Working at the Club

Chapter 4

The morning seemed to come not moments after I fell asleep.  I woke up in a fog and took a long, hot shower to wake my exhausted body up.  I dried off and was dressed pretty quickly.  I ran downstairs to get a glass of water for Ryan.  I was pretty sure he'd need it.  I went into my brother's room.  Ryan was fast asleep.  I set the glass of water down on the night stand next to the bed and sat down beside my sleeping beauty.  He was sleeping on his stomach and his head was turned towards me so I could see his face.  The covers were around his knees and I admired his strong back.  Lightly I traced the contours of his face and brushed his light stubble.  He was so beautiful, lying there peacefully and gently whistling out of his nose.  The sounds of his sleep put me into a trance, and I must have been sitting there for at least a couple of minutes.  I leaned down and kissed him softly on the cheek.  He awoke, just a bit, and I kissed him again to bring him fully into reality.

He blinked his eyes a couple of times, and looked at me and hoarsely said, "Hey hon... Steve.  Are you leaving?"  I nodded.  "Do I have to get up right now?  I could use a little more sleep."

"No.  Sleep in.  You're still probably not sober enough to drive."

"Oh shit, what are your parents going to say?"

"They're pretty cool with this.  Don't worry about them."  I felt bad for him.  He was going to have to deal with them himself.  My parents were great and  they wouldn't make him feel uncomfortable.  But I'm sure he was nervous about it.  "I don't think my mom heard you throw up last night anyway," I said, trying to allay his fears.

He closed his eyes and rolled over onto his back.  I could see from his boxers that the morning wood fairy had come.  I look down at my watch.  7:40.  I got up and closed the bedroom door and went back and sat on the bed.  I brushed my hand over his crotch and a smile spread across his face.  I rubbed up and down on his package, feeling him up through his boxers.  Then I moved my hand across his thigh and up his shorts.    I fingered his soft nutsack.  He was pretty well hung, a nice evenly distributed package.  Then I yanked his boxers down from the inside.  I moved down and softly kissed the underside of his shaft.  I licked up and down the shaft a couple of times and then the underside of his balls.  I carefully took one testicle into my mouth and sucked softly on it.  I could tell he enjoyed it.  Then I started kissing up and down his dick again.  After I figured he'd had enough I took him into my mouth.

Softly at first, but then building pace I sucked him off.  I took him out of my mouth and continued stroking him as I licked his balls again.  My saliva on his dick made a pretty good lubricant and I massaged the head of his penis with one hand.  A little bit of pre-cum oozed out and I lapped it up with my tongue.  I took him into my mouth again and deep throated him as best as I could.  He moved his hips up with my pace and I could tell he was pretty close.  He grunted every time I took him in deep.  I stroked his shaft with one hand and started working the head of his penis with my mouth and tongue.  He told me he was about to come so I started deep throating him again, going up and down on his shaft at a furious pace.  He blew his load and I hungrily swallowed it all down.  He was groaning pretty loudly so I put a hand over his mouth to quiet him down.  His penis was dry and his breathing started to slow down.  I let go of his dick and sat back up.  His eyes were closed and he wore a very satisfied expression (obviously).  He took my hand in his and kissed it.  I glanced down at my watch and saw that it was now 7:48.

I kissed him again on the forehead and said, "I've got to go.  I'm going to be late."

"Okay, I'll talk to you later.  Have a good day and try to avoid those golf balls."

I rumpled his hair roughly and called him a wise ass before hurrying downstairs.  Both my parents were still asleep and I grabbed my keys and hurried out to work.  As I was about to pull off my road I saw Pat pull out of his driveway and I stopped, allowing him to pull up next to me.  I had to laugh when I saw him.  His hair was all messed up and his eyes were half-shut.

He rolled down his window and I asked him how he was feeling.  "Oh god, I'm really hurting."

"Well, you look like shit."

"And I feel like it."

"I've got to run, I'm already running behind."

"All right, well thanks for driving last night.  I hope Jay and I behaved?"

"Of course," I reassured him.  "You even had me laughing."

"Good, well I'll call you tonight.  I'm going to go take a nine hour nap."  I pulled down the road ahead of him and turned left to go to work.  That was the advantage of his job.  He was the head lifeguard so while everyone else was taking turns on the stand he would be sleeping.  I got into work and punched in at 8:10.  Damn, I was late.  Not that it mattered, George wasn't really a stickler about punctuality.  I hustled and got my cart out onto the course before 8:30.

The day was pretty hot, and by 9am the sun was blazing.  To add to that, it was pretty humid and the air seemed to suck the moisture right out of you.  I ran out of gatorade before I even reached the halfway point of my run.  When I pulled in to the loading dock to restock the cart I was pleasantly surprised to see Adam loading up a cart to take back to the snack shed.  It had been a while since I'd seen him last.  He was working with one of the other girls.

"Hey guys," I said to them.

They both returned my greeting.  I grabbed a box of gatorade from the cage and said to Adam as I walked by, "I haven't seen you for a while.  How ya been?"

"Fine."  I could tell from his half-shut eyes that he wasn't too well rested either.

"Late night last night?"

"It wasn't so much a late night, but the morning seemed to come way too early."  I chuckled at his little joke.  I made a little more conversation with the two of them while we worked side by side.  They tried to stay out of my way as best as they could.  I was in a helluva hurry.  Once, as I squeezed by Adam to get past him, I brushed up against his ass.  It felt great, and thank god I wasn't hard.  I noticed how skinny he was, not sick thin, but just slender.  He had a much different build from Ryan that I found just as attractive.

By mid-morning I had come to the painful conclusion of two things.  (1) This day was going to suck, it was way too hot and I was running around like a monkey trying to keep up.  I had already soaked through my shirt with sweat and (2) George needed help.  He was already taking tranquilizers for his nerves but they'd have to bump up his dose.

He stopped me around 12:30 and started to ream me out.  I had written on both sides of the paper.  Usually I only wrote on the front side but my pad was getting pretty thin.  George had not seen this until just now and had had to go through the garbage to find all the previous orders and re-enter the info from the back into the computer.  For most people, this would have been a minor setback but it was like armageddon to George.  I just let him rip into me hoping he'd feel better afterwards.  I didn't care.

He didn't yell at you when he was angry, he just got really hyper and complained about the situation over and over.  It took the guy three times to say the same thing.  After he had finished, I apologized profusely and said I'd only write on one side from now on.

"Well, you can write on both sides, Stevie, just let me know.  I mean, when I'm throwing these into the computer and I'm in a hurry I can't always check to be sure I got the numbers from both sides..." He rambled on again about the problem for a fourth time.

"Okay, but from now on George, I will only use the front side.  That way, you know you never have to look on the back of the sheets.  And I will only do it that way so this never happens again."

"Okay, Stevie," he said changing from his neurotic tone to his dopey tone, signaling an end to this latest bout of rage.  "Now get on out there and make us some money, dickhead."  Dickhead was a term of affection for George.  He only called you that if he liked you.  In fact, he swore at you more often when he was being nice then when he was yelling at you.

I stopped at the snack shed on my way back out to the course.  I could have asked Miguel for a sandwich but I decided to order from the snack shed so I could chat with Adam.  As I approached he was standing at the counter with his chin resting on his hands, a bored look upon his face.

"Hey buddy, how about a couple of hot dogs."

He turned to look at me and brightened up a bit.  "Sure, Steve."  He threw two dogs on the grill and then turned back towards me.  "How's business?"

"Very good, obviously.  Its hot as hell out here."

"Yeah no kidding, I'm waiting for the pool to start boiling.  Maybe it'll roast a couple of these kids."

"Ahh, job satisfaction is off the charts for you today."

He laughed.  "Let's just say my mind's elsewhere, today."  A painful expression crossed his face for a moment as he said it.  But then it was gone and replaced with the bored look.

"And where would that mind be?" I continued.

"Anywhere but here," he mumbled.

"Is something wrong?" I asked.  He looked at me and for a moment I thought he was going to open up before he shook his head.  I put my hand on his shoulder and squeezed a little bit.  "Are you sure?"  The expression on my face was a serious one so he knew that I was genuinely concerned.

"Yes, I'm fine," he finally said.  "I mean, I don't see you jumping for joy everyday while working here.  You're not in love with your job either, are you?"  I could tell he was trying to change the subject.  If he didn't want to talk to me that was fine.  He hardly knew me, anyway.  He probably figured I was just being friendly and didn't give a damn about him or his problems.  We Americans can be so fake sometimes.

"Well," I responded, "I haven't put a rope around my neck yet but I can see your point."  As Brad walked back into the shed I went to re-ice my cart while the hot dogs were cooking.  When I was done doing that, Adam was alone again.

"What time do you get off today?" I asked.

"You asking me out?" he said, raising an eyebrow.  It caught me way off guard and my face started to turn red.

"What, no!" I laughed, trying to play it off.  He was joking as well because he smiled back at me.

"Because you'd really have to serenade me if you were planning on getting some.  Dinner AND a movie.  And nice buttery popcorn, too."

"What if we just rented a movie and stayed in?" I decided to play along with him.

"Oh you men," he said, making a pathetic attempt to portray a woman as he pretended to toss his hair back.  "You only have one thing on your minds."

The rest of the day passed without any major glitch.  An errant golf ball bounced off the front of my cart over by the 14th green.  Crikey, I was going to have to get one of those caged-in carts that the boys on the driving range had.  George asked  me if I could stay late on Sunday night to help him and Bruno with inventory.  I agreed.  I didn't head home until 8pm.  When I got in, my parents were both watching TV in the living room.

"Did you eat yet?" my mom asked getting up from the sofa.


"Okay, there's pork tender loin in the fridge I can heat up for you.  And green beans and salad."

"It's okay mom, I'll do it," I said and passed her my tip money for inspection.

"All right, honey.  Your friend Ryan is a real nice boy.  He's so polite."

"Yeah, he's a good kid.  What time did he end up leaving this morning?"

"He got up around 10 and I cooked him breakfast, which he tried to refuse.  But he ate and then we sat around and talked for an hour.  It was so cute, he didn't leave right away after breakfast because he said he didn't want to 'eat and run'."

I was pleased my mom thought he was a nice guy.  I hoped for my sake that she'd be seeing more of him.  I ate and then showered and changed into some comfort clothes, lacrosse shorts and a loose white T-shirt.  I decided to wait and see if Ryan would call.  I didn't want him to get the impression that he was being smothered.  Woody called and asked if I wanted to go out.  I declined and said that I was exhausted.  I nodded off in my dad's chair watching the History Channel (my absolute most favorite channel) and was woken up around 11pm as he came in to watch the news.  I went off to bed, a little upset that Ryan didn't call.  But heck, I had spend the last two nights with him.  He was probably hanging out with friends all day on his day off.

The next morning I felt better than I had the previous one.  And the tip gods were smiling down on me.  Mr. Kratch gave me a $20 and told me to keep close to he and his friends throughout the day.  They got loaded and I went through a whole bottle of vodka just because of them.  Every time I saw him he gave me a ten and I saw him five times.  Sound of a cash register being opened, cha-ching!

Ryan was in a jovial mood and we horsed around each time I swung by the shed.  Adam was a far cry from anything approaching jovial, and moped around the whole day.  I again tried to get him to open up, adding that I was sincere and wanted to help if I could, but he declined.  He didn't smile once the whole day, which almost broke my heart.  He's got the cutest little smile you've ever seen, complete with dimples.  I came by in the afternoon and Ryan was alone in the shed.

"Do you have any idea what's troubling Adam?" I asked.

"Nope.  But something is troubling me," he responded.

"What's that?" I asked, feeling a little bit nervous about what his answer might be.

"I want to go to a movie tonight but I need a date."  He smiled warmly at me.

I breathed a sigh of relief.  "I'd love to but I'll probably be here until midnight.  I've got to do inventory with George and Bruno."

"Oh," he said.  "How come you didn't call last night?"  He asked.

"How come you didn't call last night," I jokingly accused him.

He laughed.  "I didn't want to bother you.  I saw you the last two nights and I didn't want you to get sick of me."

I caressed his hand for a moment secretly and said, "I'm not going to get sick of you anytime soon, stud."  We locked eyes for a moment.

He smiled and softly said, "Good."  He stood there for a moment before adding, "My parents get back tonight otherwise I'd ask you to spend the night."

"That's too bad.  What are you doing tomorrow?  It's my day off."

"You have a day off?  There must be a glitch in the schedule.  Anyway, I'm working here, 10-6."

"Well, I'll be golfing so I'll see you at least.  Maybe we can do a movie on Monday?"

"Sounds like a plan."  I smiled brightly as I walked away.  He wanted to see me after all.  I kicked myself for not calling last night.  Sometimes I can be so stubborn and thickheaded.  By 7:30, the course was pretty dead and I broke down the cart.  Bruno was working down in the card room and George and Dave were working the dinner shift.  George was cursing up a storm as each new order came in and piled onto the growing list.  I decided to go downstairs and hang out with Bruno.

He was standing behind the bar drinking a coke when I got there.  I let myself in through the back door and said hello.

"Hey, Steve.  How'd you today?"

"Very well," I stated.  "Are you golfing tomorrow?"

"Yeah, Dave and I have a 2:30 tee time.  You?"

"I told Tom (the pro-shop manager) I'd swing by around 1."

"This is going to suck tonight.  George is in one of his moods."

"Once the members leave though and he starts drinking he'll probably calm down," I argued.


At 8:45 George left the bar upstairs in Dave's hands and came down to get us.

"Stevie, sorry to keep you waiting so long.  Are you and dickhead here ready?"

"Sure," we both said.  We spent an hour in the liquor room.  I, with clipboard and pencil in hand, marking down the numbers as Bruno and George called them out.  Then we moved into the keg room and quickly surveyed that.  George went to the bar and met me and Bruno out by the cage with three cold beers.  George was in a better mood by now and we joked around for a few minutes and drank beer.  The cage only took us 10 minutes to inventory and we went back inside and finished up at the bar.  By then, most of the people had gone home for the evening and Dave joined us after whipping up four mixed drinks for us.  I, of course, had an Absolut and Ruby Red.  When we finished the bar George offered me another drink which I declined, and instead got myself a soda.  It was 11:30 and the wait staff started to filter in and sit at the bar with us.  They were allowed to have a free drink before heading home if they wanted to.  I stayed until 12:30, joking with everyone and having a pretty good time.  When none of the members were around George and the other managers relaxed and opened up a lot.

I walked out to my car after saying my good-byes and got in.  The engine roared (rather, it whimpered) to life and I drove out of the driveway and turned left to go home.  As I pulled down the road I glanced into an empty parking lot next to a supermarket and thought I saw Adam's VW Golf.  It was the only car there.  I thought nothing of it.  It was a blue Golf, a popular car, and someone was probably just making out or something.  I drove a few more blocks and was still uneasy.  What if it was his car?  What would he be doing there?  It wasn't the nicest area of Danbury for a skinny white boy like him.  I decided to turn around and check it out.

As I pulled up to the car I saw a Dave Matthews bumper sticker.  That made it even more likely it was Adam's car.  I got out of my car and peered into the car, getting ready to scramble out of there in case I interrupted some guy and his girl.  What I saw made my heart wrench.  There was Adam, sleeping in the back seat.  It looked like he had been crying.

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