Welcome to New York University

Part 9

Getting Stood Up


Alex Holden's POV

Eight o'clock rolled in and went away, so did nine, ten and eleven. After three hours of waiting in what I considered my nicest clothes, I figured that was enough of an humiliation. Jay stood me up again. Second time in a row, not counting the times he left me alone since I arrived in jolly all America. It was would have been amusing, if it was just plain pathetic already. Pulling my nice shirt off, button by button I wondered what excuse he'd make this time. Being high? Forgetting the day? Where we were meeting? God knew that he'd make one hell of a reason, because after this lovely show I was not giving the bloke anymore chances. My jeans took their time coming off, which pissed me of even more. Skin tight, and clingy as hell, Anita had begged me to buy them, said I looked like a freakin' bomb in them. I trusted her opinion, she was a girl.

Finally they came off, and folded my jeans and shirt and put them back into my wardrobe. Sighing I took off the bedside lamp and slid into the cool sheets. I needed better crushes, or friends or maybe both.


Jay Thomas's POV

His body was so tight under mine, all lithe and small, pale and smooth. He moved against me with languid strokes. Artistic. Beautiful. Hearing him moan made me harder. Our lovemaking was slow and easy. The rush already left as I fucked him hard and fast against the wall in his room. I kissed the back of his neck, licking the sweat and sat gathered there. He let out a small moan - almost like a sigh. The tell-tale signs of my orgasm was creeping up, spreading across my spine, down my toes and towards my balls. With one final thrust I came deep inside the condom, my body shivering and jerking. In the distant I heard Jea moan and shake beneath me. Pulling out slowly, I took the condom off and tied a knot and throw in the waste basket. Leaning down, I gathered Jea into my arms and dozed off feeling fulfilled but guilty.


I had been awake for an hour before Jea stirred awake his brown eyes blinking at me. Fucking smiling.

"Hey," I said softly. He grinned at me and snuggled in closer. His blonde hair tickled my nose but it smelt sweet like a woman's shampoo.

"This is good," he whispered as if he were too scared to break the moment. I nodded my head and hugged him closer to me, trying to steal all his warmth and innocence.

"I've got class in a bit. I gotta go to my dorm to get changed." Jea sighed and leaned up stretching his arms above his head.

"Okay lets have a shower together, it'll save more time," he said winking at me. I laughed and followed him to the bathroom. His ass was tight as hell, all muscular, round but small. I couldn't help but grab a fistful, which made him squeak which lead to me laughing.

"You...are...such...a girl sometimes," I choked out. He gave me the finger and started the shower. Getting in he winked at me, and I followed suit letting the warm water cascade down us. He picked up the shower gel and poured some in his hand, lathering it up he started to clean me. The lather and his hands were enough to get my dick interested, but I waited until he was done with washing me. Across my shoulders, down my arms, trailing down my legs and past my cock and balls, and down to my feet. I almost growled at him as he kept teasing me.

"Get on with it," I grounded out. He smiled cheekily, before licking my hard cock from tip to base. I let out a harsh breath, my stomach going tight and my hands finding the slippery tiles behind me. Jea gave great head, better than anyone I have ever had sex with. He used enough pressure, teasing and deep throating to get any man worked up. Grabbing fists full of his blond hair I thrust hard into his mouth. Like a dream he took me in without gagging, swallowing around my impressive length. His mouth was hot and wet, he sucked like a dream, and his errant fingers were teasing my hole. His index finger plunged into my tight opening, and I came hard shouting the lords name in vain, and almost choking Jea. He let my cock out of his mouth, and I leaned heavily on the tiles trying to get my heart beat and breathing back to normal. But the bastard grabbed the tip of my cock and pulled hard, making me squeak.

"Now who sounds like a woman," he said laughing. I glared at him and tried to calm my sensitive cock down. It seemed like pins and needles were running up and down my softening cock.

"That's not fair," I huffed.

Jea just laughed. I quickly helped to wash him, and got out since we were running late. I felt bad that I hadn't got Jea off but he smiled at me and told me not to worry.

"There's plenty of time for that," he said smiling and I smiled back. We took his car and headed to the university. We were busy talking as we mounting the steps laughing and joking, I put my key into the door and walked in, Jea's arms around my waist and me laughing.

I stopped.

Alex stood wide eyed and beautiful, his plump lips looking swollen as if he'd bitten them too hard. He frowned a look of sadness coming across his face, but as soon as it came it disappeared and he let out a shy smile instead. Being polite.

"Hey guys," he said quietly, grabbing his T-shirt and slipping it on. I hadn't even realised he was in the midst of getting dressed. He covered up before I could even check out his body.

"Hi," said Jea, his voice unsure. Alex smiled at him and gave me an uneasy look.

"Well I got to go, class and all," he said grabbing his bag and trying to ease past myself and Jea. Jea nodded and I just stared. The guilt was coming back hard and fast. Alex left the room quietly and I stared at the door for a moment.

"You okay?" Asked Jea touching my face. I looked at him, all muddy brown eyes and soft blond hair and kept thinking why the fuck was a I playing with him?

"Give me a sec," I said before rushing out the room and trying to catch up with Alex. I saw him round the corner and speeded up. I didn't shout for him, I wasn't sure if he's stop, ignore me, or just run. Catching up to him, I grabbed his elbow and turned him around. He looked startled which was to be expected and before he could say anything I started to babble.

"I'm sorry yea. I didn't mean to stand you up."

Alex frowned, and looked down at his shoes, his shoulders sunk in, "No matter man. I'm glad you and Jea are back together," he said.

"Its...a bit. I dunno," I added lamely.

"Just don't break his heart again yea? I mean we're probably not gonna talk again, but I don't him hurt. But whatever he's a big boy and this is between you two, not me."

"I didn't..." but Alex cut me off.

"To lead me on, maybe not. But you did and well look man I don't think we'll be friends cause you can't even be reliable enough to just spend a day with me. No worries we live together that's all."

"Alex please..."

"No Jay. I tried I did. I waited like a loser, and well I'm not going to get the short straw again. Had that happen to me too many times man, too many. Just be good to him, and well just try not to lead him on too. He's a good guy, and nice person, good heart. He needs to love someone and that someone is you now. Just don't play with him. You gonna do that mate then leave him now yeah, just leave him and let him go."

He gave me a tight smile, before shrugging his arm from my hand and walking away leaving me with too many questions and a heart full of guilt.


Alex Holden

Its my own fault. I admit that freely. I shouldn't have fell for a bad boy, they bring nothing but trouble and pain. It was weird though. I mean how does one fall for someone they don't even know? But then again many fans fall in love with certain celebrities. Then again I wasn't in love with Jay not even close. Maybe I saw something that I thought would be good. We matched in a weird way, I was calm he was wild, sometimes opposites needed each other to work in the long run. But what was the point anyway? He was back with Jea and I had no interest in breaking them up. Who am I? Paris Hilton? Geez. No what I needed to do was find some time to have my own fun, think about school and get my four years done without the screw up between Jay, Jea and my nightmares of Tom.

"Hey! Hey, Jesus Alex!" I look up and see Susan running towards me, "What can't you hear me? I've been shouting your name for about five minutes now," she said huffing.

"Sorry Susan didn't mean to blank you. Been thinking about some shit," I said as we walked towards the university cafeteria.

"Oh. How was your night out with Jay?" She asked nudging me in the side. I rolled my eyes.

"He didn't show, was too busy screwing Jea to remember to take me out."

"What?" Susan shrieked, "Man what a bastard."

"They so are," I added sarcastically.

"Whoa! Princess don't get all snappy at me. I did volunteer to join you."

"Sorry, I'm just pissed."

"I get that, but try and be pissed at the right person. Shit if I were you I'd have kicked the living daylights out of the punk."

I laughed, "I don't think I can beat up Jay. You've seen him."

"Fin if you don't do it, then I will. What is his problem? Lading you on here and there. And you following him whenever."

"Susan, I don't follow him. He told me he'd take me out, all I did was wait for him."

"How long?"

"What do you mean?"

"How long did you wait for King Jay to make his merry way to you, that is until you realised that he wasn't coming."

"I can't remember."

"Princess you remember, pissed off people remember that shit. We use that against the guilty."

"You're scaring me."

"That's what woman do, usually gay men love us but you're a little odd."

"Ha. Ha."

" I know I even amuse myself. Not tell me sister, how long did you wait for him?"

I knew I should just keep my mouth closed, because Susan was one of those annoying woman who demanded we castrate all men for all their bad doings. Not that I disagreed with her, but sometimes I wondered if she forgot that I was indeed a man?

"Three hours," I mumbled.

"Oh man that is pathetic," she shouted. She grabbed my hand and made me stop walking, "We're going to show King Jay that he can't shove people around like that."

"Are we in some fairytale?" I asked her.

"Whatever works for you Princess."

"Please stop calling me Princess."

"Shut up. We're going to make Jay pay for giving you up for that pale kid."

"Hey! Jea's my friend."

"No honey he is your competition and enemy. You want Jay, and Jay is a bastard. But we're not going to get you Jay, just make him realise that he settled for someone much lower than you."

"Again Jea is my friend."

"Just go with the flow Mr. Nice Guy, we're gonna sex you up, slut you down and make you every mans dream guy."

"God I already feel like a whore."

"A whore who'll have Jay in the palm of his hand."

"This isn't good. Please Susan stop planning your evil plan."

"I can't it's already done. We're going to eat, go to our classes and head to the mall, hairdressers and health spa. Not that you ain't lovely right now," she added quickly, "But we need to grab that bastards attention quicker than ever."

"Oh God," I moaned. Susan grabbed my hand led me to the cafeteria talking about our plan to show Jay what the hell he was missing. All I was hoping that I didn't make a fool of myself.



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