Written By ~ Angyl ~

"Hurry up dad!!" Mark whined excitedly.

"Alright, alright were going." Jim said as he shook his head.

"Must be time to go see his big brother again?" Mrs. Atmore asked from her porch.

"Yeah it is; he has been hyper all week."

"Well you know how bois will be." Mrs. Atmore laughed.

Jim nodded as he loaded the rest of the luggage in the car. Mark was excitedly running around.

"Good morning Mrs. Atmore." He said as he ran by.

"Good morning Mark...all ready to see you big brother?"

"I sure am!!" He said grinning.

Mark was 17 years old. He was a spry little guy (only his brother got away with calling him little), but never let him hear you call him little. He might be only 5'1 but he could fight with the best of them. He weighed only about 125, but he was a wry little devil. He was thin but not overtly. He had a high metabolism, which keep him active. Mom said once that he was or had ADHD. Not too sure what that meant, but I did not care really. He had brown hair and green eyes. The best way to describe his eye were, well he had those big puppy eyes, that made people swoon over him, and do what he wanted. It did not help matters that he looked younger than he actually was, but even that had its down side. Mark had something that no one knew, kind of his secret. He was gay. He finally realized it the last time he visited Kyle, but had yet to do anything with another guy. He hoped this time would be different.

Mark's older brother Kyle was off in University and living across state. During the summer Mark would spend a month with his older brother. Kyle was very protective of his little bro, and he sometimes got a bit over protective. He was 22 years old, and well over 6'2, 200lbs of muscles. His hair and eyes were the exact same color as Mark's, but unlike Mark he did not have the puppy eyes. Kyle had gone to school on a scholarship, and so far was excelling in every class he had. He had second top marks in all his classes, save English. He was top marks in that class.

"Dad let's go already...I don't wanna be late!!" Mark called out.

Jim shook his head and Mrs. Atmore snickered. He turned and said goodbye, and headed for the impatient boy in the car.

"Alright little man...let's go." He said smiling.

"I am NOT little!!" Mark said, and got a pouty face.

Jim just laughed. He knew how Mark hated being called little man. Jim gave his son a squeeze on the shoulder. Mark was instantly his old self. He was so excited to be flying on his own for the first time. Kyle would meet him at the airport. Mark chattered nonstop all the way to the airport. He continued to talk as they went to check him in. The lady at the counter looked at him and then to his father.

"Sir how old is your son, he will need to be accompanied by an adult, and he does not look old enough to fly without one."

Mark looked panicked. Jim was prepared for this. He pulled his son's birth certificate from his wallet.

"My son is 16, and does not need supervision." He said as he handed over his son's birth certificate.

The lady looked it over. By this time a supervisor was behind her and looked it over as well. Both apologized for the mistake. The lady processed my son through. She told dad that Mark might want to have his birth certificate with him in case there were any other problems. Jim having already anticipated this had brought a copy of his son's birth certificate with him. Once they were done he handed it to his son.

"Now be careful with this, and don't lose it."

"Okay dad."

Mark took the paper and carefully put it in his carryon bag. They headed over to security. At the gate the security guard instantly questioned if Mark was being accompanied by an adult. Mark quickly pulled his birth certificate out and handed it to the guard. The guard still was unsure, and called over another guard. The other guard looked at it and called some other person over. The three of them looked it over and then looked at Mark, then over to Jim.

"Sir are you sure he is 16, he looks way too young?"

Jim was getting annoyed. He knew he was gonna go through this, but all the same they should take him at his word, and the proof of his sons ID. He had enough of it.

"May I speak to a superior?" He demanded.

"Is there a problem sir?" The one guard asked.

"Yes it looks to me as if you question the legality of my son's birth certificate."

"Sorry sir but we have to be careful."

"Well it should not take three of you to decide if it is real or not, and to question it with others around is totally wrong, now may I speak to you superior?"

Mark and Jim were ushered into a room, and ten minutes later the head of security, and amazingly the Airport Manager walked in. Mark was getting frustrated with all this; all he wanted to do was go see Kyle. Both men began apologizing for the guards. Jim had calmed down, and was now more civil. The head of security was polite, and totally understanding to Jim's situation. The Airport Manager also understood. They said they would ensure there would be not more difficulty from the Airport. They offered Jim to go through with his son of it made him feel better. Jim declined but did accept the offer for one of the Security people to Accompany Mark, but only if Mark agreed. Mark nodded and within ten minutes he was through security, and on his way. He was accompanied by a young guy name Chris. Chris and Mark became fast friends during his brief stay in the Departure area. Soon his flight was called for boarding and Chris accompanied him to the gate. He gave mark his cell number and told him to call sometime.

Mark had no issues getting on the plane or during the flight. He stared out the window in awe, as the plane took off. Amazingly he was very calm during the flight. He slept for part of it, and read for the other. Occasionally he looked out the window. Soon though the pilot turned on the fasten seat belt sign and the plane began the decent. Mark had not been on a plane in a long time, and was in awe. He stared out the window as the plane descended. He could see the runway off to the side, as the plane turned. He was getting excited; he would get to see his big brother and some of his hot friends. He almost jumped out of his seat when he saw the fasten seatbelt sign go off. He was off and out of the plane in a shot, and heading for arrivals to get his gear.



Kyle watched as passengers came out from the restricted area. He was watching carefully for his brother. He knew Mark would jump on him the minute he saw Kyle. He did not see the flash of his brother as he jumped in his arms and gave him a huge hug.

"Hey little was the flight?" Kyle said, as he set his brother on the floor.

"It was cool!!!" Mark replied.

Mark was so excited he was almost bouncing. Kyle led him to the belt where his luggage was coming in on. It did not take long before Mark saw his luggage and the got it off the belt and headed for Kyle's truck. Kyle smiled as his brother babbled on non-stop the whole trip to his apartment. Mark liked Kyle's apartment because it was on the main floor and near to the front door. Kyle only got bits and pieces of the conversation, a nod here and there for emphasis that he was indeed listening. He smiled at his little brother. He was so hyper. Once in the apartment he seemed to settle a bit. He put Mark in the spare room. He went in the living room and let Mark get settled. It got quiet so he went and checked. Mark was passed out on the bed. Kyle chuckled and went back to relax.

The first week of his visit was pretty uneventful. Kyle introduced him to some of his buddies, and he met some of the guys he had the previous year. Of all the guys he met, Jesse was his favorite. Jesse was one of Kyle's longtime buds. Kyle and Jesse had gone through junior high, high school and now they were in college together. Jesse was the one that Mark developed a crush on the previous visit and how he realized he was gay. He had wondered then why he had not noticed these feelings before.

Jesse was similar in height and Build to Kyle. He kept his hair short, and spiked. He wore tight fitting clothes that showed off every muscle, and when I say every muscle I mean it.

It was almost the end of the week before Mark got to see Jesse.

"Hey little are you?" Jesse asked.

"Ain't anything about me that is little!" Mark replied, he made a little pouty face for emphasis.

Jesse laughed and ruffled his hair. Mark pretended to be made, but ended up giggling as well. Jesse had stopped by to hang out with Kyle and Mark for the day. He was working all week so he had not been able to come over sooner. Mark was just happy he was here. As they sat and talked Mark would sneak a glance at Jesse's crotch, and then look away quickly before anyone noticed. His own cock was hard and he did what he could to cover it up.

The day wore on and they had not really done a lot. Kyle invited Jesse to stay the night, and much to Mark's happiness he agreed. Kyle said he had to run out for a little bit, and he would grab food on the way back. Jesse and Mark were left alone to their own vices. Mark went and turned on the TV. He sat on the couch next to Jesse.

"I saw you looking at my crotch little man." Jess said out of the blue.

"Oh...ummm..." Mark was at a loss.

"Is okay, if you want you can have a look at it again."


"Yeah really."

Jesse stood and opened his pants and let them fall, then sat back down. Mark stared in awe at Jesse's cock. It was bigger than his and sticking straight out, but like Mark said nothing on him was little, and he meant that, so Jesse was not too much bigger than he was. He reached out to touch it, but pulled his hand back.

"Go ahead and touch it if you want."

Mark did not hesitate, when the offer was made. He reached out again and began stroking it. He had not seen a cock up this close. It felt good in his hand. He continued to stroke as Jesse leaned back on the couch.

"Little man that feels real good right now."

Mark continued to jerk him. Jesse let out low moans, and then he let out a big one and shot his load all over the place.

"Wow!" Mark commented.

"HAHA...thanks little man. Now let's have a look at yours."

Mark stood up and dropped his shorts. His cock sprung out. Jesse let out a low whistle.

"That's a big member you got there little man."

Mark smiled. He walked over to Jesse and let Jesse touch him. It felt weird but nice to have his cock touched. Jesse was stroking him and Mark really liked the feeling. Jesse leaned down and took Mark's

cock in his mouth.

"Oh WOW!!" Mark exclaimed.

He almost lost his balance as Jesse sucked him off. Mark watched intently as Jesse went up and down on his cock. This new feeling was exhilarating. Mark was ready to cum.

"OH...SHIT...GONNA CUM!!" He grunted.

Jesse continued working his cock. Mark could not hold back. He emptied the biggest load ever deep in his mouth. Jesse sucked until Mark felt his cock go soft. His knees buckled, but Jesse reached out and stopped him from falling.

"How was that? Did you enjoy it?" Jesse asked.

"Fuck was awesome." Mark replied.

They heard a car pull up and a door close. Jesse looked out the window. Kyle was home.

"Shit!" They said in unison.

They barely had time to clean up and act normal before they heard a key in the door.

"Hey I am back who wants chicken?"

"Yay chicken!!" Mark replied jumping off the couch.

Kyle laughed at his brother. Mark and Jesse followed him into the kitchen. Kyle went ahead and got things set up. Jesse stopped Mark in the hallway.

"We can do more once your brother is in bed." He told him, and gave his cock a light squeeze.

Mark was looking forward to that. He knew Kyle would be in bed early, but still waiting was going to be hard. They ate chicken and then went back into the living room and watched TV. Around 10pm Kyle decided to go to bed. He looked at Mark before he headed to his room.

"Don't stay up too late little man."

"I won't"

They waited for an hour or so, just to make sure Kyle was asleep. Then they snuck off to Mark's room. Both got undressed and crawled on the bed. Jesse had already begun to stroke Mark. He moved and was now between his legs and went down and took his cock in his mouth. Mark's eyes rolled back in his head. He felt Jesse shift and lay down. Mark spread his legs and Jesse put his arms under them. Lifting him up, he began sucking on his balls. Then he began licking the flesh underneath. Mark's whole body quivered. He was not prepared for the next thing. Jesse had raised him up more, and soon he was running his tongue around Mark's pink hole.

"HOLY FUCK!!" Mark let out a hoarse whisper.

It got more intense as Jesse started ramming his tongue inside. Mark was doing all he could not to scream out in pleasure.

"Holy shit...mmm...fuck me!!" He moaned.

Mark instantly realized what he said. Did he regret it? No, he wanted Jesse's hot cock inside him. Admittedly he had been fucking himself with a dildo he had found hidden in his moms room. Now he had the opportunity to have the real thing inside him.

"Jesse will you fuck me please?" He moaned.

"Your sure little man?"

"Fuck yes!!"

Jesse went over to the side table and grabbed his lube and a condom. He proceeded to put the condom on, until he was stopped by Mark.

"No condom please...I wanna feel you inside me...fill me up."

Jesse threw the condom out. He then began to lube up Mark's waiting hole. It surprised him how easily he was able to work his hole. He looked to Mark questioningly.

"I have a dildo." He said bushing.

Mark chuckled as he lined his cock up with his pucker.

"Here it comes little man."

He slowly began pushing in. Mark moaned as he was penetrated. Again almost forgetting he needed to be quiet. Jesse had not problems burying his cock into the boy. Then he pulled all the way out so only his tip was inside, and then slammed back inside him.

"Fuck me hard stud!!"

Jesse began ramming in and out of Mark . Mark had never felt pleasure like he was right now. His dildo did not do justice to the real thing. He had to grab a pillow as he was beginning to moan loudly as Jesse began to fuck him fast and hard. Mark grabbed the bed as he was slammed into.

"Fuck feels so good!!"

Jesse was grunting and he pumped in and out of the boy. Mark was so lost in the pleasure of being fucked, he came without touching his cock, spraying cum all over the both of them. Jesse was really giving it to him, and he was grunting faster and harder.

"Oh fuck gonna fill ya boy!"

He barely got the words out, when Mark felt his cock empty deep inside his. He liked the sensation of being filled by Jesse's hot load. Jesse kept pumping as his cock went soft, before pulling out. He looked down at Mark and smiled.

"How was that little man?"

"It was fucking awesome dude!!"

Mark could not move at the moment. He was savoring the feeling of having Jesse's cum in him. Jesse moved to lie down beside him, and gently kissed him on the lips. The two cuddled up and fell asleep. Neither of them able to clean up for they would wake Kyle. They would have to do it in the morning while Kyle was at work. Mark was content as he drifted into a deep slumber.

During his stay, Jesse and Mark spent all their free time together. Jesse usually fucking the shit out of Mark. A few times Mark had gotten to fuck Jesse, but he definitely preferred taking it up the ass. It was the best time he had in a long time. When he had to leave, he was really sad.

"Don't worry little man, I will come and see you soon."

"Really, you would do that for me?"

"Yeah you are my little man."

"I guess I do not mind being your little man; does that mean we are dating?"

"Yeah I guess it does little man."

Jesse leaned down and kissed his little man. Mark leaned in and shared in the kiss. The kiss was interrupted when Kyle made his presence known. Mark almost shit himself.

"Fuck Kyle your scared me!" He screamed.

"Well sorry little man, had to get your attention somehow, you two were so busy." He said with a grin.

Well the cat was out of the bag now. Mark looked at his brother. He would have thought Kyle would have been pissed.

"You are not mad?"

"Fuck no little man, I have known you two were up to stuff for a while."

Both Jesse and Mark blushed. They had been so sure they had been quiet. Guess they had been wrong. Kyle looked at the two of them.

"Do me one favor next time?"

"What's that?" They asked.

"Keep the noise down, fuck, did not get much sleep listening to you two."

Kyle burst out laughing after his comment. The boys were so embarrassed. Jesse took Mark to the airport instead of his brother. Mark was so sad to have to leave his new boyfriend. He only hoped Jesse would keep his word, and come see him.

A few months after returning home Mark got a surprise when Kyle and Jesse showed up to visit. Although the two had talked endlessly online and on the phone it had not been the same. He kind of forgot where he was when he jumped into his boyfriend's arms and kissed him on the lips. Then he remembered his dad was standing there. He quickly got down and looked at his dad.

"It's okay little man, Kyle told me."

Mark looked at his brother and his dad.

"Plus you get a bit loud on the phone when you talk to Jesse."

Mark blushed.

"You are okay with this daddy?"

"Yes I am you are my son; all I ask is you two be safe and careful."

"Yes sir we will." The said together.

Jesse graduated from university that summer, and he quickly moved to be near his boyfriend. In the fall Mark celebrated his birthday with Jesse. He soon had moved in with his boyfriend, and the have never been happier.

The End



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