Chapter One
Alex Holden Arrives

New York City. The Big Apple. The City of Lights. Like all places in the world each country has its beloved city and New York is America's. It's unique culture and society molded together to bring a pleasant yet intimidating place to live in. A foreigner who is planning on spending five years living here has a lot to learn.

A small chilly wind had blew through its way through the early September morning. The roads were still busy as ever at seven AM. People huddled in their long black coats, and made their way to work or school. A young boy who looked around seventeen came off the stairs of Grand Central station and stood confused in the middle of the street, surrounded by his two large suitcases. Etiquette and manners was a lesson some Americans still had to learn, as some pushed and cursed the frightened boy out of their way. The wind tousled his shaggy brown hair; his usually pale face was flushed red against the cold wind.

He couldn't but stand still in awe, after all he was in New York City. Every kid back home would have killed for the chance to come study here. The streets were busy, unlike his quiet countryside paths. Thousands of different people from different races littered the streets. In Ireland, you'd only find a small amount of ethnic minorities in the city, and even less in the country. It was rather predictable, the bright large shops, the hotdog stands in almost every corner, and it was rather sickening to watch as how many people lined up to get their `hot meal'. He couldn't help but think of home, waking up to a peaceful morning. It was always cold, but it was familiar. The smell of a cooked home breakfast wafted throughout the house. But here, the smell of gas exhaust and roasted pretzels flowed through the air.

His eyes scanned the area for vacant taxi, he spotted one across the street, and made his way across the busy road and over to the other side. He knocked on the driver's window who looked over with a frown but wound down the window anyway.

"Is the taxi in service?" asked the boy, his accent laced in Irish.

"Course it is," said the driver, "Get in, I'll get yer bags."

The boy nodded gratefully and literally dived into the warm cab, he huddled further into his brown jacket, trying to shake away the chills. The driver smacked the trunk hood down and came back into the car slamming the door with a bit of unneccesary force. He turned around and faced the young man.

"Wer tay then?" he asked, in a thick accent.

"NYU please," replied the boy. The driver nodded and started up the car.


The car ride consisted of getting stuck in traffic for twenty minutes at a time, curses and enough horn blowing to make a man deaf. He couldn't but help watch the cab driver. It seemed rather pathetic, but that's what happened when you watched one too many American movies. The man was white, looked like he was in his mid forties, and had the biggest pot belly he'd ever seen. But then again he did complete the same look of half the men is age anyway. He'd thought it would have been a jolly Indian man, with his cultural music blasting through the stereo. He was sort of saddened by that fact, but New York was a big place. Back home, he never used the taxi service, it was mostly his bike and the bus.

Finally, the cab reached its destination. Both men got out and the driver unloaded the trunk took his fare and left with a grunted `Good Luck'.

The young man looked up at the tall building of the university and made his trek up to the registration office with his suitcases.

Being lost was going to get very old very fast for the Irish boy. After making a few wrong turns and ending up where the driver had left him, he finally found the office after dragging his suitcases up thirty steps. He knocked on the door and was welcomed by a muffled `come in'. Opening the door he was greeted by a messy office and a distressed woman.

"Name," she shouted.

"Huh?" he replied. It wasn't what she asked that caught him off guard but just the tone she used to greet a visitor that made him stall his answer.

"You do have a name right?" snapped the woman.

"Y...Yes my name is Alex Holden."

She raised her eyebrows and muttered under her breath, "Not more foreign students."

Alex heard her and flushed a deep red out of embarrassment and anger.

" Well then, I guess you're foreign," she said not needing Alex to confirm it.

After another grueling half an hour, Alex left the office with his new timetable and his housing information. The secretary had told him to make a left at the fountain and he'll find his dorm. What she forgot to mention that there was more than one fountain littered across the campus. After ten minutes of wondering he finally asked a bunch of students that were huddled together. Finally getting back on track with their help Alex found his dorm. He lugged his suitcases up another set of steps; at this point his arms were burning with pain. He quickly got into the elevator and hit level three. The elevator jerked slightly and started to make his slow descend up.

The elevator stopped at the sound of the `ping' and the doors slid open to greet Alex with absolute chaos. Teenagers ran for one end of the hall to the other, parents blocked the doorways with their teary good-byes. The hallway was narrow enough, but students stood in the middle with their belongings blocking any means to get past. He quickly got out of the elevator, and pushed and shoved his way past, no longer bothering to be polite.

He was tired and sore and needed to lie down. He located his room number `306' and tried to push open the slightly stuck door. After a few strong tugs, Alex pushed open the door, but but tripped and fell face forward into the carpet. He groaned and turned over so he was lying on his back.

`Shit', he said loudly.

The family that were busy helping set up the room turned around when they heard the thud and cursing. Alex quickly jumped up, his face flushed in embarrassment


Alex quickly stood up, brushing the non-existent dust off his legs. He shifted nervously from side to side, face still red.

"Are you okay, dear?" asked the woman. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a tight bun. She stepped forward and stuck her hand out.

"I'm Elise Thomas," she said with a small smile.

Alex gratefully took her hand, "Alex Holden,"

"Nice to meet you, Alex."

A boy stepped up from behind his mother and grinned at Alex. He was tall, maybe six feet, honey coloured blonde hair, slightly longer than Alex's. Unlike his mother's green eyes, the boy's eyes shone a bright blue. He wore a loose white tank top showing off his muscular tan arms and an impressive tattoo that ringed around his right bicep.

Alex was too busy admiring the boy that he almost missed what he said, "Nice entrance, man."

Alex turned red while the other four members giggled lightly behind him.

"Ignore my son. He's going to be your living nightmare of a roommate for the next five years," laughed Elise.

"I'm only teasing him, Ma. Hi, the name's Jay."

Alex smiled at him, then averted his attention anywhere else in the room.

A tall man stepped up, "I'm Kevin, Jay's father, and these two are our younger sons, Joel and Steven."

"It's nice to meet you all," smiled Alex.

"Hey, you're Irish," announced Jay," I have an Irish roommate. Awesome."

Alex grinned, "Thanks. I guess?"

"You'd probably get a lot of people who say shit like to you, right." smirked Jay.

Alex flushed.

"Language, mister," scowled Elise, "Okay, we better go. We'll come by tomorrow and take you two for lunch." Alex waved the family good-bye while Jay hugged them. Jay quickly closed the door and let out a big sigh.

"Finally I'm free," laughed Jay, "I hope you don't mind me snagging the window bed."

Alex shook his head, "I don't mind."

"Cool. I've already finished packing. Want me to help you?"

"Oh, no, I'm fine thanks. It's just clothes and that," said Alex. He headed to his bed and sat down sighing wearily.

"You okay?" asked Jay sitting next to Alex.

Alex looked over and smiled, "Yeah, just the new place... it's... erm ..."

"Scary," finished Jay.


"Don't worry man, I'll take care of you," grinned Jay. "This is my home town," laughed Jay. "You're in good hands."

"Should I be worried?" laughed Alex.

Jay smacked Alex on the shoulder lightly, "Maybe... but no one has died yet, so that's a plus," grinned Jay.

"Oh joy," smiled Alex. He stood up and shrugged off his coat and placed neatly on his bed. Alex looked over to see Jay smiling at him, "What?" asked Alex.

"You're a neat freak. Right?"

Alex laughed, "What's so wrong with having everything neat?"

Jay shook his head, a small smile still tugging at his lips, "I think you and me will get on just fine."

"I really hope so," said Alex wearily.

"Though, Alex, I'm going to be straight with you," said Jay his tone changing from light laughter to serious.


"I want us to be friends, but past experiences have told me that if I'm not honest up front things can get bad."

Alex shifted nervously on the bed, "I understand."

Jay smiled slightly, "I'm sorry, I'm not an axe murder or anything."

Alex smiled slightly, taking in Jay's attempt to lighten the situation.

"Senior year at school ended badly for me, and I want to make a fresh honest start."

"I understand," replied Alex.

"I'm gay, Alex, and if you have a problem with that, I don't give a shit," said Jay his eyes cold and his voice strong.

Alex choked and looked at Jay with wide eyes.


This is a repost of all the previous chapters. This story has been fully edited for easier read. Proof read by Morgan.