BEN 02

John Courtney

CHAPTER 02 -- And sex is supposed to be magic from the word go!

When I woke the next morning I was lying beside Damien's sleeping form. I was still a virgin and I guessed that he was as well! I felt like shit. In all my dreams of having sex with somebody I had always imagined that it would be right from the word go. When the moment came that I was in the position for real it turned out to be a total disappointment. After all having sex isn't that complicated is it? It's a simple matter of doing what comes naturally to a bloke. Dick gets hard, insert it into a waiting orifice, thrust your hips and done! It's natural to us. But it wasn't something that came naturally to Damien. I was so disappointed.

I sat up and set my legs on the floor. I looked back over my shoulder at the slim naked body on the bed behind me. He looked quite cute when he was a sleep. He was a reasonably good-looking bloke anyway. I didn't know him very well but I was willing to find out more. He woke and asked me if we could try again but I said I didn't want to do that yet. I leaned back and gave him a kiss and then walked naked out of the room to get some food. The others were still sprawled naked and asleep. I picked up my shorts from where they lay discarded on the floor. They were a mess after last night's game. I began to think that all Peter's mates were queer. Regardless of the excuse of too much to drink there was no way straight blokes would have agreed to play a game as sexual as that. Yeah we've all heard stories about the army playing cum-cookie but nobody really believes that it happens. My mind was made up that Peter and all his swim team were as gay as I was but were still in denial of it.

I walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. There was damn all in it so I took a bottle of milk and decided that would have to do for breakfast. I closed the door with my shoulder and noticed the washing machine. It was still very early and the others probably wouldn't be awake for a few more hours. I decided to gather all the shorts and throw them in for a quick wash. The lads were snoring lightly as I gathered the discarded clothes from around the room. I returned to the kitchen and threw the pile of shorts into the drum. Placing one hand on the top of the machine I bent forward to read the instructions on the dial. This machine was different to the one we had at home. It was a combination of washing machine and dryer together. "Very fancy!" I muttered as I tried to make head or tail out of the instructions.

Suddenly I felt something jab into my crack.

"Fuck!" I roared in shock as I straightened up and dropped the bottle of milk on the floor.

I looked behind me and Damien was standing sheepishly with a big-mama of an erection scratching his stomach.

"You scared the fuck out of me!" I snapped, "What the fuck do you think you're doing?"

"Sorry Ben! I'll help you clean it up!"

I noticed his erection losing power as he walked to the sink to get a cloth. It seemed obvious to me that last night's failure might have had something to do with the fact that his dick was nowhere near as hard last night as it was a minute ago.

"You get the floor clean and I'll work this machine out," I said, "and then we'll go back upstairs and try to get it right this time!"

He smiled at me. He was such a little boy really. But my interest was in seeing would getting a cock up the arse live up to my high expectations. The machine began to fill with water and Damien was wringing milk out of the cloth into the sink. He mopped up the remnant, threw the cloth into the sink and then I took his hand and led him quietly back upstairs to Jake's bedroom.

As Jake was gay there was likely to be something in the room that might teach us how to do it right. There was a box of books in the bottom of the wardrobe. Some of them were college books but the ones lower down were more interesting. There were some books by a writer called Feldermaus or something German like that. I opened one and they were stories about men in leather treating each other roughly. That scared me a bit so I kept looking. But the books were all the same type. Damien found an old leather jockstrap in another box. The pouch was studded with small silver spikes. He put it on. It was a bit tight on him. Guessing that Damien was a 32" waist this strap could only have been a 30". Jeff is at least a 38" waist so this was somebody else's! I wondered was it Peter's? As Damien danced around the room in the jock I laughed. He looked good in it. I rummaged in the same box and found the table tennis bat from all those years ago. I instantly remembered it -- Peter had used this same bat on me when we were eight. Avidly I returned to my search and found a jockstrap with MAN SLAVE written in faded red marker on it. I put it on but it was too large for me and wouldn't stay on my hips. This one was probably Jake's. There were some very old burst tubes of nearly dried KY in the box I picked one up and showed it to Damien.

"I think I know what we were doing wrong!" I said showing him the tubes.

He looked at me puzzled and innocent. Yes we were innocent! It didn't need too much imagination to match jokes in the school about Vaseline to the tubes in the box. Clearly there was some need for greasing the pole before sliding onto it!

The jock was sliding off my hips as we walked to the bed to try again. Damien reached behind me and tied a knot in the elastic waistband. It was too tight and the lower straps flopped where my arse didn't reach them. I lay on my belly and he squeezed some KY onto his fingers and placed it on my hole. Then he lowered his own jock to his ankles and rubbed the remained of the tube along his throbbing shaft and home!

The knob slipped through my ring easily but painfully.

"Take it easy!" I panted.

He slowed down but it hurt a lot!

"Rock it back and forward a bit!" I suggested.

He did so and slowly but surely he managed to get most of his dick inside me. It took a while for me to get accustomed to it but soon it felt good down there and I told him to begin.

I would like to say that it was a wonderful experience but it didn't last long enough to register a score! Damien thrust into me maybe six times and then he came!

"Sorry!" he whispered embarrassed by his prematurity.

"Leave it there!" I replied, "we'll go again in a few minutes but it was great!" I lied.

Then the ultimate sexual insult followed. He fell asleep on my back!

Okay we hadn't very much sleep the night before and even though I had let him take me for the first time and 'do it' I decided that Damien was not the man for me! Of course he had little chance of being satisfactory anyway. All ideas of who a man was were compared to what I thought Peter would be and in my head Peter was great at everything. Men who failed to be what I wanted Peter to be were second rate and Damien was no Peter!

It's strange how many of us have first experiences like that. All my teenage years were taken up by ideas of hot passionate sex and now, just as my last year with a teen in it was ending, I had done it and it was nothing like I had imagined it would be. Maybe it's simply that there aren't enough nerves inside the colon to register the feel of a dick inside. My ring could feel his presence but the jabs inside could have come as easily from a bamboo stick. It was disappointing that a cock doesn't feel exactly like its shape when it's inside your bum!

Damien was snoring softly in my ear, more like a wheeze than a snore really. I clenched my arse and it hurt a bit but I managed to give his dick a squeeze. He muttered something and kissed the back of my neck. I liked that! I clenched again. Then I felt his dick stiffen a bit in my arse. My own responded in kind as I realised that I was looking forward to our second attempt.

"Damien!" I whispered loudly.

"Yeah what's up?" he mumbled back still asleep.

"Feels like you are!" I replied

"Want me to fuck you again baby?"

"Give it to me boss!" I replied.


Slowly my half-sleeping swimmer started to pull in and out of me. This time felt good. No, that's not fair. This time was great! He thrust in and out a few times, then he pulled back as far as he could and with a single thrust sent me up to the headboard with the force of his body.

"Yeah Damien! That's more like it!"

"I'm going to make you scream!" he threatened.

"Yeah lover, make me scream then!"

"I will!" he said and thrust his hips violently into me.


"Take it Benny!" and another thrust elicited an affirmative whimper. "You've got a cock up your ass!"

"Yeah lover and I love it!"

And so we continued. He thrusting and moaning and me replying with moaning and panting of yes! As each of his thrusts went deeper and each of his grunts got louder so did my response. Soon he was pounding my arse and I was roaring. This was more like what I thought it should be! Damien wasn't as bad as I thought he was. Maybe there was something natural about him after all?

Suddenly he pulled out and fell off the bed. I looked behind me in confusion wondering what had happened. I was shocked to see Jake standing there, glaring angrily at me.

"Get off my bed you fucking faggot!" he snapped.

I fumbled a bit but did as I was told. Jake seemed quite annoyed and I didn't want to get Peter into any trouble with his folks. My dick was tenting the man-slave-jockstrap and Jake looked down at it and frowned.

"You're wearing my clothes!" he snapped.

I tried to remove it but Damien had knotted it too tightly.

"Leave it on!" Jake ordered suddenly noticing the leather jock that Damien had around his ankles. "You two have been going through my stuff! How fucking dare you!"

"I'm sorry Jake!" I said.

"Shut the fuck up Ben -- what age are you anyway?"

"Nineteen!" I replied.

"And you?" he asked Damien.


Jeff breathed through his teeth -- "Boys you two are in big trouble!"

"What do you mean Jake?" I asked nervously.

"Well," he began, "you're not supposed to have sex with another man until you're twenty-one. That's the law! Both of you have broken the law. On top of that you entered my room and went through my stuff without my consent. That's invasion of privacy and breaking and entering. I'll have to report you both!"

Visions of being brought to court for this flooded my mind. I have seen cases like this on television before and they talk about the accused in unpleasant terms. My family would never speak to me again. There are ways of coming out of the closet but a trip to the Old Bailey seemed a bit daunting for me.

"Please don't Jake!" I begged, "I'll make it up to you!"

Jake looked at Damien -- "what about you?" he asked.

Damien blushed and looked down at his feet -- he was as scared as I was. "Whatever!" he muttered.

"I'm sorry boys but what you've done is wrong and you must be punished! I'll have to call the police!"

"Couldn't you punish us instead?" I asked, "and not tell anybody?"

Jake looked at me and flashed a wicked grin. I must have looked stupid standing there in an oversized jockstrap with the words MAN SLAVE written across the pouch in big red letters. What a sight it must have made! He folded his hairy arms and looked at us bemused by our nervousness.

"Okay!" he finally agreed, "if you two want me to take care of your punishment I will but remember you asked for it! Do you want to go ahead with it?"

Damien remained silent. Jake clearly terrified him.

"How do you intend to punish us?" I stammered.

Jake smiled, most blokes look cute when they smile but it was difficult to find anything attractive about the cynical leer drawn across his face. I knew he was thinking about something but I had no idea what it might be.

"I'll think of something!" he snapped and walked towards the door. "Peter!" he roared, "get these boys some clothes now!"

Peter scurried in a few moments later with a pair of his jeans for me and Nike trackkies for Damien. He had a couple of Ben Sherman shirts and sandals as well. He dropped them on the bed and scurried past his brother without saying a word. I never saw Peter looking so nervous before.

"You can continue to wear the two jockstraps!" he growled, "now get dressed and I'll tell you my decision in a few minutes!"

Damien apologised to me when Jake left the bedroom and we began to dress. I told him it was okay.

"Can I call you tomorrow?" he asked.

"Sure! I'd like that!" I replied.

Jake came into the room and smiled at us. God he was a smug ugly bastard! I decided there and then that I hated him!

"Now boys!" he said, "only one thing for it now!"

I looked at him aghast. He smiled back. The fucker thought he was funny.

"My partner and I have a very untidy house and you two are coming over next Saturday afternoon to clean it. We could do with a good houseboy!"

"And if we come is that the end of it?" I asked.

Jake nodded.

Maybe a trip to the police station would have been easier than what was unfolding. But I decided I would go. Damien followed my lead and agreed as well.

"Okay boys! I'll meet you here at ten on Saturday. Oh! And you'd best bring your overnight bags!"

Jake went home. Peter was very embarrassed and upset by his brother's behaviour. Damien just stood beside Jake's bed sniffling. It was very clear that he didn't like what was in store for us at all!

"It's okay Peter!" I said to break the ice, "it's not your fault that your brother is an asshole!"

That did little to alleviate the situation. Damien finished dressing and said he wanted to go home.

"I'll call you both tomorrow!" he said quietly as he left.

Peter looked at me. He looked like he was about to burst into floods of tears.

"I'm really sorry!"

"Yeah! But it's not your fault mate!" I replied.

"I wish there was something I could do to make it up to you both!"

I wasn't going to let an opening like this slip by. For years I lived my regrets on never having taken his leads and I could sense one here. He knew I was queer and said he had no problem with it. After last night's game I knew he was gay as well. 'Go for it!'

"You could give my bum a massage!" I suggested.

Peter looked at me with horror and fear written all across his face.

"And if you're kind and gentle I'd like to have sex with you!"

"Shit man! I'm no fucking queer!" he protested.

I looked at him with a composed face of disbelief. There's nothing worse than a fairy in denial. Here he was yesterday wanking into his mates' shorts and rubbing cum all over them and getting the same done to him and I was supposed to believe that it was the drink? I ask you!

"And the milk-race was just the drink then?" I asked.

"Aw fuck Benny! It's just a drinking game! I wouldn't do it unless I was pissed!"

"Even though you knew that me and Damien were queer?"

"It's just a game Benny! I'm not gay!"

"But you've also let Jake suck your dick!" I pointed out, "and you said that you enjoyed it!"

He smiled out of the corner of his mouth and admitted that he had enjoyed it. Well then, what bloke doesn't like getting his lad licked?

"Damien sucked me off once as well!" he said, "It was great! We were at a swimming gala in Cardiff and we were sitting at the back of the bus on the way home. Everybody was asleep and he gobbled me!"

"Is that how you knew he was gay?"


"Peter!" I said firmly, "I know that you enjoyed last night and now you're telling me that you like to have a bloke go down on your dick and you still want me to believe that you're not one of us! Come on mate! I admitted it to you when you challenged me!"

But Peter was not going to admit to being homosexual. I turned my back, lowered my shorts and displayed my butt to him.

"Do I get the massage at least?" I asked.


He returned with a jar of moisturising-crème from the bathroom. I lay on my belly on Jake's bed and he sat on the edge and rubbed the cold oily cream all over my bum. I lay moaning and sighing into the pillow. I looked back over my shoulder at him. There was no sign of a tent in his shorts but my own dick was like an iron poker!

"Want me to suck you?" I asked into the pillow.

Peter didn't answer in words. He stood immediately and lowered the waistband of his shorts. His semi-hard cock flopped over the edge. My unfulfilled dream of the beach in Ireland was just about to become a reality.

I pulled my own shorts up, got off the bed and went down on my knees in front of him. One kiss had his dick hardening and I licked and sucked my boyhood dream until he dropped a load in my mouth eight years after the first invitation!

I said goodbye and left for my house next door. I was walking a bit strangely because my arse still hurt. It had been an incredible evening -- I had lost my virginity and been open with my best friend for the first time ever. But my problems were far from over.

My mother went berserk when I hobbled in.

"Where were you last night?" she screamed. "Your father and I were worried sick about you and you left your phone in your bedroom so we couldn't contact you!"

My father walked out of the bathroom and stared at me with daggers coming out of his eyes.

"I stayed in Peter's last night!" I said, "Sorry mum! We were celebrating the end of the exams! I meant to come home but it was too late so I stayed over!"

"Drunk no doubt!" she screamed, "You're too young to be drinking!"

"Sorry!" I muttered.


I shuffled off towards my bedroom door.

"Why are you walking like that Ben?" my father asked sternly.

I had to come up with a plausible excuse on the spot.

"I pulled a hamstring when we were playing football in Peter's garden yesterday evening!"

"Do you need the doctor?"

"No dad! It will be fine with a day's rest!"

I reached the relative safety of my room, but my dad followed me in.

"Ben!" he said sitting at my desk, "I have something I want to speak to you about!"

My stomach plunged; maybe he knew I was queer just like Peter knew. I always thought I acted like any of the other lads and that nobody could guess. But Peter knew and dad probably knew too! My throat went dry as sandpaper.

"I knew where you were last night because I heard the laughing and shouting. It all sounded a bit wild!"

"How did you know I was there?"

"Because Peter's number was on your last call list!" he said as he held up my phone.

"Anyway, your mother knew you were there and we weren't as worried as we said we were. However son, I would rather that you leave us a message if you're staying out overnight!"

"I won't forget again dad!" I promised.

"But that's not all!"

PANIC! What was he going to say next?

"I saw Jake going into the house this morning."

"Yeah!" I said, "he went mad with Peter for having the party!"

"Maybe so!" dad continued, "but there's something about Jake that I don't think you know. Sit down son!"

Cautiously I sat on the edge of the bed. Dad was quite uncomfortable.

"Ben," he began, "I don't quite know how to say this but I would prefer if you kept well away from Jake!"

I was about to reply but he waved me to silence.

"Jake is a very strange and violent man. You probably don't know this but he did very inappropriate things to Peter when your friend was younger. Ben, Jake is a homosexual and I think he's a bad influence on young men!"

"What kind of things dad?"

My father was very uncomfortable with this question. But with a patient sigh he decided that he would answer the question.

"There were a few times when he took Peter's trousers down and smacked his bottom!"

"Maybe Peter deserved it!" I suggested.

Dad was getting more uncomfortable -- "Ben, it wasn't Peter who was bring naughty it was Jake!"

I was beginning to enjoy this game -- "Then surely it should have been Jake that got smacked?"

"Nobody should be smacked! But Jake should be locked up!"

"Why? For smacking his brother?"

"He also performed oral sex on the boy!"

My father said this very quickly.

I laughed. "You mean he sucked his dick!"

"There's no need to be crude about it!" my father snapped back at me.

"How do you know?" I asked.

"His father and I caught him doing it to him in the kitchen when we came back from golf earlier than expected one day last month!"

"What spanking him?"

"No the other!"

"And the spanking?"

"Jake confessed that he had spanked his brother when he was fourteen or fifteen! His father has told him he is never to be alone in the house with Peter again just like I'm telling you to keep away from Jake!"

That said, dad stood and strode out of the room. As I watched him leave I realised that coming out to this man would be next to impossible. In the modern climate where the protection of children is a priority I knew that dad was right. Jake should never have spanked Peter when they were younger. Sucking your brother's dick isn't the most normal thing to do either but last month (when it happened) Peter was nineteen and admitted already that he enjoyed it. It wasn't like he was doing it to a kid!

It was then that I thought about the day on the beach. If the spanking games had been mimicking what Jake did to Peter was Peter's invitation that day a mimic as well? I let this question plague me for a while. I didn't like Jake and didn't trust him but I was due to go to his house in seven days. It frightened me that this guy could have a history because when we were eleven he was eighteen so if he was sucking his brother then he was the kind of person I didn't want to be anywhere near. When I couldn't take much more, I called Peter. I was scared enough of Jake as it was but the idea that he might be a child molester scared me to pieces. I was relieved when Peter told me that he got the idea from one of Jake's magazines. It was a girl chewing on a man's dick that inspired his suggestion.

By now I wasn't as scared about what I had let myself in for, but I was queasy all week. Damien called a few times and he was more scared than I was. We met for coffee and he was trying to find a way to back out. Peter asked but Jake was resolute. We insisted however that there would be no sex and no funny stuff. Jake complained that we were setting too many preconditions but eventually agreed.

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