The following story is a work of complete fiction. None of the characters exist and none of the events ever happened, keep that in mind.

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Why oh why 6
by David George

***Author's note***

This is it guys, the journey was memorable and I enjoyed this as much as y’all did. Stick and stay for we don’t know where we’ll meet again… It’s about time I added a new story to that list anyway.

David *****

Graduation Day and Beyond

Terrence’s mom fixed his tie as he readied himself to take the walk for his degree after four unforgettable years.


Don’t you mom me, you know you will always be my baby, I don’t care how big and strong you get, now hold still while I fix this for you” Gladys Porter chided her beloved son, he had done her proud and she was making the best of this, their big day, yes ‘their’ big day. Terrence’s prowess on the field, the accolades, the dreams fulfilled, were all part of the collective effort of his strong and supportive mother, a mother who would stop at nothing to ensure her son’s future.

Mom, we’re going to be late”

No we won’t… now there, see it wasn’t that difficult, was it?” Gladys stepped away and took another look at her son, pride brimming in her smile

Baby, I am so proud of you, prouder than I’ve ever been Terrence…” she sniffled, wiping her eyes “ and I know that you have gone through a lot in these past months, but here you are, you held fast and now you are graduating and with honors too… your father would’ve been proud, God bless his soul”

Terrence went to his mom and held her in his arms as she shook, trying her best to hold back her tears of joy.

Mom, don’t think about all that now, please… today isn’t a day for crying, it’s a happy day” he said as he rocked her in his arms

Yes it is Terrence, but we both know what will make you happy and it isn’t that degree”


I know, I know, you said you didn’t want to get into it and I promised but Terrence I cannot sit and watch you live unhappy, not when I know what can make you feel better… I just can’t, not even if it is another man”

Mom, please” Terrence pleaded as he sat down on his bed. His mother’s words reverberated in his mind, he still couldn’t get used to talking to his Mom about this, but that was inevitable, being the way she was it had only been a matter of time until she found out about Keifer.

The two months since he broke it off with Keifer seemed a long time ago, telling his mom about it seemed even further but he could remember it like it was yesterday.

As per usual, his mother had done one of her surprise stunts and visited him just two weeks after the awards, Her excuse? She just couldn’t wait until Graduation to see him or his awards so she hopped on a plane and was in Terrence’s apartment before he could say when.

Fate never seems to be fair when you get caught doing something wrong, for Terrence, he would never have wished or dreamed, not in his worst nightmare that his Mom would find him in the lowest point he probably had ever been in his life but it did and there she was on his doorstep.

Terrence, disshelved and unshaved, answered the door thinking that it was Carter only to almost faint with shock when his mother began a greeting and stopped mid sentence upon seeing him.

It was downhill after that, Gladys would have taken Jesus off the cross but she wasn’t going to leave until she pummeled Terrence’s nerves to find out exactly what was wrong and didn’t she ever.

When he finally broke down under her pressure and constant torment, he told her everything. Being the mother that she was, Gladys rocked her baby boy in her arms, rocked away his tears and soothed his pain, even crying with him at times.

They talked for hours, about everything.

Terrence was most surprised that his mother didn’t flinch when he told her that he had been in a relationship with another man or even when he gave her the details. She absorbed everything, listened to every word he said, saw every tear that fell from his swollen eyes and became more familiar with the one name that he repeated over and over again, Keifer Garrison.

Hm… you have good taste,” she had said with a smile, in a lighter moment a few days later when Terrence had shown her the photo he had taken with Keifer at the awards ceremony. Since she had arrived, she had gotten a better understanding of who her son was and what he had endured.

But she had also given him a charge, reminding him that although his heart was broken, he could not forget why he was at Newton, not after coming this far, all this way. He had listened and today, graduation day was the day he would receive the fruit of all his labors.

Why don’t you just hear him out, just give him a chance to explain himself, just once…”

Mom, we’ve gone over this before, I’m not doing it… I can’t”

Baby, you’re in pain, it mi-”

Mom! I said no ok just drop it, please” Gladys gave him a deep, soul-searching look then gave up.

Ok baby, if you say so, but remember, I love you”

I love you too mama” Terrence responded hugging her once again.


Keifer lay in bed, looking at nothing in particular, he knew what day it was, how could he not, his own graduation was two days away but still.

Today was Terrence’s day, and all he could do was sit and imagine what it would be like.

Two months… two whole fucking months, he couldn’t believe it, how could everything so right had gone so wrong? Terrence, Scott , Jennifer, Hank. Probably for the first time since he had been sexually active, he had gone two months without sex, of any kind. Also for the first time, probably in his life, he cried, no he wept, numerous times, he was a wreck he couldn’t control it, the way he felt, the hurt, the shame but most of all the loss.

In his naivety he thought that maybe giving Terrence some time to cool off would have been sufficient, wasn’t he wrong.

After a week, he called but got no response. He decided to go over but Terrence wouldn’t let him in, he waited for him on his way to classes, but nothing, Terrence remained totally impermeable to any attention getting tactic he used.

Finally, after another long talk with Brad he started to face the grim reality, it was over. It was then that the tears started, when it finally came home that Terrence had decided that what he had done was unforgivable. He cried, a deep gut wrenching reaction borne of an emotional overload that he never knew was there.

He really loved him, how was he going to live without him, he just couldn’t envision it. Then the unthinkable happened, about a month back, he got a visit from Gladys Porter.

When she turned up at his door one day he was taken aback by her presence but was floored when he found out who she was…

Your T-terrence’s mother?” Keifer asked


Ahm… ah, I don’t know what to say”

Good, because I have a lot to say to you” and didn’t she ever, she lambasted him for what he did to Terrence and anyone else that had gotten hurt in the whole process. She chastised him about how irresponsible he had been with Terrence’s affections and reminded him, if he didn’t already know, that Terrence was in love with him, deeply.

She did concede however that if he was the one that could make her son happy, well it would have to be his decision whether or not he would give him the time of day, nevertheless she would implore Terrence to talk to him.

Obviously, that hadn’t worked’, Keifer thought as he lay alone in bed on Terrence’s graduation day.

Brad had been a rock as usual, even a bigger rock this time, sure he chewed him out when he had found out what went down but still, he was there by his side whenever he needed to be. But there was only so much he could do.


Ahh fuck, unghh!”  Ewan moaned as he emptied his bullocks in Hank’s ass. The two had been fucking like bunnies since the night before and even now, a few hours before their graduation, they were still at it.

Oh yeah… that was great Ewan, as always” Hank managed between breaths.

Well lover, you get the animal out in me” Ewan said as he disengaged from Hank and dove in for a hot kiss. When they finally came back up for air

You know Ewan, we have a graduation to attend right?”

Of course, my Mom and Dad are going to be there”

They are?”

Yeah… wait a second, you forgot?”

Yeah, I did, we have to get going then, my Dad’s going to be there too”

Not so fast” Ewan said pulling Hank back into the bed before he could get out  “You are going to talk to him about us right? I mean we spoke about this” Hank hesitated a moment before answering

Hank?” Ewan was watching Hank’s face, trying to decipher his expression

“…Ewan, I’m just a bit worried about his reaction”

Hank, I can’t believe you’re still worried about this”

Ewan, my father isn’t like your mom and dad, it’s just me and him, ever since my mother died it’s been that way and he always said that I, his only son will proffer him with grandchildren…” Hank’s eyes watered as he looked away, Ewan used his hand to turn his face back to its original position

I don’t want to disappoint him,” Hank said, tears running down his face; Ewan pulled him into a tight hug

Whatever happens Hank, I’ll be here for you, just have some faith…he loves you, you know that right?”

Yeah” Hank said shaking his head

Lighten up man, please” Ewan said as he started to plant small kisses all over Hank’s body. When he reached his left nipple, he held the sensitive nub between his teeth and licked it with his tongue

Ahhh” Hank moaned in ecstasy as he placed his hand on the back of Ewan’s head and eased himself down onto his back.

Hank, you know what this means right?” Ewan asked with a grin, Hank shrugged

Oh come on Ewan, not again”

What? I did it to you twice already this morning, you just have to… please” Ewan begged as he proceeded to lick Hank’s neck

I’m exhausted man” 

Your dick isn’t” Ewan said as he hefted Hank’s now rigid cock in his hand and started to jack it

Ohh” Hank moaned

Come one Hank, you just gotta fuck me, one for the road” he pleaded as he continued to play with Hank’s dick.

Ok, ok… you’re such a cockhound” Hank said as he got into position

Ever since the first time Ewan allowed Hank to top him, he just couldn’t get enough, he had a seemingly insatiable appetite for Hank’s cock being up his ass.

Being together, both discovered things about each other.

Hank learned that Ewan loved it rough, not painful, just rough. This revelation came with Ewan admitting that he had enjoyed being forced into bottoming by Ryan, he hated the pain but the rush that he got from the situation was a very big turn on for him.

Come on big boy fuck me hard” Ewan whispered as Hank lifted his legs

Oh you’re gonna get it cock tease” Hank responded, the name calling and dirty talk helped to fuel their passions and proved to be a very explosive devise in their lovemaking.

Hank held Ewan’s left ankle in his hand as he eased his engorged cock head into his pliable hole, nudging the ring open

Ahhh” Ewan moaned as Hank slid into him in one fluid motion “Oh yeah, give it to me”. Hank did, he pulled out leaving only his head lodged in the tight ringed entrance then charged back in with forceful motion from his hips

Oh Fuck!” Ewan grunted as he felt the first inward jab of Hank’s blunt cock head

You like that” Hank asked as he rotated his hips, with his dick completely submerged inside Ewan’s ass

Ahhh, oh yeah… uh” Ewan whimpered, he couldn’t speak from the powerful sensations running through his body as every nerve seemed to stand on end.

Hank continued to grind his dick in circular motions in Ewan’s tight ring

Oh God!” Ewan whimpered as sweat broke out on his brow

Not God, only me” Hank said smiling down at Ewan as he eased himself out of his ass.

With another hard stroke he was back inside Ewan’s wanton hole and thus he began to rut away with abandon

Uh, ah, uh….” Ewan whimpered as his ass was plugged repeatedly, he had administered this same treatment to Hank many times before. He loved it, the feeling of a rampaging cock up his chute, he wouldn’t have admitted it before but now with Hank he could lose himself to the passion that had engulfed him.

Hank gasped with his exertion, his body taxed by the energy he pushed into each powerful shove of his hips.  His prick was a blur as it pistoned into Ewan.

Ah yeah, oh fuck” Ewan continued to wail as he was dicked in a frenzy.

Hank tightened his grip on Ewan’s ankle and pulled his legs wider as he pumped him harder

Oh shit, unghh!!” Ewan babbled as Hank picked up the pace, plunging repeatedly into his ass.

Hank looked down on Ewan’s face. He observed Ewan’s sweaty forehead with his hair stuck to his skin, his closed eyes, his gasps every time he was skewered.  His mouth was slightly open as he moaned with each forward thrust.

Hank slowed down and leaned in to kiss Ewan’s quivering lips, his cock lodged deep inside his tight orifice.

Do you love me?” Hank whispered


Do you love me?”

Yes, I love you” Ewan responded

Hank resumed his thrusts but much slower, more sensual as he used his dick to massage Ewan’s anal passage, allowing him to feel every ridge and vein of his cock.

This was driving Ewan crazy, the steady sawing motion of Hank’s cock, which by now was nudging his prostate repeatedly causing a shudder to run trough his entire body.

Oh, ah, I’m gonna cum… ah” Ewan moaned as Hank continued to slow grind him. He knew that Ewan was close, he could feel the slight spasms of his building climax but he continued to pump slowly, enjoying the feel of every

shudder that ran through Ewan’s body.

Unghhh, ohhh!!” Ewan moaned as a massive jolt ran through his body, cum erupting from his cock, splashing on both his and Hank’s chest.

Still Hank continued his slow grind, long dicking him in a steady rhythm, driving his sensitive pucker crazy

Oh fuck, come on man, harder” Ewan gasped

Hank couldn’t agree more, he was really close anyway,

He picked up the pace and started pumping with abandon once again, taking Ewan through his paces

ahh, uh, uh, uh” Ewan moaned as he felt Hank’s thrusts get more intense, as he too came closer to breaking point

Ooooooo!!” Hank moaned as his cock twitched inside Ewan, emptying his balls inside Ewan’s innards. He collapsed unto Ewan’s sweaty chest and cum streaked stomach, breathing heavily from his exertion, both waiting for their hearts to stop racing.

Hank, we got to go” Ewan finally said when it seemed that Hank had fallen asleep

Do we have to?” Hank asked in a dazed voice

Yeah, and I need you to take your dick out of my ass, I’m sore” Hank chuckled as he eased himself out of Ewan and stood

What’s so funny?” Ewan asked

You, I just can’t get over how much you have taken to this”

It’s fun… you really love me Hank?” Hank looked at him, searching his expression

Why would you ask me that?”

I just need to know for sure Hank, this is a big deal” Hank was silent for a while, then

Yes, I love you Ewan, I really do”

Then prove it”


Tell your father about us when he gets here”

I can’t believe this, what, is this some kind of ultimatum?”

Maybe, you say you love me but y’know what, that won’t mean anything to either of us until you make a sacrifice for it” Ewan said looking up at Hank who stood with a befuddled look on his face.

I told you, this isn’t easy for me… you know that Ewan, why the fuck are you doing this?” Hank shouted, his eyes brimming with anger and pain, Ewan stood his ground

I will never have all of you if you have this hanging over your head, I’ll always be your nasty little secret… I don’t want to be that Hank, and if we are going to have a relationship I can’t live with that” Hank remained silent for a moment, then in a low whisper

Then maybe we should just forget this then” Ewan’s eyes bulged


You heard me… I have to do this in my own time… if you can’t understand that then maybe this has been all wrong” Hank said in a grave voice, giving Ewan a steady gaze

Hank, come on you don’t mean that” he asked in disbelief

The hell I don’t… If you want to be selfish, fine… I was alone before and I can be alone again… I don’t know why I ever thought this would w…”

Stop it! Stop saying that!” Ewan shouted, his eyes now red, he was on the verge of tears

Why? Your parents are cool and you think everything is alright but it isn’t… I have dreams Ewan but maybe our dreams aren’t the same”

What the fuck are you talking about? I’m planning to spend the rest of my life with you Hank, doesn’t that mean anything to you? Is it too much to ask for some reassurance, Huh?”

I told you Ewan, my father had dreams for me, he ha-”

Wait a second” Ewan interrupted “Your father had dreams for you, I know that but what does that have to do with…” their eyes locked for a moment and in that moment Ewan understand

You fucking bastard!” Ewan shouted

Ewan, I…” Hank started, reaching out to touch Ewan

Fuck you, don’t touch me motherfucker” Ewan said as he shrugged him off

Ewan please…” Hank pleaded as Ewan hurriedly searched for his clothes and put them on, he didn’t respond to Hank’s pleas.

Hank reached out for him once again touching him on the shoulder, but this time Ewan’s reaction was violent, he lashed out, clipping him on his left cheek.

Hank fell to the floor

Ewan still didn’t say a word as he wiped tears from his eyes and stormed out of the room.

Hank sat on the floor, wondering what the hell had just happened, but remembering as well that he had his graduation to attend. 


So, I’m here, what’s this about” Brad asked as he sat

Thanks for coming Brad but I really need your help” Carter said as he also sat.

He had invited Brad over to his place to see what they could do for their best friends. He knew that Brad was Keifer’s best friend, all he did was find a way to get his phone number and gave him a call.

Brad, I want to help them, Terrence is dying, he acts like he doesn’t want this but I know he’s struggling”

I don’t know man, I mean, Keifer has been in the dumps since this whole thing happened but Terrence won’t give him a chance”

Do you blame him?”

Hey, I’m not taking sides, I want him to be happy but as far as I can see, Terrence is the one putting him through purgatory right now… I mean he fucked up bad and I’ve told him that but man, something’s gotta give”

I understand what you’re saying, now we have to find a way to help them, Terrence is as stubborn as an ox, if his mom can’t get him to even talk to Kiefer I know that this is going to be hard”

So, what do you have in mind?”

We have to get them together, alone, and make sure that they talk to each other”

That should be easy”

Come on, I’m serious we have to find somewhere neutral”

I think I know a place, what do you think of this idea…”


Terrence sat with his fellow graduates as their commencement speaker gave his address,

“… and one thing I must  tell you men and women of the future, never forget your past because it will come back and get you when you least expect it. You may never be perfect but you are responsible for the tracks you make in this life and those tracks will determine where you end up. Today as you prepare to go out in the world to be movers and shakers live your dreams as well, do not let this first step be the only decider of your future, your destiny…”

The words resounded inside the ears and hearts of all who heard them none more so than Terrence. It seemed that this man was speaking directly to him and him alone.

Hank was also touched by what he heard, even though he was still preoccupied with what had happened earlier, the words still penetrated his mind “live your dreams…your destiny”. He knew that these words meant something to him but he still didn’t know what to do with this knowledge.

Ewan was still jilted by his earlier experience in the morning with Hank, how could he not have seen it all along, Hank wanted the same thing his father wanted for him and he didn’t have the guts to tell him the truth. All this time, he thought it was just about a simple thing but now he found out it was much bigger than that. Now Hearing this man talking about dreams and destiny, he wondered where his lay.


Terrence… isn’t that, my word it is… Hank”

Mama what are you doing” Terrence said under his breath as his mother dragged him towards Hank and his Father

Oh hush now, I did not raise you to hold a grudge, now be nice” Gladys chided as she dragged Terrence towards Hank through the crowd of graduates and their family

Hank?” Hank turned at hearing his name “I knew it was you, how are you doing?”

Uh… Mrs. Porter, wow, ahm what a surprise” he said before turning to Terrence “Terrence”

Hank” Terrence responded neutrally, Gladys plodded on

So who do you have there?” Gladys said looking at Hank’s father

Oh, sorry this is my father Carl, Dad this is Terrence’s mom Gladys” they shook hands

Well how do you do Gladys, it’s nice to meet you, it seems our sons are very good friends at least from what Hank tells me”

Oh yes, Terrence speaks bundles about Hank never a pair of truer friends if ever I saw one”

Mom” Terrence said under his breath, eliciting a laugh form Gladys and Carl

Oh, I guess I’m embarrassing them… say Carl, could you be a darling and accompany me to the refreshment area, I’m simply parched, I’m sure these two can find someway to amuse themselves for a few minutes until we get back”

Carl was pretty taken aback by Gladys’ forwardness but agreed nonetheless and they both strolled off leaving Terrence and Hank alone

Be right back boys” Gladys said over her shoulder as she strolled away.

They both stood not looking at each other in the middle of he crowd but it seemed that they were the only ones there, then

So, how’ve you been?” Terrence asked still not looking at Hank

I’ve been ok, how you?” Hank asked

Could be better, but I’m surviving”

Terrence look… I’m sorry, I really am…I” Hank couldn’t finish

Terrence looked at him for the first time,

I’m sorry too Hank, I’m sorry too”

What’s that supposed to mean?” Hank asked

You lied to me man, you lied to me, fuck…” Terrence was trying keep his voice down

I’m sorry, I didn’t have the guts to tell you that I… that I”

That you’re gay Hank? You can say it y’know” Hank dropped his head

Yeah, I’m gay… that whole thing with Keifer I-I didn’t know, he told me I was the only one and then when he hurt you I broke it off but…”

But what Hank?”

He’s a special guy Terrence, you have to know that, he messed up my head and he fucked up your life but he’s special…I can’t believe I’m saying this, after what went down I was really angry but I just hope that something works out for you two, I really do”

Thanks, but that’s not going to happen, anyway, you’re content, you can say anything, you have someone in your life” Hank shrugged

Not anymore… anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I’m sorry, I couldn’t leave and not tell you how bad I feel about everything… I miss you Terrence, I really do”

Thanks man, it’s not your fault anyway, I was the one who was stupid enough to get into a relationship with a guy who raped me” Hank put his hand on Terrence’s shoulder

I know this doesn’t mean much Terrence, but anything I can do, anything just let me know, please” Hank could see the veil of sadness that hung over Terrence’s face “I just wish…”

Terrence looked up at him, he saw the genuine concern in Hank’s face and he remembered at that moment how much he had missed him as a friend

Hey, I’ll be fine, this is my big day remember, I’m done with Newton”

Yeah” Hank said with a sigh his head falling once again

Hey, wanna talk about it?” Terrence asked, Hank raised his head, his eyes brimming with tears

I love him so much, I really do but… my dad” Hank choked out the last two words

I’m sorry Hank, I guess you’re talking about your boyfriend, what’s his name?” Terrence said


If you love him enough, you have to fight for him” Terrence said softly grabbing Hank in a hug hitting his back and speaking into his ear

Hey Guys, what’s up?” Carter asked coming up on the two who were still hugging

I’m glad to see you two talking again… oh Hank, turn off the waterworks man” Carter said with a laugh as he too grabbed him in a hug and gave his back a few hard swats

So, we’re done with this place…it was a ride wasn’t it?” Carter asked when he finally unhanded Hank

Yes it was” replied Terrence “Hey where’re your ‘rents?”

Oh they’ve gone back to their hotel” replied Carter “So, what’s up with you two, is everything ok?”

Yeah, everything is fine, me and Terrence just had a talk” Carter started to look around as if searching for something

uh, where is what’s his name?”

Who?” Terrence asked, Carter nodded at Hank

Oh, we’re kinda having some problems” Hank replied

I’m sorry” Carter said apologizing

No, that’s ok, I just need to work it out”

Well anyway, Terrence, we’re planning a little celebration at my place and I want you to be there, I’m not taking no for an answer”

But my Mom…” Terrence started

She won’t mind, I’m sure”

Just then Carl and Gladys returned,

Carter?… Carter, how nice to see you, how are you?”

I’m fine Mrs Porter” Carl looked lost

Oh, Dad, this is Carter, my friend” Carter shook Carl’s hand enthusiastically

Mrs Porter, could I steal Terrence away for a bit later, we’re having a last hurrah party at my place and-”

Go ahead, don’t mind me, I’m sure I can find something to do, after all it is his big night” she said giving Terrence a wink

Ok then it’s set Terrence, I’ll pick you up at your place in an hour, ok?”

Yeah, that’s fine”

Well then, Carl it was a pleasure to meet you, Hank, Carter, have fun, bye now” Gladys said as she and Terrence left the group. Soon after Carter excused himself as well leaving Hank and his dad alone together

Nice friends you got their son”

Thanks Dad” Hank said

But y’know, I’m still waiting to meet my future daughter-in-law”

Well…” just then they both heard someone shout, “Mom no!”

When they turned to see what was going on, Hank saw a woman heading for he and his father, Ewan and another man in hot pursuit

She reached them and began her introduction

Well the pictures don’t lie, you look even more handsome than I thought” Hank was red in the face while his father was just plain puzzled as she prattled on.

Oh, I forgot my manners I’m Eugenia Townsend, but seeing that you’re family, you can call me Gina, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you Hank, and this must be your Father” she shook Carl’s hand just as Ewan and his father made it to them

Mom let’s go” Ewan said agitated, Hank stood stock still watching the whole thing unfold

Come now Ewan I was only trying to make the acquaintance of my son-in-law”

Excuse me, did you say son-in-law?” Carl interjected

Why yes, Ewan and Hank?” she looked from them both and then looked back at Carl to see if he understood, he obviously didn’t

Mom, come on let’s go, now!”

Oh, I’m sorry” Gina said as she was pulled away by her husband, Ewan mouthed the words sorry as he looked back at Hank while walking away.

Hank, what was that all about?” Carl asked

Could we go somewhere private and have a talk”


Well son, what’s this all about?” Carl asked firmly as he and Hank sat in his car

I didn’t mean for this to happen like this…I-I”

What” Hank took a deep breath

I’m gay Dad” he said, Carl’s expression froze as the words sunk in

What did you say?”

I said… I’m gay” Hank repeated slowly, Carl rubbed his face with his hand as he took a deep searching look at his son, as if he had never seen him once in his life, then

My son is a queer” Carl said with a wry chuckle as he stared out the car window, “Hank, how could you do this to us? I thought we were a team son” Hank started to sob

I’m sorry Dad, it’s just who I am…I-I” Carl turned and looked at Hank once again

I don’t know what to say son… I just can’t believe this is happening… wait a second, do you mean to tell me that that guy was…”

Hank shook his head

Well I’ll be… we are going to have to deal with this together Hank, together ok?”



Y’see Terrence, that wasn’t all bad was it” Gladys asked Terrence as they entered his apartment

No, all you did was push me into something I really am not interested in doing”

Oh hush now boy, it was for your own good so you just go and enjoy yourself”

I’ll try”

So, you patched things up with Hank?”

Yeah, we had a little a talk about what happened”


Well, everything is cool”

Good, now go get ready”


Brad was at Keifer’s apartment trying to get him out of the house

I don’t know why you’re pushing this, I said I’m not going”

Come on Keifer, you’ve been hold up in this place for weeks, when was the last time you even had a shower?” Brad asked as he walked around Keifer’s messy apartment picking up pizza boxes

Hey, I didn’t invite you over here”

Ok, you wanna be stubborn fine, I’m not leaving until you come with me” Brad said as he sat across from him and folded his arms.

Where are we supposed to be going anyway?” Keifer asked

I told you, it’s a surprise, come on you have to admit you need a little excitement in your life, you’re totally bummed out”

As I said, I’m not going, so there” Keifer said as he headed towards his bedroom “You know the way out” he shouted from his room as he jumped into bed.

Brad wasn’t going to give up so easily though, he knew that he had to get Keifer out of the house or his plan would never work, and he knew just how to do it. He waited a while until he thought Keifer had fallen asleep and then he struck, he filled a pitcher with ice and water in the kitchen and headed for the bedroom. When he entered Keifer was asleep, a pillow wrapped tightly in his arms. Brad walked over to the bed and aimed the pitcher directly over Keifer then he poured out its contents I a big splash

Holy Shit!!” Keifer shouted as he was shocked out of his slumber by the cold water

What the…!!” he started but before he could say anymore he was pulled out of bed and dragged kicking to his bathroom. When Brad had him in the bathroom he slammed the door and without a word proceeded to relieve him of his clothes

Hey, hey what’re you doing…” Keifer said as Brad manhandled him and tore his clothes off. When he had him completely naked he pushed him in the shower.

Now, clean yourself up, we’re going out” Brad said firmly as he left the room and closed the door.

Keifer stood for a while in the shower, still giddy from what had just happened, then he did what he was told.


See, the difference a shower can make, I told you” Brad said as Keifer came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist

I hope you enjoyed that fucker, cause it’s the last time you’ll ever get away with it”

Don’t worry about it Keifer, your not really my type” Brad said with a laugh “and by the way put on something nice and hurry up” Keifer flipped him the finger before going into his room to find something to wear.

Ten minutes later, he was ready and they headed out.

In the meantime…

Carter had picked up Terrence and they were on their way to his apartment

So, who’s going to be at this party Carter?”

Oh, y’know guys from the team, friends here and there, don’t worry it will be great”



Hank had brought his dad back to his hotel after a long talk, they discussed everything. Carl really wanted to understand what was going on with Hank and at the same time conceded that he would have to get used to the idea of not having grandchildren.

Hank felt much better about the whole thing after they talked, he knew now what he had to do, he had to have Ewan in his life, that was the only way. After leaving the hotel, he headed for Ewan’s place,

He walked up to the door and knocked. After a few seconds he was greeted, not by one of Ewan’s roommates but by his Mom, Gina

Oh, hi Mrs Townsend, ahm, is Ewan here?”

Yes, he is Hank… I’m really sorry about this afternoon, I didn’t know…”

That’s ok, I just need to straighten some things out with Ewan”

Ok, come in, please”

Thanks” Hank said as he stepped in, when he did he saw Ewan’s Dad sitting on the couch.

Oh Hank, how are you son?”

I’m ok Mr. Townsend, I’m really sorry about this afternoon, I wish you could have met my father”

Hush, I’m just sorry that it had to happen like that, Ewan didn’t want to tell us what had happened between you two so we didn’t push it, anyway, Ewan’s in his room” Hank thanked him and made his way into the room. When he got there he saw Ewan lying across his bed, shirtless, holding a pillow over his face.

Hank knocked the door,

Mom, I said I don’t want to be disturbed” Ewan said from under the pillow, Hank cleared his throat

I’m not your Mom Ewan” Ewan jumped up with an almost wild look in his eyes

What are you doing here?” Hank stepped forward

I just wanted to talk to you” Ewan arose from the bed and pulled on his shirt

Why? You already made up your mind, I can’t believe you used me like that”

I didn’t use you Ewan, I was just… I wasn’t honest with myself, not as much as I should have been” Ewan looked at him for a moment then spoke

You really want to have children and a family don’t you?” Hank didn’t answer

Answer me”

Yes, I do… it’s just something I’ve always wanted… but now I see that it’s only a dream I had, something I wanted to fulfill for my father’s sake more than anything else… we talked about it, the whole thing” Ewan got a surprised look on his face

You mean you told him?”

Yeah, I told him… we’re going to be working it out”

Wow, that’s a relief, see I told you, he loves you”

Yeah, I guess I never really took that into consideration, how much we mean to each other, after all we only have each other left” Ewan walked up to him and looked into his eyes

I’m sorry about the things I said”

I’m sorry I wasn’t straight up with you, you deserved better Ewan but I promise you I will never hurt you again” Ewan pulled him into a hug

I love you so much” Ewan said as tears ran down his cheeks

I love you too, I love you so much” they stayed like that until they were interrupted by Ewan’s parents 15 minutes later…


Carter pulled up to his apartment, parked and got out,

Aren’t you coming?” he asked Terrence who was still sitting in the passenger seat

I’m not sure this is a good idea”

What? come on man, you’ve come this far, get out of the car” with a sigh, Terrence complied.

So far so good’, Carter thought as he led Terrence up the steps leading to his place. They went in but the place was empty

Where’s everyone else?” Terrence asked

We’re early,” Carter answered nonchalantly

Wha’do you mean we’re early, isn’t this your party?”

Hey, calm down, everyone else will be coming in about two hours time, just sit and relax” Carter said handing Terrence a cold beer. He took it grudgingly and took a sip.

I have a strange feeling you’re up to something”

Get off it man” Carter said s he busied himself stacking some kegs with beer and ice. Terrence sat and drank his beer as he waited to see what would happen next, then there was a knock at the door.

I’ll get that” Carter shouted from the kitchen before Terrence could even get up from his place on the couch. He raced into the living room and went to open the door.

Terrence was wondering who it could’ve been to cause Carter to be in such a hurry to let them in. His first clue came when he heard Carter say

Hey Brad, how’s it going” then he heard another voice ask

What’s going on?” he knew that voice. Terrence swung his head around to see Brad Chambers coming through the door and following him, was none other than Keifer.

Keifer came in and looked around but the moment he caught Terrence’s stare he was bolted to his spot.

So guys, this is it” Carter said as he looked from one to the other as they continued to hold their stare

You guys need to talk, I don’t care what the outcome is but you two have to talk… and NO one will leave until you have spoken to each other, so get comfy” Brad said as he locked the door.

Both Keifer and Terrence remained unmoved, then…

I know y’all think you’re trying to help but please just let me out of here, I don’t want to talk to him”

Come on Terrence, you need to do this… you’re miserable” Carter added

I don’t care… I can’t believe you would pull a stunt like this, I thought you were my friend, bringing him here, what the hell did you expect to happen?” Terrence was getting angry, then for the first time, Keifer spoke

Maybe a civilized conversation for once” he said, Terrence looked at him squarely once again, a look of contempt

You just shut the fuck up and don’t say a thing!” Terrence shouted, pointing at Keifer. Keifer stepped further into the room, Brad and Carter watching the scene unfold before them

I don’t know why Brad and Carter did this, it’s obviously a colossal waste of time, you’re a waste of my time, but know this Terrence, I’m done waiting on you to make up your mind or even to forgive me… If this is the way you want to live, fine but I won’t do this to myself anymore” Keifer said turning to leave. Terrence stood with his mouth agape. He couldn’t believe what he just heard Keifer say

You’re fucking unbelievable, you come in here acting like this is my fault, you’re the one who fucked around ok, I’m the one who has been hurt”

Yeah Terrence, you’ve always been the only victim in this, nobody else but you, I’ve been the villain in all of this”

Yes you are, I’m not the one who was fucking your best friend for months” Terrence shouted as he stood, clenching his fist

Fine, I admit, I was sleeping with Hank and I’m sorry but I’m not going to grovel at your feet while you sit there Mr. High and Fucking mighty and pass judgment on me, at least I’ve admitted that I was wrong” Terrence lunged at him throwing Keifer to the floor before either Brad or Carter could have stopped him. He punched him in the face before Brad pulled him off Keifer and Carter pushed him into the couch.

Brad helped Keifer to his feet

You feel better now Terrence, huh? Hitting me made the pain go away? caus’ if it did I’m glad for you, at least one of us will have some peace… Brad let’s go, I can’t do this anymore” he said as he turned to Brad and headed for the door.

Wait” Terrence said still sitting on the couch, Keifer stopped and turned towards him

I’m sorry I hit you, I-I shouldn’t have”

Yeah Terrence, I’m sorry too” Keifer replied in flat tone as he turned back towards the door  

Keifer, wait, please… we should talk” Terrence said as he got up from the couch

Good, now we’re making progress…you can use my room” Carter said

Go on” Brad said nudging Keifer along. Both Keifer and Terrence headed for Carter’s bedroom and when they got inside Keifer locked the door behind him, when he turned around Terrence was standing right behind him, for a second a look came over his face that amused Terrence

I’m not going to hit you again” Terrence said as Keifer went around him into the room, he sat on the bed

Look… I’ve done a lot of things to you, I can’t believe I could’ve hurt one person so many times and I’m sorry. I will understand if you don’t want to have anything to do with me, I just wanted to try and see if there was any hope at all… I love you Terrence, I have a funny way of showing it but I do, I-”

Stop” Terrence said interrupting Keifer  “The past two months have been hell for me, I was so wrapped up in you, I love you too, that’s why it hurt so much when I heard you say that Hank was special to you. It was bad enough that you were sleeping with him but to find out that you might have had feelings for him, that just drove me crazy”

I’m sorry Terrence, I-” Terrence cut him off mid sentence

Let me finish, I just don’t think I can deal with another heartbreak like that again, I’m a man Keifer, I have my dignity, I can’t let you keep on hurting me.” Keifer moved closer to Terrence and gripped his shoulders

I will never hurt you again Terrence, I never want there to be any secrets between us again” tears were now filling Keifer’s eyes “I love you so much, I can’t live without you”

I want so much to believe you Keifer, I really do”

Then please just give me a chance let me tell you everything, the whole truth”


So Keifer began, letting Terrence know everything that had happened leading to this point, everything including what Scott did to him. He didn’t want to leave anything out, not one detail. After Keifer had said his piece, he looked at Terrence, trying to gauge his response

That’s the whole truth and nothing but”

I-I don’t know what to say Keifer, it seems so complicated”

It was but now we have each other, can’t we work through this together?”

It’s not that easy Keifer…alright, I’ll give it a try” they hugged for a while until Carter knocked on the door

Are you two ok, is anyone hurt?” he asked with a laugh

We’re fine, be out in a second” Keifer shouted back then he turned back to Terrence, “I don’t expect anything to happen between us, but I’m just happy that we’ll at least try to work this o-” he was cut off as Terrence pulled him into a hot kiss, when they parted he said

I’ve waited so long to do that, two months in fact”

Wow, me too… but that was the farthest thing from my mind, I was just praying that you would still talk to me”

Keifer, relax, this has been hard but you’ve been honest with me, I appreciate that… we’ll just have to take it one day at a time”

Yeah, I’ve missed you so much”

I missed you too” they kissed again and Terrence gradually pushed Keifer down on the bed as his hand explored his body, something he had dreamed about for months. Keifer then broke the kiss and eased Terrence off

What’s the matter?” Terrence asked in a hoarse voice

I don’t think Carter would appreciate us doing this in his bed” Keifer said with a laugh, Terrence laughed as well

Ok then, let’s get out of here, your place”

OK” Keifer said as he rose from the bed and headed for the door, the went out and into the living room where they found Carter and Brad watching t.v.

Did you two change the sheets?” Brad asked with a grin

Fuck you man”

Come on now, there will be none of that in my apartment” Carter said in a stern voice, then he started laughing

So, everything ok between you two?” Brad asked

We have some things to work out but for now, it’s fine” Keifer replied

Good, so you two staying for the party?” Carter asked

There’s really a party?” Terrence asked

Yeah, the whole team is coming”

Well, Terrence and I, we wanna-”

We get it…” Brad said with a smile “I’ll drop you two off at Keifer’s apartment after all, it’s been two long months”

Thanks man” Keifer said

Thanks too guys, it meant a lot, having friends who cared enough to try till the end to help us fix this” Terrence added

Just doing our jobs” Carter replied

They left the apartment, Brad bringing them both back to Keifer’s place. It was a mad rush for them both as they bolted into the apartment and proceeded to rip each other’s clothes off.

Keifer was the first on his knees, as he fisted Terrence’s cock and dove down on it, as they both collapsed in the couch.

Oh shit, I’ve waited so long to feel your mouth on my dick again” Terrence moaned as Keifer sucked on his cock with more enthusiasm.

Ahhh” Terrence moaned as Keifer continued to take more and more of his cock down his throat. Keifer slobbered over the huge tool lubricating it as he bobbed his head up and down.

mmm” Keifer moaned as he continued to work his mouth over Terrence’s turgid pole, just then there was a knock at the door

Shit” Terrence said as he was pulled from his reverie, Keifer lifted his head from Terrence’s crotch and looked towards the door when he heard another knock.

Dammit, I wonder who that is” Kefier grumbled as he got up and pulled on his pants. Terrence also got up

Get rid of them, I’m in the bedroom” Terrence said as he walked naked towards the room.

Keifer went to the door and opened it and his jaw dropped when he saw who it was

Jennifer? What are you doing here?” he asked

Keifer, we need to talk” she said as she attempted to step into the apartment but Keifer blocked her with his hand

What do you want Jennifer, I told you it was over”

Fine, if you want me to tell you out here I will, I’m two months pregnant Keifer and it’s your baby”

What?!” Keifer shouted as she stepped pass him into the apartment.


Why oh why


The End

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