Autumn Adventure

By Lee Mariner

This adult fantasy is intended for ADULT readers only. If you are not of legal age in your locality to be reading this story or should you not approve of such material, please leave.

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This work has been edited by my friend, Dean.  His expertise is greatly appreciated.


Chapter #2

The silver light of the autumn moon filtered through thick growths of tall pines, and the occasional lit windows of cottages and homes blinked in the depths of heavily wooded groves as I sped by on my way to the Catskill. I was turning over the afternoon and evening events in my mind and couldn't help trying to remember when so many delightful scenarios involving handsome well-endowed men had materialized in such quick order.

Darryl would have whetted the appetite of any well-adjusted gay man, and he had had that effect on me when I saw him. Although the golden water sprites were not yet full grown men, they were at the doorway to manhood, and they presented the opportunity for an exciting menage a' trios if they were so inclined. Having been involved in one or two very exciting and satisfying threesomes in the past, I would not object to being involved in another. However, in addition to Darryl and the water nymphs, there was Stanley. Harold had made obvious overtones as to his desires, but prior to doing so, he had appointed Stanley as my server.  During the course of eating dinner, it became obvious that Stanley was apparently interested in becoming better acquainted. I found myself caught betwixt and between in a position that I had not anticipated.

Regardless of the titillating feelings in my groin and the on again off again swelling of my cock as I mused about the possibilities of the situation, common sense told me of the improbabilities. Fortunately, or unfortunately, as with a heavily laden proverbial smorgasbord, I was reluctant to pass up any of the offered delicacies.    

"Gads, what a quandary to be in," I mused to myself. The nagging fear in the back of my mind was that with what could become an insolvable problem I would almost certainly find myself engaged with Molly Palm and her Five Sisters.


When I turned off route nine onto the thruway access road, I noticed that the motel "no vacancy" sign was lit, but the brightly lit sign more than illuminated the motel entrance drive. Hidden spotlights lit the drive making car headlights unnecessary, and I reduced mine leaving only the parking lights visible.  The highway sign was brightly lit, but the motel signs on the eves of the roof line had been extinguished, and with the exception of the lounge lights the temporary reservation office lights had been reduced to only a few.  An almost indiscernible figure was behind the makeshift desk. As I passed the office, I strained, without success, to see whether it was Darryl. Quickly glancing at my wristwatch, I saw it was a quarter past eleven and thought that the indistinguishable figure could be Darryl's relief since, as I recalled, he had mentioned his shift ended at eleven o'clock.

"Ah, well," I thought as I parked in the assigned space for my room. "Win some and lose others."

The stale air of the room hit me as I opened the door, and, cursing myself under my breath, I set the air-conditioned on high. "I should have done that before I left for dinner," I exclaimed out loud as, for some inane reason, I walked toward the sliding glass doors, looking out into the silver moon lit night. Perhaps, I was hoping for a glimpse of Bryan and his unnamed companion; but the drapes had been drawn over the doorway through which they had disappeared leaving only a glimmer of light outlining where they met the doorjambs.

A feeling of disappointment swept over me as I realized that we, my cock and I, would be alone for the night unless by some miracle the indoor pool and spa was frequented by another man as horny as I was.

Quickly doffing my clothing, I pulled on the only pair of shorts I had that even remotely resembled swimming attire. They were a tad small, but I couldn't bring myself to discard them since so many memories of days at the beach were attached. Inhaling deeply and sucking my gut in, I managed to close the waistband snap with only a little difficulty.  The air-conditioner was doing what it should have been doing a few hours earlier. Re-setting the controls to low, I arranged my equipment before again sucking my gut in to close the zipper.  Slipping my feet into my shower clogs and throwing a towel over my shoulder, I glanced at the reflection in the bathroom door. The tight shorts enhanced the hint of unwanted love handles in the mid-riff area, and I made a mental note to increase my daily sit-ups from one hundred to one hundred fifty, and my daily walks by at least another five miles.


Fortunately, the motel furnished a one-size-fits-all terry cloth robe, but unfortunately as I had an end room I had to walk the length of the hallway to where the enclosed pool and spa were located off of the motel reception lobby.  Due to the lateness of the hour, I could only assume and hope that the adults had retired.  From watching the golden teenagers enter one room and the adults that were with them enter a different one, I hoped that the teenagers wouldn't be inclined to retire as early as the adults would.

The walls that enclosed the pool/spa were glass on the upper half and some type of waterproof material on the lower half. The pool was by my estimate about eight by twenty feet, and there was a wide walkway between the pool and a large in-floor concrete hot tub with a set of built in steps with chrome handrails that allowed easy access.  There were several infrared heating lamps that were recessed in the ceiling as well as normal ceiling lights. There was a stack of plastic lounge chairs in one corner, available to whoever wanted one.  Two had been used, and whoever had used them had neglected to take their soft drink cans and plastic water bottles with them when they left.  

The pool water was choppy as if someone had recently used it, and I was consciously cursing my tardiness and hoping it had not been the two beautiful young men that had been in the outside pool.  The steaming hot water in the hot tub was bubbling, swirling and foaming.  "Oh well," I lamented softly as I looked around the empty room.  "No need to come this far without getting wet."

The rooms atmosphere was warm and humid, and the wet floor had a nonskid surface that hopefully would prevent someone from falling.  Some water dripped from the ceiling and ran down the fog-covered windows leaving clear rivulets. There were inset gutters on each side of the pool that directed the water that splashed from the pool, ceiling and walls to drains located at the four corners of the rectangular room.  

Hanging my robe and towel on one of the many wall hooks, I kicked my clogs off and moved to the pool coping.  Curling my toes over the edge, I went through a short series of arm windmills and breathing exercises before diving into the warm water and swimming the length of the pool.  

I didn't know that someone had joined me until I reached the end of my sixth lap and vaulted from the pool to sit and rest for a moment with my legs dangling in the water.

A soft baritone voice from behind me said, "You're a good swimmer, Mr. Collier."

Startled by the unexpected voice, I quickly twisted around and saw Darryl sitting on the edge of the hot tub.

"Darryl," I exclaimed. "You surprised me."

"I'm sorry, Sir, I didn't mean to," he said softly, apologizing and twisting to face me with left leg in the water and the right leg bent at the knee and laying on the cement with his foot tucked behind his left knee.  "I usually take a swim and soak in the tub after work to sort of relax after my shift in the office," he said, chuckling and grinning, his soft azure blue eyes twinkling brightly.

Dressed in Ivy League fashion, he was a strikingly handsome young man; wearing only a tight spandex swimming suit, he was akin to manna sent from heaven. His powerful broad shoulders and beautifully muscled torso tapered to a small waist and narrow hips that merged with powerfully muscled thighs and calves. A thin but noticeable growth of light brown chest hair spread over his impressive chest muscles, and gathered where his clavicles joined to create the sternum. A thin dark growth cascaded between twin ridges of hard abdominal muscles, and covered his inny naval and pelvis before disappearing  beneath the waistband of his tight form-fitting swimsuit. The position of his dark peach fuzz covered thigh with his hand resting on his knee restricted the view of his crotch and its contents.

"The biblical David returned from yore to tempt and tease," I thought to myself as I took stock of my erstwhile receptionist.

There was a faint gleam in the depths of his eyes as he looked at me, and his chest rose and fell rhythmically as he breathed. An inner excitement was revealed at the sternum of his magnificently developed chest by the pulsing beat of his heart.  His gaze did not waver nor did his position move as my eyes drank in the masculine magnificence that was unabashedly and seductively sitting no more than two or three meters from where I was sitting on the edge of the pool. There was no arrogance or flaunting of himself as he sat on the edge of the bubbling tub gazing at me; it wasn't necessary.  His charismatic demeanor radiated confidence and self-assurance thus eliminating the need to try to impress anyone.

My cock had swollen to its fullest as my mind filled with various salacious scenarios of what could be.  I was sorely tempted to display the prominence of the bulge that strained against the zipper of my makeshift swimsuit, but it was difficult to tear my eyes from his mesmerizing gaze.

"You did catch me off guard, Darryl, but I really shouldn't have been too surprised." It could just as well been one of the other guests who might have come in while I was swimming."

 "Still," he replied, "I should have said something when I came in rather than just watching you swim." He stood up and slid his fingers under the tight waistband of his tight spandex suit to either readjust it or to reveal an impressive bulge. "I enjoy swimming but I'd rather swim with a partner," he continued, his gaze holding mine as he stepped out of the hot tub. "Would you mind if I swam with you?"

"Not at all," I said, standing quickly and facing the pool as he approached the edge. "I don't know whether I can give you much competition, but I'll try."

Moving beside me, his eyes dropped to the bulge straining to be released from the confinement of my makeshift swimsuit, and then looking into my eyes he grinned as he said, "I think we might give each other a good race."

We swam several round-trip laps non-stop before, at the end of my last lap and breathing heavily, I arm-pressed myself upwards and sat on the pool's coping. Hand skimming the water from my chest and arms, I watched as Darryl knifed through the water with the power and grace of a dolphin for two more round-trip laps. His muscles rippled powerfully as he swam, his arms in perfect sync with his breathing and his kick.  As he swam to where I was sitting, he slipped under the water and with a powerful kick from the bottom of the four-foot depth he shot upwards twisting like a dolphin as he emerged from the water and sat beside me with a resounding 'plop'.

"Whew!!" He exclaimed, his chest heaving as he moved his hands over his hair squeezing the water from it.  "Boy," he gasped as his breathing slowed to normal, "that was great, Stephen."

My breath caught, and I saw his quick glance to see whether I had detected the slip of the tongue, if it was a slip.  My testosterone level was already increasing as I was watching him, but the use of my given name was a complete surprise. While it was a bit presumptuous of him it signaled he was perhaps hoping for a more intimate level since we were in such informal surroundings.

"I wish I could have swum with you a little longer, Darryl, but I'm afraid my endurance is not what it was in the past," I replied. "It has been some time since my college swimming days."

"You did really well, Stephen," he said as he drew his left leg out of the water and twisted around to face me while he hand brushed the water from the muscles of his beautifully tapered arms, chest and abdomen.  "I was on the high school swim team at St. Johnsbury Academy," he continued, glancing at me as he slid his hands over the bulge in his crotch and wiped the water from his thighs. "None of the guys on the team swam as well as you do, and I'm not just saying that; you are good."

"Thanks for the compliment," I replied. "Although it is not often that I get to, I swim whenever I have the chance. It's good exercise and helps with the waistline." I said, grinning and looking into his eyes as I leaned back and ran my hand suggestively over my flat stomach.

"That's one reason I swim almost every night," he replied, his muscles rippling and tightening as he effortlessly stood up using only one leg and drawing the other from the water. 

"It's obvious that you do," I said, attempting to be casual while at the same time deliberately and salaciously appraising his gorgeous and magnificently proportioned body, my eyes focusing on the prominent bulge in his crotch.

"It's my turn to say 'thanks'," he replied, as he inhaled, holding his breath as he pulled the waistband of his tight suit from his flat stomach with one hand and adjusted his equipment with the other.  "Too tight," he said with an impish glint in his eyes as he rearranged the position of his cock so its tantalizing length was clearly visible beneath the wet spandex material.

"None needed, Darryl," I replied, glancing at him as I grasped the hot-tub handrail, and tentatively put my foot on the top step. "Whether in public or private, there are some things don't need to be commented on when it is obvious that someone is dedicated to maintaining their health and physical appearance; but, it never hurts to hear a compliment once in awhile. You are one of those people, Darryl, and you have every reason to be proud of a body and physique that you have undoubtedly worked very hard to achieve and maintain." I said softly, sincerely. 

As I started to descend into the hot bubbling water, I felt the pressure of, Darryl's hand covering mine followed by the warmth of his breath on the side of my face as he said softly, seductively, "Stephen, I want to make love with you, can we go to your room?"

The unexpectedness of his words were, for a brief moment, unnerving; and being in the midst of stepping down to the next level and gasping at the shock of hearing them, I staggered.  I don't think that I was in danger of falling into the hot tub, but real or imagined, Darryl prevented it by clamping his hands on my shoulders in a vice like grip. As he pulled me back against him, his hands and muscular arms slipped down over my shoulders. My muscles tightened involuntarily as he spread his fingers over my hard chest muscles holding me tightly to him.  I felt his hard cock pressing against the nape of my neck and his fingers gently kneading the muscles of my chest.  An intense urge to turn my face into his crotch and grip his hard cock with my lips spread over me, but I resisted the urge by turning around as I stepped upward and out of the tub.  Darryl's hands and arms slipped away, and he was moving backward until I reached out and placed my hands on his waist and pulling him toward me.

"Jesus, Darryl, I've been trying to figure how I was going to get you to do that," I said, inhaling deeply as his hard cock pressed against my groin."

His arms went around my neck as I slipped my arms upward and around his hard body clasping him tightly to me. I felt the beating of his heart matching mine as our lips met. Our tongues met, dueling and fiercely searching velvety nooks and crannies, driven by pent-up passions. His hands held my head tightly while we kissed, and he ground his pelvis against mine, our steel hard members pressed tightly together.  As our lips parted, he slipped his arms under mine and around my chest. Laying his head on my shoulder, he gasped, "I've wanted that all evening, Stephen."

"You aren't alone," I replied, gently kissing his cheek and dropping my hands to his tight buttocks. We had been breathing heavily but as our breathing slowly returned to normal, he left his head lying on my shoulder holding me closely to him. Rubbing his check with mine, I gently kneaded his buttocks while we slowly rotated our hips enjoying the erotic friction of our cocks rubbing together.

For several minutes we stood holding each other, absorbing the sensations that our passionate embrace and the ecstatic aftermath that had been released. It was as if our bodies had merged as we held each other, and the lust had relinquished its hold to be replaced with a feeling that emotional and physical needs cried out to be satisfied.  


Without saying anything, we took our robes from their hooks and flung them around our shoulders, clasping them shut at the throat with one hand.  When we entered my room, the robes dropped to the floor as quickly as they had been donned, and our fingers proceeded to remove our swimsuits. When Darryl's thick uncut cock sprang free from the spandex suit that had been its prison, pre-seminal fluid flowed from the aperture in its blood-engorged crown as it stretched to its full, magnificent length. My mouth literally watered with anticipation as it bounced with the vigor of a diving board. Slowly, teasingly, I slid my suit down over my hips, and I saw his eyes light up when my drooling cock sprang forth from its enforced confinement.

"Jesus," he hissed as he rushed into my arms and crushed his hard muscled body against mine. Our lips merged, momentarily cutting off our breathing, as we embraced passionately. The heat of our naked bodies and the pressure of our throbbing cocks dancing and dueling between us served as fuel increasing the intensity of the fires of passion that were building in our loins.

It seemed like an eternity before our lips parted and we gazed searchingly into the others eyes.  There was a twinkle in the blue depths of his eyes as he said, "Why don't we take a quick shower and wash off the chlorine?"

"That wouldn't be a bad idea," I replied.