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It was a lonely Friday afternoon in the middle of August. My day had been boring filled with annoying teachers with large homework assignments and the usual household chores. The sun was beginning to set as I was watching Will and Grace in my room. I guess I should tell you a little about me. I'm 5'11", pacific blue eyes (the darkest blue of eyes), brown hair, and a few extra pounds, but built in my arms and my legs. My parents were up stairs in their respective rooms, watching tv, playing on the computer, or sleeping. The downstairs was quiet and peaceful. The ring of the telephone pierced the silence, making me jump. My friend "Dave" called me on the phone.

"Hello," I answered?

"It's `Dave', are you doing anything right now?"

"Just watching TV why?"

"I want you to come see my roommate and where I'm staying."

"Ok. How do you get there?"

He gave me the instructions on how to get to the house. I pulled on a t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans, and walked out the door. My drive from one county to another lasted twenty minuets. I got to the house as I saw Dave pull up. He lowered his car window.

"Hey, hop in," he said opening the passenger door.

I hopped in with a questioned look on my face. We drove down the road to his roommate's parent's house. Where his roommate's car was being fixed. We walked toward the back yard. A young guy, about 23, stood next to the car, looking into the engine with an older man, probably his father. My friend Dave introduced me to "Billy". He was 6'3" with a medium build, his piercing blue eyes bore through the dirt on his face, his highlighted hair shinned in the dimming sun, and his blonde goatee was filled with oil. He reached out his dirty hand, which I readily grabbed and shook. He looked very familiar to me. I know I've seen him before, the words escaped me mouth.

"Have we met before," I asked looking into his stunning eyes.

"You know what, I feel like that too. I'm not sure where though," he said back dropping his wrench. Dave had a quizitive look on his face.

Dave knew me from high school and church, he also had known I dated girls and was a Christian. Dave was a strong Christian and wasn't afraid to show it. I loved Dave with all my heart, in a way that only brothers could. We were close. What he didn't know was that besides being the perfect boyfriend and going to church. I was leading a double life, despite the struggling feelings inside of me.

Occasionally through the night I slowly remembered seeing him on Yahoo personals in my area, and he was gay. I gave off hints of my sexuality through the night to see if it was true. When Dave went into the house, Billy came by and followed as I got up off the picnic table. He jumped behind me and grabbed my butt, and smiled has he jumped in front of me. I smiled. No one had ever done that to me before, it definitely was a new experience. The day grew on as we talked about trucks, movies, and girls. When the sun had gone down and we couldn't see anymore, we bided Billy's father farewell and left for his house. Billy, Dave, and I walked down the road to the house. As we entered, the house was one story, will the living room and dining room joining together. There were three bedrooms, and a bathroom in the house. Billy's, Dave's, and one not yet rented out. The kitchen was small and one corner was filled with all varieties of liquor and alcohol. Dave went to his room, and Billy jumped in the shower. As Dave and I talked I felt a breeze blow by me, and door shut behind me. Billy had jumped from the shower to his room in a single bound. When Billy emerged, he was wearing a Marlboro t-shirt and a pair of pajama bottoms.

"I'm sorry for being rude," he said as I turned around. Time had stopped. Billy's shirt was starched out on his chest, as his nipples were erect from the cold air. His face had knocked me off my feet.

"Can I get you a drink," he said?

"Sure what do you have," I had trained part time as a bartender and was curious to know if he knew any drinks that I didn't.

"I'll make ya something."

Dave hollard into the kitchen, "if you having a drink, your staying the night."

"Ok," as I threw my wallet, keys, and cell phone on the table.

Billy smiled at me. He threw vodka, chocolate syrup, and creme de menthe with a little ice into the blender. He poured it in a glass, as we sat on the couch and talked more. Our conversation had now ranged from movies, to TV, to life. Dave had been in his room getting ready for work. His schedule was screwed up even for me. At 22, he's a truck driver for an over night Transportation Company, and goes to work at 6 am. He called into the living room as Billy and I were finishing our drinks. Neither of us was drunk. As we waited for Dave to go to sleep, which wasn't quick. Billy got up as I started to get comfortable on the futon couch. I had a futon at home, and use it as a bed, so I was used to sleeping on bars. Billy turned around.

"What are you doing?"

"Duh, I'm going to sleep."

"No your not, not on that thing, come in my room," he said grabbing my hand.

I thought nothing of it. Besides, why would this cute guy, want to bother with me. He jumped into bed. He pulled of his shirt, and went under the covers.

"Do mind if I sleep in my boxer briefs?"

"No. That's fine."

I pulled of my jeans and my shirt, leaving a muscle shirt and my burgundy boxer briefs. We lay there staring at the ceiling talking about how we met Dave, and Billy's going to Pensacola College in Florida. Billy's foot started to rub mine, as I rubbed back. I wasn't sure were to start as I have never been with anyone before. I finally gave up, turned over, and gently kissed his soft lips. He gently wrapped his arms around we, while occasionally rubbing the back of my neck. He took my free hand and pulled it down to his throbbing member. His cock was hard as I rubbed the fabric through my hands. He began to kiss he harder, sliding his tongue into my mouth. A thousand thoughts ran through my mind as this was going on.

Did I want to pursue this or run away from it?

I decided to pursue it. I slowly inched down, not knowing what I was going to do. His chest was moderately hair, but it didn't bother me. I licked around each of his nickel-sized nipples. I continued down to his hardened cock. I pulled off his pajama bottoms along with his green briefs. His cock was huge. It was cut, 6 inches in length, and 3 inches in width. I just decided to go for it. With my inexperience I slowly licked the underside of his cock, and tickling his ball with my tongue. I took the mushroom shaped head in my mouth and started to tongue it and suck on it. I slowly forced my self to down farther without chocking. I got about 3 inches in my mouth before I gagged. The huge member throbbed in my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down. Pleasurefull moans escaped his body as his hands rubbed my neck. I took his dick out of my mouth and started to pump the organ.

"Ugh, I'm close, this feels so good," he said quietly, making sure not to wake Dave.

I moaned with understanding and continued to suck on his dick. I bucked his hips, as his cum flew into my mouth. I hungrily sucked it up the five hot shots in my mouth. I loved the taste of cum after discovering my own at a young age. He pulled me up and kissed me. He pushed me down on the bed, and climbed on top of me. His peeled off my black muscle shirt, and went to town on my smooth chest. My he nibbled my nipples, and circled them with his tongue. He came up to my ear and whispered echoing word into my ear.

"For a beginner, you're an excellent cock sucker."

He went down to my boxer briefs, pulled them off.

"You're uncut?" he said.

I moaned, and smiled.

"Fucking hot," he said.

We grabbed my 5 inch uncut dick and started to suck on it. I've never gotten a blowjob before and my mind went into a haze. The stars flashed in front of my eyes, and ecstasy escaped my body. I started to slowly thrust in his mouth. I let go. I thought he wasn't enjoying it till he lay on his back, and told me to fuck his face. He accepted my cock again, as I shoved a couple pillows behind the headboard, so not to wake Dave. I held onto the board as I fucked Billy's face. I felt something hard, and warm entering my back hole. He had some how cummed again, probably from the site of my uncutness, and shoved his finger up my ass. I shot four loads of cum into his mouth. We both we hot, cummy, and tired. I set his alarm clock early so I could be up before Dave and out of the house. We both feel asleep. When the alarm clock went off at 4:30am, Billy had his arms around me, and his head on my chest. I woke him up slowly.

"Baby, I need to go."

"Ok," he smiled.

He kissed me, and I kissed him back. I caressed his soft warm. His soft cock was lying on my leg, I picked it my hand, and jerked it till he came again. He returned the favor. I grabbed a paper towel from his beside, cleaned my cummy ass hole, dressed and left before Dave could wake up.

I eventually came back the house a couple Fridays, and we did the exact same thing, eventually, I have never seen Billy except once, and I feel upset for just leaving him. Dave eventually found out about what had happened, moved out the house, and got his own. We are still friends, and I've explained to him, that I was just trying it out, and probably will never do it again. I still miss it. I will never forget those familiar eyes.

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