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By Lee Mariner

This EROTIC fantasy is intended for ADULT readers only. If you are not of legal age in your locality to be reading this story or should you disapprove of such material, PLEASE LEAVE.

The story was originally posted in Nifty a few days ago but, after receiving several critiques containing various suggestions and recommendations, I did a re-write. I hope you enjoy it.

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Monroe was one of the most fantastic, gorgeous young men that I had ever encountered. He was young, nineteen, six-feet tall and one-hundred sixty pounds of pure masculine manhood. He had broad shoulders and a beautifully defined chest. His narrow waist and hips morphed into beautifully tapered and muscular thighs and calves, he was a model that sculptors of the famous Renaissance era would have been sought to perpetuate in marble; the beauty of the male youth. His muscles were lean and tapered, his golden blond hair was thick and well groomed, his deep blue eyes twinkled mischievously but, his crowning feature was, a beautifully tapered nine-inch uncut cock that rested on a pair of orange sized testicles, it`s pink crown peeking out from the depths of it's protective sheath. Silky golden blond hair surrounded it's thick base. Mouth watering was an understatement when considering the entire package.



I had left a very boring, straight party where several good looking men were in evidence but, it was a party where ones manners were impeccable and regardless of how good looking the men were or what might be available under other circumstances, ones thoughts and passions remained discreetly suppressed.

In short, I am an attractive, well-built, twenty-five year old, blond haired, well-hung stud who was extremely horny but in the wrong place and the fire in my loins needing to be released would have never found it within the cocktail set. Well..., not usually.

The drive to my apartment complex was short and included going though a small, one-block in size park. On previous drives, I had observed a few single men plus every now and then what appeared to a homogenous couple. But, even as horny as I usually was, I had never given the possibility of a fortuitous encounter much thought...that was, until this occasion.

At the corner of the park entrance, I would normally make a left turn that would lead to my apartment. This time, a young man was standing at the curb. He wore athletic shoes, tight fitting jeans, a tight fitting pullover shirt and he was carrying a small athletic bag. When I stopped at the `stop sign,` waiting for him to cross, he caught my attention when he turned to face me. His revealing movement and dress immediately fired the imagination but, I was not so 'horny' as to make a quick decision...he could be a hustler or even worse, a police plant. If he was a hustler, I could handle him and that would be the end of it. If he was a policeman, expense and untold embarrassment would ensue.

Turning to the right, I drove slowly around the block while looking around to see if there were any suspicious cars parked in dark spots or perhaps suspicious people lurking around the area. There were none that I could detect and, I felt a little more secure.

When I made the turn that would bring my car back to where he was standing, I saw that he had moved down the street a few feet and was standing in the glow of a street light. His blond hair glistened golden and the lamplight enhanced the muscular magnificence of his body. When I pulled up to where he was, he groped his crotch and did a little flip of his thumb as if he was hitch-hiking. When he leaned down and looked into the car window, I said, "need a ride?"


Flicking the switch that would disengage the passenger door lock, he quickly got into the car, placing his bag between his feet as he entered. The car was rolling before his door was completely shut. He turned towards me extending his hand and said, `my name is Monroe."

"Nice to meet you, Monroe," I replied, noting the strength of his grip as we briefly shook hands.

After a few seconds of silence, I glanced at him and asked, "How far are you going?

"That's up to you," he replied in a soft, melodious tone.

Surprised at the quizzical directness of his answer, I said, "Really."

"Yeah, I don't have any place in particular to go so, I figure since you picked me up, it was more or less up to you where we would go."

"Well," I mused softly, not failing to note the hint of how he felt. "Would you like to go to my apartment?"

"Why not, I`ve got all weekend," he replied softly, looking at me, his blue eyes twinkling.


Nothing was said on the remainder of the very short drive to my apartment garage or in the elevator ride up too my sixth floor loft apartment.

As Monroe exited the car, he moved with an athletic grace that not only enhanced his fitness, but exhibited a confidence not usually found in someone his age. When I opened the apartment he unhesitatingly strode inside but, when I turned from locking the door, he quickly removed his shirt.

I stopped, with my hand still on the door knob, and looked at him, momentarily stunned.

Seeing me with my mouth hanging open in surprise, he smiled and said, "I worked out earlier, Mark and, I thought you wouldn't mind if I took a shower?"

"Of course not," I replied nervously.

Waving my arm in the direction of the bedroom and it's attendant bathroom, I croaked, "You will find everything you need."

Pivoting with the lithe grace of a ballet dancer, he moved toward the bedroom door. I saw his jeans starting to drop from around his almost non-existent hips but, when he reached the door and grasped the door-handle with his right hand. He hesitated for a brief moment before turning around.

He was holding his jeans from falling to floor but in the opening where the opposing flap hung down, there was exposed the glint of thick golden hair and a slight bulge extending down his inner left thigh. His blue eyes twinkled and his beautifully proportioned chest fell with an easy, even rhythm. Rock-ribbed abdominal muscles enhanced the golden trail of hair that extended downward, between the ridges of hard muscle from his inny naval to merge with the exposed pubic hair. Mesmerizing was a misused word. Even in his partially dressed condition, he was the most incomparably gorgeous young-man that I had ever seen.



We stood silent for a moment, looking at each other but, when he spoke and asked, "would you like to join me?" I was dumbstruck, at least, I was, momentarily at a loss for words until he repeated his invitation and, I immediately said, "yes."

I wasn't exactly sure if he was being arrogant, brash, overly confident or perhaps just sure about what he was doing but, he was the most direct young man of my experience.

In most respects we were comparable except on a smaller scale. Our muscle mass was close and except for the length and breadth of his cock, we were almost the same size in height and weight.


My two-bedroom apartment was decorated with the thought to being masculine but not overdone. The young male decorator, whose fee was quite reasonable, had done the decoration of the apartment and, he carried the theme through out the other rooms with only slight changes in the bedroom, the master--suite. The theme was still masculine and the bed was a large king-sized. There was a small balcony, suitable for sitting, off the bedroom that overlooked the street below and an all-night restaurant that specialized in breakfast's. I had often watched the young couples and single men that frequented the restaurant after the bar's had closed.

When I bought the apartment, I specified the interior design of the rooms that, I wanted. For the most part, I left the decoration to a very competent interior decorator of my acquaintance. In particular, I wanted a large bathroom with a large shower and a very large walk-in, dressing room closet. In addition to the custom shelving, I designed a dressing island with built -in drawers for jewelry, socks, briefs, pull-over shirts and some sweaters.

The large walk-in shower was finished in dark blue glass tile. The floor was done in matching but lighter shade blue tile. Two brushed- chrome, rain type-shower heads were in the ceiling and two in-wall hand held but smaller shower wands with eight-foot flexible cords had been installed at equal distances between the overhead shower heads. Four white marble benches were installed against the walls in the shower. In the exterior wall facing the same street as the bedroom, a large thick glass window with an opaque twelve-inch band across the bottom was installed. The window provided the same view as the bedroom but exterior observants had only a partial view.

In the bathroom itself, dark gray granite counters with double glass basins and mirrors with side-lights were installed above each basin. Shampoo's, body lotions and soft body sponges were available in built-in wall cabinets. The floor was done in a soft, warm, water absorbing chamois

I had grown overly used to the compliment but most people usually praised the bathroom's originality. Monroe gazed around and after a few moments, I heard a soft but distinguishable, "nice" escape his lips.

"I'm glad you like it," I said.

"It's a little over the top for a country-boy sailor, Mark, but, I could get used to it," Monroe said, flashing a brilliant smile as, he turned around, his free arm tossing his shirt against one wall and the other letting his jeans fall around his ankles.

He was naked except for the jeans around his ankles and his athletic shoes. His breathing was almost normal but, I could see a pronounced increase in the expansion of his smooth, beautifully sculpted chest as he inhaled. The lateral muscles of his back flared slightly with the intake of air into his lungs, increasing the definition of his torso and, the almost obscene smallness of his waist and hips. His thighs and calves were covered in a sheen of golden hair matching the sheer golden covering of his forearms.

His masculine magnificence was enthralling. Dressed or undressed, Monroe was the rare 'one' among his peers and, seldom discovered.

Inhaling from the excitement that suddenly flowed through me, I slowly exhaled, saying, "Jesus, Monroe, I could see you were good-looking when we were in the park...but..."

"But, not this," he said, finishing my sentence as he pulled one of the small chairs toward him and sat down. "I guess, I'm not bad for a nineteen year old, country boy and, I get that a lot but, hell, there are other guys just as good looking."

"Maybe, but, I think that you underestimate yourself. Good-looking is one thing but a stud and good-looking together are not seen that often, at least not by me," I said as my trembling fingers attempted to undo my suddenly choking tie.

"I guess," He said nonchalantly as he finished undressing and stood before me grinning, his semi-soft cock growing as if alive...which it actually was.

I was still fully dressed. But, from all of the internal excitement that I was feeling, my breathing was ragged and, my own not unimpressive member was so hard it was aching for relief.

I felt like a schoolboy struggling with my tie while watching the massive length of Monroe's cock expand and lengthen. Still grinning, he moved close and softly almost seductively said, "here, let me help you or we will be here forever.


I had, on several occasions, undressed more than one of the young men that I had entertained. None of them were in the same category as Monroe and his undressing me almost caused a near erotic climax, I was so excited. He quickly removed my tie and jacket. I kicked my loafers off while he undid my belt and pushed my trousers down. Stepping out of them, he hung them with my shirt and started unbuttoning my shirt. His eyes widened as he removed my shirt and hung it on another wall-hook. I inhaled as he removed my t-shirt but, when he placed the palm of his hand over my tit, I groaned and inhaled softly, feeling electric waves of desire sweeping over me. As if he anticipated my excitement, Monroe slipped on arm around my waist and pulling me to him, he whispered into my ear, "Mark, baby, you said, I underestimated myself but, you are a lot hotter and better looking than most of the guys that pick me up."

"If you keep on playing with my tits and pushing that monster cock into my groin, you will find out just how hot."


The bathroom atmosphere was almost surreal and the levels of testosterone increased with each passion filled moment as we devoured each others mouths. The grinding of his monster cock against my un-cut eight-inches was producing a passionate erotic effect and I was near the cataclysmic point of no return when he suddenly swooped my one-hundred-fifty pounds up in his arms and moved toward the shower room.

The warm water flowed over us, his arms around my chest and waist holding our bodies tightly together and mine were around his neck. His tongue invading the recesses of my mouth and, I felt his cock probing for entry into the perineum corridor that separated my balls and asshole. Pulling my lips from his, I gasped, "wait a minute."

Monroe hesitated, his lips barely touching me, he was breathing heavily. Parting my legs, I redirected the entry of his throbbing cock into the warm space it was seeking.

In a breathtaking instant, I felt the velvet softness of the crown of his cock lifting my heavy, semen filled scrotum and then it's full, massive length sliding between my legs. Clamping my thighs tightly around his lethal weapon, his hips reacted with the precision of a well-timed engine. He moaned softly, his arms tightening around me as our abdomen's squeezed my burgeoning cock between us. Looking into my eyes, I saw the gleam of passion and then, felt his low hanging balls slapping gently against mine with each thrust of his hips. My throbbing cock, sliding in the limited space between our abdominal muscles, was on fire and, I felt streams of pre-seminal fluid oozing from the urethral canal.

Our tongues fought for supremacy, and together we reached the point where pure animal instinct drove our action and reaction and, it was mere seconds before we reached the inevitable pinnacle of ejaculation. Clasping each other tightly, our bodies were fused together as one while white hot streams of semen erupted from our blood-engorged cocks. I felt the pulsing power of his massive weapon gushing thick streams of his semen onto the floor and then, as Monroe's huge cock size ebbed, I felt his semen eventually running down my legs. My thick semen had covered our loins and abdomens before merging with his and running down our legs onto the shower floor.

Our inner passions ebbed while our cocks were pumping with a force that only a mans body can attain. When we had reached the surreal heights of passion, before descending into the abyss of carnal pleasure, our muscles tightened and strained from the excitement with each pulsing explosion draining nut sacks of the elixir of life.

I felt drained of all energy. My arms slid down over Monroe's magnificent body and, I heard his soft moans as he gently rotated his hips in reaction to his decreasing climax. We stood, forehead to forehead, holding each other tightly as the water cascaded over us and our bodies relaxed.

After what seemed like an eternity and our muscles were relaxed, our breathing slowly returned to normal. I felt his still impressive, semi-flaccid cock and mine slip from between us. We stood with hands of each others buttocks, gently kissing each other our thoughts each others until he whispered, "man, that was the best that, I've had in a long time."

"I enjoyed it," I said.

"Mmmmmmmmm," he moaned, gently nuzzling my neck with his nose. "I wasn't sure at first, most guys want to either suck or fuck or both and that's okay but, I really get off when I can feel the pressure of someone's thighs, tightening, slowly squeezing my cock when it's in that hot space between your legs. Wow, that blows my mind."

"More than up someone's ass?" I queried, a little surprised.

"Oh, year, but that's just me." He replied.

For a brief moment, he sounded like a little boy, eyes gleaming and, I was thinking, `each too his own thing,' but, I said, "If that is what you like, you can put it there anytime you want."

"Really," he said, gently squeezing my buttock, the gleam in his eyes returning.


Together and with a spontaneity that I had never experienced, we had reached more than mutual sexual satisfaction at least for the moment. There still seemed to be the feeling of a void, and emptiness that had not been satisfied, an inexplicable need. Reaching behind Monroe, I turned the shower water off and leaned my head back. He looked at me and then, smiling broadly he said, "yeah, Mark, that was really good."

"More like a preliminary of things to come," I replied.

"Really," he said, looking at me with an impish grin, his tightening arms drawing us together.

Slipping my arms around his neck and brushing his lips with mine, I said, "really."



Were there more meetings after our first encounter? Yes, and, Monroe was as equally proficient in a king-size bed as he was in a shower which we repeated.

Eventually and after much effort, I managed to deep-throat Monroe's huge cock. It drove him wild and, I almost climaxed from the throbbing feeling deep in my esophagus. When he climaxed, huge thick quantities of his seminal ejaculation was the aphrodisiac that satisfied the need that I had long felt.

Monroe was a real man and each time he impaled me on his magnificent phallus, fucked in the shower or we engaged in mutual engorgement of each other's more than sufficient man-hood, we became as one in a soft cocoon of the deeply passionate love of one man for another.

Fini...or was it?