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From last time...

I finally made my way down off the stage where Alan greeted me with a big wet one in front of
everyone there. I talked for what seemed like hours to different people in the crowd. Most of
them knew the song and everybody seemed to like it. Apparently, Hank had sent around a tip jar
or something and altogether I'd made like three hundred dollars.

It didn't really matter though. Just being up there in front of all those people and with Alan, my
Alan sitting in the front. That was like a natural high on its own.

Done, finally I made my way back to the bar where Alan was waiting for me.

"You ready?" he asked me with a sexy smile.

"Oh yeah."

And I was. I was ready for a night that I hoped neither of us would forget.


Chapter Six - We Might Be In Love


It often amazes me how the memory of a kiss, a touch, a caress can linger. For minutes, for
hours, days even.

It burns into your memory. Becomes a part of you. It's all you can think of, can feel, can

Alan's kisses were like that.

He had this way of kissing that really seems indescribable to me. He did this amazingly
incredible thing with his lips.


And then there was the way that he'd brush his tongue over my gums.


Or the way he'd cup my face in his hands when he kissed. Like he was holding onto me for dear
life or something. It made me feel important. It just made me feel so... needed.

"Oh hey, Alan."

My head turned so fast, it almost snapped.

Simon laughed, cackled really.

I smiled. "You're an asshole."

"I really am." He said, continuing his laughfest. He sat down next to me. "You got it bad, boy."

I shrugged. "What?" I liked being coy with Simon. It made him edgy. He wasn't his normal brash
self when you were coy with him.

He smiled. "You've been gazing into space for twenty minutes. Obviously one can deduce that
your first date with Alan went..." he cocked his head to the side, "... um... well."

I laughed. "I guess well would be a good way to describe it."

"Oh I get it." he said sarcastically, "You're one of those people." He emphasized the word those
in a way that only Simon could.

"Which people?"

He smiled. "The ones who don't kiss and tell." He laughed. "Or in the case of your dreamy smile,
more than just kissing."

"It was really nice." I said, sincerely. "We both had a good time and well... it kinda just made me
fall more in love with him."

I expected a typical Simon comeback. Something witty or something with a sexual innuendo.

I didn't get that though. I did get a hug.

"And you most certainly deserve it sweetums." He told me, smiling. "Now..." he said, getting all
serious, "... you finally ready for tonight?"

I nodded, hesitantly. "I think so."

"Ya got all your stuff picked out?"

I smiled. "Yep. I'm gonna do a little bit of everything. I got Cat Stevens, some Ryan Adams, and
of course Dolly."

He laughed. "Of course."

"You ever hear `We Might Be In Love?'" I asked.

He nodded. "From `Blue Valley Songbird.'"

I laughed. "I knew you'd know."

Simon smiled. "I wonder who you're gonna dedicate that to?" he said, walking away.

There was only person I could dedicate it to, would for that matter.

I smiled, thinking back to our date several nights earlier.


"You were absolutely awesome tonight. You do know that?" Alan asked me as we were driving.
To where I didn't know. He wouldn't tell me.

"You're just sayin' that cause ya love me." I smiled goofily and grabbed his hand, entwining his
fingers with mine.

He laughed. "That too. But..." he said seriously, "... I really do mean it. I never knew you could
sing like that."

"Why thank you. You were the inspiration ya know?" I said, blushing.

Now it was his turn. He recovered quickly though. "When you were up there, I was just
absolutely transfixed by you. It was so weird. You had so much freaking power over me. Hell.
Over the whole audience. And..." he sighed, "... when you sang that last part to me, just to me, I
was so turned on."

I cupped his crotch lightly. "That's my job baby. To turn you on."

He gasped and pulled my hand away. "Later," he said smiling, "I don't put out before the first
date. On? Yes. But not before."

I laughed. "So where we going?" I asked curiously. I knew he wouldn't tell me but it sure was
worth a try.

We made another turn and he just shook his head and smiled. "For the fortieth time, you'll know
when we get there." He held my hand to his chest. "You feel that?" he asked.

I did. His heart was racing.

"You see how nervous you make me?" he asked.

"I make you nervous?" I asked him incredulously.

He laughed. "Not nervous in a bad way." He brought my hand to his lips and kissed it. "It's just
that when I'm around you, everything just seems to be right." He gave me one of those fabulous
toothy smiles that I loved so much.

"Then just think of what you do to me." I mused.

He nodded. "That's what's so perfect about it. It isn't one sided." He tightened his grip on my
hand and smiled. "I've never met anyone like you," he said quietly. "You see the best in
everyone. You have the biggest heart of anyone I've ever met. I knew that. I knew that right from
the minute I met you. You walked over and I saw that vulnerability. And your eyes..."

"My eyes?"

He laughed. "Yeah, your eyes. You sang about mine tonight but God, Lukie, I look at yours and
I just get lost in them."

I was stunned to say the least.

He sensed it though. "And you don't have to say anything either. I know you aren't the best at
taking compliments."

He pulled me to him, wrapping his arms around me and I rested my head on his shoulder.

"Just know..." he continued, "... that I think you're wonderful. I think you're beautiful. I think
you're sexy. I think you're smart. And I love you."

It was one of those moments where everything becomes crystal clear. Sure it was also incredibly
sappy. But in that moment I knew. Knew why I was sitting in this car, driving to the middle of
nowhere with a guy I knew for three days. I knew why I'd been so attracted to him in the first
place. Not only was Alan breathtakingly gorgeous on the outside, the inside package was just as,
if not more, appealing.

"I love you too." I said simply.

He smiled and we both fell into a very comfortable silence.

I closed my eyes and snuggled as close to him as I possibly could without causing him to wreck.

We made a turn and my eyes fluttered open, hoping to try and see if I had any idea where we
might be going. But we were now driving on some desolate looking road. It was pitch black out
and the only thing that could be seen ahead was miles and miles of more road.

"You aren't some deranged psycho are ya " I asked playfully.

He laughed. "Nah."

Just then, we pulled into a driveway that seemed to appear out of nowhere.

"We're here." He turned to look at me. "It's my granddad's cabin. When he died, I got it. Well I
got everything actually. But... that talk's for later." He nudged me. "Come on. I got some more
surprises for you."


"This place is beautiful." I yelled from the living room.

And it was just absolutely spectacular. And big. Very deceiving from the outside but once you
entered, it just seemed to go on and on. The living room, where I was, took up almost half of the
house. There were two bedrooms, both equally sized. And there was a nice size kitchen that
opened onto a deck, which faced the lake. All in all, it was particularly impressive.

"I'm glad you think so." Alan made his way back into the living room. He was holding two beers
in his hand. He handed me one and slipping his sandals off, plopped down on the couch next to

"To us." he said clinking my bottle with his.

I smiled. "To us." I liked the sound of that.

He looked around. "I haven't been up here in about three years. When I pulled up this afternoon,
it felt strange."

"You were here this afternoon?"

He smiled. "When I dropped you off, I practically sped the entire way here so that I could get
everything ready."

"You didn't have to go to all that trouble." I laughed. "Hell, you could have taken me to the
library and I'd have been happy." I inched closer to him. "As long as you were with me."

He smiled and rubbed his leg against mine. "It wasn't trouble. I wanted to do it." He looked at
me. "I wanted tonight to be special."

"It is." I said, moving even closer to him until our faces were finally touching. Our lips met for a
slow, sweet kiss.

He pulled me into his lap and ran his hands up the back of my shirt, the heat of them on my bare
skin feeling wonderful.

Finally we came up for air.

He gasped. "Damn Lukie. You keep kissing me like that and this night will over a lot quicker
than I'd planned."

I laughed and ran my fingers through his hair. "Don't want that do we?" I asked teasingly.

"No, we don't." he said softly, his hands roaming my face. He moaned as I wiggled, purposely I
might add, on his lap.

I laughed. "Like that?"

Alan smiled. "Of course I like it..."

I went to lean in for another kiss but he stopped me, holding my face with his two hands.

"... but I don't..." he smiled sheepishly, "... I can't believe I'm saying this..." he buried his head in
my chest, "... I... I don't want to do it yet." He looked up at me and then hung his head again.

At first I was a bit taken aback. Maybe he changed his mind.

I lifted his chin with my finger. "Yet?" I asked cautiously.

He smiled. "It's just I always had this fantasy you know? Ever since I knew I was gay, even
before that. I just always knew that I wanted to come up here with the person I loved."
"And you never did?" I asked carefully.

"No." he said simply. "Because I was never in love before."

I found it absolutely adorable that Alan, my big tough guy, seemed to be embarrassed over
something like this.

Hell that was my job.

I kissed his forehead. "I don't think I've ever seen you so shy before." I whispered, "And it's so
turning me on." And then I remembered what he said before. "Okay. So talk to me. You think
we're going too fast?"

"No." He said quickly. Quickly enough for me to realize that he wanted this as much as I did.
"It's just that I don't want the night to end yet." He laughed. "God, I sound like such an idiot,
don't I?"

I shook my head. "No, you don't." And that was the truth. I knew exactly what he was trying to
say. "I just thought that since you were so... um... eager this morning..."

He laughed. "I'm still eager." He ground his hardness into me as a  reminder. "I just... I wanted
us to have a nice romantic dinner and then maybe go for a walk." He said this all incredibly fast
as if he thought I'd judge him or something for wanting those things.

I leaned down and kissed him again, trying to assure him that we were on the same wave length
here. I wanted those things too. I always had.

"Is that too sappy for you?"

I laughed. "Um... if you remember correctly, I got up in front of about a hundred people tonight
and sang you pretty much one of the sappiest, corniest songs ever written."

He smiled "So it's okay then?" He asked hesitantly.

I smiled. "It's more than okay." I lifted his chin so he was looking directly in my eyes. "I want
you. I have since the minute I laid eyes on you. I want you to be the guy that I think about
constantly, non-stop. I want to be that way for you too." I smiled. "And I really want your hot

He laughed. "It's all yours."

"What I'm trying to say is that, yes, I do want you to make love to me. I'd be crazy not to. But
sex isn't everything either." I cocked my head to the side. "It's fabulous, of course, but not

"So you aren't upset then?" He asked.

I smiled. "Nope. Not at all." I stood up and pulled him up with me. "Come on. I'm starved."


"Where did you learn to cook like this?" I asked my boyfriend, who was apparently a jack of all

I was tasting the fruition of his cooking efforts. The stuff was absolutely delicious. He'd made
fried chicken with all of the usual southern fixings. I tasted the gravy. "Oh my God, this gravy is
sooo good."

He sat back and laughed.

Suddenly I felt self conscious. "Why aren't you eating?" I asked.

"You're beautiful you know." He stated simply.

I'm sure I turned at least seven shades of red at that comment. "What?"

He laughed softly. "You're beautiful."

I smiled. "Okay and..." I was a little lost. I was not used to these comments out of left field.

He threw his arms up in the air. "Nothing... I just... I wanted you to know that." He smiled. "It's
kinda surreal for me to be sitting here with you like this. Two days ago, I wouldn't have guessed
that this would have near been possible."

I nodded. "I know."

"When I see you here sitting across from me and I know... well I know that you're mine. You're
my boyfriend. It just... it blows my mind."

I smiled. "I never realized you were such a romantic."

"Aw shucks. Ya got me figured out." He said playfully.

I laughed. "You never did answer my question though."

He looked up at me. "Oh. I don't know really. I guess I always liked cooking. And with my
mother, I had to learn to do things for myself. She worked so many jobs."

"What about your dad?" I asked curiously.

"He wasn't around much," he said simply.

I instantly regretted bringing it up. Obviously it was a sore topic. "I'm sorry."

He smiled. "You don't have to apologize, Lukie." He grabbed my hand. "I want you to know all
about me. My ups and downs. My little story. I want you to know all of it. And I wanna know all
about you too."

I smiled. "What do you say we take that walk? I'll tell ya my story and you can tell me yours."

He kissed me quickly. "Ya read my mind baby." He seemed to think for a second. "Wait here. I'll
be right back."


And with childlike enthusiasm, he tore out of the kitchen.

I laughed and sat back down, both nervous and extremely excited at what was going to happen
tonight. Nervous because it had technically been quite awhile since I'd been intimate with
someone.... well other than my right hand. And even that kind of contact had been sporadic at
best. But excited too. I was with Alan and that thought alone made me shiver in anticipation.

I quickly cleaned off the table, putting the dirty dishes in the sink and lining the counter with the
leftovers. I rinsed my hands and splashed some water on my face.

Drying my hands on a dish towel I stared out the window into the dark Mississippi night.

"I'm ready."

I smiled as two arms wrapped around me from behind and a tongue started licking around the
vicinity of my ear.

"Me too." I turned around to face him. "You gonna tell me where we're going this time or is it
still a secret?"

He grinned. "I wanna take you to my favorite place in the whole wide world." He kissed me
lightly on the lips. "When we first moved here, I didn't really know anyone and I was kinda a
loner. My grandpa showed me this place where he used to go when he was little and I just... I
claimed it as mine."

I smiled. "And you're gonna share it with me now?"

He pulled me closer. "I share everything with you now."


I was panting and not in the way I imagined I would be in this type of situation.

"You didn't tell me that this secret place was in another state." I said, through gritted teeth.

He laughed. "Oh come on you big baby. We're almost there."

I reached for his offered hand and we walked like that until we finally got to where we were

He smiled. It was dark and I couldn't see much but I could definitely see his smile.

"What is this place?" I asked.

"This..." he said, motioning around with his arms, "... is Sugar Hill."

It was dark so I didn't make out much. I did see glistening water in the moonlight and heard the
many sounds of the different birds and critters that the woods of Mississippi had to offer.

"Come here."

I turned around to find Alan, shirtless and looking sexy as all hell.

My first thought was "Jesus he gets out of his clothes quick."

Then he began to lower his pants and all my other thoughts just went completely out the

He was wearing, much to my excitement, quite possibly the sexiest pair of underwear I'd ever
seen in my life.

They were skimpy little red ones that clung to his strong muscular thighs and barely concealed
his very large, very tantalizing package.

I smiled. "I see you made good on your promise."

He grinned. "Oh these? I just had them lying around." He licked his lips seductively. "Come
here." he said again, this time more insistently and with more urgency.

I walked over to where he was standing.

"You're overdressed."

I smiled. "So the taking it slow thing. It's out the window I'm guessing?"

He laughed. "Nope. I just wanna see your hot bod."

He smiled and  walked closer to me reaching for the hem of my shirt, lifting it over my head.

"Alan... I think..."

"Shhh." He put his finger over my lips. "Don't think."

He pulled me to him, our bare chests touching. Heat shot through my body.

"I love you Lukie. I don't really know why you have such a hard time accepting that. But if I
have to prove it to you everyday of my life, I will."

I hugged him closer. "I know it. I just... well you're just so..."

"And what do you think you are?" he asked softly. "Do you think you're just some hideous

"No... I just... um..."

To shut me up this time he covered my lips with his own, sucking my tongue in.

I moaned into his mouth, running my hands up his back.

If he was trying to show me how much he loved me with the kiss, then he was succeeding at it.

Finally, when neither of us could breathe anymore, and only then, we broke the kiss, both

He smiled. "That kinda give you an idea of how I feel about you?"

I laughed. "A little."

"A little?" He asked incredulously.

I smiled shyly. "It did. I'm sorry. I just..."

"I'm not him Lukie. I never will be either. You just gotta trust me on this." He kissed me again.

I smiled. "Yep."

He ran his fingers through my hair and smiled. "God, I love you so fucking much."

I smiled. "The feeling is definitely mutual."

He laughed and within seconds I was being lifted up over his shoulders.  I saw where he was
running to and I begged him to stop.

"Alan. Don't you dare."

He just giggled more.

"Alan. I'm not kidding. That water has got to be..."

But I didn't get to finish my sentence because I had just been thrown into the water, the ice cold
water to be exact.

I could hear him laughing his ass off even while I was still under the water. I decided that he
needed to be taught a lesson.

Using my best drama queen flair, I started to flail my arms in the water simulating, what I
thought, was a good interpretation of someone drowning.

The laughter stopped and the next thing I heard was a loud splash. I felt two strong arms wrap
around me.

"Lukie. Fuck. I didn't know you couldn't swim baby. I... shit." He said, his voice thick with

I looked up at him and smiled. "Oh I can swim. That was just my way of getting back at ya."

From the look on his face, I knew it'd be a smart move to swim away, as fast as I could.


"I still can't believe you did all this."

He shrugged.

"I mean it Alan. Thank you." I kissed him. "It's made tonight really special. All the thought you
put into it."

And that was the truth. The cabin, the dinner, the ice cold bath. Everything was planned and
went off perfectly. Well, everything but the part that we were both aching for.

That still hadn't happened yet. But things did seem to be progressing nicely.

The water might have been cold but the weather was absolutely beautiful. There was a light
breeze that every once in a while would cause one of us to shiver. But with our bodies pressed so
closely together, we had all the warmth we needed.

He pulled me in for another kiss.

"I'm hoping that tonight will get even more special."

I nodded. "I was kinda hoping for that myself."

He smiled. "Can you believe this? Me and you?"

I laughed. He didn't strike me as a particularly overenthusiastic person. "I never thought it would

He pulled my head down to his chest.

"When I saw you at the party, I just knew. I knew you'd be this fantastic, wonderful person. I
promised myself there and then that we'd be together."

I smiled. "I'm happy you made good on that promise."

"We have dear old Will Thompson to thank for that." He had a hint of regret in his voice.

I lifted my head and crawled up so that our faces were touching. I rested my chin on his.

"You said before you never... you were never in love before." I stated carefully.

Alan nodded. "Never." He smiled. "I liked Will. And the sex was good I guess. But I never was
in love with him. There really wasn't anyone before him." There seemed to be more he wanted to
say. I could tell from his expression. "What about you?" he asked.

That was a good question.

I shrugged. "I thought I was. And I guess that on some levels I did love him." I shook my head.
"No I don't know if I was in love with him per se. I think it had more to do with the fact that he
claimed he loved me. I loved that." I smiled shyly. "That make any sense?"

He laughed. "Yeah, it does."

I smiled. "Enough about him though." I leaned in for a kiss. "Tonight..." kiss, "" kiss,
"...about..." kiss,  ""

He smiled. "Good."

I sighed, remembering that in order to do what we both desperately wanted to do, we needed to
make the trek back to the house.

I dropped my head in defeat.

Alan laughed. "I know just what you're thinking `bout, babe."

He slipped out from under me.

"Come on." He said, holding his hand out. "I got one more surprise."

I followed him, both of us naked as the day we were born, until we came to this little gazebo like

I smiled. "You just plan everything don't ya."

He pulled me to him. "Oh yeah." He pecked me quick on the lips. "Come on."

And so I followed, appreciating two things. The sight of my lover's rock hard bubble butt in the
moonlight and the fact that we didn't have to trek all the way back to the house to do this. In that
order I might add.

We reached our little makeshift bedroom for the night and Alan plopped down on the bed.

He wiggled his eyebrows at me. "Ya ready?"

Up until that point, I'll be honest, I really wasn't.

I was nervous, scared, downright terrified really. I still couldn't wrap my mind around the fact
that Alan Ramsey, in all his beauty, wanted me.

I knew, though, that in order to get past all of that ... in order to get past all of these goddamned
insecurities I had, I needed to take charge of this situation.

It was something I'd never done before. You wouldn't have to be a genius to guess that I'm the
submissive type. Not that I think there's anything wrong with that mind you. It can be a
wonderful thing. Giving yourself to somebody.

And I certainly trusted Alan enough to know that he would never hurt me.

"What could possibly be going on in that purty old head of yours?"

I was snapped back to reality by my gorgeous boyfriend.

I smiled. "Not too much."

I stood there for a minute, nervous. I knew what I wanted to do but I didn't necessarily know
how to go about doing it.

He laughed. "Lukie. This would work out a whole lot better if you were in the bed with me and
not standing over there." He smiled. "I don't bite... not unless ya want me to."

I laughed, nervously. I was trying to decide my plan of attack in this situation.

"You do..." he hesitated, "... you do want to do this?"

That was when all of my inhibitions flew out the window. That was the point when I knew this
was where I wanted to be, needed to be. And however many insecurities I might have, none of
them were going to play a part in tonight's escapades. I simply wouldn't let them.

"Lie back." I said, a little more forcefully then I wanted to.

Alan smiled. "Okay."

He laid back on the bed, propped up on pillows.

His chest was so... well just perfect. His body was too for that matter. He wasn't too muscular.
He wasn't too skinny either. His body had a toned quality to it. It didn't look like he lived in the
gym but you could tell that he took care of himself.

From running, his legs were long and lean. They were dusted with a coating of light blonde hair.
The same hair that also covered his belly and the trail that led down to his cock.

Which was, for lack of a better term, beautiful. That sounds ridiculous I know. In fact if
anyone ever told me that I'd probably laugh in their face. But at that moment, it was just that.

It certainly wasn't too big. He had at least seven inches. It was thick however. Thicker, I noticed,
then mine.

"Do you like what you see?" He asked.

I smiled. "What do you think?"

"I think..." he patted the bed, "... that you need to get in this bed with me before I have to
pleasure myself."

I slithered my way up the bed, up his body, until I reached him.

Our mouths met.

Greedily, hungrily, he sucked my tongue in and I explored his mouth. I wanted to memorize it.
To know every single crevice. I wanted it as mine and only mine.

He kept his eyes open during the kiss. I'd never seen anything like that. I always just instinctively
closed mine. But Alan's eyes were locked on mine as our tongues dueled each other.

Again, not until we couldn't breathe did we break our kiss.

He looked up at me, his gorgeous green eyes glazed over. "You..." he said panting, "... are one
hell of a kisser."

I laughed. "Thanks."

My hand began to slither down his body.

"I'm good at other things too." I smiled devilishly as I reached my target.

His cock felt so... comfortable in my hand. Like it was this living creature or something.

It pulsed under my touch. I brushed my finger over the sticky, spongy head covered with his pre

He moaned as my thumb continued to massage just the head.

"I don't think I'm gonna be able to..."

Before he could finish though, I started to stroke, using his own essence as lubricant.

And with that all of his thoughts became moot as his eyes rolled to the back of his head.

Quickly, roughly I stroked him, knowing full well that he would soon climax.

I wanted him to cum. I wanted to make him feel that good. Wanted to know that the reason why
he was getting off was because of me.

"I'm gonna..." he started but he didn't finish.

I quickened my pace and all too soon, I saw the muscles in his neck tighten as he let out a moan,
a glorious moan and shot volley after volley of cum all over the place.

I continued to stroke at his now sensitive penis, milking him for everything I could get.

His eyes closed, he let out another low moan.

"Oh my God." was all he said.

I laughed. "It was good?"

His eyes fluttered open and his lips curled into a smile.

"Good?" He pulled me down on top of him. "It was... I don't know... fucking incredible."

I smiled. "I was hoping for earth shattering but fucking incredible sounds good to me."

He laughed. "Earth shattering, mind boggling, wonderful. Give me a description and that was it.
It was just... wow... that's what it was."

I brought my lips down over his.

His hands roamed my back, massaging my shoulders.

My lips left his and my mouth decided to take a little tour. I licked and kissed my way down his
neck and stopped at his chest, devouring his perfect quarter size nipples. Gently sucking them I
could tell that my efforts weren't going unnoticed. His once limp cock was now coming to life
once again. That's what I intended.

I worked his nips for awhile, alternating between pain and pleasure. Sucking and biting.

He moaned in pleasure and I smiled with satisfaction.

This is what I'd wanted to do tonight. Throw the sappy, goody two shoes act out the window and
just throw myself into this. Alan had done so much for me and I wanted to do the same. I was
determined that he have the best sexual experience of his life.

And I was willing to pull out all the stops.

My tongue worked it's way down, discovering pools of cum that had gone unnoticed.

I lapped them up furiously, tasting the salty - sweet flavor of him, of my Alan.

I played with his belly button a bit, thrusting in and out of there, trying to free it of any of his
essence that might have taken up residence.

I let my hands roam down further, running them through his pubic hair. I let them rest on the
insides of each of his thighs as my head roamed the area I had so wanted to explore all evening.

I let my tongue explore again. This time I worked his inner thighs, massaging them as I let my
mouth devour the sensitive skin. I placed light feathery kisses all over, still massaging

Again he moaned. Actually he was moaning through the entire thing. It was nice really. Well I
guess I wouldn't classify it as nice. Hot was more like it. I loved to hear him writhing in pleasure.
And to know that I was doing it... well again that just egged me on.

Excited beyond belief, my mouth finally left its present destination. My hand again took hold of
his manhood. And again, like before, it twitched. I held it there in my hand as I looked up at him.

My eyes solely on his, I flicked my tongue out and teased the bulbous mushroom head eliciting
new and even louder whimpers from my thoroughly pleased lover.

I worked my mouth over the head and let it sink in deeper, working my tongue over and over it.
Trying to, for the most part, lick away every drop of him that was there.

Satisfied, I let my mouth travel slowly over the thick shaft.

I wanted us both to savor this moment.

I swabbed his gorgeous dickhead, still allowing my mouth to run its length.

Groans, getting louder and louder, escaped his mouth. They got me more and more excited.
I finally worked my mouth off of him with a pop and started to slither my way up his body

I was working on a repeat performance. I wanted to feel his cum flow down my throat but I
didn't know if he'd have another go in him.

And... I still had some plans left.

I worked my way up his chest, fronting my rock hard, throbbing erection with his.

My face met his and we kissed again, passionately I might add. He held onto my face again,
pulling it as close to his as possible.

I pulled back, gasping for breath and looked down at him.

He was panting.

I was loving all of this. My libido was at a level, I'd never previously experienced while making
love to any other.

I smiled. "I want you to fuck me."

He looked up at me with those gorgeous green eyes. "There is nothing I'd like more in this world

But? What was this? I was flaming hot and ready to go; I never expected a "but" in there.

"... I want you to fuck me this time."

To say that I was more than a little surprised would be an understatement.

"You want that?" I asked, expressing my astonishment.

As I said before, one would not be surprised to find out that I'm the submissive type and while
Will did once let me top him, neither of us enjoyed it much. Needless to say, I wasn't quite as
bold as I had been in the past couple of minutes now.

He brought my face down to his so that our foreheads were touching. He smiled at me.

"Don't get me wrong. I so wanna dive into that tight bubble butt of yours, but I've never loved
ANYONE enough to let them top me before." He kissed me. "I want you to be the first." He
trailed his fingers up and down my back. "I want to feel you inside of me, Lukie. I want it fast
and hard. I want you to fuck me like you've never fucked anyone else in your entire life. I want
you to feel your hot cum erupt all over me."

I stopped his dirty talk by again sucking his tongue into my mouth.

If I'd have let him keep talking like that, I would have cum right there.

He reached under the mattress and seconds later his hand reappeared with a condom and a bottle
of KY.

I smiled. "You really did prepare for everything."

He winked at me with an edge of lust still in his eyes. "You betcha."

I sat back on the bed and raised his legs a little in the air so that I had better access to the area I
so wanted to explore.

He looked down at me. "Just open me up real good, baby. It's been... well it's been a long time."

I smiled and bit the top of the condom wrapping. It always looked kinda seductive in movies and
porn videos and stuff. I didn't know how hot I looked doing it but apparently Alan liked what he
saw. I placed it over my own cock quickly and squirted a few shots of lube onto my finger. He
seemed a little uncomfortable at first so I let up, not wanting to cause him any pain.

Working slowly, I used one finger to start loosening my lover's ass. He cooed as the tip of my
index finger made contact with his prostate. I rotated my hand and twisted my finger into his
slick hole, slowly and deliberately, knowing what it did to me when someone made contact with
my love button.

He looked down at me with rapture on his beautiful face... "Keep going."

And so I did.

I continued to work the first finger in and around. When he started to loosen slightly, I worked
the second one went in and his light ooohs and ahhhs became fairly louder moans. The third one
was a bit tight, but I used a little more lube and soon after some soft seductive pumps, I was
fucking him with an even rhythm. His loud guttural moaning sounds left me and I could hear him
swearing softly under his breath... "Fuck me baby, yeah...that's it, fuck my ass." Finally the
realization that he was thoroughly enjoying this overtook me.

I pulled my fingers out and quickly squirted another healthy dollop of lube onto my condom-
sheathed cock.

Positioning myself at the entrance to his ass, I rubbed the head of my penis around, making sure
that the lube was smeared all over.

I looked down at him; this man who was to become my lover...this, beautiful, gorgeous

His eyes were glowing with passion and he smiled up at me. "Do it." he said quietly, sexily too.

And so I did.

Gently, slowly I pushed the head of cock in, giving enough time for him to get used to each
thrust. When I finally realized that he was enjoying it and apparently felt no pain, I didn't hold

I started a fast rhythm of long, punctuated thrusts.

He moaned loudly and every time I'd hit his prostate, he'd let out a cry. Something in between a
moan and a yelp.

I loved that sound.

He played with my nipples as I thrust my cock in and out of him, knowing that the inevitable
would come before either of us wanted it to.

Finally, after a good three of four minutes, I felt that familiar tingle in my balls and I knew that I
was ready to blow. And I knew he had to be too.

I grabbed his rock hard dick and after three strokes, cum sprayed all over us. It was one of those
flimsy cumshots. You know the ones that happen after you've already done it before. It wasn't as
thick and viscous as the first time, although the feel of his hot, steaming cum on my body was
enough to send one more thrill through my already oversensitive nervous system.

Seeing him orgasm, I couldn't hold myself much longer.

I pulled out of him quickly and ripped the condom off of my cock, cumming all over his taut,
already sticky belly.

He reached for my cock and stroked, milking me like I had done him before.

Finally, when I'd given all I had, I collapsed on top of him. Both of us panting.

Alan pulled me in for another kiss. He pulled away and I rested my head on his chest.

And that's how we stayed.

Sticky and smelly... but so much more than satisfied.


I still thought about that feeling even now, days later. The way it felt to be inside of him. To be
able to give him such pleasure and in turn get so much out of that.

That satisfaction.

I sighed as I sat in the small room adjacent to Hank and Simon's office.

I was getting hard and that would certainly would not be an easy thing to explain up there on

Plus I did have other things on my mind too.

For one I was hideously nervous.

Last week's performance, and I use that term very lightly, was just one song and I had so much
more on my mind what with everything that was going on with Alan and Will and all that shit.

But tonight it was different. It wasn't just one song. It was a set. And it was just me up there. Me
and my guitar.

The crowd was a little bigger than the week before. Simon had hyped it through the roof. He had
posters made up. He passed out flyers.

It was a bit embarrassing but at the same time terribly exciting.

Music was something I'd always loved, always been passionate about. But it was never
something that I thought I'd ever be pursuing. I was in school for law and that was what I loved
and what I really did want to do with my life.

It was nice, though, to have something as a hobby. I guess that's what I'd call it. And to be paid
for a hobby? Well that was just icing on the cake.

There was a soft knock on the door that awakened me from my thoughts.

I pulled my shirt over my head as the door opened.

Alan peeked his head in. He was smiling.

"Damn. I figured I'd catch you in some sort of stage of undress."

I laughed. "You've seen me naked plenty of times this week."

"True." He said smiling. "Though watching you get undressed is always the best part."

I raised my eyebrows. "The best part?"

He laughed. "Well maybe not the best part. But definitely in the top two." He walked over to me,
placing his hands on my waist. "Ya ready for tonight?"

Before I could answer though, his lips were on my neck doing things that only his lips could do.

I moaned. "Ya gotta stop otherwise my guitar won't be the only instrument I'll have to play on

He pulled back and laughed. "This instrument..." he said cupping my growing erection, "... is for
me and only me to play." He kissed me softly. "Ya ever need it tuned, you just let me know."

I pulled him in for another kiss and this time his hands instinctively cupped my face in that
protective way only your boyfriend, or the person you love really, can.

I smiled as he pulled back and looked at me.

"You are gonna be fine out there. You're gonna go out there and sing and play and just be you."
He placed a light kiss on my forehead. "And if ya do that, then everybody will love ya."

He smiled. "I know I do."


It really wasn't that bad, though. Mostly everyone there had seen me the week before and they all
seemed primed for my little act from the beginning.

I did "Where Do the Children Play?" from Cat Stevens and a few Ryan Adams' tunes. And I
threw in "Moon River." I always loved that song. I didn't sing it as good as Audrey did in the
movie but I tried my best.

I started my little Dolly segment with an acoustic rendering of "Here You Come Again" that I'd
been working on for awhile. The song didn't really lend itself well to a guitar but I tried my
hardest. I threw in "My Blue Tears" and "Gypsy, Joe & Me." Two of my favorite Dolly weepers.

With one more song to go, I looked out into the small crowd.

"I sang a song the last time I was up here."

A few people clapped.

I smiled. "It was quite sappy I'll admit. But ya'all seemed to take to it well. So I thought I'd pull
one out tonight too."

I propped my guitar up. "It's dedicated to that same person from last week." I smiled. "In fact
maybe I'll just call this little part "Alan's Segment." I saw my blushing boyfriend standing in the
back with Emma.

"So to Alan..."

Everybody raised their glasses and repeated.

"... I give ya this."

After that, all the nerves I'd had went out the window.

I started strumming and the words just came out. I was singing to Alan and even though there
were more than a hundred other people in the room, it was as if it were just me and him.

That's how important he was to me.

I closed my eyes and started to sing,

I love you, I love you
My heart seems to whisper
But my lips cannot form those words
And I know my heart is calling out to you
In a voice you've already heard

Does your heart feel as if
It could burst any second
Is it racing and will not slow up

Do you just want to be
With me endlessly
Then I'm thinking
We might be in love

We might be in love
What else could it be
These feelings of wonder
Of passion and romance
Excitement and pure ecstasy

It's like I've drank
From some magic potion
Sipping from your loving cup
Intoxicated, infatuated
I'm thinking we might be in love

We might be in love
And it might be forever
I think there's a future for us
If you just want to be
In and all over me
It might be, we might be in love

I closed my eyes as I finished the last chords of the song, smiling. I'd always loved it.

She never recorded it on a CD, but sang it on one of her TV movies.

Opening my eyes, I found a very diverse group of people. Some clapping and smiling. A few
were crying. Alan was in the back. He had a cheshire cat grin on his face.

I said a quick thank you and headed off stage, glad that this night was finally over. Glad that I'd
been able to get through it. Glad that I'd seemed to have done well.

Mostly, though, glad that I was going home with Alan.


"Will ya do one thing for me?"

Hank was wiping down the bar.

Simon looked over at him and laughed. "For the last time, I am not writing a letter to the Tony
committee asking for an honorary award for Bernadette Peter's turn as Mama Rose in "Gypsy."

When he said "Gypsy," he did this thing with his hands in a very over exaggerated way. And he
sounded just like Judy Garland.

We all cracked up.

Hank pulled him in for a kiss. "You are the gayest person out there." He tapped Simon's chest.
" I wouldn't have it any other way."

Simon smiled and made his way towards the hall in the back of the club that housed their office.

Hank turned to look at Alan and me. "So you guys have plans tonight?"

I shrugged. "Not really."

He smiled. "Ya wanna come over for dinner? It'll just be pizza and beer, but it oughta be fun."

Alan nodded. "Sounds good."

Hank smiled. "Great." He looked at me. "You know the way?"

I nodded. "Yep."

Alan smiled. "We'll meet ya there."

Hank fished in his pocket. He pulled a key ring out and chucked them to me. "Let yourselves in
and order the pizza. We'll be there in a jiffy."

I turned around to leave when Hank yelled, "And the only place you can't do it is in our bed." He
winked at me as I turned back around to face him.

I rolled my eyes as my now red-faced lover grabbed my hand and led me outside.

As soon as I was out the door , he had me pushed up against the concrete wall with a thud.

Wet lips came over mine and Alan's tongue snaked into my mouth. He ground into me, himself
hard as a rock.

Pulling back, breathless, he smiled. "I wanted to do that to you since the minute you finished
that song."

I went to say something but he put his finger to my lips.

"I don't know what it is about it but when you do that. When you sing for me, to me like that..."
he smiled shyly, "... I get so turned on."

I laughed and ran my finger down his cheek. "Why do ya think I do it?"

He smiled. "Okay. We go, we eat, we chitchat for a little while. Then..." his mouth moved deftly
over mine again planting a light, lingering kiss, "... we go back to my place and..." he cupped my
crotch, "... I'm going to give you the orgasm of your life."

I moaned as his finger ran over the tip of my aching cock, confined in my tight pair of jeans.

He grabbed my hand. "Now. Come on."

We made our way to the car and got in. I gave him some quick directions to Simon and Hank's
place and he started up the engine. Using one hand to steer, he placed the other on my knee,
rubbing it from time to time.

We drove in relative silence, comfortable in it, until a shrieking ring permeated the car.

He jumped. "Shit. It's my cell. Can you get it babe? It's in the glove compartment."

I reached over and released the latch, removing the horrid sounding phone.

I winced. "Where'd ya get that ring?"

He laughed. "It only rings like that when it's an unknown caller. Answer it for me."

I looked over at him. "You sure?"

He smiled. "Yep."

I shrugged and flipped the phone open.


I heard a muffled voice at the other end of the line. I didn't make out what they said.

"Hello." I said again.

I heard something this time, though I wasn't sure if I made it out correctly.

I turned to Alan. "It's your father."

His face lost all it's color. "What? I haven't heard from my father in forever."

I listened again as the mumbled voice said something on the other side of the line.

I reached over and grabbed my boyfriend's hand. "Stop the car Alan."

He laughed.

I wasn't joking though.

"Please baby. Stop the car."

This time he did.

He looked over at me.

"Something happened to your mother."


I'm never usually one for cliffhangers. (In fact I hate `em when other authors use them.) But it
kind of sets the wheels in motion for the remainder of the story. So please forgive me. And I
promise, the next chapter will be out next week.

As always, enjoy.