Unexpected Encounter
      By AL

DISCLAIMER: This story is a story primarily of love. However, there will be scenes of graphic nature, as well as sexual nature. But the love is between men, and if you do not agree with that you should leave. Also check for what is legal in your area, whether it is lawful to read this. The author retains all copyright of the story. Copies of this story should not be made without the consent of the author.

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From Chapter 1
All of a sudden, John's face contorted into a big grin and his eyes suddenly sparkled of sudden glee and mischief. He grabbed my shoulders and turned me around, keeping one arm wrapped around my chest. Instead of directing us towards the front entrance, he started pulling me towards the side of the building.

Chapter 2 -- "So Close, yet So Far"

Once I heard that, I began to panic. There was no way I was going to let this guy take advantage of me. I couldn't lose my virginity in this fashion. I opened my mouth to yell, but once a little sound escaped my mouth, John quickly clamped his hand down hard on my mouth.

       "Ssh... I told you, you'll enjoy this if you just relax."

John continued to drag/push me towards the side of the building, now with one arm around my chest, the other hand clamped firmly over my mouth. The closer we got to the side of the building, the more I questioned whether his son actually attended the school. My mind began to fill with various scenarios that John had in mind for me, none of them ending good for me. As my mind was sorting through the different scenarios, I began to try squirming out of John's grasp, only to have my efforts thwarted when John tightened his hold on me.

I desperately tried to locate anybody who could help me. From what I was able to see in my peripheral vision there was nobody there, I quickly began to realize that at this time of day the majority of the people were either on campus or eating lunch. My will to fight began to wane, and the somber realization that something horrible was going to happen settled in. My shoulders slumped, John sensed this, and loosened his grip, just a bit. With this sudden relaxed grip, I was able to turn towards John, tears beginning to pool in my eyes. I knew that no matter what, if I tried to run, I would lose this futile battle...

       "Why are you doing this? What did I do to deserve this? Please, just let me go, I just want to go home."

       "Shh... It's okay Matt, everything's going to be okay, there's no reason to cry..." John said as he gently wiped the tears from my eyes and gave a kiss to the top of my head. "I'm not going to hurt you at all."

He turned me around, and began to nibble on my earlobe. Though sensually it felt good, my mind knew that I did not want to be here. He quickly forced me to the side of the building and John deftly unlatched the gate and dragged me in. As he closed the gate behind us, John dragged me over to the side of the building and shoved me up against the wall. While pinning me to the wall with his left arm, he ran his right hand up my stomach, as if he was in a dream. His hand soon ran down to my crotch and cupped it, forcefully. My eyes wide, brimming with tears looked at him, begging for him to release me.

       "My god you're beautiful. I just love this body, that face, and that butt. God those wide eyes are turning me on to no end. Mmm... I'm going to love this..."

He released his grip of my crotch and quickly ran his hand across my chest, and tweaked a couple times. I whimpered, but my stricken mind kept me from screaming out. His hand ran into my pants and he started to play with my cock. A part of my body enjoyed the sensation, but my mind continued to race. I did not want to engage in sex at all, especially under this situation. My hands reached out and tried to push him back, but John quickly removed his hand from my crotch and grasped both of my hands. With his other hand he let go of his grip of my neck, began to slip my shirt off my body, leaving the top covering my face, leaving me slightly handcuffed and blindfolded. Thus having mostly restrained me, he then reached down and began unbuckling my pants. As my mind continued to slowly process what was happening, I panicked once again and began to try kicking him. I kicked him once in the legs, but his hand quickly pushed me back, and he punched me hard in the stomach. I doubled over in pain crying even harder. He eventually slipped my pants down to my knees, and I resorted to just pleading for help.

       "Please, sir, just let me go. I'll pay you. I... I just don't want to do this... I can't do this. Please..." I begged with him, my voice slightly muffled through the shirt.

The only response was the slight murmur coming from John's mouth as he now roamed my body with his hands. I felt his hand start stroking my meat as my pants and my underwear were now stuck to my knees and restraining me from running or kicking. For a moment, John's hands left my body and I relaxed for a second, thinking he just wanted to admire my body and then release me, but then I heard shuffling, and then the unzipping of his pants. Then I felt his body come up behind me and John's hands once again began roaming my body, his hard cock nestled tightly against my butt. His tongue started to run around my neck, and his arms encircled my body, pulling me back towards his cock. My mind raced, as from what I felt, his cock was large. Being a virgin, I knew that I could never be able to handle an organ that large, even with a quick preparation. I was especially distraught, as I had always imagined me losing my virginity to someone I love, not by rape. I began to plead with him to let me go.

       "I've never done this before, please, just let me go. "

       "Oh, you're a virgin eh? Man you're just tempting me to just ravage your body. God I made a great choice." John muttered, his voice dripping in lust.

My shoulders slumped. I knew right then that I wasn't going to be able to escape and I was not going to leave there a virgin in any sense. I decided to try screaming one last time for help. I started to scream "HELP!" but once again, John quickly tightened the shirt around my face, thus muting me. John bit into my neck in disgust, and I screamed out in pain as I felt blood drip down my chest. Breathing suddenly grew 4 times harder, with the shirt around me. My resolve quickly leaving, I resigned myself to the upcoming events. John, sensing the lack of fighting spirit, began to slightly hump me, grinding his cock against my butt. He pulled off the shirt, grabbed my hands with one hand, and with the other, forced my head back and began to kiss my mouth forcefully. His breath quickened, slightly. One arm wrapped around and grasped my chest, as his other hand began to move down and then grasped my cock and began to slowly stroke it. I wrenched my neck back around, and tried to squirm away. John slowly chewed on my neck as he grew closer to his main desire, fucking my ass.

A couple minutes passed by, and John quickened his pace. I felt the pre-cum coating my butt. By now, I realize he was pretty distracted, and I heard sounds of people outside the gate. Knowing that any noise I make could attract attention, I started to scream and squirm as hard as I can. My sudden movement and screams broke John's reverie, and he tightened his arms around me in a death grip. His legs wrapped around my legs, his right arm draped tightly around my chest, and his other hand clamped hard against my mouth. Suddenly, I heard the creak of the gate opening, and I tried to turn my face to look, but his grip was way too tight. From the side of my vision, I saw a young college guy standing there mouth agape. John heard the noise too and turned to face the gate. John's movement to face the newcomer allowed me to see the newcomer a lot better. He was a hunk, about 6 feet tall, light brown hair, slim, and slightly muscular. His face alternated from my tear-stained face to John, who had paused his humping but continued to hold me tightly to him; my body now completely enveloped in his arms. The newcomer opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out. He then tried again.

       "Dad, what the HELL do you think you're DOING to him? You're GAY? What're you doing, holding him HOSTAGE? GEEZ!! You weren't even going to BE here today. What the hell??"

I was shocked; this hunk was John's son? But more importantly, John was lying to me in the first place, making this even more devastating to me in my mind, as John had set up a trap and had caught me. John had not come to meet his son, he had come to trap someone, me. His grip on my mouth loosened, as I guess he felt more comfortable around his son. His hand that had once clamped over my mouth had traveled down and grasped my cock.

       "Please, can you get him to let go of me. I don't want to be here... He forced me here. I... I don't want to do things with him. He was ... going ... to ..."

I completely lost control, and would have fallen had John not continued to hold onto me. John's grip on me tightened as he prepared to answer his son.

       "I was going to visit you when I saw this cutie. I was just going to explore his body and play with him a little bit and then bring him up to see if you wanted to have a go with him. No big harm, he came here willingly."

       "Willingly? I led you here on the premise that you didn't know how to get here and you were meeting your son." My emotions now completely out of whack, anger came out. I couldn't handle it anymore, and my mind went into overload with the sudden plethora of information.

       "Hey I haven't introduced you two yet. Matt this is Mike my son, Mike this is Matt, this cute guy I saw walking across campus. Hmm... Mike this may seem a little rude, but I'm really horny right now, after being with Matt. I mean he's such a big HUNK so... maybe if you could let me finish what I was doing with him..."

Mike looked at his dad in shock. I wasn't sure whether it was the fact that his dad was into guys, or what he was doing. His shock was soon replaced by disgust and looked at me. Our eyes met and his eyes softened a bit, but when he looked at his father, his eyes filled with fire, anger. He began to walk closer, trying to find an easy way to get me out of his dad's grip. His voice dripped with anger, like a lion about to strike his prey.

       "No dad, I'm not going to let you rape or at least molest this guy. He looks like a sweet guy, and though he's cute, and though I know you're horny for some action, I'm not going to let you take advantage of him. You've already done enough to hurt him. Now let go of him, NOW. I'm SERIOUS dad, LET HIM GO!"

Mike grabbed a hold of me and tried to wrench me out of his dad's grasp. His dad refused to let me go. He pushed Mike back towards the gate and quickly dragged me to another corner. He threw me down, and I felt his penis press against my entrance. I started to cry and holler, not wanting what was coming next. Just as I felt him start to push forward hard, his penis was wrenched out from my ass, and I heard the thump of a body. I rolled over, and I saw Mike standing next to me his eyes burning with anger and hate, and John lying prone on the side. Mike had thrown his father to the side. Mike looked over at me, and his eyes softened, and he gently pulled me into his arms and held me to his chest. Feeling a slight sense of security in Mike's arms and away from John, I started to weep into his chest and wrapped my arms around him. Mike gently began to rock me as he held me tight, glaring at his dad to keep away.

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