A Little Get-Away


I've been working a lot and had some business to take care of in Baton Rouge, LA about 45 minutes from my home. I had made up my mind that while I was there, I'd get a room, get online and make some connections and look for one or two guys to come to the hotel room and have some really hot hotel-room fucking. I started chatting with guys ahead of time prior to my arrival and chatted with some really sexy guys. One was a 21 year LSU stud with a nice 9" black cock. He played ball for LSU and was really fucking sexy. The other guy was married or divorced, hung black too in his early 30s or so. Would they pan out? That was the question.

My name is Kerry, I'm a white guy, 41, fit, tanned (except for my ass) and smooth. I love the tan lines and so do most of the tops I encounter. Anyway, I get done with my work and decide to head over to the hotel room and check in and get organized. While I was there, a few of the dudes I had been talking to previously had messaged me to see if I was in town yet. So I replied to the ones I was interested in and set a time to meet up with a few in case there were some that bailed on me. I was getting ready and washing up and pretty anxious because 2 of the guys I really, REALLY wanted to fuck me had confirmed their interests and availability.

I was just about finished and getting in the shower when Von had messaged me to say he was close by. I was a little nervous because he was a very sexy, early 30s, muscular black guy who was hungry to fuck me. I knew he was divorced and had a kid, so that made him even hotter to me. I told him I was about to shower and would text him when I was out.

Later after getting out of the shower, I texted him and he sent me a message back saying he was about a 10 minute drive from me. I gave him the hotel name and the room number and before I could finish getting dressed, he was knocking on my hotel room door. I peeked through the door and saw this amazingly sexy man waiting for me to let him in. I couldn't wait to really let him "in." We shook hands, made introductions. Von is about 6' 1, so fricken muscular, broad shoulders and a great smile. I was glad he and I connected and he came over.

We had a little small talk (about 5 minutes), and before I knew it, he was taking off his shirt to reveal a sexy black body. I exhaled slightly because his pictures seriously didn't do him justice. My lil white hole was twitching with anticipation. It wouldn't be long before he completely undressed and I would see the rest of him. So he proceeded to undress and started to work on his jeans. What came out of his jeans almost freaked me out. When he pulled out that pipe of a dick, I truly did not know if I could handle that in my mouth or even my asshole. He has to be one of the largest cocks I've ever seen in person. It's probably 8 " and at least 6" thick. Before he finished pulling down his underwear, that fat cock was already swollen, getting hard and jutting straight out in front of him, slightly curving to his left. I reached out my nervous hand to grip his dick to TRY and suck it. He looked at me with a serious expression and simply asked, "Do you think you can handle this dick?" With my little, white fingers wrapped around his fat, black tool, I looked up and smiled nervously and said, "I'm definitely going to try and milk that dick for you and send you home with empty nuts." My fingers didn't touch when I gripped his cock. The girth of his dick was too thick for my fingers to touch each other. I've NEVER had a dick this thick before and I LOVE thick dick!

He laughed a little, but soon after I started to suck him and feel his cock throb in my hands and mouth, his smile quickly went away and he became very focused on either cumming from me sucking him, or shooting that load while he tried to fuck my sweet lil hole. After maybe 15 minutes or so of me on my hands and knees on the bed with his dick filling my mouth, he reached over at the night stand where I had my lube. He literally picked me up and turned me around and left me on all 4s. He reached out his big, veiny, worked out hands and spread my creamy white buns to reveal my pink, puckered and exposed hole. I looked over my shoulders to see him licking his lips. Suddenly, he leaned over and made out with my asshole. I could see his big, thick, hard cock glistening with lube, shiny and dark between his muscular thighs. I've never had my shaved pussy eaten like that. He ate my ass out like a true straight man eats a real pussy, sucking on my ass lips and shoving his tongue deep inside me. The noises he made sucking on my hole filled the quiet hotel room. Occasionally while sucking my asshole, he would slap his big hands down on my ass. I'm sure my ass cheeks became a little rosy from the love taps he was giving my ass with the palm of his hands. I was thinking the whole time the neighbors in the adjoining rooms will definitely hear me trying to handle this man with a really big dick.

After he ate my hole and warmed me up, he pulled away only to slap that slab of cock meat on my wet pussy. The room was filled with heavy dick meat hitting again my wet hole. He didn't ask, didn't say anything and before I knew what he was doing, he was trying to fit that arm of a cock in my hole without a rubber. I closed my eyes, arched my back and thought to myself, I'm going to let this dude fuck me raw and breed my hole. I looked over at the mirror across from the bed to see his muscular ass cheeks flex as he kept trying so hard to get inside my ass. I could see that huge cock aimed at and shoving against my hole, almost a foot in front of him and pushing into my butt. I looked over my shoulders, my body very tense and I told him to hang on and go slow. He spread my ass cheeks even wider, opening up my hole and pushed that fat cock head against my puckered hole once more. I had to grip the sheets and try to push back, exhale and relax. I knew that when he finally put that massive cock in my hole and my ass stretched to accommodate him, I'd be in bottom boy heaven.

With my eyes closed, I continued to push back while trying to fucking impale myself on that fine man's huge dick. Ever so suddenly, the head of it POPPED inside. My body jolted forward from the intense, searing pain of just the head of his dick and my breathing began to increase. I felt like I was having a fucking baby! I took a deep breath and decided to try again. I think this turned him on even more to see how greedy my pussy hole was and how eager I was to get that humongous cock inside me. This was going to be a fucking adventure to say the least.

I gripped the sheets again, arched my tanned back and began to push back on him again. The head of his cock was so wet from the pre-cum dripping out of the tip of his dick. He was really turned on to get inside my tight hole. With the lube and his pre-cum, his fat cock pushed slightly inside me again, except this time, his strong hands kept pulling me back and I couldn't get away from the intense pressure. He literally pulled me deeper and deeper until I was moaning out loud. Finally, fully stuffed, I felt his hips against my soft, round ass. I rested there a minute and he remained still to allow my hole to get used to his fat, raw cock buried in me. Von said, "Fuck that ass is tight." I tried to squeeze his cock with my hole but it was really difficult being stretched so much from the thickness of his meat.

After a few moments, his hips started to slowly pull away and push forward. Back and forth he stroked my white pussy with his black cock. My ass was getting warmed up now. My back was arching up from the intense size of his cock. He leaned forward and put both of his hands on the small of my back and pushed to make me arch my back so he could fuck me as deep as he could. His hips started moving faster and my moans were getting louder...UGH, UGH, OH FUCK! DAMN THAT'S A HUGE DICK!


HELL YEAH! I moaned.

Von pulled out that thick cock and I heard the suction of my hole let him slide out of me.

He put me on my back and spread my thighs. With one firm thrust forward, his cock was back in my ass buried balls deep and sliding almost all the way out of me. My balls were pulled up tight against my own dick as he pummeled my hole with that ram rod of a cock. Von leaned over and sucked on my nipples like a straight man would suck a woman's tits. He put his entire muscular weight of his body firmly on my small body, grinding his dick deep inside me.

I was surprised at how full my pussy was from this dick and how I was relaxing a little more and taking whatever he would give me. After a few moments of fucking my ass, he pulled out of me again, leaving my pink hole, opened and hungry for more. Deep down inside me, I didn't want him to stop, but the sheer size of his cock was wearing my hole out. He flipped me back onto my stomach and put his hands on my shoulders and started digging in deeper and deeper into my wet, opened hole. His hips were starting to really pick up the humping pace, faster and faster he was nailing my hole with his cock. PAP, PAP, PAP were the sounds of his muscular hips slamming into my ass.

Von started to moan and tense up and with one finale thrust, I felt his cock swell up and unleash its chocolate milk deep inside my greedy lil hole. "AAAAGHH," Von groaned, "I'M FUCKING CUMMING." When I felt his cock surge deep inside my hole, I furiously beat off my own cock and was cumming on the bed beneath me. After a few more trembling moments of Von's quavering cock, he finally pulled out of my hole. I lifted my head and looked back at him, exhausted and my ass worn out only to seeing his fat, black cock head still oozing cum from the tip. It was such a hot fuck. I've never gotten fucked like that and greedy like I was, I was already thinking about how I wanted some more.

We showered and not long after Von left the hotel room with an empty nut sac and satisfied because I handled his big dick like a good bottom should. When the door closed, I noticed my cell phone was blinking. As I checked my text messages, I saw the other LSU stud I was talking to was wondering if he could still come fuck me with his big 21 year old cock. I was honest in my reply and said I just got fucked like a bitch in heat. The reply from LSU dude was, "You still wanna be a bitch and get fucked again?" I smiled to myself and texted him back with my room number.

Within 10 minutes there was a knock on my hotel room door...


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