Unexpected Encounter
      By AL

DISCLAIMER: This story is a story primarily of love. However, there will be scenes of graphic nature, as well as sexual nature. But the love is between men, and if you do not agree with that you should leave. Also check for what is legal in your area, whether it is lawful to read this. The author retains all copyright of the story. Copies of this story should not be made without the consent of the author.

NOTE TO MY READERS: This is my first attempt at writing fiction, so I don't know how you will like this. Please, send your comments to me, altheauthor@sbcglobal.net, good or bad. Thanks a lot!

From Chapter 5
Every so often, I would track Mike, but Matt was my obsession. Every time they kissed in private, my desire for Matt grew. Finally, when I spied in Matt's window and saw him sucking Mike off, I knew I could handle it no longer. Matt was going to be mine.

Chapter 6 -- "Danger"

Matt's Point of View

When I woke up the next day, everything was perfect, Mike was snuggled up behind me, holding tightly to me, and I was as happy as I could ever be. I gently rolled over, and gave him a mind-boggling kiss. As Mike woke up, he began to respond to my kiss, and soon we were engaged in a passionate lip lock. As I broke off our lip-lock, my eyes were drawn to the window, where I THOUGHT I saw a human face drop down quickly. My eyes widened, and I darted over to the window where I tried to see if I could see the guy peeping into the window.

       "What's wrong baby? What's out there?" Mike called out to me, concerned at my sudden jerk reaction.

       "I dunno Mike... I could've sworn there was a guy out there looking at me while we were kissing..." I continued to study the outside, but whoever was out there, had already darted away. I felt Mike come up behind me and wrap his arms around me.

       "It's alright hun. We'll check out the backyard once we get dressed. It's disturbing, I agree, but all we can do is be careful. Kay babe?" Mike pulled me tighter, placing soft kisses on my neck, trying to soothe my nerves.

       "Okay babe... As long as you're here with me, I feel safe. Let's go shower, okay?"

       "Okay sweetie."

With that Mike lifted me up, and carried me into the shower, he turned the shower on, adjusting it to a reasonable temperature. My mind was still slightly disturbed at the prospect that someone was outside, but Mike began to soap up my back, and my body, temporarily distracting me. He turned me around, and started soaping up my stomach, and then his hands moved down around my legs. He paused at my crotch, but then avoided it for now. His hands trailed down and soaped up my legs, his hands then moved back up to my crotch, and he gently pushed me up against the wall. He looked into my eyes and mouthed "I LOVE YOU." His hands gently started stroking my cock, and then his mouth enveloped my cock. His hand moved around my buns, and his finger pressed gently against my rosebud.

       "Unngggh... Oh baby, stick that finger in my ass...That feels sooo good." I moaned, at Mike gently pushed his finger into my ass.

As his finger started working in and out of my ass, he continued to bob up and down on my cock. All of a sudden, his finger pressed against my prostate and my body jerked in ecstasy. Mike continued to bob up and down and my cock, as his other hand moved down to his cock, as he stroked madly to match his sucking of my cock. After a few moments, my ass clamped down on his finger.

       "Oh baby, oh baby... I'm cumming sweetie... Oh god baby I love you so much... Oh I love youuuuuu..." I moaned as my juices drained into his stomach.

Mike moaned with my cock in his mouth as his cock started spurting all over himself, and all over the floor. I pulled him up to a standing position, and laid a deep, passionate kiss on him. I washed his body and gently rinsed him off. I turned the shower off, and led him to my bedroom, shut the blinds, and Mike and I got dressed. Mike had left some clothes here in his past visits. After we got dressed, Mike and I wandered around in the backyard, trying to search for the peeper. After a few minutes, Mike wrapped his arms around me.

       "Babe, he probably already left. I don't know, maybe I should stay here with you, so you're safe. You're here in this house alone, who knows what that guy wants to do. If he's going after me, then maybe us sticking together as much as possible is the best decision for now. If we can get a picture of him, maybe we can get the police involved, but until we can figure out who the guy is, we have nothing to base our suspicions on. He was just looking in, not threatening us. Babe, I know this sucks, but the police won't get involved until our lives are in danger. By the way, do you know anyone who may want to harm you?"

       "I dunno... The only person I can say 100% for sure is your dad babe, but another part of me questions Tim, the guy I broke the date with... His reaction was quite strange. He seemed a bit over excited to be my best friend, and when I was non-committal about that, he quickly hung up. I'm not sure though, he seemed like such a good guy, but you can never know for sure."

Mike pulled me into his arms and kissed me softly. "Sweet'ms, everything will turn out alright. You'll see. I'm here to protect you. I won't let anything happen to you."

"I trust you babe..." I trailed off, holding tightly to his body.

Meanwhile... (Tim's Point of View)

After a short night of sleep, I returned back to Matt's house to watch his every move. After I leapt over the fence, I saw someone crouching under Matt's bedroom window. I sneaked over, and tapped the guy on the shoulder. The guy was an older folk, but was not that bad looking. He quickly spun around, obviously startled by the presence of someone else. He motioned me to move back, away from the window.

       "Hey, what're you doing?"

As I moved back, the guy walked over to me. He grabbed my shirt, and pinned me to the wall, glaring at me. He spoke with a deep condescending tone, warning me that he is not to be taken lightly.

       "I'm John. And why I'm here isn't any of your business. Why are YOU here? This is my son's friend's house, and unless you have a good reason to be trespassing in their backyard, I suggest you leave."

       As I looked at his face, I sensed that he had an ulterior motive to be here. "If this is your son's friend's house, why are you outside in the backyard, peering into the bedroom window? Now I repeat again, what are you doing?"

After a minute of giving me unnerving looks, he let go of my shirt and finally answered my question, "I guess I'll answer your question, but if I find that you're trying to trap me, you're going to get it. I'm watching this guy, Matt, sleeping with my son. I was about to get a piece of this guy's ass when my son had to step in and push me off." The new man said bitterly. "I guess they're now boyfriends or something. I've been following Matt for the past month and a half, and it seems that they're real close now. Seeing the position they're in, I guess they're now officially dating. I still want Matt's ass though... I've decided to do anything to get a piece of it. What're you doing in Matt's backyard?"

       "Oh, you nearly had his ass? I'm sooo jealous. I'm Tim. I saw him in a bar, and I knew right away that his ass was going to be mine. I asked him out, and we were about to go on a date, when he called two days before our date, and told me he was dating his best friend, Mike. I've been watching the two of them almost non-stop since. Matt sucked off Mike last night, so that's only further fueling my desire for Matt. Man I'm so going to have Matt and his sweet ass... Hey, we should get together and we can devise a plan to grab Matt. You and I working together will only further improve our chance at getting Matt to ourselves. What're they doing now?"

       "Great idea, Tim. With the two of us working together, it'll make things so much easier. Matt was the reason my relationship with my son is severed, and my relationship with my wife's strained. He's going to pay for that. Last I saw they were sleeping, wanna look?"

John motioned me to move to the window, and gestured for me to look in. As I looked in, I saw that the two of them had woken up, and Matt was kissing Mike. My mind was filled with several emotions, but my concentration on the two of them was snapped when I noticed Matt pull away from Mike. As he pulled away, he looked towards the window and I panicked. I quickly ducked down, but knew that we had to get out of there quick, as I wasn't fully sure that Matt hadn't seen me.

       "Quick, I think Matt saw me. We gotta get out of here NOW, before they come searching for me/us."

       "Okay, let's converge at my car, a gold Lexus ES300, and we'll swap contact info. I'll contact you, and we'll meet to make a plan. This is going to be so great."

We dashed out of the backyard and we met at his car. It was a sweet car, and we quickly exchanged info before we went our separate ways. Knowing that I found someone who will help me snatch Matt made me so much happier, and ever so much closer to screwing that tight ass.

So this is the first attempt at writing any gay fiction. Yes, I left it at a cliffhanger, but :) That's the joy of it. What do you think! Send any comments or suggestions to: altheauthor@sbcglobal.net. Oh and the story has been already written prior to submission, so the chapters shouldn't be separated too far from each other. Hope you liked it!