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I sat around talking to Jay for a bit before I left and made my way to meet Jea at "our" coffee shop as I had dubbed it now. Jay told me to meet him back at the room round about eleven o'clock. Not to sound pathetic but even back home I never used to be out that late, and if I was it was usually me coming back from Aaron's place. I agreed. I felt excitement course through my veins. As I made my way down to the coffee shop, I couldn't't help but smile. I reached the shop and pushed open the door; the smell of coffee and baked goods wafted through the air. I approached the counter and placed my order before making way towards Jea's and my table at the back of the shop.

I plucked him out from the crowd, his blonde head bobbing up and down with the beat to the music that was playing on his small ipod. I quickly made my way over and sat across from him. He looked up and gave me a huge grin before lowering his ear phones and turning off his music.

"Hey. What took you so long?" He asked

I shrugged off my jacket before answering him. "Jay and I got talking. Were you waiting long?"

"Well, that's a first, and not really, just fifteen minutes."

"Hey. Jay and I talk," I said laughing. Though I really wish we weren't talking about Jay at the moment. Their brief relationship still confused me and made me slightly jealous.

"Not what you were saying a few days ago," he mused sipping his black coffee.

"Well, that doesn't matter since he asked me out tonight," I said quickly wanting to prove a point to him.

"WHAT!" He yelled suddenly causing me to jump slightly from my seat. I recalled what I said and realised that he may have though it was a date.

"Oh no. We're not going out...out, you know what I mean. I guess he felt bad after this morning when he sorta yelled at me," I said quickly.

"Really," replied Jea sarcastically.

"Look, what is your problem? He's my roommate and we are going to hang out with each other. Please can the ex-boyfriend jealousy for the night, yeah."

Jea looked at me with a shocked expression. I may be quiet but that didn't mean I was some fucking doormat.


"Look, Jea, you're my friend, and so is Jay, and if Jay and I hang out together it doesn't mean we are shagging each other. Plus even if we were that is none of your business."

"I thought we were friends, and friends wouldn't sleep with someone's ex."

"Fuck, Jea, are we thirteen year old schoolgirls with "dating rules". Please grow up. The day I met you, you said you were straight, didn't you?"


"Right, and then you start fucking around with Jay. How do you think that made me feel? You ditched me during the weeks you were with him, and then he breaks up with you and you came crawling back."

"Wait a minute..."

"No, Jea, you wait. You're my friend and I didn't hold that against you. Not even when I had and still do have a crush on Jay. Heck the whole college does including the professors. I am not doing anything with Jay other than hanging out with him."

"You like him?"

"Oh, Jea, for fuck sakes, stop insulting me."

Jea looked down, his face flushing. I calmed my breathing. Just then the waitress placed my cup at my side and handed me a napkin. Giving her a quick smile she moved away.

"Jea, either tell me what is up with you now or just leave it be. If something else happened with you and Jay, I'm sorry but it isn't my fault that he broke up with you, and it isn't my fault that you messed around with him. I wish you two would stop putting me in the middle of whatever crap is going on in your lives. I've dealt with too much and I'm not going to take anymore bullshit from more people."

I sat back and brought my cup with me, blowing huffily to cool down the liquid. Minutes seemed to drag on until Jea cleared his throat and looked up at me, his eyes sad and hurt.

"I'm sorry, man, you are my friend and I do need to grow up. It's just that Jay messed me up so bad. You know he just charmed his way into my pants and I let him. Me? Straight ol' me. My parents have been married for twenty years and I guess I just started with the whole romantic bullshit with Jay. When I told him, he fucking laughed at me and said so much shit. I've never been so hurt and humiliated in my life."

Jea hastily wiped at his eyes and gave a watery laugh, "Shit, and I still have the jollies for him."

I didn't know what to say but I new what he needed. I reached over and grasped his hand, letting my thumb rub back and forth against his knuckles.

"What Jay did and said was wrong and mean. True, you should have known better, but then again easier said than done. I really think Jay has more baggage than we realise."

"So does everyone, Alex, but that doesn't give anyone the free right to hurt people."

I shook my head agreeing, "You're right. Do you want me to talk to him?"

Jea hesitated for a moment before nodding his head, "I really need to have one more talk with him. Then maybe I can move on."

"Okay, I'll tell him, maybe he'll be an adult and actually understand why it's needed."

Our conversation ended there and we drank our beverages in silence. Jea seemed lost almost and I knew that the only person that could give him some sort of closure was Jay.

"I'm just going to go, Jea," I said standing up, "I promise to talk to Jay for you." He just nodded his head in silent defeat. I wanted to do something more for him, but his drama with Jay was just too much drama for me. Before heading out of the cafÈ, I leaned down and gave him a small kiss on the cheek. I sighed out loud and made my way back to my dorm room. I liked Jea and I wanted him to be happy, but New York was supposed to be a new start for me, and I didn't want to get tied down again like I did with...Tom. I worked so hard to get past him and what happened. I didn't need anyone else's problems on my shoulders now, but thinking like that made me feel so damn bad. I was supposed to be Jea's friend and here I was saying I didn't want to handle it. He was hurting and I didn't want to help.

I decided that I would help Jea. I had to get over what happened to Tom, and I was going to start by making sure Jay talked to Jea. Feeling slightly better I ran all the way up to my dorm room, hoping that Jay was still there. I took out my keys and unlocked the door. As soon as I turned around I fell flat on my face.

"What the fuck?" I turned over onto my back and stood up on shaky legs. I reached over to my desk and turned on the small lamp. There on the floor was Jay giggling uncontrollably.

"Jay, what the fuck are you doing?" I asked, pissed off.

"That...was...funny...," he said slowly and dazed. I crouched down and looked at his dazed and happy expression.

"Fuck you, arsehole. You're bloody high."

And all Jay did was giggle some more. He did look cute sprawled on the floor with that happy expression on his face. Not that he wasn't happy all the time; this time he seemed free.

"Come on, get up," I said, leaning down slightly. I grabbed his hands to pull him up, but instead of his coming up with me, I fell down onto him.

"Hey! What are you doing," I shouted, lying on top off Jay.

"You smell nice," he said sniffing my hair and started to giggle again.

"You are such a spaz. Let me up," I said firmly trying to wiggle my out of his strong grip.

"No. Stay."

"Jay, stop it. This Isn't funny," I said angrily. I liked him and I was getting a little too happy lying on top of him. I tried to inch myself backwards but I guess he felt my growing erection because he started to laugh loudly. I felt my face heat up and I had the sudden urge to start crying.

"Please, Jay, move," I pleaded, hoping that he was high enough to forget what was happening by tomorrow.

He quickly rolled on top of me and started to grind his hard dick against my own. Now to say this was shocking was an understatement. I felt my dick swell to its full length, and I cringed slightly. I guess he saw my expression because he leaned down and gave me a soft kiss on the mouth.

"Don't be scared," he said softly. "Can you not...feel...that I like it too," he said sexily grinding down harder. I felt like I was about to explode. This was my first time of anything sexual with a boy. I had kissed and made out with girls before I realised that I preferred boys. I was no amateur there. But I was in everything else. I couldn't help but moan out loud at the sensation caused by our grinding.

"God I love your accent," he moaned into my ear and I felt myself flush. He leaned down again and started to kiss me. I let his tongue enter my mouth and we both sucked greedily. The sensations were amazing; Jay knew how to kiss. He licked, sucked and teased. I don't know how it happened. Maybe I was too busy not trying to have a heart attack whilst Jay kissed and ground into me, but he picked me up and walked me back to my bed, placing me lightly on the comforters. I leaned back and brought Jay with me as we continued our kissing in a more frantic fashion. He undid my fly and buttons and got his hand down my boxers and grasped my leaking cock. His hand move fluidly up and down my cock as he assaulted my mouth with frenzied kisses.

His hand pumped faster as my hips met with his strokes. He pulled away from my mouth and sucked at my neck.

"SHIT!" I yelled before coming hard into his hand. My orgasm lasted for what seemed like minutes. I lay there trying not to die. That was before I heard a grunt and turned to look over at Jay; he was getting himself off in quick strokes. His cock glistened with pre-come and I felt myself getting hard again. The room was lit in dim light so I couldn't really see how big he was, but he looked well endowed.

With a loud moan, Jay came into his hand. He fell back, his body slack and tired. He reached down and wiped his hand on something which I hoped wasn't my clothes. He turned back over and with a loud sigh closed his eyes. I turned over onto my side to face him, and all I heard was a loud snore.


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