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Me: Alex from Port Blair, Andaman Islands, India. 35 years old.
Height 5'6", waist 34", dick6.1"Uncut, have facial hair & 70Kg's.

History: I have had a lot of oral gay experience as a kid with my friends and some of my class mates but it was restricted to only oral and had great long sessions which included mainly kissing, massaging, sucking& rimming but did not ever do anal or never had tasted cum.

After I got married I never did get chance to get into that act as I was quite satisfied with my married sex life until my job took me to Kolkatta.

I am a member to a gay site ( and one day got curious as I was alone in a hotel in park circus area and starting looking for guys in Kolkatta to have some oral fun as I was sex started for abt. 2 months and on searching the site I got some guys online and one of the guy named "Bapi" gave me his mobile number and told me he was a bottom and was also starved for some action.

The hard on made me call him and he also responded but I was bit shy and confused and we thought of meeting in a bar at abt 6pm in park street which was walking distance from my hotel as it was 5 already I decided to get a shower and shaved my pubic area and was out of room still undecided what would happen so I decided to meet the guy and say sorry if I was not comfortable.

Soon I was sitting in the bar and at 6:05 I got a call from Bapi and he told me he was standing out of the hotel in a blue trouser and shirt with white and blue strips so I saw out of the window and the first glimpse was as follows:
Height 5"4", waist 40" clean shaved abt 85Kg's and with specks.
Though I did not like his appearance but I decided t meet him at least out of courtesy so I went out and introduced myself and we both went back to the bar and both were silent as he was also nervous soon I ordered for a whisky and he also did the same and some snacks, to start some conversation he asked me abt. my job and told me abt his and some very very formal talks soon we got our drinks and after our first drink the barrier started to weaken and I asked him abt his preference as it was quite dark in the bar and we were actually sitting side by side not facing each other that actually helped and he told me he was a pure bottom and loved to suck, massage, rimm but he had only one condition and that was protective sex and fucking him anally was a must as he was not interested in only body sex which actually made me feel comfortable as with him it would be like laying back and enjoying fully and only fucking him. So I decided to give it a try as I had never fucked a guy and he was eager to get fucked so after abt 3 drinks we decided to go to my room, as the drinks had made me bolder and was exited to get nice fun after abt 2 months.

At abt 8pm we were in the room and I went to the loo and washed my area and as soon as I came out it was his turn and with him in the loo I switched off the lights and put TV on and in mute to give some light as he came out he was wrapped only in a towel and he actually looked ugly with his belly and hairy chest as I prefer lean and hairless body but it was too late to stop it.

He got on to my bed and started to kiss on my ears which I simply love and soon my eyes were closed and he licked my entire body leaving my balls, cock and ass and I was enjoying it like anything and I just could not stop myself from moaning and I was moaning out loud this guy actually knew what to do and how to do my pre cum was oozing out like a tap flowing unattended and soon he started massaging my neck and I was not even able to understand what to enjoy and what not to. Soon I pushed him toward my dick and the moment he touched my dick with his tong I moaned loudly and pushed my entire cock deep inside his mouth and the way he was plying with my cock in his mouth and still managing to roll his tong over the cock head was simply beyond words slowly he took my balls in his hand and started massaging then and I was in heaven at this time it really did not matter that he was not a real hunk and I disliked his appearance but what mattered was what he was capable of doing a nd what was happening with me this guy knew what to do and how to please someone.

Soon I realized that I also had to give something in return so I tried to take his cock in my hand and as I touched it he refused and said that he was a pure bottom and only wanted to get fucked and nothing else so it really made me happy and by this time he was licking my balls and I pushed him further below and he took the indicator and soon his master tong was licking my ass and I was in heaven this was the first time after abt 10 years I was getting a rimm job as my wife would not like to do that. This one sided oral went on for abt 20-25 minutes and soon I applied some Vaseline to his ass and asked him to get into a doggy position and he also knew that as this was my first time in some ones ass he helped me and I fingered his ass and it was real easy to insert my middle finger as it was fully lubricated so now I just put my dicks head on his ass crack and with some gentle push and some pain my cock was inside him and the moan I heard reminded me of my moans and soon I was fucking his ass to glory and actually loved the tightness as it was very different than fucking a cunt I simply loved the tightness and soon I was also moaning with joy both of us were moaning in random and this fuck was like a ever lasting fuck as I normally cum very late after I booze and we had abt 3 drinks each before actually trying it soon I took out my cock and inserted it in his mouth and he was sucking the cock as if he was praying and soon this was happening in random sucking and fucking and so on as I was fucking him I felt my orgasm build and I took it out and asked him to suck me out and make me cum and I asked him whether would he drink it and he said yes it made me real happy as I had never cum in some ones mouth and it was always my desire to be sucked as I came and to be kept on being sucked for abt 2 minutes till my cock was sort of hard.

Soon I blew it in his moth and not even a single drop was seen coming out and it just went in his belly and he was sucking my cock with the same motion and I was shuddering and moaning out loud and after abt 3 minutes of Cumming I asked him to stop and I covered my self with bed sheet and he fell down to the other bed besides.

When I saw the time it was already 9:45 and it was abt 1hr and 45mins of session so I took the phone and ordered for dinner and was in the rest mode after abt 10 mins I woke up with someone actually massaging my back and I just guided him to the right spot on my nape area and he slowly asked me if I would fuck him again after dinner to which I agreed and he kept on massaging me softly to which my body was happily accepting and enjoying each and every second as I felt that the dinner was on the way we got dressed and put on the lights and by this time the shyness had vanished and I was very comfortable with the new found friend...

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