Ballin' at the Mall

It was a little after 5:00 o'clock and I was headed down to the mall to pick up some real sexy clothes to hit the club this weekend. I was stuck in traffic and my mind started wandering. All I kept thinking about was that it's been a few weeks since I got fucked and I wanted some dick bad. This outfit I was going to buy would be so damn sexy and fly and I was definitely gonna turn up the heat in the club to pull me some dick. My name is Evan and I have a dark chocolate complexion and I'm 6' tall, a little beefy, good looking and clean cut and I love getting fucked. My round, muscular ass just pops out of my jeans or slacks, not to mention, I get a lot of looks as my chocolate cakes bounce and my thick 9" cock fills the front package. I'm single and I'd like to think I'm a good catch.

So anyway, I finally park, and head into the mall to go get some clothes for my weekend out on the town. I'm walking through the food court scanning the crowd and walking like a confident man on a mission. I walk into The Gap and spot these fucking smoking hot tight knit crew tops. Nearby, I notice this really sexy, hot sport coat that's charcoal grey that would match the body-conscious-shirt. I get the attendant who's a sexy little brother, light skinned with a nice compact physique and a hot, round ass popping out of his jeans. He's probably 5' 10", smooth caramel skin and hazel eyes with a sexy close-trimmed goatee. He leads me to the dressing room. He walks me over and unlocks the dressing room door. He looks at me confidently and says, "If there's anything else you need sir, please let me know" and he walks away looking over his shoulder. I watch his tight, round ass bounce as he walks away and I think DAMN, my game is on today.

Once inside the dressing room, I start to strip and try on the clothes. The shirt hugs my chest and biceps like a glove. I slip on the sport coat and bam...perfect fit. I model the ensemble in the mirror and think...SWEET LOOK! I realize I forget to pick out some slacks. I call out to the attendant and he immediately appears outside my door. "Yes sir, may I help you?" I slowly open up the door and ask if he could find some charcoal grey or black slacks in a 32/34. The young attendant looks me in the eye, licks his lips and says he'll be right back with the perfect pants for the shirt and coat. My cock stirs in my jeans. He comes back with a couple of choices and I take them both. The attendant looks at me and tells me how good the shirt and coat look on me and how they look like they were tailored for my physique. I say thank you, take the slacks and slowly close the door eyeing him the whole time.

I put on the first pair of slacks and I don't care for the way they fit, then strip em off and put on the second pair of black slacks with a very fine pin stripe in them and bam...perfect fit. This is the one! I turn around in the mirror to see how good the slacks hug at my round, muscular ass and the flat panel front really conforms to my crotch, showing off my fat 9" cock swinging in my briefs. I open up the dressing room door to stand in front of the larger mirror and suddenly the attendant appears again. He says, "Oh those slacks look amazing on you!" I casually run my hands down my abs and gently tug at my bulge in the front of the slacks and say back to him, "You think so? These slacks really fit me well don't you think?" The attendant licks his lips again and asks me to turn around. I turn around to show off my body and I hear him exhale, "Yes sir, the pants look fantastic and completes the look you're going for." I think to myself that I'm pleased to have picked out such a great looking outfit really quickly. I'm really enjoying the attention I'm getting from this shorter, muscular attendant. Obviously, he's enjoying the show too and I'm not shy about strutting my shit for him. The guy bends over in front of me while I'm looking in the large mirror to fix the cuff of the pants near my feat. My cock gets rock hard seeing his ass in the mirror bent over with his face close to my thighs. He looks up at my coyly and before I know it, his eyes are fixated on my hard 9" cock. He looks up at me with a glimmer of hope in his eye and says, "Is there anything else I can help you with?" I smile back down at him and unzip the slacks and let my big dick fall out and hit his lips.

He quickly sucks in my dick and I hear him moan softly through his nostrils. I take him back into the dressing room and let him blow me for all he's worth. He pulls out his dick and I'm pleasantly surprised to see this lil dude is packing a nice, thick 8" bone. I pull my cock out of his mouth and tell him it's my turn. Before he knew it, I pushed his back up against the dressing room wall and sucked his dick into my greedy mouth. I sucked on his thick dick like a man on another mission. I had this dude moaning and whimpering really fast. I pulled off his caramel cock and started sucking on his nut sack. I had him squirming then dove back on his dick. I sucked and stroked his dick for another 5 minutes and I felt his nut sack tighten up. I hear him say, "I'm about to nut dude." I pull off his dick and look up at him in my new outfit and say, "Go ahead dude, shoot that nut in my mouth...I won't waste a drop I promise. Consider it my tip for your help."

I dive back on his dick and reach around and hold this dude's muscular ass burying his dick deep in my throat. I feel his glutes harden and flex. His dick thickened in my mouth and he grabbed the back of my head and shoved forward one good time. His dick when down into my throat and I felt that warm load unleash deep inside my throat...I sucked him for all I was worth and his eyes rolled back into his head...He unleashed a moan and filled my mouth up with his sweet cum. I pulled off and licked my lips and said, "I'll take the shirt, coat and slacks..." I said I wanted to get a pair of shoes and he smiled and said he'd throw in a belt too at no additional charge. I got dressed, found some shoes and he checked me out and I said my thanks and goodbyes. This was a great shopping adventure at The Gap.

I go do a little more shopping. After another hour or so, I'm walking back through the mall heading to another shop to pick up some cologne and I run into my all time wet dream, Kevin. I yell from across the hall, "KEVIN...dude how the hell have you been?" Kevin yells back, "Evan! What the hell dude? What's up bro?"

We walk up to each other and give each other a big, warm hug. Kevin has a brilliant smile, and 6' 1" and totally hot. He's got a kick ass lean, muscular body, with a light complexion and I've jacked off so many times fantasizing about him pounding my ass. We were good friends growing up and watching his big dick swing heavy at the gym made me fucking horny as shit. I remember once when he took off his shorts and his briefs were FULL of dick, that I almost passed the fuck out. Then another time at the gym, I saw him in the steam room sitting there with that huge, slinky fat dick just lying between his legs. I clowned him about his dick size, and all he said was, "Fuck bro, clown all you want, nobody's complaining when I lay that pipe in some hole." I nervously laughed but thought, he didn't say WOMEN don't there might be hope for my greedy fucking asshole to get that pipe.

I wanted him to just pound me like a fucking bitch but I wasn't sure about him. He was so straight I thought and just oozed masculinity. His hands were big and his arms were vascular from working out. I thought he was just the sexiest fucking man alive.

Anyway, Kevin was wearing some jeans and a hoodie and some flops. He was dressed very casual for a late Friday evening. We talked a bit and caught up on what's been going on in our lives. It was so hard for me to focus on what he was saying because he's just gorgeous to me. He asked what I was shopping for and I showed him the hot clothes I was picking out to go out tomorrow night. He said, "Oh fucking cool dude. Where ya going tomorrow?" I took this as a chance for me to let him know I was hitting the "gay" clubs to check his reaction. So I said, "I'm going to Jules downtown tomorrow night man." Kevin replied, "Oh cool man, that's one of the gay clubs downtown right?" I said, "Yep, sho nuff bro." To my surprise, Kevin said, "Excellent bro, I may see you out tomorrow then." I caught my breath and said, "Oh ok dude. If you see my out, come hang with me. I have to run." We parted ways and said we'd catch up later. I was nervous as all fucking shit now but anxious at the same time about possibly seeing Kevin out tomorrow night.

I headed out to get my cologne and then about 35 minutes later, I'm walking through the parking lot heading to my car. As I'm walking out, I hear my name, "Evan! Dude, you wanna come back to my place and grab a drink?" It's Kevin and my hole twitches...I laugh out loud and say, "Oh fuck yeah Kev, sure man, I'd like that." I get in my car and follow Kevin back to him place.

We get to his place and Kevin asks me to bring in my clothes so he can see them. We get inside and he fixes us drinks. We sit down and really do some catching up. He asks to see the clothes and says they look terrific. Then Kevin says, "Evan, you wanna do me a favor bro?" I say, "Sure man, what's up?" Kevin says, "Try on the clothes for me. I wanna see how they look and give you my opinion and see what I might wear too." I catch my breath and say, "Ok cool." I grab my bag and ask him where's his bathroom and I'll go get changed. He looks at me and raises his eye brow and says, "Nah bro, do it right here in my living room. Cool?" I look back at him a little nervously and say, "Ok."

I take off my shirt and Kevin says, "Damn Evan, you've been working out a little huh? Your chest and shoulders are looking good dude." I shyly say thanks and continue getting undressed. I start to put on the new shirt and Kevin says, "Don't forget the pants too!" and he winks a sexy wink at me.

Kevin lay back on the couch and watched me strip down to my briefs and he whistles. I tell him, "Stop clowning fucker and shut up." We both laugh. I'm standing in his living room in just my white briefs which are tight and hugging my round chocolate ass and heavy dick. I'm nervously looking for my clothes in the bag and when I stand back up to try them on; Kevin has his big dick out and is slowly stroking it. I look at him with a sex-crazed look in my eye and say, "Dude what the fuck? You gay or bi or what?" He smiles and laughs a little and says, "Evan, you're about to find out ma dude." I ask him how big is that fuckin pipe and he stands up and says, "9 and a half inches of thick dick meat. You down for some pipe layin Evan?" I drop my clothes back in the bag and fall to my knees in front of him. I look at that creamy, milk chocolate cock and I tell him to get naked and let me suck it for him.

Kevin strips naked and he's standing before me with a beefy, ripped chest, with his chest muscles popping out and a hot six-pack. Then he pulls off his jeans and his thighs are nice and lean, but still muscular too. This dude has it going on and can fuck just about anyone he wants and I'm thinking to myself, I'm finally gonna get this dude in my mouth and in my fucking ass.

When Kevin's fully nude, his thick 9 " dick is just standing straight out in front of me. I slowly reach out my hands and cup his heavy balls and run my hand up and down the shaft of his dick. I see him flex his stomach muscles and he says, "Come on Evan, suck dis dick bro. I been wanting to bury this dick in your mouth." I lean forward and suck on his dick like a cock-crazed whore. At first I suck the head of his cock while I stroke the shaft of his dick. I feel his big balls touch my chin. Kevin looks down at me and smiles. He says, "Come on Evan, stop playin dude, and suck my dick man." I start long stroking him and sucking him in my entire mouth as much as I could. I'd gag occasionally, but I'd pull off completely, then dive back on him again. Over and over, I sucked and stroked his dick and I could start to really taste his pre-cum. I rubbed his dick head on my lips before shoving it deep in my throat again, mixing with the cum from the Gap attendant. It was hot.

Kevin leaned over and softly rubbed my shoulders and ran his hands down my spine. He whistled again when he saw my rounds, chocolate ass arched out. I felt him run his fingers down my ass crack as he leaned over. His dick was going deeper in my throat and then I hear him suck his finger and bury it deep inside my hole. "Damn Evan, that hole is nice and tight dude. I wanna beat ya pussy up yo. You down for it?"

I pull off Kevin's big, caramel dick and say, "FUCK YEAH dude...get up in that ass man and own this pussy." Kevin walks behind me and spits on my asshole, then rubs his fingers over my hole some more. Each time, he'd spit and shove a finger or two in my hole getting me prepped for his dick. I'd moan and grunt, but never pull away. Kevin knelt down behind me and I hear him spit again...this time on his own dick. He slaps that fat pipe on my hole making that SPLAT sound...he rubbed that big cock head on my hole and pushed that fucker in.

I moaned, "OH SHIT dawg. Fuck, go slow dude." He slapped my fat ass and pushed his dick in me again. Kevin says, "Come on Evan, you been wanting this caramel cock bro. Take my dick...I'm gonna fuck you like you've never been fucked dude and hose you down with this nut. You want it huh?"

I look back over my shoulders and tell Kevin, "Yeah man, I want all of it." He grabs my hips and starts to shove more of his fat dick in me. I hear how wet my hole is now and before I knew it, Kevin was grinding his balls against my ass...I was full of his dick and he felt like he was digging out my guts. Kevin started pulling out and shoving it back in a little faster. He'd slap my ass and make my buns shake with his ass. I hear Kevin say, "Damn dude, I love the way that fucking ass bounces. Look at them fucking cakes..." as he shook my ass with his big hands.

Kevin grabbed my hips and started to fuck me a little faster. His hips were slamming into my ass and my hole was getting wetter and wetter making juicy sounds as he dug in.



With encouragement like that, Kevin stood up on his feet and straddled my ass. I was on my hands and knees taking his dick. His hands were on my shoulders supporting him as he crouched over my ass and long stroked my hole. He was fucking the shit out of me on the living room floor and I was moaning like a fucking bitch in heat taking his big dick. Each time he'd drive that dick in me balls-deep, I'd moan. My big dick was swinging between my legs rock hard. I was leaking so much pre-cum taking his big raw dick. My knees were probably brush-burned from the carpet, but I didn't even fucking care. I just wanted to milk his big dick with my hole and feel him bust that nut deep inside my ass.

After 10 minutes of continuous fucking, my cock was still hard and I was leaking cum now. My balls were tight and I was moaning telling Kevin how my cock was cumming without even touching my dick. Kevin leans over and looks at my cock and says, "FUCK DUDE, that's fucking hot watching ya cock bust without even touching yaself."

Kevin gets on his knees too behind me and grabs my hips again and says, "Hang on dude, I'm about to fuckin nut. Where ya want dis nut yo?" I beg for him to bury that nut deep inside my fucking asshole. When I said that, Kevin pulls out almost all the way, pounds his dick into me 3 more times, long stroking me HARD...



Kevin drives his big 9.5" cock HARD all the way in and moans..."FUCK...TAKE DIS NUT!"

I feel a huge, warm load fill my asshole up and start to run down my balls...I collapse on the floor, Kevin's dick still hard and inside me. We both exhale and I feel his hard-pounding heart beating in my back and beating in his dick while he's still inside my ass...

Kevin asks, "So Evan, how was it?" I look back, give him a small kiss and say, "You lived up to your pipe-laying Kev." Kevin pulls out of my hole with a hole is open and soaking wet. I'm in heaven...

Until tomorrow...see ya at da club.


The End

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