Three Roads: Chapter 47: What A World, WaterWorld.


The more Brian watched, the bigger the bulge seemed to become. The contour of the cock along the inner thigh was hard to miss through the rough and tight blue demin and Brian stared intently. A sweet warmth started to spread from his thighs and towards his crotch. He could feel his own cock pulsating to life as the excitement of the situation took over his body.

"Like what you see?" the man inquired. He was a fairly good looking man, though not completely one for Brian's taste, but handsome and had a charming look to him

"Wanna see more? I've noticed that you've been staring at me. At my crotch... Are you rude or just curious?"

Brian was completely taken aback by the last comment. This was not what he had expected. He realized suddenly that there was another man in a chair to the other man's right side. Though curious and lusting he couldn't help but think that this was not the way he wanted to lose his virginity. The man moved forward, his bulge in his pants increasing. His motives obvious, he started to unbutton his blue denim pants.

"Come on... I know you want to. I won't tell". Brian couldn't help it. He had to rub it, grab it, touch it, relieve and satisfy himself. As his hand crept towards his crotch Brian felt a tingle of excitement. Sure, it wasn't with who he would have preferred but he couldn't help but take advantage of a situation like this.

"Admit it, you want me." The tall, dark, and handsome man seemed to exhibit an aura completely made of lust. It was clear to Brian that he enjoyed what he was seeing too.

The shrill cries of the choir from Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" broke the sex-induced trance. Brian ignored his phone. He was really starting to enjoy himself. Another ring. The man did not seem to mind he would not be the least bothered should Brian pick up the phone. Brian ignored it and continued to stroke his cock, which was free form the restraints of his boxers and now lying very nicely upon Brian's toned stomach. Another ring. Brian's cock was leaking now, a salty liquid which Brian had only dared to taste once before. He had to admit it didn't taste too bad. Comparing his own pre-cum to that of a fantasiy, Brian imagined how another man's would taste. The phone kept on ringing. His hand rubbed more quickly up and down his shaft, lubricated by the pre-cum which was now oozing out. The man in front of him was jerking off too, with an even bigger cock, and with even more pre-cum. Every inch of his crotch was tanned an absurd thought formed in Brian's mind: he must like to sunbathe naked. The phone rang yet again. Brian could take it no more and picked up with his wet hand.

"What the fuck took so long?" Joey yelled into the phone.

"Hey you. Not much. Why are you phoning this early on a Sunday?"

"You sound kind of flustered... are you jerking off?"

Brian never understood how Joey always could tell, and answered Joey's question with a huge smile on his face. "Yeah, I was jerking off to some porn." Pouting and putting on a childish voice he said "...and you didn't let me finish."

"You can finish for me now if you like, over the phone. Moan for me, tell me how much you want my body. I'm getting hard already."



"What do you want?"

"I want something all the time, but that's not why I phoned you." Joey replied "Cooper's just invited us out to somewhere incredibly spectacular, as he put it. He said to bring towels, soap, change of underwear if you were into that kind of thing, and swimwear. Preferably as short as possible."

"It sounds like we're going swimming." Brian laughed.

"Yes in the middle of fucking January," Joey said, "but he promised we wouldn't freeze to death."

"Okay, see you in five." Brian said hastily, wanting to put down the phone so he could finish jerking off.

"Five? No stamina at all."

"Okay, ten then"

"Hey, what about our phone-sex?" Joey giggled.

"I love you too Joey." As Brian hung up he couldn't help but smile.



"Wow! This is incredible! I didn't know that these things existed here, and just outside Sunnydale!" Toby was jumping and talking at the same time, not able to hide his enthusiasm. Nor could Richard. They both thought the idea was fantastic.

"You guys seem very excited." Eric said.

"It's an INDOOR waterworld!" Toby exclaimed. "I've never been to one before! I'm sure it's awesome!"

"Yeah, with lots of slides and pools, and places to eat." Richard pointed out.

"And guys in speedos." Joey said licking his lips.

"That's my man right there." Cooper smiled.

"Wait a minute," Eric said putting up his hand, "how did you know this place existed? I've lived an hour away from here pretty much all my life and I had never heard of this place.

Cooper grinned, "That's because you don't have my connections. This resort is a private one, really. It's owned by a hotel just down the road, but they do open to paying customers every weekend... You're not impressed Brian?" Cooper asked. He was slightly disappointed that Eric wasn't as impressed as Toby and Richard, but he was certain that he would be when they got inside.

"Well, we've got these in Norway."

"I bet in Norway it's just a hole in the ground filled with warm water with a roof over it Joey remarked.

Brian let the insult pass with little regard. "Well, we've got something that's pretty much the same, actually. We don't have hotsprings like on Iceland, so we made somthing else. We've got quite a similar facility like this just a few miles from where I come from, and I love it. I'm certain I'm going to love this! Thanks Cooper."

Seeing the smile on Brian's face relieved Cooper. "No problem. It's haven for gay guys like us! I've been here a couple of times when I've felt the need. You won't believe the guys which you can see in here! I mean, there are some hot studs in there who are just asking for a bit of luvin'!"

"Always prepared to dish out a bit." Joey said as he grabbed his crotch, pointing it towards Cooper. Cooper looked to see if Eric had responded at all with his body language before he commented to Joey, "Bitch, you take it up the ass just like your mom."

"No groping or touching or staring for too long at anyone no matter how little they are wearing," Eric started, "And oh, don't do anything to embarrass me."

Cooper smiled affectionately, "I don't make promises I can't keep."



"Man, I love the smell of a lockerroom in the morning!" Richard said as he lifted his t-shirt over his head. "I have to admit, the smell under my arms doesn't turn me off either. Makes me feel like a man!"

"Technically it's a changeroom. Didn't you see the sign on the door?" Eric asked as he headed for one of the stalls.

"Where are you going?" Cooper asked.

"I'm going to change in one of the stalls."

"Uh why?"

"Yeah really," Richard started, "I was hoping to get a little peak."

"Back off skank, he's mine. I will cut you." Cooper said glaring at Richard in a joking manner.

Eric smiled, happy that Cooper had come to his rescue long enough so that he could lock the stall before anyone could change his mind.

"You know what a change room sounds like?" Cooper started, "Sounds like a room in which you come in a man and leave as a woman." Cooper remarked. They all laughed at this oberservation.

"Hey, I saw a pretty good film about that. Changing sexes you know. It was a very good film. I think... I was drunk and I fell asleep... Come to think of it I can't remember if it was a man changing into a woman or the other way around..." Richard said with a confused look on his face.

"So, where's Brian and Joey?"

"I don't know." Toby answered. "Perhaps Brian's shy. Or just too horny to let you have you check him out."

"Dammit, I was hoping to get a good look. Find out how talented he is in the lower departments.


Around a few corners and over a few benches Joey and Brian were settling down to change into their swimwear.

"Thanks for joining me. I'm just a little bit nervous, that's all" Brian said to Joey.

Joey nodded. "Well, even if I'm not too sure I understand why you don't want to change with the others I'm always happy to join a friend. What are you so nervous about anyway? You and Richard flirt all of the time, and you seem to like him a lot."

"Well, of course I like him, but we're just friends who enjoy a good flirt. To be honest, I'm still trying to get used to it. I've hardly flirted before. It's not as if I was as open in Norway... Everybody thought I was straight. I certainly tried to act straight."

"You act straight enough, but you could never have fooled me. Anyway, what are you afraid of?"

"It's weird, I know, but I get nervous for lots of things, though I try to hide it. Like I'm afraid he'll laugh of my pubic hair."

"You've got pubic hair? I shave all mine off! I loved the smooth ride it gives me!" Joey laughed though by the look of shock on Brian's face he thought it was perhaps not the best time to joke around.

"Erhehe. Go on"

"Well, of course I've got pubic hair. I'm afraid what people will think about me if I shaved it... It's trimmed though. I like to trim it. Not for anyone else, but for me... Nobody likes a bush, do they?" Brian asked.

"No one except republicans. What are you afraid of? That people will think you're gay? You are gay! Get over it. Over here in the States, my foreign friend, most of us either trim or shave our pubes. It's stylish, it tells others that you care about your penis and it's surroundings it's like telling people you take care of your best friend! Plus there's the bonus I like it as well! I get a hard-on every time, and of course, I always finish what I start. Let me see?"

Brian laughed uncomfortably, but cut his laugh short when Joey suddenly lunged for his pants. He finally started to laugh again when he realized that Joey was only joking.

"I don't know, really. I just feel ashamed I guess."

"Ashamed? Of what? I'll be honest, you're skinny and all but you've got a great body. Don't be ashamed! Now...Show me"

"No way!"

"Come on! I promise I won't get horny. I'll give you an honest opinion. If anybody knows what looks good or not, I'm your guy."

"You're my friend, it'll be weird. I'll kill you if you get horny."

"It won't be weird. Well at least not any weirder than our conversation over the phone this morning. And making me horny? If you only knew how many cold showers I had to take after PE in high school. Nah, I promise. I won't get horny."

Brian considered for a moment, stood up and dropped his black boxer-briefs.

"Holy... My my..."

After getting over the initial shock Brian turned around, grinning, pretending to be a model, moving his lower body part this way and that before he took the black, tight boxers completely of his body and teasingly changed into his swimming shorts. He couldn't help but feel a little bit empowered.

"Well, to sum it up, you did a pretty good job... Holy crap man, I didn't think you'd do it. Does that mean if I said give me a blowjob you would?

"Shut up."

"So, I'm the first to see you naked, am I?"

"Grow up, Joey" Brian laughed. He had definately loosened up a bit by now. Folding his hands and spinning around, imitating a girl in love he replied "Yeah, you're my first."

"Damn... Lucky me. By the way, I lied. I couldn't help it. It's got a mind of it's own." Joey grinned pointing to the tent in his shorts. "You should take that as a compliment. I might seem like a guy who takes what he can get, but I'm very picky."

"Dude, you need a cold shower. And saying you're picyk doesn't help. Pick, only spelt p-i-k-k, means dick in Norwegian." Brian said as a huge smile spread accross his face. "You'll never change."

"I hope I never do. And I'm not the least afraid to show off either. Lookit! Isn't it nice?"

"Yeah, they should make a sculpture of it or something." Brian rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, so you'd have some supreme cock to jerk off too."

"Fuck you."


The two friends laughed, smiled and patted eachother on the back as they both had the same thought this friendship was indeed one of he better ones that the two men had experienced. Together they waited a while so that Joey's his hard-on would calm down and they left for the showers.



As Joey and Brian walked into the showers they saw that Richard and Cooper were already there. They had occupied the showers on the left side while Toby gone over to the right side of the room. Eric was nowhere to be found. While Richard, Cooper, and Toby had taken showers fairly in the centre of the shower room, Eric had gone to the area just around the corner with shower stalls that had curtains for a bit more privacy. Everyone but Cooper had given him a hard time about it. Cooper was actually glad that he did, as much as he wanted to see Eric naked, he didn't want the first time to be in a strange place with all their friends surrounding them. . Joey proceeded to join Richard and Cooper and Brian went near Toby.

"So we're all here, naked, and we're all alone, naked. What's to stop us from having an orgy?" Joey exclaimed.

"No one, so let's get started" Cooper replied!

"Hell yeah! I call dibbs for Brian!" Joey said.

"You can't, he's mine." Richard replied grinning, before joining Joey in his laugh.

"Grow up!" Eric yelled from his stall.

"Shut up or I'll rip that curtain down." Toby yelled back.

"Well, I'm finished rinsing off. Let's meet up at the first pool on the other side" Cooper said.

"There's more than one? This just keeps getting better and better!" Toby yelled excitedly. Toby, Cooper, Eric and Joey had finished soaping themselves up, which left only Richard and Brian. As the others left, Richard took the shower opposite Brian.

"You going to soap up?" He said to Brian. Brian's earlier blushing paled in comparison to the ever reddening color of his delicate body; it looked like he'd had a bad day in the sun, "I wouldn't mind looking." Richard said, trying to look innocent as he started to tug the elastic on his speedos, "I'll show you mine if you show me yours."

Brian was feeling more and more uncomfortable and awkward by the minute, yet turned on at the same time. He didn't want to show himself to Richard quite this way, if ever, so he slowly turned around and tried to ignore Richard as he soaped up his torso. Brian reached for the soap dispenser, took a handful started to soap his own torso as well.

Richard thought better of teasing Brian but he had started to become horny and wanted to see how things would progress he sure as hell wanted to see what Brian looked like under those shorts. The more wet they became the more Richard's urge to rush over and tear them off grew. As Brian turned his back towards Richard and started to soap himself up Richard couldn't stop looking at Brian's butt. Not too big, in fact it was small, but it had a nice round shape and looked like it was packed with muscle. As he looked he thought he could feel his mouth starting to water as well, but it was hard to tell in the shower. Take them of, he thought, and as if Brian had read his mind he started to pull at the elastic waistband.

Slowly, moving back and forth Brian started to pull his shorts down. This was wrong, he knew it, what if they got caught? a voice that seemed to come from inside his head said to him. Well, what's to catch? They haven't done anything yet, and they'd be crazy too. After all Brian is just teasing, nothing's gonna happen, another voice replied. Brian let his shorts drop to the floor.

It was too much for Richard. As Brian's shorts hit the floor Richard knew that his mouth was watering as he observed the pale Scandinavian's bubble perfect butt.

Richard was starting to get hard. What if someone walked in? It would be quite obvious what was going on, and he would be banned for life. His next thought was ever more urgent: he'd have to jerk off. Perhaps he could make do with a quick one in the toilet before going out to the others.

"Why don't you turn around? Show me what you're made of?" Richard heard himself say. There was a shake to his voice. Of course he wanted this.

Brian slowly turned around, his right hand covering his penis and testicles. Brian winked with one eye. "I'll let you see the rest some other time." It was obvious Richard was excited. He held both hand over his penis, though it would seem he wanted to hide himself, he was infact rubbing his now erect cock.

Brian grinned, thankful he wasn't more than semi-hard. He loved this, the effect he was having on Richard. The power to make someone horny pleased him. I'm such a perv, he tought. Brian nodded towards Richard's crotch and saying nothing as he grinned, picked up his shorts very slowly and left the showers.

"Fuck." Richard smiled. "You're such a cock tease." Grabbing hold of his towel and holding it in front of his groin he hobbled to the nearest stall.


As Brian entered the pool area he saw the others waiting. Eric had already started shivering even though it was more than warm enough in Brian's opinion.

"You cold, Eric?" Brian asked?

"Not everyone's used to a colder climate" Eric replied.

"Hey, cheer up! At least you've got someone to warm you up when you get home." Joey stuck his tongue out at Eric.

Eric was a little cold, but he certainly didn`t want a shirtless Cooper to try and make him warm. Eric didn`t think he could handle the contact right now without wanting to be all over Cooper. He remembered the first time well it was the first time he'd seen Toby changing in their first year. He'd pretend to be asleep and try to get a look at Toby when he got up from bed. And the flirt with Michael. He almost shit his pants because he was so excited. At the time it seemed that the shaking would never stop. Eric laughed in his hindsight, of how naïve he'd been back then, of how Toby mush have known what effect he'd have on him and how he tried to hide himself from Toby whenever he'd have to undress. Things hadn't changed much he reflected.

"Hey, what did you do to Richard?" Joey smiled as he said it because he knew he'd hit a sore point.

Brian was a little bit taken aback but quickly replied "I got a little bit inspired from Silence of the Lambs and I ate him with some fava beans and a nice chianti."

"I'm sure he'd appreciate you eating him anytime"

"Hey, there are other people around." Eric said. He seemed amused at the exchange of remarks but in typical Eric fashion, he was a little bit worried.

Richard came walking out. His face was red and bore the expression of bliss as he approached the gang. There was no hint of a hard-on in the tight, black and blue speedos. Toby did a double take when he saw Richard. He wasn't sure how he knew, but he was 100% positive that Richard had just very recently jerked off. There was something that Toby found familiar in the way Richard looked that was similar to the flushed face that Toby remembered from the many times they had made love.

"Hey, nice choice" Cooper said. "I presume you can swim properly as well?"

"Eh. Huh?"

"You're wearing speedos, so I presume you know how to swim. Or are you the other type?"

"Type? What on earth are you talking about?" Richard replied, slightly paranoid he was thinking that this was perhaps a new way to address masturbation. They knew that he'd just jerked off.

"Well," Cooper continued "As you can see Brian's wearing shorts, so is Eric though his are longer than Brian's and they're a different and more indiscriminate color. Makes you not notice them too much, as in he doesn't stand out. Joey is wearing tight shorts... more like a hybrid speedo kinda deal and me and Toby are wearing speedos too. You can tell a lot about a guy when you see their swimwear."

"Yeah!" Joey laughed. "Eric's shy, and Brian's modest."

"He didn't seem very modest a minute ago" Richard said with a huge grin on his face. Brian laughed, but more or less hid behind Joey, hoping the rest wouldn't start asking weird questions.

"To put it simply Toby, Richard and I all like to show off, and Joey does too, but he doesn't know what looks good on him."

Joey slowly raised his middle finger. "Sit on this bitch."

"I already have and I've had better so shove it somewhere else."

"You said that I could probably swim well. What did you mean by that, O Great Guru of Swimwear?" Richard so tauntingly addressed Cooper.

"Well, you see there are two, or perhaps three kinds of people that were speedos. Make that three. The misunderstanding elderlies will count as a seperate group"

Toby, Richard, Brian and Eric seemed struck by lightning in the form of dazed confusion. Only Joey nodded in agreement.

"As number one we have the kind of guy who knows how to swim. Just like that guy on the diving board over there, take a look." Cooper pointed to a 25 year old looking guy jumping up and down on the diving board. His body was toned he had nice broad shoulders and his legs were muscular, though not as muscular as a quarterback's.

"I'm looking at as much as I can." Joey smiled as his eyes followed the package of the bouncing diver up and down.

"What I'm saying is that this guy knows how to swim and he knows that speedos help him swim. He's wearing them because they'll not obstruct the path of his legs as he moves through the water. He's currently wearing two pairs, a smaller one under so that nothing falls out."

"Yar... Curses. Waitin' for dat, I was." Joey spat.

"So speedos actually help him move and not get laid?" Eric asked.

"Movement's the important thing, though he can probably get anything he wants to in those... And being a swimmer and having a great body..." Cooper paused to pretend to wipe his mouth "... he knows that speedos will look good on him."

Brian was smiling, Toby was nodding intently, Richard was looking at Brian, imagining him in speedos, whilst Joey couldn't get his eyes over the diver. Eric stood with his arms folded, not particulary impressed.

"Now that guy there." Cooper said, pointing at a man who looked like the 40 years he had lived had gotten the better of him. He was a little bit overweight and wore a blue pair of speedos, which looked liked they were a little bit too old for fashion. Despite this he still had managed to uptain a nice pair of arms but other than that he looked worn.

"Yuck. Not my kind of guy seriously! He could be my father!"

"Slow down there Skywalker. That wasn't the point."

"I agree with Brian" said Joey. "You could have picked a hot guy, like the last one." Brian and Joey were grinning.

"I will not censure myself only because you two can't help but think in perverted ways"

"Look who's talking." Richard whispered. Toby giggled.

"My point is, that this guy is probably not a good swimmer. He's misunderstood the whole concept of speedos, thinking that the make him look good. No, not good, but great!" Cooper looked ready to take over the world at any moment. A crazed smile spread from ear to ear.

"So this guy's been observing the swimmers and thinks that the speedos make them look great so he wears them too?" Eric asked. He had started to show a little bit more interest now. Not because of the guys that Cooper was telling them to look at, but rather at the fact that Cooper was showing off.

"Yes!" Cooper replied.

"What about the third type then?" Richard asked. "You said there were three types. You've only mentioned two so far." Richard was grinning now, clearly amused.

"Well the third type is simple." Cooper pointed to an old man who had just come out of the showers. "The third type is that kind of guy who's been wearing the same speedos all his life and have failed to notice that he's not trendy anymore. He can or cannot swim, nobody cares. He's too old to have any interest thrown his way anyway." The old guy walked past, not noticing what they were talking about, his speedos blue with pink triangles on them and a washed out yellow trim at the top threatening to fall down to his knees.

"Now that's just cruel." Joey said, pretending to puke.

"Hey, it's the truth. You can't handle the truth?"

"I wasn't refering to you. That speedo. What a horrible thing! I've seen girls dress better than that, and I still can't say I liked them, but I sure as hell hated that sight."

"Me too." Richard replied with a grin on his face.

"Careful. He used to know how to swim you'll end up just like him in half a century or so." Eric said.

"I'm interested in how you came to know these things. Is it part of you sociology class that has made you aware of this?" Brian asked.

"Nope. Plain horny observation" Cooper replied.



The gang spltt up as they all wanted to see different parts of the resort. Joey and Brian were swimming calmly in the canal that led them around the whole complex.

"I think you did really well today." Joey said to Brian as a steady current swept them along.

"What? With Richard? My trimmed pubes? Avoiding eye contact with the old, hairy man in the corner?"

"No, I meant with your shorts. I asked Cooper what he thought of them since you were so worried."

"You bitch. You didn't, did you?"

Brian could tell by the look on Joey's face that he had.

"He said that you probably were a capable swimmer, but not confident enough to show of your body. He also liked the design of them. Said that he was impressed with the motif and that he couldn't wait to see you out of them."

"He didn't, did he!?"

"No, he didn't. That's just me. I wouldn't mind seeing you nude again. But you did well. I really like the vertical red stripes going up the sides. It goes well with the black."

"Ha! Thank you! I can't believe you're complementing me on my swimwear." Brian laughed. The whole situation seemed surreal.

"Anyway, why did you and Richard take so long in the shower. I mean, you weren't that slow, but what did he do?"

"I think he had to take care of something." Brian smiled.

"What did you do!?" Joey couldn't hide his horny enthusiasm.

"Nothing! Nothing at all. I just teased him a little bit. Not a lot. Not anything I wouldn't show you" Brian teased.

"You're such a bitch, you know that? I've heard about you and your net-habits. How you like to tease your prey, how you take your time, not showing all, and not showing your face. I bet you like it!"

"Where did you hear that? I'm sure you're just jealous." Though amused and laughing Brian was a little bit alarmed by Joey's last statement it was all true. In fact, on the net, or rather when chatting and showing himself on the webcam he was quite a tease. He'd strip slowly, perhaps putting clothes back on, changing his underwear without showing the viewer his privates. He loved it.

"A little bird told me. And I don't have to be jealous as I've seen the real deal."

"I'm gonna drown that little bird" Brian laughed.

" You never tease me." Joey said, seemingly a little bit hurt. "Don't you like me? Don't you want me? I'd want you if you'd let me" Joey smiled as he said this.

"Get over it I'm taken." Brian smiled as he poked Joey in his side. Joey was laughing now too.


One floor down, in a room so filled with steam you'd almost believe you'd just walked in on a Tim Burton film, Toby and Richard were enjoying the luxuries of a Roman steambath. They were sitting at the very top of the three steps in the circular room. The steam was so thick now that you'd have to keep one hand out just to keep yourself from walking in to the wall.

"I've never been to one of these." Richard said. "It's very relaxing."

"Mhmm" was all the response Toby could muster. He'd lain down and closed his eyes. The steam made it easier to breath and relax and it had a minty flavour to it. He could get used to this, he thought.

"Almost too relaxing."

"Mhmm" was the reply from Toby.

"Imagine, this place, a haven as Cooper put it, existed all along here in Sunnydale, and we never knew about it."

"Mhmm" from the corner

"I fucked an alien last Saturday. It's pussy was green and purple."


"I knew that would get your attention."

"Anyway, since you brought the subject up, how are things with the alien going?"

"Dude, that was a joke."

"I'm talking about Brian. You know, alien? As in foreigner? What happened today?"

"Happened? What do you mean?"

"Come on. Cut the crap. You jerked off after we left the showers., You have to tell me. It's your moral obligation, me being your ex and all, and a friend at this moment in time"

"Obligation? You've gotta be kidding me."

"It's my responsebility to be informed of such things so that I can warn you if you're about to get hurt or not." Toby smiled as he said this and a few seconds later they both shared a laugh. "Seriously...I want to know that you're alright. That he won't hurt you."

"You serious? I told you that we're only flirting, and that's the way things are at the moment. And besides, I think that I'd be the one hurting him. I doubt he's a top. I'm gonna ram his ass like there's not tomorrow."

"Wow, too much information, thank you very much."

"You started it."

"Simple flirting doesn't make you run out of the shower 5 minutes after he comes out. What was going on after we left?"

"Ah fuck it. I can't take it anymore. He teased me. Fuck this, I'm not going to let him flirt with me anymore."

"Really?" Toby couldn't help but be a little bit confused at this statement.

"Yeah... I'm so totally going to fuck him so bad, that's for sure! I'm going to tear his clothes of and take him, hard. I need it! He had the nerv to tease me in the shower today. He didn't show anything. Well, apart from his butt."

"And I'm sure you appreciated that. You've always been an assy-kind of guy."

"Coming from the greatest asshole on the planet, those words... I just wanted to run over to him and shove my dick up his hole. He was so fuckin' hot! You wouldn't believe it!"

"He's not my type, but he does have a nice ass I'll give him that."

"He's teased you too? Fuck, I though I was the only one. Or has he given you one of his online shows?"

"No, no, no, nothing like that... I have a small peek sometimes at practice... I know what you're thinking and you're right. He irritates the living daylights out of me. But he's nice I guess."

"Now you understand how I feel about Tim." The irritating part. Not the nice guy thing."

The silence that followed as awkward and the steam seemed heavy and pressing.

"Eh, okay, this was weird. Let's talk about something else." Richard said after a while, "It was nice to see you so happy today."

"What do you mean?"

"You were like really excited to come to the water park and the enthusiasm showed. I hadn't seen you get like that in a very long time.

Toby thought about it for a second, "I guess you haven't."

"Hopefully that starts to change.


In the resort restaurant, Cooper and Eric were enjoying a nice quiet lunch with the slightest hint of background noise as children somewhere in the distance laughed.

"This sandwich is really good, thanks for paying." Eric smiled.

"You're welcome. Imagine if your bitching and moaning had stopped us from coming." Cooper said.

"I didn't bitch about coming here."

"First it was, where are we going I don't like surprises..."

"I don't." Eric interrupted.

"Then when I finally caved because I find you irresistible it became it's too cold to go swimming."

"It's the middle of January." Eric protested.

"Then to stop myself from roundhouse kicking you in the face, I told you it was indoors and then you still complained, have you no faith in me?"

"Sometimes, I think you're in the mob, how do you know about all these secret places? This place, Big Al's Shootdown, what else do you know about?

"I guess you'll have to stick around to find out."

Eric playfully rolled his eyes, "Oh God. Have you told your parents about us?"

"Damn, way to take the edge off a club sandwich."

"I'm serious," Eric laughed, "Did you?"

"I mentioned something to Angela, but...I don't know, I didn't know how it would be when we got back so it wasn't anything formal. Why did you tell your mom?"

"No...but I'm sort of thinking about it."

"You don't think we should wait?" Cooper said cautiously.


"Until we're sure we're going through with it."

Eric looked directly at Cooper, "I know that you're trying not to rush me into things..."

"You asked me not to do that." Cooper interrupted.

"I know, but I think we've known each other long enough to know what to expect at least at the beginning of this so..."


"Stop being so careful around me," Eric said calmly as he took a bite of his sandwich, "If I didn't like the off the wall things you said, and your enthusiasm..."

"Don't forget my hotness, that's what it's really all about."

"Then I wouldn't be here right now." Eric finished.

"Ok...but once the beast is unleashed, it's hard to contain."

"Don't worry, I'm up to the challenge."



"Oh man, that was awesome! The pools, the slides, the people..." Toby cried out as they were walking back from resort.

"Yeah, there was a lot of eye candy out and about today." Joey said

"Yeah sure. Where did you go earlier? We couldn't find you anywhere."

"Well, let's just say I got to get to know a certain diver a little bit better."

"You serious? And you didn't tell me?" Brian called out.

"No dude, I'm not serious. Hell, do I have to tell you everytime I need to use the bathroom?"

"Well, we figured that since you were away for so long..."

"I was at the bathroom and believe me, you don't want to know the details. Must have been something I ate last night. You see I tried my hand at making some mexican food and I think I overdid it on the jalapenos and the result this afternoon was..."

"Yeah, we don't need to hear the rest." Richard interupted.

"By the way, did any of you notice the perv?"

"Well, Richard's been with us all along, it's hard not to notice him" Joey said.

"No, not that perv." Cooper replied. "He's only slightly perverted, falling for skinny little Norwegians. I wonder what sick plans he has for you."

"What are you talking about" Brian smiled.

"Anyway, I'm talking about the perv in the pool today. He showed up around three or so.. In the big pool? Did you see him? Pink watercap on him and he just stood there."

"Oh yeah! Overweight guy, dark blue digusting speedos, hairy chest."

"Oh my God Joey, you actually looked? I mean, you'll take anything, won't you?"

"No, I won't Cooper. That guy was disgusting. But I can't help but noticing people. It's hard not to when I'm enjoying the fruits of the mighty underwater goggles. Not that this guys was a fruit. He was more like a rotten vegetable. I'll be happy to take Eric of your hands, any day though."

"Where on earth did you get such a vocabulary?" Brian asked.

"I don't know. I use the words that pop into my head, I guess."

"Boy, that man sure had some issues. The worst thing about him is that I don't know if I should be digusted by him or feel sorry for him. I mean, I should feel relieved. There weren't any children around so I'm glad to know he didn't pop up just to look at them." Cooper said.

"Yeah, that's sick. I mean, looking at kids in a pool. Nothing's safe anymore. Children aren't allowed to sit on Santa's lap anymore. Parents are just too scared..."

"I think the guy came to check us out." Brian said.

"What do you mean, us?"

"Well, I think he came to check out guys, but he sure had a weird way of doing it. I mean, even though I'm shy and should I want to get laid or enjoy a good show..." Brian caught Richard's eye as he said this "... I wouldn't just stand around in a pool waiting for something to happen. That's just sad."

"Makes it even sadder when you when you know someone wants it sooo bad" Richard said.

"Are we even talking about the same thing here? Anyway, the worst part of today must have been when those women started bathing." Cooper said.

"I know! Where the fuck did they suddenly come from?" Joey replied.

"Well, there was a sign outside the pool today telling where the Witchwater Senior Lady's Team of Golf could sign up for their free swimming lesson included in the golf course this weekend." Brian remarked.

"You serious? Man, I need to check that the next time we're going. If there's one thing I can't handle it's swimming in the vaginal juices of some old geriatric mummy."

Eric nearly choked on his coke at Cooper's rather fitting description, Richard looked like he was about to explode as he was having a hard time not laughing his Sprite up his nose.

"Anyway, thanks for this lovely evening. It's been wonderful and I'm looking forward to joining you in more social events like this one..."

"Dude, Brian, you don't have to be so polite. Or sarcastic, or whatever you were trying to be. Chill..."

"Ok. But thanks Cooper. I really enjoyed myself."

"So did I. Even though not everything went according to plan. There were a few things I'd like to have the chance to do over." Richard laughed.

"Play your cards right and you might get to do me." Brian replied.

"God, they're at it again. Someone shoot me. No, shoot one of them, I want to live to have lots and lots of sex!" Joey said.

"You'll never change." Eric said to Joey.

"You know, that's the second time someone's said that to me! Must be true!"

Everyone had ridden in Eric's car to get there except for Richard; he had been at home to pick up some mail and to visit with his mother, when Toby called asking if he wanted to go on an adventure. As he watched Brian put his stuff in the trunk of Eric's car, he realized that he was growing tired of the games the he and Brian played. Sure, they were fun, but they had been going on for months now; if something was going to change, he would have to make it happen.

"Brian! You want to catch a ride with me?

"I wouldn't mind to ride you... Or was that ride with you?" Brian said, grinning so that it was obvious he wasn't linguistically challenged.

Richard resisted the urge to say something witty back, "Do you want to ride with me is what I said. I think it'd be cool to just talk and hang."

"Oh, um...sure. Sounds cool."

The boys were tired from their day out and wanted nothing more to do than to go to their respective homes and relax the rest of the day. Toby knew that even though it would be a quiet ride home, his brain would be going a mile a minute. Cooper and Eric were still loading their belongings in the car, when he saw the car carrying Richard and Brian pull out of the parking space a few spots over, and head towards home. Toby felt a lump in his throat as he watched the car speed away. All the way home, he found himself wishing that he had been the one that Richard had asked to ride home with him.