This story is absolutely true. t happened yesterday.

At the pool again

My name is Manuel. i am 28 Years old and live in Vienna, Austria. Every once in while go to the local spa&public indoor pool. t is run by the city and offers relaxation at very decent prices. They have a very nice Sauna and Steam Room area too. it is coed so basically every one just has atowl wrapped around, girls show their tits and some don't even care about covering at all. People are fully ok with that...

So today i first went to the steam room. i was in there with three other guys. Two of them were giggling - i couldn't really understand what they were laughing about but they seemed to have fun. As it was really hot&steamy in there i could only see their outlines and their hands covering their crotch area. The guy right next to me had a really nice tool. He didn't bother to hide it too. The long but still soft cock was wrinkly and you could tell strong veins anlong the shaft. Also his body was perfect. "Nice cock, nice body, fuck me", i said to myself. The two guys all a of a sudden left and as i was really hot i left too.

So what you normally do is shower real quick and then dive in to the ice water. Which i did but then i decided to go to the spa area. There the two guys are again at the corner of the pool. but htis time they seem very concentrated. There is another guy in the pool who swims laps. He doesn't really take notice of me or the others. As i am a suspicious person i move closer to the two guys in the corner. One of them has a goatee, is about 6 feet tall, nice V-shape body and as i can now clearly tell, a 7 inch rock hard cock. The two guys a masturbating each other. i move even closer - move my hand towards the other ones crotch. He has dark skin, his dark eyes are locked on my face. i grab his cock the other guy grabs mine and we start wanking each other under the water.

he guy next us is still swimming his laps. The dark skinned boy accelerates his movements and i cant but shoot my load into the pool. Wads of cum float towards the two guys. i also accelerate my hand movements and the hottie cums as well. His cock pulsing and filling the clear water with his white clouds... We grin at each other and then all of a sudden a couple of older men enter the water. We quickly spread apart again.

Later that afternoon i saw both of them again in the steam room. This time the dark skinned guy didn't hesitate to just wank in there. This again made me really hot and all other people in the steam room as well. imagine 6 guys hiding their erections. Damn they must all be gay... if only i had realized earlier...

The pool was about to close when i decided to hit the showers. As the facility is really big and sometimes the showers are overcrowded on the first floor i decided to take the showers down stairs. At the showers i took of my towel off and noticed two other guys in the stall left and right of me. The one to my left was a short turkish guy. The one to my right was about 5"8 had red hair and again a perfect sixpack. He was about 35 years. i was turning around looking into his direction when i saw his cock grow. He was definitely letting me know he was getting a hard on. Every other guy would have turned around. i was too getting hard now and i cold tell he was looking too. i guided my hand around the stall wall and firmly grabbed his cock. He did the exact same thing. Our cocks were the same size. 6.5 inches. We were both uncut. Our eyes locked. He looked really nice allthough he was a little older than me i was really attracted by his looks and nice cock and abs and everything about that guy. He wispered something in to my ear like "Lets go to the locker room - they have changing rooms there, do you wanna come?" "Hell yeah i said to myself", instead i just nodded. He let got, so did i. When i turned around i could see the turkish guy looking at us. i totally forgot about him. he didn't seem to care, but i could tell he had enjoyed watching us. He too had a hard on.

soaped my head but couldn't get my cock to go soft again. As the pool had now closed people poured into the showers. i saw the guy from next stall grab his towel. he still had a hard on and didn't seem to care at all. So i did the same. About 5 people could see my rock hard cock as i stepped out of the shower.

i followed him down an isle to where the changing rooms were. He turned around every once in a while and gave a smile! He was perfect! i jut wanted him. As soon as we had locked ourselves in we took each others towels off and started to stroke our cocks. We were exactly the same size had the same shape, and cock head. His piss clit was glizening. The guy turned around so i could grab him from behind. i was wanking his cock as he was jacking me off. Then i moved my other hand towards his ass. i had it lubed with saliva and forced my middle finger into his rectum. He was damn tight. i could barely get my finger in. He did the same to me but my ass gave in as soon his finger reached my anus. He was now fucking my ass with his middle finger and rubbing my cock with the other hand. We both moaned in extasy. Our breathing was deep and intense. My cock was totally wet from precum. He definitely enojoyed my slippery cockhead and took care of it the way only guys now.

Then all of a sudden his pecs tensed and his stomach got rock hard. With a loud moan he shot his load onto the wall of the changing room. His first stream of cum hit the wall, the second one landed on the floor in the mirror i could see his orgasm face. i will never forget.

Having me horned up so much i shot my load imediately after he came. My hot hot juice hit the wall too, aproximately 3 inches from where he shot his load. My cum was running down the wall and the floor beneath us was drenched in the cum from our third and forth thrusts. "Look at the mess we made!", he said. i just nodded and smiled at him.

Two different guys had made me cum within only 3 hours.