Another Adventure in H2O
 by wetstuff

It was a hot day. You know the type, heat literally rising from where ever you looked, distorting the air with its waves.

I had gotten tired of spending so much time at home and decided camping was just what I needed. So I packed up the truck and drove up to a campground where I knew it would be pretty empty since it was during the week.

This was a campground out in the middle of no where, literally, with chemical toilets not close to the actual camp sites. Sure people could bring their RV's there if they wanted to brave the rough gravel roads for miles, never mind the dust. But no power or showers. You want a bath, go for a swim and take soap with you.

So there I was, surprisingly all alone in a campground. The tent was set up, cooler under the truck in the shade, fire pit ready for dinner, much later, and me sitting in a camp chair under a tall pine tree. Watching the heat. A flash of movement just barely registered out of my right eye which made me turn to look. Oh my! Where did he come from?!

A tan guy with long flowing brown hair, wearing blue swim shorts was just splashing in to the water. I looked around and did not see any other cars or even a tent site. Well, guess it is time to go swimming!

I grabbed my boogie board and wandered down to the lake, well, pond I guess. He was still facing away from me, now with very wet hair with only his head showing above the water. He either was standing on the bottom or slowly treading water. He kind of jumped and started to turn around as I entered the water and laid down on the board. Wow, what a beautiful face and very expressive eyes.

"Hi," he slowly said as I floated up to him. "I didn't know anyone else was around," he shyly said as I got closer.

"Hi. Yeah, thought it was just me here too," I said. "I'm Peter."

"Nice to meet you Peter, I'm Justin," he softly said as he raised his hand up from the water. We shook hands. "Cool board."

"Ever ridden one?" I asked. Justin shook his head.

"Looks like fun though," Justin said. "I was out hiking and damn, the heat just got to me, you know?"

"Oh yeah, was just about to come get wet before you showed up," I replied. "Just you hiking, no girl friend or, well, other friend?" I asked as I tried to check out his body but the water was too dark where we were.

Justin blushed a bit and said, "Just me, am single." He started to float on to his back while keeping eye contact with me.

As he floated to the surface, my eyes skimmed his body. Nicely furry and wow, a packed crotch. Yum! "Damn Justin, you have got a nice bod dude!" I exclaimed.

Justin blushed again and said, "You are pretty nice looking too."

"So, you wanna learn how to ride this bad boy?" I asked slyly as I got off the board and in to the water. I was standing on the bottom with my shoulders and arms out of the water. I adjusted myself, moving my rapidly hardening cock so that it was barely under the waistband of my swim shorts.

Justin went back to vertical and said, "Yeah, that'd be great!"

I held the board with my left hand and moved towards Justin so that he was now on my left. "Ok, let me get on it again. Then I want you to slide your right hand along this bottom edge and put your hand on my skin. Run your hand up and down to see where my body's position is so you can place the board there too."

"Okay, thats easy," Justin said.

I grabbed the board with both hands and got myself on the board, getting the right balance. Once I was ready, told him to go ahead.

Justin ran his right hand along the edge like I said to but when his fingers touched my skin, wow, there must have been a spark. I kind of jumped just like he did and went instantly hard. He laid his palm on my skin and moved it down, feeling me until his fingers ran over the head of my cock. Justin paused, then caressed the head with his fingertips again while starting to show a tiny smile.

"I think I found a water snake," he said. "I need to check it out so be right back." His hand was pushing my shorts down, exposing more of my cock. He took a deep breath and the next thing I knew, the head of my cock had a tongue flicking over it and then was encased in a very hot mouth.

I moaned, not that he might be able to hear it. I felt his fingers slide down my shaft and rub across my balls. They kept going, lightly rubbing until they found my ass hole. A finger slowly rubbed across it and then around it over and over even as his mouth kept sliding down my shaft. His tongue was driving me wild and I could feel globs of precum being spat out as he sucked me.

Damn he was turning me on like no one had ever done before. But then all good things must end as he ran out of air.

Justin suddenly appeared next to my gasping mouth and said, "I found a spitting cobra." His finger, still rubbing my hole pressed right on it. "Also found a hot cave I think another snake might like to explore."

I leaned forward and kissed his mouth, slipping my tongue in before he could react. Justin moaned and pressed on my hole again and I moaned in to his mouth.

When we finally stopped kissing, he had withdrawn his hand from inside my shorts. So I asked, "Ready to use the board?"

"Yeah," Justin said with another smile. "Will you check my position out too?"

"You bet! Position is what its all about," I said. I slid off the board and handed it to him.

He gripped the board with both hands, heaving himself on to it. He must have gone too far up on it as he tipped forward and slid off. I had to laugh. He came up, still holding with a hand to the board and smiled at me. He jumped back on and got that balance.

"Ready?" I asked.

"Yeah" was his soft reply.

I ran my hand along the edge just like he did to me, running my hand over his hot skin down to where his waist band should be but it wasn't there. I raised an eyebrow and moved my hand lower until I felt a mass of hair and a hard tube of meat. I slide my hand around his shaft and moved it to the top, still no clothing. Then I noticed his shorts were below his ass and it was very yummy looking.

"I think you got stuck on a tree limb, I'll need to check this out Justin," I said as I took a breath and went underwater. I enclosed the head of his cock in my mouth, using my tongue to lap at his head and find the hole. Immediately, a flood of precum flowed in to my mouth and it was so sweet. My hand slid down his shaft and rubbed his balls while my mouth sucked even more precum out of him.

When I ran out of air, instead of coming up next to his face, I came up between his legs. What a view, his furry hole just peeking at me and I knew it would be just a matter of seconds before my tongue was exploring it.

Justin raised his head and looked at me just as my tongue touched his hole. His moan would have scared the fish but I knew I had his attention now. My hands pushed his cheeks apart as I drove my tongue deeper in to him. His musky taste was intoxicating as I felt his scorching walls grasp my tongue, pulling it deeper inside.

I spent a good long time plowing his hole with my tongue, hearing his moans and groans were like a symphony to my ears. Justin started to almost hump the water so I moved a hand under him to feel his balls. They were pulled up real tight to his cock so knew if I wanted a drink, had better get on the tap quick.

I removed my tongue so fast from his hole that there was a popping sound. I dove under the water and sucked his cock back in to my mouth. As my tongue flicked across his head, a hand appeared underwater to hold the back of my head. And then he thrust once in to my mouth and exploded. It was the sweetest cum I had ever tasted and it jetted in to my mouth over and over, making me swallow a lot. Soon the hand on my head fell away and I was able to come up for air. He was laying on the board gasping for breath with a goofy smile on his face.

"Nice," Justin said as his breathing came back to normal.

I was slowly running a hand up and down his ass cheek, sometimes going down his crack and rubbing my fingertips over his hole. Each time I did that his hole twitched and he moaned.

"You know, that cave might like to have a snake explore it. And I did find that spitting cobra earlier. What do you think?" Justin asked.

"Cobras are dry land snakes so if you want to come over to my tent, we could try it out," I said.

Justin got a huge smile and slid off the board. His right hand grabbed it while his left appeared to pull his shorts up then grabbed my right hand. "Lets do that, sounds really fun to me."

Author notes:
This is the first story I have submitted in almost ten years and was inspired, well, you can see below. If you happen to see my pen name on the chat server, in either #niftyorg or the #niftywriters room, that might be me. :)
As usual, my characters are fictional and immortal, so while they do not participate in safe sex, you should.
This story is dedicated to my friend who knows who he is and what possibilities we have together.