The following story is a work of complete fiction. None of the characters exist and none of the events ever happened, keep that in mind.

The guys in this story might not be using rubbers, but they aren't
real. You are. Please, Practice safe sex always.
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Why oh why 5
by David George

***Author's note***

Human behavior is so inexplicable, I love and revel in that fact. Hope you do too…

Feliz Navidad todo!


David *****


Terrence… hey Terrence, wait up” Carter shouted as he ran towards Terrence’s quickly departing form “Wait up man, where are you off to?” Carter asked when he finally reached him, then Terrence turned around

Oh shit, what happened?” Carter asked, seeing Terrence’s tear streaked face

I gotta go home, I can’t stay” Terrence said, still trying to hold back the tears

B-but we have something planned for you”

I’m going home” Terrence said before walking out the door leaving Carter standing alone watching him

Just then Hank came by with Ewan following

Carter have you seen Terrence?”

Yeah, he just left, something is wrong” Carter took one look at Hank and knew that he had an idea of what was going on “you know what caused him to be so upset?”

Carter I can’t talk about it right now” Hank said before turning away

Oh my God, I knew it, I knew it…you were fucking around with Keifer weren’t you? That night, when he came over…” Carter said lowering his voice

Hey, leave him alone man, he’s a victim in all this” Ewan said as he came closer

Answer me Hank” Carter pressed

Yes, but I didn’t know he was with Terrence, he lied to both of us”

So, what happened?”

I can’t talk about it now, I’m leaving ok” Hank said before walking out the door

Carter was left doubly puzzled and with a lot of questions when he saw Keifer make his way slowly through the door of the stairwell.

Keifer” he called, Keifer looked up “I need to talk to you”

How could you do this man?”

Listen man, I’ve had enough for one night, just leave me alone”

No, we’re going to talk about this now” Carter said holding unto Keifer’s hand, then

Is everything ok here?” Scott asked, Keifer would have preferred someone else asking but at the moment, anyone who could save him from this shit was good enough

Scott, glad to see you, got a minute? I need to ask you something,” Keifer said pulling himself out of Carter’s grip and moving off with Scott, leaving Carter alone again with no answers as to what was going on

This was going better than Scott had planned…

Listen Keifer, I was just thinking, can we just let bygones be bygones and move on?” Keifer looked at him for a second, he seemed sincere

Ok, what the heck, I can’t hold a grudge forever” he said before pulling Scott into a hug and slapping his back

So, you want a drink?” Scott asked, after a deep sigh Keifer responded

Yeah, something strong” Keifer said

They moved over to the bar, which was on the other side of the ballroom.

Hey, am I seeing doubles or is that Keifer and Scott going over to the bar?” Brad asked another teammate

Well I’m not drunk and I’m seeing the same” was the reply

Scott ordered rum and cokes for both of them, Keifer was fine with that; had he known that Scott spiked his drink he wouldn’t have been.

Here you go” Scott said, handing Keifer’s drink to him

Y’know Scott, I’m getting a bit tired of this place can we go out to the parking lot or something, I think I even had a cooler of six packs out there”

Sure” Scott said with a smile, an angel must’ve been on his side tonight, this was just too easy. They walked from the building and headed to the hotel parking lot where as Keifer said, his car had a cooler stocked with cold beers.

But they never touched them as minutes after Keifer downed his drink in one go, he was out like a light. The powerful drugs had taken effect and Scott was ready to roll.

He dragged Keifer’s lifeless body to his car, which wasn’t parked too faraway and headed out.


Hey Brad look, isn’t that Jordan?” Brad looked up to see Jordan headed towards them, but he wasn’t dressed.

Jordan? What’s going on where’ve you been all night?” Jordan stood with a worried look on his face

Where’s Keifer?” Jordan asked, looking around


Where’s Keifer, I need to talk to him”

Jordan, Keifer isn’t here, what’s going on?” Brad asked now getting up from his seat

It’s Jake, something happened to him” other members of the team had now started to gather

What d’you mean something happened to him?” Billy asked, coming into the circle, Jordan broke down in tears, the others helped him to sit.

I-I went over to his place today, because we were supposed to come here together…” Jordan said between sniffles “ When I got to his place, I was knocking, he wasn’t answering, I had a spare key so I went in and… and I found him” Jordan paused again

What happened to him Jordan?” Brad asked

He-he was in the tub, his face was messed up”


It was Scott and his brother, they…” Jordan took a gulp of air “they raped him and beat him” a sigh went through the gathering of players as they heard the unbelievable news. Billy was dumbstruck, ‘Scott, he wouldn’t do this”

The things they did to him… his sheets were messed up, with blood and everything… they beat him unconscious”

Where’s Scott?” Brad asked the others

The last I saw, he was heading out the door with Keifer” Billy answered

What? Scott was with Keifer?” Jordan asked

Yeah, they were talking and drinking together and then they left” Billy responded

Oh no, you have to find them or…”

Or what Jordan?”

Scott might do something to Keifer too”


Hank and Ewan drove home in silence, the weight of the evening’s events still on their minds. They reached Hanks apartment and both went inside, neither exchanging a word, then…

Hank, we need to talk” Ewan said as he sat beside Hank on the couch

Ewan, I don’t want to get into all this right now”

No, that’s not what I want to talk to you about, it’s something else” Hank looked up at Ewan and saw that he was serious about something

What?” he asked

The reason I was crying” Hank brought his hand to Ewan’s cheek, “You don’t  have to get into this if you don’t want to”

I do, especially after tonight, I don’t want there to be any secrets between us”

Ok” Hank said, Ewan began

Hank, I’m being blackmailed”

What? by who?”

Ryan Sanderson, he caught me doing something and he forced me to throw a match against him, now he’s holding that over my head as well”

But why?”

Because he likes having control over me, he knows that wrestling is my life and if I were to lose my scholarship, I would be nowhere” Ewan stopped and took a deep breath

For the past six months he’s been using me, he makes me give him blow jobs but last week, when I resisted, he changed everything… he fucked me”

What?” Hank who was stunned from the beginning was now dumbstruck

I couldn’t stop him from doing it, he said he would let everything out if I didn’t, I just had to bend over and let him take it…” Ewan’s eyes started to well up and his voice started to crack “I was a virgin, he didn’t care about me… and I couldn’t do a thing” he wiped away a tear

So that bite…”

It was him… do you know what it feels like when someone uses you and then throws you away like a piece of trash?” Hank pulled Ewan into his chest and gently patted his head

I’m sorry Ewan, I’m so sorry”

I felt like I was less than a man, he just kept on hurting me, he didn’t care about the pain I was feeling he just…” Ewan broke down as Hank rocked him in his arms.


Terrence slammed his front door shut and trudged into his bedroom where he sat on his bed. ‘Why the fuck did this keep happening to him, when he thought everything was going ok, then something fucks it all up’. He got up and stood before the dresser mirror, ‘why him, why did he have to fall in love with another man, why? He was good looking, he could get any woman he wanted but instead he wanted Keifer Garrison. In a fit of rage he sent his fist through the mirror, shattering it.


Scott pulled up in the Motel Parking lot, this place was perfect, no questions asked and no one that knew either of them to cause any trouble. He had specifically chosen to go out of town when he had gotten Keifer, he just didn’t anticipate how easy it would have been.

Now he had him in his clutches, he was going to make full use of this opportunity.

Keifer Garrison was the first person to ever make Scott shake in his boots, he had guts and he didn’t give a kahoot who knew it, they were friends at first. Then, something had happened and both had become instant enemies.

They had fought once too, the final straw really, Scott remembers as he pulled Keifer from his car and headed for his room. Two egotistical macho men who both had too much cojones to back down from each others’ competitive nature.

Now Scott had the upper hand, the ultimate tool to get what he always wanted, the captaincy of the football team. Too long Keifer Garrison had reigned supreme, gotten all the sponsorships, the endorsements, the fanfare, all meant for him.

He hefted Keifer into the room and threw him on the bed. Keifer was now at Scott’s mercy and he was going to have some fun with him before he revived, then the wheeling and dealing would begin.

He set about stripping him, which wasn’t easy but he got the job done. He had always secretly envied Keifer’s body, not totally but still, it was another good thing that he had and he coveted it.

He was now regretting giving Keifer so much drugs, he had wanted to get him drugged up enough so that he could overpower him and have his way but now he was totally unresponsive. It didn’t matter, he was going to take him anyway.


Ewan… are you awake?” Hank asked as he held him in his arms


I have an idea” Ewan rose up on his elbows intrigued at Hank’s statement

I think I know a way we can get you out of this but you have to be willing to go through with it”


Good, we’ll have to move tonight”

Ok, what are we going to do?” Hank proceeded to detail his plans…


I’m not getting Keifer on his cell” Brad said, having desperately tried to reach Keifer “Something doesn’t feel right”

He’s got him, I just know it” Jordan said, members of the team were still reeling from the news that Jordan had delivered and a number of them had decided to go by Jake’s apartment to make sure that he was safe. Brad, Billy and Jordan were still at the hotel.

Brad, there’s something we haven’t told you” Billy said

What is it?”

Well, we didn’t know that this was going to happen…” Jordan said

Spit it out?”

We were spying on Keifer all of last week”


It was Scott’s idea, he said that Jennifer wanted to know if Keifer was seeing someone else and…”

Oh my God” Brad said, coming to full understanding of what they were trying to say

So you guys know, huh?”

Yeah, we found out on Friday night” Jordan answered

How could you guys do this? that’s fucked up, spying on someone”

We didn’t know…”

Fuck that! You violated his privacy in a big way and you may have just put his life in danger”


Scott kicked his pants off his foot and walked over to his bounty on bed, who lay dead to the world in doped up slumber. At least this wasn’t going to be as messy as Jake, though he loved it when they fought. ‘I’m not gay if I’m forcing them to take it, that’s different’ he thought to himself, as he climbed unto the bed with the lube in his hand.

Scott was going to grease Keifer good, not to save his ass, but for his own pleasure. He remembered when he was fucking Jake the friction at first caused some painful drag, now he wanted it nice and easy.

He went between Keifer’s legs, parting his muscular thighs as he fingered the lube into him slowly, then gradually speeding up, to his dismay, none of it caused a reaction from Keifer.

It was going to be a long night…


Are you sure you can go through with this?” Hank asked Ewan as they sat in his car

Yeah, it’s the only way”

Ok, good luck” Hank said before kissing him. Ewan got out of the car and made his way up to Ryan’s apartment. Hank’s plan sounded good at the beginning, let’s hope it worked.

He strode up to the door and started to pound on it, aware that it was pretty late and if anything, Ryan was asleep, but the element of surprise Hank had said.

He pounded for a good minute before he saw a light flash on and then Ryan open the door, dressed only in a boxer brief

What the fuck are you doing here?” Ryan asked, he sounded furious

We need to talk, Ewan said, pushing past him into the apartment, before he could react.

Get out man, we don’t need to talk about anything, I told you tomorrow”

Well that’s why I’m here Ryan, why wait till tomorrow, I want you now” as Ewan said this he closed in on Ryan, his face only a few inches away from his.

Get the fuck away from me faggot” Ryan said, pushing him away “ have you lost your mind”

No, but I’ve lost my virginity… That was something special…don’t you get it, we have something special Ryan” Ryan looked like he was about ready to faint

What?” it was then that Ewan noticed something, Ryan was trying hard to speak in hushed tones, ‘was someone else here?’

You and me, I’ve been fooling myself all this time, but you are the only man who can fuck me Ryan, fuck me good… we have to be together, I don’t care about the blackmail anymore, I just want you” saying this Ewan sealed the deal.

In a quick move he was on Ryan, his tongue down his throat. They both fell to the ground as Ryan struggled to separate them both

MMmmmfp!” Ryan’s eyes were saucers, as he frantically tried to push Ewan off but the fact that he wasn’t the better wrestler made his efforts useless.

Ryan, aren’t you coming back to…Oh my God!!!” Ewan heard a female voice scream. He jumped off Ryan and turned around to see a foxy brunette standing naked with her mouth agape…

Who the fuck is this?” Ewan asked looking at the girl with contempt, Ryan responded by clipping him on the chin, sending him sprawling


Ryan, what the fuck was that? Who is he?”

Selena, I can explain, just let me get this faggot out”

Ewan sat up on the floor with tear filled eyes “How could you do this to us Ryan, how could you go fucking around with a woman?”

What?!…get out” Ryan said as he raised his foot to kick Ewan who grabbed his leg causing him to fall.

Ahh fuck!” Ryan grunted

Ryan what is he talking about?” Selena asked getting more annoyed by the second

He’s lying…” Ryan said before Ewan kicked him twice

I’m lying, huh? I let you take my virginity and I’m lying?” Ewan ranted as he took out all his pent up emotions on Ryan as he lay on the floor, kicking him repeatedly

Ahh, ahh!!…” Ryan screamed as the kicks rained down

I can’t believe this, you’ve been a faggot all along Ryan?… Answer me!!” Selena was getting hysterical, she went closer to Ryan, who was writhing on the floor, still recovering from the volley of kicks he had received.

She kicked him in the face, “I hate you!!” she screamed, and ran back into the bedroom and slammed the door.

You’re going to pay for this Ewan”

No I won’t Ryan, if you release that tape, I will tell everybody that we were a couple and that’s why I let you win the match and furthermore, when she’s finished with you, you won’t have a foot to stand on” Ewan said

You got it all figured out don’t you?”

No, she was a bonus” just then, Selena burst threw the bedroom door with her clothes on

You’re done Ryan Sanderson” she said as she hurriedly made it to the front door and left.

You know what they say, ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’” Ewan said, with a smirk as he stood over Ryan.

I’m gonna go now, it’s been nice knowing you Ryan” Ewan said as he headed for the door. He reached his hand for the handle when he felt a hand grab the back of his neck and throw him to the floor

You think this is over Ewan, you think I’ll just let you get away like this, fucking up my life?” Ryan said as he walked towards Ewan who was on the floor backing away from him

Oh no, not by a long shot” he said as he jumped on Ewan, falling on top of him and pinning him to the floor.

I’ll show you what happens to faggots who fuck around with my life” Ryan said before sending his fist into Ewan’s face

Ah” Ewan grunted before he started to struggle,

Try all you want, but I’ll kill you before I let you get away from me tonight” said Ryan as he continued to pin Ewan to the floor.

Ewan felt Ryan’s erection rubbing his leg,

That’s what you think, bitch” Ewan retorted before sending his knee between Ryan’s legs and into his balls.

Arghhhh!! Fuck” Ryan screamed before rolling off Ewan who got up in a flash and kicked him twice for good measure.

I wasn’t planning to do this but you forced me” Ewan said as he jumped unto Ryan’s undulating body, wracked with pain, and held him in a tight headlock.

Let’s see you get out of this” Ewan said as he held him in a death grip, and tangled his legs in his, immobilizing him.

Ryan, who was still recovering from the previous assault, was now powerless to stop Ewan as he tightened his chokehold with one hand and used the other to pull down his boxer briefs. Recognizing Ewan’s intention, Ryan started to struggle but was restrained when Ewan tightened his grip on his neck.

Now you’re gonna know what it felt like” Ewan said as he fisted out his dick and positioned it at Ryan’s hole.


Unghh” Scott moaned as he sank into Keifer’s pliant and well-greased hole, his legs on his shoulder as he enjoyed the warmth that welcomed his raging hardon. The tightness surprised him, as he sunk further, deeper into Keifer’s depth, the only sound, the soft sucking sounds of dick to ass.


Ewan continued to plow into Ryan’s no longer virgin ass, repeatedly sending his dick completely up the tight chute.

Arghhhhh!! Ryan screamed or tried to as with every thrust, Ewan’s grip on his neck tightened. Ewan was using all the power his hips had to punish Ryan’s hole. With each thrust, he remembered, his own humiliation, it made him thrust even harder.

Ahh, Oh God, Ahhhhh!!!” Ryan screamed, feeling for the first time, the pain that he had caused Ewan before.

I’ll kill you… Ahhh!”


Ah, ohhhh” Scott moaned as he slowly thrust into Keifer, enjoying the smooth glide. He shoved himself to the hilt and then slowly eased out, looking down on Keifer’s still dozing face. Then, for a moment, he thought he saw Keifer’s eyes twitch, but he couldn’t tell for sure. Then Keifer started to slowly move his head from side to side as he began to rouse from his sleep.

Scott started to get more excited and in turn started to thrust faster inside Keifer.

Mmm, ah” Keifer moaned, as Scott picked up the pace of his fuck.

ahh, ahh” Keifer continued to moan as he felt the vigorous thrusts inside him, then his eyes opened and looked directly into Scott’s.

Scott was so high, he just started diving deeper when Keifer looked up at him, he didn’t know what to read in his expression then

Fuck me Terrence, fuck me, ahh, yeah…” Keifer moaned as he continued to look up at Scott.

Scott was shocked by Keifer’s statement, he was angry. ‘I am the one fucking him, it’s my name he should be calling’. He picked up the pace, bucking into Keifer with animal intensity…

Ahh!! Fuck, uh, uh, ahh” Keifer moaned in his doped up stupor as he looked up into Terrence’s face. He wanted to kiss him; he grabbed Terrence and joined their lips.


ah, ah, uh, uh” Ryan moaned, the fight had been fucked out of him, as Ewan kept up his very energetic pounding of his hole. Ewan surprised himself, he had cum once already and was now getting comfortable, this wasn’t for him, this was to teach Ryan a lesson, Hank would understand. He continued his pounding, tightening his grip on Ryan, as he felt his second load rise from his balls into his rod.

Please man…please, I’m sorry… ah, please” Ryan begged but Ewan was paying no attention to him as he felt his climax approach

Unghhh” Ewan moaned as he flooded Ryan’s insides with his semen. Ewan held unto the limp body, breathing heavily as he cooled down from his high.

He slowly pulled his now limp cock from Ryan’s battered hole and rose from their place on the floor where he  had fucked him for nearly an hour.

Ryan lay exhausted and in pain, watching as Ewan stuffed his cum and blood streaked cock into his jeans and went out the front door.


Scott was shocked by Keifer’s kiss and it’s intensity. He was surprised at the power in Keifer’s grip as he force-fed him his tongue. At first, he resisted, using his hips to fight Keifer off, but with each energized thrust, Keifer kissed him harder and then he felt the first contraction of Keifer’s ass around his cock. It felt incredible. The harder he fucked him, the more turned on he was getting.

He started to kiss him back, now waging war with Keifer’s eagerly thrusting tongue. He continued to fuck him, his tongue moving inside his mouth.

Scott was being driven over the edge and out of his mind with lust, as he kissed Keifer; he pulled off his mouth and moved his hungry lips to Keifer’s sweaty neck, where he chewed on his skin and licked at his flesh, his hips keeping up their relentless pace.

Ahhh!, oh fuck, uh, uh…” Keifer babbled as Scott continued to sink himself inside him. He reached his hand blindly over the chorded muscles of Scott’s back as they tensed each time he sunk into him. He reached his hands down to Scott’s muscular ass cheek, clenching and releasing each time they took a dive.

Scott felt Keifer’s hands on his ass, he thought he had died and gone to heaven,

Ahh, shit” he moaned as he felt Keifer squeeze the tight, sweaty cheeks. He again rejoined his lips with Keifer’s as he felt his climax approach

They kissed deeply as Scott made a final thrust into Keifer’s opening, he drenched his insides, flooding him with sticky cum. They continued to kiss as Scott ground his stiff cock into Keifer’s ass, waiting for his racing heart to subside.

Oh Terrence, that was…” Keifer had begun to speak when he passed out again.

Scott lay, sated from the most intense fuck session of his life, bar none.

What have I done?’ he thought ‘It wasn’t supposed to be like this, he was supposed to beg for mercy, like Jake, but now… did I enjoy it?’

All these thoughts were running through his head, as he rose from the bed and looked down at Keifer who was sleeping peacefully, totally ignorant to what had really happened.

For Scott this was going to be a long night, he would be the first to admit that this didn’t go the way he had planned it.

He had a lot to think about…


Guys, we need to do something, I can’t seem to find Keifer anywhere” Brad said to some of his other teammates, who were now gathered at Jake’s apartment. They had all gone in to see him, for some it was very difficult.

I can’t believe Scott would do that” Billy said

Well he did and we have to do something about it” Jordan answered

I say we find both those mother fuckers and make them pay for what they did, sick bastards” one player said

Yeah!” another agreed

So Brad, what’dyou say we pay Ryan a visit tonight”

Yeah, we can deal with Scott later, after we find Keifer” Jordan said

Ok, let’s go, we have a goose to cook” they all headed out with revenge the one thing on their minds…


So, you ready to tell me what went on in there?” Hank asked Ewan as he stepped out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel.

Well, your plan worked even better than I thought, especially because he had a chick over for the night”

Yeah, I saw her leave… hey I told you, the element of surprise”

My days of high school plays came in handy, I had to come off as being the jealous boyfriend, she bought it”

Oh shit, so what did she do?”

Well after kicking him, she got dressed and left, I guess she’s going to spread the word on him, but that wasn’t bad enough, he tried to fuck me again”

What? you let him?”

Fuck you man, of course I didn’t let him, in fact I did the opposite”

Well I guess that would explain why you took so long”

Yeah, but you know Hank, taking him and punishing him like that just didn’t give me any satisfaction, I mean, he couldn’t even enjoy it… I just wanted to hurt him it’s just that way I guess if someone were to rape you, it’s not about sex, it’s just causing you pain. I probably wouldn’t have done it again if I had the choice… I just hope this is it” Hank walked up to him and pulled him into a hug resting his head on his shoulder

Me too”


Ryan hadn’t moved since Ewan left, he was both tired and shell shocked, not to mention the pain he felt. But he would get him, he would get him if it was the last thing he had to do, just then he heard pounding on his door.

What the fuck is going on?” he muttered to himself, still not moving, the pounding got more intense then it stopped.

The next thing Ryan heard was something hitting the door with a lot of force and in an instant it was open.

Find him!” he heard a voice command and before Ryan knew what was happening, he was surrounded by his brother’s teammates

So, you think you and your brother could hurt one of our own and get away with didn’t you?” Brad asked looming over Ryan beneath him

Guys, I don’t know what you’re talking about”

Oh, let me refresh your memory” Jordan said before kicking him


Jake, you and your brother, don’t you remember what you did, huh?” Billy asked before kicking him as well

Ahhh!, Please, it wasn’t my idea, Scott, he wanted to teach him a lesson” Ryan pleaded

Yeah and you just went along” another teammate said

Wait a second, it looks like someone got to you first…” Brad said now bringing to attention Ryan’s physical state.

Not to worry faggot, we don’t want your ass, your boyfriend dealt with that already”

Fuck you! I don’t… ahhhh!” Ryan screamed as he was once again kicked

Watch your mouth” Billy said

Now, here’s how it’s going to go, we’re going to have a little fun and when we’re done with you, you won’t want to rape anyone again” Jordan said “Guys, look for something to tie him up, we’re taking him to the lookout”

What? you can’t do this to me”

Oh yeah, watch, you should have thought about it before you raped my friend” Jordan said.

Billy returned with a handful of neckties and they began to tie Ryan up. He was smart enough not to fight back.

So, Jordan what are we going to do with him?” Brad asked

Well, some things I learnt in my fraternity, we do it all the time with the newbies”

Good then, let’s go” they wrapped Ryan in a sheet and herded him out into one of the waiting cars.


Keifer was waking up but in his mind he felt wrong. His body felt bogged down as he slowly came out of his sleep. The last thing he remembered was drinking with Scott and then… nothing.

His eyes opened and they were welcomed by darkness, he lay there for a second, staring into nothing, trying to piece together what he was feeling.

He could still remember the award, then Hank, that’s where everything went haywire, but still something seemed to be missing. Just then he felt movement beside him on the bed…

Could he have made it up with Terrence already? It sure seemed that way, his ass had a buzz as well, but still there was something nibbling away at his consciousness, screaming actually as he lay, still, in the darkness.

After a while, Keifer decided he needed to go take a piss, he lifted himself up into a sitting position and swung his feet off the bed.

He put his first foot down on the carpeted floor and made to step off but he stumbled, a big ball of muscle as he crashed to the floor.

Suddenly he heard more movement on the bed and then saw a flash of light as a form came into view

Scott?” Keifer asked as Scott came off the bed and stood over him “What’s going on?”

Keifer, everything is fine” Scott said, holding his hands out before him

Fine!” Kiefer shouted “What did you do to me?”

Keifer calm down” Keifer was pulling away from Scott but he was still feeling weak

You drugged me,” Keifer said in disbelief “I can’t believe you fuckin’ drugged me”

He once again tried to get up and was successful at raising himself up by supporting his weight on a nearby chair, but his strength didn’t last for long, he started to fall but Scott caught him.

Let me go! get your hands off me!” Keifer growled, he was angry and even worse he now realized that they were both naked

Oh fuck, you… you…” Keifer tried to say as Scott moved him over to the bed and made him sit

Keifer, please just calm down, I have to talk to you”

Talk to me! Get the fuck away from me… Oh God, what did you do to me!!” Keifer was getting hysterical as he pushed Scott away.

Scott would not relent, he knew that in Keifer’s weakened state he was no match, so he grabbed his arms and pushed him down unto the bed, holding him firm.

Now you’re going to calm down and listen to what I have to say” Scott said firmly as he held Keifer still, pinning him to the bed. He could see the fear in Keifer’s eyes, which was good,

So this is how you’re going to do it huh? hold me down and rape me, is this what you always wanted Scott?”

Will you shut up!” Scott shouted, then when Keifer had calmed down

I-I want you to forgive me”

What?!” Keifer said

I want you to forgive me for what I did to you”

Are you crazy, get away from me”

Not until you say it”

You drug me, kidnap me and fuck me and n…mmm!!” Keifer was cut off as Scott covered his mouth with his in a deep kiss.

Now Keifer was thinking this was stark raving mad, ‘what the hell was Scott doing to him?’

Scott broke the kiss and looked down on Keifer who was still trying to catch his breath.

Why are you doing this?” Keifer asked

I want you Keifer”

What? you don’t want me, why would you want me, you hate me and I hate you”

No, you hate me but I never hated you, I envied you” Keifer turned his head away, preferring not to look at Scott anymore

Get off me Scott”

Scott decided that maybe he needed a break; he let him go and stood

Keifer’s strength had slowly returned, as he rose up in a sitting position on the bed “I can’t believe this” he muttered to himself as he held his head in his hands.

I’m sorry, I wish it wasn’t like this” Scott said

Shut the fuck up man, all you’ve done now is make my life more complicated and for what, a quick fuck? … what were you hoping to gain, huh?”

I-I wanted you to…” Scott paused then took a deep breath “I wanted to take you down a peg but…”

But what?”

I liked it more than I thought I would… I saw that deep down I wanted something from you…” Scott was now studying the carpeted floor as he spoke, not looking at Keifer’s searching gaze

Scott, don’t you get what you’ve done, you fucked me, you violated me and you’re talking about what you wanted from me… you’re crazy!!” Keifer shouted

Why did you let Drew suck you off?” Scott said looking at Keifer with a pained look in his eyes


You heard me” Scott said stepping towards Keifer

I don’t know what you’re talking about”

Yes you do, Drew Henderson, remember him?” a look of recognition shot across Keifer’s face

Yeah, I knew you would, you let him suck you off, why?”

This is crazy” Keifer said as he rose from the bed but Scott moved quickly and shoved him back down

You better answer me Keifer, or I swear” Keifer lay on the bed, on his back looking up at Scott as he loomed over him

Scott, that was a long ti-”

You’re not answering the question” Scott cut him off

Because he wanted to, ok, you happy now?” Keifer answered exasperated, “What the hell does it matter anyway?”

I was your friend, I gave you every sign, to let you know…” Scott said before he turned away

To let me know what?” Keifer asked as he rose from the bed, suddenly Scott turned around, his eyes red

“…to let you know that I-I wanted us to be more than friends”


But I wasn’t good enough, you had to let that mother fucking twink suck you off, you didn’t care about me”

Scott… I-I didn’t know”

Yeah, how could you resist, that bitch didn’t give you a chance but I showed him”

What do you mean?”

He loved dick, so I gave him enough to last” Keifer couldn’t believe what he was hearing, then he started putting things together in his mind, and everything started to come together, two years of memories flooded back.

Oh my God…” Keifer said. As he looked at Scott the memories came back…

He had been in the locker room when Drew had come in and made his request, being horny, young and stupid Keifer said yes.

Drew was good, he had sucked him within an inch of his life before he had filled his mouth and in turn, his stomach with cum. They got so carried away, they almost got caught, but Drew was quick and was in one of the shower stalls just as Scott came through the door.

Keifer and Scott had been friends for a while now, but Keifer didn’t like the look he saw on Scott’s face as he came in.

Hey what’s up Scott?”

I’m fine” Scott said neutrally as he went to his locker and started to fill his bag

Aren’t you going to shower here? I thought we were going to get some beer later”

Well, something came up” Scott said as he continued to pack his bag, Keifer noticed Scott’s attitude

What’s going on man?” Keifer asked, touching Scott on the shoulder, Scott shrugged him off

I said I’m fine, I gotta go” Scott pushed pass Keifer and left the room.

The next day Keifer had just come back into the locker room after practice and saw Scott just getting out of the shower

Hey man, we on for tonight?” he asked

No, I’m busy” Keifer was puzzled but persisted,

Come on man, who is it this time” he said grabbing Scott’s arm.

Scott pushed him away, causing him to fall to the ground

What the fuck is up with you Scott, I just want to talk”

Well I don’t want to talk, faggot” Scott said the last word under his breath

What did you say?” Keifer asked

I said, I don’t talk to faggots” as soon as Scott got the words out, Keifer attacked him, sending his fist into his eye and thus began the fight that would end a friendship and start a war.

In all the commotion and tumult of the next couple of weeks, Keifer didn’t notice until this moment of recollection that he never did see Drew again…

What did you do to him?” Keifer asked

He’s fine, in a another university, but he’s fine… his ass sure wasn’t when I got done with it though…”

You fucking bastard” Keifer said as he attacked him, they both fell wrestling to the floor

He never did anything to you” Keifer said as he wrestled with Scott on the floor.

He had you” Scott shot back as he heaved Keifer off him and rolled away. Keifer lay panting, looking at Scott as he rose from the floor

And now, you have that Newton jock, to suck you and fuck you… where does that leave me Keifer?”

You can’t go around hurting people like this, I thought you were my friend and… wait a minute, how do you know about Terrence?” Keifer asked

Does it matter, I know and that’s it”

I don’t understand this Scott, why, why… after all this time, why?”        

I’m tired Keifer, I’m tired of acting, tired of lying to myself” Scott said as he sat

But you have Kelly”

Didn’t you have Jennifer?” they both fell silent, then

So, what now?” Keifer asked

I don’t know… I maybe in trouble”


I did something…” he was cut short by a pounding on the door


Scott looked around frantically; Keifer rose form the bed and pulled on his boxer brief

What are you doing?” Scott asked Keifer as he made his way to the door

I’m going to open it”

No, they’ll kill me…I did something” Keifer shrugged him off as he pulled on his discarded pants, went to the door and opened it.

Keifer? Are you alright man?” Brad asked as he pulled him into a hug. The others piled into the room where they surrounded Scott.

Did he hurt you?” Brad asked Keifer

What’s going on guys?” Keifer asked, ignoring Brad’s question

This pig hurt Jake” Jordan answered

What? how?” Keifer asked

He and his brother raped and beat him last night” Billy answered


Yeah, we fixed his brother though, he sang sweeter than a stool pigeon, that’s how we found you” Brad said, Keifer looked over at Scott who was now being held firmly by his teammates

How could you hurt him Scott?”

I-I…”Scott hung his head in defeat,

We finish this here and now” Keifer said as they all led Scott to the bed…


Terrence awoke on Wednesday morning to find himself asleep on his couch. He was clutching a cushion within his grip, holding it close but he knew what he really wanted.

The first thing he noticed was a strip of cloth wrapped around his knuckles where he cut them when he hit the dresser mirror. His eyes felt itchy and sore and he remembered that he was crying, seemed to be his favorite pastime now.

He got up from the couch and made his way to the bathroom where he started to strip his clothes off, maybe a cold shower would soothe some of the tension he felt in his body.

He got in and turned on the cold spray full blast…


Ryan woke up Wednesday morning to find himself on campus, tied to a tree in the middle of the quad, naked with a placard hanging from his neck.

I am a rapist,” it read.

He was slowly coming out of his fog as he remembered the torture he went through, the cigarette burns, the kicks, the whipping and the ultimate humiliation, when the guys all gathered around him and emptied their bladders all over his body but not before making him confess everything.

He had slipped into unconsciousness after a while, that was probably when they tied him to the tree.

Now as he recognized the seriousness of his situation, he started to struggle, but he stopped short when he felt how tightly he was tied. Soon the area would be filled with students, he would be humiliated…


I’m sorry Terrence, I don’t know what to say… I mean, I thought everything was going ok”

Yeah Carter, I thought so too” Terrence responded, Carter had come over, figuring that Terrence would need some support after what had gone down the night before.

He attacked that guy that was with Hank…ahm”


Yeah, then told him that he owned Hank’s ass”

I still can’t believe it though, that Hank was into something with him” Terrence rose from the couch and started to pace

So, what are you going to do now?” Terrence stopped pacing and turned to Carter with tear filled eyes,

I don’t know”

I hate this man, I hate seeing you like this… I can’t believe that he can rock your world like this all the time, you’re going to have to find some way of just getting it out of your system”

I guess by ‘it’ you mean the way I feel about him huh?”

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it quite like that”

No, Carter, you’re right, I need to grow the hell up and see that he doesn’t really care about how I feel… I have to, for my own sake at least…”


This is all your fault!!” Ryan shouted he had been removed from the quad after a mass of students had formed a circle around him and the student newspaper had taken photos.

I didn’t think this would happen Ryan, I’m sorry”

Yeah, I bet you are, they tortured me Scott, all because of you and your stupid plan… I should have known not to trust you”

Hey, I didn’t force you into anything ok, you did this willingly and as a matter of fact you enjoyed it just as much as I did” that shut Ryan up for sure,

I know one thing though, they’re not getting away with this, I’m going to get every last one of them for what they did to me”

The hell you will” Scott interjected


You heard me, you’re not going to do anything… we should count ourselves lucky we’re getting off this easy, they could’ve gotten the police involved”

They? What the hell are you talking about Scott?”

Oh, well, thanks to you, half the team found out where I had taken Keifer, I had to make some kind of agreement or I don’t know what they would’ve done to me” Ryan looked at his brother, bewildered by what he was hearing

So what did you decide?”

I’m dropping the team”


And you’re dropping the wrestling team too”

No fucking way”

Yes way, no more bullshit Ryan”

I can’t believe this, you’re a total fucking sellout!” Ryan was angry, but what could he do.

Scott was more than grateful when it came to this situation, he was worried when the guys had led him to the bed, but he breathed a sigh of relief when he discovered that Keifer only wanted to talk.

Now all he had to do was follow through with what he promised and he would be fine only one more thing to do, this was going to be the hard part.

We’re also going to have to go see Jake”

What! Why?” Ryan asked

Because we hurt him Ryan and I promised that I would…”

What are we going to do anyway, let him do the same thing to us?”

Frankly, if that’s what it takes, maybe”


Keifer lay in bed. Finally, back in his own apartment he was able to brood over what had transpired in the last twelve hours.

Why did I react that way when I saw Hank?’ he thought

He still couldn’t understand his reaction at all and now it was all but finished with Terrence, how could he ever get out of this?

Maybe if he went over to see him, maybe… that wasn’t a good idea, he wouldn’t talk to him. Why couldn’t he control his dick? it was always getting him into trouble; Hank, Drew, Scott, Jennifer and the list continued.

What he wouldn’t have given at that moment to have Terrence in his arms, he needed that comfort, that love, just to feel him near him, his warmth.

He could beat himself for hurting Terrence again. He was bracing himself for Brad’s response when he told him about this later.


So, Keifer Garrison was your boyfriend” Ewan mused, as he and Hank lay in bed

I told you, I never had a boyfriend before you… we just got together sometimes”

Yeah, I can bet… gotta give it to you though, you have taste” Ewan teased

Well I picked you up didn’t I?” Hank responded, as he gave Ewan’s left nipple a nip.

Ah, so you wanna play huh?”

Maybe, I want to know something first though” Hank sat up in bed then,

Would you ever let anyone else top you? I mean, what Ryan did was against your will, but, would you do it… willingly?”  Ewan took a sigh and was silent for a minute, then

Yeah… with the right person” Hank looked down the spoke

Like me?” he asked, Ewan held his face in his hand and lifted it to his

Yes, only you” he said before kissing him.


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