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The Sky is Blue,
Part 2: Flying in the Sky
by Eric Leung

Chapter 12:  Guardian Angel



"Roy, I have something to tell you."

"Bro, you ok? You sound unwell."

"Yeah, I mean no, hmm...I mean...I am fine. How are you today?"

"I am fine. Did you call me just to ask me that?"

"No, no, no..."

"Bro, you know you can tell me anything. I am your brother and I will always support you."

"Well, I just want to tell you that..." I paused.

"What?" Roy started to sound upset.

"I am not coming home tonight."

"That's it? That's the thing you wanted to tell me? Gee...ok. You gonna stay at Joe's, right? Ok, I'll lock the door then. Bye..."

"Bye." I put down the phone. Scott was showering in the bathroom. For some reason I was feeling nervous, thinking of the evening's events.

I remembered when Scott asked me to stay over and I thought it over before agreeing. As he closed the door, he smiled and pulled me into his embrace. He hugged me very tightly, then our lips met again.

In the midst of our long passionate kiss, Andy's image suddenly appeared in my mind. I don't know why but I felt guilty of cheating on Andy, so I pushed Scott away. He thought he'd done something wrong and kept saying sorry. My eyes became teary and I kept telling him that it was not his fault and apologized too. If the situation were different, it would be a comical sight, both of us standing at the door repeatedly apologizing to one other.

"Sorry, Tin. I shouldn't have forced you into something you don't want to do," Scott said. "I am so sorry."

"I am sorry too, Scott. I...I..."

He was still apologizing to me but I didn't want that so I decided to put a stop to it. I put my hands on his face and drew him in, kissing him deeply. That shut him up all right!

"Scott, listen to me. It's not your fault, it's mine. I thought I was ready but I am not."

His face showed his confusion. So I led him back to the living room to explain. We sat down on the same sofa and put our legs up, letting our knees touch each other. I took a deep breath and started to tell him what had happened between Andy and me. I kept on apologizing and broke down sobbing along the way. Scott hugged me and I leaned back into the comfort of his arms. When I'd finished, I decided to be honest and tell him of my feelings for him.

"Scott, I still love Andy but I have feelings for you too. I know this is unfair to you, so I think I'd better leave now. "

I tried to stand up but Scott wouldn't let go. Instead, he pulled me down and used his lips to seal mine. I hesitated initially but relaxed and returned his kiss just as passionately. When we broke apart, I could see his eyes sparkling.

"Tin, I've never been in love with anyone before until I met you. I fell in love with you the night I drove you home. You were sleeping like an angel and I found myself wanting only to protect you. Tin, I don't care about your past. Maybe everything is happening so fast but I want you to know that I love you."

I think my feelings for him blossomed into love at that moment. I just knew that I loved him and I could see his love for me reflected in his eyes. At the same time, I could also perceive some carefully concealed pain behind his glowing eyes. I could feel that this man loved me deeply, maybe even more than himself. And I knew that he cared for me, putting my needs above his, only wanting to take my pain away and to make me happy again. The feeling was so unreal. I thought it was impossible for someone to ever love me like that.

As if hearing my thoughts, Scott reaffirmed, "I love you, Tin..more than anyone in this world. I'd give anything to make you happy. I know you still have feelings for Andy and I respect that. I could only hope that you have some place left in your heart to love me back. And even if you don't, I can't help myself.. I..I'll always love you, Tin. I..I..."

He was opening himself to me, offering me his love. I could see the fear of rejection in him but still he persisted, declaring his love for me unconditionally, shaking me to the core and breaking down the last barriers around my heart.

"I love you too, Scott. I love you and I'm so glad to be able to tell you that. I never thought I'd be able to say that to anyone else but I really love you." With that, I silenced his reply and kissed him deeply, melting into his embrace.

When Scott went to take a shower before going to bed, I phoned Roy and told him that I won't be back that night. I was sitting on Tin's bed, and thoughts of Andy crept through my mind. I tried to shake them away. It's so simple, I reasoned. Here was a man who loved me more than himself, so why was I still thinking of that jerk? That was the first time I called Andy a jerk. Every time when Roy had called him that, I would protest and defend Andy vigorously but maybe he really was a jerk after all and I just couldn't see that before. I decided push thoughts of Andy away to the furthest recesses of my mind and to focus on Scott from then. Even though I still loved Andy, I mustn't let him spoil things for me again.

I felt happier with that resolution. The next thing I knew, I found myself walking toward the bathroom and opening the door. Scott was totally naked standing inside the bathtub. When he heard the door opening, he tried to use his hands to cover himself. I just smiled and walked toward him, kissing him gently. He was surprised at first, but soon returned my kisses. When we broke apart, I realized my clothes were soaked but I didn't care. I gave Scott a wicked smile as I pushed him to the wall and lowered my mouth to his chest and started sucking on his nipple, slowly flicking my tongue around it as it quickly hardened.

"Tin, what are you doing?" Scott gasped.

In reply, I gave his right nipple a gentle bite and he moaned. Then he lifted my head up as he forced his tongue into my mouth. Our tongues kept attacking each other's mouth as we explored the other. Suddenly Scott was ripping my shirt open. I could hear the buttons hitting the walls as they flew off from my shirt. He finished taking off my shirt and threw it out of the bathtub.

I took off my jeans and underwear at the same time and kicked them off. Our lips never separated all this while. When we drew apart, we both had smiles on our faces and I could see Scott's eyes were shining. As I lowered my gaze, I was captured by the beauty of his body. His skin was very smooth and his body well-defined. He had a wide chest which tapered down to a narrow waist. I could feel lust taking over me as I pushed him to the wall again and sucked on his right nipple, using my hand to twist his other nipple at the same time. Scott's head was flung back and he was moaning as I continued my ministration.

Then I started to kiss his abs, gee...he had a beautiful eight-pack. By then, I was not a human anymore. The baser side of me took over as I became an animal. Our lips met again as I fiercely attacked his mouth, biting his lips and tracing the outline of his mouth with my tongue. I put my arms around his neck as Scott wrapped his arms around my waist and lifted me up. I could feel his hard-on poking me as I ground mine into him. We were both groaning, caught up in the heat of the moment and were quite soaked by now but we were not bothered. I thought that was the most wonderful time of my life as I cried tears of happiness. The tears rolled down my cheeks, mixing and becoming as one with the bathwater.

As my tears were released, it felt as if all my emotions were also being set free from my heart at the same time, like water bursting out from a dam. I could feel happiness. After 3 long years, I could feel it coming upon me again... but the feeling was so unreal. I could feel it seeping through me, yet this happiness did not bring me joy. You see, the happiness that I felt was tinged with a touch of pain and a dash of sadness.

I was saddened when the aching pain in my heart surfaced in a moment of happiness. And it pained me to feel this sadness when I should otherwise be happy. Just like autumn, so short and thus bringing with it sensations of pain and sadness, yet at the same time making one marvel with happiness at the beauty of Nature awash in a sea of colors. Perhaps my emotion was one of bittersweet happiness. Maybe it was my destiny not to be completely happy. Maybe I was cursed with never being able to attain joyous bliss.

Why couldn't I let go and be completely happy? Andy, you kissed me and stole my heart, please gave it back to me so that I may truly love again.

The water started getting cold so Scott released me and turned it off as I hugged him from the back, running my fingers around it, tracing the muscles etched on it. His back was so strong and wide, and I felt so safe and secure as I hugged his narrow waist. I rested my head on his shoulder as Scott sighed contentedly and leaned his head against mine, savoring this moment of tenderness.

I don't know how long we held our positions, but it felt like forever. When he realized I was getting cold, Scott put his hands on my arms and I let him release my hold. He turned around and smiled at me, then gave me a quick kiss as he took a towel and dried me. When he was done, he started on himself but I hugged his waist again. He continued drying himself as I let my fingers gently caress his abs. When he turned around and lifted me up, I rested my head on his wide chest as I absently played with his pecs. This man was so strong and I felt safe in his arms.

He carried me out of the bathroom and put me down on his queen-size bed, laying my head gently on his pillow. As I lay there looking up at him, I could feel him running his eyes over my body as he took in the view before sitting down straddling me. He was like a giant, so huge. Everything about him was huge. He was strong yet gentle. As I looked into his beautiful eyes, I found myself getting lost in them, swimming in an ocean of stars. I realized that I was really lucky to have found someone like him and I wanted to show him how much I cared.

Scott was just sitting there looking at me, perhaps not quite sure how far to take this so I told him, "Kiss me."

With that, he slowly lowered himself on me and kissed my lips softly, so carefully as if he was afraid of hurting me. I ran my fingers through his hair, then down to his shoulders and arms, feeling his biceps and triceps. His muscles were dancing when I touched them. I could feel him getting hard and I sighed as I pressed him against me. His hard-on felt huge and warm as it gently throbbed in time with his heartbeat. As he ground his hard-on against mine, I whimpered as our organs throbbed in rhythm, engaged in a dance of their own.

I closed my eyes and let myself enjoy the feeling. Everything seemed to happen so naturally. Perhaps this is as it should be. Our lips never separated as we kept touching and exploring each other's body, our tongues twisted together in embrace.

When we broke apart after a long kiss, Scott used his arms to support his weight as he lay on top of me. We were stared at each other, lost in the other and not quite sure what to do next. Both of us were virgins, and we didn't have any experience so we went with the flow and let our feelings guide us. It seemed to work very well so far.

I decided to take the lead and lightly pushed Scott away as I rolled us over. He was now lying on the bed and I straddled him, sitting right on top on his abs. Then I slowly brought my face toward his and he opened up his mouth in anticipation of a kiss. But just as our lips were about to touch, I turned to his earlobes instead and started sucking on them, then licking my way down to his neck, just like in a story I read on the internet. A moan escaped from Scott's mouth, and I was pleased that he enjoyed this as much as me.

I gave his neck a last lick before working my way further down to his chest where a rosy, erect nipple stood up at attention, calling to me. I covered it with my lips and gently sucked on it as my hand played with his other nipple, lightly caressing the hard, yet pliable, protuberance. His nipples were apparently quite sensitive. Scott was begging me to stop as he didn't want to come so soon. But I ignored him and gave his nipple a hard bite, and Scott yelled and moaned at the same time, caught between pain and pleasure. I suppose there is some truth to the adage that pain is so close to pleasure. Scott's face was flushed with the excitement as he reveled in a sea of newfound emotions that I brought out of him.

And his face wasn't the only part of him that was flushed. Something very big was poking me at the side and I found myself drawn southwards, staring at his huge engorged member. It was weeping and lots of precum was flowing out of it, forming a pool on his stomach. I've always fantasized about big cocks and wow, Scott's thick fat horsecock could more than easily fulfill my fantasy. As much as I was drawn to it, I decided to make it wait a little longer as I ignored his weeping member and turned to follow the gap between his pecs down to his abs, stopping at his navel. I gave his pecs a loving squeeze as I kissed his navel. Scott responded with a giggle, I guess he was ticklish there so I licked his 8-pack instead, laving them until they were glistening in the dim light.

At the same time, my hand was moving slowly southwards, tracing a line down from his navel where I was greeted with a pool of precum. I turned my head and was staring right into the slit of his cockhead. It was throbbing and calling out to me. I licked my lips in anticipation but swallowed a little too. I felt tense as that was my first time and it was huge too. Would I be able to adapt?

I closed my eyes tight, put out my tongue and licked the mushroom head. The taste of his precum was salty and sweet at the same time, and I found myself liking the taste. I wrapped my hands around the base of his member as I continued licking the head like a lollipop. Scott was squirming and moaning quite loudly by then. That gave me the encouragement to put the head inside my mouth. Scott's moans turned to pained yells as my teeth grazed his tender cockhead.

I apologized and tried again. I wrapped my lips around my teeth and slowly put the big fat head inside my mouth again. I only could put about 4 inches in and the head reached the back of my throat. I tried swallowing more but the gag reflex made me cough hard that I had to take it out. Scott was concerned and I could see the worry on his face. I told him that I was fine and wanted to try again. He hesitated but I could see his other head agreeing. It was still hard and proudly pointing upwards, throbbing in anticipation.

Before he could reply, I reached for his dick and slowly massaged it. Precum was coming out copiously as Scott moaned in pleasure and stopped resisting. I guess I knew which 'head' to reason with in the future, I thought to myself as I slowly eased his member into my mouth again, taking care not to get my teeth on the sensitive head.

I started by licking around the head and got a favorable response from Scott. His moans got louder as I licked the underside so I concentrated my efforts on there for a while, enjoying the taste of his cock. It had a unique smell and taste, not unpleasant but really exciting, slightly musky and slightly sweet. I guess that was really Scott's own unique 'smell' and I came to the realization that that was the aroma that I couldn't quite place all along this evening. I thought it was the perfume that Scott had used but it was really his own smell, and it really turned me on.

With that thought, I eagerly started to ease his cock into my mouth again and managed to get 5 inches in this time. I still had 4 inches or so outside my mouth so I used my hands to stroke the shaft. He kept moaning my name as I moved his cock in and out of my mouth, alternately swirling my tongue around the entire sensitive head and sucking on it. Then I saw those huge nuts of his. From where my head was buried in his crotch, they looked as big as oranges to me. Scott sighed with disappointment as I released his member but gasped in surprise as I gently put one of his nuts into my mouth, rolling it around with my tongue and gently biting on his nutsack while enjoying the fullness of his nut. I'd hope to put both of them into my mouth but it was impossible so I alternated one with the other.

All the while, my hands were massaging and stroking his huge dong and I thought that Scott had already come when I realized that it was really more of his precum leaking out. He was really a drooler and it kept his member slick and wet, so slick that I thought it could easily slip into me. I decided to test it as I released his nuts and sat straddling him again and guided his cock into the crack between my bums. It felt wonderful having him there like that as I squeezed my asscheeks together, trapping him between them, then I moved myself up and down massaging his member. More precum oozed out and made my crack and my bums slippery. I moaned in enjoyment as I used my asscheeks to squeeze his dick tightly to prevent it from slipping out. Scott had his eyes closed tight as he moaned and whimpered, enjoying my treatment.

Then I aimed his mushroom at my hole and tried to push the head inside me but it was too painful and I gave out a small cry as my hard-on wilted. Scott stopped moaning and lay still as he realized what I was about to do. He stopped me immediately and said not to kill myself, what I had been doing was fine and I didn't have to do more to please him.

As he pulled me toward him, he kissed me gently and lay me on the bed again as he reached for a lotion from the drawer of the nightstand. He asked me to turn around as he spread my asscheeks open and applied the lotion around my hole. It felt cold but after some massage, I started to feel warm. My hole was twitching and I was starting to get excited again. My cock was getting hard as Scott inserted his index finger into me. He made circular movements inside me as he rubbed the lotion on the walls of my love tunnel.

I was still a little tense and I could sense that he was too. He was all concerned for me and looked up to make sure I was ok. I could see the sweat on his face and he smiled to reassure me. Then he continued his exploration. I almost fainted when his finger hit my special button. I moaned so loudly that they must have heard me several blocks away. I thought I would cum by then but Scott retracted his finger a little as he tried adding his thumb into me. It's shorter than the index finger but a lot thicker and I yelled as tears flowed out from my eyes. My hands were gripping the bed sheet so tightly and I was twisting the sheets. Scott thought that he had hurt me and wanted to stop but I encouraged him to continue.

"Are you sure?" he asked.

"Yeah! Please don't stop, the feeling is too good." I didn't tell him of the pain as I wanted him to continue. Yeah, it was painful but the feeling was also good at the same time. I almost couldn't breathe as he kept pushing in deeper. My whole body was covered with a sheen of sweat.

After a long massage, he turned me around on my back then put my legs on his shoulder and started to aim his cock at my hole. He looked at me as if to ask for permission and I smiled at him and nodded. He tried to enter me slowly but he was too big, especially the head. I've never known anything that could compare with the pain as he tried to ease his way in. But I said nothing. I buried my head in the pillow and gritted my teeth as I tried to muffle my cries.

At last the head popped in and Scott stopped moving. He looked at me and asked, "Are you ok? Are you sure you want to continue?" I nodded and he hesitated before slowly easing into me. My hole felt like it was on fire and it was hurting like hell but there was no way that I would be stopping. I love this man and have no regrets of losing my virginity to him. In fact, my love for him and the thought of making it a wonderful experience for him spurred me on and kept me going when the pain might have otherwise made me gave up.

As he slowly eased his way in, he stopped each time he got in an inch or so, I don't really know, as I was trying my best to get over the burning sensation. However, as he stopped and asked me if I was ok and wanted to continue, each time my answer was yes. Scott was considerate and stopped to let me get used to him as each part of him slowly filled me up and would only move after a few minutes or so even though I would tell him to continue. Instead, he mouthed words of love to me while he tenderly caressed me until he felt I was ready to proceed further. Looking back, I was thankful for that and it probably made the whole thing much better as it gave me the chance to adapt to more and more of him inside me.

That, and the love in his eyes, more than made up for the pain. It was a dull throbbing sensation by then and the worst was probably over, I reasoned. I would only need to look at his love for me shining brightly in his eyes to know that I would do anything for this man, and that I would gladly have him with the pain than not to have him at all.

And so, my love slowly made his way into me as I welcomed the invasion. It seemed like there was no end to his cock as he kept pushing in and it seemed like there was still a mile left to go. However the sensation of pain had already given way to pleasure as his cock grazed my prostate. I cried out his name and squirmed around. As he eased more of his cock into me, it hit my prostate each time and I was taken to new heights as waves of pleasure wracked my whole body. Finally, he would move no more and I was brought back to earth as I realized that he had entered me fully.

Finally, I could feel his whole cock inside me! I felt so dizzy at that time and we were both breathing so hard. Both of us were sweating profusely but I could still see his love in those beautiful eyes. A drop of his sweat trickled down his face and hit my face. Time seemed frozen at that time as I licked his sweat away and clenched my ass muscles tighter, enveloping his cock with my warm tunnel, caressing his manly tool with my muscles. I could see the ecstasy on his face as he called out my name. I lay there trying to memorize this moment, the moment when he was fully inside me, the first moment of our complete union. I felt so complete then, as if a part of me which I never knew was missing had suddenly come back to make me whole. I wanted to remember forever this moment when I had given myself completely to him and he to me, as we sailed uncharted waters together.

I don't know how long we stayed that way as we savored the magic of the moment. I only knew that both of us would never come this way again and we both wanted to remember this day, this moment, forever. When he let go of my legs, I slid them down his shoulders and wrapped them around his waist as he lay on top of me and moved very slowly, in and out, in and out. I felt so comforted with the knowledge that he was inside me. I felt so filled up each time he thrust in and so empty as he pulled away.

I clenched my muscles tighter each time he pulled away, not wanting to let him out, and he moaned louder. As he pushed in, I relaxed to welcome him back to the back that he rightly belonged, but I let him control the pace. I lowered my legs and wrapped them around his pumping hips and my hands grasped his firm backside, pulling him in deeper, using the leverage to rise up and meet him.

As he started to speed up, I felt even better. I was moaning and all coherent thought must have left me then. I couldn't describe the feeling, it was simply heavenly. All I knew was that I just kept begging him, "Don't stop!" or "Faster, yeah, harder" or something like that. My whole body was shaking and I was so lost in our lovemaking that even if the whole world were watching us, I wouldn't have bothered, even if I had known.

I gave a keening wail as I was brought to the point of no return as cum spurted out from my cock, coating my belly. Scott's constant massaging of my prostate brought me to the peak and beyond as I gasped out his name in ecstasy. As I came, I realized that Scott had his mouth on mine and was kissing me in the last throes of my orgasm. Still, my dick remained hard and as he continued massaging my prostate with his cock and I could see the fire in his eyes telling me that he was still not done. I don't know how he held out but I was glad. This man of mine had stamina and I was proud.

As we broke apart, Scott looked tenderly at me and lovingly caressed my body, licking my nipples and my navel before resuming his lovemaking. This time, he was even gentler and pushed in with just the right depth to just lightly graze my prostate and then immediately pull away, leaving me moaning and thrashing around with unfulfilled pleasure. He was teasing me and this only served to heighten my pleasure more, almost reducing me to a quivering mass. How I love this man!

As we made love langorously this time, having cum once already for me, I could afford to study Scott more closely. How his face flushed in the midst of our lovemaking, how he gently but firmly thrust into me, how the layer of sweat on his body made him shimmer like a glowing warrior, how the light reflected on his muscles as they danced and rippled as he moved in and out of me. I could see happiness radiating from his eyes permeating into his whole face and, above all, his love for me as he beheld me and caressed me with his eyes, while his body made love to me.

Oh, how my body burned for him. Both of our bodies were wet with my cum as every time when our bodies touched, my cum would rub onto him, creating a slippery sticky feeling. Soon, I could feel my balls boiling as my seed surged out from them and into my cock, spurting out of me with an even greater urgency than before, liberally coating my belly with more cum as I shouted out his name in happiness, this time with even more conviction of my love for him than before. I never expected that I would be able to come again so soon, all without touching myself. The second time was even better and everything was momentarily blindingly all white when I could not see anything, only sensing feelings of joy wash over me as I came and came.

When I came to my senses, I could feel Scott massaging my cock, and he must have been milking me even as I came, trying to bring me as much pleasure as he could. Strangely, I didn't feel as sensitive as I normally would, especially after having just cum, so I let him stroke me. I was still hard and found that I had the stamina for more. In fact, one look at his body drove me wild with unbridled lust and one look into his eyes filled me up with his love and, together, I felt that we could do anything.

As he resumed pumping in and out of me, I found that my body have adapted to our lovemaking, my ass muscles automatically clenching and unclenching in rhythm to his thrusts and my hips automatically moving in sync with his movements. I decided to see if I could attempt to stroke him with the walls of my love tunnel now that I have better control over my muscles. I was not sure if I succeeded but Scott seemed to respond favorably, groaning and moaning feverishly my name over and over again and soon I was caught up with the heat of our passion again as I willingly surrendered my body to his ministration and let our instincts take over.

It must have been over an hour and I had already come twice but Scott hadn't even come once and was still coming on strongly. As he continued pumping, my pleasure rose and I could feel that Scott was about to come soon, and it seems that I was about to follow too. I wanted to come together with him but I could not hold back. The feelings were stronger this time and I could not control myself as I screamed out his name. In the final moments of clarity before white hot sensation ripped my senses away, I could feel Scott's hands covering mine, holding them tightly as I suddenly bucked and wailed as I came. I thought I could see Scott throwing back his head and shouting out my name as he moved like light speed and thrust quickly into me as his climax roared up and took him, emptying his seed into me and coating my insides with his essence. We came together with linked hands, jerking and pulsing hard, as once again my cock spurted out the evidence of my fulfillment over my trembling belly.

Panting hard, Scott collapsed onto me. I let him rest on top of me, reveling in his body heat, feeling safe against his strong body. I must have passed out after that and could only remember when I next felt him pressing his face into my soft, damp hair, holding me as I sighed and nestled into him. Then I felt gentle fingers questing over my shoulder and I opened my eyes, looking into the flawless face before me, seeing it truly from my heart's perspective. My love...

I could only whisper softly into his ear, "I love you," meaning it with all my heart and soul as we lay back together, enjoying our post-lovemaking bliss.

Sometime later, I was looking at the can of the soda in my hands and I smiled as I took a sip. I was sitting between Scott's legs with my head resting on his chest. I put the can on my forehead. It was so cool and felt so good, just like what I was feeling then.

That was my first time and I gave myself freely to Scott. Both of us were sitting on the bed naked as we enjoyed our drink. His hands were around my chest as he kissed the back of my ear. He said something in my ear and I answered, "No."

He replied, "Me too."

Scott, I always follow my feelings. I would never regret what we did. I'm happy that I gave up my virginity to you and I would willingly surrender to you again and again.

I turned around and brushed those sexy thick eyebrows of his and kissed his lips. Scott, three years before, someone ran away from my life and I gave up painting consequently. Painting was like a mirror to my heart. My paintings reflected my feelings and I was scared to paint for the past 3 years as I didn't want to face my heart. But now, I would try to take up my paintbrush again because of you, Scott, my guardian angel.




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