John Courtney

CHAPER 03 – A Rough and Scary Encounter!

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Dead on at ten on the Saturday morning a car pulled up outside of Peter's house. Damien and I were quaking in our boots. I told my parents that I was going to a party with some college friends in Richmond. They weren't ecstatic about it but agreed to let me go as long as I didn't get drunk. At that time alcohol was the last thing on my mind. My stomach was doing somersaults when the doorbell chimed. Had Jake no key?

Peter answered the door and there was a man standing there who had major sex appeal. This man was Thomas and he was Jake's partner. He was very small, maybe only five foot four or so, with a torso like an inverted pyramid. This guy was obviously fond of the gym and his broad shoulders swept down to a very narrow waist. I began to wonder was it Jake who owned the slave jockstrap and this chap owned the studded one? I wished he were wearing it now; it would have been nice to see how it looked on him!

"Where are the boys?" Thomas asked as Peter let him in.

We were standing in the kitchen nervously watching the man.

"Which of you is Benny?" he snapped.

I pointed nervously to myself.

"And you must be Damien!" he remarked to the nodding trembling nervous youth beside me.

"Okay boys follow me!" and he strutted out towards the car. As I watched the cheeks of his arse glide against each other I started to think that it was a pity we had ruled out sex because it would have been fun to be with this hunk.

"The boy sits in the back with the man in the front!" he said as we approached the car.

My mind reeled at this comment. Had this man presumed that I was Damien's "boy"? It was a matter that I would clarify at the earliest opportunity. The drive was long because of suburban traffic going into south London. Thomas talked about all sorts of things. He was an Arsenal fan and had been a keen swimmer in his day. He would have liked to have continued with the swimming at a competitive level but his height mitigated against him. He took to bodybuilding instead. As the journey to Jake and Thomas' place progressed I got quite fond of the man. Damien was even beginning to relax a bit. What Thomas lacked in looks was made up by his fabulous little body and dominant yet charming nature. It seemed as if he cast my role as the passive one. I know that it was Damien that had shagged me first but I had a cock as well! When the ordeal with Jake was over I had fully intended to do it to Damien and let him know that my cock was able to do other things than just piss!

My position on the backseat precluded me from taking part in the conversation. Most of it was about soccer and I was more interested in rugby so I had little knowledge of what they were speaking about anyway. They were both in agreement that Arsenal would win the double that year. I simply sat back and let my mind wander about what it would be like to have sex with Thomas.

I had heard of the expression 'muscle Mary' before but Thomas was the first time I had ever seen one. I guessed that he was about forty years of age and stopped myself in my tracks. By London standards it wouldn't be unusual for a man of forty to have a son my age. This bloke was old enough to be my dad! I wondered was it wrong to be fascinated by a bloke who was at least twice my age. In all my fantasies I had always thought about my friends, mostly Peter but also John, Paul, Eddie and Ritchie from school. Damien had also featured as a minor character in some fantasies. All these lads were roughly my own age and I had never imagined sex with anybody older or younger than me. Why was I suddenly thinking about sex with this guy? Maybe it was because I was nervous about what lay ahead, maybe it was simply because this was the first time I had met a forty year old queer and maybe because I was just gagging for a better experience that Damien had provided. Whatever motivated me is hardly relevant now, all I knew was I was sitting in a car fantasising about having my dick prodding those firm hard globes that I had watched. When Damien 'did it' with me I discovered that taking a dick didn't feel that great. I wondered would shafting another bloke feel better. Damien had a skinny arse so Thomas' meaty mounds help more appeal for me even if the chap was twice my age. I decided that I would try to get inside his pants before the day was over!

When we arrived I noticed that the house was terribly unkempt! Thomas ordered us both to strip. He handed me a white jockstrap and gave Damien a black one. They fitted us perfectly. Next he took a felt marker and wrote BAD BOY on my pouch. Then he handed Damien a riding crop.

"Here you go!" he said, "I want you to supervise the boy's work and if he's slacking this will spur him on!"

Damien took the crop and bent it. He smiled at me and then landed a sharp slap on my bared butt. I yelped!

"That's the idea!" Thomas laughed, "I want you to use it if he's not working hard enough and if you don't motivate him enough and get all the work done I'll be giving you a good going over!"

He took Damien by the elbow and spun him around. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Three stinging slaps from his hard meaty hand landed one after the other on Damien's very surprised bum. Now it was his turn to yelp!

Thomas removed his shirt to reveal a perfect torso. He kicked off his loafers and peeled down his trousers. My groin almost exploded. He was wearing a small leather bikini with a studded pouch at the front. He smiled at us as he unzipped the pouch off and his dick sprang out. For a small man he had a huge dick! I suppose it looked bigger against the narrow hips and short legs, but I think it was bigger than mine anyway.

"Okay boys! Before you start work I want you to come upstairs to witness something!"

His cheeks waddled a bit as he walked up the stairs in front of me. I wanted to bite his meaty mountains and kiss his valley – the bloke was beautiful from behind. When we got to his room Jake was standing naked by the wall. I was shocked. His legs were shacked together and he was wearing some sort of clamps on his tits. There was a leather strap tightly tied around the top of his genitals forcing them outwards in a very painful looking semi-erection. I'm not that innocent that I couldn't recognise sadomasochism when I saw it. I had seen pictures of it with professional actors from the porn industry before. But what I saw in font of me was not like the neat controlled images I had seen in Vulcan magazine. Jake looked uncomfortable and I felt the embarrassment that he wasn't showing.

"Well Jake!" Thomas said, "The boys have arrived so it's time for them to see you punished for overstepping your role last week!"

"Yes master!" Jake replied.

"I was thinking that I might get Master Damien to give you your warm-up with his crop would you like that Jake?"

"Yes master! I would like Master Damien to punish me please sir!"

I couldn't believe what was happening. The big obnoxious slob standing in the corner was some kind of bondage slave to the little bodybuilder. Good enough for him! There was a beam in the room and was about waist high. Jake bent over it. At Thomas' instruction Damien stepped up beside Jake and landed a quick sharp blow to his butt!


The sound of the crop against the big arse was different from the cracking sound it had made on mine downstairs. Damien landed blow after blow to Jake's arse and upper thighs leaving angry red marks where the tip of the crop contacted with Jake's flesh. Jake didn't cry out. He grunted and thanked 'Master Damien' by name with each stroke. I felt sick!

While I was watching the show I didn't see Thomas approach from my left side. He was carrying a black leather paddle with silver points on one side. It wasn't unlike the jock that Damien had worn last week and was now downstairs in his bag.

"Getting a bit jealous of Jake are we boy?" Thomas sneered as he cupped my arse.

"Not a bit sir!" I quickly stuttered in reply.

"Would little Benny like to taste the paddle?" he asked as he drew the paddle over my groin, along my flank and then rubbed the smooth side against my arse.

"No sir!" I replied.

I think my answer took him by surprise. I had never seen somebody being hit with a riding crop before and I was not impressed at all by the sight. I know there are blokes who get off on pain but I am not one of them and didn't want any more to do with this scene. But Damien didn't seem too put off by what he was doing. In fact I would say that he was relishing the abuse he was meting out on poor Jake. I didn't like Jake, I never have liked him, but I now knew that there was something about Damien that I didn't like either. There was only one thing on my mind now. Get this house clean and get the fuck out of it as quickly as I could.

With that he called a stop to Jake's warm-up.

Damien nodded and Master Thomas led me over to the beam and put me bent over beside Jake. I had no idea of what he had in mind and didn't trust him for one minute. I was hoping that he wasn't thinking of paddling me. Because if he was I was going home and would face the police if that was the only other option for me! Thomas led Damien around to the other side and stood on a small wooden box just in front of Jake. Jake immediately opened his mouth and Master Thomas stuck his hard cock in. Damien smiled and followed suit by plugging my mouth. Of course he didn't need the wooden step!

The two 'masters' began to talk to each other as if Jake and I weren't there even though the two of us were chewing on their dicks.

"That boy of yours has a very cute bum! Very pert and nicely curved! You're a very lucky man Master Damien; look at the fat lump of lard I have to serve my needs!"

"Yeah he's good!" Damien agreed, "I love the way young Benny goes crazy for my dick up it or in his mouth like now!" he began to thrust his hips slowly as he spoke.

Young Benny here wasn't going crazy at all. I wanted to get up and tell these two bastards to go fuck themselves and walk out and never speak to either of them again.

For ten minutes the two of them stood there grunting and making 'ooh-that's-good!' style comments. I felt sick!

"Want to change ends?" Master Thomas asked.

"Good idea!" Damien replied, "in fact if you really like my boy's butt that much we could even change partners!"

"Yeah! Thanks mate I don't mind if I do!"

His boy? I now knew that Damien and I certainly had no future together. I wasn't his boy, I didn't like being fucked and I certainly wasn't some commodity that was his to give to somebody else! When I got home I was getting a copy of Playboy or something stronger and learn to wank to pictures of girls. I was going to wean myself off this gay shit!

Damien was clearly strutting as he marched around and took his place behind Jake. Thomas was already rubbing his cock along my crack when 'my' master was just arriving at Jake's end. What happened next was surprisingly pleasant.

Thomas' experience showed as he entered me gently but quickly and skilfully. I imagined Damien's embarrassment as he thrust his dick at Jake's hole. It would be obvious to Thomas that the pig was a liar and had fuck all experience. But while Damien was trying his best to top Jake I was getting the best! It was a wonderful experience and I wouldn't be buying Playboy now. I would stay here forever with Thomas because he was a real man who knew what he was doing. If only I'd waited another week I could have lost my virginity with somebody who knew what he was doing and how to respect what he was getting!

Damien finished ages before Thomas came. But when Thomas filled me he bent forward and kissed my shoulder blades.

"Thanks stud!" he whispered into my back as his wilting cock slipped slowly from my arse. Then taking his paddle again he said, "Now lets get back to the matter in hand! Boys take a seat and watch Jake get a good flogging!"


I shuddered as Master Thomas let the smooth side of the paddle fall from the highest point he could lift it to onto Jake's poor arse. Jake howled.

Then he twirled the paddle in his hand and CRACK! That whack landed with the studded side down! I felt my stomach churn in fear and disgust. Thomas looked around at us he noticed that both of us were a bit shocked by the overt violence that he had just inflicted on the poor man's arse. Jake might have been a first prize asshole but this was too much.

"Don't be shocked boys!" Master Thomas said gently, "I rarely use the paddle on him. Last time was for blowing his brother and then this one for disturbing you!"

"But that was a real flogging you gave him!" I protested.

"Jake won't accept anything less when he feels he's done something wrong. But I'll let him tell you that privately if that's what you want to hear! I like to spank him but I prefer to use my hand! It's Jake who insists on my using the paddle!"

I would definitely buy Playboy on the way home!

"I think we should get the housework out of the way now!" I suggested.

"Okay!" Thomas agreed, "start with the bathroom please!"

Damien ushered me out the door poking my arse with the crop.

"Fuck off!" I said to him through gritted teeth, "I'm not your fucking boy!"

He swung the crop as if to strike my flank but I caught it with my right hand and jabbed him in the stomach with my left. He howled at the attack.

"Don't fucking try it mate!" I snarled, "I'm not into that shit!"

"Surely the boy cannot be misbehaving already Master Damien?" Thomas said poking his head out the door.

"He's just a bit cheeky!" Damien replied.

"Well if he continues he'll be going OTK with his Uncle Thomas!" Thomas warned.

"And with Master Damien!" Damien added with his sickening grin.

We started in the bathroom. I was scrubbing the bath and realised I could hear what was happening next door in the bedroom. I stopped to listen.

"No slacking!" Damien whispered.

"Shut up and listen!" I snapped back.

Damien stopped and put his ear to the wall he heard the voices as clearly as I could. Thomas and Jake were arguing about what had happened. >From what we could hear Thomas had told us the truth; Jake had insisted that we be present to witness his paddling because he felt bad about disturbing us last week. Thomas had disagreed and it had taken Jake some effort to convince him that it was what he needed. It was then that I realised that it was Jake that controlled Thomas. Thomas was the top but Jake called all the shots and Thomas gave way to all his demands! From the way they spoke to each other it was obvious that Jake was far more intelligent than his partner. Thomas was the strong physical type but he didn't strike me as being very smart.

Queers! Who wants to be one of them? Not me!

"Let's get this work done and get out of here these guys are scaring me!" I said to Damien.

He agreed and we set to work. We cleaned the bathroom and the two other bedrooms. Then we moved on to the kitchen and television room and finally the hall and stairs. Thomas was very good to us but was clearly upset that we had witnessed the punishment. Jake never left his room all day. The original plan was to stay the night but we finished by eight o'clock. It was speeded up by the fact that Thomas was also quietly helping with the cleaning. When we finished I suggested to Thomas that Damien and I should go home. He agreed. I think he was anxious that we wouldn't see anything else that might upset us.

Thomas did not stop apologising for the entire journey. There's a fine line between kink and abuse he explained and Jake liked to cross it. I wanted to say to him that abuse was abuse even if it was consented to and that he should have more sense than to do what Jake supposedly wanted. But I held my counsel.

We left Damien off at his house.

"Call you tomorrow!" he said as he got out.

When he was gone I climbed into the front seat beside Thomas and decided I would speak my mind.

"You know something Thomas?" I began, "If Jake really insists on being badly beaten you should break up with him because it's very wrong!"

"That's very sensible of you to say Benny," he replied.

"Ben!" I corrected him.

"Sorry! You're still being sensible Ben but look at me! I'm almost forty and I'm no cute stud either. Jake means a lot to me and is very supportive. I don't like what he wants me to do all the time but sessions like that are very rare. Normally we're much more vanilla!"

"But it's still wrong!"

"Yeah but who else is going to bother with me?"

"What age are you exactly?" I asked.

"Thirty-eight!" he replied.

"Fuck off Thomas!" I laughed, "thirty-eight isn't anywhere near forty. You're in great shape, clean and highly eligible. I even fancy you myself!"

"Thanks kid but you're half my age and with somebody already!"

"Not from tomorrow I won't be!"

"Is something wrong?" he asked with almost fatherly concern.

"I'll tell you some other time!" I said, "There's my house there!"

"Beside Jake's!"

"Yeah! But before I go I want you to hear something! I want you to know that I loved it when you fucked me today. In fact you didn't fuck me you made love to me! I think you're pretty sound and I would like to keep contact with you but not when Jake is around!"


"Because frankly I think that Jake is in need of serious help. Maybe you should suggest that he comes clean with his family and apologises to his brother?"
"You might be right there!"

"So maybe you should tell him no more often!" I suggested.

Thomas looked down. I could see he was blushing.

"I never thought I would find myself sitting in a car being scrutinised about my sexuality by a man half my age!" he muttered.

"I'm not scrutinising you I just don't understand what you're doing!" I replied.

"Would you still like me if I told you that I also enjoy controlling him?"

My face dropped, my stomach churned for the umpteenth time that day and I was stuck for words. What could I say to that? Would I simply get out of the car and walk away, buy my Playboy and forget about the whole experience? Or would I ask more questions and try to understand what it was about this man that was so attractive yet scary?

"And," I added, "if things were different with the way you play I think you're cute and I'd gladly be your boy!"

His face lit up and he grinned.

"Thanks kid but I'm old enough to be your dad and I'm no cradle snatcher!"

"You didn't say that when you were buried to your balls in my bum!"

He looked blankly at me. What I had said was obviously true and he had contradicted himself. He stuttered for a while and then cut his losses by saying, "See you Ben!"

"See you Thomas and thanks!"

I walked into my house – "what happened about that party?" my father called as he heard me enter.

"Couldn't find the place!" I called back as I went upstairs to my room.

In the safety of my room I called Damien.

"Hey boy! What's up?" he sang down the phone.

"I only rang to tell you something Master Damien!" I replied dripping contempt.


"I wanted to let you know that I think you are the biggest fucking pratt in the world and I never want to see you near me again! Fuck off wanker!"

I cut the call and laughed with relief at the expulsion of Damien from my life. Peter would have competition as the star of all fantasies now that I had met Thomas. It was a pity he was into stuff that I didn't like!