A Series of Amazing Events

by Mr Malaprop

Let’s imagine, for the sake of argument, that this is a piece of fiction with the characters and events depicted being purely the products of my foetid imagination with no similarity intended to any real events or persons; any such similarity being completely coincidental.

Thanks to my friends HCFU (Freedom, Nick and Thorns) for their constant encouragement. None of the above is responsible in any way for any imperfections in this story; that responsibility rests solely with me.

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A Series of Amazing Events

by Mr Malaprop

By my fortieth birthday I had had sex four times.

Perhaps you'd like some details, some clarification. Firstly I'm not talking about solo wanking - like most men I couldn't begin to count the numbers there!

By my twentieth birthday I had had sex twice, once at school in the bogs one lunchtime when a boy from the year above me got me to wank him off - something never mentioned between us again even though I would have loved to do it, and more, over and over. The second time was when I was at university and one drunken night going back into hall the night porter fucked me in his security room - even though I was drunk and he was not exactly gentle I remember it vividly and loved every minute of it.

By my thirtieth birthday I still had only had sex those two times. I was, and still am, extremely shy - but I'm possibly getting just a little better these days. You can judge that for yourself if you carry on reading to the end of my story.

In my thirties I had what, in my more pompous moods, I refer to as my “brief affair” - I get pompous fairly often, usually when I feel uncomfortable or threatened. I don't go cottaging, it is something that has always fascinated and terrified me. One night on my way home work I desperately needed to pee and knew I had no chance of making it all the way home so nipped into the station “gents” when I got off the train. There was a young man in there and he flashed a hard cock at me - this was the stuff of which my fantasies were made. He led me into a cubicle and let me blow him - I had been dreaming of giving a blow job for years and it was every bit as wonderful as I dreamt. I loved the feeling of him coming in my mouth and I hungrily drank it down. He never made any attempt to touch my cock and this, strangely, made the whole thing so much hotter for me. This was not at all about my pleasure, this was about me servicing his needs.

That’s what I loved about it.

As soon as he had come he told me to stay in the cubicle for five minutes and he left. I did as I was told even though I didn't need nearly that long to wank myself off all over the floor!

For over a week I thought about, fantasised about, dreamt about what had happened. One night I summoned up the courage and went for a pee again, but he wasn't there! I was devastated! For weeks I called in for a pee every night. I even had an extra cup of tea in the afternoon and didn't pee before running for the train so that I would genuinely need to pee!

Then, eventually, my luck was in! He was there. I did the bravest thing I've ever done and asked him back to my house.

Okay,” he said, “meet me outside McDonalds in ten minutes.”

He was there a few minutes late but he was there. We went in and got a takeaway, which I was only too happy to pay for, then went to the offy and I bought the bottle of vodka he suggested. We strolled the twenty minutes down the Broadway and then down my little street. I let him in - then followed. We ate at the breakfast bar washing it down with vodka and lemonade. We kept looking at one another. It took an age to get him to speak, and then he said “I've got condoms.”

This was brilliant, he wanted to fuck me! My dildo, that took weeks for me to summon up the courage to order via mail order, could have a night of rest!

Where's your bedroom?”

I took him upstairs. He stood there as I undressed him. I didn't dare try and kiss him but as soon as I got him nude I was on my knees and started sucking on his cock.

Get undressed.”

I stripped off for him.

Get on the bed.”

He was rough, rougher than I liked, but I kidded myself that I was enjoying it, that it was raunchy.

He fucked me for ages, then he took it out of my arse, stripped off the condom, and had me suck it for a while then put on a new condom and fucked me again. He took an age, like I said, but I loved the feel of him inside me - when he came inside me I nearly passed out with pleasure.

Get the vodka.”

I ran down and got the bottle and brought it and the lemonade and two glasses upstairs. I drank it with lemonade, he chugged it straight from the bottle. After we lay there a while he spoke again.

Suck it.”

It took me a while, as he had just come, but I brought him off in my mouth then he seemed to get more affectionate and we cuddled up together on the bed. I was exhausted!

When I woke up in the morning he was gone. So was my wallet, my credit cards, my cash from the bedside cabinet and my expensive new mini hi-fi set up. I was lucky as he'd only made purchases worth a hundred quid on my card before I stopped it saying I'd lost it. I only went to the police because the bank insisted and stuck to the story about losing it, probably somewhere in town before I came home.

So, that was me at the time of my fortieth birthday. Sad specimen or what?

By the time my fiftieth birthday comes round I reckon I'll have had sex several tens of thousands of times! At the moment I am managing between thirty-five and fifty times a night, five or six nights a week. More on Sundays in the last few weeks.

It's brilliant!

One night two weeks ago I managed 58 in the one night - believe me I slept with a smile on my face that night! Sore butt, sore jaw, big smile! And my biggest total for a week is 317 so far though I think 350 or even 400 should be well within reach, particularly now that I've got the round on Sundays as well.

My salvation was accepting, very reluctantly, I might add, an overseas posting managing our new overseas facility. I didn't want to come here but it was either that or the dole queue so here it was. Outsourcing has definitely had some benefits for me!

The first thing I noticed when I got here, after the tropical heat, that is, was the different stuff about personal space from dear old England. Men walked arm in arm with men, or holding hands - it was all very unnerving! Were they all gay? Surely not. “Indeed not,” said a homeward bound colleague, “it's just the way they are - and homosexuality is illegal so there's none of that stuff going on here, thank the Lord!”

More's the pity, thought I, but I said nothing.

I'd been here three months and “the hot” was just beginning when I decided I needed some more suitable clothes than the so-called “tropical” gear I'd brought from home. It was getting seriously warm now! I didn't want to have stuff made despite everyone telling me it was a better deal so they sent me off to one of the poshest shops in town.

I went on a Saturday afternoon and it was not too busy. I was pleasantly surprised as the staff was 90% male and mostly youngish - all very dishy. I spent a considerable amount of time there and bought a couple of things at ridiculously cheap prices then I went for coffee in their coffee shop and headed home.

The next Saturday afternoon I went back, partly to buy more stuff but partly, I have to admit, to oggle the staff. I looked at some clothes then went to the coffee shop for a treat then back to the men's wear section. After two coffees it wasn't long before I needed to pee. I headed off to the gents and was just starting my pee when one of the staff came in and went to one of the cubicles, off to the side. I glanced over and he was looking at me, he couldn't see anything of my cock because of the dividers but he was keeping the cubicle door open. I was hard almost instantly. He was still looking so I, very daringly I thought, took half a pace back. He then opened the door to show me that his cock was hard too. He waved me across so I joined him in the cubicle. I sat on the commode as he locked the door and as he turned I took him in my mouth. We were both very excited and it didn't take long before he came in my mouth. Wow, it was delicious. Afterwards he wanted to wank me off, something I prefer to do myself, but I did drop my trousers when I stood next to him so he stroked my butt whilst I jerked myself off; I came like a train when he stuck first one then a second finger up my bum.

He didn't stay long but scooted out back to work whilst I happily sat on in the cubicle for a few minutes relishing the aftertaste both in my mouth and in my mind's eye. Wow! But that was a good one! Even at over forty I was hard again in minutes and jerked off a second time before heading back into the store. I bought a shirt and headed home on Cloud 9!

For the next couple of weeks I popped into the shop quite a lot and always went for a pee but there was never anybody else in there. It became like a game to me. Then one night just as I was going through for a coffee the man from that other occasion stopped me for a chat. He told me he had been seen coming out of the customer's toilets and had been told that however urgent he must only use the staff toilets; a memo was posted on the staff notice board reminding all staff of the rule.

Can you meet me by the park, sir, at about 8.30?”

Certainly,” I said, “I'll be there.” I was immediately hard at the prospect and had to adjust myself, something that didn't go unnoticed. He smiled and disappeared about his business.

I didn’t bother going back to the flat. I went in the coffee bar and had a snack then hung around the store for a while before leaving and wandering down the main drag window shopping. By 8.25 I was outside the park, I knew it showed over-eagerness but this was only my sixth time, if we did get to have sex. I wandered about a bit feeling very conspicuous and it seemed like an age before he turned up, ten minutes late. He was full of apologies, one of his underlings had a problem so he had to chat a while. As we talked the park security man came along and locked the gates, with us on the outside - I was a bit taken aback but my companion smiled and took my hand, gave it a little squeeze and we strolled off together. A little way along was a small lane leading along the north side of the park and he led me down this, through a gap in the railings into a little wooded area. We were not the only people there; there were other men there too. He led me away to the edge of the trees and behind some cricket nets where there were a couple of seats. We sat down and he took my hand, which he was still holding, and placed it on his cock. It was hard. I eagerly opened his fly and released it into the cooler air of evening. I played with it a little then leant over and engulfed it in my mouth. My friend, whose name I didn’t even know, obviously approved of this and placed his hand lightly on the back of my head. I used all the techniques I’d read about on the internet and prayed to all the gods that I was doing them right. I got no complaints and a few minutes later got a tasty reward for my trouble and lots of grunts that told me I had done at least a passable job.

When I had sucked all I could from the guy I reluctantly sat up and standing watching was a guy with his trousers round his ankles slowly jerking his cock inches from my mouth. “Well, Mary,” I thought, “in for a penny, in for a pound.” So I sucked him too. When he came he went weak at the knees and I thought for a moment he would fall over so I held out an arm to steady him. His cum was a bit bitter compared with the first guy but still more than delicious - equally delicious was the wonderful feeling of power that came from making him nearly collapse.

My companion took my hand again and we left as the second guy who turned to sit on the bench as we left it, still with his trousers round his ankles.

As we got back to the main road we exchanged names - I told him that I was Alan and he introduced himself as Surej. I said I was from England working out here on a three year contract and he explained that he, like virtually all his male colleagues, was from the next state, recruited over there to come and work here in a store started by a guy from his own home town. I asked if he wanted to come for a coffee but he said it was too late that night but he’d be pleased to accept another night. He asked me to meet him again the next night if I was free and I was delighted to accept.

The next evening I didn’t go to the store but went home and had a meal before heading out to be at the park for 8.30. He was prompt that night and brought with him a couple of colleagues about the same age as himself, I’d guess they were all early to mid-thirties. He introduced them to me then we headed off together down the side lane and to the bench behind the cricket nets. This time I sat on the bench and the three of them stood in front of me in a semi-circle and got their already hard cocks out. I was in heaven as I moved from one to the other teasing them a bit then after a while settling down and bringing one of them off after another. By the time I’d finished our friend from the night before was standing there with his trousers round his ankles again so, even though my jaw was aching a little bit, I serviced him and a friend of his who appeared as well. Five in one night!

As we walked out to a nearby coffee shop Surej took my hand again.

Mr Alan, soon the rains will start and then the park will not be a good place, it will not be possible for us to meet there. But I have been talking to my friends and we think we may have a solution if you would like to continue to be with us. We live in a hostel, all from the same shop living together. There are two hundred of us in the one building. Many of us are married men, I myself have a wife and three children at home but I can only get there every two months and a man has needs.” He squeezed my hand and smiled.

By now we were at the coffee shop so we ordered and were waiting then Surej continued with the others listening.

The hostel manager is a sympathetic man and often comes to the little room that the three of us share and we have some games together. I am sure that if you were willing to include him in your generosity then he would be happy to let you visit.”

It seems an ideal arrangement, Surej, I will give it some consideration. When would you like me to meet the hostel manager?”

I will speak with him tonight. Perhaps, if he is agreeable, you could meet him tomorrow night.”

I look forward to it - shall we meet at the park art the same time?”

I think not, can you meet us on the corner just north of the shop? The park is the opposite way.”

That would be fine; it is closer to my home as well.”

We all smiled at one another then the man sitting the other side of me, whose name I had already forgotten put his hand on my thigh under the table and looked at the others and spoke to them rapidly but softly in their own language; they nodded slightly, then he said; “Mr Alan, if we used condoms would you allow us to fuck you?”

Feeling very bold I put my hand on the bulge in his trousers, nobody else could see but him and Surej on my other side and said “I’d be delighted.” At that there were more smiles and the bulge under my hand was expanding at quite a rate.

I paid for the coffees, I knew full well that my income was probably ten or twenty times theirs as I was still being paid a UK salary whilst living in a place with a far lower cost of living. My employer even provided me with a furnished apartment rent free!

We strolled back together in the evening warm; in the dark under some trees the one who had asked about fucking me groped my bum and slid his hand underneath to feel my hole through my trousers, it was turning me on to a serious extent! We got as far as my apartment block and I started to say goodnight when they said, almost together “We live very close, come with us and see, then you will know.”

In the end it was not more than 150 metres away, across the road and down a side lane there was a large institutional looking building - it was a place I could see from my balcony and hadn’t yet worked out what it was! There were many exchanges in their native language then Surej turned to me, “Do you want to meet George tonight? I am sure he would be pleased to see you.”

I was so horny by then I was putty in their hands. “Okay.”

I was taken past a security man who saluted, something which always embarrassed me, then led into the building. Much of the ground floor was taken up with three big rooms. There was a huge dining room, currently full, where the staff were just finishing their evening meal and clearing up, there was a large sitting room with a TV on a wall in the corner and then another room, not quite as large which was obviously a “quiet room” where some of the staff were sitting smoking, reading or quietly chatting. Beyond the dining room were kitchens and down a short corridor was an office which, as I was led into it, I could see had an adjoining bedroom. Seated at the desk was a man in his late 40s, I’d guess; he was plump and jolly looking. I was introduced as Mr Alan and shook hands. There followed a brief conversation in which I took no part and of which I understood not a single word! The various folks kept looking across at me and there was much groping of groins going on - only of selves, not of one another.

After only a couple of minutes George opened a drawer and brought out a pink cardboard box about 4 inches by three inches. I leaned forward and saw it was labelled 20 Premium Lubricated Condoms. He rummaged a bit further in the drawer and produced something I recognised immediately, a tube of KY. He looked across at me. “Mr Alan, would you care to join us in my bedroom?”

Certainly Mr George.”

It seemed a bit of a squeeze with all of us in there although since I have seen many more folk crammed in. I didn’t bother to be asked but quickly shed all my clothes folding them on to a chair and stood there waiting. They were all very taken with my pale flesh just like, as they undressed, I was impressed with their dark skins. When we were all naked they started stroking me and saying how wonderful I looked! The man who had first asked about fucking was stroking my bum and slipping his fingers down to my little ring. They all approved of my completely shaven body, they were quite hairy so it was even more of a contrast. My hands were full of hard cock but George was right in front of me so I dropped to my knees and started sucking him. After a couple of minutes he stopped me and motioned me to the bed. I knelt across it whilst he put a condom on his cock. He stood behind me then lubed us both up before pushing himself slowly but forcefully right up my arse. I was really glad of all the practice I had had with dildos and vibrators over the years - there was no pain, just a wonderful feeling of completion.

The others stood and watched as George took his time fucking me, remember this was only the third fuck of my entire life and it felt wonderful. As I knelt there Surej came round in front of me and put his cock to my lips, followed by the others. I sucked them a little but was careful not to bring them off - I wanted my third fuck to be followed by my fourth, fifth and sixth fucks - and my wish was granted.

As I left after an amazing evening it was arranged that I would call round the following night at about 9 o’clock but as George escorted me to the door he said quietly “If you come a little earlier we can have some fun just the two of us before the others get back from the shop.”

That night I wanked hard then slept like a baby, this was bliss! I woke with a smile on my face and a morning hard-on to beat them all - so I beat it well in the shower before heading out to work.

That evening I presented myself at George’s office at 8.30. I was a little nervous and had been half expecting a challenge from the security guard but all I got was a salute and a smile then he re-adjusted himself in his trousers and I wondered if he had heard something but then dismissed the thought as I knocked on the manager’s door.

Come in, my friend, come in, have a seat.” He finished a conversation with a lad standing in front of his desk and sent him away. “I have told him to send the chef here, you will like the chef, he is very big! Go into the bedroom and get yourself ready, we will only be a moment.”

I did as I was bid and by the time George and the chef joined me I was lying on the bed naked idly playing with my cock. They undressed quickly, the chef smelt of coconut oil and frying and his clothes were grubby but, as George said, he was quite big in the cock department. As he was the first stripped I was on my knees sucking him as soon I could be, George was soon standing beside him and I took it in turns and even tried to take both cocks into my mouth at once. The chef pulled away and busied himself putting on a condom whilst I carried on sucking George then I broke off to kneel across the bed, as I had the night before. The chef moved behind me and lubed me up then slipped his oversize cock up me. I was grateful for all the practice I had had with various dildos over the years as there was only the mildest twinge of pain which soon became a glorious full feeling!

George moved round and started fucking my mouth, holding my head still with his big, dark, hairy hands. I was concentrating like mad on giving them both the best time possible, neither of them was into finesse; they were into getting their rocks off as soon as possible and I was their happily obliging tool in the process. It’s odd how random thoughts can intrude into even the most intense situations but at one point I suddenly wondered if they treated their wives like this or whether they were more considerate lovers at home, taking their time to stimulate their wives to orgasm gently and lovingly.

As for me, my orgasm would come later when I lay in my bed remembering the night, for the moment I just hungered for cum up my bum and down my throat - a wish that was amply fulfilled as they enjoyed a coordinated orgasm, George pumping an enormous load down my throat as I felt the chef unloading into the condom at the other end.

As they dressed George motioned me to do the same. “I’ll take you up to the room Surej shares with the other two and you can wait for them there, I’ll see you again tomorrow night. Okay?”

The chef then surprised me by taking my face in his hands and kissing me hard on my lips then forcing his tongue into my mouth. He withdrew, slapped me on my rump and headed back to supervise the dishing out of dinner.

George led me up two flights of stairs and along a corridor to a room with three beds, a wardrobe and three small bedside lockers.

They will probably eat first but I will tell them you are here, I think they may bring some other friends as well, if you don’t mind.”

I’d be very happy, Mr George, as long as I can get home and be in bed by midnight. It is one of my sexiest dreams to have a queue of men waiting for me.”

Oh yes, I’m sure they can arrange that for you; and as for getting home this place is normally locked and everyone asleep by 11, they all have to be up early in the mornings. Have fun, goodnight.”

George must have had a word with Surej and his room-mates as they arrived with another half dozen friends about 20 minutes later. I was undressed in a few seconds and spent a most enjoyable hour or so. Between the nine of them I was fucked seven times and had six people come in my mouth - all delicious!

Word obviously travels fast, as I left the building the security man called me over and into his little hut, groping himself as I approached. Once inside he opened his fly and showed me a small but very hard dick. I happily got on my knees again and serviced him before heading home for a shower and a well-earned wank.

This really established the pattern for the next few weeks. After work I had a snack and strolled in the park or, if it was wet, went home to eat then read for a bit. By 8.30 I was heading out to the hostel to see Mr George and the chef and then one or two or several others got added to that group. Whilst the shop folks were eating I got dressed then went up to Surej’s room and got undressed again so I was ready and waiting when they came up after supper - most of the others in the hostel watched TV for an hour or so after their meal so it was generally quiet up there for our little party which grew over the weeks as well - one evening I raced through 15 people and 22 orgasms in that upstairs room! It was not always the same people every night and I liked the variety, it was fun. Some nights I was invited into other rooms as well - the glory of notoriety!

There was another change in the pattern which I should have mentioned, I took to providing the condoms and KY. So as not to make it too obvious that I was a bit of a slapper I went to different pharmacies or supermarkets until I discovered a wholesale supplier and started buying them initially by the hundred then later by the thousand - by that point I didn’t care what the wholesaler thought and when one day he groped himself in front of me then looked enquiringly I happily blew him in his little office.

Within a couple of weeks of the resurrection of my sexual career I was regularly servicing 15 or 20 men a night, some of them coming more than once. I could certainly count on scoring 25 orgasms a night, followed inevitably by my own when I got home.

I had been visiting the hostel for a couple of months and the rains had set in when we had an unexpectedly fine day - often there were dry and sunny periods in a day but this day dawned cloudless and carried on the same; although the rains were good and very unlike British rain this was a welcome relief. After work I headed to the park for a stroll before going home for a light meal before going to the hostel. I was sitting under some trees looking across the cricket pitches at the afterglow of the sunset when three lads came strolling by, all holding hands of course, then stopped to chat. What was my name? Where was I from? What was I doing here? Was I married? Why not? It was the usual litany. I asked them similar questions and found that they were room-mates from the law college and they were all twenty years old and far from home. There was an aside exchange which I couldn’t follow, my command of their language being much inferior to their command of English, then two said goodbye and wandered off whilst the third sat down next to me in the gathering dark.

He was silent for a while then started asking me if I like living here, to which I replied that I did very much. He then went back to me not being married and as he did so he placed his hand on my thigh. I told him that I had never wanted to marry. At this point I placed my hand on his thigh.

Do you not like women?”

I have women friends but sex with women has never really interested me.”

He picked up my hand and placed it over his denim covered cock. “Do you like sex with boys?”

This feels like a man’s cock to me.”

No, no,” he laughed. “Here we are only men when we marry, before that we are boys.”

As he spoke I was struggling with his zip so he helped me open it and got out his hard cock which I stroked gently.

I would like to suck this for you.”

He didn’t say anything so I took a risk, but it was pretty near dark, and leant down and took it in my mouth. After a moment he said “Do you want to come back to the hostel with me? My friends will be there and our meal is not until 8 o’clock - you can suck all of us then if you want.” In reply I put his cock back in his pants and stood up waiting. He took hold of my hand and pulled himself up then kissed me lightly on the lips before leading me off across the park still holding my hand.

The hostel was just off the park on the other side. The boy, whose name I had by this time forgotten, led me in past the security man and past his classmates, saying hello to some, up a flight of stairs, along a corridor where we passed several young men wearing just underwear or towel coming to or from a bathroom and past one young man totally naked with a towel draped across his shoulder then into a room not unlike Surej’s except this had four beds and also a couple of tables strewn with books at which three boys were studying, two of whom I had met just a few minutes before. My guide spoke rapidly to his friends and they all looked at me then at him. “Will you do all of us, sir?” asked the guide.

My pleasure,” I said. “A couple of you can even fuck me if you want, I have condoms here. The only thing is I have an appointment at eight-thirty so will need to leave here at eight.”

I took a small box of condoms and a tube of KY out of my bag and placed them on the table then quickly stripped off. The boys were before me though and there they all were, each as hard as a twenty year old can ever be and naked as the day they were born. Like the shop staff they seemed very taken with my pale, shaven body and spent some time stroking me, particularly on my buttocks.

Can we really fuck you, sir? You don’t mind?” asked one of them as he slipped his fingers deep into my crack and ran one across my hole.

Mind? No, I’d love it!”

Meanwhile my hands were everywhere as well holding and stroking then I got to my knees and started sucking on first one then the other. The one who had been stroking my butt opened the box of condoms and took one out. I saw, even though I was otherwise engaged, that he seemed unsure what to do with it so I stood up and went over to him. I took the little foil packet from him and opened it, gel-charged it then slipped the condom over his cock and spread a little lube over the outside before getting on one of the beds and kneeling with my arse facing him. I put one hand behind me and guided him in - he had lots of enthusiasm but no real technique, a bit like many of the shop guys, but pounded away and came noisily a couple of minutes later.

When I looked round one of the other guys was trying to roll a condom on to his dick but having no luck so I explained firstly about gel charging to make it feel better then about making sure the condom is the right way up, his wasn’t, so that it can unroll - isn’t it amazing what we can learn on the internet? There was much giggling but the task was managed whilst the other two seemed determined to put condoms on one another - the one who had just fucked me was lying on a bed with a huge smile on his face. I put a bit of lube on the next one and guided him in too. It was the same WHAM – BAM approach but I quite like it and it wasn’t long before there was another noisy “AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” as he unloaded. He pulled out and I didn’t even have time to move before number three was slipping into his place with number four on standby. By this time number one had peeled off his condom and come round in front of me. He was hard again and brushed my lips with his cock so I sucked it in and started giving him my best. Despite having come just a few minutes earlier he came just before number three had finished loudly to be replaced by number four at the rear and number two at my mouth. They were just getting under way when the door opened and another guy came in asking, I think, what all the noise was about. They grabbed him and dragged him into the room then put a chair under the door handle to stop any further interruptions. The new guy watched for about two seconds before he started stripping then number three helped him into a condom.

So in the end, in my end, it was five fucks and four sucks by the time I had to leave.

Will you come and see us again, sir?”

I’d love to, when would be best - but remember I am busy every evening, I would have to leave at eight?”

That’s fine, sir, our evening meal is at eight anyway so early evening any time would be good.”

Another one chipped in, “How about tomorrow night?”

What time would suit you? I don’t finish until 5.45 so I can’t get here until six at the earliest.”

Six would be fine, sir. We’ll wait for you by the gate.” With that all five on them gave me a kiss, complete with tongue then led me downstairs to the road. It was 8.10 so I stopped a tuk-tuk to take me home, where I replenished my store of condoms from the box in my flat then strolled round to the hostel and my important evening meeting with Mr George and the others.

That night when I got home my score of orgasms and people was 9 orgasms and 5 people at the law college hostel, 6 & 4 with Mr George and his cronies, 19 & 11 with Surej and friends, 1 & 1 with the security guard who told me, very haltingly, that the security guard at my apartment block was a lonely man living many hundreds of miles from his family! I smiled at him as I entered my complex and he smiled back. I went towards him and groped him a little but he said “Not here, I come later.” True to his word he knocked on my apartment door about half an hour later and stayed long enough for me to first suck him off to completion then, after a few minutes rest he fucked me - or rather I fucked myself on him as he lay on my bed and I squatted over his middle and lowered myself on to his hardness - so that qualified for a 2 & 1 giving me a total for the night of 37 & 22!

So there we have two hostels covered which keep me busy 5 or 6 nights a week and two security guards which has since become four as the off duty ones also like it when they’re on duty, if you see what I mean. So I was scoring at least 250 & 150 and sometimes a bit higher per week and thought I couldn’t be happier.

I was thinking about my good fortune and the amazing events that had turned me from a frustrated sexual under-achiever to whatever the term might be for a male nymphomaniac a few Sundays ago as I was walking down a lane near my apartment on the way to the supermarket. On the way I passed a fairly run down house I had noticed before. It always looked to me like a shared house for a group of young men, quite a common thing around here when they can find a landlord that will rent to them. There were a couple of lightly bearded guys of thirty or so tinkering with a motorbike outside, one of whom I’d seen before when passing. As is the custom here I smiled and said hello. They seemed glad of the break and stood to have a chat. The same litany: “Where are you from?”, “What is your name?”, “What are you doing here?”, “Do you like living here?”, “Are you married?”, “Why are you not married?”, etc.

It's the last question I was waiting for, I knew it was coming, as I said it is a sort of standard litany. As I told them I had never had time I just absent-mindedly adjusted myself in my trousers and without being obvious checked to see if anyone else did the same. BINGO! Both guys did it too.

We chatted a bit longer as I asked about them. There were seven of them living in the house, all bachelors, all from out of town and all working for the biggest cable company in the state, in fact they supplied my cable TV, that I rarely got a chance to watch, and my internet connection. These were all office workers in the accounts section working 6 days a week but all off together on Sundays. As we spoke one of them was rubbing himself quite obviously so I, equally obviously, glanced down at his crotch then looked up, met his eyes and smiled.

It looks like it will rain again any minute,” he said, and to be fair it did, “would you like to come in for a tea?”

I’d love to, thanks.”

They motioned me inside and as I preceded them the guy who asked me stroked my bum. The house was sparsely furnished. There were other guys sitting around inside, a couple watching TV, I bet they got their cable connection free, and others preparing lunch or reading. I was introduced to everyone and tea was produced then the two I had first met took me into the room they shared where we all sat on the bed that they obviously also shared, quite a common thing here and not really indicative of a sexual relationship though with these two I thought it highly likely.

I was seated in the middle and we sipped companionably for a moment or two before round two commenced with hands on my thighs on both sides. I put down my tea on the floor and as I leant down to do it the pack of condoms fell out of my shirt pocket. I retrieved and replaced it then I reciprocated putting my hands on their thighs though nothing too bold as yet - I’d learnt that these things have a timescale of their own and I knew we would get down to the nub before too long.

So really, why are you not married?” The hands, as if in concert moved a fraction higher.

I’ve never wanted to, it’s never interested me.”

A free hand snaked over and took the condoms from my pocket.

But you carry condoms with you so you must be interested in sex.”

All men are interested in sex,” my hands were now almost on their cocks, “I’m no different from other men like that.”

Do you like man sex? I think you do.”

I turned to him and smiled, “I think it’s the best sort.”

Would you like sex with us?” asked the other.

I’d love it.” With that I put my hands on their cocks, both already rock hard, and started rubbing. They closed the door and we undressed - I was undressed first and then helped them. With each of them as I pulled down their pants and underwear, on my knees of course, I gave them a little suck to show them the delights in store.

These proved to be the most considerate lovers I had had, they were gentle and obviously had some experience, probably from pleasuring one another. By lunchtime they had each fucked me twice and come in my mouth once so we were on 6 & 2.

We were lying on the bed contentedly afterwards - a bit of a squeeze but quite pally when there was a knock on the door and a head poked round, did a mild double-take then asked if I would be staying for lunch. I said I’d love to and the head smiled and disappeared. The two lads said that if I was agreeable he was sure the others would like to spend some time with me afterwards. I said it would be no problem, that I thought the more the merrier. We dressed for lunch where, for my benefit, most of the conversation was in English. We sat around in the main room eating off plates on our laps then, whilst the two I had been with before cleaned up, I stayed with the others. The one who had put his head round the bedroom door closed and bolted the front door and they sat there looking at me rubbing their cocks. I took the initiative, stood up and stripped off. Once I started the rest soon joined in, they had obviously seen one another naked before. When talking they were all very assertive about being straight but they couldn’t have sex with women until they were married and prostitutes were too risky because of disease so they had to have sex amongst themselves - and now with me. They didn’t seem to have an ounce of homophobia in them, just gratitude that I was available! As always my light skin and lack of body hair seemed a big turn on for them.

By the time I staggered out at dusk to make my belated visit to the supermarket my score for the day was an amazing 25 & 7 and I had used all the condoms I had been carrying or the score might have been higher! They invited me back any evening so I explained that my evenings were mostly busy but that I would be happy to visit them on Sundays. They took my “the more the merrier” seriously and the next Sunday they had six friends there with them and in about 7 hours I scored 36 & 13 - young men recover quickly!

Since then I have had chats with the folks from the two hostels and generally miss the early evening at the law college hostel on Tuesdays and the late evening at the shop hostel on Thursdays and spend time with my cable friends and their growing number of friends - but Sunday is probably my favourite day as I spend all day having sex [21 folks and 52 orgasms in all last Sunday, some of the guests before lunch and others after lunch] and go home at the end of the day fulfilled, a little sore and very happy. A gentle half hour with the security man before I go to sleep just rounds it off nicely.

What chance 400 & 250 per week in the near future?

Actually it has recently become a real possibility - this story all started not long after I moved here and my three year contract is now almost up. Yesterday my boss phoned from England and asked how I felt about doing another three year tour here; he said they like the work I’m doing and are prepared to offer me a substantial pay rise to keep me in situ - I played a little hard to get then agreed to think about it particularly when it appeared that “substantial” meant something like 20%!

There’s no doubt I’ll stay on, I like the work I’m doing, too.

The whole story is copyright © Malaka/Mr Malaprop 2006