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Working at the Club

Chapter 8

20 minutes after Ryan had finally confessed to liking me I found myself in a very awkward situation - walking home with both Adam and Ryan.  I didn't want to leave Adam there alone because he really didn't know any of my friends.  So I had to bring him with me much to the disappointment of Ryan who didn't want Adam to know he was going home with me.  So Ryan and I decided to play it off like Ryan's ride had left without him and he was too drunk and tired to find a ride home himself.  He acted more drunk on the way home then he actually was to play up his part, but it didn't require that much acting!

It was around 1 am and I hoped my mom was in bed.  When we got home Adam, who was laughing to himself the whole time at Ryan's attempts to cover up our affair, went right upstairs to get ready for bed.  Ryan and I went into the family room and watched TV for a few minutes.  Then we "pretended" to go off to bed, he on the couch and I into my room.  We had to be quiet because my dad had just gone to bed.  I went to the bathroom and got ready for bed, and then went back to my room.  I stripped down naked and slipped under the covers, my hard-on was already raging as I got ready for the pleasures that were to come.  Ten minutes later I heard a soft knock on my door.

"Come in," I whispered.  The door slowly opened and Ryan came in and shut the door behind him.  He had to be quiet because Adam's room was right across the hall.  My room is always a disaster area in terms of crap lying all over the place. so I switched on my reading light quickly so he could make his way over to the bed.  The sight was breathtaking.  He was in jockey shorts and they could hardly conceal the bulge from his crotch.  My eyes traced his tight pecs down his abdomen, following the wisps of hair as they moved past his abdomen muscles and disappeared down into his underwear melting into his pubes.  He stumbled over to the bed and carefully climbed on top of me so that he was straddling me.  I stared into his eyes as I fumbled to turn out the light.  He only smiled at me seductively, my stomach fluttered as I stared into those brown peepers.  Finally, I found the switch and with a click we were enveloped in complete darkness, with only our sense of feel to guide us through the dance on which we were about to embark.

Ryan lifted the thin sheet off of me and climbed in so our naked bodies could be in contact.  I felt around in the darkness for his hard ass and found it.  I clamped my hands around it and started to massage it, enjoying every moment as he clenched his strong muscles.  We embraced in a deep long kiss before he broke it and started to kiss me on the side of my neck.  He slowly moved down my neck and started slurping and sucking all across my shoulders and chest.

"Shh," I warned him.  "Adam's right next door."

"I'm sorry, its just that you taste so goddamned yummy."

He reached my nipples and with care slurped and sucked all around them.  I moved my hands across his back, taking time to pass across his ass now and then.  I felt the warmth of his hard cock moving up and down my leg as he leaned down further to kiss and lick my belly button.  Before I had time to prepare for the sheer ecstacy of his warm mouth, he had his lips wrapped around my cock and was sucking me at a furious pace.

"Oh shit, slow down," I whispered.  "I don't want to come yet."

He moved off my cock and came back up for air before he proceeded to attack my upper body again at an even more furious pace.  I grabbed him by the hair since I so desperately needed to kiss him.  Our tongues wrapped around each other and I caressed his face with my hands.  It was pitch black in my room and as I rubbed my fingers along the contour of his face I imagined what it would feel like to be a blind man, never really knowing how someone looked, only how they felt.  A blind man would never have been able to stare into Ryan's brown eyes and become totally lost within them, like a newborn puppy taking his first hesitant steps around his world.  A blind man could have felt his stubble but never appreciated how it fell around his face and gave him the shadows and the rugged look that made him so incredibly hot.   I felt around my lover in the dark and hugged him as close to my body as I possibly could.  I squeezed him as if we were sinking  in a deep and dark ship, with only his warmth and touch to remind me of my own humanity.  I held on for dear life and wrapped him so completely in my grip that for a split second we must have molded into one.  Two warm and hot bodies, becoming one for a second, as our love brought us together and made us complete.

I eased my grip as I could feel him struggling for air.  Perhaps a too strong a lover's embrace could cause some discomfort.  He was pushing up and down against me with his crotch, his steaming organ yearning for attention.  I started to reposition him 180 degrees around.  He got the point and as he broke with my lips he climbed over me to bring his crotch into position where my eager mouth could take him in.  I engulfed him in an enormous spray of passion and saliva as I sucked him off, hoping to bring him to his greatest orgasm yet in his 18 years of life.

I sucked passionately taking him deep, and then alternately paying special attention to his head, and then teasing his balls with my warm and wet tongue.  He started to groan with delight and as I brought him closer to orgasm he became desperate for a tool of his own to work over.  He completed the 69 by diving down into my crotch at a furious speed.  A hot spark of electricity seemed to leap out from his tongue as it came in contact with my cock.  Before long we were both heading down the highway of love, in the left lane traveling at a breakneck speed.  I grabbed the base of his cock and plunged my head up and down his shaft, enjoying every moment as his body shuddered from the thrills I was giving him.  I was oblivious to my own needs and realized that I, for the first time I had met this incredibly gorgeous guy, was finally controlling him.  I was not close to orgasm yet but I could feel his sproingy balls as they contracted and seemed to vibrate, anxious to eject the fluids they had stored up till then into my mouth to join my own body.

Just before he climaxed I probed with my thumb in between his hole and the base of his balls.  I was desperately searching for his G-spot which I had read about in magazines.  I had never been able to find it myself and had failed miserably to stimulate myself when masturbating.  But I was desperate to find it now, before it was too late and he climaxed.  I felt the bulge of a muscle that was sticking out abnormally and I pressed down firmly on it just as he climaxed.  This had to be it because he exploded so hard against the back of my neck he nearly gagged me.  He let out an enormous sigh, way too loud not to be heard, but he couldn't help it.  He was so oblivious to the world around him at this point.  He let go of my cock and buried his face into my crotch as he tried to stifle the sounds of the most intense orgasm he had known up to this point.  As I kept pressure on his G-spot his crotch started to spasm erratically and even more of his cum oozed into my mouth, which I greedily swallowed.  He kept on groaning, more quietly, although his vocal chords were still out of the control of the rest of his body as his orgasm raged on.  After a few more seconds I let go of his tip, not wanting to tweak him.  His body went limp and he stayed absolutely still with his face resting in my crotch.  He was breathing heavily as his body seemed to suck in all the air that it could trying to make up for the energy it had just burned.

Eventually he lifted his head and came back around and slumped into my arms and my chest.  He recovered for a few more minutes before finally whispering into my ear, "I can't tell you how amazing that was."

I nodded to him and said, "I figured you'd like that."

"I didn't, I didn't know it could be like that.  Holy shit!"  He kissed my neck softly and wrapped me tight with his arms.  We fell asleep in each other's arms and as I drifted off to sleep I felt his warm breath blowing gently against my neck.  However, Ryan didn't sleep for long because we both woke up a half-hour later and we both got frisky again...

The first thing I noticed when I woke up was that Ryan had gone back downstairs to the couch to keep up our story.  I rolled over and sat up in bed, swinging my legs out onto the floor.  My head was pounding and my mouth was dry.  The first steps were shaky as I headed to the bathroom.  This is going to be a long day, I thought to myself as I emptied my bladder.  I saw motion in the open doorway in the corner of my eye.  I looked up to see Adam groggily come around the corner.  He stopped in the doorway and realized he'd just walked in on me peeing.  His eyes met mine and I laughed.  "The peep show doesn't start until later," I joked.

"Oops, sorry, Steve."  He quickly turned around, unable to keep his red face from giving away his embarrassment.    He started to go back down the hallway before he turned around again.  "How'd everything go last night?"

"Pretty good," I replied.

"I'd say things were better than that from the sounds I was hearing," he replied.  I smiled to myself.  Yeah, you're not too far off, I thought.  He went back to his room singing softly but loud enough so that I could hear.  "This bed is on fire, with passion and love.  The neighbors complain about the noises above.  But HE only comes when he's on top..."  I shook my head.  Thank god Ryan didn't hear this little exchange.  I jumped in the shower and quickly got ready for work.  It was Friday, the last day for a lot of the members to practice before the big tournament this weekend.  It was a hot day outside and I knew I was going to get slammed.  I don't mind being busy, but I do mind it when I'm hung over.

Downstairs I woke up Ryan on the couch.  "Do you want to leave with me?" I asked.  He nodded and after a couple of minutes I left to drive him home.  Because of the detour, I got to work a little later than usual.  Then because of the hang over, I took more time than usual getting set up.  I was half an hour late getting out on the course.  As the day went on and I filled my body with gatorade and water, the hang over gave way to an overall feeling of just plain feeling shitty.  Somehow, the day finally ended and as I packed up my cart I made a vow to get to bed before 10pm tonight.  It was going to be awfully hard to be out the door by 6:45.  I hadn't gotten up that early since hockey practice.  Before I went home, Bruno and I set up and iced down all the coolers for the tournament the next morning.

When I got home it was 8:30 and I was exhausted.  I went right upstairs and flopped on my bed, still wearing my shoes.  A few seconds later I heard a knock.  "Come in."

"Steve, guess what?"

I looked up blinking.  I had just almost fallen asleep in that short amount of time.  "Chicken butt."

"Try again," Adam said again.

"I don't know."

"I'm getting that dormitory room."

"No shit, who's going to co-sign?"

"My dad.  I talked to him today."

"And?"  I sat up in bed rubbing my eyes, trying to will the tiredness out of my body.

"Not everthing's cool yet, but at least we're talking."

"What changed his mind?" I asked.

Adam sat down next to me on the bed.  He shook his head.  "It was my little brother.  He stuck up for me.  Said to my dad and step mom that they were being foolish and he missed me."

"So he stuck up for you."

"Of course he did.  I told you we get along great."

"Well, I'm happy for you," I told him, clapping him on the shoulder.  "I just realized I'm almost as hungry as I am tired.  You wanna come get something to eat with me?"

"I ate with you parents so I'm all right.  But I'll come down and sit with you."

So I went downstairs and had leftovers (spaghetti) and Adam sat there with me and had a bowl of ice cream.

"Sorry about this morning in the bathroom," he said.  "I didn't mean to walk in on you."

"I don't care."

"I didn't see anything.  I didn't have my binoculars with me."

I flipped him off as I shoveled spaghetti into my mouth.  He never stopped with the torment it seemed.  "So when do you move out?" I asked.  Monday afternoon probably."

"Sorry, I'll be working otherwise I'd come help you."

"S'all right.  I don't have much stuff to move out from here, you know?"

That was true; he had only brought a couple of bags with him.  After dinner, I went upstairs and fell asleep within minutes.  The next morning I was at the club at 7:00 sharp.

Brad was already there and had punched us both in.  Brad usually worked in the bag room but George liked him and recruited him when he needed an extra man.  Brad was a couple of years younger than me and still had a boyish face.  He was all right looking.  He did have a spectacular ass though for a kid his age.

We drained all the melted ice out of the coolers and then got a couple more bags of ice from the freezer.  Then we loaded the coolers and bags of ice onto the cart.   We would ice them when we had set them up on the tables; otherwise, they were too heavy to lift.  We waited for a couple of minutes for George to show up.  He had worked late last night so we finally decided he overslept and headed out to the 4th hole.

For the tournament, we ditched driving the cart around and instead set up two stations along the golf course where the golfers could just take what they wanted.  It was better to not have me driving around with a noisy cart when they were trying to play.  They took the tournament real seriously.  So it was me and Brad's job to keep the coolers stocked throughout the day.  This equated to us drinking beers in the shade as it was not too demanding to keep them stocked.  I looked forward to these events because I still got the same amount of money for doing half the work.

We got the station at the fourth hole set up and headed back to fetch the supplies for the back nine.  George still wasn't around and we headed out again without him.  When we got back in he was scrambling around on the loading dock in a frenzy.  He had overslept and he calmed down when we assured him everything was out on time for the tournament.  He still insisted on seeing everything so Brad took him out on the course while I headed into the kitchen for some breakfast.  Miguel cooked me up a juicy plate with eggs, sausage and bacon and I thanked him while my arteries got prepared for armageddon.

The day went by pretty fast.  I slept most of the morning, hiding from my boss in an extra storage room.  Brad woke me around 10:30 and we went back out to restock the coolers.  We got back in and decided to head down to the pool for a snack.  The pool was jammed with people since all the kids' dads were golfing.  The ladies, rather than stay home, were all sunning by the pool and by early afternoon would be soused on cocktails.  So naturally, they let their kids go running wild around the pool, playing marco polo and spin the bottle, and god knows what else.  Of course my fan club was there, and all the little girls giggled as I walked by.

Brad and I both got a hot dog each.  Everyone was in the shed except for the manager.  We all chatted about the normal stuff.  Whatever it is kids always talk about.  I wanted to talk to Ryan alone but couldn't get the chance.

That afternoon as Brad and I were getting ready in the cage to restock the coolers again Ryan drove up with a cart.  "Hey Brad, could you go check in the freezer how many bags of ice we got left?"

"There's like twenty in there."

"Just check, all right?  Its only the first day and they're going pretty quick."  I outranked him so he moped into the club and back to the freezer.  "And see how many more cases of beer are left in the liquor room," I called out to him.  He stopped and turned around ready to protest, then thought better of it and went off.  Ryan came bouncing up the stairs and came into the cage.

"Hey sweet thang," I greeted him.

"Hey, Steve.  How are you?"

"Just fine.  How's the rat race."

"Just fine.  Me and Green's daughter, Becky, we're engaged," he joked.

"Oh congratulations.  When's the wedding?"

"When she turns 13."

"That's still not legal," I replied.  "So I'm going to be slammed this whole weekend, but I won't be too tired to hang out with you.  You wanna go out tonight?"

"No, no.  You should get some rest."

I frowned, confused.  "What do you care?  I'll be fine.  Let's go out to a movie, or just find some secluded road and make love till dawn."

Ryan looked around him uncomfortably.  "Shh, someone will hear us, dude."

"No one's around.  I sent Brad on a goose chase.  Come back here," I said motioning to the darker part of the cage.

He shook his head.  "No, dude.  Not here."

"Fine," I said, a little annoyed.  "But tonight call me."

He seemed hesitant.  "Yeah, uhh, I'll call you around 8."

"All right," I sighed.  "You sure I can't get just a little sugar right now?"

He looked around him again uncomfortably.  "Come on dude, put a lid on it."

I started to object and then shut my mouth.  If he was going to be pissy about it, fine.  I'll let him stew in it.

At the end of the day, Brad and I broke everything down and then prepped the coolers for the next day.  We finished up and I raced home.  It was quarter after eight when I pulled into the driveway.  "Anyone call for me?" I asked my mom as I stepped in the door.

"Well, hello to you too.  Yes, Woody called about five minutes ago."

"No one else?"


Oh well, I thought.  At least I didn't miss his call.  I ran upstairs and turned on the shower.  Adam walked into the bathroom.

"Looking for another peepshow?" I asked him.

"Well, I think you are.  Why don't you learn to shut the door."  I started to take off my shirt.  "Got a hot date tonight?"

"What makes you say that?" I asked.

"Come on, running in the door, asking if anyone called?"

"Yeah so what if I do?"

"Just go back to his place this time," he said.  I'd like to get some sleep tonight."

"Fuck off."  I took a shower and then called back Woody.  He wanted to know if I was going out tonight.  I told him I was staying in because I had to work early the next morning.  I did have to work, but I had no intention of staying in.

I watched TV with Adam until 9:30.  I was getting impatient and Adam could tell.

"Why don't you just call him yourself?" he said.

"Because there's the principal.  He said he'd call me."

"Is he acting weird again?" he asked me.

"No, well at work but... well that was because we were in public, I guess."

After another fifteen minutes I decided to go ahead and call him to see what the trouble was.  Maybe he'd just fallen asleep or something.

The phone rang and his mom answered.  "Hi, can I please speak to Ryan?"

"Sure, hang on a minute."  She yelled out his name and after a few minutes he finally picked up the phone.

"Hello?" he asked.  He sounded out of breath and a little annoyed.

"Hey, you were supposed to call me."

"Oh, hey Steve.  Umm, sorry about that."

"Well what are you doing right now?"

"Oh... nothing."

"Are we going out?"

"It's a bit late for you isn't it?  Don't you have to be at work tomorrow at seven."

"Yes," I responded unable to hide the annoyance in my voice.  "But we were supposed to go out tonight."

"Yeah, well.  Plans sort of changed."


He fumbled for words.  "Listen Steve, I uhh.  Well.  My girlfriend's over here.  We're umm, we're kind of back together."  My mind went blank and I felt my hand tighten around the phone turning my knuckles white.  I listened as he continued.  "I should have told you but it was so sudden.  I don't know where things are with us right now, we're kind of just talking."

"That's why you're out of breath?" I accusingly said.

"Listen, I'll call you when I know where things stand here.  Okay?"

"Yeah, I'll sit around here and fucking wait for you to bang your girlfriend and decide what you want, asshole."

"Steve, its not like that," he pleaded.  I slammed the phone down on the receiver and leaned against the table.  I had made the call from the family room and Adam must have heard every word.

Gently he asked, "Everything all right buddy."

"No," I said weakly and stormed up to my room.  I slammed the door and threw myself down on my bed.  I felt the tears welling up in my eyes and I forced them back down.  No way, I wasn't going to cry over this asshole.  I lay on the bed on my stomach thinking how things could be so screwed up.  What sort of curse did this kid have over me?  What the fuck was his problem?  Why would he go back to his girlfriend?  Then it dawned on me.  Why did I keep going back to him?  Love is a complicated thing.  Lust is even screwier I decided.

After ten minutes of silent contemplation a knock on my door brought me out of my meditations.  "What?" I asked.  I think I knew who it was.

"Can I come in?" Adam asked.

"I don't feel like talking," I said into my pillow.

"Well, I'll be reading in my room if you change your mind," he said.  My response was a grunt muffled by the pillow.  After stewing in my own misery for twenty more minutes I got up off the bed and went to talk to Adam.  His door was closed and my knock was greeted with a sympathetic, "Come in."

He was in bed under the covers reading.  I went and sat at the foot of the bed.  I didn't say anything, I just sat there with my chin in my hands.  He was waiting for me to open up.  Eventually he slid out from underneath the covers and hugged me.  He had his shirt off and his naked chest felt nice and warm from the covers.  He let go but left his hand on my shoulder, gently squeezing me to know it'd be okay.

"His girlfriend is back in the picture?" he asked.

"Yes," I responded glumly.

"And he actually had the gaul to ask you to wait on the sidelines while he sorted things out with her?"

"In not so many words, but yes."

"Gees.  That's unbelievable," Adam finally said.  We sat in silence for a few minutes.  No matter how hard I tried I couldn't stop feeling miserable.  I felt the tears welling up inside again.  I sniffled and wiped my nose with the back of my hand.

"Turn around," Adam said.  "Talk to me buddy."  I didn't want to turn around because tears were starting to run down my cheek.  "Come on," he prodded me.  Finally he moved towards the edge of the bed and sat down next to me putting his arm around me.  He saw the tears streaming down my face.  "He's not worth it, Steve."

"I know," I sobbed.  I looked up and then into his green eyes.  Adam stared back at me, a look of genuine concern on his face.  He squeezed my shoulder and brought me in for another hug.  My head was lying on his chest, just above his right nipple.  He felt so safe, he felt so warm, he felt so soft and so good.  I just wanted to lay there and cry all my troubles away.  I look back up into his face and stared into those emerald green eyes.  He met my gaze.  We sat there for a minute, and then I let go of my intuitions.

I raised my head up and leaned in and kissed his soft lips and wrapped my arms around him tight.


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