The following story is a work of complete fiction. None of the characters exist and none of the events ever happened, keep that in mind.

The guys in this story might not be using rubbers, but they aren't real. You are. Please, Practice safe sex always.

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This is the Life 3

By David George

***Author's note***

Hey guys, it’s on again. I have finally come around to resuming this story after a 'very' long break, which while productive, didn’t do justice to the all those readers who were into this story from the beginning. Therefore I am now going to give it some well needed attention. From the outset I have know in some way how I wanted this story to end but the task at hand was always trying to get there, well now I’m ready and I’m inviting you all to come along for the journey. So refresh your memories, see how this whole thing got started and enjoy the ride.

David *****

Lying doped up in a hospital bed can be very therapeutic. Sure, the drugs are for the pain but somehow they give you a happy feeling, which you could probably act upon in someway, but being in traction, I could only remember the good times. Good times for me were those times shortly after I met James. Our first date, for example was a good time…

I was eager all of that day. Work just seemed to pass by, all in my head was James. I didn’t even remember to call Jeremy to get some info on him. He did however and called me that afternoon.

Hey Brian, how was Jimmy” he asked with a laugh

What’s that supposed to mean?”

Come on, don’t tell me you didn’t give it up to him”

As a matter a fact asshole, I didn’t ”

Hey sorry man, it wasn’t you, I know how my cousin works. I may not be gay but I learned how to be a player from him in some ways”

That’s ok, sorry I got so defensive, I’m a bit on the edge.”

He must really like you though” he chuckled “So you two going out later?”

Yeah, I’m supposed to pick him up at 8:00, by the way how come you never told me that your cousin was gay before?”

It just never crossed my mind to tell you, I mean when I think of Jimmy it isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, he’s always tried to be discreet with his lifestyle, I mean he didn’t hide that he was gay or anything but y’know he’s a private man”

So what’s he doing here anyway, a degree and everything”

Well all he told me before he came over was that he had some business to do in the city, that’s it”

Some business, I left him at the restaurant last night”

Well, I dunno maybe he had to meet someone, but y’know there’s an easy solution to all this intrigue”

What’s that?”

When you meet him tonight for your date ask him all of this”

I couldn’t do that, get up all in his business, we just met”

Alright, I see what you’re saying”

So Jeremy, tell me seriously now, is there anything I need to worry about with this guy?”

Well, he has a big dick as far as I know” he laughed

I’m serious”

Ok, ok, if you want a history of his sex life I can’t give you, as for relationship wise I don’t know too much, I’ve met a few of his boyfriends over the years but as I said he is a private man. What I do know is that he’s a good guy, what can I say he’s my cousin and I love him as a brother. When I used to feel strange in the family being part black and all, he took me under his wings and treated me like everyone else, not like some anomaly and for that I love and respect him.”

Well, you do have a heart, thanks man”

No problem man, you know I’ll do anything for a brother talk to you soon”

Ok J, bye”

Well he certainly filled in a few gaps.


The rest of the day was particularly hectic and I had to put my shoulder to the wheel to get everything done. When my last meeting ended it was 7:00. I hurried home and got ready. I reached home, jumped into the shower and begun the task of choosing what to wear.

I could wear my leather pants and a button down shirt, but I didn’t want to come off to flashy. I could wear some slacks and a sweater but I didn’t want to seem too boring and sanitized. Heck, what the hell was I worrying about, I already met the guy, he had seen me dressed in much less and if he didn’t pick up running then, I had nothing to worry about.

I finally decided and took the safe route, semi-formal. A nice blue patterned button down long sleeved shirt I had just bought and a pair of black slacks. With a whiff of the GoodLife and some black square toes, I was ready to go.

By the time I was finished, it was a quarter to seven. I hurried to my car and headed down to the Parquet Hotel, which wasn’t too far away from my apartment. I reached the hotel in no time and went to the parking lot. When I got to the lobby, it was 5 minutes to the hour and James was there waiting. I was surprised to say the least but there he was seated, reading a magazine.

He looked up as I entered, smiled and stood. I smiled back, he was looking good this evening. He like me decided to play it safe and was wearing a long sleeved micro fiber sweater, which showed of all his muscles and slacks.

He mouthed ‘WOW’ as I walked towards him. He really was oblivious to the effect he had on the world.

Brian, all this for me? You look great” he said as I reached him

You’re looking sexy yourself” I said eyeing him up an down

This old thing, please” he said shrugging off my compliment, I ignored him

So, are you ready to go, my car’s out in the parking lot”

Sure, let’s go”

We walked out together and soon we were on our way.

Where are we going for dinner?” he asked, looking over at me while I drove

My Place” I said nonchalantly

You’re an ambitious one” he said smiling

No, not my apartment, there’s an actual restaurant called My Place”

Oh… although, I wouldn’t mind going to your place, then again we wouldn’t eat that much, would we?”

Well knowing you, we probably wouldn’t” it was nice to be able to have nice fun bantering like this. I felt very relaxed with James as we made our way to the restaurant. We talked all the way about the weather, sports, movies etc. Then we finally reached the restaurant and were ushered to our tables.

Mmm… nice place, it seems a bit exclusive though” James said as we took our seats

Not really, it’s just off the beaten path, not the usual crowd and definitely more laid back.” I loved the location as it gave way to more intimacy with its soft lights and the soothing jazz music as background.

If I didn’t know any better I’d say you were trying to seduce me Brian” James said with a raised eyebrow

Well, you’ll just have to see won’t you?” I had no such plan but being in control, I wanted this to be somewhere comfortable for both of us.

I hope you like soulfood, caus’ this is the place to get it when you’re in the city” said

Bring it on” he was game for anything

We made our orders and chatted while we waited.

So, James what brings you to our fair city and my life?”

Well, if you must know, I’m thinking of moving here”


Yep, I needed a change and now that I have my degree, job prospects are much better, I am thinking of opening my own gym”

That is ambitious”

Yeah, I know but if I start out small, I can build on it”

So what about your venture capital” I was getting really caught up in this whole idea of his.

An Uncle of mine died 2 years ago and left me some money, well a lot of money and it changed my perspective on my life, I had more choices so now I’m using some of it to chart my course.”

Well you’re all set, I mean with the money all settled all you have to do is find the right location”

That’s why I’ve been scouting the city for the past couple of days”

So, any prospects yet?”

A few, one in particular though, on Bourbon street it was a gym before but apparently the owner couldn’t run it anymore and closed it up”

Bourbon Street, that’s pretty busy territory, it would be great if you could get a spot there.”

Yeah, I know”

So, ahm, Jeremy said that you were visiting, when were you planning on leaving?”

Well, I think I’ve found a good reason not to” he said with a wink and a smile. Just then, our waiter came with our orders and I think for the first time that evening we remembered how hungry we were, we dove into the food.

About halfway through I looked up and saw that James had stopped eating and was looking at me.


I was just thinking how lucky I am to be dining with the hottest guy in here” I must’ve started to blush because he chuckled

Well, you certainly know how to make a guy feel special, but I’m sure your boyfriends told you the same thing all the time”

I’ve had my share, what about you?”

What about me?” I asked, being evasive

Come on Brian, don’t tell me your boyfriends haven’t showered you with compliments on what a catch you are”

Well, guys I’ve been with have said good things but … what I’m trying to say is I’ve never been in a relationship like that”

Wow, then I must be the luckiest guy on earth… but how come?”

I don’t know, I mean I’ve never found anyone who held my attention for anything else other than… Sex… there, I said it”

Well at least you’re honest…hear what, I promise you that we won’t sleep together until we know tonnes about each other, deal?” he stretched his hand out to me, I shook it. If anyone was watching they would’ve thought we were sealing a business deal.

I guess I could live with that, you are someone I want to get to know better”

Ditto, I told you how I felt the second time we met, remember”

How could I forget?” we finished our meal and did some small talk, laughing at each others’ jokes and getting to know each other much better. James was a dream so engaging and yet someone I felt at peace with and to think we hadn’t had sex yet.

So whadduyah say we get out of here and go to the park?” James asked

At this hour, it’s almost 9:30” I said

The best time, it’s way more romantic at night”

Ok, I’ll get the check”

Oh no you don’t, it’s my call, after all you picked me up”

But I…”

No buts about it, it’s the least I can do” he insisted, I conceded

Ok” he paid and we made our way out of My Place. I was feeling good about the evening thus far. We got to the car when James asked me if he could drive, I said sure, if he knew the way.

Nice car Brian, that job of yours must really pay the big bucks?” he mused

I get by, but my dad is the one who got me this car when I graduated from College ”

Well I definitely want to meet him, he has good taste” we talked some more as we made our way to the park. When we arrived we started to stroll down one of the deserted jogging paths.

It’s nice out here” I said, having never been in the park this late

Yeah, no matter what city I’m in, I always visit the park late at night”

Is that some hidden compulsion?” I said with a laugh

Oh so you’re a funny guy huh?… If I’m with the right person it can be really special” he said looking at me.

Well it’s new for me” he took my hands in his and brought them to his lips

It won’t be after tonight” he said as he kissed my hands, tingles ran up my spine.

I want you in my life Brian, I saw you in that Gym and I saw someone who can make me happy” he was looking directly into my eyes. He had me right then.

I-I…” he cut me  off with a deep kiss. I didn’t see it coming, his tongue explored my mouth as his hands caressed my neck. We kissed for a while getting more familiar with each others’ mouth, I was already growing wood.

When we finally parted he caressed my neck and looked at me, his eyes glowing.

You’re one good kisser”

You’re better, lets go” we hugged each other and walked to my car, him reprising the drivers seat. He drove the car back to his hotel parking lot and turned the car off.

I meant what I said… y’know, about us sleeping together”

I know, thanks”

For what?”

For showing me what it’s like to know someone so deeply and still keep my clothes on” he cupped my face in his hands and smiled

Brian, you have to know you’re not just about sex, I see so much more and I am going to get it all”

I see a lot in you as well, sure anyone may be bowled over by your looks but you are something, I hope you know that?” he blushed, he was so cute. I reached over and grabbed his face, joining our lips in another soul searching kiss. I was hungry for this man who had gotten me so hot. Temptation proved too much as I reached between his legs and grabbed his massive package, it swelled under my fingers.

We continued to kiss as I handled his cock, trapped in his pants. He started to squirm but did not break our kiss. Then he put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me away.

You better stop or I may jump on you right now” he said

Maybe I would like that” I teased

Come on, we have a deal”

Ok, it takes a bit of getting used to but I will try my best”

I will too, it’s going to be hard but I’ll try” we both got out of the car and I went over to the driver’s side.

So when can we do this again?” he asked

Why not tomorrow?” I said “same time, different place”

Sounds good to me”

That’s great, I’ll pick you up at 8:00 then”

Yeah, bye” He walked towards the hotel lobby. I watched him all the way. Our first date and it was great. He was the perfect gentleman and I was a happy camper, I couldn’t wait for our next date.

I backed the car out of the parking lot and was on my way. When I got home the first person I called was Andre.

Hey Andre, you still up?”

Now I am, how’d it go?”

It was perfect man, I can’t believe how phenomenal James is”

See I told you all you had to do was give him a fair chance”

Yeah, he’s everything I thought he would be and so much more”

So do you see him in your future?”

Definitely, we even made a pact to get to know each other fully before we sleep together”

Wow, isn’t that a big step for you Brian?”

I can manage and in any case he’s worth it, getting to know him has been an adventure”

You sound like you’re ready to scream the L word”

Wow, hold up, he’s great and everything but I didn’t say anything about love”

Brian, who do you think you’re talking to? I know that you may be a little confused right now, probably in denial but you are definitely fallin’ ”

Well maybe a little”

Maybe a lot, have you heard yourself? Listen just take things slow and go with the flow alright”

Yeah, I’ll do that”

Good, now I’ve got to give Nate a fix, so talk to you”

Aiight Andre, thanks”

You’re welcome”

As usual, Andre brought out the things in me that I was afraid to say or didn’t even know I had stored up inside. That night I slept sound and for the first time in a longtime, I didn’t have to jack myself to sleep.

I awoke the next morning ready to face the world, which suddenly didn’t seem that bad a place. I got ready in record time, humming as I went about the house, then the phone rang…


Morning Brian, what’s up?” it was Dwayne

Morning Dwayne, I’m doing ok”

Well I can hear post coital bliss in your voice”

You need to check your hearing”

What? You trying to say you didn’t have sex with James last night?”

Yep, that’s exactly what I’m trying to say”

How come?”

Well for one that’s not the only reason I go out on a date and two we made a pact to get to know each other better before we throw down”

Wow, you two are serious huh?”

I guess”

You sound happy already, are you fallin’ for this guy?”

Maybe Dwayne, he’s so much more than a fine body, he makes me feel like I’m the only one he sees”

I’m happy for you, so you two going out again?”

Yeah, tonight”

Good, listen, I’ll talk to you later, aiight?”

Aiight Dwayne, thanks for calling” I hung up and was out the door.


That day work seemed to fly by, I was all smiles and quite a few people asked me if I was ok. I was fine as could be, I had a date with a fine man and my life seemed complete.

The work day ended and I eagerly awaited the beginning of another date with James. Reaching home I had no problem deciding what to wear tonight, I felt very relaxed with James and decided to dress that way.

I reached the hotel early like before and just like the night previously James awaited me in the lobby. Tonight we greeted each other with a hug and then made our way to the car.

Can I drive tonight, I have a place I wanna take you to” James asked

Ok, you seem to be quite familiar with the city”

Yeah, I used to spend a lot of time here when I was younger”

We pulled out and headed for James’ mystery location.

Are you going to tell me where we’re going?” I asked

Nope, I wanna get a kick out of surprising you” he replied with a smile

We drove for a while making small talk about nothing in particular until James pulled into an Italian pizza joint.

This is it?” I asked

Yeah, Luciano’s, the finest pizza in the city”

I’ve never been here before, didn’t even know that this place existed”

Well just another surprise that the city has to offer, come on let’s go”

We parked the car and made our way inside. On entry, our senses were assaulted with the smell of cheese and pepperoni, definitely a pizza joint. We found a table in a quiet little corner.

It’s pretty quaint in here” I said

Yeah that’s why I like it, not usually very busy in here and the pizza is great”

Talk about laid back, I love the feel of the place”

Glad you like it, now you know I have some tricks up my sleeve as well”

We ordered a large pizza with almost everything and beer. The beer came and we drank and chatted while we waited on our pizza.

I have some good news for you” James said to me after a sip of his beer


 “I got that place on Bourbon Street”

Wow, that’s great…but you just told me about it yesterday?”

Yeah, I went to the owner today and we had a long talk, and after talking him down we made a deal. I got it for a good price too”

You must be excited”

Yes, I am but there’s something that I’m even more excited about”

What’s that?”
“You and me. With this venture coming through I can move here and be closer to you” I went silent as I looked at him, his eyes gleaming.

Do you always get speechless when you get good news?”

I’m just processing everything that is happening, it all seems so sudden” he held my hands in his.

I know that, but it’s all new for me too, we’ll just have to adjust together” he squeezed my hands.


We talked some more and our pizza came soon after. We ate and chatted the night away, laughing and having a good time. I think I decided right then that he was the one. We finished up and went back to the park for another stroll after which I brought him back to his hotel.

Y’know Brian, I think I can get used to this” James said as we sat in the car in the hotel parking lot.

Yeah me too”

What about tomorrow, dinner and a movie?”

Sure, I would love that”

Good, it’s a date” he said before giving me a kiss and leaving the car. I watched as he disappeared into the hotel.


We did go out the next day and the next, in fact we spent the rest of that week going out. We went to movies, the theater and always went to the park for some real quiet time after each date. On the weekend, we went to the museum and jazz club just to chill. It was probably the happiest time of my life.

I was with someone who I felt knew me and I knew him. We called each other and spent hours on the phone even after spending the day together. I think at some point I asked James if he wasn’t tired of me, he said no way, the only thing he needed more was air and to think we hadn’t had sex yet. I was tempted but I held my ground.

We were in our second week of going out and just having a lot of fun with each other when James asked me what I had planned for the weekend…

I thought you’d have thought of that?” I said

Well now that you mention it I did, why don’t we keep it quiet this weekend”

What do you mean?”

Your place, dinner, some wine, sleeping in, a late breakfast”

Really? I mean, do you think we’re ready?”

We’ve been ready since we first met, only now it’s worth a lot more”

I’m looking forward to it” and I was. I would finally get to know James in every way possible. To say I was thrilled, understatement of the century, I was ecstatic, I couldn’t wait until Friday when I would pick him up for our long weekend.

It was Wednesday and we decided that we’d give each other a break on Thursday to ready ourselves for Friday. I had a lot to do, I had to get groceries, some champagne, not to mention get my house in order. I left work early on Thursday and went straight home to start the clean up. It was while doing this that I got a call from Andre…

Hey Brian, haven’t heard from you in a while, what’s up?”

Hey Andre, I’m doing great, just cleaning up”

I called the office and your secretary said you left early, what’s going on?”

Well, James and I are going to be spending the weekend together at my place so I’m getting everything ready”

So you two finally took the plunge huh, how was he?”

I don’t know yet, that’s why he’s here for the weekend”

That sounds really romantic Brian, have fun”

Andre, is everything going ok man?”

Yeah, everything is fine I just wanted to check up on you… by the way Matt called off the engagement”


Yeah, he said he just wasn’t sure”

Sometime before lunch I got a call


Hello sexy”


Yeah, are you ready for our weekend?”

Oh yeah, I can’t wait”

Good, I can’t either but I promise you will never forget it”

So what time do I pick you up?”

You don’t, I asked Jeremy to drop me by your place by 8”

Wow, you move fast”

Well I wouldn’t want to preempt my anticipation”

Where are you right now?

I just took a break from overlooking my new place, it’s a bit shabby but with some good renovating it should be a work of art in no time.”

I still can’t believe you got that place so quickly”

Yeah well money talks, the owner wanted to get rid of it anyway”

What does Jeremy think about the plan?”

He’s just glad that I might be moving to the city”

Ok James, I’ve got to get some lunch but I am counting down the hours till we get together”

Me too Brian, me too, bye”


If my day was going good before hearing James’ voice just made it better.

the rest of that day I sailed through my meetings, reports and telephone calls with one thing on my mind, James.

Just recently I had not been getting in my regular gym time that often so I decided to make a quick stop and burn some carbs on the treadmill before I went home. It would also give me a chance to refocus some of my sexual energy.

When I got there, it was moderately crowded with only a few of the usual crowd, apparently the start of the weekend saw most elsewhere. I got in, changed into my gear and was soon on the treadmill burning away. If I thought this would get my mind off James, I was wrong just the mere fact that this was where we met was a big enough turn on. As I started a trot on the treadmill, I could see it all flash before my eyes, our first and only session in the gym both of us spotting each another.

I could still remember the sparks in his beautiful eyes as he watched me. I knew then that maybe I wasn’t just infatuated with him, this could really be something much bigger, maybe love. But, I’ve never loved anyone, not like this, how the hell would I know anyway?

I probably was overwhelmed by the whole situation, this beautiful man wanted to be with me, he respected me and wanted me because of who I was and not just as some sexual outlet. Now we were going to consummate our relationship, one whole weekend of lovemaking.

I came back to the world of the living with my treadmill in cool down mode, I had really gotten my self a buzz from the workout but I hadn’t lost focus of what I had coming. I rushed to the showers and got myself fresh and clean. I then got home to get ready.

I was going to give James an evening he would never forget. Jeremy and Marissa had gone to Jamaica on vacation and came back crazy over the food so I decided to check it out. Luckily, there was a restaurant in the city, which I didn’t know about before so I decided Jamaican take out was it for tonight.

It took an hour after I got home for the food to arrive; it was a lot. I had gone to the restaurant to sample the food and chose what I liked, which turned out to be almost everything. I set the table, and spread the food out. Then I put some soft jazz music on, dipping the lights till they were just right. It was only about ten minutes before I expected James to be knocking on my door.

Only one more thing to do, change. I was just going to wear something comfortable so I put on a knit sweater and a pair of shorts, I guess the island food had gotten me in a mood, but I really wanted this to be a once in a lifetime experience for him. The house was smelling heavenly as I surveyed my handiwork when I heard a knock at the door, I looked at my watch and as I expected it was 8:00.

I opened the door and was greeted by Jeremy and James. Jeremy had a knowing smile on his face.

Come in, guys” I said giving them way to come inside, James did but Jeremy didn’t.

Nah, I wouldn’t want to intrude… you sure look happy though” Jeremy commented

Yeah I am, thanks for bringing him over” I said

You know it was nothing, anyway I’ve gotta go, Marissa and I are going out, have fun and take care of him Brian”

I will” I said as he turned and left, I closed the door and turned to see James standing with his hand behind his back and a smile on his face.

What?” I asked

Nothing … except you, you look incredible in those shorts Brian”

Thanks, you don’t look too bad yourself in those slacks, by the way did you carry your extra stuff?” he pointed to a small traveling bag in the corner of the room

I have something for you” he said pulling his hand from behind his back, it was a single brown Moroccan rose.

Wow, it’s beautiful…” he had rushed in so fast I didn’t even see anything he had in his hands earlier. He came closer and handed the rose to me

I wanted you to know how rare and special you are” he said as he reached out and pulled my face to his, joining us in a sensual kiss, I held him close as we kissed, then remembering the food pulled apart

We have all weekend, the food’s getting cold, let’s eat” I said holding his hand and leading him to the dining table, when he saw it his face lit up

Wow, I was wondering what smelled so good but this is unbelievable, what is all this?” he asked, I pulled a chair out and had him sit. After I was seated I spoke

This is Jamaican food, I didn’t cook it myself but I know it’s good and I also knew you’ve probably never had it before”

You never cease to amaze me, you know that Brian” he really was bowled over “and to think you did this all for me” I blushed

So what do we have here? it’s a lot” I started to name everything,

Well you’ve outdone yourself, it smells great” James said, when I was done

Ok then let’s eat” I said before we dug in passing plates around and enjoying the food. More than a few times I saw him licking his fingers. At one point, I stopped eating and watched him, it was funny the effect watching someone do something as simple as eating could have on you but at that moment I thought it was the most vulnerable and sensual thing he could do.

Why are you looking at me like that?” James asked

I’m just watching you enjoy yourself”

Well you haven’t seen anything yet” he was smiling as he took a sip of his champagne. We continued eating and talking, James had gotten a good look at the new place and was ready to commence work on it to have the gym open in about two months. Then we finished eating, we moved to the couch.

I think we’ve had enough shop talk, we’ve waited for this for so long, I’m surprise we’re still dressed” James mused, I know what he meant, I had wanted to jump him the moment he came in, but he was going to have to work for it.

Why don’t we get started then” I said as I leaned into him for a kiss. James was a very good kisser and this was no different, he cupped my face in his hands and pulled me closer to him as I rested my hand on his firm chest, traveling slowly down until I reached his waist.

While still engrossed in our kiss I forced my hand down into his waist and inside his pants where I found his erect rod trapped in his boxer brief. It felt like he had a nightstick stuck down there. I fumbled and played with it for a while, causing him to moan into my mouth as we continued to kiss.

Then when I knew I had him all hot and bothered I broke the kiss and pulled my hand from his pants.

What gives?” he whined

If you want it so bad you have to catch me” I said as I got up and dashed for the bed room

Grrrr! I’m gonna get you” he said, coming fast behind me. I must have underestimated how fast he was because as soon as I got into the bedroom he grabbed me around the waist and we both fell onto the bed.

You think you could get away from me? I’ve waited for this for too long Brian, you aren’t going anywhere” he said smiling down at me.  He reached both of his hands up the sides of my shorts and caressed my thighs as he moved further, I wasn’t wearing any underwear.

Mmmm, so smooth” he said as he ground himself into me. I could feel his erection poking me in my belly. I was speechless as I looked into his sparkling eyes, the lust and wanting I saw in them and knowing that it was all for me.

Let’s get you out of these clothes” he said and he proceeded to open the front of my shorts and dragged them off, he was quite eager.  He then pulled my shirt over my head. Now that he had me totally nude he looked down on me

You’re so beautiful Brian” James said

I reached for the waist of his pants and started to pull his belt and zipper. When that was done I pushed his pants down his waist and for the first time came face to face with his fat, juicy cock in all its uncut glory, standing erect at about 9” and really thick. There was a light spattering of blonde hair surrounding it and two fat eggs resting below it.

Just then, James pulled his shirt over his head and was now kneeling before me naked with his dripping dick before me. My hands started to caress his well-muscled chest once again, as I moved my fingers over every groove and crevice of his body. Finally, they reached the prize, his hot cock. I wrapped my fingers around it and slowly started to jack it. James moaned and flung his head back, as my manipulation took effect.

Neither of us made any sound now as he lifted my legs and went down on his belly between them. He rested them on his shoulders as his hands parted my ass cheeks. With the first touch of his tongue to my rosebud I felt like I was being stimulated with a warm, wet snake.

Ooh…” I moaned as he started to lick in and around the tight ring. James knew what he was doing as he massage my ass cheeks while continuing his tonguing. His strong fingers dug in and parted them even further as his tongue pierced my hole and went deeper.

Ahh…” I was now using the balls of my feet to massage his muscular back as he ate me. I let out little gasps as he started to go faster with his tongue, licking everything in sight. Then suddenly he stopped and stood up on his knees

Where’s the lube?” he asked, I pointed to one of the side tables where I kept it. He reached for it, all the while his big dick swinging hypnotically before me. He squirted some onto his fingers and proceeded to spread it in and around my now relaxed ring. It was so relaxed he was able to snake in two fingers at first then three as the lube did its job. When he was satisfied he squirted some more into his hands and covered his cock with it.

Are you ready?” he asked with a gleam in his eyes

Yes” I responded, he spread my legs wider and went down between them, I arched my knees to give him more room as he lined up his cock with my hole. He started to gently press home, all the while looking into my eyes.

When the head had slid in, he put his hands on either side of my head for support as he continued to slide the rest of his dick into me.

Ohhhh” we both moaned simultaneously as I felt his pubic hairs connect with my ass cheeks. I was totally filled with his cock, he rotated his hips, causing me to moan some more as I got used to his girth but all the while he looked down at me watching my reaction.

I reached up and caressed his pecks and abs now sweaty from our coupling, I felt the strength there. He then started to slowly move inside me, making little stabs at my hole, it was incredible; he was being so gentle. He continued to move slowly in and out of me.

Ahhh” I moaned as I looked into his eyes as he continued to move deeper inside me, I knew that he was trying very hard to restrain himself and continue with the slow pace. It was so intense; I could feel every inch of his cock as it slid inside me. He leaned into me and kissed me while his hips continued to slowly stab me.

It was the most sensual sex I had ever had. He continued to kiss me while he slid in and out of me the only sound our breathing. I moved my hands down to his firm ass cheeks feeling them flex as he sunk himself inside me over and over again, all the while our intense kiss continued.

I then felt his deep thrusts hitting my prostate, so slowly and tantalizingly precise, my body was wracked with spasms as he continued to hit my pleasure spot. I held his head in my hands as he continued to kiss me, I was hungry now as he stimulated me deeper. I moaned into his mouth as he continued to move inside me. I don’t know how he did it but he kept up his slow pace, it felt so good.

I ran my hands through his hair as I continued to kiss him and wrapped my legs around his waist as he sunk into me non-stop. I could do this forever. 

James then broke the kiss and took my ankles into his hands, never once, breaking our eye contact. He bent my legs at my knees and rested them on his strong shoulders. Then he leaned his body down, resting on his arms as he started to move inside me again, but this time with a little more force.

Ahhh” I was now feeling James’s real power, his unrestrained passion as he shoved his prong into me with a force that shook me all over.  He had an almost euphoric look on his face as he continued to plow me deeper and deeper. As he continued to jab my prostate I felt my own climax slowly rising, building with every nudge he gave to my love button.

Brian” he said in a hoarse voice, “I’m getting closer” as he continued to go deeper and deeper. I tightened my vice grip around his waist as he sunk into me over and over.

I held on to him as I felt my own climax building even higher.

Ahhhh! Ohhhh” I moaned as I released my seed, spraying both our stomachs. My contractions must have proven too much for him for soon after he was there too and with a loud roar

Unghhh!!” he drenched my insides with his cum. He collapsed unto me, breathing heavily as his hips automatically pumped the last of his jism into me.

That was incredible Brian, better than I ever imagined”…

Lying here now and remembering our very first time, it brings tears to my eyes. What could have gone so wrong? We made love for the rest of that night into the early morning, James seemed insatiable he just couldn’t get enough, neither could I. He knew every move imaginable and he made sure that I became aware of that.

The next morning, we inevitably slept late, waking up at about 11:00. I got up, leaving him in bed and took a shower before going into the kitchen to get some breakfast. While preparing breakfast, I heard him get up and then I heard the shower start. A night of passion if ever there was one, we had burnt the sheets.

Dinner was a treat and since we were having a late breakfast, I decided that it should be also. I prepared a fruit salad, six scrambled eggs, toast, juice, waffles and coffee.  I had just put the finishing touches on the table when I felt two hands grab me around the waist.

Hey lover” James whispered in my ear, as he ground his dick into my ass

Hey yourself, Mr. Man” I responded as he held on to me. I attempted to complete my job but he wasn’t making it easy.

Come on man, I’m hungry” I pleaded as he nibbled on my ear

Me too” he said as he started to caress me, using is hands to fondle my privates

I’m serious James”

Ok, fine, I’ll stop molesting you, for now” he said as he took a seat around the table

After all I went and got all domestic for you, you couldn’t expect to make it all go cold”

Alright, I’m forgetting we have all day, but Brian, last night was just so amazing” he said with a wink.

It was for me too” I said as I started to eat, never taking my eyes off his.

Y’know, you may bite your tongue if you don’t look at your food” he said jokingly, I chuckled

I’m just looking at my grand prize, you”

Oh shucks, now you’re going to make me blush”

I’m serious James, I mean, us being together, I never thought I could feel so happy with anyone”

I never thought I would find someone like you, ever and I plan on letting you know just how special I think you really are to me, one day at a time” after he said that I think tears formed in my eyes and I don’t really consider myself an emotional person.

I bent my head and continued eating

Brian, look at me” I looked up “you must know that you are special” he reached across the table and held my hand “you’re special to me”

Brian, I love you” the words seemed to flow from his mouth, I think my eyes must have gone wide. Here I was with this absolutely incredible guy and he tells me that he loves me and before I could have thought I said

I love you too” he squeezed my hand and continued to look at me. We were silent for awhile as we sat staring at each other, James rubbing my hand with his fingers.

Y’know, I haven’t washed your back yet” he said with a smile

Yeah, but I already had a shower this morning” I said

Ok then let’s work up a sweat” he said with a mischievous grin as he rose from his seat and walked over to me.

We practically made love for the rest of that day and night, we left the apartment for no reason at all and the only time we weren’t all over each other was when I was collecting the take out we ordered as James didn’t give me a chance to cook again. There was no place in my apartment that was left virgin when we were done, James made sure of that, he fucked me wherever the fancy took him, on the table, the couch, on the floor, on the wall. To say I was tired was putting it lightly but it was a good exhaustion, it came with a buzz that ironically had me feeling energized.

Another thing that was different with us was that I totally relinquished all control and dominance; James made me want to be dominated, to be under the constant assault of his cock and his powerful body. The issue that had always been almost an inherent element in every other sexual relationship I had had previously now seemed to have been rendered obsolete by the natural dominance that James possessed. Not that I wouldn’t have been happy to plow his firm ass but the need didn’t consume me, we just seemed to fall into place.

In the early hours of that Sunday morning James ended our marathon session, me on my back taking his prong to the hilt once again as he emptied himself in me. He collapsed on top of me and then rolled over before pulling me into his arms, it was paradise, I thought as I fell asleep.

Later that day I woke up at about noon, rested and rejuvenated, James was still asleep but we had separated sometime during the night, I got up and made my way to the bathroom, I was surprised I could walk, but his constant practice at digging me a new hole helped immensely in lessening my discomfort.

I got into the shower and lathered myself, washing every inch of my body and enjoying the warm water as it ran over my body, I shuddered as the memories of the incredible love making percolated into my mind. I was mostly done when I heard the shower curtain rattle on its beam. I turned around to see James with a lecherous smile on his face as he stepped into the enclosure

I never did get to wash your back now did I?” he said with a smile “I wash yours, you wash mine” as he said this he took up the soap and proceeded to lather my back, even though I was already clean. I looked down to see that his cock was still on the prowl as it plumped up for what was to come.

I thought I finally knocked you out, gotten you off my back?”

No such luck baby” he responded as he pulled me close to his warm body and kissed me softly along my neck

Hmm” I moaned, he really knew how to make me feel good but he had other plans, as soon I felt his soapy hands encircle me and grab my dick. He started to jack me off nice and slow as I melted in his arms, my head resting on his broad shoulder

You like?” he asked in a deep voice

Oh yeah” I shuddered as he continued to jack me, by now I was full and he teased me with every move his hand made along my rigid shaft and he used his finger to flick my sensitive cock head. I started to move my hips as his handling of my dick became more and more tantalizing. My ass kept bumping into his cock each time I moved, it felt good. He was jacking me faster now causing me to twitch even more, trying to escape his manipulations as he pulled on my prong but he moved with me, nudging my ass cheeks with his dick. James pulled my body fully into his own as he continued his dual assault on my neck and my dick but now he was grinding his own dick between my cheeks.

Ohhhh” it was just too much, I felt like I was going to bust any minute as he kept up his actions. He continued to jack me while he placed small nips on my neck and rocked with me, his dick never moving from its place between my ass cheeks. All this was going on while the water continued to cascade over us both.

He was so incredible, he was driving me out of my mind with what he was doing to my body. I could not focus on one area of pleasure as I was being bombarded with these foreign sensations from all over.

Oh, James… I’m close,” I moaned as I flung my head back on his shoulder “ahh”

He had me wrapped in his arms as he continued to grind himself up and down my body, Then in an instant he was gone

Wha…ahhh” He was down on his knees in an instant pulling my cheeks apart and dug his tongue into my hole.

Ohhh, ahhh… shit!” I wailed as he used his hands to spread my cheeks as far apart as possible and dug into my tender opening with is tongue, he was biting along the outer rim of my hole as he licked and fucked me with his tongue

Unghh, James… ahhh” I was writhing on the wall as he continued to work magic with his tongue

Ohhh, ahhh… fuck! I can’t take anymore… ahh” I moaned as he ignored my pleading and continued to chew and suck on my rosebud, I was going out of my mind and quickly over the edge as he continued. I could feel the build up in my groin and I guess somehow James knew too because he started jacking my cock at that instant, with his tongue still buried up my chute

Unghhhhh!” I whimpered as I splattered the wall with my seed, my body bucking with the force of my climax. Through it all James held on to my body even as I bucked with each salvo of my cum.

My body twitched until my climax ended but he wasn’t done yet. He turned the shower off as I leaned against the wall trying to regain my strength and wits. I felt him move behind me and he whispered in my ear

I love you baby” and as he said this I felt his hard cock knocking at my door. At the same time his hand moved into position around my waist and chest, to hold me in place for what was to come.

My hole twitched at the first touch of his helmet, he was playing with me, he rubbed his head up and down my opening causing me to shiver at each touch.

With his first nudge to gain entry into my willing hole, I gasped but he didn’t hold back and in one smooth thrust all 9 inches of his prime meat were buried inside me

Ahhhhh!!” I gasped, it was that intense, even though he had by now done it many times, the effect was always the same. I collapsed into his arms as his grip on my body became tighter, that’s all he needed he started to breed me with his hips delivering blow after electrifying blow with pile driving force as he shoved his dick up my ass relentlessly.

Oh God… ahhhh, unghhhh” I whimpered as he labored away, intent on rearranging my insides. He held me in a vice like grip as he continued to dig into me, not letting up a second. His hips were like pistons as he kept up his pace.

I heard a growl come from deep inside his chest as he picked up the pace of his thrusts. He held my almost limp body in his arms, his head buried in my neck as he continued to jab me. His heavy breath was hot on my neck as he growled like an animal taking his mate.

James kept it up for a while but his stamina and his control were now on the brink as his thrusts became more aggressive and his grip even tighter. I knew he was getting close so I tried, with all the strength I could muster, to squeeze his rampaging dick.

It worked, soon he was throbbing, emptying his ball juice deep inside me. He grabbed my dick once again and started to jack me, his constant jabs at my prostate had me very close already and it only took him a short while before I was once again drenching the bathroom tiles with my semen.

He held me long after his dick had stopped twitching inside me, kissing my neck and whispering sweet nothings in my ear, Where did this guy come from?

I love you,” he whispered before kissing me behind my ear

I love you,” I echoed

We soon parted and got cleaned up. We had by then run our course of intense fucking for the weekend.  The rest of the day went by quiet and relaxing, I had some discomfort initially, I hadn’t  been dicked down like that in a longtime. James recognized that and we just cooled it for the rest of the day he even gave me a massage.

What more can I say, that first weekend together was nothing short of being perfect. But all too soon we had to part he decided to leave me Sunday night, said he couldn’t trust himself with me in the same bed and he knew that I had work on Monday morning.


Andre always had great timing, right before I went to bed Sunday night he called

Hey Boo, you alive?” he asked chuckling

Yeah, barely, it’s been quite a weekend”


So what?” I asked

Oh come man, you know what I’m asking you about… James”

Oh him… he’s aiight”

What? are you kidding me Brian… fuck it man, fess up” he was getting excited and agitated at the same time

Just pulling your chain man… it was magic Andre, I’ve never had it like this before”

Wow… how many times?” he asked eagerly

Umm, I don’t know, a lot though”


Andre, will you just quit these vague questions, what do you want to know?”

Is he all he’s cracked up to be… what I’m trying to say is, is he everything youv’e hoped he would be?”

Yes and so much more… we shared the l word”

Wow, this is serious man, are you sure?”

Yes Andre, I’ve never been more sure of anything”

It seems kinda fast… all I’m saying is just keep your head together…I’m glad though, you’ve been needing to get fucked for a while now”

Gee, thanks Andre, just think, if I was anymore desperate I would’ve slept with even you”

Fuck you man” he managed to say as we both were laughing so hard.

Anyway I think you need your sleep, so I’ll catch you”

Fine, we should do lunch sometime next week”

Will do, bye bro”


That was it, the immaculate conception of my very first full-fledged relationship if only I could’ve seen the times to come. I drift in and out of sleep, I’m not even aware of who comes to visit sometimes. I know the guys come around and I see them but other times when I wake up I see flowers among other things and then I look at the names on the cards… funny how people come and go out of your life, friends, former friends, brothers, lovers…


To be continued…

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