Anal Experince cont.

For the guys who are reading my exp for the first time here is me:
Me -- Alex from Port Blair, Andaman Islands, India. 35 years old.
Height 5'6", waist 34", dick6.1"Uncut, have facial hair & 70Kg's.

When I saw the time it was already 9:45 and it was abt 1hr and 45mins of session so I took the phone and ordered for dinner and was in the rest mode after abt 10 mins I woke up with someone actually massaging my back and I just guided him to the right spot on my nape area and he slowly asked me if I would fuck him again after dinner to which I agreed and he kept on massaging me softly to which my body was happily accepting and enjoying each and every second as I felt that the dinner was on the way we got dressed and put on the lights and by this time the shyness had vanished and I was very comfortable with the new found friend...

...As expected our dinner arrived and we both had very light dinner as we both did not want to get real heavy with food and feel sleepy as we had a real hard work to be done after dinner we ordered for some chocolate ice cream and thought of taking a walk to digest things as we finished our walk it was almost 11 pm and we both were sort of sweaty so on coming back to our rooms I expressed my desire to take a shower to which he objected as he loved the aroma of my sweat and wanted to lick to sweat off my body, somehow I also liked his idea as I had just to lay back .

He pushed me on the bed and started to kiss me on my neck and his fingers were doing wonder on my head he was slowly pulling my hair and the little tickle and pain was like so soothing and mind blowing I got a hard on instantly soon he was licking and sucking my toes and I was shuddering with excitement after about 15 mins he licked my cocks head with the tip of his tong and I moaned loudly and soon he was sucking it hard and without stopping he handed over Vaseline to me and turned his ass toward me I applied some on his crack and started fingering it and as he was enjoying his work on my cock was showing his perfection.

I applied some Vaseline on my cock and this time he lied down facing me and wanted me to fuck him in missionary position though it looked awkward but I was ready to do anything by now, I slowly inserted my uncut cock in his ass and laid on him and soon put my entire body weight on him and was fucking him like I was fucking a female and soon I was doing it in full motion and I could hear his moans and was happy so see his expression and the satisfaction on his face. I fucked him for about 12-15 minutes non stop and was getting tired but in no position to cumm as I had already cumm and just to rest for a while I got down and he exactly knew what to do and soon he was licking my balls and rimming me and he helped me maintain my hard on and after a pause of 4-5 mins I was back fucking him and this time in doggy style and making sure that my entire 6.1" cock was inside him and was doing exactly what was expected of me and giving him in return what he had given me by this time I was wild as the tightness of his ass was like wow and was very different than fucking a cunt as fucking ass is more pleasure because of the tightness.

I was getting a fantastic rubs on my cock and in return I became sort of violent and started to hurt him with my nails which he loved and soon I was out of him again and lying on the bed and he was giving me a breather by sucking me and not let my hard on die this went on till about 12:45 and soon I could feel my climax building inside me and I asked him where he would like me to cumm and he said his ass and soon I was fucking him to cumm in doggy style yet again and the cumm inside me was desperate to come and soon I was firing deep inside him and I was in that position for abt 2 minutes after coming slowly loosing my hard on and slowly fucking him as I came out of his ass I dropped to the bed and he took semi hard cock in his mouth a sucked the remaining cumm and that was like being in heaven and when I saw the time it was 1:10 AM and after sitting for abt 15 minutes he left and with a warm hug and with promise to meet soon and I locked my door and slept like a log till 12 noon.

When I got up at12 noon I was still so content with the last nights fun and the shower made me fresh but strangely I did not get a hard on for next 2 days.

Thanks guys for reading this and do respond and soon I will write my other experiences.