The following story is a work of complete fiction. None of the characters exist and none of the events ever happened, keep that in mind.

The guys in this story might not be using rubbers, but they aren't real. You are. Please, Practice safe sex always.
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Why oh why 4

by David George

***Author's note***

Thank you to all who have written, it’s always great hearing from you. I could name names but hey, that's between us. C, thanks for the support as always. The story has seemingly taken wings and continues to grow, keep enjoying it and please, drop me a line whether you like it or not, I promise I'll write you back.

David *****


Hank was at home trying to catch up on some course work. Since Friday he hadn’t gotten a call or heard a word from Ewan to explain his absence. He was a bit upset, at least now, he knew what it felt like when he used to give his girlfriends the cold shoulder, but he and Ewan they were different…

He was in the midst of trying to figure out what was going on when there was a knock at the door. He went to open it, hoping that it was Ewan

He opened the door to see a seemingly beleaguered Ewan standing there

Ewan…” Hank said cautiously “come on in” he shifted to allow him to enter.

Where’ve you been?” Hank asked, as Ewan sat silent, staring down at the carpet, then he spoke

My friend’s family decided that they wanted a quick funeral so it was all planned and done, that’s why I’m just getting back, sorry I wasn’t able to call you but everything was so busy” by now Hank was sitting beside him, he put is hand on his arm, Ewan looked up into his eyes

It’s fine but what I want to know is, are you ok?” Ewan’s eyes watered a bit, his lying compounded by the way he felt made it harder for him to look Hank in the face. How he wanted to just break down and tell someone about his problem but…

You knew him that well huh?” Hank asked


Your friend’s father?”

Oh, yeah, we were kinda close” Ewan said with a sniffle

Damn, you’re taking this really hard aren’t you?” Hank asked running his fingers through Ewan’s hair “I can make all the pain go away…” he said as he nuzzled Ewan’s neck and reached his hand down between Ewan’s leg where he fondled his weapon.

Hank, I don’t know if I’m up to…mmm” he stopped short when Hank gave his dick a squeeze while he continued to nuzzle his neck.

In spite of himself, Ewan was getting hornier by the second, as Hank continued to manipulate his hardening dick and suck on his neck, then…

Ewan… what’s this?” Ewan opened his eyes to see what Hank was talking about

You have a mark on your neck, it looks like teeth marks” Hank was looking closely at the mark, Ewan pulled away

It’s nothing”

Nothing? Ewan, that’s a bite mark, how did you get it?”

Hank, would you just drop it, me and some of my teammates were playing around and things got a little out of hand” Hank noticed the change in Ewan’s attitude

Ok ok, I wasn’t accusing you of anything, I was just concerned… now where were we?” Hank said as he started to nibble on Ewan’s ear

Hank… come on man…mmm” Hank wasn’t giving Ewan a chance to resist as he ran his hands over his arms, feeling every muscle and caressing his pecs through his shirt.

Again Ewan couldn’t help himself, he was being turned on as Hank continued to fondle him.

Hank tired of Ewan’s ear quickly, he wanted to taste his lips. He grabbed Ewan’s head and joined their lips, forcing his tongue inside his mouth. Hank was hungry and he was planning to eat Ewan alive as he continued to kiss him passionately.

Hank broke the kiss and was on his knees in a flash as he pulled open Ewan’s jeans and fisted out his tool. As soon as it was in sight he wolfed it down

Oh shit Hank, ohhh” Ewan moaned as Hank licked and sucked his cock like there was no tomorrow. He placed his hand on his head, guiding his mouth up and down his cock.

The sound of sucking and slurping were loud in the room as Hank continued to work his throat around Ewan’s cock head

Oh fuck” Ewan moaned as he flung his head back unto the couch, his previous pensiveness, momentarily forgotten.

Hank continued to suck and jack Ewan’s cock, pulling his briefs down further to get more access to the tasty candy bar. He buried the cock down his throat until his nose was in Ewan’s bush, where he savored his scent. He had missed his man’s cock and he was going to make up for it.

Oh yeah, ohhh” Ewan whimpered as Hank continued, he was in a daze, his cock painfully stiff as it disappeared repeatedly inside Hank’s warm mouth, then the warmth was gone

Ewan opened his eyes to see Hank pulling off the shorts he was wearing, rendering himself completely naked, his cock got stiffer.

Hank pulled Ewan’s jeans down to his knees and jacked his cock some more before maneuvering to impale himself on the rampant cock.

Oh no you don’t” Ewan said as he grabbed Hank around the waist and pulled his firm ass cheeks to his face “not before I taste what you have here” he said before separating the cheeks and diving in.

Ohhhhh” Hank moaned as he felt the wet tongue snake up into his crack and flick along the outside of his rosebud. Ewan cooed as he used his tongue to tickle the sensitive area of Hank’s ring, then he straightened his tongue and sunk in.

Oh yeah” Hank whimpered as he had his ass eaten. Ewan used his hands to part the firm cheeks as far as they would allow, giving his whole mouth more access to the sensitive bud.

The stubble on Ewan’s face was driving Hank wild as it tickled his sensitive flesh while Ewan went to town licking and dipping into him. He was trying desperately to pull away from the maddening sensations but Ewan’s grip on his waist was solid.

Ah, uh” Hank moaned as he was stimulated to almost breaking point by Ewan’s tongue, which dipped into him continually. The grip on his ass cheeks increased as Ewan consumed even more of his ass, pushing his tongue as far as it would go.

Ahhhh” Hank moaned. Ewan, satisfied that he had done enough, disconnected from Hank’s ass but not before giving each cheek a playful bite

Now you’re ready” he said as Hank tried to regain some composure before positioning himself to take his cock.

Hank stooped and hefted Ewan’s cock in his hand, lining up the thick head with his now completely relaxed rosebud. He rubbed it between his cheeks, eliciting a shudder from Ewan who watched intently to see his cock disappear up the tight chute.

Hank started to slowly ease the head past his ring, pushing down more each time to accept every millimeter.

Ahhhh yeah” Ewan moaned as Hank slowly took his entire cock in one smooth slide. When Hank felt Ewan’s pubic hair scratching at his ass cheeks he let out a contented moan, he was filled.

He slowly lifted himself up the length of the shaft and upon reaching half way sunk back down.

Ohhhh” Ewan moaned as he felt Hank’s ass massage him, up and down it went as he took him in repeated strokes.

Hank had now built up a rhythm, lifting himself slowly and sinking down in a quick swoop. This allowed him to take Ewan’s cock to the root repeatedly. Ewan was tiring of this position, he wanted to drive, so he held Hank in place on his final descent and pulled him unto his chest where he held him, kissing his back as he gyrated his hips and his cock inside him.

Ah fuck!” Hank moaned as he felt Ewan’s dick move inside him, poking around. Ewan did more as he lifted them both from the couch, his cock still lodged inside Hank and repositioned him facing the back of the couch, he knelt behind him.

He gyrated his hips once more as he held Hank in a tight clutch.

Unghh, uh” Hank was reacting to the small jabs, that the cock was now making inside him. Then Ewan pulled out, leaving only his head inside then plunged back in, starting a fast clip as he once again fucked Hank for all he was worth.

Uh, uh, uh!” Hank whimpered as he felt each thrust into his ass, Ewan’s big tool making a mockery of his ass’s defenses.

Ewan held Hank, tightly, possessively, as he continued to drive his cock in forceful thrusts up his ass. He moved his hand down and held Hank’s appendage, jacking it in rhythm to his pounding thrusts.

Ah, uh, uh, uh…” Hank moaned as Ewan’s thrusts became more vigorous with the added manipulation of his cock.     

Hank flung his head back unto Ewan’s broad shoulders as he took deep breaths with each lunge inside him.

Oh fuck! Ahh!” Hank wailed, his eyes closed as his cock was being jacked and his ass ridden. Ewan began working on his neck, licking and kissing the thick lump of muscle as he felt himself coming closer and closer to breaking point but he wanted to take Hank with him so he started jacking him even harder.

Ah, ah…fuck, oh shit” Hank had lost all coordination as the tugging on his dick increased. Ewan didn’t miss a beat as he continued to plow deep into Hank’s guts while pulling on his dick

Ewan…ahh!” Hank moaned, as he felt his climax rising from Ewan’s masterful fuck.

Unghhh!” he wailed as his cock exploded in Ewan’s hand, dousing the couch with his seed.

Oh shit!!” Ewan shouted as he felt the powerful contractions of Hank’s ass around his prong.

Unghhhhh!!” he moaned , his grip on Hank became tighter as with one final lunge his cock released volley after volley of cum up Hank’s ass. He held on until his flow neared its ebb.

Oh my God” Hank sighed when he finally caught his breathe, Ewan said nothing as he bent his neck and kissed him gently on his cheek

Stay Ewan, don’t leave”

I’ll stay as long as you want me to, I’ll be here”

Ewan disengaged, pulling his spent cock from Hank’s ass and flopping down into the couch. Hank stretched his body across Ewan’s, bringing his head to rest on his chest

I want this to last forever Ewan” Hank said

I never thought I would ever find someone like you, but now…”

What?” Hank said looking up into his face

I just want to enjoy this now ok, let’s not talk about the future or the past”

I feel the same way… you sure know how to press my buttons though”

You too… your ex-boyfriend sure gave up something good” Hank looked up at him again an almost annoyed look in his eyes

I’ve never had a boyfriend”

Come on Hank, you weren’t a virgin the first time I fucked you”

I know that, but I never had a boyfriend… not before you” it was now Ewan’s turn to look down into his face

You want me to be your boyfriend?”

Yeah… I want you to be my boyfriend” Hank said, then they kissed


Kelly, there’s nothing going on, Keifer is faithful”


Yeah” Scott was telling his girlfriend his version of what happened over his week of watching Keifer with the hopes that she would believe.

But he broke up with Jennifer”

Well, I don’t know, the only girl who visited his place was Jennifer”

Oh well… but she’s so convinced that he found someone else”

Kelly, you’ve got to remember, Jennifer thinks she’s the queen of something, probably never thought anyone could ever dump her so now she’s totally shocked” Kelly shrugged her shoulders in defeat

I give up, but what about our deal?”

Don’t worry about it, she’s too messed up now anyway but it would be nice if you could put in a good word with the twins for Jordan and Billy”

You mean Kim and Kiana?”


But I thought Jake helped you on this?”

Well he backed out after a while, said he had a lot of work to do”

Oh, ok… my poor baby had to watch Keifer all week so for all your trouble, … I’m yours” she said before throwing herself into his arms.



It was the beginning of another week after a weekend that saw many people with new perspectives on their lives. Ewan and Hank had now made it official, at least to themselves that they were a couple, having long consummated their relationship this gave it more meaning.

Jennifer, now single still didn’t believe that Keifer was not seeing anyone else, even though Kelly said that Scott’s digging turned up nothing. Their was a nagging suspicion at the back of her mind that something was just not right, but how was she going to find out for sure. What would she do anyway? She had a lot to think about.

For Terrence and Keifer, it had been anything but restful. They went at it for hours, drowning themselves in a flood of sexual passion so much so that Keifer had decided to spend the entire weekend…

“…Keifer, wake up” Terrence whispered while giving him little pecks on his cheek

Mmmm” Keifer moaned still caught in his sleep

Come on man, we’ve got classes remember” Keifer opened his eyes and blinked, before fully coming out of his sleep

What time is it?”

It’s 7 o’clock”

Oh, I’m gonna take a shower then go by my place and get my stuff for school”

Fine… so are you coming back here tonight?”

You would like that wouldn’t you?”


I’m sorry but I can’t” he said as he grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist “remember that tomorrow is the big day”

Right, the University President wants me to be there, so I’ll be seeing you”

Most definitely” Keifer responded as he headed for the shower


Scott sat in his room watching the video he had made of Keifer and Terrence… ‘I got you now Keifer Garrison, I got you now’ he thought as he watched. He was still reeling, he couldn’t believe that he had been so lucky and tomorrow night would be the big night, he was going to make sure that Keifer got exactly what he deserved. He picked up his phone and made a call…

Hey bro, how are you… I got something I think you’d want to see… yeah, it’s dynamite stuff…come over, by the way, you are going to be at that dinner tomorrow right… good, so see you in an hour then…ok” Scott hung up the phone, a smile on his face.


Jake was still coming to grips with everything that had happened the previous week. He still couldn’t believe that all this time Keifer was gay, he would regret it forever not having told Keifer the way he felt about him long ago, it probably would have been him instead of Terrence.

Now, that chance was gone forever but something was still worrying him, Scott. He knew more than anyone else that Scott didn’t like Keifer, why? Simple, he had wanted to get the position of team captain, but when it came down to it Keifer was just better.

They had even fought once but somehow the coach set them straight and gave them a choice, work as a team or get kicked out. They decided to hold their peace, though they avoided each other as much as possible.

It was really strange to hear Scott almost defending Keifer as if he really cared about his honor. Jake knew that he was up to something and he would move heaven and earth if he had to, to stop him from hurting Keifer.

Nevertheless Jake still felt like a part of him had been ripped open when he saw Keifer kissing Terrence. Scott was almost a substitute idol but he was so macho and full of himself, at least everyone liked Keifer.

He resolved that he had to find out what Scott was planning, just then his phone rang


Hi Jake, it’s Kelly”

Oh, hi Kelly”

So, how is everything?”

It’s cool, how about you?”

I’m fine”

Kelly, what’s this really about, you didn’t just call me to find out how I’m doing”

Alright… what happened with Keifer?”

What do you mean?”

Well Scott said that you backed out because of work is that true?” there was a pause on the phone

Jake… please just tell me the truth”


So, why then?”

Kelly, I can’t talk about this, it’s complicated but all I know is that Scott is trying to hurt Keifer”

What? how?”

Kelly please, I’ve said too much already”

Is he seeing someone else then” another pause

Just tell me”

Kelly ask Scott, I’ve gotta go” he hung up the phone.

He didn’t want this to get any worse than it already had.


Hello… Kelly, what’s wrong? …He said what…Kelly calm down… calm down…hello, hello”

That bitch!!”

What’s the matter?”

We’re going out for a little, I’m going to teach someone a lesson in discretion”


Jake was in his apartment still thinking about Kelly’s call when suddenly he heard pounding on his front door

Who the fuck could that be?” he muttered to himself as he went to open it

What’s your problem...ahh!” he was cut off as he was thrown to the floor by a fist on opening the door.

Scott, Ryan, what the hell are you do-ahhh!!” he screamed as he was kicked, he heard the door slam

You fuckin’ Faggot!! Bitch!! you think I didn’t know? your little soft spot for Keifer, always defending him, you think I’m stupid? I’ve always known that you were a fag! But I didn’t say anything Jake because you’re my friend” Jake was still on the floor breathing heavily as he recovered from the kick he received “think I never noticed those looks in the locker room or how you always ask those strange questions?” Scott kicked him again

Arghhhh!!” Jake screamed in agony

And now you went prattling on to my girlfriend about how I’m going to hurt Keifer …Ryan, grab him, we’re going to teach this little faggot a thing or two”

Jake was on the floor trying to back away as Ryan came closer and closer

Who’s gonna save you now Jake?” Scott jeered

Stay away from me” he said, his voice shaky as he pulled himself further away

Get over here!” Ryan shouted as he grabbed his legs and dragged him kicking into the middle of the room and straddled him

Ahhhh!!” Jake wailed as he felt the weight now resting on his chest. Scott stooped down at his head, bringing his face closer to his

Y’know Jake, you should’ve let me do this for you a long time ago, maybe then you would’ve stopped dreaming about him”

Fuck you!!” Jake said then spat in his face, Scott backhanded him

You’re in for it now” Scott said, as he started to take his clothes off, Jake got a panicked look in his eyes

Yes Jake, I’m gonna give you what you’ve always been dreaming of, can’t get my clothes messy now, can I?” Jake looked from him to Ryan,

Ryan, you can’t let him do…” he was silenced when Ryan backhanded him once more

-shut the fuck up, bitch!”

Scott, now naked grabbed Jake’s arms and covered his mouth while Ryan grabbed his legs. They lifted his writhing form, took him struggling to his bedroom and slammed the door.


Some time later both emerged from the quiet of the room with more than enough bruises. Scott had gotten a black eye, but that was ok they had done what they had come to do.

He was a fighter” Ryan commented, wiping blood from his busted lip,

Yeah, but we showed him” Scott responded as he gathered his clothes. They washed blood and cum from their hands in the kitchen sink and left.



stop…please, STOP!!!”

What?!” Hank was frightened out of his sleep when he heard the shout, he looked at Ewan who was upright in bed sweating a river.

Ewan, what’s wrong?” Hank asked, wiping Ewan’s brow with his fingers, Ewan didn’t respond he just sat there, his eyes wide and his chest heaving with his heavy breathing.

Ewan… you have to tell me what’s wrong” Hank pleaded as he continued to move Ewan’s hair, pasted to his forehead by his heavy sweating.

I can’t” Ewan said in a voice so small Hank could hardly recognize it. He was still looking straight ahead.

Ewan, I hate seeing you like this, please just let me in” Hank said as he used his hand to turn Ewan’s face to his so he could get a good look into his troubled eyes. He saw that they were brimming with tears, so he pulled him into his chest and held him tight.

There was no way Ewan could hold back anymore, the tears tumbled out in huge, gut wrenching sobs. Hank held him tighter with each convulsion, it hurt him to hear Ewan crying, he sounded like he was in agony.

It’s going to be ok…” Hank said as he soothed Ewan’s trembling form in his arms.


This Tuesday morning was particularly bright but for some, misery didn’t allow them to see it…

Jake lay in his bed, bloodied, his body caked with dried cum, his face unrecognizable, with his numerous bruises. He lay paralyzed with fear and pain, tormented by the vivid images of what had happened to him the night before at the hands of his friend…

He could still see them throwing him unto his bed and then jumping on him, tearing off his clothes. He fought but they fought harder.

He still remembered hitting Scott in the eye, causing him to swear and back off for a second, but only a second. Scott came back with a vengeance, pummeling him with his fists.

Then Ryan had used his briefs to tie his hands over his head…

Jake squeezed his eyes shut, hoping that the images would just disappear from his head, but they didn’t, they haunted his every waking moment…

He could still hear his screams as they dug into his ass with their fingers, when they thought that that wasn’t sufficient Scott went for his battery operated toothbrush and pushed the thick handle into him.

He could also still feel the sting of every strike he received when he screamed, and then Scott got between his legs

Tears filled Jake’s eyes again, as it had done so many times during the long night as he remembered Scott’s words…

I love virgins, your pussy ass will be mine forever because no one can ever pick your cherry again”

He remembers he started to struggle again, harder than before but the fists rained down on him, subduing him, as Scott forced his way into him.

He screamed, but it only made it worse, then Ryan ended his screaming, he stuffed his mouth with his cock…

The memory of Scott’s violent thrusts into his most tender place, digging into him repeatedly, the grunts, the moans as he took his pleasure from his body, it made Jake feel like a used blow up doll. Thinking about it seemed to make the pain coming from below his waist more intense…

Then there was Ryan, who after thoroughly using his mouth, took Scott’s place.  Jake again struggled but not just because he was discontent, he feared the weapon that had been in his mouth, the sheer size of it. As they both changed places he made a last ditch attempt to get away from them but he stood no chance, his hands were tied and the pain in his ass got worse whenever he moved.

Settle down bitch, you’re going to get this whether you like it or not” Ryan had said as he splayed Jake’s legs and positioned his fat cock at his hole.

Jake’s worried eyes were drawn from the scene unfolding between his legs as Scott shoved his cum streaked cock into his mouth, this as Ryan made a powerful plunge into his battered ass.

Jake, shocked by the force and the pain that followed, inadvertently bit into Scott’s swollen cock.

Ahhh fuck!!!” Scott screamed, as he pulled out of his mouth “You’re dead!!!” he shouted as he grabbed Jake by the neck and started to use his fists on his face again, even as Ryan continued to fuck him, without mercy. Now the sheets were being bloodied as Jake was pounded into unconsciousness…

He doesn’t remember much after that, one moment he saw Scott’s angry face looming over him, then his fist repeatedly hitting him and then, darkness.


Ewan, you’ve got to talk to me, please” Hank begged as Ewan rose from the bed to dress

Hank, I’m sorry…I don’t know what came over me I just… I don’t know”

You don’t know? Ewan, you have a serious problem, why aren’t you telling me what it is, don’t you trust me?” Ewan felt a pang of hurt run through him at Hank’s question. He stopped what he was doing and turned to Hank

Hank, I trust you more than I think I’ve ever trusted anyone in my life but I can’t get you involved in this… just trust me, please”

How do you think it makes me feel watching you cry your eyes out hah? I feel helpless” Hank walked over to Ewan and placed his hands on his shoulders “you mean a lot to me Ewan and I hate seeing you like this” Ewan pulled him into his arms and hugged him

I know, just give me some time, please”

Ok” Hank said as they stood, holding each other.


Jake felt dead, his body sore and sticky. He knew it was daytime and he also knew that today was a big day, the IAA dinner but he couldn’t even imagine facing the world.

He still remembered the things that Scott said and it was all true. He had wanted Keifer more than anything else, no matter how many girls he slept with, at one time he had even thought about Scott too but…

He raped me…they both raped me’ his mind screamed, he wasn’t man enough and he got what he’d always wanted, it was his fault.

He decided that he had to try to get up, try to stay alive, he made an attempt to lift himself up but the pain that registered in his bowels exploded in his head as well

ahh” he moaned, he rested then tried again. He endured enough of his pain to raise himself up from the bed and slowly made his way to the bathroom


Jake, hey Jake open up… come on man, I have our tuxes… fuck it” Jordan remembered that he had a spare key for the apartment, whenever he wanted a place to bring girls he used Jakes’. He got the key from his key chain and opened the door.

Walking in, the apartment seemed empty…

Jake? hey man where are you?”

He made his way to Jake’s bedroom, they had planned to meet here and go to the dinner together as he had borrowed Jakes’ car.

Jake” he got no response but the first thing he saw was Jake’s bed, it was smeared with blood and pieces of his clothing were everywhere

Holy shit… Jake!!” he ran into the bathroom where he found Jake, sitting in the tub which was filled with water, he approached slowly

Jake?… Hey buddy, what’s going on?”

Jake didn’t move or respond, Jordan went closer and that’s when he saw his face

Jake, what happened to you?” he said as he knelt beside the tub, Jake turned to him and said one word



Bill, you clean up nicely”

Well Jim, this is a big night, the Annual Intercollegiate Athletics Association’s Dinner and we can expect a lot of things to take place here tonight”

Yes Jim, Statler and Newton are here together and for once they’re not going to be pounding each other for points.”

And don’t forget the dinner is also going to be hosting other athletes from both Universities including wrestling, swimming and a couple more sports”

O what a night it’s going to be…” the perennial flies on the wall were at it again, but this venue was much lighter fare compared to the usual noise at Football games.

The Lombard Hotel was the place to be, there the stage had been set for what was to be a night of fanfare and an outpouring of love for the athletes who had done their respective university’s proud…

Newton’s contingent had assembled consisting of the members of the university administration, the football team, wrestling team, gymnastics team, swim team, soccer team and rowing team with their respective coaching staff. The atmosphere was that of an Olympic team. No doubt Statler had a similar mix of sporting disciplines and their practitioners assembled.

The Hotel’s ballroom was huge and would be more than adequate for the athletes from both universities and their accompanying officials.

When everyone had assembled, the moderator began

Tonight we are gathered here to celebrate excellence, athletic excellence that is. The one night of the year when we give our athletes a chance…”

Terrence was sharing a table with Carter, Hank, Matt and Steven as he listened to the MC prattle on

Hey guys, I wonder who’s going to get best athlete tonight?” He asked

You know who” Matt responded looking at him with a smirk

What? I’m not that confident, I mean there are more than just football players here”

Well, you’ve been the best for the university so it shouldn’t be that hard a decision for them to make” Hank answered

I don’t know” Terrence was using this thought to take his mind off his other preoccupation, Keifer, he just couldn’t bear not being close to him, worse not having seen him since Monday.

“…Terrence, Terrence, hey man”

Oh, sorry guys”

Lighten up, if you don’t get that award we’ll still love you” Steven joked, Terrence exchanged a knowing glance with Carter who decided to shift the conversation.

So Hank, is your date here?” he asked, Hank who was also daydreaming had been quiet all evening


“…now ladies and gentlemen, I think I’ve said enough for now, let’s get to the real reason we are here, dinner” saved by the bell Hank thought as everyone’s attention was drawn from him and to the MC who had just announced dinner…

On the other side of the ballroom Keifer was also having a hard time keeping up with his teammates

“…Keifer” he felt a kick to his shin from Brad who was sitting directly across from him


Well at least now I know you’re alive, man wake up” Brad had noticed how separation anxiety had taken a hold of him

He’s probably thinking about Jennifer” a teammate teased

Yeah, I would be too, she looked mighty fine in that dress tonight” another said

What? she’s here?” Keifer asked, sounding a lot more surprised than he should have

Yeah” Keifer looked at Brad, almost asking him what he should do, with his eyes. Brad nodded.

By the way has anyone seen Jake and Jordan?” Brad asked breaking the silence

No, Jordan had said they’d be driving over together but I haven’t seen or heard from either of them” someone responded

I think the best person to ask about that would be Scott” Keifer said in a serious tone “after all he claims he’s their friend,” he mumbled under his breath

Uh oh, you two still at it?” Brad asked

Brad, this is supposed to be a pleasant occasion, let’s not spoil it by talking about that idiot”


Jordan’s mind was far away from the happenings at the dinner as he stuffed Jake’s wrecked sheets into garbage bags. Tears were running down his face as he worked. He had kept his control while Jake painfully tried to tell him what had happened to him but now alone he was on the verge, how could Scott do this to his friend?

Jake was like a big brother to him but tonight he was almost like a baby as he helped him out of the tub, dried him off and put him in bed after he had stripped it and changed the sheets.

He felt it was his fault, if he had stood up to Scott from the beginning maybe this wouldn’t have happened but now he had to deal with it, how?


Wow, I’m sure the true athletes among us appreciated that fine meal, after all you’re all supposed to be on eating plans, nevertheless when the cheese cake comes around, ask your coaches what to do with it, anyway it’s now time for us to have some real fun, the awards”

Every one had just about finished their meals and were again focusing on the antics of their presenter

From where Scott sat however, he was able to focus on something else, Keifer. He had big plans for him and before the end of the night, he would be fully aware of what they were.

Now tonight we have a number of awards to give out including a special award which we will present later. However our first award for the evening will be the award for most outstanding overall sports team, and by unanimous decision, this award goes to… The Newton Beavers!” a cheer went up from the football team as they all rose and went up to receive the trophy, Terrence gave the thank you

Thank you so much for this, we ah, we’ve really been working very hard this season and Coach Astor this is for you, we wouldn’t be where we were today had it not been for you pushing so hard, so thank you, thanks everybody!” they all left the stage.

That was the first of 3 awards that Newton were to receive for team sports, Statler also had it’s share of awards but the best was still left to come

“…Well now we are at one of the big ones, the male athlete of the year. The nominees are Ewan Townsend-Newton, Keifer Garrison-Statler, Terrence Porter-Newton, Stewart Reid-Statler and Trent Newman-Statler. My hands are shaking, I wonder who the winner could be… and, oh, it seems we have a tie in this award, so the male athlete of the year award will be jointly shared between Statler and Newton, Keifer Garrison and Terrence Porter!”

The ballroom was instantly filled with cheers from both sides as both Terrence and Keifer made their way to the podium. They were all smiles when they reached for more reasons than one, unbeknownst to many.

You go first”

No you go first” they were trying to decide who should speak first until Terrence swung his hand over Keifer’s shoulder and they both leaned into the microphone, a gesture that had the audience laughing and clapping at the same time.

Thank you!” they said in unison

I guess you can call us collectively, the Milk Chocolate Thunder from now on” said Keifer as the audience again broke out in laughter

Yeah…I just wanna say thank you to everyone who helped me to be here, my teammates, without your confidence and trust I couldn’t do what I do so thank you” said Terrence

Yeah, what he said,” said Keifer, the audience again broke out in laughter “he’s the smarter one anyway” they were cracking themselves up and enjoying the moment as much as possible. They made their way off the stage and to their respective seats

Don’t you just feel the love, those two… would you just give them another round of applause, they have displayed true sportsmanship and camaraderie…” the presenter commented. 

Wow, Terrence, I didn’t know you two were so friendly, it’s like you’re old friends” Steven commented

Yeah, ‘milk chocolate thunder’, that’s the happiest I’ve seen you all evening” Matt added

Guys, I have to put on a good show whether or not Keifer is beside me or not, he just played along” Terrence answered, he was feeling much better though, he had felt Keifer’s warmth, held him in his arms, that would have to suffice until later…

Now it’s time for our special award. This award was created to honor and recognize the siblings who play together and serve their respective universities in the athletic arena at the highest level. So tonight for the first time ever the award for best sibling athletes will be handed out and it goes to… the Wrestling and football pair of Ryan and Scott Sanderson, both students at Statler”

Ryan and Scott rose from their seats and headed towards the podium, they had done a good job of mending some of the bruises they got from Jake. Though Scott was the older of the two, their similar features and body sizes got them mistaken many times for twins…

Thanks a lot for this ahm, I’m sure Mom and Dad will be glad to know that we can do at least one thing together” Scott said before they departed

Well, we’ve come to the end of tonight’s ceremony, hope the thrills and the spills were exciting enough to hold you until next year, goodnight everyone… Maestro, some music please”

The dinner and awards ceremony had ended and now the real party could begin. Everyone left their tables and began to make the rounds congratulating awardees, Terrence for one was totally inaccessible as was Keifer due to the throng that had surrounded them both.

Hank slipped off, he wanted to find Ewan; Carter was in hot pursuit.

Ewan had just left his table intending to find Hank and split when a hand fell around his neck and he heard a voice whisper in his ear

Hey pussyboy, don’t forget we have an appointment tomorrow night” Ewan winced before shrugging the hand from his shoulder and turning to look at Ryan, hate imprinted on his face, Ryan smiled

Say one word and your ass will pay” Ewan looked away

Good, now don’t forget and don’t be late” Ryan said before walking off

Ewan had failed; this was exactly what he didn’t want to happen, meeting Ryan at the Dinner.

He still couldn’t believe the incredible circumstances that caused him to now be at Ryan’s whim.

It had been 6 months before and he was at a wrestling tournament and was in the running for the title in his weight class. Ryan Sanderson, the star at Statler was also in his weight class. He was in the changing room getting ready to go out for his round when Lewis Rollins, one of Statler’s wrestlers came into the room. He was in a lower weight class than Ewan himself

Hey Ewan”

Hey, what’s up Lewis” they had a good relationship considering that they were competing for different teams, they had also been intermittent fuck buddies who whenever possible would get it on. Lewis just couldn’t get enough of Ewan’s cock.

So, you think you have anytime before your match for a little…” Lewis winked his eye

You mean here?” Ewan asked

Why not, I just want to blow you”

I don’t know man, suppose someone walks in”

I’ll lock the door”

So Lewis locked the door and before Ewan could say when, he had wolfed down his cock to the root.

Ohh fuck, yeah, suck it, suck it” Ewan moaned as he fucked Lewis’s face, holding his head between his hands. He vigorously punched his dick in and out of Lewis’s open throat until he felt his climax rising,

Ahh yeah, I’m gonna cum… Ahhhh” he moaned as he let loose down Lewis’s eagerly sucking throat

Bravo!” Ewan was startled back to reality, his eyes flashed open to see Ryan standing over him with a camera pointed at him

Say cheese sucker” Ewan quickly pushed Lewis from between his spread legs and made to get up to grab the camera. He lunged at Ryan but he was too slow as Ryan shifted, sending him flat on his face.

Lewis, I thought you said you locked the fucking door!”

I’m sorry Ewan” Lewis said holding his head down “he threatened me, I had to do it… I have a scholarship to protect”

You set me up, you fucking…” Ewan got up and headed for Lewis but he was stopped by Ryan who grabbed his arm and flung him to the floor again

Oh no you don’t, this is my party… you faggots have had enough fun, Lewis get out of here, I have what I want now” Lewis left the room.

What do you want you fucking pervert” Ewan said angrily

Oh, that’s not a nice thing to say to someone who holds your future in his hand, you better settle down or I might have to make this tape public”

Why are you doing this?”

Enough questions, now listen up, you are going to lose our match or else”


You heard me, you lose or everybody sees this” Ryan said holding up the camera”

No fucking way” Ewan said defiantly

Fine, consider your life over” Ryan said as he made to leave

Wait!, you can’t do this to me, please there has to be something else”

Lose the match, that’s all I ask… there’ll be others” Ewan thought long and hard

Fine, but I want that tape after”

Fine with me”

Ewan didn’t know that he was making a deal with the devil. He threw the match, and got a tape, which he later discovered was blank. Then Ryan showed up at his apartment one day and laid down the law; he had evidence that he threw a match and he was going to use it for as long as he wanted.


Ewan was still standing in the ballroom when he heard someone call his name, he turned to see Hank headed towards him

Ewan, hey” Hank was tempted to hug him but he controlled himself “We ready to go yet?”

Yeah” Ewan responded

Good let’s go” Hank said as he turned to go, only to come face to face with Carter

Hey Hank, where you off to so fast, the team’s going to celebrate remember”

I gotta go” Hank said hurriedly

Hold on, not so fast… who’s this?” Hank looked at Ewan for a second

A friend of mine… Ewan Townsend meet Carter Ingham”

Nice to meet you Ewan, congrats on that nomination”

Thanks Carter”

Hank you have to stay just a little bit, we kinda have a surprise for Terrence”

Ok, fine I’ll stick around”


Keifer and Terrence had managed to get away from the crowds that had trapped them and had just gotten to each other when

Can I have a photo op?” a photographer from Newton’s student paper asked

Sure” Keifer said, pulling Terrence into a hug and holding up their trophy.

The first thing that Keifer saw when the photographer moved away was Jennifer, she looked beautiful in a sexy dress and there was a guy from the swim team with her, he guessed this was her trying to make him jealous, it did the contrary, he felt good to know that she moved on so quickly.

The next think he saw was Hank, he was looking sharp in his suit but he was with someone too, that guy from Newton who was also nominated along with him, for male athlete of the year

what the fuck was going on?' Just from their body language he knew that something was awry, he watched the pair as they disappeared through a door marked exit

Terrence, will you excuse me for a sec”

Keifer, where…”

I’ll be back” Keifer said as he headed towards the door. He reached it and pushed it open, it was a stairwell. He quietly made his way down one flight of the padded steps before he came upon Hank and Ewan who were in a corner kissing and fondling each other, oblivious to anything else. Ewan had Hank pinned to the wall as he tickled his tonsils. Hank was busy feeling Ewan’s muscular glutes.

Keifer’s next move was purely reflex and anger mixed together

Get the fuck away from him!” Keifer said angrily as he lunged for and flung Ewan to the ground.

Once Ewan was on the floor, Keifer set upon him, kicking him a number of times

Ahhh!” Ewan grunted

Stop it! Stop it! Fuck Keifer stop it” Hank shouted before grabbing Keifer around the waist and throwing him to the floor as well

What the fuck are you doing?!… oh shit, Ewan, are you ok?”

Yeah, I’m fine…ahh” Ewan said holding his rib where his movement caused it to hurt.

Keifer sat breathing heavily looking on as Hank fussed over Ewan

I thought you said you were done with men?” Keifer asked

Fuck you Keifer, I do what I want to do, you made your choice, let me make mine… who the fuck do you think you are anyway, you don’t own me” Hank said as he helped Ewan to his feet

So you’re a slut now, I wasn’t enough huh?” Ewan moved toward him and kicked him

Ahh fuck!” Keifer wailed,

That’s for kicking me” Ewan said before kicking him again

And that’s for calling my boyfriend a slut, punk!”


Ewan, stop, don’t hit him again,” Hank said as he held unto Ewan

He isn’t worth it anyway” said Ewan

Your boyfriend? I owned his ass before he even knew you existed, where were you then?” Ewan made to go after him again but Hank held him back

Don’t! he’s just bitter” Hank said to Ewan then he turned to Keifer

Why are you doing this? Don’t you have Terrence, huh, isn’t he enough?”

You said you were done with men, you said that I was the only one, when we were done you said you’d never go with anyone else, what we had was special, we…”

I thought what we had was special” Terrence said as he walked out of the darkness

All three looked up wide-eyed, Keifer rose from the ground

Terrence, I can explain…I-I can explain everything” Keifer said as he went towards him

Stay the fuck away from me Keifer!” Terrence shouted stepping back “and you” he said turning towards Hank

How could you do this to me? All this time, all along, you…” tears were now forming in Terrence’s eyes as he backed away

Terrence please, let me explain…” Keifer pleaded

Fuck you!!! It’s over,” Terrence shouted as he fled up the stairs and out the door.

This is all your fault, you fuckin’ punk” now it was Ewan’s turn to hold back Hank as he lunged after Keifer

Let me go! let me go!” Hank was also on the verge of tears, his friendship with Terrence meant a lot to him.

From the very beginning this was your fucking fault, you just couldn’t be satisfied and now look what you did, I hate your guts Keifer Garrison, I hate the day I set my eyes on you and I hope Terrence will forget about you… you’ve hurt him too many times” Hank said before walking away

Nice going Garrison” Ewan said before walking away as well


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