Unexpected Encounter
      By AL

DISCLAIMER: This story is a story primarily of love. However, there will be scenes of graphic nature, as well as sexual nature. But the love is between men, and if you do not agree with that you should leave. Also check for what is legal in your area, whether it is lawful to read this. The author retains all copyright of the story. Copies of this story should not be made without the consent of the author.

NOTE TO MY READERS: This is my first attempt at writing fiction, so I don't know how you will like this. Please, send your comments to me, altheauthor@sbcglobal.net, good or bad. Thanks a lot!

From Chapter 6
We dashed out of the backyard and we met at his car. It was a sweet car, and we quickly exchanged info before we went our separate ways. Knowing that I found someone who will help me snatch Matt made me so much happier, and ever so much closer to screwing that tight ass.

Chapter 7 -- "Terror"

Mike's Point of View

Over the next week or so, Matt and I stuck together as much as possible. While we were both at our separate schools, I made sure that Matt was not alone. I had a feeling, that I wasn't the one being stalked; rather, it was Matt who was being stalked. Though I did my best to make sure I stayed in the public area, at times I slipped, and I found myself walking through the alleyways. After we made the decision to stick together for now, we drove to my dorm, and picked up some clothes, to store at his house. We agreed that I would stay at his house, at least for a week to gauge how safe things were. I didn't know who Tim was, or what he looked like, so I couldn't tell if he was following me, but I was looking out for my father to make sure he didn't get anywhere close to Matt. It was near the end of the week when we decided to go out to eat. It was there that everything went haywire, and my life was thrown into a loop. We were at a restaurant, ironically the restaurant that we had gone to the day we met. We were on one side of the restaurant, in the corner. As I got up to go to the bathroom, I noticed my ex-dad with a young man, looking directly at Matt. As my eyes narrowed at my dad, my dad looked at me and winked. He turned to his friend and they quickly started talking quietly, glancing towards Matt. My stomach churned, and right then, I knew that my dad had something to do with the person peeking into Matt's window. Those couple seconds that my eyes met with my ex-dad's eyes told me a lot. My ex-dad's eyes told me of some evil plan. I guessed that the man with my dad was Tim, and they were conspiring against Matt. I quickly went to the bathroom and rushed back to the table. As I stepped out of the bathroom, my heart skipped a beat. Matt's eyes were wide as he kept scooting back, towards the wall. There, towering over Matt, were my father and the guy I saw him with earlier. The entire restaurant had moved back, away from the scene, gaping in shock. In my dad's hand was a pistol, and in the other guy's hand was a knife. They would occasionally look around, warning others to stay away. Just as they were about to make their move to grab a hold of Matt, I yelled out.


Startled, my ex-dad turned around and my ex-dad pointed the gun at me, and grinned.

       "My, my, Mike. Always with a bad temper aren't you? What do you think I'm doing? Timmy and I are going to treat ourselves to some sweet boy pussy. Since you and Matt have obviously decided to stick together, we decided to take dramatic measures. Don't worry about saving his sorry ass though. Once we're through with it, we're tossing him. You'll see what happens. We aren't worried. If you guys cooperate and do NOT call the police, just MAYBE we will spare Matt's life, but if you do call the police. Be warned for something on your doorstep."

Halfway through John's tirade, Matt started to cry, loudly. His cries broke my heart, and it fueled me to do as much as I can to keep Matt in this restaurant. I could not believe how sadistic John actually was. Though part of me was shaking in fear, I know that if I failed to keep Matt here, I may never see Matt again, alive. All the patrons were staring at the two maniacs, and a couple of people were sobbing. One person caught my eye. This guy looked like he was a college football player. Unlike the majority of the other people in the restaurant, this guy looked PISSED. My eyes caught his, and he gave me a slight nod. He motioned to a couple of his friends, and though I could tell they weren't totally happy, I could see their acceptance of what needed to be done.

       "Dad, or rather EX DAD, when did you become this crazy? I mean, geez, just because you want his ass you'll torture, rape, and murder him? I'm sorry, but I can't believe what you're doing. I can't believe you're doing this to the person I LOVE. And TIM, JUST because he dumped you, you're joining in??? FUCK YOU GUYS. You guys aren't going to get out of here with him!!!!"

John merely laughed and Tim grabbed a hold of Matt, placing the knife on his throat. Matt was shaking in terror, and he attempted to struggle with Tim. Tim merely tightened his grip, and the two of them moved over to the door. During this whole time, I glanced over at the college guys, and we silently agreed to make our move when they walked past us. Every step that they took was so dreadfully slow. Seeing my baby in pain, and terrified broke my heart, but I KNEW that I had to do my best to protect him, and keep him from suffering the worst. As soon as they passed the group of college guys, we all lunged for the two assailants. The big college guy lunged for John, and quickly knocked John down, and knocked the gun away. As the two of them wrestled, the other guys, swarmed around Tim and grabbed a hold of Tim, trying to wrestle him away from Matt, trying to keep Tim from slashing Matt. As I ran over to grab the gun, I heard a scream, and I looked up, and I saw Tim, slice Matt across the chest, and just before the group of college kids restrained Tim, Tim stabbed my babe in the stomach. I screamed out loud, and I saw Matt slump onto the ground, blood pouring from his chest and side. As the college guys grabbed a hold of Tim, I grabbed Matt, and dragged him away from the mess. I gave Matt kisses all over, and screamed for help.

       "OH GOD SOMEONE CALL THE AMBULANCE!!! HE'S HURT BAD!!!!!!!!! OH GOD Matt... baby.. please honey don't die on me..."

I ripped my shirt off and placed pressure on his stomach wound, and another man crouched down, and pulled his shirt off, and covered his chest wound. I heard in the background some woman pleading for the police. I looked over, and saw the college men, knocking both Tim and John out, and tying them up. I looked down, at the blood dripping from Matt, and I started to cry.

       "Oh baby, please, stay awake honey, I know it's hard, but you gotta try to stay awake. I LOVE YOU.. Please baby. Don't leave me I don't know what I'll do without you... Oh baby please... Please..."

I felt Matt's hand softly grip mine, and he softly mouthed "I love you" to me. In the distance, I heard the sirens grow louder, as the ambulance and the police drew closer. I prayed to god that they got here in time, so they could help my honey. I felt a hand on my shoulder, and I looked up. I saw the college guy give me a weak smile, and squeezed my shoulder in support. I mouthed a thank you to him, and he nodded in return. Seeing my sweetie lying there, so weak, scared me so much. I felt the pain, and I wished that it was me lying there, blood dripping out of me, instead of him. I lost my sense of time, as I continually just murmured to Matt to stay with me, and that I loved him. Finally, after what seemed hours later, I heard the sirens outside, and the police come in. As they saw the two assailants lying there, they noted Matt lying on the ground, and they motioned for the paramedics to come in quickly. The paramedics rushed in, and they motioned us to move away. Though I didn't want to, I knew that they were better trained to help my Matt get through this. As I stood up, the college guy, wrapped his arm around my shoulder, keeping me from collapsing from the grief.

Tad's point of view

I had gone to the restaurant with a couple friends imagining that it would be relaxing and a good break from the stressful week. Boy could I ever be wrong. My buddies and I were merely eating and jabbing at each other when a sudden commotion in the corner caught the whole restaurant's attention. A young man was cowering back, trying to move away from two men, towering over this young man. The whole restaurant gasped when they saw the two men bring out weapons, one had a pistol, and the other had a knife. Their reverie broke when another man, I presume the frightened man's friend, yelled to his father. That struck another chord in this increasingly complex drama. Hearing what these two men had in store for this man, whose name was Matt, chilled everyone to their bone. My eyes met up with Matt's friend, Mike, and we silently agreed to do something, and I nudged my friends to come over. Although they were reluctant, their faces showed acceptance of what needed to be done. After a bit of scuffling, the two jerks dragged Matt away, and as soon as they passed my table, my buddies and I attacked. We were soon able to overpower the two assailants, but not before Matt was slashed in the chest and in the stomach. My heart churned when we saw Matt lying there in a puddle of blood, Mike and another patron doing their best to place pressure on Matt's wounds. The entire restaurant was watching in shocked silence, all praying for this young man's recovery. I gently placed my hand on Mike's shoulder and squeezed it for support. The paramedics came quickly enough, and they forced Mike to stand back. As I wrapped my arm around his shoulder to support him and to stop him falling down; we along with the rest of the restaurant watched in silence as the paramedics carried Matt from the restaurant to be taken to hospital.

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