The following story is a work of complete fiction. None of the characters exist and none of the events ever happened, keep that in mind.

The guys in this story might not be using rubbers, but they aren't real. You are. Please, Practice safe sex always.
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Why oh why 3


by David George

***Author's note***

The story continues, enjoy…

David *****

Keifer was in his apartment just having spoken to Terrence on the phone. He told him that he would be busy and he probably wouldn’t get to see him until further down in the week or maybe on the weekend.

This of course was his excuse, he didn’t know how Terrence would’ve reacted had he said he needed a break from their relationship to think. However, he knew that he needed the time to think things through.

He sat drinking a beer on his couch in quiet contemplation; most of his team members were probably somewhere else having a good time. Since he had hooked up with Terrence, he had spent a lot more lock down time than usual, between Terrence, studies and the team there was really nothing else.

Then suddenly there was a knock at the front door, he got up to open it but not before looking through his peephole, it was Jennifer. He took a deep sigh before opening the door.

Hi Keifer” she said neutrally, the coldness evident in her voice.

Jennifer, why don’t you come in” she brushed past him. Keifer closed the door then turned to look at her

Well? Don’t you have anything to say?” Jennifer asked

About what?”

My God Keifer, I’m supposed to be your girlfriend and you haven’t called me in a week”

I’m sorry, I’ve been busy”

Right, too busy, so I guess in all your ‘busyness’ you don’t have sex anymore or are you impotent now?”

Jennifer, what do you want me to say, I’ve been busy with stuff”

Y’know Keifer, your friends may think I’m some kind of ditz but don’t you dear try to insult my intelligence”

Jennifer, why is all this a shock to you, we’ve been drifting apart for months, you know that”“No I didn’t, what I do know is that you decided that you didn’t want to be in this relationship anymore and I’ve been left in the cold…” her voice broke and tears started to form in her eyes

Jennifer, please don’t start with the waterworks” 

What did I do wrong Keifer, what? Have you found someone else?” Keifer bowed his head he didn’t want her to see his eyes, he never was able to lie to her looking directly into her eyes

Keifer, look at me!” Jennifer shouted, he didn’t “Oh my God”

I think you should leave Jennifer” 

Leave, so this is how we’re breaking up, you basically admit to me that you found someone else… who is it?”

Jennifer, just leave” he went towards the door and made to open it, she pushed him into it causing him to hit his forehead 

What the fuck is wrong with you, just leave dammit!” Keifer shouted rubbing his forehead

I’m not leaving until you tell me who it is” she came towards him and in a quick move slapped him sharply in the face.

Jennifer couldn’t believe how angry she was “Who is it?!”

Fuck you Jennifer” Keifer growled, rubbing his jaw “you better leave or I swear I’ll break your fucking neck”

She came towards him again and started pummeling his chest with her fists

I hate you, I hate you!!…” she shouted as she rained down blows on Keifer, she got a few in before he held her hands.

Are you fucking crazy?!” Keifer shouted as he held her in a tight grip “what the fuck do you want from me hah?”

Jennifer reached up and joined her lips with his. He tried to resist at first but her tongue snaked into his mouth and she had him. He slowly released her hands as he got more caught up in the kiss…


After over an hour of animalistic passion Keifer and Jennifer laid together on his couch, their clothes strewn everywhere. They had not had sex in a while and this was the perfect release of all the pent up tension. Jennifer particularly liked the aggressive edge to their lovemaking.

Jennifer we need to-” Keifer was cut off by Jennifer who placed her finger over his mouth

We don’t have to talk about anything, I was just insecure, I knew you would never leave me, not like this” she got up and started picking up her clothes “ I have to go”

Kiefer watched bewildered as she finished dressing and left, higher than a kite. He immediately called Brad.


Brad, can you come over?”

What’s the matter Keifer, what’s going on?”

We need to talk man, something happened”

Alright, I’ll be right there”



Well, Jennifer looked much happier leaving than when she went in” Scott said with a smirk to Jake who was beside him in his car across the road from Keifer’s apartment

She should they were at it for almost 2 hours”

 “God man, these women, when they want it you just have to give it to them”

 “Yeah…” Jake answered, then after a long moment “Scott, you ever wonder why guys fuck other guys?”

What?  faggots, who knows why they want to fuck each other, that’s just sick, why’d you ask?”

I mean Jennifer coming over to get hers, how could it be any other way”

I don’t know but I’m just glad I don’t know any of those fudge packers, it makes me sick, some dude touching me, kissing me, fuck! No way”

Then after another pause Jake said “ so do you think he’s cheating?”

I don’t know and I don’t care all I know is I’m gonna get some good pussy either way”

Yeah, I’ve even chosen one of Kelly’s friends who I’ve had my eyes on for a while”

Stop man, just thinking about it makes my dick hard, just 5 more days…”

Hey, what’s this?” Jake said as he watched Brad climb the steps to Keifer’s apartment and knock on the door

It’s just Brad man, you know they’re best friends, probably coming to get the blow by blow coverage” Scott said with a laugh




So what’s the problem?” Brad asked as he walked in, Keifer was in a pair of boxers

Jennifer came over”

So I’m guessing that’s why those scratches are on your back” Brad said as Keifer picked up a couple cushions

What the fuck am I going to do?”

Tell me what happened”

 Keifer proceeded to tell Brad about Jennifer’s visit and what they did during

“…I just couldn’t control myself and I just gave her what she wanted” Keifer said with a sigh

 “Why didn’t you tell her that it was over?”

I tried to but she didn’t want to hear it, she acted as if everything was ok”

This is fucked up Keifer, you have to make up your mind”

I have”

Then you have to get rid of the baggage, whichever one it is… I’ve got to go, Sela is in the car” 

Ok, thanks man”



Another day, another tutorial session and no one was happier than Hank. It had been three days since he and Ewan had gotten together. His world was rocked for sure. Ewan did things to him he never thought possible.

Their liaison didn’t help his Spanish any but his ass was definitely feeling the benefits. For three nights, he and Ewan got it on and tonight would be no different. Now all he had to do was get through his tutorial session without jumping Ewan’s bones.

Ewan walked in with a strange look on his face

What’s the matter Ewan?”

I can’t come over to your place tonight, something’s come up and I’ve got to leave town for the night”

What happened?”

It’s one of my roommates, his father died and he’s going home to take care of some things and he wants me to help him. I’m really sorry Hank” Hank saw the genuine look of disappointment on Ewan’s face.

He got up and touched Ewan’s face “It’s ok Ewan, I understand, hey I’ll always be here remember? go do what you have to do and when you get back we’ll get together”

They were suddenly startled by their tutor clearing his throat in the doorway of the room, they hadn’t heard him approach.

They quickly took their seats, none of them meeting the eyes of the tutor…


Later, after practice Hank was in the locker room with his other teammates when Terrence came up to him

Hey Hank, long time we haven’t hung out together, how about you come over to my place tonight and we can throw back a couple beers?”

That sounds good”

Really, I thought you would be going on a next date, you’ve been all smiles since Monday”

Nah, we’re taking a break tonight…hey wait minute, you’ve been pretty busy yourself”

Yeah well, have to make time for my friends too right?”


 “So is it ok if I invited Carter over as well?”

 “Sure, that’s fine”

Cool, see you later” Terrence was delighted that Hank agreed to come, he hadn’t really been able to sound him out since what had happened with Keifer and he wanted to make sure his friendship was still intact.



 “Billy, I don’t know why I agreed to do this anyway, it’s been three days since we started watching the guy and Jennifer is the only woman that has entered his apartment” Jordan was complaining to Billy over his cell phone as he sat in his car watching Keifer’s apartment

 Just keep looking, if he’s ok we’re ok too”

 “Alright” Jordan hung the phone up just as Keifer opened the door of his apartment and walked out.

 “I wonder where he’s going?” he said to himself, as Keifer looked around before hailing a cab.

 “Oh shit, this is strange, he’s hailing a cab, but he has his own car” Jordan was musing to himself even as he followed the taxi that Keifer had went into…

 Three blocks later and the taxi stopped at an apartment that Jordan didn’t recognize. He watched as Keifer got out, paid the driver and went up the steps. He knocked and the door was opened by…

 “Oh my God, that’s Terrence Porter” Jordan was in shock, why would Keifer be meeting Terrence in his apartment?


Keifer! I wasn’t expecting you” Terrence said, surprised when he saw Keifer standing outside his door

 “I’m sorry, is it a bad time?”

 “No, no come on in” Terrence let Keifer in and closed the door. Keifer walked in to see Carter on the couch watching T.V.

 “Hey Carter, longtime no see”

 “How’re you doing Keifer?”

 “I’m fine, so, what’re you guys up to?”

 “Oh we’re just chillin’ ” Terrence said

 Keifer noticed another beer can and as he was about to ask…

 “Keifer!” Hank blurted as he turned the corner, coming back into the room from the bathroom, everyone looked up at his startled face.

 “Oh, Hank is with us too Keifer” Terrence said looking at Keifer who was still looking at Hank.

 “Hi Hank” Keifer said coolly

 “Hey” Hank said not fully recovering from the shock of seeing Keifer in such a while. Carter saw Hank’s demeanor and also noticed the quick glances that passed between the two.

 “Uh, Terrence, I’m going to take off, you guys seem busy, I’ll talk to you tomorrow”

 “But…” Terrence began, then rethinking his words “ok, tomorrow” Keifer then went out the door and left.

 Terrence turned to Hank “I’m sorry that had to happen like that, I didn’t know he was going to come over”

 “It’s ok, I guess it still takes some getting used to” Hank answered, Carter’s eyes on him all the while

 “So Hank, who’s this new girl you’re with?” Carter asked

 “Man, not that again”

 “What? come on man, I’ve got to meet the person who makes you smile so much”

 “Carter, he doesn’t want to say, leave him be, we’ll find out”

 “The hell you will” Hank answered jokingly




Fuck  it, what the hell was that?’ Hank thought. He still couldn’t believe his reaction to Keifer. Sure he hadn’t been anywhere near the guy since they broke it off but the feelings that flooded into him the moment he saw him…


 “Huh? what?” he was pulled out of his reverie by Carter who was driving him home

 “What happened back there tonight?”

 “What’re you talking about?”

 “Keifer… you acted like you’d seen a ghost, then again you two seemed to know each other or something”

 “I don’t know what you’re talking about Carter, you know I don’t know him” Carter looked at him for a second, he could see that he was lying.

 “I guess”


I can’t do this anymore” Ewan complained as he knelt, a stiff cock jutting in his face

 “Shut up and suck, faggot!”

 “Please, haven’t I done enough?” he complained again as the prick was used to slap his face

 “Enough? if I let the university know that you threw a match for a blow-job you’d be dead”

 “It happened a long time-” Ewan was silenced with a fist, which sent him sprawling on his back.

 “Y’know Ewan, maybe I’ve been too good to you, letting you suck my dick all these months, I’m gonna fuck you tonight” Ewan backed away from his conqueror as he advanced upon him

 “Please man, don’t do this please, I don’t take it up the ass ” he begged

 “If you resist me even once, I swear you’ll regret it for the rest of your life” Ewan knew he was serious.

 “Take your jeans off and stand up!” Ewan started to slowly remove his shoes and then his jeans. When he was done he stood, feeling humiliated as he was scrutinized.

 “Why do faggots like you always have big dicks? Pity mine is about the same size, so I know it will be comfy for you” Ewan was pushed roughly over the arm of the couch. He was powerless to defend himself, if he did, he would be doomed.

 “Nice ass, should be good to plow” the voice said, then Ewan felt two hard swats descend on his ass, one after the other

 “Ahh!” Ewan wailed, surprised by the pain

 “Shut up!”

 Ewan then felt his ass cheeks spread roughly apart and saliva spat directly unto his rosebud. Then he felt a finger digging into him, sawing itself inside out

 “Ahh!! please man, please don’t do this to me” Ewan again pleaded

 “I said shut the fuck up!” followed by another hard swat was the response


 “Think you’re Mr tough guy huh, wish the world could see you now, to see that your nothing but a dirty faggot” the finger was removed from his ass and replaced by something much bigger “now let’s see how tough you are” as this was said the dick was forced into Ewan’s bowels, to the root

 “AHHHHH-Mmmm!!!” Ewan screamed at the incredible pain before a hand flew over his mouth. He had never felt anything so terrible in his life. He felt a heavy weight on his back and breathing in his ear

 “I knew you were a wuss, but it doesn’t matter, because I’m gonna fuck you good” the voice whispered menacingly as the dick was slowly pulled from his ass.

 “MMmmmmmm!!!” Ewan tried to scream but the sound was muffled by the hand still over his mouth as he felt the dick lunge back into him violently.

 He screamed more when he felt it pull out leaving only the head inside his tight ring of anal muscle and then plow back in, but all his screams were being muffled by the big hand covering his mouth.

 With a powerful shove the dick went balls deep into his ass and stayed there as Ewan felt it being rotated inside him, poking areas previously untouched within his strained guts.

 The hand was suddenly removed from his mouth and wrapped around his upper body pulling him up, then the mouth returned to his ear

 “How is it now Ewan?”

 “Please… please stop” he begged between breaths

 “Aww, a big wrestler like you, this should be nothing” as this was said a small jab was made into his innards

 “Ahhh! Oh god, please…” Ewan moaned as his left leg was lifted and placed on the couch, giving more access to the dick already lodged up his ass. Two hands wrapped around his upper body, holding him tight to his conqueror’s warm body.

 “This is it Ewan, this is IT!!!”

 “Ahhhhh!!!” Ewan screamed as again the dick was pulled half way out and then shoved deep inside him but this time it didn’t ease, it continued to piston into him over and over again.

 “Uh, uh, uh, uh!!” Ewan grunted as he was fucked with a vengeance, he couldn’t believe the ferocity of the thrusts as his virginity was taken and he was powerless to prevent it.

 The strong hands held Ewan in a death grip as his ass was continually banged by the big dick, which conquered him repeatedly.

 “Ungh, ungh, ahh, oh God, ahh!!!” Ewan whimpered, he clenched his teeth in an attempt to get a grip of what was happening to him but the relentless pounding his ass was receiving didn’t allow him. Tears started to flood his eyes

 “Oh yeah, shit, your ass is tight bitch” Ewan could only grunt, moan and whimper as the thick stalk continued it’s rampage, plowing further and further into him. Suddenly there was another source of pain running through his body, sharp teeth were now attached to his muscular neck, digging into his flesh as he was being dicked.

 “Ahhh!!!” Ewan grunted, but the teeth sunk deeper and the thrusts picked up pace, burying the dick deeper and deeper inside his no longer virgin ass. He hoped that it would be over soon, he couldn’t take much more of this.

 “Ohh yeah, I’m gonna cum up your ass Ewan,” the voice said, before the teeth were reattached to a fresh patch of skin on his neck.

 “Ungh!” Ewan moaned, he was too exhausted to do anything else as the dick became a jackhammer before it was pumped into him for one last time

 “Unghhh, Fuck, yeah!!” Ewan’s conqueror shouted in triumph, his dick lodged completely inside Ewan’s ass as he emptied his balls. Ewan’s head was hung low as he felt the deluge rush into his bowels, tears running from his eyes. If ever he was going to give his ass to anyone, it would never have been like this.

 “There, pussyboy wrestling captain, a real man just fucked you” Ewan felt the dick pulled from his ass as he was pushed into the couch. He started to sob, burying his head into the cushion.

 “Cry all you want, I’m not done with you yet, now that I know that your ass is so good I’m going to want much more than just a blow job…now get up and get out you piece a shit!!”

 Ewan struggled to his feet, cum running down his legs as he tried to put his clothes back on. Pain rang out from his nether regions as he made his way out the door.


 “Men, I want you to go home, have a good weekend and come prepared because Tuesday night is our big night, we’re going to show the University President and the IAA that we are the best, is that clear?” said coach Astor

 “YEAH!” was the collective shout from the members of the Beavers as they cleaned up after their final practice of the week…

 “So, it’s Friday, what’re you going to do for the weekend Hank?” Matt Sutton asked

 “I’m going to lay low and relax”

 “Right, don’t you get it Matt, he’s going to ‘lay’ low” Steven added with a laugh, some of the guys started laughing

 Hank didn’t respond as he quickly packed his stuff and left the locker room. Ewan was to come by his place later and he was looking forward to it.



 “What do you mean he visited Terrence? Why the hell would he visit his rival?”

 “I don’t know Jake but I followed him to Terrence’s apartment…Terrence answered the door himself”

 “Well, that’s really strange… I’m watching with you tonight maybe you were seeing wrong”

 “Fuck you man, I know what I saw” Jordan was angry, how could Jake think he was wrong?

 “Well I’m not telling Scott or Billy anything until I’m sure”



 Keifer was pacing the living room as he waited for Jennifer to arrive. He had called her over to talk. He had made a decision and she needed to know…

 There was a knock at the door, he went to it and saw that it was her; he opened the door

 “Hi my lover man, couldn’t get enough could you?” she said as she flung herself into his arms kissing him

 “Come on Jennifer, we need to talk” he said as he eased her off and closed the door.

 “Let’s have sex then we can talk, it’s much better after” Jennifer said, as she playfully ran her hands over his chest.

 “No Jennifer, sit down, we have to talk” she saw that he was serious and sat

 “What’s the matter now Keifer?”

 “Jennifer… we’ve been together for a long time but I can’t do this anymore, the up down relationship, it’s like we’re only happy when we have sex… I can’t live like that anymore” Jennifer sat and for a moment looked like she didn’t know where she was, then

 “So… it’s my fault why you’re leaving me?”

 “No Jennifer, it’s nobody’s fault, we’ve just grown into different people and I think that the best thing we both can do is move on with our lives”

 “That’s it, move on with our lives? Is it this easy for you to just throw away four years of our lives?” water was welling up in her eyes “then again, you have someone else to move on to”

 “I didn’t say that”

 “You didn’t have to Keifer, what, do you think I’m an idiot?!” she shouted

 “Calm down Jennifer”

 “Calm down?” she had a puzzled look on her face “Why don’t you just admit it Keifer, admit that you’re fucking someone else” she was getting hysterical

 “Jennifer, don’t do this to yourself”

 “Fuck you, I don’t need your pity” she took up her bag, her tear-streaked face clouded by her mussed up hair “Remember this Keifer Garrison, you’ll pay for doing this to me, I promise you” she flung the door open and stormed out.



Uh oh, something happened, look” Jordan pointed to Jennifer as she left Keifer’s apartment for her car, obviously upset.

 “Well I know who isn’t getting any tonight, let’s watch and see if he’ll leave” Jake commented

 They didn’t have to wait too long as Keifer soon emerged from his apartment and this time he headed for his own car.

 “Here we go” Jordan said as Keifer pulled out and he proceeded to follow him,

 “I wonder where he’s going” Jake asked

 “I told you, he’s heading for Terrence Porter’s apartment”

 “We’ll just see”

 They followed Keifer’s car until he reached Terrence’s apartment

 “See I told you” Jordan said triumphantly

 “Ok, fine but we don’t know what he’s doing here and anyway you said he left soon after when he came the first time”

 “Let’s wait and see” Jordan said, Jake looked at him for a second

 “What are you thinking Jordan?”

 “I still can’t figure out why he would be here”



Terrence opened the front door to see Keifer waiting with his hand in his pockets

 “Come in” he said, allowing Keifer to enter. Keifer sat on the couch studying his hands, Terrence sat beside him

 “What’s the matter?” Terrence asked placing his hand on Keifer’s shoulder. Keifer looked up at him

 “I did something just now, I still can’t believe I went through with it… I broke up with Jennifer”


In the meantime…

 “Jordan, since you want to know why he’s here so bad why don’t we go take a look”


 “Come on man there’s got to be some window we can look through or something, who knows, maybe their trading playing secrets”   

 “Alright let’s go” Jordan agreed before they alighted from the car and headed across the road. 

 “Do you have those binoculars?” Jordan asked

Yeah” Jake answered as they reached the corner of Terrence’s building and found a window, which gave them a direct line of sight into his living room…

 “…what are you trying to say?” Terrence asked

 “I love you and you’re the one I want to be with” Keifer said holding Terrence’s hand in his. He then cupped Terrence’s face in his hands and kissed him.

 “Holy fuck” Jordan blurted

 “No shit,” Jake replied they had both seen what had happened but still could not believe it. They both turned away from the window and raced back to the car.

 Jordan grabbed his cell phone and dialed

 “Hey Scott, yeah it’s me, we have something…you won’t believe this… I can’t tell you over the phone, just get over here… oh we’re at 215 Alcott street… I know that it’s not Keifer’s place just get your ass down here, fast and bring a camera”

 He hung up and looked at Jake who was staring incredulously back at the apartment.

 “Jake… Jake, snap out of it”

 “I-I don’t understand, Keifer… Keifer isn’t a fag”

 “You saw it for yourself Jake, he was kissing Terrence Porter”

 “Oh my fucking God, not Keifer”

 “We got to go back over there”

 “Why? I’ve seen enough”

 “Come on”

 “No, I’m staying here… oh fuck, I don’t know why I did this” Jake was clearly agitated. Jordan left him and returned to the window to see what had progressed. When he reached he almost choked, what he saw was unbelievable…

 Both Terrence and Keifer were now completely naked with Terrence on his knees between Keifer’s spread legs, which were over his shoulders. He held Keifer’s erection in his hand and sucked on his balls.

Jordan couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Keifer’s hand was on Terrence’s head as he continued to lick his balls. Jordan couldn’t hear anything from where he was standing but he could see that Keifer was in ecstasy with his head thrown back and his eyes closed while Terrence worked on him.

 Then Terrence moved one of his hands and slid a finger inside Keifer, Jordan’s eyes almost popped out of his head. He spun around from the window and headed back to the car to find Jake still sitting inside

 “Jordan, why don’t we just leave, act like this never happened”

 “What?” Jordan asked incredulously “we can’t do that… remember, in the beginning I didn’t want to do this, but you and Billy were the ones who agreed and I decided that it probably was ok, now we find something and you are chickening out, what gives man?”

 “That’s Keifer in there, our Captain, my friend… my God, we use the same locker room”

 “Jake, Keifer’s my friend too”

 “Fine, so what do you say we leave right now and forget this”

 “Why are you so stressed all of a sudden? All we’re gonna do is tell Jennifer, she’ll do whatever she wants with the info, all I know is Keifer’s not gonna see me naked again”

 “You don’t get it do yo-”

 “Hey guys, sorry we took so long” Scott said as he came out of his car “so, guys what’s going on?” Jordan walked over to Scott before Jake could finish talking. Billy then joined the group

 “You won’t believe this, Keifer is in there” Jordan said pointing to Terrence’s apartment

 “And?” Scott asked anxiously

 “Well, I think you better see this for yourself” Jordan said as he headed towards the side of the apartment with Scott and Billy behind him.

 “Hey Jake, aren’t you coming?” Billy asked

 “No, I’ve seen enough” he responded, Billy quickly followed the others to the window.

 “Oh my God… Keifer?” Scott said, the first to speak after reaching the window, all three were witnessing their team captain in the throes of passion as he was vigorously fucked by Terrence.

 Keifer’s head was thrown back, his mouth opened in a silent moan as Terrence’s muscular ass flexed as it rose and fell with his continued thrusts into Keifer.

 All three turned away… then

 “We have to get this on tape” said Scott who suddenly seemed very excited

 “Scott, did you just see that? I don’t want to watch that man, it’s sick” Billy spoke for the first time, revealing his disgust

 “Well, if you’re not in that’s ok, I’ll do it myself… I can’t fuckin’ believe this” Scott mused as he turned back to the window, his digital camera in hand

 “What can I do Scott?” Jordan asked

 “Just keep watch and make sure that nobody around here gets suspicious” Scott replied as he turned back to the window with his camera.


Unghh!!!” Terrence moaned as he made a final thrust into Keifer, releasing his pent up seed. He released Keifer’s legs, removing his now limp cock from his ass. He crept up between his legs and kissed him.

 When they broke the kiss…

 “How was that?” Terrence asked with a smile

 “It was good, as always…” the two embraced and kissed, enjoying the closeness of their bodies as their heart rates subsided.

 “I’m staying here tonight, I want to teach you a few tricks”

 “Oh, you do, maybe I have a couple up my sleeve as well”

 “Ok then, let’s go” Keifer said as he rose from the couch and headed for the bedroom, Terrence in hot pursuit.

 Both were out of the couch and out of sight of the lens as Scott adjusted his hardened dick in his pants. “Gotcha” he whispered to himself as he turned off his camera and walked away.

 When he got back to the car, the others were waiting

 “Well, what happened?” Jordan asked

 “They fucked and left the room when they were done” Scott said nonchalantly

 “So, what are we going to do?”


 “What?” they all asked in surprise

 “Calm down guys, I’m just as disgusted as you, but all I can do is tell Kelly that Keifer isn’t doing anything, he’s clean… you’ll get what you were supposed to get in the deal and we’ll leave this right here tonight”

 “But I don’t get it, you’re just going to drop it?” Jake asked

 “Yeah, Keifer’s our team captain, anything that hurts him hurts us too if this gets out” he said holding up his camera “they may even think we’re all fucking each other… no way, we leave this here and now”

 “So what are you going to do with that?” Jordan asked pointing to the camera; Scott took a tape from his pocket

 “I’ll destroy this now” He said as he pulled the tape apart “there” he said when he was done.

 “Is everyone in agreement?” he asked as the others all looked at him.

 “That works for me, this is just too much” Billy said, Scott moved his eyes to Jordan

 “Hey as long as I get what I was promised I don’t really care, I didn’t see a thing,” Jordan answered, then Scott turned his gaze unto Jake

 “Fine, but I want to know one thing, all of us know that you don’t like Keifer, in fact you two have a history of bad blood, why are you all of on a sudden his protector?”

 “Yeah Scott, come to think of it Jake’s right” Jordan added

 “Hey, whatever happened between me and Keifer in the past is just that, history and as I said this isn’t for Keifer, this is for the team. Maybe if you weren’t being ruled so much by your dicks you would understand where I’m coming from” Scott defended, Jake gave him a hard look and went back to the car

 “Fuck you Scott!” he said as he started the car “Jordan, I’m leaving” Jordan quickly jumped into the car as Jake sped off

 “Let him go, he’s just hot under the collar” Scott said as he headed for his own car “Billy, this is the best thing to do, you know that right?”

 “Yeah” Billy replied “but you really pissed Jake of with what you said”

 “Forget him, he’ll come around” Scott said confidently as he started up his car and headed home.



 Hank woke up with a start, he was still on the couch where he fell asleep waiting for Ewan. He looked at his watch it was 2:15. He was stood up, 'why didn’t Ewan come? Maybe he got held up’ Hank thought as he drifted back to sleep.


Ewan lay awake, his body quaking from the memory of what happened to him the night before. Tears flooded his eyes afresh, he didn’t like to cry but he knew no other way to release what he was feeling. He couldn’t face Hank like this. The thought of Hank made more tears flood his eyes, how was he going to get out of this?



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