Unexpected Encounter
      By AL

DISCLAIMER: This story is a story primarily of love. However, there will be scenes of graphic nature, as well as sexual nature. But the love is between men, and if you do not agree with that you should leave. Also check for what is legal in your area, whether it is lawful to read this. The author retains all copyright of the story. Copies of this story should not be made without the consent of the author.

NOTE TO MY READERS: This is my first attempt at writing fiction, so I don't know how you will like this. Please, send your comments to me, althewriter@sbcglobal.net, good or bad. Thanks a lot!

From Chapter 2
Mike grabbed a hold of me and gently wrenched me out of his dad's grasp and gently held me to his chest. Feeling a slight sense of security in Mike's arms, I started to weep into his chest and wrapped my arms around him. Mike gently began to rock me as he held me tight, glaring at his dad to keep away.

Chapter 3 -- "A Budding Friendship"

Matt's Point of View

After about 15 minutes, my tears subsided and I wiped the tears from my eyes and slowly eased off his chest. As I opened my mouth to thank Mike for his help, our eyes met and my throat caught as I looked into his intense blue eyes. The care and love I saw in those eyes shocked me, as it was his father that had only 15 minutes earlier tried to rape me. As I stepped back, I got a good look at Mike and I could only appreciate the beauty that emanated from the man that stood in front of me. I was suddenly jolted from my admiration of his body when I heard Mike speak.

       "Hey Matt. How're you feeling?"

       "I'm okay, I guess. I'm in shock at what just happened."

       "I'm so sorry for what my dad did. Even I can't imagine that he would do something like that. When I saw what he was doing to you, I at first thought it was mutual, but once I looked into your eyes, I saw the fear and I knew something was not right and I had to do something."

       "Thanks for helping me, especially someone you didn't know. It... I don't know what to say about it. I never imagined that something like this would happen to me. I don't know though. I feel safe with you, despite the fact that you're related to that..."

       "It's okay Matt; you're entitled to your shock. I can only imagine what I would be going through if something like that happened to me. Even though I do not know what went through my dad's head, he truly was a monster today. I do agree with you though, there's something about you that just makes me want to protect you. Don't worry about him; he left pretty quickly after I glared at him to stay away from you. After a couple minutes, he finally left, and I will do as much as I can to make sure that he will no longer do anything to you, and others for that matter. If you don't mind, can you tell me how this happened? If it brings up too many memories, then it's okay."

       "It's okay Mike, after what you did, you're entitled to know what happened today."

I spent the next twenty minutes describing what happened that day. During the especially rough parts of the story, Mike reached over and gently rubbed my back. No matter how difficult it was at times to express what went on today, Mike made sure I felt comfortable, whether it was a hug, a slight kiss on the forehead, or just a squeeze of the hand. As I finished my story, I looked down, and looked to the gate. I realized that I was nearly naked, and I rushed to put things on, while Mike looked on. After I finished dressing, I looked at him and asked him.

       "What should I do about your father? I'm not sure whether he'll actually do something, now that you've interfered. I seriously believe he won't let you stop him, so maybe I should press charges..."

       "I know... Maybe we should, but let me talk to my dad about this... Also, maybe we should let things settle so that you can work things out in your head."

       "Yeah... After telling you, I don't know whether I can say it again right now. Maybe I should wait awhile, at least to accept what happened today."

       "That sounds fine with me." Mike's stomach suddenly growled. "Heheh Oops. I was just about to go to the cafeteria. Do you want to go grab some lunch? I haven't eaten yet and I feel bad for what you've been through, especially since it was my dad."

       "Hmm ... "As I thought about Mike's possible intentions in asking me out, I realized that Mike literally saved me from some doom, and I could trust him. I figured since I was hungry, I might as well get to know this young man and maybe become friends with him. By having lunch with him, I could possibly reach a positive resolution to this recent crisis. "Sure why not. Do you want to eat on campus, or do you want to eat off campus? I have my car here, so I could always just drop you off at your dorm afterwards."

       "Why don't we eat off campus? The dorm food isn't that great, and I'm itching for something other than fast food. I am kind of feeling like some good hearty meat, but I don't know what places there are in the area.

       "Sure I think I know a place, it's not that close to here, but it serves one of the greatest kabobs that I have ever eaten."

I began to walk towards my car, and Mike followed behind. While we walked to my car, I thought of the different personalities exhibited by Mike and John. Despite their relationship, Mike's personality was extremely different than his father. Halfway there, I turned to look at him, and I was in awe, at the body, who he was and what he has done for me. I knew, right there, that I was falling for this sweet man.

Mike's Point of View

As I watched Matt walk ahead of me towards his car, I poured over in my head what had just happened. The whole ordeal sent my emotions in a jumble. My first reaction was shock, shock that my dad was naked with another male, and that he was with someone from my own school. I was unaware of my dad's feelings towards guys. However, my shock was soon replaced by anger and determination when my eyes met Matt's eyes. His eyes told of shock, remorse, and fear. Hearing Matt's whimper for help heightened my determination and anger to a new level, and for the next couple of minutes, we battled over control for Matt. Finally, I was able to overpower my father and was relieved. Seeing Matt, lying on the ground, crying as a result of his near rape broke my heart, as this young man just went through an ordeal no man should ever have to deal with. Though my dad continued to try to grab Matt again, my eyes dared him to even try. Eventually my dad gave up his attempt and walked away silently. While I cradled Matt in my arms, it gave me an opportunity to observe this young man. Matt was very much a handsome young man, his naked body would surely fill my dreams at night. Yet my own concern for Matt's welfare prevented me from thinking any sexual thoughts towards him. Hearing the entire story from Matt was so difficult on both of us. But to hear that it was my own father doing such an act was mind boggling for me. I knew that it would be a long while until I could trust my dad again, and vowed to protect Matt, and make sure my dad never does something like that again.

As I climbed into Matt's car, I truly hoped that despite what had just happened the two of us could be friends, if nothing else. I sensed that something was truly special about Matt. Just holding him was the sweetest thing I've ever felt. I just knew that I should get to know this man, as he could play a vital part in my future.

       "So, Matt, how old are you? Since you have a car on campus, I would imagine you are not a freshman"

       "I'm 19 and only a 2nd year, but I don't actually go here, I go to college elsewhere. I was just visiting my friend. How old are you? You seem to be around the same age as I am."

       "Oh. I'm 18, and I'm a 1st year. What kind of things do you like to do?"

       "Well I like to chill with friends, run in the hills, work on the computer, and randomly driving around. How about you?"

       "Mmm.. I just like to swim, chilling with friends, and partying."

We spent the rest of the drive there just getting to know each other, who we "like", and other random topics, jabbing at each other every so often. In our short time together, I already felt closer to him than the majority of my friends that I have known for at least 4 years. There was this spark between the two of us, and I knew from then on that we could be best of friends. In the back in my mind, I knew I was slowly falling for Matt, but decided having a friendship with him was far more important to me than a relationship, at least right now. By the end of the drive to the restaurant, I knew that I was going to do as much as I could to ensure that we part as friends, if nothing more. I could tell that he was interested in being friends, but after a few minutes of talking to him, I guessed he was straight, so any advances would be thwarted.

Matt's Point of View

The drive to and eating at the restaurant was great. Mike was such a great guy to talk to, and there was an ease to our conversations. Judging by the way he acted, I didn't think that he was gay, but I was plenty happy having him as a friend. My heart fluttered as I looked at him as I drove him back and felt a little sad that our time today was about to end, but I was glad that we got to meet, despite the circumstances under which we met. As we got closer to the dorm, I began to feel a sense of a sudden loss that I had never experienced before, even on dates. I didn't think that I would feel such affection towards Mike so fast, but he was such an easy going guy that I could not help but feel something towards him. It didn't hurt that Mike was such a cutie. As we reached his dorm, I was very sad to see him go, but before he could leave I quickly reached out and grabbed a piece of paper and wrote down my information for Mike, and Mike gave me his information. As I watched him walk away, he turned.

       "Cya Matt. Now keep yourself safe while I'm not around okay?"

He gave me a sly grin and a wink and walked backwards towards the dorm. As I watched him disappear into the dorm, it suddenly hit me. Did he just wink at me?

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