Unexpected Encounter
      By AL

DISCLAIMER: This story is a story primarily of love. However, there will be scenes of graphic nature, as well as sexual nature. But the love is between men, and if you do not agree with that you should leave. Also check for what is legal in your area, whether it is lawful to read this. The author retains all copyright of the story. Copies of this story should not be made without the consent of the author.

NOTE TO MY READERS: This is my first attempt at writing fiction, so I don't know how you will like this. Please, send your comments to me, altheauthor@sbcglobal.net, good or bad. Thanks a lot!

From Chapter 7:
As I wrapped my arm around his shoulder to support him and to stop him falling down; we along with the rest of the restaurant watched in shocked silence as the paramedics carried Matt from the restaurant to be taken to hospital.

Chapter 8 -- "Anticipation"

Mike's Point of View

It's been 30 minutes since I arrived at the hospital. I don't know how I got here, but I think Tad, the college guy, drove me here. When we got here, the receptionist couldn't tell me anything, since Matt was still in surgery. Tad was waiting there, providing me the much needed company. My mind was in shock, knowing that there was a possibility that I might lose Matt. I kept shaking back and forth, murmuring, "Babe, I love you. Don't leave me baby... Please... Don't die. Don't die..." Tad's hand rested on my back, patting me on the back.

       "Mike, don't worry about Matt. He'll pull through. If it were me that you loved, I would try my hardest to be with you."

       "Oh Tad... I can't lose him... I don't know what I'll do without him. I love him so much. He's my entire life. I couldn't save him from my dad... I couldn't protect him from getting hurt. Oh god I feel so worthless... So helpless... Oh god if he dies..."

Tad grabbed my shoulders and shook me. "Mike, believe me he's going to pull out of this. He knows you love him, and that'll help him survive this."


Tad and my faces snapped towards the door where they were operating on Matt. You could see the doctors moving fast to save my baby. Quickly, they regained the pulse, and I let out a deep breath, that I had been holding while my baby's heart stopped. I started weeping again, knowing that I was that close to losing my baby. Time passed so slowly. Mike's friends wandered in and out, offering food, snacks, and drinks to us. I had lost all sense of hunger by that point. Over the next 2 hours, Tad, or one of his friends was always with me. After two hours, the lead doctor came out and walked over to where I was sitting.

       "Are you here for Matt Kim?"

       "Yes... Is he okay? Is he going to survive? Please tell me he's going to be okay... I heard the machine stop that one time... oh god."

       "Yes Matt should be okay. We nearly lost him that one time, but we were able to revive him, and we finally gained control. He should be okay, and should be up in the morning. We're going to watch him closely for the next couple hours. Don't worry about him. I recommend you going home for now, and getting some rest. We'll be moving him to the ICU in the next hour."

       "Can I stay here, in his room? I don't think I want to leave here... I want to be close to my honey... I don't care that I have to sleep in a chair... As long as I'm close to him, I can sleep. I don't think I can sleep at home, or anywhere besides in here."

       "Are you his significant other? And how about family members, do you have any way to contact them?"

       "I don't know how to contact his family members, maybe I'll go through his stuff to find out. Yes I am his significant other... You aren't going to kick me or him out are you?"

       "No. First of all that would be against hospital policy, but also my younger brother is gay, and I love my brother. Why don't you wait for us to move him to the ICU and I think we can arrange that you sleep in the same room as him... I'm Dr. Rotherfarm, and I'm his supervising doctor, and you are ...?"

       "I'm Mike Gatheris. Nice to meet you. By the way, thanks SO MUCH for this... I don't know how I can thank you.."

       "Mike, nice to meet you. There's no reason to thank me. This is my job, and I've heard what happened to this guy, and we all knew that we wanted this guy to survive. Let me go get things started. I'll be back to let you know."

With that, Dr Rotherfarm gave me a smile, and walked to get things started. My pent up emotions released, and I wrapped my arms around Tad and started to cry hard, relieved that my baby was going to be okay. Tad merely rubbed my back, and rocked me. After a couple minutes, I slowly pulled out of Tad's arms.

       "Thanks Tad for being here. I don't know why you're being so nice to me, but I appreciate it so much."

       "I'm helping you because I want to. When I heard what those two jerks were planning to do to Matt, I couldn't let that go by. I'm straight, but my cousin's gay, and though it was a shock at first, he's still my cousin. Would I want him to endure something like that? Hell no!"

       "Thanks Tad. I hope we can continue being friends, and I'm sure Matt'll get along real well with you."

       "Matt seems like a great guy, and same goes to you."

       "Ahem. Sorry to interrupt, but we've moved Matt to the ICU, so if you want to go see him, I'll take you to him now, but because it's the ICU, only 1 person can go in at a time."

Tad and I looked at each other, and he looked at me and nodded for me to go to my sweetie. He gave me a hug and before he left for his apartment, we swapped our contact info. I waved goodbye to Tad and he waved back. He disappeared into the elevator, and I followed Dr Rotherfarm through the hospital. Dr. Rotherfarm stopped at a room and gestured for me to go into a room, and I walked in. I paused as soon as I entered the room. My heart fluttered, as I saw my baby lying there silently, with tubes running through his body. I slowly walked to his limp body, and held onto his hand. I laid a gentle kiss on his forehead, and slipped into a chair next to him, not letting go of his hand. Dr. Rotherfarm slipped quietly out of the room, as I quietly talked to Matt.

       "Baby, I love you so much. I'm so happy you're going to be better. Just watch you're going to walk out of here, all better. I'm counting the days till I get to lead you out of this hospital, and drive back home. OUR home. Baby, I love you with all my heart, and I want to live with you for the rest of my life. I'm so sorry that you went through this, and that my ex-dad played a large part of this. Those two people will never hurt you again, and I guarantee that. A couple people are here to help you and protect you. The police will be here to protect you. I love you honey, I'm going to get some rest, but I'll be here right next to you."

Exhausted, my hand still firmly gripping his hand, I rested my head next to his shoulder, and fell into a deep sleep.

Matt's Point of View

Feeling Tim slash my chest, and stab me in the chest was the MOST excruciating pain I have ever felt. As I dropped to the ground, I writhed in pain. I heard my baby scream, and my body being dragged away. As I struggled to remain conscious, I heard my baby cry for help, and beg me to stay with him. I mouthed to him that I loved him, and I spent as much energy as I could to stay conscious. I heard the sirens approach, and then the paramedics place me onto the stretcher and then a sharp prick to my hip. Though I fought the darkness, I fell into darkness. Over the next couple minutes, I fought as hard as I could to fight for consciousness, but it was harder than I could ever imagine. I felt my body be torn from me, and dragged away. As my eyes focused on a light in the distance, I heard faintly my baby crying for me to come back to him. Just before I reached the light, I fought hard, and moved back. Though it was the hardest thing I could ever do, I fought back to be with my baby, as I knew that, if I left now, he would be crushed. Eventually I felt him hold my hand, kiss my head and whisper to me he loved me and would protect me. Exhausted, I went to sleep, regenerating myself to fight the last battle to return to my baby.

After a couple hours, I struggled to open my eyes. I slowly moved my head and my heart skipped a beat. There, next to my shoulder, was my sweetheart sleeping semi peacefully. His mouth continued to murmur his love for me, and I fell in love all over again. I squeezed his hand, and tried to speak. Though it was hard to speak, and it was still quiet, I was finally able to say what I knew was the absolute truth.

       "Mike... I'm in love with you, and I want to be a part of your life forever. Huney?" I felt him stir, and look up with wide eyes. "Baby, will you marry me?"

So this is the first attempt at writing any gay fiction. Yes, I left it at a cliffhanger, but it's a happy one!:) That's the joy of it. TEEHEE! What'll Mike say? Is it too early in their relationship? HAHAHA What do you think! Send any comments or suggestions to: altheauthor@sbcglobal.net. Oh and the story has been already written prior to submission, so the chapters shouldn't be separated too far from each other. Hope you liked it!