Three Roads 59: Extras


"Ugh!" Richard moaned as him cum shot on his stomach. Brian continued to stroke Richard's dick until he thought his continued stroking would be more pain than pleasure.

"You've gotten so much better at giving head." Richard said still trying to catch his breath.

"I must have, you only lasted about two minutes this time." Brian smiled.

"It was longer than two minutes. Maybe you love my cock so much that time just flies when you're down there."

"Oh, I'm sure." Brian said laying his head on Richard's naked chest. This was his favorite part. After he and Richard were done fooling around, he loved to just snuggle up and just enjoy the afterglow of what they had done.

"Fuck," Richard said glancing at his bedside clock, "If we're going to make it to campus on time we probably should start getting dressed."

"We could always skip class."

"You horny little bastard." Richard smiled.

"I didn't mean for that...it's nice just laying here."

Loud pounding on Richard's door ruined the nice quiet moment the two of them were sharing, "Hey Mary and Sally if you're catching a ride with me I'm leaving in half an hour." Joey yelled.

"Leave us alone in our post orgasmic bliss!" Brian yelled.

Joey walked into the room, "Damn, you guys are all covered up."

"Who said you could come in?" Richard asked.

"Your mom did." Joey said as he took a long look at the two of them snuggled in bed together.

"What?" Brian asked noticing the look Brian was giving them.

"Nothing. So do you guys want a ride or no?"

"We probably should get up and go." Richard said patting Brian on the chest.

Brian sighed deeply, "Yeah, we probably should."

"You want to excuse us?" Richard said to Joey as he prepared to get out of bed.

"Yeah sure." Joey said closing the door behind him as he exited out of the room.

"Wow, I thought I was going to have to push him out of the room," Richard said as he searched the floor for his underwear.

"He's not that bad."

"Are we talking about the same Joey?"

"Yeah we are."

"Um, are you mad at me cause I didn't want to stay in bed?"

"No, I'm just defending my friend."

"And what am I?" Richard said jokingly.

Brian shrugged, "Whatever you want to be. I need to go shower, will you tell Joey I'll be ready to go in fifteen?"

"Yeah sure." Richard nodded wondering what had just changed Brian's mood.


"We still on for tonight?" Kyle asked as he and Toby walked off the court for practice.

"I guess."

"We have our first test in two days and I don't know about you but I don't shit. Plus, I thought we took the class together so we could help each other study."

"No," Toby said glaring at him, "you decided to take the same section as me so that you could try and worm your way into study sessions with me."

"Yeah, you're probably right, so I'll come over around seven."

"Seven! Why so late?"

"What have you got to do but wait for me to come over...I was kidding." Kyle quickly said when he saw the menacing look Toby had given him, "I have to work tonight, but if I can get off a little early, I'll head over."

"Fine, just call me before you come over."

"Ok, see ya later."

Toby glanced at his watch and realized he still had half an hour before his first class of the day would begin. He decided to take the long way around and take his time and enjoy the few extra minutes he had. As he was turning the corner, he saw Bliss talking loudly and animatedly on her cell phone. He waved at her and she waved back before promising whoever she was on the phone with that she would call them back in a few minutes.

"You didn't have to get off the phone for me." Toby smiled as she got closer.

"Yes, I did I was hoping I'd run into you today; I was going to text you if I didn't."

"What for?"

"We should do dinner or something tonight."


"Why not silly!" She said playfully bumping into him, "I feel like I haven't seen you in forever."

"The first couple of weeks of a school year are always busy."

"Yeah, but we're already in November, you should have already secured enough of a cushion to be slacking off by now."

Toby laughed, "Is that how you get through college?"

"Every semester. I'm not taking no for an answer, I'll come over later."

"Ok," Toby agreed. He didn't have anything in particular planned and Eric and Cooper had driven in separately this morning as they planned to go out after, "I have a study session at seven though so we have to be done before then."

"Yay! I'll call you later, bye." she said standing on the tips of her toes to give Toby a kiss on the cheek.

He shook his head and laughed as he continued on to his class.


"I already know what this is about." Paul Zamora said as he heard the familiar knock.

"Why am I here then?" Dr. Taylor smiled as she stepped in the professor's office.

"I'm assuming you've decided on what to do about your on going battle with the President's office."

"I wouldn't call it a battle...yet."

He raised his eyebrows in anticipation of hearing what she had to say, but she continued to jab him, "Are you able to pick your wife's brain like that?"

"I wish I could. I'd be a much happier man."

"Are you guys ok?"

"Oh, we're fine. I'm speaking in jest. Things would be much easier if we could read each other's minds wouldn't it?"

"Yeah, I'd certainly love to know what the administration is thinking. I've assumed you've heard about the proposed budget cuts?"

"The funding that goes to quote unquote unnecessary clubs?"

"Yes, the clubs, mainly the Queer Straight Alliance that doesn't bring the school any glory out on a sports field."

"As if our sports teams do that." Professor Zamora smiled.

"But you've heard?"

"No, but I saw it coming. I'm assuming they want to take funding away from the Queer Straight Alliance since you've independently found funding for the Pride center."


"If I saw this coming, I'm sure you did."

"Yeah, I didn't think it would happen this soon. I'm almost certain he's approved this budget just to get at me."

"I wasn't aware the President has a say over the student government budget?"

"Technically, no, but it's no secret that he makes it well known if he approves or not. Honestly, it's more of a point I'm trying to make than the lack of funding from the university will hurt us, it's only about a thousand dollars a year anyway."

"How do you pay for the student assistants then?"

"They're considered state workers, so the university pays for them, though I had to fight hard for that. They're proposing that some of the clubs basically become their own departments and pay for their own workers, activities, etc."

"Is it at all feasible?"

Dr. Taylor nodded, "Sure it is."

Paul smirked, "You had to be waiting for something like this to happen; this gives you ammunition."

Dr. Taylor smiled knowingly, "Exactly. Once word gets around about this, I'll have more people willing to take the President to task and maybe get some things done."


"I'm just trying to figure out why he got mad at me." Richard said for the umpteenth time as they took a break from hitting a few balls on the tennis court.

"Maybe he really just wanted to stay in bed, how should I know?" Toby said wiping his forehead with his wristband.

"But I asked him and he said that wasn't it. It couldn't have been cause I was making fun of Joey; I always make fun of Joey."

"Who doesn't make fun of Joey." Toby laughed.


"Just let it go, and anyway I'm the wrong person to ask I've been single forever."

"Yeah, when are you getting back out there?" Richard asked.

Toby rolled his eyes, "I'm ok with being single."

"That got old long ago."

"I'll probably be ready to get back out there soon."

"What's kept you out this long? Waiting for me?" Richard smiled.

Toby shook his head and smiled, "I was just trying to learn to be content with myself. Haven't you ever felt just absolutely sick of yourself?"

Richard thought about it for a second, "No."

"Of course not, you think you're God's gift to Earth."

"Your grandmother would probably say that in some way, we are all God's gift to Earth so ha."

Toby laughed, " But yeah I'm glad I've taken this hiatus from dating. The other day I was thinking about how much I used to complain about you; basically I took you for granted. My friends too, I wasn't very good to Eric and Cooper or Tim at the beginning, I'm just glad I got a second chance; it was worth it cause I do feel like a better person...you're bored aren't you?"

"No. To be honest, I have noticed a change in you. I just think you should get back out there while you're still young."

Toby looked at his ex with an amused expression, "While I'm young? I'm twenty one."

"And you're soon to be twenty two. Don't you ever think about your youth passing you by?"

"I'm sure when I'm much older I'll miss it, but I don't think I need to worry about it now, thanks."

"Whatever you say."

"Speaking of time going by, you still know your way around a tennis court. You should join the team again."

"Eh, I'm too out of shape."

"No you're not, you could still do it if you wanted to."

Richard nodded, "Sometimes I miss playing regularly, but I guess I would need a huge incentive to pick it up again. You gonna play next year?"

"I'm thinking about it. I'm glad they changed the rules to allow five years of eligibility and I'd be here anyway because of the time I took off, but we'll see how it goes. I think I might. I'm actually enjoying playing for the first time in a while." Toby glanced down at his watch, "I should probably get going, Bliss is probably going to be calling me anytime now."

"For what?" Richard asked surprised.

"She's coming over for dinner."

"Everybody's doing something tonight and you didn't tell me?"

"No no, just Bliss and I."


"Yeah, you know I would have let you know if it was everybody."

Richard nodded but didn't say anything.

Toby quickly stuck his racquet in his bag and zipped it up, "Thanks for coming out to hit, I'll talk to you soon."

"Yep, see ya." Richard watched Toby walk away and then began to pick up his own belongings. As he did so, he wondered when Toby and Bliss had become such good friends.


Joey glanced at the clock and saw that it was five minutes to five. He decided to tidy up the Pride Center since he knew that Richard would be the first one in tomorrow and he didn't want to hear Richard complain about the state of the Center. Joey stacked the magazines neatly, he made sure the couches were all in their original place, and he picked up the few pieces of trash that always seemed to find their way to the floor. He heard his phone vibrate and wasn't at all surprised. Usually, if Brian was still on campus when he knew Joey was working, he'd text him for a ride or to hang out if the mood struck him. He picked up his phone and didn't recognize the number. The message read, "R u still on campus?"

"Who is this?" he quickly typed back. He finished making sure the Pride Center was in fine condition before shutting down his computer. Just as he was turning off the lights, his phone began to ring. It was the same number that had just texted him.


"It's Chase. I thought you had my number."

Joey's heart skipped a beat, "I did, but when you ignored me for three months, I figured it was a lost cause."

There was silence on the phone, "I'm an asshole, I know. But, please just hear me out. Are you still on campus?"

"I am, but I'm about to leave."

"Ok, if you'll talk to me for a few minutes, I'd appreciate it."

Joey stepped outside into the quickly dimming afternoon light, "Fine, where should I meet you?"

"Look to your right."

Joey did and saw Chase standing right outside the building he had just come out of. Joey quickly ended the call and walked over to Chase. Chase saw the aggressive way with which Joey approached him so he decided to diffuse the situation immediately, "I only waited here so that you wouldn't have to walk to me. If you had not wanted to meet me, I would have left before you walked out."

Joey wasn't deterred, "I don't know what this is about, but you will not jerk me around. Do you understand me? If you ever do what you did to me over the summer again, I will never speak to you again."

"I understand." Chase said quietly.

"You better because I mean it, now where are we going?"

"I thought the coffee shop on campus, would be ok."

"Fine. I'll drive my car over, do you need a ride?"

"Yeah, that would be nice."


"Man, that lasagna you made was incredible." Toby said rubbing his stomach contentedly as he laid on his bed staring at the ceiling.

"You mean the lasagna we made together." Bliss said also staring at the ceiling.

"I just followed what you told me to do."

"Just like a good man."

They both laughed, "I didn't know you could cook."

"Of course I can," Bliss said with mock indignation, "I have to have multiple cards if I ever want to catch a man."

"Maybe I should learn to cook then."

Bliss didn't believe him, "You can cook, your grandmother is Black, you have to know how to cook."

Toby laughed, "I'd be offended if it weren't true... I think Richard was a little jealous that we were hanging out."


"You sound surprised."

"I am." Bliss said.

"You're kidding me? As if Richard being jealous has never happened." Toby laughed.

"Yeah, if you started dating someone again, he'd probably get very jealous."

"I think we're past that."

"You should date someone to find out." Bliss said as she turned from being on her back to lying on her stomach, her feet waving in the air.

"I'm not going to use my love life to test out the jealousy of my ex boyfriend."

"Ok, then just date someone...oh my God! You should let me fix you up with someone!"

"Absolutely not."

"Why not?"

"Because I can find someone on my own and why is everyone taking an interest in my love life?"

"Because look at how hot you are and you've only been with two guys, both of which are still in your life. That's just...weird."

"I'm not trying to be a ho." Toby said finding it difficult to take this conversation seriously.

"Ok, how about we make a deal. If you don't find someone to be your Valentine's..."

"That's like two months away." Toby interrupted.

"I know that gives you plenty of time. So, if you don't find someone by Valentine's Day, then you will let me fix you up with someone."

"Ok fine, but I have to approve of the person...if it comes to that. I don't want to be going out with some flamer."

"Hey hey, flamers are people too and besides I know that's not your type, you're not theirs either."

The doorbell rang and Toby hopped off the bed, "I'm everybody's type." He walked through the hallway and into the living room, expecting it to be Cooper and Eric. He opened the door to see Kyle standing in front of him.

"Hey sport!"

"You were supposed to call before you came over." Toby said reluctantly letting Kyle in.

"Yeah, but you said you wanted me over as early as possible so I figure why waste time calling you when you can see me in the flesh."

"Whatever." Toby said turning around with Kyle right behind him as they walked to Toby's room.

"Hey Bliss, what are you doing here?" Kyle smiled. He turned around to Toby and gave him a wink.

"Just hanging out. Had some dinner, there's some pasta left if you want some."

"He's not hungry." Toby said.

Bliss smiled awkwardly at Toby and Kyle patted his stomach, "I ate not too long ago. Where's your bathroom?"

"Down the hall to the left...What?" Toby asked when he saw Bliss smiling at him.

She giggled, "Do you have a crush on Kyle?"

"Uhhh...I thought that was parmesan cheese you sprinkled on your pasta not crack."

"What's wrong with Kyle? He's cute."

"Yuck! I would never..."

"Not for a million dollars?"

"Ok...well I'd do a lot of things for a million dollars I wouldn't normally do."

"So would I," Kyle said zipping up his pants as he came back into the room, "hell I'd probably take it up the ass for a million dollars."

"T.M.I. dude," Toby said disgustedly.

"Please, you're saying you wouldn't fuck me for a million dollars...you'd probably do it for less." Kyle smiled satisfactorily.

"Absolutely not."

Bliss gave Toby a knowing smile, but didn't say anything, "Well boys, as much as I'd love to see where this conversation goes, I need to go."

"I'll walk you out."

"Thanks Toby, bye Kyle."

Kyle jumped on the bed on the spot that Bliss had just vacated. Before walking out of the room with Bliss, Toby warned Kyle, "Don't touch anything."

"Scouts honor."

"He's so funny." Bliss said as her and Toby walked through the house.

"No he isn't and please don't tell him he is or he'll never shut up."

"Whatever you say Toby. Is it ok if I leave the left over pasta here? I'm too lazy to wrap it up and take it with me."

"Yeah it's fine. Have you met the human garbage disposal named Cooper?"

Bliss laughed, "Tonight was fun, we need to do this more often."

"We do." He smiled.

"Have fun with Kyle."

"Ha Ha Ha bye."


Toby opened his eyes the following morning and could immediately tell something was off. He mentally checked for all his body parts and everything seemed to be intact. He hadn't recalled drinking last night, which made him sure he didn't have a hangover. Had he stayed over someone's house? No, he recognized everything in his room and then he yelped when he saw that Kyle was sleeping next to him.

A quick knock came at the door before Eric entered, "Toby are you...oooh I'm sorry, I didn't mean to barge in." Eric said quickly closing the door after seeing Toby in bed with Kyle.

Kyle had missed all of this and was still asleep, "Wake up!" Toby said punching him hard in the shoulder.

"Five more minutes mom."


"What?" Kyle mumbled though more awake.

"What the fuck are you doing in my bed?"

"What do you mean?" Kyle said turning over to face Toby.

Toby shuddered and moved over a bit on the bed, "Why didn't you go home last night?!"

"You fell asleep while we were studying and I didn't feel like driving all the way home. Plus, I was sure you wouldn't mind."

"Get out of my bed!"

"Take a chill pill dude." Kyle said sitting up in the bed. He was shirtless and Toby not wanting to give into temptation to look, jumped out of bed and ran out of the room.

"This pasta is fuckin amazing." He heard Cooper say.

Toby sat down at the kitchen table and both Eric and Cooper stared at him waiting for him to say something. He didn't so Cooper decided to break the ice, "It doesn't look like you slept well buddy."

"That's because he has a companion." Eric smiled.

"You think just cause you're no longer a virgin you get to make comments like that." Toby said with the intent of embarrassing Eric.

"How did you..." Eric threw a nasty look to Cooper.

"Come on, you didn't think I'd keep my mouth shit about that did you?" Cooper said as he shoved more pasta in his mouth.

"And we didn't sleep together. Well we did, but all we did was sleep. I didn't even know he stayed over until I woke up this morning. It was like a nightmare...except real."

"Trust me on this one," Cooper said as he pointed his sauce covered fork at Toby, "don't get involved with the straight boys. Sure, you get to suck dick, but it's just heartache after that."

"I feel like a broken record, but I wish everyone would stop interjecting their comments about my love life."

"Or lack thereof." Kyle said walking into the kitchen, "I'd stay for breakfast, but I need to shower before I head to campus today. See ya, thanks for last night...the studying I mean." Kyle said nervously.

Toby shook his head, "What did I do to deserve this?"

"Making us all suffer through the Richard and Toby saga in the early days of our friendship will probably mean punishment for the rest of your life." Cooper said.

"You're an asshole."

"But I'm right."


"Can I ask you something?" Brian said as he folded a Pride center brochure various ways.

"No, I won't fuck you." Joey deadpanned.

"Right, cause you're such a top."

"It's about time you learned some gay terminology. What's the question?"

"Have you ever been in love?"

"I haven't and please don't pretend you're asking me for any other reason than this has something to do with Richard. We'll just waste time that way."

Brian smiled, "I know I'm not in love with him, we've only been going out like two months. I'm asking...I don't know...how do you know when you're supposed to stay with someone I guess? Like what are the correct expectations to have?"

"I don't know what you mean so why don't you just tell me how you're feeling. Just nutshell it for me."

"I think I liked him more when we were just flirting. He's a good guy and everything, but...it's just not what I thought it was going to be."

"Don't sabotage yourself."

"I'm not sabotaging myself. I just think that maybe the flirting was what made it fun and now that the hunt is over..."

"The hunt?" Jon said walking into the Pride Center.

"Hey," Joey said, "What are you doing here?"

"Just walking by but I heard something about the hunt and I had to stop what are you guys talking about?"

Brian tried to explain, "You know like when you're pursued..."

"Or doing the pursuing." Jon interrupted.

"Yeah." Brian agreed.

Jon smiled, "I most definitely understand. It's my favorite part actually."

"That's silly," Joey said, "the best part is after waiting for that person they look at you and you finally know you have them."

Jon shook his head vigorously, "No no no. The hunt is the best part it's like Christmas time."

Brian laughed, "Like a present?"

"Sort of," Jon explained, "you know how when you were a little kid and there was that toy or whatever you wanted more than anything? And for months before Christmas you made sure your mom, your dad, your brothers and sisters, your aunts and uncles, hell even the mailman knew that you wanted that one thing. Whether or not you got it on Christmas didn't even matter, but you lived in the anticipation of finding out whether it was under the tree or not. Christmas Eve was the best day because you were so close to finding out, but still so far and that night you slept restlessly all because you couldn't wait to know if you got that one thing or not. The hunt is the same thing. Pursuing that person is better in a lot of ways than having them."

"Well there you go." Joey said sarcastically to Brian.

"Come on you know what I'm talking about."

Joey nodded, "Yeah. There's always excitement when you first meet someone and you think it could go somewhere. There's that...butterfly feeling."

"Yeah, and then once you get with them...it's over." Jon said darkly.

"But that's sad." Joey responded.

"But that's kind of how I feel." Brian acknowledged.

"Sure, sometimes the big day, whatever that means, can be a letdown, but it doesn't always have to be that way, and it shouldn't be that way, if you know what you want. I think people just like to sabotage themselves, because if we all got what we want then what would we whine about? I think some people use it as motivation."

"Eh," Jon said waving his hands, "I don't think it's all that complicated. It's as simple as when you expend so much energy on something and then it's finally over, it's natural to be like...that's it?"

"Maybe, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't be thankful you have someone in your life." Joey said.

"I know you're thankful you got to have sex with me at least once." Cooper said as he stood in the doorway.

"Oh yeah," Joey said as if he were remembering it fondly, "I like to call that moment in my life rock bottom."

"Hey Brian how's it going? Jonathan."

"Hey Coop. What's up? I got to run guys, I could be using this time to hunt." Jon smiled as he waived goodbye.

"Don't you get off of work soon?" Cooper asked Joey.

"Yeah, Richard should be here any minute, why?"

"Let's go get lunch. My last class got cancelled and I have to stay to wait for Eric, and I'm starving and the left over pasta I brought with me is just not enough!"

"I can't, I'm having lunch with a friend."

"You don't have friends, is this a potential fuck?"

"It depends on who you ask." Brian giggled.

Joey threw him a dirty look, "No, it's just a friend."

"Fine, then I'll come along, I don't want to eat by myself."

"Ok, it's with Chase."

"Chase?" Cooper said surprised, "He's still alive?"

"Alive and well according to our friend over here." Brian said.

"Are you guys dating?"

Joey shrugged, "I'm just trying to be a good friend and help him out. He really just needs an ear."

"Just be careful." Cooper stressed, "Get that pepper spray and light him up if need be."

Joey rolled his eyes, "He's not going to do anything."

"Let's hope not, or I'll have to k some a." Cooper said.

"Awww...you'd come to my aid?" Joey smiled.

Cooper smiled, "Only cause you owe me $5."


"It's about time you're out of class. I've been waiting forever!"

"Yeah," Eric said, "I got the five text messages you sent me asking if I was out of class and then I saw your big head peaking into the classroom door. A student even asked who was the weird Asian guy looking in."

"Did you defend me?"

"No, I laughed along with everybody else." Eric smiled.

"Thanks...hey, I've been trying not to pry," Cooper started, "but I wanted to know if you had heard from your mom one way or the other about Christmas at our house?"

Eric sighed heavily, "Yes, she's not coming. She said she wouldn't feel comfortable especially after what I did with the dinner. But she understood if I didn't want to come home for Christmas and stay with you. She said she would have no hard feelings."

"It's not a big deal, it would have been nice to spend it with you though, but you should be with her."

"Nope, I've decided to spend it with you. It's very frustrating, but if she refuses to be apart of my life, then...there's not much I can do about it. And we've already invited Toby's family and I want to be there...with or without her."

"Eric, are you sure?"

"Yes. I'm not going to punish you because she's being difficult. She has the problem so she can fix it." Eric spoke as if he was resigned to the fact that his mother would never fully accept who he was, but Cooper wasn't sure he believed what Eric was saying. He didn't want to challenge his boyfriend though and cause a fight. He'd won, but he still felt that Eric was the ultimate loser in all of this. Even though he knew it wasn't his place, he knew he had to do something.


Cooper skipped class the following morning and took the three buses necessary to get to Eric's house. He didn't know how Carol would react to him on her doorstep, but once he was sure that she'd be home, he had called the store pretending to be Eric wanting to speak to her and one of the clerks had notified him that she had the day off, he knew he had to do something. He didn't like the fact that Eric had to choose between him or his mother on Christmas, even if he'd come out the victor.

He didn't arrive at the apartment until about 11:30 in the afternoon. He didn't expect it to be a long visit. For one, he wanted to get back to campus as soon as possible so that Eric would never know what he'd done, and he didn't expect Carol to be very receptive to him, but it was worth a shot. He took a deep breath and then knocked on the door. He was so wrapped up in the moment that he didn't notice that Carol looked as if she had been crying.

"Look," Cooper started immediately, "I know I have no right to be here and it's so cliché for the boyfriend to show up and try and make the mother see reason, but I'm here anyway. It's not right that Eric won't get to spend Christmas with the both of us, so I'm begging you to please reconsider coming to our house. I won't sleep in the house while you're there, I'll stay with my parents in their hotel room, so that you can be as comfortable as possible. I'm willing to do pretty much anything to get you to come for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, if you'll agree to come."

She stared at him blankly and tears began to fall from her eyes and Cooper stood there speechless. He didn't know what to do and he felt terrible inside for making the woman cry.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to..."

"I have cancer." Carol whispered through her tears.

Without thinking Cooper stepped into the apartment and hugged her tightly. Carol nearly collapsed as she sobbed violently. Cooper stayed in the apartment, holding her, much longer than even the most optimistic person would have thought. She made a series of unintelligible sounds as she cried. The only ones Cooper understood were the last ones he wanted to hear, "Don't tell Eric." she pleaded.

He stayed silent for a very long time before he finally, but very reluctantly said, "Ok, I won't."