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There I was in a strange city for a few days on an unusual and probably dead end business project. I was pretty sure we wouldn't get the contract, I know how these things work - we'd put in a tender and we were shortlisted just to make up the numbers, I was convinced the Germans would walk away with it in the end. What the heck, it was late winter in Britain, cold and grey and miserable - I got to fly out to the tropics business class, I got picked up by a swanky chauffeured car at the airport and I got the full treatment at one of the best “business resorts” in the city. They don't call them hotels any more, do they? It bugs hell out of me. They originally wanted to put me in an even posher place a few kilometres out, just by the airport where the competition were all staying but I hate that sort of thing, it cramps my style too much, except once on a trip to East Africa there was this amazing room boy! But we won't go into that, perhaps another time.

I don't carry Spartacus with me, it's too much of a giveaway, but I always transfer the salient details, in suitably disguised form, to my PDA before I go on any sort of trip. This town had two cruising areas, both AYOR (at your own risk) and a few toilets/cottages/tearooms/khazis/whatever, depending on your cultural background. Where I come from they are generally cottages but I have a few older friends who still use the old polari and call them khazis.

I arrived midday and had no meetings scheduled until the next day, I knew and they knew I'd be tired after crossing seven time zones. As the car approached my hotel I noticed the big mall next to it and recognised the name - one of the cottages was hidden in there somewhere, this was a good start.

Except it wasn't. I got registered, had a shower and a drink then headed out for a little walk. It was warm out, almost too warm for someone just sprung from a northern winter, so I took advantage of the air conditioning in the shopping mall. I found the cottage okay, it was neatly hidden away as if it was designed with the idea of anonymous sex in mind, a great location!

Closed for Repairs.


The other listed cottages were several kilometres away so I couldn't be bothered. I tried a couple of others (non-listed) in the Mall but there was not a trace of action, a complete disappointment. I went back out into the afternoon warm and walked down to one of the listed night-time cruising areas, an easy to spot park where there were workmen just putting the finishing touches to a new lighting system. They were trying all the lights out to see how they were. I could see the old, broken lamp standards and imagined how it must have been in there at night before the new system, probably just last week. I'd give it another peek after dark but I thought it looked like a complete loser! This was not my day! It looked like I would be having a very boring stay!

I grabbed a taxi and asked him to take me to the college named in the guide, I knew it wasn't far but I didn't know quite where. We were there quickly enough and I reckoned it was probably at most a kilometre from my hotel. The sports ground next door looked promising with lots of unkempt bushes and trees down one side and no gates in the gateway, just a few rusted remains. I reckoned I had struck pay dirt. I paid off the cab and wandered through the gateway spotting several paths meandering off into the undergrowth, obviously well trodden. With some big trees overhead this place would be a gem at night. As I tried to look nonchalant, a foreign visitor having an afternoon stroll, one of the groundstaff, only a young guy, probably early twenties, who had been working doing something or other walked past me, smiled, said good afternoon and walked down one of the paths. He groped himself rather obviously as he went and, glancing back, he winked.

Do I look a gift horse in the mouth? Not bloody likely!

I followed him down the path into a little hidden clearing, he had his back to me and already had it out as if peeing, he looked over his shoulder as I walked up to him. When I saw it I knew there was no way he could pee through something that hard until something was done about it. Happy to oblige I dropped to my knees and got down to doing what I like best. He undid his belt and dropped his trousers to the ground, he wore no underwear. I stroked his buns, I played with his balls, I gave him the full oral treatment, poor lad didn't last long then, as he raised himself on his toes and sort of went weak at the knees, my mouth got flooded with some very tasty stuff which I dutifully savoured then swallowed.

I hadn't heard them arrive but when I opened my eyes there were two of his colleagues, one a late teen, I'd guess, and one an older guy, older than them anyway, probably 30s. They had both dropped their trousers and were wanking themselves off gently whilst watching. There was seniority at play as the older one stepped forward. He wasn't as big as the first guy and was circumcised. I got to work on him as best I knew how, and being well practised in the art that is pretty damned good. I had both hands on his buns as I pulled him into my mouth then he put his hands over mine and pulled his cheeks apart. I brought my left hand to my mouth, slipped off his cock for a moment whilst I wet the fingers well. Then I was back to my sucking as my fingers sought out his little pucker - this was really turning him on and by the time I got two fingers up him and started stroking his prostate he was beyond the limit. He lifted on his toes and grabbed hold of my head to keep his balance as he erupted his slightly sour cum into my mouth. Then the teen almost shoulder-charged the poor guy out of the way - in two seconds I understood why he was so desperate, some guys have no staying power and this was one of them - it was sweet and delicious, easily the best I'd tasted since frosty Clapham Common the week before - a lot of it, too. He pulled out, pulled up his trousers and fled back to work in the wake of the others.

I was stonking hard as I wandered out again and strolled through the streets in the late afternoon heading back to my hotel. I smiled all the way. I'd given up on the park, I was going to have a nap, an early dinner and then hie me back down to the college ground for some sporting action!

I had another shower when I got in and ignored the demands of my dick, time enough for my orgasm in a day or two, possibly even tonight, but not now; I wanted to be all charged up for the evening.

Night falls early and quickly in the tropics, by the time I had snoozed and eaten it was fully dark as I walked up the poorly lit lanes to the college grounds. I stepped in through the gate and let my eyes get accustomed to the dark. There was a surprising amount of activity, perhaps the new lighting in the park and closed cottage meant this was everybody together. When I had sussed out the action as much as I could I wandered along the fringe of the bushes keeping my eye out and getting a few glances as I went. There were a couple of little knots of guys trying to look as if they were peeing when it was pretty obvious that they were wanking one another off. I wanted more than that so I kept going. There were some guys just wandering up and down and as one passed me he lightly touched my cock through my trousers. I responded in like fashion then turned and took one of the paths into the bushes. It led to another little clearing, or possibly the same one, it was difficult to tell in the dark. He came close to me as I turned round. His cock was already out and hard, we hugged a minute as I stroked him gently and he rubbed me again through my trousers then I dropped to my knees and licked up the shaft of his dick. Like the boy that afternoon he undid his belt and dropped his trousers. I licked his nuts, he spread his legs as far as he could to make this easier, then I went back to sucking his cock. I soon became aware that we weren't alone. There were hands other than mine stroking the guys buns, there was a hand, not his, stroking my head. All this attention soon got to him and he pumped himself empty into my mouth. His place was soon taken by another, and another, and another. They seemed to have formed an orderly queue as there was no jostling.

One of the great things about anonymous sex is how democratic it is, and it's a subject I've studied on all continents with the exception of Antarctica - give me a break, outdoor sex there has got to be pretty darned cold, even worse than Clapham common in February! It's generally people from all walks of life happily doing it together. In this group I encountered jeans (both cheap local and expensive imported), chinos, suit pants, sarongs, jogging bottoms and even shorts. An anonymous white stranger on his knees was proving very popular in what was probably a bit of a backwater much of the time. I was in heaven! I sucked and I slurped and I stroked and I savoured and I swallowed.


However well trained someone is, however much they love their avocation, there is a limit. After an hour or so, preceded by 13 hours on a plane, my knees and jaw were both aching. I had been working hard solidly without a break. None of the guys had taken very long, some only a minute, the longest might have been 6 or 7 minutes. As far as I could recall I had serviced 17 guys in that time, sadly I hadn't swallowed 17 loads as there were a couple of guys, there always are, who withdrew before they came then jerked off over the grass - what a waste!

Yup, something else that really pisses me off! I get off on getting guys off but I also get off on the taste, on the texture, on the flow of it down my throat, it's my reward for all my hard work and I resent it being snatched from me! To be fair one guy got some on my sleeve so I soon licked that off.

As I got up to leave I realised I wasn't the only attraction, there was a local guy in a sarong on his knees behind me giving head most enthusiastically, he had his own little audience too. I patted him on the head as I left and he raised his eyes to acknowledge me, even in the dark and with his mouth full I could tell he was smiling.

As I made my way out of the clearing one boy followed me, he touched my elbow and showed me his hard dick, he begged me with his eyes so even though I was seriously jet lagged I gave in and sucked him too. He was really enthusiastic and managed twice, hardly going soft between them, both of them ample and tasty loads.

When I got back to my hotel, sorry, my resort, I thought of going to the bar and having a drink but I was tired and also I didn't want to wash away the tastes just yet. Whilst not my highest score ever it had certainly been a night to remember - and in terms of turn over rate it had to right up there. I went up to my room, I didn't even bother to clean my teeth, I just stripped off and collapsed naked on the bed.

The next morning I was up in good time and feeling pretty good. I am lucky in that I can normally shake off jet lag pretty quickly, or at least stall it for a while. I would probably be a wet lettuce by the time I got home on Saturday but for the moment I was raring to go. I love the performing side of my job, I know I'm good at making these presentations, that's why they send me. Toast, fruit and coffee dealt with and I was soon walking the few hundred metres to the buyer's corporate offices, halfway to the sports ground.

It was one of those strange and annoying occasions when, purely for the convenience of the buying panel, all the shortlisted competitors were to make a site visit together in the morning then had to make their initial spiel one after another through the afternoon, if we made it to day three then we were in with a real chance. That first day I was drawn next to last, which is not the worst place to be, but it isn't the best either. Oh well, I was sure we weren't going to get it so why break a sweat.

It was a bit like going for a job interview but different. We were all sat there in a plush ante-room being served coffee and iced water. The chairman of the buying panel came and gave us a chat - a bit of a surprise of a chat as well. All the usual stuff that we knew already then a kicker - he told us that on no account whatever would any member of the board accept bribes or kickbacks or anything remotely like that, he said it all got added on to what they paid and they'd rather have an honest price, the directors of the company earned good money and were happy with their lot! Any offer of kickback or a bribe or commission or whatever would mean the exclusion of that bidder from the rest of the process.


I don't think I was the only one stunned by the announcement either, a few other jaws were gaping from amazement, metaphorically if not literally. When he left the room laptops were hurriedly brought out and adjustments made to some of the figures. We smirked at each other as we did so - but what the hell, basically this was a family run business, even if it was a BIG company - and to work with a moral company was most refreshing. I know you won't believe me but I'm pretty strong on morals.

The site visit wasn't much, construction hadn't begun but it's always best to see things first hand, plans and photographs never tell the whole story. I think we were all relieved it held no surprises.

I spent some time chatting with a couple of other guys who were vying for the job. The Brazilians didn't stand a chance as they were technologically way behind, the Americans didn't have the same extensive history as the Europeans and the Japanese weren't invited, neither were the Koreans, both probably for political reasons. I reckoned it was the Germans and the Spanish and us. The only thing was the Brazilian guy was seriously cute. We flirted a bit but when we went to the washroom at the same time it was soon apparent that under the skin we were sisters, he was another bottom. A shame but a nice guy and we exchanged numbers, in case he should ever be in London or me in Sao Paulo, then we sat together at lunch and gossiped, as queens do the world over. I omitted to tell him about the sports ground, I didn't need the competition!

When my turn came my presentation went well and I began to think it might not be so hopeless. The backroom boys had put some great graphics in the presentation disc, I know these shouldn't have an effect but I also know a badly put together presentation can ruin your chance of a contract. I was fluent and being an engineer at heart I knew my subject and was able to answer the questions of the panel succinctly enough. When I left the room to make way for the Germans I was cautiously optimistic.

Back in the bushes that night I was busier than ever! It seemed as if word had spread about the white guy that gives fabulous blow jobs - well, I've been told they're fabulous and who am I to dispute it? I've never been flexible enough to give myself one so I had to rely on hearsay. I reckon I was spotted coming into the sports ground. I walked straight off into the bushes, found a clear area and got on my knees - by the time I had got myself organised there were three delicious cocks waiting in a line already so I got to work, doing what I do best.

Later there were a couple of guys in suits, after the bigger one had grunted his orgasm into the night he bent down and whispered in my ear “we'll see you in the morning Mr Paggett.” Like a good pig I hadn't looked at his face, I never had time, but now I did and saw the smiling face of the chairman of the purchasing committee, and the next dick in line belonged to his assistant. You better believe I gave an excellent BJ!

The second day of presentations I felt better about things, I reckoned what had happened couldn't have done any harm but I didn't presume to be more familiar with the panel, I just kept to the script. Overnight they had done their research on the proposals and now was the time for the tough questions - and tough they were. I knew the specifications off by heart, I headed the team that drew them up, but even so I was surprised and a bit shaken by their grasp of things, very insightful. They didn't have me sweating but they had me stretched, it was quite exhilarating.

Come lunchtime we were all dismissed but the chairman took me on one side and asked if I would be available in the afternoon in case he or his colleagues had further questions for me. I said I would be in my room and would be happy to wait for their call, I could be back at their office in ten minutes. He said that they might come to see me as it would be so much easier. He winked as he said it. I grinned back and said I would be ready any time.

It was about 3.30 when reception rang and said there were three gentlemen to see me, I told them to send them up. I was clad only in a towel as I wanted to appear as co-operative as possible. There was a tap on the door and I let them in - the chairman, his assistant and their driver! The chairman explained that they were all cousins, they liked to keep it as much a family firm as possible - the driver was a distant cousin but a cousin still.

You are sure this is all right, Mr Paggett?” This was as he was unbuttoning his shirt.

Certainly sir, I love it so please feel free - as long as you don't see this as me offering you a bribe or a kickback.” I smiled as I said it.

I think this is permissible, you are already slated for one of the final two interviews which will be announced tomorrow when you all arrive, but please try to act surprised when we tell you.” His English was stilted but fluent.

By this time they were all naked, they weren't wasting any time. I cast off my towel and fell to my knees to give them a one at a time brief suck then we headed over to the bed.

For the next two hours I was probed and prodded and ridden pretty mercilessly. Even the chairman, a man in his 50s I'd guess, showed remarkable stamina and resilience. The final denouement was to have the assistant and the driver on the floor, groins together, right legs over the other's left leg and both latex clad cocks up my arse whilst I sucked greedily on the chairman's more than ample cock. I remained the perfect bottom and even though I desperately wanted to with two cocks up there I didn't come.

At 6 p.m. they showered briefly and left, the chairman explaining that their wives would be expecting them home as they were a bit late the night before after a prolonged business meeting, he winked again. He also said that he had no doubt I had a busy evening planned. After they left I showered, had a light supper and headed off to the sports ground for another night in the bushes, my last. I stayed a little longer this time and bore with the aching jaw and knees to notch up 25! Well, it wouldn't do to disappoint my public, now would it?

True to his word, Thursday morning we were told that it was now a two horse race - me versus the Spaniard, the German guy must have made a booboo somewhere. The committee was augmented this time with a few more of their technical guys - it was all fine tuning type questions and asking me, quite frankly, why what I offered them was better than the opposition. I crossed my fingers and hoped I'd answer well.

Midday it was all over. The selection panel took the Spaniard and me to lunch, the others being long gone, presumably shopping or packing or whatever, and then it was farewell time. The chairman took me on one side again and offered, as a special favour, that he and his cousins would like to take me to the airport later. I had to leave at 5 p.m. for a 6 p.m. check in, so should they call around 3 p.m.?

I smiled and agreed.

In the end it was quite a send off and an unusual event for me. Towards the end of the session I was lying on my back on the bed with the chairman buried deep in my arse and the driver to one side of my head, his cock in my mouth. Just as the chairman came the assistant took my cock in his mouth - it was way too much stimulation and I came for the first time that week! I don't think I've got a career as a top in front of me but it was certainly fun whilst it lasted.

* * *

Back at work the next week things soon settled into a routine. After my busy week I had had a pleasant afternoon in the country on Sunday, in the bushes at Frensham Ponds - you don't really get a better class of queer in Surrey, they just like to think so!

Monday no word on the deal but in my absence Royal Dutch Shell had shown an interest in one of our products so I started on the specs for that. Tuesday about mid-morning the CEO of our little show called me up:

What the fuck did you get up to last week?”

Guilt and self analysis time.

Nothing much, the presentations went okay, you've seen my report.”

Listen to this will you , I just got a fax - blah, blah, blah - we are pleased to offer you the contract - blah, blah, blah - we were most impressed by Mr Paggett's presentation - blah, blah, blah - and this is a direct quote so pin your ears back - although the contract is not dependent on it we are hoping that Mr Paggett can be appointed as supervising engineer for the project. End quote.

So what the fuck did you do, suck their dicks for them?”

If only you knew, I thought. Aloud I said, “Yikes, I haven't been operational for a while, what do you think?”

If you're willing then you can do it - you'll have to have a week out there at a time, probably once every couple of months for a year or so. How do you feel about that?”

Well, I think they deserve special consideration, and it's a big contract. I'd be happy to.”

Great, I'll fax them back - and you might like your bonus come end of year after grabbing that one for us.”

Now you're speaking my language - I'll get in touch with them later and arrange my first trip. It's a sleepy sort of place, no night life to speak of but I reckon a rest there every so often will do me good.”

He grunted and rang off.

I put the phone down then uncrossed my fingers after that last whopper of a lie.

© Mr_Malaprop 2005