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Why oh why 2

by David George

***Author's note***

The story continues, enjoy...

David *****

"I think Keifer is cheating on me" said Jennifer

"What?" Kelly answered incredulously as the two sat having dinner

"Yes, we don't have sex as often as we used to, if at all... I just can't understand how someone can move from being totally insatiable to nothing in a month, it has to be someone else."

"But Jennifer, you've been Keifer's girlfriend since... forever, I mean he wouldn't just sleep around on you" Kelly was trying her best to allay Jennifer's fears.

"That's true, but... something just isn't right"


At that very moment Keifer was in the arms of his lover, Terrence. They had just completed yet another marathon session in Terrence's room and were now recharging their batteries to go again.

"Ohh God man, that was good" Terrence said as he cuddled in Keifer's arms.

"Yes Terrence, you just can't get enough, can you?" Keifer responded, kissing him behind the ear.

A month had passed since they had admitted that they were in love with each other and what a month it was. Keifer found himself spending more and more time at Terrence's apartment. There, they would spend hours making love.

Terrence who had been single for a while was free but Keifer still held on to his main squeeze Jennifer. He had decided it would be best if he didn't just break it off, not yet anyway.

Terrence and Hank were practically back where they were before he was raped. They never talked about it or Keifer. Terrence guessed Hank just didn't want to get too close to the situation, that maybe it made him uncomfortable. They hung out together whenever he was free and celebrated with their other teammates after games.

Terrence had found an even deeper friend in Carter who had become his confidant. Carter had confided that he had a cousin who was gay and they talked a lot so he wasn't insensitive to the whole situation. Terrence probably would burst if he didn't have someone to talk to.

For Carter, meeting the rival team's quarterback off the field was strange but the couple had accepted him as a friend and on more than one occasion, he had been present when Keifer came over.

"So Terrence, Newton has one more game to win before they make it to the finals" Keifer whispered as he stroked Terrence's chest

"Yep and I can't wait for the season to end, I want to blow this joint and start my life with you" for a second Keifer grimaced at those words, good thing Terrence couldn't see his face.

"Keifer?" Terrence asked as he turned facing his lover, what he saw on his face was a mix of confusion and regret.

"What's wrong? we both are on the same page, right?" Keifer didn't answer instead he reached his hand out to gently caress Terrence's cheek. Terrence moved away and got up from the bed.

"I can't fuckin' believe this" Terrence said with exasperation, looking at Keifer

"I just need some more time to get used to this whole idea Terrence"

"Yeah, I mean, it's been a breeze for me, after all I'm the one who's been begging for your cock up my ass for almost five months, why wouldn't it be hard for you to decide to become gay" Terrence was angry

"Terrence, it's not like that, I just, I just don't want to get anyone hurt"

"Oh, like the way you hurt me when you raped me, huh? I'm a tough guy, that was nothing, is that it?"

"Terrence, that's not fair" Keifer defended

"Fuck fair, we're together but you still have some ninny hanging on to you, what the hell am I, huh? Just a piece of ass? I thought you said you loved me?"

"You know what, forget it Terrence, I can't deal with this right now" Keifer said as he rose from the bed and reached for his jeans.

"You're not going anywhere till we finish this" Terrence said as he roughly pushed Keifer back onto the bed. Keifer fell on his back and tried to get up once again but Terrence pushed him down.

"Terrence stop fucking around, I said I'm leaving" Keifer warned as he once again rose from the bed but this time when Terrence tried to push him down he swung at him and clipped him on the chin, sending him into the bedside table.

"Look what you made me do" Keifer said angrily, looking down at Terrence as he shook his head and wiped blood from the open wound

"You fuckin' punk, I'll kick your ass" Terrence said as he bolted into Keifer's chest and they both landed on the bed, he on top of Keifer. Keifer was struggling and managed to grab hold of Terrence's fists. In one quick move, he had Terrence on his back, he on top of him, Terrence was struggling all the way.

"What's the matter with you? Why do you keep doing this to us? You know I love you, I just want to make sure everything is right when we decided to be together for good" Keifer spoke softly to Terrence, looking directly into his eyes

"Terrence, I need you, nobody else, don't you get that yet?" Terrence looked back into his eyes

"I'm just so scared, what if..."

"Shhhh, don't think about the `what ifs', we're together now and that's all that matters" Keifer said soothingly before bending his head to join their lips in a sensual kiss.

Terrence felt Keifer's cock spring to life and started to grind his already hard tool into it as they continued their kiss.

"Mmmm, I'd love to Terrence, but I can't, I gotta go" Keifer said, breaking the kiss and lifting himself from Terrence's body.

"Ok, but we're still gonna talk about this right?" Terrence asked, watching Keifer pull his jeans over his muscled waist

"Yeah, we'll still have to talk" he said, pulling on his shirt before bending to give Terrence one final kiss "and don't forget I love you"

"I love you too"

"Good, now go get some peroxide on that cut... you jocks play so rough" Keifer said laughing on his way out the door.

Terrence laid on his bed, for the moment his mind at rest about where his relationship stood.


"Scott, would you cheat on me?" Kelly asked her boyfriend Scott Sanderson

"Ah, is that a trick question?"

"Scott, I'm serious" Scott made a sigh

"No Kelly, you know that you're my one and only" he said kissing her on the forehead. The couple, who had just made frenzied love were now in the afterglow.

"So, what brought that on?" he continued after seeing the plaintive look in her eyes.

"Jennifer, she thinks that maybe Keifer is cheating on her"

"And she's shocked? The guy's a chick magnet" Kelly sat up in bed

"He is? I mean you would know, you're on the road with him when the team goes out"

"Hold on Kelly" Scott said, holding his hands up "girls are always coming up to him and everything but I don't know if he sleeps with them, it's not like I watch him or something"

"Right, I knew you wouldn't tell me anyway" she said with a frown

"Come on Kelly" he said nuzzling her cheek, but she turned away.

"You're all alike, never satisfied with one of anything"

"Kelly why are you making such a big deal out of this, if Jennifer suspects him all she has to do is ask him"

"Scott, it's not that easy... wait a second, I have an idea"

"Uh oh"

"No listen, would you do me a big favor? Please" she said, teasing his lips with little pecks

"I have to know what it is first"

"Oh Scott, please"

"Ok fine, now will you tell me what it is"

"All you have to do is follow Keifer for a week and..."

"No fucking way, uh uh"

"Come on Scott, please it would mean so much to me and Jennifer"

"Why the hell should I follow him anyway?"

"To find out if he is really sleeping around... if he isn't, you lose nothing and if he is..."


"Well let's just say, I know for a fact that you have always had the hots for Jennifer and she and I may be willing to make your deepest fantasies come true"

"You're not serious, Jennifer would never agree to something like that"

"She will, but only if you keep up your end of the deal"

"But... alright, fine I'll do it, but on my terms, get it?"

"Sure, do whatever it takes, just find out for certain"

"Ok, so what about you give me a down payment now" he said as he positioned himself between her legs, she pulled his head down to meet hers.


Hank had tried hard to get over Keifer. He knew that he couldn't allow his hunger to destroy his friendship Terrence and he had made a promise to himself, no more men, then Ewan Townsend happened.

Ewan was captain of the Newton wrestling team, funny thing is they had never met before. Then Hank had to enroll in tutorials for Spanish and guess who was getting tutored also, Ewan.

Hank prided himself on not being some hot off the press ass, but after almost two months without his usual fix from Keifer, he was restless and hornier than ever, even though he fucked every girl he got a chance with. He needed to have his ass filled.

His first day of tutorials he had reluctantly walked into the room, expecting to spend another hour with some know it all academic type. He was surprised however to see another guy when he walked in. The tutor hadn't arrived yet.

He said a non-committal `hi' and took his seat. For a while he kept himself busy, looking through his text book then he was interrupted by the other student...

"Hey, ah, you're Hank Michaels right?" the stranger asked

"Yeah" Hank answered, turning to look at his interrogator

"I'm Ewan Townsend, wrestling team captain" Ewan held his hand out

"Hey Ewan, " Hank got a good look at Ewan as he shook his hand and he liked what he saw. With his black hair, green eyes and muscled body, Hank was definitely interested. From that moment on, Hank and Ewan started talking.

Hank found it strange that he would react this way over a guy, after all most of the guys on the football team were muscular and cute but Ewan had those eyes that just caught him. The wrestling team Captain proved to be more than the jarhead that most other athletes were. To Hank, he was smart, engaging and attentive. But through it all Hank couldn't tell whether Ewan was anything but straight.

Over the next two weeks of their tutorials together Hank got to know more about Ewan. Their mutual interest in sports helped, making it almost inevitable that they would become fast friends. After so much time in tutorials together, Hank decided he couldn't take it anymore and decided to make his move.

He asked Ewan if he was interested in coming over to his apartment and doing some extra revision for a quiz that they were expecting. Ewan agreed and said that he could make it on the Monday of the next week, at about 7:00, which was right after practice. This was perfect for Hank as he had football practice as well.

This whole situation was new for Hank as with Keifer he had not been the instigator. Now he had decided to make the first move, regardless of whether Ewan would pummel him into the ground if he wasn't interested.


"So Scott, why are we here?" Billy Jacobs asked

"Yeah Scott, you forgetting it's a Saturday night?" Jordan Stubbs answered

"Guys, relax, all in good time" Scott reassured them. He had asked three of his close friends to meet with him at his apartment to discuss something yet undisclosed. Currently only two had arrived and they were waiting on the third, no surprise that they were all members of Statler's football team.

"Hey guys, what's up?" asked Jake Grieves as he entered the living room joining the others.

"Jake, glad to see you man, now we can get started... everybody gather around" Scott said as he ushered everyone to his sofa.

"Well?" Billy asked

"Ok guys, I need a big favor from all of you, but I need your confirmation before I tell you what it is" Scott looked around at the faces of each of his friends.

"You're kidding right?" asked Jordan

"No, stupid, so what's your answer?"

"I'm in" Jake answered

"Well I guess if Jake's in, I'm in too" Billy piped in

"Fine, I'm in, now what's this about?" Jordan said.

"Guys we need to follow Keifer around for a week"

"Hell no! what the fuck" Jordan had heard enough

"Listen man, it's only for a week"

"And why do we need to follow our team captain?" Jake asked

"Well, Kelly said that Jennifer thinks he's cheating on her and well...she wants to find out for sure"

"What?! that's shit man and you know it" Jordan shouted "You cheat, so why wouldn't Keifer?"

"Jordan, calm down man, it isn't as serious as you think and anyway Scott hasn't told us what we'll get for doing this yet" Jake said

"Yeah Jordan, it's gotta to be good because this is a big favor" said Billy

"Well, if we found anything or not Kelly promised that she may be able to set you guys up with some of her friends, for your time"

"Hmm, I'm liking this more and more" Jake said with a smile

"Yeah, so what are we going to do?" Billy asked

"Before I go any further I need to be sure everybody is in" Scott said looking at Jordan. Jordan looked down for a while and then looked up.

"Alright, I'm in"

"Good, I knew you wouldn't disappoint us" Scott said "Now here's how we're gonna do it..."


Brad had become even more of a rock in Keifer's life in the past month. He saw what the whole situation had done to his friend and he knew that he was dealing with a lot. Being told the intimate details of Keifer's relationship with Terrence didn't seem as sick as he thought it would have been...

"...I just can't understand why he keeps doing it" Keifer said,

"Well come on Keifer, you gotta understand he needs some reassurance, after all he's changing his entire life because of this" Brad was doing his usual job of giving good advice

"Yeah, I guess you're right"

"So, you know you still have another problem, right?" Keifer looked up at Brad a bit puzzled at his statement.


"Jennifer... forget about her?"

"Oh shit"

"Yeah, you've gotta make a decision about that"

"Well, I just need to break it off with her"

"Is it that easy? You two have been together for ages" Brad sat looking at Keifer as he searched his mind for a response

"Ok, think about this, why did you decide to go after Terrence in the first place?" Keifer's expression dissolved into a smile.

"He was always looking at me at our games, at first it was that competitive `I hate your guts' look you always get from the opposing side but then I caught him looking at me other times as well and those looks were different" Brad observed Keifer's expression as he told his story, seeing how reminiscing changed his whole demeanor. Then suddenly, Keifer looked up at Brad.

"If you want me to stop I will, I don't want to make you uncomfortable"

"Go on" Brad said

"Ok, I started looking at him too and I swear to God I started getting hardons. I couldn't understand it, I had a girlfriend, I had lots of sex and yet I was getting a stiffy from looking at this guy"

"How'd it make you feel?"

"Well, at first I was scared to death, `was I becoming some faggot or something?' I didn't know. I think in the beginning I had sex with Jennifer every night because of those feelings. Then it went even further, I would be jacking off and he would pop up in my mind"

"So what did you do?"

"Come on Brad, I've told you this a thousand times"

"Yeah, tell me again, I think you need to hear this out loud as well"

"After one of our games I had finally decided to approach him about it, I didn't know what to expect but when I went into the locker room and I saw him naked, I just couldn't help myself and I knew that I couldn't leave that room without fucking him"

"So you had sex with him?"

"Yeah... Brad why are you doing this?"

"There's a reason why you decided to have sex with Terrence, maybe you were getting something that you couldn't find with a woman or maybe it was just his submission to you that turned you on"

"I don't know but sex with him, it's just different than it is with Jennifer, I mean, for starters he was so tight but even more than that, knowing that this guy is so powerful, so good an athlete and yet I had so much power over his body it gave me this rush"

"So is that the reason why you were fucking Hank too?"

"Come on Brad, don't even go there, he was just fun, we didn't even have a connection like I have with Terrence"

"If you say so... but ahm, since you didn't tell me about him until you two broke it off, how did he come into the picture?"

"Hank... he just happened, I was at a frat party and he must've known someone there because he turned up. I was watching him for a little while, I mean, he's a good-looking guy. I didn't mean for anything to happen between us but I caught him checking out a another guy and I knew I had him. He went upstairs to take a leak and I followed him. I slipped into the bathroom and before he knew it I had him bent over the sink. He wanted it for sure"

"So he was just a conquest?"

"Yeah, I mean I didn't even think he'd come back for more, but he kept coming back"

"You know if Terrence ever found out about that, you two are through right?"

"He'll never find out, besides Hank wouldn't say anything, he's done with men"

"Well now you need to decide whether or not Terrence has been a thrill ride or if it's really love as you say it is" Keifer knew he had to make a definitive move before anything could change in his life, but what?

"I think I'm gonna take a break from Terrence, a couple days to clear my head"

"Are sure you can do that? I mean you always want sex" Brad said, stifling a laugh

"Fuck you" Keifer said jokingly

"You wish"


"Ok men, remember next week's big event, the Intercollegiate Athletics Association Dinner, I expect all of you to be there" Coach Astor was addressing members of the team as they cleaned up after practice.

"But coach, why do we have to go?" Matt Sutton asked

"Well one because the University President has decided that he wants more representation from the football team, especially since you guys have been doing so well and two because I said so" Coach left the locker room, giving the team time enough to think about their upcoming event.

"Hey Matt, I hear that Statler is supposed to be there too" Steven added, "Terrence, are you going?"

Terrence had been quiet since practice had ended,

"Yep, I got to, the President himself told me to be there"

"Well, you heard it guys, we gotta go, all of us" Carter shouted to his teammates, the rest of the team voiced their approval.

"Hey Hank, where are you off to in such a rush, you got a hot date or something?" Steven asked, making sure that everybody else heard, as he watched Hank continue to quickly pack his locker and get ready to leave. This got a collective OOOH from the team.

"Bug off man" Hank retorted as he put his last item into his bag.

"Wow, Hank, don't be so uptight, he's just playing with you" said Terrence, throwing a hand around Hank's shoulder, "So who is it?"

"Nobody you know" Hank said in a low voice, "Anyway, I gotta go, see yah"

"Aiight man, have fun" Terrence said as he watched Hank leave, "Carter can you imagine that, a date on a Monday night, some guys have all the luck"

"Yeah" Carter answered


"Scott, we've been following him all day and we haven't seen anything funny, Jordan's staking out his apartment right now" Billy said, giving Scott a rundown of their surveillance activities.

"Well keep looking, by the end of this week, I'm sure we'll get some info"

"So what time are you going to relieve Jordan? you know how antsy he gets"

"Ah, about ten"

"Ok, I'll let him know"


Hank made it home at around a quarter to 7 and only had a couple minutes to spare to get everything ready. Ready meaning, ordering a pizza, getting some cold beer and of course getting his Spanish books out, not that he intended to use them anyway.

He couldn't believe the way he was over the whole situation but he could, after all he knew why he was nervous. This was his first attempt at trying to get a guy, suppose Ewan got crazy on him? The guy was a wrestler and even though he himself was no slouch, he knew that a couple good moves and Ewan could snap his neck if he wanted to.

He quickly shucked off his clothes and changed into something more comfortable, jersey top and a sweat bottom. His anxiousness was building when he heard a knock at the door. He quickly answered only to see a pizza boy whom he paid and sent on his way.

Looking at his watch he could see that Ewan was running about 5 minutes late. Then he heard another knock, this had to be him. He got up and answered the door, this time he was right, there stood Ewan, with a pizza in one hand and his book bag in the other.

"You got any beer?" he asked with a smile

"Sure, come on in" Hank said, returning the smile and allowing him to walk in

"Well, I see you beat me to the pizza, sorry I'm late though, I had to drive over there to get this"

"No Problem" Hank said as Ewan looked around his apartment

"Nice place, I wish I could afford a place like this"

"Where are you staying?" Hank asked as he got some beers from the fridge

"Oh, I share with some guys I know"

"Tienes hambre?" Hank asked


"Come on Ewan, you're better at this than I am"

"I'm fooling around, of course I'm hungry" they both moved to the couch where they spread out their pizza boxes and books and got ready to start.

"So where do we begin?" Ewan asked

"How about these irregular verbs, I can never get their conjugation right?"

"Cool, by the way, are you going to the IAA dinner next week?"

"Yeah, the whole team is going, you?"

"Yeah, coach chose me and some other wrestlers to represent so I'll be there" Hank looked at Ewan attentively as he spoke, tracing the curve of his lips with his eyes, his beautiful teeth, the glimmer in is eyes...

"...Hank, what's up man, you just zonked out for a minute there"

"Oh, sorry, I just got something on my mind"

"Uh oh, I bet it's a woman, isn't it?" Ewan asked with a grin

"Well, sorta"

"Come on, tell me about it, maybe I can give you some tips"

"Nah, that's ok, anyway enough about my troubles, we need to study this shit"

"Shit is right" Hank watched Ewan as he concentrated on deciphering the verbs they had to complete. Hank moved his eyes down to Ewan's thighs, which were bursting his jeans at the seams and up to his crotch...

"There you go again, did I spill something?" Ewan asked looking down on his jeans. Hank swallowed not knowing what to say then...

"I was trying to remember the word for pants, pantalones, is that it?"

"Yeah but if you wanted to say jeans you could also say..." Ewan paused as he looked in his dictionary "Vaqueros"

"Thanks" Hank was glad he got out of that one so easily, then...

"Hey come over here for a sec I can't seem pronounce a word in this sentence" Hank moved over on the couch closer to Ewan, getting a whiff of his very strong cologne and looked in the book

"Which one?" he asked, Ewan pointed it out; Hank had never seen the word before. With his finger on each letter, he started to spell it aloud

"d-e-s-a-f-o-r-t-u-n-a-d-a-m-e" as his finger reached near the end of the word it was cover by a hand, Hank looked up to see Ewan with complete hunger and lust in his eyes.

"You're too afraid to make the first move, so I will" Ewan said before grabbing Hank's face and joining it with his in a deep kiss.

When they finally broke the kiss

"How did you know?" Hank asked breathlessly

"How do I ever know that someone has the hots for me? You gave me these looks and anyway, if you hadn't invited me over here I probably would have done the same, you're hot"

"But I never thought that..."

"That I could be into men? I fool lots of people only some get to know the real me though" Hank initiated the kiss this time as he ran his hands over Ewan's taut muscles, feeling every curve and depression. Ewan was slowly lifting Hank's shirt from his body as he continued their tongue wrestling.

Breaking the kiss this time, Ewan whispered sensually, "I want you Hank" as he stood and lifted Hank with him. He completely removed Hank's shirt, pulled his body into his and used his strong hands to knead the mounds of Hank's ass all the while teasing his neck with little pecks.

"Ahhh," Hank moaned as he pressed his stiffening dick into Ewan's crotch. Ewan then bent and lifted his legs into his hands, wrapping them around his waist

"Where's the bedroom?" he whispered, Hank pointed to the left and Ewan began the trek, kicking the door open with his foot. When he got in, he placed Hank on the bed remaining on top of him as they continued to kiss.

Hank then pushed Ewan unto his back and rolled on top of him, straddling his waist. Sitting astride him he pulled his shirt from his body, revealing his exquisite musculature and every supple indentation, running his hands over every mound.

He then moved further down and started pulling Ewan's jeans. When he finally had them open he tugged them down, Ewan raising himself off the bed to allow them to be pulled off.

When Hank had them off, he surveyed his prize. To say Ewan was buff was an understatement; his muscles bulged everywhere, now half naked with only his distended briefs remaining Hank's mouth watered as he envisioned what was to come. If the swelling in the brief was any indication, he was bound to get a handful.

He ran his hands over Ewan's muscled thighs and snaked them up the waistband of his briefs. He hooked his fingers in the waist and slowly pulled it down. The first sight of Ewan's bush made Hank's blood pump faster; he continued to pull until the head of Ewan's hard cock popped out.

"It's so big" Hank said in awe

"It's all yours" Ewan said as he watched Hank continue to pull down his briefs, revealing more and more of his stiff club. He lifted his body from the bed to allow Hank to remove his brief.

Now that he had Ewan completely naked, Hank took another look; he was savoring every minute of this experience. While still caressing Ewan's hard thighs he nuzzled his cock and balls causing him to spread his legs.

"Ahhh yeah" Ewan moaned, as Hank started to lick his way up the 9" stalk resting on his chest from balls to head. He kissed and licked, enjoying the faint soapy taste as well as Ewan's own sweat.

Hank enjoyed teasing Ewan but now he wanted the real thing so he hefted the huge, uncut member with his hand and placed the head in his mouth. He started to flick his tongue around the sensitive, fleshy knob, eliciting moans from Ewan.

Ewan was being driven out of his mind with the sensations he was getting from Hank's warm mouth, he obviously knew what he was doing. Hank continued to play with the head of Ewan's dick, enjoying the free flowing precum that came from within and the shudders that rocked Ewan's body with his expert stimulation.

Hank jacked the shaft while keeping his mouth on the head, continually flicking his tongue around the sensitive head until he had Ewan in a frenzy on the bed, gripping the sheets and groaning.

"Oh fuck!, ahhhh" Ewan groaned, twisting his head from one side to the next as Hank continued his ministrations. Hank then started his decent, moving his mouth slowly down the length of Ewan's shaft.

"Oh yeah, suck it, ah" Ewan moaned as Hank went further and further taking more and more cock down his throat. While he was doing this he started to massage Ewan's balls, rubbing them together in his hands.

Hank now sucked on the thick sword like a lollipop, laving it with saliva as his mouth went up and down its length. He was trying his best to deep throat Ewan's dick but it wasn't easy.

When the head touched the opening of his throat, he relaxed to accommodate as much as possible. He then proceeded to bounce his head up and down Ewan's pole making him squirm even more.

"Ahhh, oh yeah" Ewan moaned as Hank picked up the pace and suction on his dick. He placed his hand on Hank's fast bobbing head in an attempt to control the pace of his sucking; this guy was driving him out of is mind. Hank did not relent and continued.

Then with a great show of strength Ewan lifted Hank's unwilling mouth from his engorged cock.

"You can't have all the fun" he said as he grabbed Hank under his arms and lifted him between his legs, pulling him into a deep kiss, searching his mouth and tasting himself. When they disengaged, Ewan rolled Hank unto his back and ripped off his sweat pants exposing Hank's own hard rod.

Next Ewan aligned his body with Hank's in a 69 position. Hank needed no instruction as he reached up and started to once again feast on Ewan's prong from beneath him. Ewan, not to be left out, grabbed Hank's stiff member and wolfed it down in one go.

"Mmmm" Hank moaned with his mouth stuffed with Ewan's dick, as Ewan swallowed almost half of his dick. Ewan was going to drive Hank crazy. He flicked his tongue around the cock head and worked his mouth around its circumference.

Hank's body twitched with the shock of the exquisite stimulation that Ewan was giving him but Ewan wasn't giving him a chance to breath as he continually sucked and nibbled on Hank's cock.

Hank decided to up the ante. Releasing Ewan's prick he started to attack his balls, taking both into his mouth and rolling them around. As he did this he held onto his muscular ass cheeks to control his swaying hips as he continued to tease the hanging balls.

"Ahh fuck" Ewan wailed, forced to take a breather as Hank continued to attack his balls and the sensitive area between them and his hole. Not to be outdone Ewan held onto Hank's ass cheeks, spreading them as he bent his neck further and snaked his tongue into his ass.

"Ohhh" Hank was again taken to another place as Ewan now ate his ass. Ewan flicked his tongue around the opening, stimulating it and causing it to quiver with anticipation. Ewan dug his fingers into the fleshy orbs of Hank's ass as he opened them to give even more access to his hungry tongue.

Both were thoroughly enjoying themselves and their attempt to drive each other over the edge. Ewan, convinced that he had relaxed Hank's hole enough, moved to phase two of the night's action. Lifting himself from Hank's body he spun around and again planted a kiss on Hank's mouth, steadying their heavy breathing somewhat.

"Are you ready" he asked

"Yeah" Hank responded, reaching for the lube on his nightstand, he handed it to Ewan.

Ewan turned him over onto his belly and started the process of massaging the lube unto his cock. While doing this he looked at Hank's firm ass hungrily. He then squirted some lube into the ass crack and proceeded to massage it into his hole, causing Hank to make small moans as two fingers eased into the slippery crevice.

Ewan eased another finger into Hank's tight opening, which caused him to wiggle his waist and whimper softly, he was ready. He held his cock and positioned it at Hank's hole, the big head dwarfing the small opening.

Hank shuddered when he felt Ewan's dick at his hole, he knew how big it was and he hadn't had one in awhile. Ewan noticed Hank's reaction

"I'm gonna take care of you baby" he said massaging the mounds of Hank's ass to relax him.

Ewan slowly eased the head of his dick into Hank's tight hole

"Ahh" Hank whimpered as Ewan slid more of his cock into his tightness. Ewan couldn't believe how tight Hank's ass was and he had only gotten about a quarter of the way in.

"Oh fuck, you're so tight" Ewan mused as he eased more of his cock into Hank. He used his hands to separate the mounds of Hank's ass, giving him more freedom to slide in.

Hank was clenching his teeth and gripping the edge of the bed as Ewan continued to fill him with his meat.

"Oh yeah" Ewan moaned when he was buried balls deep inside Hank. He placed his hands on either side of Hank's body and rested in that position, allowing Hank to adjust to his thickness.

Ewan was definitely bigger than Keifer but Hank still tried to squeeze him from the inside.

"Oh shit, squeeze that ass, yeah" Ewan moaned reacting to Hank's contraction around his dick. Ewan slowly rotated his hips, causing his cock to make small circles inside Hank's ass, stretching him further.

"Ahhh" Hank moaned as he felt the new movements of Ewan's cock inside him, he knew that he was filled and now he was being stretched even further. Ewan started to slowly pull himself from the tight sheath of Hank's ass until only the head remained, allowing Hank to feel every vein in his dick as it went.

Then suddenly Ewan lunged back inside the warmth of Hank's ass, gliding smoothly into its slippery depths

"Unghh!" Hank moaned as he was taken, his ass finally getting what it had wanted for weeks. Ewan quickly pulled out and plowed back in, his powerful hips forcing his meat as deep as it would go.

"Uh, uh, uh!" Hank whimpered as his ass was pumped by Ewan with all his might. He grabbed the edge of the bed to keep himself in place to receive each powerful thrust.

"Oh yeah Hank, take my dick, unghh" Ewan growled as he continued to relentlessly dig into Hank's tight ass. He was tiring from having to hold himself up in this energetic fuck and lowered his upper body unto Hank's muscular back.

Ewan grabbed Hank's arms pinning them to the edge of the bed as his hips continued their decent into Hank's pleasure zone. He leaned his head next to Hank's and gave his neck small nips as he continued his pumping.

Hank had never had his body controlled in this way before; what Ewan was doing to him was more than pleasure, it was ecstasy. In response to Ewan's nibbling at his neck he tried to raise his ass a little off the bed to better receive Ewan's powerful dicking.

Hank was now biting the sheets as Ewan continued his plowing, working him over with his tool.

"I love your ass" Ewan whispered into Hank's ear between gasps as he continued to sink himself balls deep into his ass. Hank couldn't respond as his body reeled from each thrust.

Then Ewan's dick started to hit something deep inside Hank, his prostate.

"Ohhhh, unghhh fuck!" he shouted as a twitch ran though his body from the stimulation. He could no longer bite the sheets, as he had to vocalize his response to the new sensations

"Ah, ah, fuck" Hank whimpered, there seemed to be no letting up from Ewan's superb fucking. If he thought that was too much Ewan had other plans in store.

Ewan shoved himself to the hilt in Hank and was still for a moment as he caressed Hank's body, rubbing his trembling legs and planting soft kisses along his neck. Then he placed an arm around Hank's middle and turned him on his side, his cock still lodged up his ass.

Ewan used his other hand to turn Hank's head towards his own face and joined them in a hot kiss. He then grabbed Hank's leg under the knee and pushed it up his side while still kissing him.

Hank was caught deep in the rapture of Ewan's tongue twisting when he felt the first jab in their new position as Ewan continued to pierce him with his huge lance.

With Hank's leg in his hand Ewan had the perfect leverage to drive deeper into him. Hank again tried and succeeded at squeezing Ewan with his ass.

"Ohhh fuck" Ewan gasped, breaking the kiss as he felt Hank squeezing him, this caused him to move more frenzied inside Hank's tight ass, he was getting closer and closer to orgasm.

"Ahh, unghhh" Hank moaned as he felt his climax rise and burst to the surface in white ropes of cum, splashing across his belly and chest. His prostate could hold out no longer to the intense nudges it received from Ewan's cock.

"Unghhh!!" Ewan shouted, as his cock surrendered to the intense contractions of Hank's ass, flooding his anal passage in a river of hot cum. Ewan continued to grind his cock into Hank's battered ass, releasing every drop of his jism inside his bowels. He continued to rotate his hips in circles even as it deflated.

Then, sated and now enlivened by their reawakening both lovers again joined themselves, kissing. Ewan ran his hand over Hank's side and over his muscled chest, now covered with his own cum...

"That was incredible" Hank said after taking a deep breath

"It was for me too," Ewan responded as he eased his now limp cock from Hank's ass. With that done he held Hank in his arms, as he kissed his neck.

"So where do we go from here?" Ewan whispered

"I don't care, I just want to enjoy this, right now"

"That's fine with me" Ewan said turning Hank unto his back and looking into his eyes "this could be the start of something special y'know"

"Yeah, but let's just take it nice and slow" Hank said as he pulled Ewan's face to his for another kiss. Ewan snaked his hand down between Hank's legs and eased his middle finger into his cum drenched hole

"Mmmm" Hank moaned into Ewan's mouth as the finger slowly started to move in his ass

"Are you ready for round two Hank?"



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