall.” Then he brought the two of them on the water. In the water they kissed and hugged, and kissed to their hearts content.


“I think it’s time for your punishment.” Troy told Voujhan as they got out of the pool.


“Let’s go then.” Voujhan started to walk inside the house but Troy got hold of his hand.


“Let’s do it here under the moon.” Troy told him. “And under the stars. Let them be witnesses to our love.”


“But…” Voujhan resisted but a kiss on the lips was all it takes to convince him.


Voujhan wrapped his hand on Troy’s neck as they share the sweetest kiss of their life. “I love you…” Troy told him.


“I love you too,” Voujhan answered back.


And that is when they made love until morning. With the moon and the stars watching.


It’s funny how many times I ran away from you, yet you always caught me.” Voujhan told Troy as he was leaning on Troy’s shoulder on the front seat of his sports car. They were star gazing. It is their first anniversary. They plan to celebrate in a high place where they can perfectly see the meteor shower that would be showing tonight.


“As I told you once, you cannot runaway from love; all you can do is embrace it.” Troy answered combing Voujhan’s hair.


“And it was the happiest day of my life when I learned not to runaway anymore. You taught me how to face my fears by being with me always. Thank you Troy.” Voujhan told him and kissed his cheek.


“I did it because I love you, and I’ll always be with you.” Troy answered. “Just promise me you’ll never runaway from me again.”


“I promise.” Voujhan answered as they sealed their promise with a passionate kiss. Together with their kiss, the meteor shower started. They were fascinated by it.


“Let’s go home.” Troy said as the shower ended.


“Yeah!” Voujhan affirmed. They drove to the place they call home with the promise to never be parted forever.


 [Chapter Ends]


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