Copyright ã 2012

By Lee Mariner

This EROTIC fantasy is intended for ADULT readers only. If you are not of legal age in your locality to be reading this story or should you disapprove of such material, PLEASE LEAVE.

The story was originally posted in Nifty a few days ago but, after receiving several critiques containing various suggestions and recommendations, I did a re-write. I hope you enjoy it.

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Were there more meetings after our first encounter? Yes, and, Monroe was as equally proficient in a king-size bed as he was in a shower which we repeated.

Eventually and after much effort, I managed to deep-throat Monroe's huge cock. It drove him wild and, I almost climaxed from the throbbing feeling deep in my esophagus. When he climaxed, huge thick quantities of his seminal ejaculation was the aphrodisiac that satisfied the need that I had long felt.

Monroe was a real man and each time he impaled me on his magnificent nine-inch, uncut phallus, fucked me in the shower in the manner he enjoyed or we engaged in mutual engorgement of each other's more than sufficient man-hood, we became as one in a soft cocoon of the deeply passionate love of one man for another. When, I felt his magnificently muscled body pressed against mine or when his hard, muscled arms encircled me, I felt secure in knowing where I was...In the arms of my lover.


Chapter #2

Several times after the memorable weekend with Monroe, I found myself driving home or to other locations with a very hard cock. Thinking of Monroe and our weekend together was more than enough to stimulate erotic thoughts like no other man had.

He had said we would be getting together soon but, almost a full month had flown by with no contact. Draining my nuts manually was alright under normal circumstances but I had reached critical mass and needed Monroe.

Driving home from dinner with friends, I was trying to think about sugar plum fairies, little green men, anything that would keep my mind off of gorgeous Monroe and his huge cock. Hell, I had passed the spot where we had met religiously in the hope he would be there but, with no luck and Molly Palm caught hell once again. I even tried jamming a nine-inch dildo up my ass but, it was not the same.

But, I hope springs eternal and my luck was about to change. Either he or a damn good replicable stood under the glowing lamp. I hit the window down switch as I glided up to the spot. A figure bent over and said, 'hey, going my way?"

"Monroe!!!!" I exclaimed, waves of excitement washing over me when I realized it was him. As soon as he was in the car, I forgot about the lamp light and lost control. My hands were all over him and, I tried devouring his lips, attempting to drive my tongue into his mouth. Driving my hand down into his crotch. I felt his hardening cock and, I knew it was Monroe.

After what seemed ages, he pulled his lips from mine and exclaimed, "hey buddy, I haven't been gone that long!!"

Squeezing his cock tightly, I said, "It's been fucking ages," I almost screamed. " Ask my asshole."

"That can be taken care off," he chuckled, his eyes gleaming from the thought of impaling my quivering asshole on his massive javelin.

Pulling away from the street lamp we drove the short distance to my apartment garage. When I turned off the motor, I turned and asked, "How long will you be able to stay."

Leaning towards me and, giving me a quick peck on the lips, he hesitated, looking at me with an impish glint in his eyes and I, impatiently asked again how long he could stay.

The glint in his eyes turned to a soft flow as he said, "How about two weeks, would that be too long?"

"Two weeks! Jesus," I exclaimed, still not sure that I had heard him correctly.

"Two weeks," he confirmed. "The ship is in dry-docks and, I took two weeks off."

My mind was racing with things we could do although, I was sure that a lot of the time would be spent with is massive cock filling my ass. But, maybe, he had plans that he hadn`t mentioned. So, breathing in deeply and exhaling softly, I looked at him as I asked, "And, what would you like to do during the two weeks?"

There was an almost evil glint in his eyes when, licking his lips, he said, "why don't we talk about it upstairs?"

My asshole twitched with anticipation and, I was so excited that I fumbled nervously with the car's door handle.

When we were in the elevator, Monroe increased the feeling of excitement when he ran his hand over the cheeks of my ass and then pulled us tightly together. His soft lips met mine and his tongue fought with mine. I felt the hardness of his cock pressed tightly against my equally hard erection.

`Damn, this slow elevator,' I thought as Monroe ground his loins into mine.