Before I Knew It


My name is Jeff and I'm about 5' 10" about 175 lbs. I'm furry and some dudes really dig that in a guy. I've got a tight toned body and I can be pretty aggressive in bed. I get hit on by the chicks all the time and it's flattering, but I really crave hot nasty sex with guys who like it nasty.

So here it was a lazy Sunday afternoon and I was feeling hornier than usual. If I don't have anyone I can call, I could just get online and start looking for some hot guy to lure over. So here I was sitting at my computer, cock throbbing and hungry for some ass. I get in the chat room and before I know, some sexy lil Latin guy sends me a message and asks me if I wanted to get together and watch some porn. I look down at my 9" cock standing straight up in my boxers and tell that dude to get the fuck over here.

Twenty minutes later after giving this guy directions, my doorbell rings. I open the door to find this really hot, sexy guy named Luke. He was about 5' 9" and 135 pounds. He had that characteristically dark black hair and dark eyes that most Latinos have. From his arms and legs I could tell he shaved. I didn't know how much of his body he did shave, but I was going to find out soon enough. We shook hands, made intros and I let him in. As he walked past me I looked down and noticed he was wearing some sexy loose nylon running shorts that just held that hot fuckin round bubble butt I couldn't wait to bury my tongue and dick in later. He was wearing a nice tight white tee shirt that showed off his trim body and hot tanned complexion. He gave me a tape to pop in the VCR. I looked at the title of the tape and it read "Packin' Raw Meat." My eyes raised as I read the title and started fantasizing about plowing this hot lil fucker bare.

I took the title as a hint and my cock took over from there. The tape started playing and he sat down, his legs spread wide. I turned around to see him taking off his shirt and revealing a beautiful lean chest that was also smooth. By this time, my cock was raging hard and beginning to show. I noticed him look at my crotch, he grabbed his own cock through the shorts, licked his lips and looked me dead in the eye and said,

"Hey Jeff, you want some of this?"

I was in for a good time and I knew I was going to end up fuckin this lil dude after I ate that sweet fuckin pussy of his and sucked his cock like no other.

I got to the couch and told him to get more comfortable. He stood up and looked at me. I didn't even wait for him to say anything and I just reached over and pulled down his shorts for him. He leaned over and pulled my shirt off to reveal my furry chest. I heard him exhale as he was taking my shirt off. I told that sexy lil fucker to turn around so I could eat his ass. Eagerly he listened to me and quickly my tongue was aiming for his sweet fuckin pussy hole. I pushed him forward a bit and he grabbed the arm of the sofa and I spread his legs a little. Neither one of us were even watching the video. I took each beautiful round ass cheek in each hand and spread that ass good for my tongue and dove in and tasted it and tongue fucked it. Sweet sexy round pink hole was staring back at me. He looked like a virgin, but he also looked like a guy who knew what he wanted and wasn't afraid to tell me. We were both so turned on.

As I was licking his sweet hole, I could feel his body jerking and tensing up. I pulled away reluctantly to see him frantically jacking off his cock. I turned him around and told him to slow down. I pushed him down on the sofa to sit and watch the video. As I stood up, undressing, I was just watching him watch the movie jackin off his 8" Latin dick. His ball were heavy with that hot cum I wanted on my lips. As I pulled my Tommy Hilfigers down, my huge 9" cock popped out of them and sprang to full attention. I heard him gasp. I felt his strong hand grab my 9" bone at the base and started to slowly milk my cock. After I was comfortable, I sat next to him, both of us watching the movie intently. We watched two muscular furry men just pounding cock to ass like that was their last fuck on Earth. The room was filled with the sounds of our hands jacking off our wet cocks and male moans coming from my TV.

I looked down to see his impressive cock. He had a small patch of hair right at the top of his cock shaft. Every time he'd stroke his cock upward, I could see that silvery wet pearl of pre cum oozing out of his fat cock head. I finally leaned over and sucked in his sweet juice and kissed it back into his mouth. He loved it and I knew I was gonna have fun burying my cock in this guys hot fuckin bubble butt. I'd give him something to remember and make him come back for seconds like a fat chick at a buffet table.

I turned Luke around and got him on all 4s. He was wagging that hungry ass at me like a steak in front of a hungry dog. I slapped my hands down on his ass...WHACK...I watched that hot pink pussy hole of his twitch. Seeing that fuck hole wink at me like made my cock fuckin rage. I was hungry and that fuckin hole was the meal for my cock. I leaned over and kissed the back of his neck. He was moaning softly and aggressively grinding his ass against my raw cock. I slid my cock between his ass cheeks and just dry humped him. I'd drag my cock over and across his hole. I'd stop my cock head right at his hole and push a lil but not go in. I was watching Luke, slowly but deliberately push his ass back like he was ready to shove all my 9" into his ass.

I teased him a lil more. As I reached over for the lube, I greased up my cock and Luke took the bottle from me and put some in his hands then reached under him and spread it on his asshole. I grabbed the base of my cock and just slapped it on Luke's wet pussy. He moaned and groaned. It was fuckin turning me on and causing a rage in me that just wanted to fuckin rape him like he wanted me to. I leaned back on the sofa, still watching Luke furiously jack off his cock. As his hand would go over the top of his own cock and rub against the head of it, I'd watch his hot hole twitch. I just couldn't take it any more and finally reared back up on my knees.

With my cock in one hand and my other on his shoulder, I steadied him, and shoved my fuckin cock deep inside his hot Latin boy pussy.


I kept it inside him balls deep until I thought he was used to it. Luke shook his ass and that was my signal. I pulled my cock all the way out to the head and just starting jamming my dick in and out of his fuckin pussy like he deserved and wanted to be fucked. I fucked him like a man fucks a man. His cock was rock hard beneath me and swinging at full erection. It was so hot watching him get off on my fuckin hips slamming into his ass. It just made me want to fuck him harder.

UGH UGH UGH and those hot sexual sounds of lust and passion filled the air. My ears rang with the delicious moans coming out of Luke's mouth and the hot sounds of my cock fuckin that wet juicy hole of his.

My eyes darted to his and I followed his vision to the TV screen where we watched two muscle bulls just fuckin each other senselessly and with abandon. My heart was beating in my head, throbbing to the rhythm of my own cock beat. I was getting closer and closer and Luke was aware of it. Firmly he'd slam his ass back on to my cock and meet every thrust with such lust. He was looking over his shoulder at me now. He said,



With one final moan, I buried my 9" cock deep inside that hot boy's ass grinding my balls into his ass cheeks...threw my head back while I held on to his slim muscular hips and moaned loudly...


As I came in his ass, he jerked his big cock faster and faster, then suddenly I felt that sweet pussy of his squeeze my cock like a virgin hole...


Luke held some of his load in his hand. I leaned over his glistening back covered with a damp layer of sweat and kissed the back of his neck again. Luke turned around a little and kissed me dead on the lips. He flipped completely on to his back and my cock popped out of his used hole, like a huge dildo. My heart was pounding as was his. Luke reached up and fed me his load that was in his hand. I cleaned off ever drop off of his hand, smell the scent of his cock on his fingers and sucked them hard and dry.

We hugged and lay there spent and worn out. We showered together. As we dried off, he walked into the living room, dressed, got his vhs tape and hugged me goodbye. I could get used to fuckin that lil boy! Sweet dreams.