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      I write this to an old friend, a friend I knew for only one night.  But the memory of that night and his brief friendship will live as long as I do.  This is almost a true story; the details are a little fuzzy now, and the dialog is...  well, the essence of what I remember (and I’ll never forget ‘the rides like a stallion’ part...  ‘Grin’).  I did use ‘dramatic license’ to write a, hopefully, interesting tale.  But this story does reflect the essence of what transpired that night, so long ago.  It comes straight from my heart, straight to you, Kirk.


About Kirk

By BigBear427

      His ad was in one of those old-style massage-escort-sex papers you used to see.  ‘24, Blonde, smooth, 7 inches uncut, and rides like a stallion.  Call Kirk at...’  I remember it was 1975; I was a young enlisted man in the Air Force, stationed south of San Francisco.  There was no military base there, so everyone lived in town.  It was a great time and a great place to be discovering one’s sexuality.  It was late one winter evening, and I was off for the next two days; I called his number in the ad.

      “Sure, come on up, Steve.  It’s 35 dollars, you know?”  Kirk said.

      “Okay, I’ll be up there in an hour or so,” I said.

      I quickly showered and dressed, and then put on my baggy pair of green nylon riding pants; they had a neoprene rubber lining, to keep out the wind.  I added my olive-green field jacket and my riding gloves.  I looked funny, but the getup kept the freezing wind off me as I rode my new motorcycle up the peninsula to ‘The City’.  

      I arrived at his address and stared warily up the narrow driveway towards the apartment building.  I was inexperienced with my new bike, and I was nervous about riding up the steep driveway between the parked cars.  So I parked at the bottom of the drive, removed my helmet, and walked up to the apartment building.  

      I knocked on the door and I heard someone yell, “Come in!”  I opened the door and there he was, in the bedroom just to the left of the front door, lying in his bed.  He was trim and well muscled, his blonde hair hanging down to his shoulders, a chiseled masculine face that was clean-shaven.  His smooth broad chest was nicely tanned, even though it was the middle of winter.  I felt intimidated by this gorgeous man.  I saw myself as a geeky-looking, shorthaired, military mutt compared to him, or so I thought then.

      He looked at me and a derisive grin crossed his face, and he snorted; a small chuckle to himself.  I knew I looked ridiculous in my field jacket and green nylon pants, and I felt the heat of a blush rise up to my face.  I got control of myself and walked into his room.

      He was chatting on the phone with a friend.  He was covered from the waist down with a blanket, one hand holding the phone, and the other hidden under that blanket.  I removed my field jacket and sat down on the edge of the bed to remove my boots and socks, then stood again as I stepped out of my riding pants.  He lay there the whole time, smirking at me, while I got out of my goofy riding suit.  I sat down on the edge of his bed for a moment, my head hanging low, afraid I was about to be rejected, again.  I felt him reach out and lay his hand on my Levis.

      “Wow!  You’re so warm, after riding all that way?”  He said.  His smirk had vanished, and he smiled.

      “Yeah, it looks funny, but it keeps me warm.”  I said, grinning.

      “Hey man, take off you’re clothes, and get comfortable.”  He said.

      He was still talking on the phone as I stood and began to strip.  Since joining the Air Force, I’d become a major gym-rat, working out almost daily.  While I wasn’t in the bodybuilder category, I was in good shape at 180 pounds.  I stood and turned to face him, and I pulled off the long-sleeved tee I was wearing, revealing my thick arms.  The auburn hair that would later identify me as ‘Bear’ already covered my solid pecs and chunky abdomen.  

      He suddenly said ‘goodbye’, and hung up the phone.  His other hand started moving slightly under the blanket.  He was now staring directly at me.

      I unbuttoned my Levis, they fell around my feet and I stepped out of them.  He stared openly at my big thighs and calves; I’d been working them hard for the past couple of years, and it showed.  I looked into his blue-grey eyes, as I slowly pulled down my white briefs, and a lustful smile grew on his face as his eyes zeroed-in on my cut cock, which was quickly becoming hard.  I stood before him naked, watching him as he ogled me with his lust-filled eyes, and it was clear to me that he liked my hairy, 21-year-old, body.

      It felt good.

      He pulled back the blanket as I stepped over and slipped into his bed, and then I saw that his ad spoke the truth.  His cock, already fully hard, was at least 7 inches long and nicely thick, with a long foreskin almost fully covering the head.  Mine is just an average cock, and looking at his magnificent member, I was feeling a little inadequate.  I shuddered nervously as I reached over to stroke it with my hand.

      “You, okay man?”  He said.

      It was then that I revealed my little secret.  “Sorry, it’s just-- I’ve never been fucked before.”  I mumbled, embarrassed.

      “No shit!  Really?”  He asked.  He was running his hand over my shoulder and arm.

      “Yeah, it’s true,” I said, nervously, staring at his cock, afraid to look up, “I hope you won’t throw me out, I...”

      Kirk suddenly froze, and I turned to look at him.  He was staring at me dumbfounded, his head tilting slightly, like I was moron or something.  But then, he squeezed my thick bicep, and he smiled wickedly.

      “I’d love to be your first one.”  He said.

      How fucking naïve could I be?  Here I was, offering this guy my virgin ass, and I thought he wouldn’t be interested?  I was SO, ‘young, dumb, and full of cum;’ I truly had no idea what was about to happen.  

      I had, however, sucked cock before, and I was anxious to taste my first uncut dick.  So I leaned over and slowly pushed the foreskin back with my tongue and licked his silky helmet for the first time.  It was wonderful, salty with a deep musky scent, like uncut always has.  As I started to suck his cockhead, he spoke again.

      “I like your haircut, it’s very masculine.”  He said, stroking my hair.

      “Thanks, but I don’t have much choice there.”  I said.  We all wanted long hair back then.     

      I worked to suck more of that fat uncut dick into my mouth as he rolled over and returned the favor.  We were sixty-nining like old friends in no time.  I licked and sucked on his beautiful shaft, playing with the foreskin covering the head, making him moan.  I sucked his balls into my mouth and rolled them around with my tongue.  He worked my cock like the expert he obviously was, making me quake in sweet agony, and I tried to give him as much pleasure he was giving me.  

      I looked down the front of my chest, and up his rippled six-pack, to watch his mouth slurping on my dick, and wanted to blow right then.  But somehow he knew just when to stop, so I wouldn’t blow my load.  I went back to work on his pole and tried to force more of it down my throat repeatedly, gagging a little on his length.  

      Pulling away from me, he sat up and turned, and picking up my head he french-kissed me, forcing his tongue deep in my mouth.  I felt his hot breath on my cheek, as our tongues wrestled.  Moaning into his mouth, I kissed him back hard.

      He broke away and returned to my cock, and I to his.  We played and sucked on each other like that for quite a while.  Both of our cocks getting harder, throbbing, dripping, twitching.

      He had turned the lights out by now, and cold moonlight poured across the floor of his room and up onto the bed.  He laid me on my back and he started to play gently with my cherry hole.  I moaned; I hadn’t realized before that it would feel this good.  He wet his finger with spit and started to probe inside my ass.  I twitched a little bit.

      “Please don’t hurt me, Kirk.”  I murmured.

      “Promise.”  He said.

      Kirk massaged his finger into my asshole and soon it had relaxed around his knuckle, so he grabbed some lube from the nightstand and started working it inside of me.  Little electric shocks were radiating from my butt and were making me so hot and horny that I scooted over and started sucking on his cock again, while he finger-fucked me.  He gently worked two, and then three, fingers into me, stretching my ring more each time.  

      He pulled his fingers out of me and then moved around, kneeling between my legs.  As he knelt there, the moonlight bathed him from behind, his long thick manhood standing proud, curving upward slightly, its broad head glistening in the dark as he stroked a thick coating of lube over it with his fist.  

      The moment had arrived and I squirmed, a little fearful.

      “Relax Steve, you’ll be fine.”  Kirk said gently, as he grinned at me.  “I’m gonna make your first fuck the best you’ll ever have.”   

      He lifted my feet up over his shoulders and leaned in, his slippery shaft prying open my buttocks.  I felt his glans straining against my tight virgin pucker, demanding entry.  “Now as I push in, you push back--” he instructed, “like you’re taking a shit, okay?”

      “Okay,” I said and I pushed out with my ass.  Instantly, his fat cockhead popped through my sphincter.  “Uhhh, Ahhh!”  I moaned, feeling the initial pain for the first time.

      “Okay, now-- just relax, and we’ll work it in together.”  He said.

      For the next few minutes, that is exactly what we did.  He started sliding in and out gently, a little further each time, adding lube as he went.  I thought it would be more painful; I’d heard it might hurt really badly the first time, but he was very patient and gentle.  It wasn’t long though, before I realized his nutsack was bouncing against my ass.  His 7-inch sabre had sunk into me all the way to the hilt!  I could feel his thickness filling me up and it felt so damn good inside me.  I guess I whimpered slightly.

      “Are you Okay?”  He asked, leaning over me, looking at me carefully.

      “I can’t believe-- oh, it feels so good!”  I panted out the words heavily.

      “Oh, it’s gonna feel better, babe!”  He teased, and leaning down, kissed me deeply again.

      While he continued kissing me, Kirk began ‘The Fuck’.  He pulled out almost all the way, and then slowly, gently, slid back in; repeating the movement a few times.  I would feel so empty when he pulled out, and then so good each time he stuffed his thick log inside me again.  Every time his cockhead hit my prostate, powerful jolts slammed into my brain, and echoed through every nerve in my body.  I didn’t even know what a prostate was, at the time.  My breathing became ragged, my heart pounded in my chest, my head started swimming, and my body felt like it was on fire!

      “Oh FUCK!”  I hissed.  “You feel so good inside me!”

      Gradually, Kirk started to pick up the pace, always watching me.  I guess he was looking for any signs of trouble.  While I remember a few uncomfortable moments, he seemed to sense my mood and he never really hurt me.  He fucked me as if he was feeling everything I was feeling in the moment, and he never seemed to go too far, or too fast.  As my chute relaxed more and more he increased the pace and the depth.  Soon, I started pushing back, feeding him my hole, urging him to fuck deeper into me.

      Then, for the first time in my life, I heard these words leave my lips.  “Fuck me Kirk!  Fuck me good, man!”  I growled.

      Kirk smiled and started to fuck me in earnest.  For at least the next hour, Kirk fucked me in many different ways.  After starting face to face, he then rolled me onto my side and lifting one of my legs, shoved his fuckpole back into me sideways.  He plowed into me like that for a long time.  I lay there moaning with pleasure; he stroked my cock, while he slammed into my manhole.  

      He rolled me over onto my stomach and knelt between my legs, forcing my legs apart.  “Lift your butt up higher.”  He said as he leaned over my back, his hands on either side of me.  

      I lifted my ass off the bed and I felt him slide smoothly into me again, and I sighed, “Goddamn, your dick feels so good.”

      He pumped his thick prong into me, and I kept lifting my butt to meet his thrusts.  He was smacking my buttocks with his torso, almost spanking my ass.  

      “Damn!  I love your ass!  …so fuckin’ tight!”  He said panting.

      “Goddamn, that feels so good-- fuck me-- fuckin’ please-- don’t stop!  I groaned.  

      He kept on fucking me like that, long-dicking my ass, until his arms started to shake.  He pulled out of me as he rose up onto his knees.  

      “Get up on you hands and knees, Steve.”  He ordered.  “Time for some doggy-style…”  

      I rose up and braced myself on my hands.  

      “Hold it right there!”  Kirk said in a commanding tone.  He grabbed my pelvis, and he shoved all 7 inches of his steel crowbar into my manhole, hard.  I gasped and bounced forward a bit, but then I backed up again sliding my asslips down over his shaft as he pulled me back with his hands.   

      Now upright, Kirk started thrusting into me wildly, reaming out my guts with his thick manmeat.  We both moaned each time he hit bottom.  I soon got into the rhythm, humping my butt back to meet his pistoning shaft.  His pelvis made that ‘slap, slap, slap’ sound against my ass.  We fucked each other like that until my arms began to give out.  

      I dropped down onto my elbows, lowering my head down onto the bed, which forced my ass up higher.  He laid his hands on top of my butt, and getting up into a squat, he plowed into me again, rocking back and forth on his heels, as his cock pummeled my, now very willing, hole.  I grunted like a pig with each slap of his nuts against my own.  

      When his legs started to weaken, he pulled out and laid me on my back again.

      “Oh fuck-- Kirk-- please, don’t stop.”  I begged.

      “Don’t worry man, I’m lovin’ that tight little ass of yours; gonna fuck you ’till you scream.”  He said, as he was lining up again.  

      His crowbar split me open again and he resumed his pounding.  I was ready for it by then, and he pumped every inch of his lovemuscle hard and deep inside me.  He never seemed to tire and I loved every fucking minute of it.  

      Kirk raised my ass higher lifting my back off the bed, so he could stand directly over me and fuck straight down into me.  It felt so hot having him fuck me like that, all of his weight concentrated into his fucktool, drilling into my hole.  I lay there in ecstasy, not really understanding all that I was feeling.  He fucked me for long minutes like that, and he must have known what was about to happen.  I was so hot and horny; I didn’t realize what was happening until I felt something hot and wet hit my face.  

      “WHAT THE FUCK!  I’m cumming?”  I said, surprised.  

      “There you go, baby.”  He crooned.

      I was amazed; I hadn’t even touched myself.  It had never even occurred to me I could cum just from being fucked.  He rammed into me hard, and the cum gushed from my hose, splattering all over my chest and face.  I came more than I think I ever had before, and it felt so intense and powerful.  It was glorious!  

      He got his scream.  “OH-- FUCK!”  I howled.

      Kirk reached down and scooped some cum off my chest, licking it off his fingers; then he raked up more and fed it to me.  He never missed a beat, always keeping up his pace, pounding his raging cock into me while I panted in orgasmic bliss.

      As I came down off my orgasm, his thick ramrod pounding into me started feeling a little uncomfortable; but now, I was determined not to show it.  I wanted to give him the best orgasm I could, just like he had given me.  I wanted to feel him shoot his load inside me.  So, even though his thickness was hurting just a bit now, I grinned, and I egged him on.

      “Come on Kirk, give me that cock!”  I demanded.  “Shoot your load in my ass!”

      Still holding me up off the bed, he started slamming into me like a wild animal, plunging the full length of his shaft furiously in and out of my quivering pucker.  I just relaxed as much as I could, and let him have his way with me for as long as he wanted.  He had loosened me up real good, and every time he hit my prostate, it felt like I was cumming a little bit each time.  I looked up into his eyes as he was ramming into me and a little grin crossed his face. 

      “Ya like that, Steve?”  He teased.

      “Oh YEAH, man!  I love it!”  I almost shouted.

Kirk lowered my buttocks back down onto the bed and leaned over my chest, his face close to mine.  He kissed me deeply, as his snake found my fuckhole and slammed into me again.  I wrapped my legs around his waist, and pushed back onto his cock with each stroke.  He fucked me like that for far longer than I would have thought a man could.  Time stood still while he power-fucked me with his hooded sword.  The pain was long gone, and every thrust was pure pleasure.  He rode me, just like the stallion he claimed he was in his ad, and I huffed in ecstasy each time his cock hit rock bottom.  Sweat dripped from his body, and mixed with mine.  I wished it would never end.

      Eventually though, Kirk started to puff and grunt, and I could tell, it wasn’t gonna be long.  He pushed himself up onto his arms, and I reached up and caressed his face and chest, as his furious thrusting reached its peak.  He started to grimace, and I was really getting off, watching him slide over the edge.   

      “D--Do it-- Kirk!  Fu-- Fuckin’-- cu-- cum in my ass!”  I stuttered from his pummeling.

      My words pushed him over the edge.  Kirk started to groan and shake; I grabbed his shoulders to steady him.  He jackhammered his stonecutter’s chisel into me hard, three or four more times, then with all his might, he buried his throbbing manhood deep into my hot tunnel.  

      “AWWWW-- FUCK-- YEAH!”  He yelled.

      His cannon fired, and his scalding cum blasted into my guts, like bullets.  It felt like fire was spreading inside me as he pumped the huge load out of his balls.  I held him up by his shoulders, watching him pant and sway unsteadily in the midst of his orgasm.  Little shudders and jerks shot through his body, thumping my prostate through his cock, as he rode the waves of pleasure.  As Kirk came down from his Nut, he looked down into my eyes and a huge smile spread across his face.  

      “Fuckin’ INCREDIBLE!”  He said.

      I lowered him down gently onto my chest.  He reached up, grabbing my face, and kissed me hard and deep, his dick softening slowly, still buried deep in my ass.

* * *

      When it was over, I expected Kirk to ask me to pay him and leave, but he surprised me when he asked me to spend the night with him.  We showered together, washing each other gently.  We dried off and got dressed, and he helped me push my damn bike up the driveway into his garage.  We went back inside, stripped again, and returned to his bed.  

      We talked and played with each other for a while, but we had worn each other out pretty good, and it wasn’t long before he started dozing off.  But I was so charged up from what I had just experienced, I couldn’t sleep.  I remember getting up to piss and talking for a few minutes to his roommate, another hustler, but I soon returned quietly to his bed.  While I snuggled close beside him, I lay there for a very long time before I finally fell asleep.

      Kirk rode motorcycles too, and so the next morning we took a short ride together, side by side, as I rode out of town.  He eventually peeled off and I never saw or spoke to him again.  Looking back on it now, I deeply regret that I never did.


       It is now Christmas Day, 35 years since that night I became a man.  I have wondered, for a long time now, what happened to the man I knew as ‘Kirk’.  I know now that, when we met, it was only a few years before the terrible plague would begin, striking down so many of our friends and loved ones.  Knowing that, if he remained in his ‘profession’, there was a good chance that he may have become one of the fallen.  I can only pray that wasn’t his fate.  

      There is no way I can think of now, to find out what really happened to him, except to tell this story, with the hope that Kirk is still alive, and can read it, and remember.  Therefore, I cast this ‘message in a bottle’ into ‘the sea’, hoping that it will reach its destination.  So Kirk, if you are still out there, let me know you’re all right, send me a message.

* * *


      I know that wasn’t your real name, but it’s all I know.  I doubt we would even recognize each other now, all these years later.  I hope you are still well and can read this and remember the guy in the goofy looking suit, who came to your place that night, so long ago.  I hope you can remember the lame guy that you had to help to push his goddamn motorcycle up into your garage.  

      I want you to know I have long realized what an amazing gift you gave to me that night.  I hope you enjoyed taking my virgin ass, as much as I enjoyed giving it to you.  I tried to take it like a man.  Was I as brave, or did I act as cool, as I portrayed above?  I’m sure I didn’t.  Was it the best fuck I ever had?  That may well be.  It was, most certainly, the very best first fuck any man could wish for.

      Kirk, you could have been a punk; taken my money, fucked me, and threw me out.  Instead, the compassion and tenderness you shared with me that night, is a lasting joy, that I have remembered, that I will remember, my entire life.  No amount of money changing hands can ever tarnish that memory.  With real love from my heart, I thank you my friend.