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By Lee Mariner

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Chapter ONE

Boston was known for having extreme winters, and it was living up to its reputation with one exception. In my mind, this particular winter seemed to be considerably harsher then the previous two that I had experienced.  Hardly a day had passed without either a thick blanketing of snow or almost hurricane rainfall being the misery
of Bostonians and strangers alike.  I was from northern Ohio, and we had some harsh winters during my growing years. However, I could not recall having ever experienced such a winter as Boston was having.

After graduating college, and against the advice of friends and family alike, I accepted a job at the entry managerial level with a large well known national finance company.  That the position was in Boston, Massachusetts had no effect on my decision.  On the contrary, I welcomed the opportunity to start a new life in surroundings where I was not so well known.  Being gay in a middle income town was not the place for a gay person male or female to live.  On more then one occasion I had came very close to being trapped in the public rest rooms of one of the towns two movie theaters, or in the public rest rooms of the cities park. It was difficult to tell the difference between a young well hung cop who was in plain clothes, a hustler or the everyday young guy who was looking for sex. I learned that as I grew from being a good-looking, horny teenager to an attractive, young and well developed twenty-two year old adult.  I was not propositioned as often as when I was a teenager, and for awhile it didn't dawn on me that teenagers were more in demand.  I guess most gay men have a little of the pedophile in their makeup, acknowledged or not - I was not the exception.


While I was having a Mexican dinner at the El Ranchero, the temperature had fallen considerably, and the weather changed from a soft drizzle to a thick snow.  The restaurant was a short walk of six blocks from my apartment and instead of driving, I walked. A soft drizzle had started to fall during the time I was walking but, I didn't allow it to worry me since I was wearing a London Fog reversible top coat. If the rain continued while I was having dinner, the coat could be reversed for my walk home.

I had been in the restaurant for approximately an hour and a half but during that time at least eight or ten inches of snow had accumulated on the streets and sidewalks. Asking for my coat, I stood looking at the falling show through the restaurants doorway. While I contemplated my options, Renaldo, my waiter came up behind me, and said, "The forecast is not good Mr. Conway, the broadcasters are predicting snow all night and into tomorrow.

"Then, Renaldo, I had better hurry home," I said, my mind made up.

"Yes..,.you had better hurry," he replied in a studious tone holding my coat in readiness for me to put on.

My decision being confirmed, I was slipping my arms into the coats sleeves when Renaldo spoke again. "If you have any difficulty, the church for the Propagation of the Faith is along you way, and you might find refuge there."

"Thanks, Renaldo," I said as I turned the collar of the topcoat up around my neck in preparation for the onslaught that awaited me outside the warmth of the restaurant.

Waiting until I was ready to leave, Renaldo gripped the door handle holding it tightly. When he opened the door, a blast of wintery wind rushed in, almost preventing me from leaving. However, I managed to exit, and I heard the door close behind me. Standing in the very small vestibule, I hesitated for a brief moment before turning west on Franklin St. The wind was strong and the snow was blowing down the neck of my top coat as I walked into the wind and snow, with my head down.  I cursed my own stupidity for not wearing a hat but, Old Man Winter had no way of knowing the inconvenience he was perpetrating on my inadequately clothed body.

Several shadowy figures passed me and on the other side of the street. It was impossible to tell their gender but, that didn't make a hill of beans to me, I was in no mood for cruising even if it had been possible.  That pleasure would have to wait for less inclement conditions and, I doubt my cock would have been able to rear its gorgeous head even if it was possible.

The strength of the wind seemed to be increasing, and clutching my coat collar tightly under my chin, I lowered my head and forged steadily onward into the thickening snow.  I had barely covered half of the six blocks to my apartment, and with the blinding snow becoming more fierce, I began to question my bravery in leaving the El Ranchero.  The overhead street lamps were attempting to illuminate the streets but  it was a losing battle.  To be honest, they were causing what might be considered a white out since the snow flakes reflected the illumination that they provided, and the human eye had difficulty penetrating the white veil of brilliance that surrounded pedestrian and automobile alike.

In order to take advantage of the meager shelter that the walls of the streets buildings provided, I was walking close to them with my head bent when a sudden gust of snow laden wind rushed through an alley way that was between the Church for the Propagation of the Faith, and the Shawmut National Bank.  Without hesitating, I stepped off of the curb, and renewing my efforts I struggled to reach the churches entrance. Breathing heavily as I reached the entrance, I didn't even think about anyone occupying the same haven I was struggling to reach.  

The church was typical of churches that had been built in the eighteenth century. Square sandstone exteriors, large cut glass windows, a tall steeple and recessed entrances.  Possibly these vestibules were the fore bearers of those that are built on other buildings and homes.  They provided some shelter when the church doors were open, and on this particular occasion, I was indeed grateful for the foresight of the architects and stone masons who had designed and built the cathedrals of Europe.


Stamping my feet and shaking my body much like an animal does to rid themselves of the snow, I staggered into the dark recesses of the vestibule unaware that there was another occupant.  Due to the way the vestibule had been built there was a deep alcove on either side and, I had fallen into the alcove that happened to be occupied by a non-descript person who was in the same straits as I was.  We collided , and then from the sheer surprise of the situation, we recoiled standing perhaps two feet apart.

"Oh, I am sorry," I exclaimed., drawing my arms upward into a defensive motion as I tried to distinguish who or what, I had collided with.

I was further surprised when a young sounding even though muffled male voice said, "me too."

The sudden surprise had momentarily rendered me at a loss for words but after a few seconds, I very lamely said, "I didn't expect there would be anyone seeking refuge in the churches doorway."

Drawing deeper into the gloom in an attempt to avoid the swirling winds, he said in a tone of anguish, "I was hoping the church would be open but the doors are locked."

"Locked?" I said as I unconsciously moved closer to where he was standing.  "That is unusual, I've never heard of a churches doors being locked."

"Me neither," he responded. "Maybe what with the snow and all, they didn't think anyone would be out in it or needing to get inside."

"Or maybe they can't accommodate anyone else," I said rather foolishly, knowing full well that most churches especially catholic churches would be open regardless of the weather.

Hugging the stone walls, my suddenly acquired companion fell silent but even in the semi-darkness, I could see his eyes watching me from under the bill of his cap. For a moment, I was a bit apprehensive but, it is natural for someone to be wary of a person that they did not know and, I could understand his watching me. But as most human beings and animals are wont to do when in an uncomfortable or precarious position, I moved closer to him to take advantage of the added shelter from the strong winds or as is more likely just the comfort of being with someone who was in the same position.


For several long minutes we stood in the absolute silence created by both the snow and our seeming reluctance although, under the circumstances, not unusual desire to engage in a conversation.  We had been forced together by circumstances beyond our control, and deep in our minds, I am sure we were more concerned with how or when we would be able to continue our journey.  Any type of relationship was beyond comprehension, at least for the present.  

Outside of an anxious moment or two when we first met, there had been no aggressive actions; at least not on my part. On the contrary,  casting a covert glance at him, I could see that he appeared to have relaxed some. There was a small amount of his face showing, I could see the dark pupils of his eyes and the slight upward tilt of his nose. He was wearing a zippered jacket  with an elastic waist band, and a dark black, blue or brown muffler around his neck.  His hands were stuffed into the pockets of the jacket and where he had been hunched down into the jacket, he had relaxed and, his full lips and some of his milky white throat were visible. Standing as we were, hunched up, it was difficult to gauge his height but, he appeared to be only and inch or two shorter than my six feet. He looked me in they eye for a brief moment, and in that moment, I saw the pink tip of his tongue peeking out between his lips. I wasn't sure if it was a deliberate act or an automatic response to dry lips but, I was tempted to respond in the same fashion, and would have except for his quickly glancing away.  

In that moment, I looked downward and saw he was wearing a pair of totally inadequate laced basketball shoes and, in the dim light, I could see tuffs of either light brown or dirty blonde hair sticking out from under his cap.  He was wearing what appeared to be khaki trousers and, from the waist up he was probably warm enough but down to the soles of his shoes, he wasn't and, I said, "You look like you are freezing."

He looked me in the eye, and in almost seductive voice he said, "I was for awhile there until you came in."

"Oh yes," I mused to myself, somewhat taken aback by his comment. His eyes held mine unwavering, and a warm feeling was slowly spreading in my groin as my heretofore subdued "gaydar" reacted to his answer and the seductive manner in which he had commented to my casual but concerned observation.  I wasn't exactly sure if I should be as flippant or as direct as he had been so, I settled for a generic response. "How so?" I asked.

He hesitated before speaking, and when he did there was a softness that was not normally connected with street urchins or hustlers. "The wind and snow were blowing full force through the opening until you came in." He said, hesitating for a moment before continuing. "It wasn't as bad when you were standing in front of me, you are big enough to block it but, if we stood closer to each other back in the corner it would probably better...."

His words slipped away as he moved deeper into the corner of the alcove.  My "gaydar" was turning me on, and I felt a strong surge inside of my thick corduroy trousers as my cock started swelling with anticipation even though the conditions were not conducive to a mutually satisfying sexual completion if he was so inclined.

"This can't be happening," I said to my self, watching as he removed his right hand from his jacket pocket. He didn't hesitate, and I didn't object when his arm went around my waist and, he steadily but gently pulled me around to face him. I felt his other arm slipping around behind me, his fingers locking together. He tugged slightly pulling me toward him, and when our groins met, I felt his hard cock pressing against mine.  His eyes gleamed, and I felt his hands moving up my back to the nape of my neck. With another gentle tug he pulled my lips to his, and sliding the tip of his tongue over my lips he whispered, "When you were looking at me, I had a feeling that you were checking me out, and this is what you wanted."

Shivering with excitement, I ground my hard cock into his groin and, growled softly, "You did?"

Our mouths opened and were absorbed with sucking each others tongues when, I raised my arms forcing his upwards around my neck. Clinching my fingers tightly together in the small of his back, I pulled his body tightly to mine. Even thickly clothed, I could feel how trim his body felt, and the stimulating and exciting touch of his pulsating cock against mine left little doubt as to how impressive his endowment would be.

As we reluctantly disengaged our lips, my still unknown companion said, "Would you mind telling me your name?"

"Carl, Carl Conway, what's yours?"

"Kelly, Kelly Drinen, Carl; and before you ask, I'll be nineteen next month," he said.

"I wasn't going to ask that, Kelly, at least not yet.  What I was thinking about was the somewhat bold way you answered all of our questions if we had any." I replied.

Kelly dropped his hands from around my neck down to my hips, and as he spread his fingers over the small of my back, he slowly ground his cock against mine as he chuckled deep in his throat and said, "Are you pulling my leg, Carl?  All the cops are snug as bugs in a rug in their station houses, not out in this snowy weather."

Kelly's arms went around my waist as I pinned him against the cold concrete walls. His eyes were looking deep into mine as I brushed my lips over his, asking, "Why aren't you home instead of here in a church vestibule?"

His tongue darted from between his lips and ran smoothly over mine before he answered with just a hint of petulance." My date stood me up, that's why. He was supposed to meet me at the Franklin Bridge bus stop but, he didn't.  I waited until it started to snow but when he never showed, I started walking and it got worse as I was walking and that's when I saw the church entrance. At first I thought it was my date, and then I saw you weren't him."

"Disappointed?" I asked.

"Oh no!" he exclaimed, looking into my eyes as he, tightened his grip and pulled our bodies closer together. "At least not now," he said a little coyly.

Our hips were still gyrating slowly while we word played, and I could feel the pressure building in my nuts. Kelly on the other hand seemed to be content to stay as we were. I wasn't looking to empty my nuts down my trouser legs, not in the cold weather.  

Leaning back in his arms, I played with the back of his neck and asked, "Do you live around here?"

I felt his body tighten slightly and then relaxing as he said, "Over in Charlestown with my parents; but, I don't think the trains are running.  How about you? You were walking, and that usually means you live close enough to walk."

A little more than two blocks wasn't all that bad, and even though I knew next to nothing about, Kelly, I wanted to learn more.  As a rule, I opted on the side of caution when it came to picking someone up but, in this case, Kelly had been the one to make the advances. "We would have to walk but, if that's okay, would you like to come home with me?"

Kelly's chest expanded as he inhaled, and then for a split second he hesitated before exhaling and whispering, "Only if you want me to."

"Oh yes, in a heart beat," I exclaimed excitedly.

His eyes lit up as he threw his arms around my neck and crushed his lips to mine in a tongue devouring kiss.


The snow seemed to have lightened as we exited the church vestibule. My steel hard cock shrank instantly in the much colder air outside the vestibule, and I was sure Kelly was affected the same way.  I would have liked to examine his groin but he was holding my arm tightly as we waded through the snow.