Back Seat

It was late July in Southern California. I was there to go to school, and was awaiting the start of classes. Home sick, bored, and lonely 2500 miles from my native Northeast. At the time I was about as innocent of sexual knowledge either hetero or homosexual as one can be. This was before the supreme court decisions on pornography, and the sexual revolution, so accurate knowledge was hard to come by.

Had been raised in a very isolated environment, and had no real knowledge of sex one-way or the other. Was making plans to go to TJ in Mexico, only 25 miles away, to find out about this business first hand.

One weekday evening a group of us were sitting around telling each other lies, and drinking soft drinks. This was a drawback to someone from New York where the drinking age was 18, rather than stuffy 21 in California. About 8PM or thereabouts we were joined by an older guy, one of the instructors. When I say older perhaps 27 or 28, very impressive to the 17, 18 and 19 year olds at the tables.

He did something that impressed all of us, he bought us a round of beer, then a second round. We sat and talked for perhaps an hour or hour and a half. One by one the others left until only he and I were left. The club was beginning to thin out since this was a weeknight. Then he offered me a ride to my place. Kind of strange in retrospect since I lived only two blocks away.

The car he owned was impressive, particularly to an easterner. It was a Jaguar Coup. Leather seats, floor mounted gear shift and all. To someone used to Fords and Chevy's this was real indulgence.

The car was parked in front of my building, and we continued to chat for a while. I was in awe of the older guy because here was a person of stature listening to my 18 year old drivel.

Finally there was a lull in the conversation. In the dark I could see him reach into his lap, and unzip his trouser, then pull his penis out. It got even quieter in the car as I watched this action. He the reached over with his right hand and placed it on the back of my neck. Then he gently pulled and pushed my head into his lap.

I began to suck and blow him. If somewhat inexpertly I was blowing this man. I sucked his cock as if I had been doing this all this life. There was no hesitation on my part, this seemed absolutely natural, to take this strangers cock into my mouth and suck it. I had become a cock-sucker, there was no revulsion on my part, this was sex, finally I was having sex. Remember being disappointed that I could not make him cum in my mouth.

Have no idea how long we remained like this, his cock in my mouth, me sucking him to an erection and him massaging my neck and urging me on.

Then he took me off his cock, pushed me into the back seat face down, and removed my trousers. He then began to make love to me anally.

Actually he fucked me hard. I have read other stories where there is difficulty at first in entry. He didn't seem to have any, perhaps it was his experience at this, but he drove home right up to the short and curly in my rectum. This being the 60's he did not use a condom. He was probably pretty sure I wouldn't get pregnant and HIV was years in the future.

This was sort of uncomfortable, and cannot say to this day whether I enjoyed it or endured the act. He didn't touch me, kiss me or offer to jerk me off: all was strictly for my pleasure. He must have came in me two or three times before he was satisfied. It had been one sided on both our parts. When I had been blowing him he didn't thrust into my mouth, and when he thrust into my ass, I didn't push back.

Psychologically, he had me at a disadvantage because of his status and age. Physically, I could probably have broken him in two with no problem.

Finally he pulled out, I pulled up my trousers and without a word went into my living area. I brushed my teeth thoroughly and went to bed. Had it been suggested I would have probably sucked him again, even though he had just been up my butt. That is what the sexual urge is all about, misdirect though it maybe.

I have often relieved this instance in my mind. Cannot look at a Jaguar Coup without remembering that warm California night blowing a guy for the first time then being fucked in the back seat. What did he see or sense in me that make him feel confidant that he could take his cock out and I would suck it for him. That he could then take my trousers down and I would let him fuck me silly. Have no idea, to his day do not have a single feminine mannerism in my entire body. But what ever it is that makes you want to suck cock or take it up the ass it must show.

Subsequently, have only been fucked in the ass one other time. Have confined my sex with men to oral activities. Which is probably why I am still in good health, and HIV free.

As to the older guy, he got arrested a couple of weeks later with another 18 year old guy in his car. He skipped town, with his Jaguar getting him out of town as fast as possible. The 18 year old was forced to face the music alone. He claimed that he had just wanted to get a blowjob from the older guy, but I know that when they were caught the kid was face down in the backseat, getting his ass pounded.

NOTE: This was 1960 and you were thrown in jail if they caught you engaging in sex with another man, even in California.