Where I Belong

Chapter 1: New Beginnings

Matt was staring out of the window watching the scenery pass by when the driver of the train came over the loud-speaker.

"We are now approaching Dunwich Central where this train terminates. Please take all your belongings with you when leaving the train"

Matt smiled. He was exhausted as he hadn't slept on the plane and had now been travelling for 20 hours, but at the same time excited at the new phase of his life. A half hour cab ride and he would be at the University which would be his home for the next three years

Initially, he had considered going to college in his home state of Ohio, but his parents had insisted that college was an important experience and he should cast his net wider so he started looking at courses further afield, New York, San Francisco, Hawaii. He had been watching an old British movie and had idly mentioned how it looked like a nice place.

"Why don't you send off for some information on British colleges then?" suggested his mother.

"Mom, be serious."

"I am serious, we can afford it; if it is something you'd be interested in, you should at least consider it."

Matt requested the information just to shut his mother up. But as time went by, the idea grew, and became more appealing. When the time came to apply he had already come to the conclusion that studying in England would be really cool. The only universities in England he had heard of were Oxford and Cambridge, but those were the equivalent of Ivy League colleges, so he did not think he would get in there. He looked through the hundreds of universities and eventually decided on the University of Dunwich. It was at least a city he had heard of. Not too far from London, and the website proudly proclaimed "a seat of learning since 1438" which seemed to Matt to give the place a certain grandeur.

As the cab drove through the campus, the reality seemed a little different. Most of the buildings were 1960s concrete eyesores. The driver pulled up to one of the eyesores and turned to Matt.

"Here we are. St Andrews Hall. That'll be sixteen quid please."

Matt looked through his wallet at the unfamiliar currency and handed a twenty pound note to the driver. He got his bags and walked in the doors of his new home. Inside there was an office marked Porter's Lodge with a desk opening up to the lobby. As he walked up to the counter he saw a man inside watching TV.

"Hi" said Matt


"Matthew Harris"

"Harris ... Harris .. Harris" muttered the man rummaging through a box of envelopes. "Harris, Elizabeth. No. Harris, Matthew. Gotcha." He passed Matt a clipboard and told him to sign in a box next to his name. Then he handed over an envelope. "Here you go, room 319 up on the third floor to the left. Lift's buggered so you'll have to use the stairs" the Man turned back to watching the television making it clear that the conversation was over.

Matt had dragged his bags up two flights of stairs and was walking down the corridor before he paid attention to the door numbers and realised that the British count floors differently and he still had another flight to go. He cursed under his breath and returned to the stairwell. He got to his room which was unlocked and he sat down on the bed. He opened the envelope and looked at the contents. There was a welcome letter, the key to his room, which he checked worked, a key fob that opened the main doors, an meal pass with his photo on and time the "refectory was open for meals" and a few other leaflets and stuff. He put this all on the bedside table with his cellphone and lay down. He'd unpack in a minute he just needed to rest for a little bit.

* * * * *

His phone woke him by beeping loudly as it ran low on power. Picking up his phone he cursed as he saw the time, 6:17, he'd slept through most of the day. His stomach rumbled to remind him that he hadn't eaten. He grabbed his meal pass and looked at the times. Dinner was served from 5:30 to 6:30, he had only about ten minutes left. He grabbed his cellphone, keys, wallet and pass and ran downstairs, pausing only to lock the door behind him.

He was the last person into the refectory that day and the food that was left looked pretty unappetising to Matt's eyes, but he was hungry so grabbed a burger and fries. There were two urns one marked "tea" and the other "coffee" on a table. Matt walked over to it and put his tray down as a slim guy with short spiky blond hair came over from a nearby table, holding his empty mug for a refill.

"How's the coffee?" asked Matt.

"Rank" replied the guy as he filled his mug from the Tea urn.

"So the Tea's better?"

"Nope, it's dishwater, but cheaper than Starbucks" he said turning towards Matt. "Jason Miller", he said introducing himself.

"I'm Matt Harris" he said taking the hand Jason offered into his hand for a firm handshake.

"Me and the guys are finished eating, but if you want you can eat at our table - we're just killing time till the bar opens"

"Thanks, that'd be cool. I haven't really met anyone yet"

Matt followed Jason back to a table where two other young men sat.

"Guys, this is Matt. Matt this is Connor and Ian"

Matt sat down in front of a stocky redhead that Jason had introduced as Ian

Matt chatted to the three other guys getting to know them. Jason was from a place called Essex and spoke with an accent that to Matt's ears sounded like cockney, but Jason insisted wasn't. Ian was from Belfast and Matt actually had some difficulty understanding him and had to ask him to repeat himself a number of times. Connor was Scottish and spoke with a light Scots accent that Matt found very pleasant and soothing. They all seemed fascinated by Matt and asked him lots of questions about what America was like. Only Ian had been to the States before and only then to Disney World, which was hardly representative.

Matt finished his dinner and the group moved to the bar to wait for the shutters to open. Before they sat down, Matt said

"Guys, I got to grab a quick shower, I haven't washed since I left home yesterday."

"No worries, we'll be here when you're done. I'll get a round in" said Jason

Twenty minutes later, clean and in fresh clothes, Matt returned to the bar to find the rest of the guys in fits of laughter.

"Matt buddy, we thought you'd fallen in" said Ian. "Here's your beer"

"Now that's one reason England kicks ass, drinking at 18," Matt said with a smile before taking a swig of cold lager "what was the laughter about?"

"Jason here was telling us about his ex" said Ian

"That's Psycho Bitch Ex From Hell" corrected Jason "Jo was a fucking headcase. I'm glad got out of there while I still had my balls attached. Mind you, you know what they say? Sex with the crazy ones is always the best"

They all started laughing again.

"so what about you Matt? Any crazy exes?"

Matt was a little uncomfortable as he had never dated anyone, crazy or otherwise. He looked into his beer and mumbled "not really". He really wanted to steer the conversation away from his non-existent love life as he wasn't sure if he was ready to come out as gay to the guys.

"I broke up with my girlfriend last week" said Ian "we didn't want to try the long distance thing, it never works, and we wanted to stay friends"

"Wish I'd done that" said Connor, "My girlfriend went to Uni in Liverpool and now I wont see her until Christmas."

"Guess the only action you'll be getting is you own hand then" laughed Jason.

Matt blushed, which Jason noticed, "Hey I thought it was us Brits that were uptight about sex, looks like our colonial friend is the one with the problem."

"Hey, I'm from the Midwest, we can give you a run for you money when it comes to being sexually repressed."

They each had a few more beers as they chatted and played pool and table football, until Jason suggested going back to his room to smoke a joint. Jason led the way, and it turned out he was only two doors down from Matt. Jason began to roll a joint with a small lump of hashish he kept in a tin. When he finished he announced "Well it's not a masterpiece, but it'll smoke." He lit the joint and took a few long drags on it. "Ah that's the stuff." He passed the joint round and they all started to get nicely stoned.

"Tell you what" said Ian, "I always get horny when I get stoned. We might have to find some girls to join us."

"Know what you mean man." Said Jason. "I always used to end up sucking the ex's cock when I got stoned back home."

"Dude, too much information" laughed Ian.

Matt was taking a toke when Jason said that and began to cough with surprise.

"Wait, Jo was a guy?" He said between coughs

"Yeah, I told you"

"No, he was in the shower when you were telling us" said Connor

"Oh right. Yeah well, short story is I'm bi."

Matt continued coughing. "I need some water," he said as he ran out the room.

He stood in the kitchen of the corridor drinking a glass of water trying to collect his thoughts. Jason walked in after him.

"What's you fuckin' problem?"

"I don't have a problem, I just needed a drink"

"Yeah. Right. You couldn't get out of there fast enough when you heard I was bi. Afraid you might catch something?"

"No, honestly. I ... I'm ... I'm .... I'm..."

"You're what? A bigot? A homophobe? An arsehole?"

Matt lowered his head and shut his eyes. He took a deep breath and said "I'm g-g-gay"

Jason began to laugh. "Seriously? You're gay?"

Matt sheepishly nodded.

"Dude, that's awesome, I got me a wingman when I hit the gay bars."

Matt smiled weakly. It felt as though a huge weight had been lifted off his chest.

"Come on back to the room, don't worry the guys'll be cool with it"


"Why didn't you say something before?"

"Well, I've never told anyone before. I guess I wasn't sure how you'd react"

"What? No-one? You mean you're in the closet?"

"Until a minute ago, yeah"

"OK, well after you closet case," Jason said with a smile as he opened the door to his room.

Matt walked in to find Connor and Ian looking at him with stern expressions on their faces

"Guys, there's something I need to tell you," Matt looked over at Jason as he said this, who just continued to smile. "I'm gay"

"Bloody hell, it catching! You want to be careful Connor, you'll be next" said Ian.

"Why Connor?" asked Jason "You're the one without a girlfriend, Give us a couple of weeks and you'll be begging Matt and me for some action."

They all laughed.

Connor turned to Matt, "Thanks for telling us. I know it can't be easy telling people"

"It seemed easier this time that last. You three are the only people that know so far"

"Well, we're your buddies and we'll stick by you"


Matt picked up the joint from where he had left it, relit it and took a hit, before passing it to Ian who was joking with Jason

Matt pulled out his phone to check the time. He saw it was half past ten before his phone finally turned itself off.

"I think I'm going to hit the sack."

"Yeah you look knackered" said Jason.

"Erm, Jason can I ask a favor?"

"Sure thing."

"I haven't gotten an alarm clock yet, could you bang on my door in the morning to wake me when you get up."

"No problems"

"Goodnight guys."

"Night Matt," replied the three guys.

Matt returned to his room, brushed his teeth in the small sink and changed into a pair of shorts. He got into bed and began to think about the day, but before long he was fast asleep

* * * * *

He awoke to Jason banging on the door. He stumbled out of bed and opened the door with bleary eyes. Jason looked him up and down and said "nice". Matt looked down at himself and realised he was only in a pair of shorts and his morning wood was obvious. Blushing he stepped behind the door and Jason walked in and sat down on the chair

"I see you were in the middle of something, don't let me stop you," he grinned.

"I was asleep, asshole."

"Dreaming of me were you?"

Matt blushed and turned to his drawers and started rummaging in one.

"Oh my god. You were weren't you?"

"I can't remember."


"Look, I'm going to go take a shower before breakfast," Matt said pulling a pair of track suit bottoms over his shorts.

"Good idea." Jason ran back to his room and caught up with Matt with his towel over his shoulder. He slung his arm over Matt's shoulder.

"Sorry if I embarrassed you, I'm only teasing."

"That's OK. I guess I need to loosen up a bit"

Matt spent a little longer in the shower than necessary, in order to let his erection subside. He was mortified that Jason had noticed it. He left the shower with a towel round his waist. Standing at a sink was Jason having a shave. Other than a pair of black boxer briefs the only thing he was wearing was a chain round his neck. His towel and clothes were folded into a pile next to him. Matt couldn't help but admire his lean body with broad shoulders and slim waist. Jason noticed him in the mirror and acknowledged him with a nod. Matt shook himself out of his reverie and took an adjacent sink to Jason to brush his teeth and shave.

By the time he had finished Jason had put the rest of his clothes on and was waiting for Matt. Rather than put on the shorts he had slept in he walked the short distance to his room in his towel to change there. Jason followed him and almost walked into the room with him

"Erm, I'm going to get changed."

"You don't want to change in front of me?"

"Not particularly no."

"What's a boy got to do to get a glimpse of your cock."

"Buy me dinner first" said Matt with a laugh as he closed the door.

Matt quickly dressed and the two of them went down to breakfast together.

"So what's the plan for today?" Asked Jason after breakfast

"Well I have to head to a mall to pick up some stuff - there was only so much I could carry on the plane with me."

"Cool what do you need?"

"Power adaptors for my laptop and mp3 player, a new cellphone, toiletries. I should probably open a British bank account so I don't get stung by card fees every time I spend something, erm..."

"Fuckin' 'ell. Looks like we've got our work cut out for us. We should be able to get all that in the City Centre, come on"

"Oh you don"t have to come, it'll be dead boring"

"Hey, what else am I gonna do? What's wrong with that phone?"

"Well it's an American cellphone, I don't think it will work over here"

"Lets have a butchers"


"I mean can I see it?"

Matt passed Jason his cellphone. Jason took a thorough look at it.

"I reckon all you need to do is get this unlocked, bung in a pay as you SIM card, and it'll work fine. Should cost you about a tenner, twenty quid at most."


"Yeah I worked at a phone shop over the summer where we did that kind of thing all the time. Even adding in a fiver for a new charger its still a damn sight cheaper that buying a new one"

"If you're right I got a couple of hundred bucks more to spend than I thought"

"So my cut at ten percent is ..." Jason joked

It was a a beautiful early autumn day as Matt and Jason travelled into the city on a local bus. As the bus passed through the university campus, Matt noticed that there were far fewer old buildings than he was expecting. He mentioned this to Jason who smiled.

"You read that bit about 'since 1438' right". Matt nodded in response "OK well this is where my History A-Level comes in handy. A university was founded in Dunwich in 1438, associated with Dunwich Abbey. Then a hundred years later Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries and closed the university with them. Then when they were building new unis in the sixties, they built one here, and the powers that be like to use their predecessor to give them a little more gravitas"

"Looks like I fell for it"

"Well I'm glad you did"

The rest of the day they spent shopping. Jason was right, and Matt managed to get his cellphone working with a new number for less than 15, the shop even charged it up a bit too. He wanted to call home straight away to give his parents his new number, but remembered the time difference before he hit the dial button, and decided to call later.

Matt opened a new bank account, choosing the same bank that Jason was with, for lack of any other information to base his decision on. Finally Matt had everything he needed by about 4 after walking the entire length of the shopping high street and grabbing a sandwich half way.

Jason suggested they walk down to the sea front. The docks had been redeveloped some time ago and were now teaming with bars, restaurants and little shops as well as spaces with benches where one could sit and look out across the North Sea. They sat down on one of these.

"I fucking love the sea, don't think I could live too far from it"

"My home is thousands of miles from the sea, unless you count the great lakes"

"Mine's about five minutes walk away." Jason stared out to sea, idly fingering the pendant of his neck chain. "We used to spend ages down on the beach and in the arcades."

"You and your ex?"

"No my brother, Josh."

"Older or younger?"

"Older, by about 5 minutes, and the bastard never lets me forget it"

"You're twins then"

"Yeah. We're identical actually. Hold on let me show you a pic"

He pulled out his phone and a few moments later had brought up a picture of the two of them. While they may have been biologically identical, it was easy for Matt to tell them apart, where Jason's dark blond hair had highlights, Josh's had been died black; Jason looked athletic where Josh was skinny; and while Jason was wearing a football shirt, Josh was wearing a black band t-shirt. Matt noticed they both wore chains around their neck, each with half of a coin broken in two as a pendant.

"I like the broken coin necklaces. You know you were playing with yours when you were thinking about him."

"Yeah I do that. It reminds me there is always a piece of him with me even when he isn't here."

"So where is he now then?"

"Back home, he has another year to do yet as he had to repeat a year."

"Why's that?"

"Long story."

Matt sensed that the length of the story wasn't what stopped Jason from speaking about it, so he didn't press him on it

"I really hope he comes here next year. I miss him terribly already, and term hasn't even started yet"

"You must really love him."

"More than life itself. So. Fancy getting dinner at one of those restaurants?"

"OK, but I'll get it, I want to say thanks for your help today."

"No fair, the deal was I don't get to see you naked until I buy you dinner"

"OK, how about you buy my dinner and I'll buy yours"

"It's a deal"

After dinner they returned to the halls of residence. Jason went straight to the bar, Matt went to his room to dump his stuff and call his Mom to let her know how he was doing and to give her his new number. He arrived in the bar just as Jason finished his first beer.

"Excellent timing. It's your round. I'll have another pint of Stella" He said to Matt.

"OK. Connor can I get you anything"

"A pint of bitter please."

"Coming right up. No Ian tonight?"

"No, he's playing rugby and then out with the team after that"

After a few rounds of beers all three guys were feeling really relaxed. Matt noticed that Jason had made a few flirty comments, but had brushed them off as just being part of Jason's personality until Connor received a call and left the table. Jason leant over and placed a kiss on Matt's lips. He pulled back and smiled. Matt was surprised. In his entire life he had never been kissed. By the time he realised what was happening, it was over.

"Hope you don't mind. You just looked really cute there so I thought I'd steal a kiss."

"Yeah, I mean no, it's fine. Better than fine, it was nice."

"I think I can do better than nice," Jason said as he leaned in for another kiss. Matt was expecting it this time so was able to enjoy the sensations.

Jason's soft lips pressed against Matt's. Jason opened his mouth slightly and Matt following Jason's lead opened his. Matt felt Jason's tongue meet his.

Matt's attention was drawn away when he heard someone shout "Queers!"

Matt pulled away and blushed. Jason turned to the direction the voice had came from and shouted back "Retard! Sorry thought we were playing stating the fucking obvious"

Matt looked into his glass to avoid looking at everyone

"Any improvement on 'nice'?"

"How about 'awesome' but more than a little embarrassing?"

"I can live with 'awesome', but why embarrassed?"

"well I've only been out the closet about ... " he looked at the clock on his phone " ... 22 hours, so kissing a guy in public is a pretty big change for me"

"Ah shit sorry dude. I didn't think, and now I've gone and outed you to the world."

"It's OK. And its not the whole world, they don't know back home yet, and that's why there's no way in hell I'm ever letting you speak to my family"

Connor returned at that moment. "Sorry guys, if there was a world cup for talking, my girlfriend would be the captain of the Scottish team. So what did I miss?"

"I just accidentally outed Matt and me to everyone"


"By kissing."

"How the fuck do you kiss someone accidentally"

"Like this," Jason said, kissing Matt again.

"Guys, get a room"

"Now there's an idea, how about it Matty? Want to head on up to my room?"

"I .. erm, maybe another drink, don't want to leave Connor on his own" said Matt nervously, standing up

"Same again?"

He ordered another round of drinks and an extra double vodka for himself. He was so nervous and excited. He'd never even been kissed before and now he was being invited to the room of an incredibly hot guy. He sat down at the table again next to Jason who placed his hand on Matt's knee. At this contact Matt's cock became instantly hard. Matt tried to concentrate on something other than Jason's hand stoking his knee, and moving up to his inner thigh

"So Connor, you play any sports?" he said.

"Never really been one for team sports but I did athletics at school, 400 and 800 metres mainly. I might take it up again. What about you?"

"I was on my schools swim team. And I used to play little league"

"That's baseball right?" asked Jason?


"Hmm, I think I'd prefer you in speedos to baseball gear" Jason's fingers brushed against Matt's balls as he said that

'not fucking helping' thought Matt. If Jason kept this up he would cum right there and then

"I just got to go to the rest-room" he said, adjusting himself and making his exit.

He walked into the gents and headed to a stall. Locking the door behind him, he undid his jeans and fished his stiff cock out of his boxers and started to stroke. He jerked it for just a few seconds before he started to shoot a massive load into the toilet bowl. He stood there for a few seconds catching his breath as his cock softened. He cleaned up with a tissues which he flushed and after buttoning up his jeans, he unlocked the stall. His cock now under control, he splashed cold water on his face to cool down his flushed face. He returned to the bar and sat down, but this time opposite Jason instead of next to him.

They chatted for a little while before Jason suggested they all head back to his room to smoke a joint. They headed up, but on the way Connor's cellphone rang again. He answered it and the other two guys waited for him. After a minute or so Connor covered the mouthpiece and said "This is going to take a while, you guys head off, I'll see you tomorrow"

Matt sat on the bed so as to leave the armchair free for Jason, but Jason ignored it and sat next to him, picking up his joint rolling kit. Once he finished rolling it, he lit it, had a toke and placed it between Matt's lips. Matt held it and took a long drag. He passed the joint to Jason, as he did so their fingers met. Jason took his other hand and gently held Matt's hand, running his thumb along Matt's fingers. He placed the joint in an ashtray and held Matt's hand in both of his.

Matt had a pretty good idea of what was going to happen next and he had no qualms about letting it happen. Jason leaned in for a kiss. The kiss was gentle at first, as had been the one in the bar, but soon the young men's passions took over and they tongues began battling furious. Jason pushed Matt back on the bed and moved to lie on top of him. His hand explored under Matt's shirt to hid chest beneath. Matt reached round and moved his hands uncertainly across Jasons's back. He moved his hand down to Jason's waist and beyond to cup his firm round butt cheeks Jason broke the kiss to remove Matt's shirt and then pulled his own off. He lent down and took one of Matt's small pert nipples in his mouth. His tongue darted across it making Matt moan with pleasure. He ran his tongue across Matt's mainly smooth chest, pausing to lick the small patch of hair in the middle before he moved onto the other nipple. Soon he returned to the hairy patch in the middle and began to move lower across Matt's flat stomach. His tongue entered Matt's causing Matt to gasp

Jason unbuttoned Matt's jeans. Matt's hard cock strained against the material of his boxer briefs. Jason lowered his head and rubbed his face into Matt's crotch, inhaling deeply. He pulled down the waist band, freeing Matt's cock which he grabbed firmling in. Has hand and gave the head a couple of licks

Matt was glad he had jerked off earlier as he would have orgasmed straight away at that if he hadn't. Jason took Matt in his mouth and began to give him a slow blow-job Matt had never experienced pleasure like this and was moaning deliriously. Jason released Matt's cock and climbing up the bed began to passionately Matt again

He broke the kiss and said, "Time to get naked." Matt undid his sneakers and took them off along with his remaining clothes. Jason was doing the same, and Matt looked lustfully at Jason's cock. He had never seen another erect cock before and was transfixed with it. Jason pushed Matt back on the bed and told him to roll over. He lay on on top so that his hard cock was resting in Matt's crack. He leant down and began to kiss Matt's neck and nibbling on his ear while grinding his groin against Matt's backside.

Jason spread Matt's legs and knelt between them. He lifted Matt up by the hips to expose his hole. He gently began rimming Matt, who cried out is surprise and pleasure. Jason tried to push his tongue inside, but Matt was too tight. Reaching into his bedside cabinet, he retrieved a tube of lubricant and squeezed some out onto Matt's hole and some more on his index finger. He slowly worked at Matt's hole until he pushed the tip of his finger inside.

Although Matt was a virgin, he had read enough porn and fingered himself to give him a rough idea of what to do. He tried to relax and push as if he was going to the toilet. His hole opened and Jason's finger pushed all the way in.

Jason began to finger fuck Matt and before long, Matt between pants said "I'm ready for another finger. Jason complied and pushed a second finger in, and once Matt was used to that, he used a third. With his other hand he grabbed a condom and opened it with his teeth. He worked it out of the foil and rolled it onto his rock hard cock, then lubed it up with a generous amount of jelly from the tube. He added some more to Matt's hole, working it deep inside with his fingers.

He pulled his fingers out leaving Matt feeling empty and hornier than he had ever been.

"Lie on your back," instructed Jason, "I want to see your face when I fuck you."

Matt rolled over and pulled his knees up to his chest, and Jason placed the head of his cock at Matt's hole and slowly entered him. Matt gasped and grimaced with the pain. Jason held still to allow Matt time to get used to his girth. The look of pain on Matt's face soon faded and he nodded to Jason. Jason took that as a signal to carry on and he pushed a few more inches inside Matt. He asked if it was OK and Matt replied that he was fine. Jason slowly pushed his entire length in until his pubes were crushed between them.

Matt let out a loud moan. "Oh man, that's so good. Fuck my ass man."

That was all the encouragement Jason needed and he began to thrust into Matt, gently at first, but building up speed. Every time Matt began to get used to the feeling, Jason would vary his speed, depth or angle, giving Matt a new experience that he loved.

"Oh fuck man, you are so tight" Jason said.

Matt didn't reply, he just stared up into Jason's face and smiled. Soon Matt began to feel his orgasm approaching, but unlike his usual orgasms this one seemed to build from deep within him and consumed his entire body. Without being touched, his cock started to shoot thick streams of sperm over his chest. Jason continued to fuck him and with every thrust it felt to Matt as his orgasm was starting again. He lost all awareness of his being, only feeling the waves of ecstasy that swept over him. He became dimly aware that Jason was fucking him ever deeper and with one final deep thrust he began cumming inside Matt

After a few more thrusts Jason pulled out and collapsed on top of Matt and the kissed deeply. While still kissing, Jason removed the condom and threw it in the bin and then pulled the covers over them both.

They fell asleep in each others arms, still covered in Matt's copious load.

Author's Note

This is my first story, and I would welcome any feedback, both positive and negative. I can be contacted at gayessex+wib@gmail.com

Needless to say all characters and events in the story are entirely ficticious. Don't bother looking for Dunwich in an atlas, it was a major port in medieval England, but fell into the sea in a storm and was never rebuilt. In my story, it still exists and is a thriving city, because I wanted a setting that had all the features that I wanted in one place.

© J Hardy 2012